Leanbow - Wolf Warrior

Leanbow is Udonna's husband and the father of Bowen.  Before the great, Leanbow lived in peace in the magical world.  Leanbow was also a mentor to Daggeron and Calindor.  Leanbow, along with Daggeron and Calindor, also had ancient mystic armor.  Morticon and his troops left the underworld and tried to conquer the magical world, before going on to the human realm.  Leanbow and his warriors tried to stop Morticon, but Morticon was too powerful.  Leanbow came up with a plan, despite Niella's protests.  Udonna feared for their baby.  Bowen, born of magical parents, had the power and potential to destroy dark magic.  Bowen was given to Daggeron to take into hiding.  Daggeron quickly ran through the woods.  Meanwhile, Leanbow lead his warriors to continue the battle against Morticon.  Leanbow and his warriors banished Morticon's troops from the magical dimension, but the battle was not over.  Leanbow and Niella reached the gates of the underworld.  Leanbow entered.  Niella did not want to seal the gates, but Leanbow insisted it was the only way.  Leanbow continued the battle in the underworld, while Niella sealed the gates.  It was the last anyone had seen of Leanbow.  Unfortunately, Leanbow was changed into Koragg by the Master.  His memories suppressed, Koragg now fought, with honor, on the side of evil.  Ironically becoming the thing he had once fought against.  As time went on, memories of his time as Leanbow began to surface.  As Koragg, he fought hard against these memories, wanting to remain focused.  Eventually, the Power Rangers were captured and brought to the underworld.  Imperious was in the process of draining their powers, when Udonna dropped into the pit.  Udonna stopped the draining process.  The Master attacked Udonna, with red, painful beams.  Udonna was lifted in the air and then dropped to the ground.  As Koragg, it was hard for him to watched as Udonna cried out in pain, still covered in beams.  It was this sight, that finally broke the spell Leanbow was under.  Memories of his time with Udonna, their baby, and Daggeron broke free.  Koragg screamed Udonna's name as he ran forward and raise his sword against the Master.  Their was a blinding light.  Koragg was now in his ancient mystic warrior armor.  Leanbow turned from the hole the Master stayed in.  The ancient mystic armor vanished.  Leanbow slowly turned around faced his faced his wife's confusion.

Udonna stood up and ran towards Leanbow.  Udonna:  Leanbow, could it really be you?!  Leanbow and Udonna hugged.  They then stood and stare at each other.  Leanbow:  I don't know how to explain.  But it's true.  I am alive.  Madison:  This is unbelievable.  Nick:  No.  This is one of Koragg's tricks.  Imperious:  Leanbow survived, but not Solaris Knight.  Imperious decided to finish what he had started.  Imperious cast a spell.  Leanbow countered it with one of his own.  Leanbow then cast another spell that took his wife and the teens out of the pit and into another dimension.  Leanbow told them that they would safe for a time.  The teens were confused and unsure as to whether or not this was a trick.  Udonna knew this was her husband and told them so.  Udonna told Leanbow they were sure he was gone, once he had gone beyond the gates.  Leanbow told them all that was when the real story begins.  Leanbow's plan had worked, and he was driving the Master down to the depths.  The Master then used his last bit of dark magic and transform Leanbow into Koragg, his most devoted servant.  As Koragg, he had no memory of his previous life and served only the Master.  The teens, especially Nick, was skeptical.  The teens questioned how he could remember now.  Leanbow told them it must have started when he removed the virus from the Manticore, slowly his memory was coming back until he finally broke the memory spell.  Leanbow remembered everything now.  Nick question if he remembered how many times he tried to destroy the world and even his wife.  Leanbow bowed his head, yes he remembered everything he had done as Koragg.  Leanbow asked them if they could ever forgive him.  Udonna started to walk towards him, ready to forgive him.  Udonna stumbled and the teens caught her.  Leanbow hurried over.  Udonna told him that she had used one of the spells from the Book of Dark Spells and now was as vulnerable as a human.  Leanbow told her she shouldn't have.  The ground shook.  Imperious had found them.  Leanbow insisted that Udonna return to Rootcore.  Udonna did not want to leave, she had just found him.  The teens agreed with Leanbow.  Leanbow cast a spell and Udonna was returned to Rootcore.  The sky turned dark.  Leanbow turned around and with the teens faced Imperious, Necrolai, and Chimera.  The teens had morphed.  Leanbow was ready to battle, when suddenly his head was in a great deal of pain.  The Master still had some control over him.  Leanbow donned his ancient mystic armor.  Leanbow was still weak.  Necrolai walked up to him and told him he was coming with her.  Leanbow could not get away.  Necrolai took Leanbow back to the pit.  Leanbow told the Master he no longer serve him.  The Master cast the spell and Leanbow was once again Koragg.  Later, Koragg and Red Ranger battled.  Koragg had struck a powerful blow and Red Ranger had demorphed.  Koragg was ready to deliver the fatal blow to Nick, when Udonna came racing towards him, screaming Leanbow's name.  Koragg paused and Udonna raced up to him.  Udonna grabbed his sword arm and yanked it down.  Udonna told him that Nick was their son, Bowen.  Koragg paused.  Udonna told Nick it was true.  Nick had been here the whole time and she never knew it.  Koragg put his sword away.  Koragg placed his hand on his son's face, hardly daring to believe that this was Bowen.  It was enough to break the memory spell once more.  Leanbow had returned.  He could not stop smiling at his son, who had just learned that Udonna and Leanbow were his parents.  Udonna told Nick he was destined to be the most powerful wizard of them all.  The reunion was short lived.  The Master had broken free.  The teens were ready to go into action.  Leanbow quickly cast a spell that would not allow the teens or Udonna to help him.  Leanbow insisted this was his battle to finish.  Leanbow donned his ancient mystic armor once more.  Leanbow faced the Master and then the battle began.  The battled went back down into the pit.  Leanbow had managed to sink the Master down into the depths.  The ground shook.  Leanbow cried out for the Rangers to continue their work.  The Rangers' legend power was return to them.  Leanbow had disappeared, along with the Master.

Leanbow's work was not done.  He worked hard at keeping the Master from rising.  Leanbow was beneath a lake, along with the Master.  Sculpin had walked up to the Lake of Lament and cast a spell.  Sculpin receive no response.  Sculpin knew something was wrong.  Sculpin tried once more.  This time an image of Leanbow, in Koragg's armor appeared.  Sculpin asked if he was the one keeping the Master from rising.  Leanbow responded that he wore Koragg's armor, but he fought on the side of good.  Leanbow told Sculpin who he was and yes, he was preventing the Master from rising.  Leanbow gave a big splash of water to Sculpin before vanishing.

Sculpin cast a spell at Lake of Lament, causing Leanbow to raise up once more.  Leanbow asked Sculpin why had he summon him.  Sculpin told him he thought he would like to see the city destroyed.  Sculpin cast a spell that allow both of them to watch Megahorn attacking the city.  Leanbow refused to leave his post.  Eventually the Rangers tried to stop Megahorn.  Leanbow was very distressed when Red Ranger hit the ground and demorph.  Sculpin mocked Leanbow, asking him what kind of father was he?  Later, it was shown the ancient mystic, the Snow Prince, had arrived to help the Rangers.  Sculpin remarked that dark magic would prevail.  Leanbow called Sculpin a fool and told him good magic would always triumph over dark magic.  Sculpin left.  Moments later, the sky darken and Leanbow wondered what was going on.  Black Lance had joined Megahorn in his battle against the Rangers.  Leanbow left his post and in centaur form stopped Black Lance from attacking the Rangers.  The Rangers were stunned to see that Leanbow was still alive.  Red Ranger wanted to talk to his father, but there was no time.  Leanbow and Black Lance battled.  Leanbow went into Centaurs Wolf Megazord form.  He captured Black Lance and dragged him through his seal.  Leanbow told the Rangers to keep up the good fight and that he was proud of them, before vanishing.  Leanbow deposited Black Lance back in the inner sanctum.

Leanbow's hiding place was discovered by Necrolai.  Necrolai used Sculpin's scale to track Leanbow.  As soon as Necrolai discovered Leanbow, she raced back to Sculpin to give him the news.  Later, Sculpin, Gekkor, and Matoomba returned.  The glass surrounding Leanbow was shattered.  Leanbow told the three he knew why they had come.  Sculpin told Leanbow to give the Master to them.  Leanbow turned around and told them not a chance.

Sculpin had Gekkor battle Leanbow.  Leanbow and Gekkor battle and Leanbow did well against the Terror.  Eventually, Sculpin had Gekkor step aside and Matoomba battle Leanbow.  Gekkor complain that Matoomba was too much of a softie, but Sculpin had Matoomba go ahead.  Leanbow and Matoomba battle.  Leanbow started to weaken under Matoomba's attacks.  Suddenly, Leanbow felt great pain in his back.  Sculpin had removed a fiery red ball, the Master, from Koragg's protective armor.  As soon as the Master was removed, Leanbow lost his Koragg armor and reverted to his ancient mystic armor.  Leanbow told the Terrors they could not revive the Master.  Sculpin told Leanbow it was their concern, not his.  Sculpin told Leanbow he was no longer needed.  Sculpin used his staff to strike the ground.  Before Leanbow could react, the ground underneath his feet split into two.  Leanbow lost his balance and fell into the wide opening.  Leanbow managed to grab a ledge.  He clung to the ledge.

Leanbow eventually fell to the ground.  He laid on the ground for some time, only able to groan in pain.  Later, Udonna's spirit found him.  Udonna told Leanbow she was not letting him go.  Udonna used her snow staff to infuse Leanbow with good magic.  Leanbow recovered.  Leanbow went to the Dawn Dimension and stopped Gekkor's attack on the Rangers.  Gekkor and the Rangers were stunned to see him.  Leanbow:  Good job Rangers!  Well done son.  Red Ranger:  Thanks!  Leanbow:  I'll take it from here.  Leanbow morphed into the Wolf Warrior.  Wolf Warrior told the Rangers that Udonna's good magic had saved him.  Wolf Warrior and Gekkor battled.  Wolf Warrior destroyed Gekkor.  The Rangers demorphed.  Nick, his friends, and Daggeron ran over to Leanbow, happy to see he was back.  The skies darken.  A giant Matoomba appeared on the horizon.  Leanbow and his friends were shocked to see tentacles rip Matoomba from within.  Soon the new form of the Master appeared.  The Master gave Daggeron a vision of his future, being destroyed as Solaris Knight.  The Master told them they would fall one by one, and then he would destroy the world.  Leanbow and his friends ducked as the Master flew over them and then away.  The skies cleared.  Nick commented that this was bad.

Leanbow was standing on the balcony of Rootcore.  Nick was there as well.  Nick:  I don't get why you want to do this?  We've battled enough.  Leanbow:  We aren't battling.  We're training.  The Master will be at his full power soon.  You must be ready for him.  Nick:  My magic has never been stronger.  You know that.  Leanbow:  Convince me!  Leanbow went into ancient mystic mode.  Nick morphed into Red Ranger.  Leanbow and Red Ranger battled.  Leanbow:  The Master is strong.  You must be stronger.  They continue to battle.  At one point Leanbow took a flying leap away from Nick.  Red Ranger:  Running away?!  Leanbow responded you wish.  Leanbow used his powerful magic on Red Ranger.  Red Ranger landed on the ground and demorphed.  Leanbow went out of ancient mystic mode.  Leanbow told his son that he was not ready yet.  Later, Leanbow and Udonna were in the Mystic Realm.  The village had been attacked.  Leanbow and Udonna were helping the creatures clean up their village.  Madison, Vida, Chip, and Xander arrived.  the four teens wanted to help.  the head elf refused their help, telling them humans didn't belong here.  Leanbow and Udonna were surprised.  Nick arrived and the head elf cried that the destroyer was here.  Leanbow laughed and told the head elf that wasn't the destroyer, that was his son.  Nick came closer and his eyes glowed purple as he told Leanbow, Udonna, and his friends that they had missed out on all the fun.  Nick had been the one to destroy the village.  Nick morphed into Koragg's armor and told Leanbow like father, like son.  Leanbow was stunned.  Nick used his dark magic to fire at Leanbow.  Leanbow went flying through the air.  Nick then cast another spell that cause Leanbow to morph into Wolf Warrior.  A dark seal appeared and Wolf Warrior and Nick went through it.  they arrived inside Rootcore.  Wolf Warrior and his son battled.  It was a furious battle and Nick was unrelenting.  Eventually, Wolf Warrior fell out of Rootcore and landed hard on the ground in the Mystic Realm.  Nick was already there.  The four teens and Udonna hurried over, but Nick stopped them with a spell.  The four teens and Udonna could not move beyond the point they were stopped at.  Nick was ready to continue the battle.  Wolf Warrior thought the time had come to stop.  Wolf Warrior put his sword into the ground.  Nick told him to pick up his sword, but Wolf Warrior refused.  Wolf Warrior demorphed.  Leanbow encouraged his son to fight the dark magic.  He knew his son was still in there.  For a moment it looked like Nick would strike, but then the dark magic left Nick's body.  Koragg's armor vanished.  Nick stood still for a moment and then collapse into his father's arms.  Leanbow was greatly relieved.  Nick apologized, he couldn't control what he was doing.  Nick told his dad that he now knew what his father had gone through.  Leanbow gave his son a hug, happy to have him back.  Later, Leanbow and Udonna returned to Rootcore.  It was a mess.  Udonna was tending to his wounds as Daggeron and Clare try to straighten up the place.  Leanbow told Daggeron that he had trained his son well, maybe too well.  Daggeron pointed out that it wasn't his training, but dark magic.  Leanbow wondered what the Master would do now that his plan had failed.  A strange wind blew through Rootcore and Udonna became alarmed.  Udonna told Leanbow, Daggeron, and Clare something bad has happened.  A seal appeared and out of it dropped the Snow Prince.  Leanbow and his friends hurried over to the Snow Prince.  The Snow Prince told them that his realm had been attacked.  Mystic Mother had cast a spell and sent him here to warn them.  Udonna became more alarmed.  Without the Mystic Mother, there was no hope for good magic.  Leanbow and his friends quickly put together a plan.  Leanbow and Daggeron had decided they would travel to the snow realm and try and find Mystic Mother.  Nick wanted to go with them and help.  Leanbow smiled at his son and told him he was needed here.  Udonna walked up to Leanbow and land her hand on his cheek.  Udonna told him it seemed they were always leaving.  Leanbow held her hand as he told her this would be the last time.  Daggeron gave Jenji to Nick to watch.  Nick was not happy about being a cat watcher.  Leanbow and Daggeron left on the train.  Wolf Warrior and Solaris Knight arrived in the snow realm.  they could see the Mystic Mother's palace was destroyed.  They search for Mystic Mother, but could not find her.  The ground shook and the Master arrived.  the Master took Wolf Warrior's and Solaris Knight's knight power.  In their ancient mystic armor, Leanbow and Daggeron continue went into battle with the Master.  the Master grabbed a hold of Daggeron and with dark magic knocked him to the ground.  Daggeron did not move.  Leanbow was furious and vowed that he would avenge Daggeron.  Leanbow and the Master battled. 

Leanbow was destroyed by the Master.  The Master went to Briarwood and dropped both his and Daggeron's, still clad in ancient mystic armor to the ground.  Itassis had just made the Master retreat, but there was still sadness among Udonna, Madison, Vida, Chip, Nick, Xander, Clare, and Snow Prince.  Itassis warned the group that the Master would be back.  Udonna ran over to Nick.  They hugged each other tightly and tears began to flow down Udonna's face.  Itassis asked her why she shed tears.  Udonna faced Itassis and told her they are for her sorrow.  For the loss of her husband, Leanbow, and their friend Daggeron.  Itassis bowed her head, there was nothing she could do.  Leelee arrived.  Leelee told them her mother could do it.  Leelee told her mother she could do anything, she always could.  Leelee added that she believed in her.  Everyone watched as Necrolai cast a powerful spell.  Necrolai fell to the ground.  The group gasped as Leanbow and Daggeron were revived, even Jenji was brought back.  Leanbow grabbed a handful of gravel as his life came back to him.  Leanbow and Daggeron stood up and face the stunned group.  Leanbow:  Son!  Nick ran to his dad and hugged him.  Udonna watched them for a moment, before joining in as well.  Madison:  Daggeron!  Madison gave Daggeron a hug.  Jenji:  Hey, don't' forget about me!  Chip:  Jenji!  Everyone was happy until they heard the concern in Leelee's voice.  Here mom had not gotten up.  A glow surrounded Necrolai and then vanished.  Necrolai had been transform into a human, Nikki.  Nikki and Leelee hugged each other.  The Master returned and told them he would have to break their reunion.  Jenji suggested they run.  Nick was through with running.  Leanbow and Udonna clasp hands as Nick stepped forward and told the Master they were going to fight.  Leanbow and the rest joined Nick in standing against the Master.  Nick told them they would show the Master real courage, even without magic.  Mystic Mother appeared and told them they were never without magic, they just needed to know where to look.  Leanbow and the rest were puzzled.  Madison wonder what Mystic Mother meant.  Toby stepped forward, with the citizens of Briarwood and told Udonna and the rest that maybe she meant them.  From the other side, Phineas stepped forward and said maybe she meant them.  Toby and Phineas had talked to their groups and told them they did not need to fear each other.  Instead they needed to stand together and fight the real evil, the Master.  Toby told the Rangers they had protected them all year, now it was there turn.  The citizens of Briarwood and the villagers from Mystic Realm joined forces, chanting "We believe in magic".  A golden glow surrounded Leanbow, Daggeron, Udonna, and the teens.  The Power Rangers were back and had their magic as well.  Wolf Warrior and the rest of the Rangers battled the Master.  The Master was eager to eat all their magic.  Wolf Warrior and the rest of the Rangers continue to give the Master their magic, until he could eat no more and exploded.  The crowd erupted in cheers.  Madison, Vida, Chip, Nick, and Xander walked through the smoke and took a bow.  Several days later, Leanbow sat on his bike with Udonna on her bike, just outside of Briarwood.  Udonna had left Clare in charge of Rootcore.  Nick wanted to see his adoptive parents, he had a lot to tell them.  Nick was taking a long look at Briarwood.  Nick smiled as he saw his parents and drove his bike over and joined them.  Leanbow asked Nick if he was ready.  Udonna smiled as Nick replied yes.  Leanbow, Nick, and Udonna drove out of Briarwood.

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