Dr. Katherine "Kat" Manx - Kat Ranger

Dr. Katherine Manx works at S.P.D. headquarters.  Kat supervises the training of the cadets.  After a successful training session, Kat walked in on the three cadets.  The three cadets, Sky, Syd, and Bridge, wanted to know when they would become Power Rangers.  Kat told them that it was up to Commander Cruger.  She dismiss the group.  An alien creature appeared behind her, and she shot it with a laser, to reveal it was her assistant, Boom.  Boom thought the three cadets were the best ever, and Kat agreed.  The cadets were soon activated to Squad B Power Rangers and Kat created morphers for the Rangers.  The morphers were also judgment scanners that could detect the guilt of a person and rendered a verdict.  It can also shrink a person to the size of a trading card, making transportation a non issue.

Kat was in a meeting with Commander Cruger and the Rangers.  A monster was attacking the city and Commander Cruger told the Rangers that they were getting zords.  The Rangers were both excited and nervous about the zords.  Kat told them not to worry, that they had all been trained.  Commander Cruger asked the team if they accepted Jack as their leader, and Sydney, Z, Bridge, and Sky made it known that they did not want Jack as their leader.  Commander Cruger told Jack that the team had spoken and that he had been stripped of all command.  Kat protested, but Commander Cruger stood firm.  The rest of the team morphed and headed into action.  Commander Cruger watched the battle with Jack watching as well.  Kat monitored the battle as well.  They could all tell that the Rangers were having a difficult time.  Jack complained that the Rangers were doing badly.  Commander Cruger commented that it was because they had no leader.  Jack replied that he was their leader.  Commander Cruger told Jack that a true leader earns respect by example and asked Jack if he had done that.  Jack replied no that he was too busy taking advantage of his position.  Jack told Commander Cruger that he needed to be out there, helping the Rangers.  Commander Cruger gave Jack back his morpher and sent him on his way.  Kat had overheard the whole exchange and smiled.  Commander Cruger and Kat continued to monitor the battle.  Kat commented that the Rangers needed more power and Commander Cruger inform the Rangers to form the Delta Megazord.  After the Rangers had arrested the monster, Commander Cruger congratulated the Rangers on a job well done.  Kat smiled as she was pleased with the Rangers as well.

Kat was waiting in a room with Syd, Z, and Bridge.  They could all hear Jack and Sky arguing.  Jack and Sky walked into the room and were still arguing.  Kat told them that was enough.  She told them to fight the enemy, not each other.  Jack and Sky stopped.  Kat told the group that she and Commander Cruger had decided to add to their arsenal.  She unveiled two new bikes for Jack and Bridge.  Jack and Bridge were excited and Kat was happy for them.  Sky stood next to Kat and questioned why Jack and Bridge got bikes.  Exasperated, Kat asked Sky if there was anything wrong with his bike, which Sky did not answer.  Commander Cruger walked into the room and told them that he had something to show them.  Commander Cruger played a hologram message from the A Squad Rangers.  It was evident that the Rangers were in trouble.  After the message ended, Commander Cruger told the group that he feared the A Squad had been eliminated.  Kat was as concerned as the rest of the group.  Later, she walked past Sky's room.  She stopped and told Sky that the rest of the Rangers were training at the simulator and asked him why he was not with them.  Sky continued to box in his room and told Kat that he wasn't invited and he didn't care.  Kat was not fooled and told him sure, he didn't.  An alarm went off and the Sky left the room.  After the Rangers had stopped the Krybots from taking a crate full of diamonds, Jack, Z, and Bridge returned to headquarters.  Z, Jack, and Bridge had a meeting with Kat and Commander Cruger.  They were pondering what Emperor Gruumm would want with diamonds.  Bridge suggested an engagement ring, but Kat came up with the answer.  She told them that when properly converted, diamonds could work as Killarian crystals.  Commander Cruger told them that Emperor Gruumm wanted energy.

Kat was working on a sample of green slime that Sydney had found.  She found the slime interesting.  Commander Cruger walked in and asked how it was going.  Kat told Commander Cruger that she had definitely found traces of human DNA in the slime.  Sydney walked in and Commander Cruger congratulated her on bringing in the sample of slime.  Syd told them that she couldn't have done it without RIC and asked where he was.  Kat took a quick glance at Commander Cruger before telling Syd that the damage to RIC had been extensive.  (RIC had taken a fatal blow by leaping in front of Syd while she battled Krybots).  Commander Cruger told Syd that the parts for RIC were not made any more and although it was a difficult decision, RIC had been deactivated.  Kat could see Syd was distressed as she walked out of the room.  Later, Kat stood at the command center with Commander Cruger and RIC Version 2.0 in between them.  Syd had Boom and Bridge upgrade RIC and the new version had found more green slime.  The Rangers had battled the monster responsible and when the monster was arrested, the slime reverted back to humans.  The ceremony was to commentated RIC for his part in the successful operation. 

Kat walked into a room where Bridge was researching some ideas he had on a bank robber.  She asked him how it was going.  Bridge asked her if she knew that humans breath in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide and plants to the opposite.  Kat wiry replied since second grade science.

Kat inform the Rangers on several occasions when there was a giant robot attacking the city.  The Rangers had returned with two dolls for Kat to analyze.  They also inform her of the reading Bridge had of the dolls - that Bugglesworth had changed them from people to dolls.  Kat and Boom analyzed the dolls and it did not look good.  Kat and Boom entered the commander center where Kat told Commander Cruger that it the vital signs were not good and something had to be done fast.  During this conversation, Boom began to play with the dolls and Kat, losing a bit of her patience, told Boom to please stop before continuing to talk to Commander Cruger.

Commander Cruger revealed that Kat had worked with the Rangers' parents on their SPD morphers.  Their parents had been affected by the long exposure to the cellular enhancers, but Kat had not.  Commander Cruger also reveal that Kat is 147 years old.  Sam's parents had also been involved.  The Rangers were determined to help Sam.  Kat walked in and told them that Sam was not the only one that needed help.  The dolls were harden in a few hours if the Rangers could not find a solution.  Later, Z found out from Sam that once Bugglesworth was captured, the dolls would revert to humans.  The Rangers were battling Bugglesworth in his robot.  Kat told the Rangers to hurry as the dolls would harden in a few minutes.  The Rangers captured Bugglesworth and the dolls all reverted back to humans and the ones on Emperor Gruumm's ship vanished and turned back to humans.  Kat was working with Boom when the two dolls at headquarters turned back to humans.  Kat pointed this out to Boom.  As they watched, the two humans hugged.  Boom wanted a hug from Kat, but Kat stopped him and they returned to work.

Kat announced over the loudspeakers that there was a security breach - an alien creature was in the engine room.  Later, Kat tended and watched over Commander Cruger - who had been shot by the same creature that had been in the engine room.  Z, Syd, Jack, and Bridge were all very concerned and asked Kat if Commander Cruger was going to make it.  Kat told them that if he were human, he'd already be gone.  She also told them that Commander Cruger was a tough, old dog - there was no telling.  Moments later, Commander Cruger responded with who are you calling an old dog.  Kat was relieved and happy to see Commander Cruger was back, as was Syd, Jack, Bridge, and Z.

Kat announced over the loudspeakers that the Rangers were needed in the command center.  Kat waited with Commander Cruger in the command center for the Rangers to arrive.  The Rangers entered and a hologram of Sinuka was displayed.  Commander Cruger told the group that Sinuka is one of the most notorious villains in the galaxy.  Commander Cruger had received a report from KO-35 that Sinuka had escaped from one of it's satellite prison.  Commander Cruger felt that Sinuka was headed for Earth.  Jack asked why.  Kat explained that Sinuka is a brilliant scientist who was recruited from the forces of evil to make weapons for them.  Sinuka's former associate, Dr. Rheas, lived her and they believed that Sinuka would go after her.  Commander Cruger set up two teams of surveillance - one for Dr. Rheas and one for Sinuka.  The following day, Kat sent the Rangers their delta runners to battle Sinuka in a giant robot.  Eventually the Rangers would arrest and contain Sinuka.  Another day, Kat, Jack, Z, Bridge, Sky, Commander Cruger, Boom, Dr. Rheas, Piggy, and several other friends threw a surprise birthday party for Syd.

Kat was working in the control room, her back towards the Rangers.  The Rangers were sitting and laughing over a monster they had just arrested - the monster had cried.  Commander Cruger walked in and angrily asked the Rangers if they were laughing at him.  Kat stopped working and started to listen.  The Rangers told him that they were not laughing at him.  Commander Cruger reminded them that they were at SPD control room and to behave accordingly.  Sky replied that they had meant no disrespect.  Commander Cruger continued to rant - telling them to take their childish behavior elsewhere.  Kat watched all this in disapproval.  Jack stood up and angrily told Commander Cruger that he didn't care who he was, he couldn't talk to them like that.  Commander Cruger commented that Jack was standing up for his squad and it was about time Jack took on his leadership role.  Commander Cruger then ordered Jack to lead his squad out of the room.  Jack and the rest of the Rangers left quickly.  Before Kat could say anything, Commander Cruger told her not a word.  Kat left the room and found the Rangers in another room.  She apologized to the Rangers as soon as she entered.  Sky asked her what was going on.  Kat told them that several years ago, Emperor Gruumm invaded Commander Cruger's planet, Sirius, and he lost everything.  Kat told them that it didn't excuse his behavior, she just wanted them to know.  The following day, Kat was working in the control room, along with Commander Cruger and the Rangers.  Kat called Commander Cruger over.  She showed him a screen and told him that she had been doing a energy scan on the past twelve hours on the city and everything was normal.  Kat pointed out when she removed the gamma filer, it revealed a large energy source.  Commander Cruger thought the program was malfunctioning.  Kat was insulted and told Commander Cruger that she doubted it as she had designed the program.  She told Commander Cruger that whatever it was, it was large and dangerous.  Commander Cruger turned around the Rangers jumped back.  Commander Cruger told the Rangers to investigate the co-ordinates.  Commander Cruger noted their odd behavior and wondered what the reason was.  Kat told him that he was the reason.  Commander Cruger growled and left Kat.  Kat tried to keep her own anger in check.  Later, the Rangers returned to the control room with a small, silver, circular canister.  The canister contained a hologram message from General Benaag.  General Benaag told Commander Cruger he hoped he enjoyed his last sunset and that he had crossed three galaxies to find him and challenge him to a battle.  Commander Cruger told him that General Benaag had wasted his time, as he no longer battled.  General Benaag vowed to find a way to get Commander Cruger to battle.  Throughout the message Kat cast anxious glances at Commander Cruger - taking in his reaction to General Benaag.  The message ended and the Rangers were full of questions.  Why didn't Commander Cruger want to fight, who was General Benaag and how did Commander Cruger know him.  Kat moved forward and told Commander Cruger that the Rangers had a right to know the truth and nodded her head in encouragement.  Commander Cruger began his story - it was one Kat was very familiar with.  Commander Cruger told the group how Emperor Gruumm have invaded his planet.  Sirius had formed a group of elite defenders - the first SPD.  SPD had fought for months without sleep to battle the endless troops of Troobians.  While SPD fought the Troobians - lead by General Benaag - giant robots were released on defenseless cities.  Eventually SPD was overrun and defeated.  Commander Cruger told them of how he awoke to find he was the last of his squad, the last of his kind.  Commander Cruger had failed his planet, his squad, and never finished the rest.  Commander Cruger vowed to never pick up his sword again.  Although Kat was familiar with what had happened to Commander Cruger, it still cause her pain to have him relive it.  Later, headquarters began to shake.  Commander Cruger asked if it was an earthquake.  Kat told him it was energy tremors.  Commander Cruger told the Rangers to suit up.  After the Rangers left, Kat and Commander Cruger watched the Rangers progress.  Kat was not happy.  She told Commander Cruger that he has sent a young, inexperienced, group of heroes to an unknown enemy.  Kat told him that he should be with them.  Commander Cruger told her that part of his life was over.  Kat called him a stubborn, old dog and questioned why Commander Cruger had left out the most important part of his story.  Angry, Commander Cruger told her it was his own business.  Kat, just as angry, told Commander Cruger that there should be no secrets on the team.  Kat took a chance and gave Commander Cruger a small, metal case.  It was something she had made for him.  Commander Cruger took one look and became even more angry.  Commander Cruger told her that what she had done bordered on insubordinate and ordered her to leave.  Kat was only to happy to go.  Kat left headquarters and walked outside.  She was still angry, but her ears had picked up a noise.  She turned around, but didn't see anything and continued walking.  Soon two hooded men grabbed her.  Kat fought them off, but eventually she was captured.  RIC suddenly appeared and knocked the two hooded men to the ground - revealing that they were Krybots.  Kat was happy to see RIC and bent down an thanked him.  General Benaag appeared and called out to RIC.  Kat told RIC to stay, but RIC, defensive, went after General Benaag.  Kat screamed no.

RIC was badly injured and Kat was captured by General Benaag.  Held captive, Kat called General Benaag a hose head and told him that once Commander Cruger found out, he would pay.  General Benaag laughed, telling Kat that Cruger didn't come after his wife, and he wouldn't come after her.  General Benaag hoped that Commander Cruger would send the Power Rangers.  Kat became fearful when General Benaag put a wide, silver belt around her waist.  The belt had a timer and it was counting down.  RIC returned to headquarters and played a hologram of General Benaag.  General Benaag taunted Commander Cruger by telling him that once again, he had taken something of Cruger's and reveal Kat.  General Benaag wanted Commander Cruger to fight him.  As a hologram, Kat warned Cruger that it was a trap.  Emperor Gruumm appeared in the hologram as well and assure Cruger that it was most definitely a trap.  General Benaag then pointed out the silver belt that Kat wore and told them that once the timer went off, her molecules would scatter and Kat would vanish.  Kat became worried and before the message ended called out to Cruger.  Kat was placed in a clear, triangular chamber and transfer to a semi truck.  The truck for some time and Kat awoke to find herself in different surroundings.  She tried to leave, but a force field around the chamber prevented her from doing so.  After some time inside the truck, a part of it was broken out.  Kat had a view of a quarry and Shadow Ranger (Commander Cruger) and General Benaag.  Kat cheered for "Doggie" - willing him to not give up.  After some time battling, it looked like Shadow Ranger would be defeated by General Benaag.  Kat began to cry as she still cheered Shadow Ranger on.  Shadow Ranger took a blow meant for him and reflected it off his sword and towards Kat.  Kat was free.  Shadow Ranger arrested General Benaag and found him guilty of the destruction of five planets, but not guilty in the disappearance.  Shadow Ranger placed General Benaag in a containment card.  Kat was proud of Shadow Ranger and silently told him way to go.  Shadow Ranger carried Kat in his arms and told Kat "let's go home".  Kat nodded her agreement.  Still in Shadow Ranger's arms, the rest of the Rangers gathered around them and Z told Kat that they were all glad that she was okay.  The following day, Kat, Syd, Z, Bridge, Jack, Sky, Commander Cruger, Boom, and RIC went to Piggy's to celebrate.  Kat sat by Commander Cruger as Commander Cruger lead a toast to his comrades in arms and comrades in friendship.  Commander Cruger also lead a special toast to Kat.  Kat bowed her head as Commander Cruger called her his special friend and thanked her for calling him out.  Kat and her friends took a sip of water and then promptly spit it out as Piggy told them it was fresh gutter water.

The alarm went off at SPD headquarters at night.  Kat contacted the Rangers and told them that the perp was downtown.  Kat and Commander Cruger watched the Rangers battle Drakel.  Red Ranger contacted Commander Cruger and asked for help.  Kat was stunned when Commander Cruger turned off the communication and walked away.  She watched the screen in alarm.  The sun rising cause Drakel to flee and the Rangers returned to headquarters.  The following day, Kat entered the control room.  She had been contacted by the cadets for advise.  Sky handed her a devise and asked her what it was.  Kat looked at the item in alarm and glanced towards Commander Cruger.  Before she could reply, Commander Cruger told the cadets that they could not get assistance from Kat and dismissed them.  After the cadets left, Kat asked Commander Cruger if he knew what this meant.  Commander Cruger told Kat that would be all and dismiss her.  Later, Kat contacted the cadets and told them that a giant robot was attacking the westside.  She had already sent them their runners.  Once again, Kat monitored the situation with Commander Cruger on the screen.  They were able to watch the battle between the Rangers and the giant robot and Drakel battling Baskin - a warrior guarding the evil from treacherous creatures.  Kat told Commander Cruger that he should help the Rangers, but Commander Cruger refused.  Kat watched the scenes in alarm, especially after Baskin was defeated and Drakel got hold of the evil.  Commander Cruger informed the Rangers that Drakel had the evil.  Eventually the Rangers would destroyed the giant robot, eject from their megazord, and go after Drakel.  Commander Cruger left headquarters, but not to suit up to Shadow Ranger.  Instead Commander Cruger watched from a rooftop and ordered the Rangers to finish the job.  The Rangers eventually arrested Drakel, placed him in a containment device and returned the evil to Baskin.

Kat was in the command center with Commander Cruger when Bridge walked in with the computer intern he had recommended.  Bridge introduced Sophie to Kat - calling Kat the resident genius.  Kat was pleased by Bridge's compliment.  Bridge also introduced Sophie to Commander Cruger.  Sophie noticed Kat working on a computer program and ask her what it was, as she was unfamiliar with it.  Kat told her it was the upgrade program for the defense system and would be great, if she ever got the bio rhythms rights.  Commander Cruger told Kat that they had complete faith in her.  Kat smiled.  The ground and building began to shake.  Commander Cruger asked Kat what it was.  The shaking had stop and Kat told Commander Cruger that the unidentified source came from sector 17.  Commander Cruger sent Kat, Bridge, and the rest of B Squad to sector 17.  They were all amazed at the massive hole.  Most of them thought something had tried to dig in, but Kat felt it was more like something had dug out.  Kat gathered a few samples before heading back to headquarters with her friends.  Back at the command center, Kat worked.  Commander Cruger asked her if she had figured out what had come out the hole yet.  Kat told him no, she only hoped that whatever it was, was long gone.  Kat noticed Sophie on the defense systems computer and asked her if she could help her.  Sophie told Kat that she understood that Kat was having problems and thought she could help.  Kat told Sophie that she appreciated the offer, but the computer was top level clearance for security reason.  She was sure Sophie understood and Sophie told her that she did.  Later, Kat worked in her lab, examining the samples from the hole in sector 17.  Commander Cruger was there as well.  Kat told Commander Cruger that she had bad news.  The soil samples were from an alloy that could only come from one source.  Commander Cruger concluded correctly that it was Goradon.  Kat told him that Goradon had reminded dormant for years, but who knew what would happen now.  Commander Cruger ordered Kat to place the base on alert status level three.  Commander Cruger asked how the upgrade was going.  Kat told him some of the programming was done, but the rest would take weeks to be online.  Later, Kat walked along the corridors to the command center.  She thought she had heard someone and called out to see if anyone was there.  She entered the emptied command center, but didn't see anyone.  Kat headed straight for the defense computer.  She heard another noise - the sound of a squeaking shoe - and again asked if anyone was there.  Kat did not get a reply and she didn't see anyone.  The following day, Kat told Commander Cruger that someone had definitely hacked into the computers, but no damage had been done.  She believed that she had scared away whoever it was.  Commander Cruger asked her if there was any trace of fingerprints or evidence and Kat told him that there had been none.  Suddenly the base was under attack.  Commander Cruger was angry and wanted Kat to put the new defense system up.  She told him it wasn't ready yet.  Commander Cruger didn't care, he wasn't going to sit while his base was under attack.  Kat reluctantly started the new system.  Headquarters separated and began the Delta Command Crawler.  Green Ranger walked into the command center and Kat told him that he and the rest of the Rangers could now access their delta runners.  Green Ranger left.  Kat told Commander Cruger to cross his paws as she began firing back at the giant robot attacking them.  Eventually the Rangers formed the megazord and knocked the giant robot to the ground.  The giant robot was taken by Goradon.

The following day, Kat and Commander Cruger stood in front of SPD headquarters.  Commander Cruger told Kat he didn't understand how can something so enormous escape without a trace.  Kat told him that Goradon can burrow deeper than our scanners can detect.  She added that it's probably miles beneath the surface.  Commander Cruger hated to think about what if can do under Gruumm's command.  Commander Cruger concluded that they've got to find it before he does.  Kat murmured her agreement.  Kat entered the command center and immediately began working on phase two of the defense systems.  Commander Cruger was with her and he become frustrated at the tedious chore.  Kat told him that it takes time.  The building began to shake and Commander Cruger commented that he didn't think they had time.  Later, Goradon was attacking the city.  SPD headquarters shook and Kat told Commander Cruger that phase two was not ready.  As the situation deteriorated, Kat looked at Commander Cruger and simply uttered his name as a plead for help.  Commander Cruger told Kat to send the Rangers their runners and to bring them back.  Kat contacted Red Ranger and told him that Goradon was attacking the city and she was sending them their runners.  Kat continued to work on phase two.  Commander Cruger was still in the command center as well.  She thought she overheard Commander Cruger say something and she asked him.  Commander Cruger commented that it was nothing.  Kat noticed Commander Cruger leaving and asked him where he was going.  Commander Cruger told her he was leaving for a fight.  Kat continued to work on phase two and monitor the Rangers' battle with Goradon.  At one point, Goradon was about to devour the megazord.  Kat told the Rangers to hold on as she transform the base to the Delta Command Crawler and fired at Goradon with everything that she had.  Goradon released the megazord.  Shadow Ranger and  Sophie entered the command center.  Shadow Ranger had fought and arrested Valko and brought Sophie back.  Shadow Ranger ordered the Rangers to return to headquarters.  B Squad cadets entered the command center and Bridge was happy to see that Sophie was okay.  Shadow Ranger told the group this was not the time for teary reunions.  Shadow Ranger informed them that we cannot defeat Goradon with our weapons and phase two was not online yet.  Sophie volunteered to help with the programming.  Kat was hesitant as she knew that Sophie could also cause them a lot of damage.  Bridge realized that as well, but he trusted Sophie and wanted to give her this chance.  The rest of the cadets agreed.  Commander Cruger sent the Rangers back to their Delta Squad Megazord as Kat and Sophie worked on phase two.  Kat was pleased when within moments phase two went into action.  Kat announced to the cadets at base to get into their safety positions as this was not a drill.  Kat continued working as headquarters was transform to the Delta Command Megazord.  With the Delta Command Megazord, the Rangers destroyed Goradon.

Alarms were going off in the command center.  Kat, Commander Cruger, Sky, and Jack were there.  Kat told Doggie that they had a problem.  She walked over to the computer and told them that the computer had picked up an anomaly in the local energy grid.  She had never seen anything like it before.  Jack told them that it's off the charts, it's massive.  Commander Cruger told Landors and Tate to check it out.  Later, Kat was back in the command center with Commander Cruger.  Bridge, Syd, and Z were there as well.  Syd, Z, and Bridge had just returned from a battle with several Krybots and a Bluehead.  The Bluehead had a laptop and Bridge thought the laptop was a control unit for a relocator.  Kat didn't think that was possible, but Commander Cruger cautioned Kat that they were dealing with Emperor Gruumm.  Commander Cruger couldn't understand how the cadets had the laptop but then let the Bluehead get it back.  The cadets began to sputter explanations, when Boom walked in.  Boom told Commander Cruger that it was his fault.  Kat was sympathetic as Boom explained to a stunned Commander Cruger that he had pretended to be a Power Ranger in order to impress his parents.  Commander Cruger asked Boom if he had anything else to say, and Boom turned in his letter of resignation.  Commander Cruger accepted, much to Kat's dismay.  Later, Kat was in the lab with Bridge, Syd, and Z.  They were working on trying to locate Jack and Sky when Boom walked in to clear his things.  Kat was very happy to see him and told Boom that they were having trouble getting Boom's analyzer to work.  Boom immediately noticed that the cables were plugged into the wrong ports and correct the problem.  Kat was able to pinpoint where Sky and Jack where.  Commander Cruger walked in and wanted a status report.  Kat told him that thanks to Boom, they had located Jack and Sky.  Kat had devise a controller, but someone had to take it to the other side to get it to work.  Syd, Z, and Bridge all wanted to go.  Commander Cruger told them no.  Commander Cruger added with the A Squad gone, the three of them were Earth's last defense.  Boom volunteered to go and Commander Cruger agreed.  Kat and the cadets suited Boom up and sent him to rescue Jack and Sky.  After some time, Boom teleported back with Jack and Sky.  Kat was happy to see that everyone had made it make safely.  Tamars began to emerge from the computer and Boom quickly turn off the computer.  Commander Cruger commented that he didn't think it was the last that they would be seeing of him.  Commander Cruger pointed out that Boom had forgotten to sign his letter of resignation, and therefore Commander Cruger could not accept it.  Kat watched happily as the cadets and Boom cheered.

Kat was in the command center with Commander Cruger.  A hologram of a criminal was on display.  The Rangers were in their megazord battling the same criminal in a giant robot.  Commander Cruger recognized the hologram and told Kat that it was Wootox.  Kat replied he's a dangerous one - wanted throughout the galaxy.  Wootox had managed to get away.  The Rangers called on Commander Cruger for help.  Commander Cruger suited up to the Shadow Ranger.  Shadow Ranger destroyed the giant robot and stopped Wootox from escaping.  The Rangers captured Wootox and brought him to a holding cell.  Later, Kat was working in her lab.  RIC was there as well and following her from place to place.  Kat glanced at RIC as RIC began barking furiously.  She asked him what was wrong and "Sky" walked in.  Kat was surprised to see "Sky" and ask him if she could help him.  "Sky" wanted to know where the cockpit to the megazord was at.  Kat was surprised that "Sky" ask.  RIC started to leap towards "Sky".  "Sky" fired is blaster at RIC and RIC fell to the floor.  Kat was outraged and yelled at "Sky".  "Sky" walked slowly towards her and Kat became worried.  As "Sky" approached, Kat backed away and pressed a hidden button.  The button alerted Commander Cruger that Kat was in trouble.  "Sky" grabbed a hold of Kat - demanding to know where the cockpit was.  Kat struggled and soon Kat and "Sky" were battling.  Kat was on the floor where "Sky" had toss her when Commander Cruger walked in.  Commander Cruger realized that "Sky" was Wootox.  Kat stay crouched on the floor, next to RIC as Commander Cruger suited up.  "Sky" suited up as well.  Shadow Ranger and "Blue Ranger" battled.  The battled lead them outside the lab and Kat was worried.  Later, Sky and Wootox changed bodies back and Wootox was confine.

Kat was in the command center with Commander Cruger when they noticed a large energy source in Kyoto, Japan.  The alarms went off and Kat announced that the Rangers were needed in the command center.  The B Squad cadets arrived as Commander Cruger told them a time portal was opening and he believed it was Emperor Gruumm behind it.  Kat told them I've got a visual and on the computer screen an alien stepped out of the portal.  Commander Cruger recognized the alien as Katana, a very powerful warrior and told the cadets that Gruumm had pulled a warrior from the past.  Commander Cruger sent the cadets to be transported to Kyoto to investigate.  Later, Sky contacted Commander Cruger to tell him that a giant robot was stealing buildings in Kyoto.  Kat proudly told Commander Cruger that she could have the base in Japan in fifteen minutes.  Commander Cruger told her to start the procedure.  Kat pointed out that if they left, that they would be leaving Newtech City defenseless.  Commander Cruger stated that they could not let Gruumm get a foothold anywhere.  Kat counted down as the Delta Command Crawler prepared itself for high speed travel to Kyoto.  Once they arrived, Commander Cruger sent the delta runners to the Rangers.  The delta runners were not working against the robot and Shadow Ranger called the Rangers back for more power.  The Delta Command Megazord was formed and they battle the robot.  Kat contacted the Rangers and told them that the robot was piloted by a Bluehead.  Red Ranger left the megazord to find Katana.  During the battle, Kat contacted the Rangers in the megazord and told them that if they destroyed the blue orbs, the buildings would be release unharmed.  The Rangers did so and eventually destroyed the robot.  Kat kept a close eye on Jack as well.  She contacted him to let him know that the time portal would be opening again for a short time.  Jack had located Katana and found him not guilty.  The time portal opened and Katana returned to his own time.

Kat walked alongside Commander Cruger as they headed for the transport area for the arrival of Supreme Commander Fowler Birdy.  Commander Cruger was not happy and asked Kat why is Commander Cruger coming here?  Commander Cruger continued that overstuffed pelican and I don't get along.  Kat replied that he's not a pelican.  He's a supreme commanding officer and you get along with him just fine.  Commander Cruger growled and walked ahead.  Kat muttered under her breath, I hope.  All of SPD was waiting for Supreme Commander Birdy's arrival and Kat stood with them.  She took a deep breath as Commander Cruger told Supreme Commander Birdy welcome to SPD Earth station.  Supreme Commander Birdy wanted to see the Rangers that Commander Cruger was always bragging about and was not impressed with the group of young people he saw.  Supreme Commander Birdy wanted a look at the command center.  Commander Cruger and Kat led the way.  Supreme Commander Birdy was impressed with the command center and all the high tech equipment.  Commander Cruger told Supreme Commander Birdy that he had no complaints and all the technology was due to Dr. Manx.  Kat had tried to stay as inconspicuous as possible and stood partially behind Commander Cruger.  Supreme Commander Birdy suggested that Dr. Manx worked for him.  Kat was taken aback and quickly told Supreme Commander Birdy that she was quite happy where she was at.  Supreme Commander Birdy was not happy with her response.  The alarm went off.  Kat contacted the Rangers and told them a giant robot was attacking the city.  The Rangers went into battle and Commander Cruger, Supreme Commander Birdy, and Kat monitored the battle.  Although the Rangers won, Supreme Commander Birdy was not happy with the Rangers' performance.  Supreme Commander Birdy wanted the Ranger team split up and Commander Cruger refused.  Kat and the rest of the staff gathered at the transport area once again.  They were preparing to see Supreme Commander Birdy's departure.  Kat muttered to the cadets that Supreme Commander Birdy's short visit was a little too long for her.  Jack replied that makes six of us.  Boom piped up and added seven of us.  Supreme Commander Birdy and Commander Cruger arrived.  Jack stepped forward and told Supreme Commander Birdy, on the behalf of SPD, that he hoped his visit had been a pleasant one.  Supreme Commander Birdy thanked "Sky".  Jack corrected him, but Supreme Commander Birdy did not care.  Supreme Commander Birdy told them that Commander Cruger had an announcement.  Commander Cruger told them that it has been his privilege to work with them and that he had been relived of his duties.  All orders would be taken from Supreme Commander Birdy.  Later, Kat walked towards the B Squad cadets - they were wondering if they were the cause of Commander Cruger being relieved of duty.  Kat told them that Commander Cruger had been trying to protect them.  Supreme Commander Birdy had wanted to split them up, but Commander Cruger refused.  Z replied that she would refuse as well - they all would.  Sky told them that was not possible - they followed orders whether they liked them or not.  Kat agreed telling them that they were Rangers - SPD - and they had to follow the chain of command.  The group left dishearten.  Later, Kat walked into the command center and began working.  She did not realized that Supreme Commander Birdy was there and he startled her.  Supreme Commander Birdy told her that he was just about to call here.  Supreme Commander Birdy began to rattle off various tasks he wanted Kat to work on - another monitor, microphones on the Rangers' suits and even replacing the Rangers.  Although irate, Kat said not a word.  The alarm went off and Supreme Commander Birdy asked Kat what was going on.  Kat told him that there had been a large energy surge.  Supreme Commander Birdy told Kat to call the Rangers but before she could do so, he shove her hand away and contact them himself.  The B Squad cadets hurried into the command center.  Supreme Commander Birdy told them of the energy surge and he wanted Red, Blue, and Green to check it our.  Z, in protest, wanted to know why only three.  Supreme Commander Birdy sharply asked her if she had a problem with that.  Z remained silent.  Jack, Sky, and Bridge left to investigate.  Later, they return and reported to Supreme Commander Birdy.  Jack told him that the energy surge had been Emperor Gruumm.  Supreme Commander Birdy was furious that the Rangers did not capture Gruumm.  Kat tried to defend the guys, by telling him that it wasn't fair judgment on them.  Supreme Commander Birdy disregarded her words and asked the guys if there was anything else.  Kat picked up on their body language that there had been more.  Bridge had been about to say something, when Sky interjected and told Supreme Commander Birdy that they had been lucky to get out of there alive.  Supreme Commander Birdy, disgusted with them, dismissed them.  They walked out, followed by Kat.  Kat stated that there had been more than what they had told Supreme Commander Birdy.  Jack told Kat that there had been a personal message from Gruumm to Cruger - he was waiting for him to battle.  Kat was startled but quickly regained her exposure.  Kat told them that they didn't hear it from her, but Cruger would want to receive the message.  She told them that only one should go, as all of them being gone would arose suspicion.  Jack volunteered.  Later, Kat was entered the commander center and noted that Supreme Commander Birdy had his sword with him.  She asked him what he wanted.  Supreme Commander Birdy told her that a wanted criminal had been seen in c sector, he wanted Pink and Yellow to investigate.  Kat told him that she wanted to analyze the situation first and see who would be best for the job.  Supreme Commander Birdy became furious and yelled at Kat to not question his orders.  Kat reluctantly sent Z and Syd to investigate.  Kat continued to stay in the command center and monitored the battle between Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger and Changtor, and the battle between Supreme Commander Birdy and Gruumm.  Commander Cruger walked in and stated it's not going well.  Kat smiled when she heard his voice and then told him that Z and Syd were doing fine, but Supreme Commander Birdy was in trouble.  Commander Cruger called Supreme Commander Birdy a fool.  Kat turned around and told Commander Cruger that she had something for him.  Commander Cruger told her that he knew where she was going with this.  Kat replied good and left, fully expecting Commander Cruger to follow, which he did.  Kat had design an ATV for Shadow Ranger that he used in the battle against Gruumm.  Shadow Ranger had Gruumm retreat and the Rangers defeated Changtor.  Later, Kat and all of SPD gathered in the transport area again to see Supreme Commander Birdy's departure.  Supreme Commander Birdy stated that he would give them his highest recommendation.  Supreme Commander Birdy left and Commander Cruger faced the group - who all had wide grins.  Commander Cruger barked at them to wipe their foolish grins off their faces and questioned them as to whether they had training exercises.  Kat fought to keep the smile off her face.  Commander Cruger, in a low voice, told her that it was good to be back.  Kat replied that it was good to have him back.  They both left, unaware of the white ball of light trailing behind them.

The alarm had gone off.  Kat and Commander Cruger were in the command center.  Commander Cruger barked Kat report.  Kat replied Sector G, Sir.  It looks like the Krybots are at it again.  The B Squad cadets entered and Jack stated, Rangers reporting sir.  Commander Cruger replied, Rangers, Krybots have broken into the Gold Depository.  You've got to stop them.  The cadets suited up and headed for the World Gold Depository.  Kat and Commander Cruger stood by a computer.  Kat was trying to get the surveillance working.  Commander Cruger said satellite surveillance, Kat.  Kat replied I'm trying sir, but I've lost transmission.  Commander Cruger was not happy and told Kat to keep trying.  Kat felt the presence as she tried to get the satellite transmission back online.  The Rangers successfully completed their mission and return to the command center.  Commander Cruger congratulated them on a job well done and told them that the satellite surveillance had been done.  Kat told the group that a solar flare had interfered with the transmission.  Kat planned on working on the transmission and repairing the video, she walked out of the room.  Later, Kat return with the video transmission of the tape.  She played the tape that showed the Rangers battling Green Eyes and several Krybots.  The Rangers had defeated the Krybots and were after Green Eyes, but Green Eyes released several more Krybots and soon the Rangers were overpowered.  A sparkling ball of light knocked several Krybots off their feet.  The Rangers were able to break free and follow Green Eyes outside.  Green Eyes was in a giant robot.  Pink Ranger called for their runners and they formed the megazord quickly.  The Rangers battle, judged and contained Green Eyes.  The video ended.  Commander Cruger found the video interesting and asked if anyone had anything to add.  Jack wanted to know what the ball of light was.  Commander Cruger didn't know, but whatever it was, it was very powerful.  Commander Cruger told the group he was sure Kat would be analyzing the footage and Kat gave a small nod of agreement.  Kat stood by Commander Cruger's side as he pointed out that people's perspective can alter an event.  Jack agreed, but added that there were a lot of exaggerations, not on his part.  The cadets began to argue.  Commander Cruger, in an undertone, suggested to Kat that they leave.  Kat agreed and they slowly backed out of the command center.

Kat was in the command center with Commander Cruger when Boom, Syd, Z, Jack, Bridge, and Sky raced in.  Commander Cruger barked at them:  Cadets, I have told you before, this is not a place of play.  Boom replied:  not play - big trouble.  Kat stepped forward as Boom continued:  Listen.  I've been working on this for awhile.  Boom told them that he had wondered where radio waves go after you hear them and logically came to the conclusion that they went into space.  Boom had built a radio receiver, in his own time, in hopes of listening to old broadcasts, instead Boom received a message from the future.  Boom played the recording and Kat and Commander Cruger listened intently.  The message stated that 7/11/2040 was the fifteen anniversary of the Troobian forces taking over Earth.  That S.P.D. had fallen and small pockets of resistance continued.  They had sent the Omega, but not heard anything yet.  The message ended.  Jack was skeptical about a message from space and Boom felt let down.  Commander Cruger asked Kat if it was possible and Kat told them if Einstein's theory about time is right, then it was possible.  Later, the message would be verified as real and the attack would began.  The Rangers were sent into battle and eventually Kat contacted the Rangers telling them:  sending zords.  Kat and Commander Cruger monitored the battle from the command center.  The Rangers were battling Shorty and a giant robot piloted by Morgana and they were not doing well.  Kat asked Commander Cruger:  Can't you do something sir?  Commander Cruger told her that this team was the best he ever had.  Kat questioned whether it would be enough and Commander Cruger signed.  Commander Cruger would join the battle as the Shadow Ranger.  Later, they all returned to the command center in defeat.  Commander Cruger told them that he had sent an urgent message to S.P.D. headquarters.  Meanwhile, Kat had information for them.  Kat had a display run of the monsters the Rangers had fought.  She told the group that Devastation was the most wanted criminal in the galaxy and his brother Shorty was the second.  A image of Morgana played and Kat told them she didn't have any information on Morgana.  Commander Cruger knew about Morgana and told them she was evil, powerful and with the imagination of a ten year.  Commander Cruger continued by telling them that their zords were badly damaged and it would take a while before they were ready.  Supreme Commander Birdy appeared in a hologram and told them that they had received his message.  Regretfully Supreme Commander Birdy told them that because of the distance, they would not be able to send any reinforcements, as that would deplete their forces, falling into Gruumm's plans.  Supreme Commander Birdy told them that they were on their own before ending his message.  The alarm went off and Commander Cruger sent the Rangers off.  The Rangers were battling Shorty once again and this time Shorty grew larger.  Red Ranger asked Kat to send the zords and Kat told him that she couldn't as the zords were still under repair.  Blue Ranger told Kat to stop joking and Kat replied that she wished that she was.  The battle was not going well for the Rangers.

Kat and Commander Cruger continued to monitor the battle.  Commander Cruger barked at Kat that the Rangers need our help.  Let's get in this.  Kat announced:  All cadets to the safety zone.  Activating Delta Command Megazord.  As the Delta Command Megazord got online, Commander Cruger suited up:  S.P.D. Emergency!  Shadow Ranger!  The Rangers battled Shorty in the megazord until another zord appeared.  The Rangers, except Shadow Ranger, ejected from the zord.  Shadow Ranger return to the command center as the megazord reverted back to their base.  The Rangers eventually contained Shorty.  Later, the cadets would enter the command center and tell Kat, Commander Cruger, and Boom of their encounter with the Omega Ranger - who had been in the other zord.  Kat told them:  I've made inquires into all S.P.D. bases.  No reports of a Omega Ranger.  Commander Cruger pointed out that the message from the future had mention a Omega Ranger.  The cadets were most puzzled about the fact that Omega Ranger had demorph to a shimmering white ball of light.  Boom drew their attention to the monitors which show several different video footage, all featuring the white ball of light.  Suddenly the Omega Ranger appeared.  Commander Cruger had a lot of questions for Omega and Omega willingly answered them.  Omega Ranger told them that he had come from the future to save them.  Omega Ranger had traveled through a time portal and his body was crystallized in the process.  The cadets were thrilled to have another Ranger on their team, but Omega Ranger told them that they would only slow him down and that their technology was outdated.  The alarm went off and Commander Cruger asked the cadets what they wanted to do.  The cadets decided to let Omega Ranger take on Morgana and Devastation.  Omega Ranger left.  Kat, Commander Cruger and the cadets watched Omega Ranger's battle with Morgana and Devastation and soon he was running into difficulties.  The cadets left to help.  Kat and Commander Cruger continued to monitor the battle.  Morgana had retreated, but Devastation reappeared in a giant robot.  Kat sent the Rangers their runners.  Eventually the Rangers contained Devastation.  The Rangers all returned to the command center.  Boom entered and told them that the end of the world message was gone.  Commander Cruger commented that they had changed history and thanked Omega Ranger.  Omega Ranger gave credit to the rest of the Rangers.  Kat told him that his vehicle and zord were in the holding bay.  Kat also told him that unfortunately they couldn't send him back and they would begin searching for another time portal.  The cadets welcome Omega to stay with them and offered to give him a tour.  Omega Ranger told them that he knew the place and had lived at S.P.D. as a young boy.  Omega demorph to the white ball of light and told them that they knew him by his human name, Sam.  Sam floated out of the room and the startled cadets raced after him.  Kat smiled in amusement.

Kat stood with Commander Cruger, Syd, Jack, Sky, and Bridge.  They watched through a one-way mirror as Jack tried to get Al to tell them who else he was working with.  There had been a recent rash of robberies and the Rangers had captured Al at most recent robbery.  Jack did not have any success in breaking Al.  Neither did Sky, Syd, or Z.  It took Bridge with his endless questions and non stop talking to break Al.  Al told Bridge that he had been working with Mysticon and Morgana.  Kat looked at Commander Cruger and said:  Gruumm, Commander.  Commander Cruger replied:  Yes, he's up to something.  The following day, Kat was in the command center with Commander Cruger.  Commander Cruger had sent Sam undercover at a charity show that Mysticon was performing at.  Sam contacted Commander Cruger and told him that Mysticon had just chosen a young woman, Dr. Helen Tyler-Jones, to be a volunteer for his latest act.  Kat immediately look up information on Dr. Tyler-Jones and told Commander Cruger that Dr. Tyler-Jones is a leading microbiologist.  Commander Cruger told Kat that Gruumm wanted the doctor to combine the items he had stolen for his evil plan.  Commander Cruger contacted Sam and told him that he was sending the Rangers.  Commander Cruger was stunned when Sam informed him that the Rangers were already in the audience.  Mysticon ended the show after making Dr. Tyler-Jones disappear.  A battle erupted when Omega Ranger appeared on stage.  The audience ran for safety and the cadets all suited up.  Kat and Commander Cruger monitored the battle.  The Rangers managed to defeat the Krybots and free Dr. Tyler-Jones.  Mysticon had escaped in a giant robot.  Kat sent the Rangers their zords.  The two zords were not enough for the Rangers to contain Mysticon.  Kat told Commander Cruger that she had recently come up with technology that would combine the two zords into the Delta Max Megazord.  Kat gave the instructions to the Rangers and they formed the Delta Max Megazord.  Eventually the Rangers were able to contain Mysticon.  Kat was elated that the Rangers did it.  She walked to Commander Cruger and smiled, then she noticed that Commander Cruger was not smiling.  Kat told him that he didn't look happy.  Commander Cruger replied that he wasn't.

Kat was working in the lab with Boom and RIC, trying to get the battlizer ready.  Kat told Boom:  One final adjustment to the hyper transistors and RIC should be good to go.  Boom replied:  This is going to be beyond incredible.  Kat made the final adjustment and they were ready to test out the new battlizer.  Boom excitedly asked Kat:  Ohhh, can I do the honors?  Please?!  Kat replied:  Okay, but be careful.  Boom stated:  S.P.D. Battlizer Engage!  After a few seconds, several wires on RIC caught on fire and RIC's head went flying and skidded to a stop at Commander Cruger's feet.  Commander Cruger had just walked in.  Commander Cruger noted RIC's head at his feet and looked at Kat and Boom.  Commander Cruger told them:  Hmmm, I see the battlizer is not quite finish.  Kat replied:  A temporary setback, sir.  I'm sure we'll have it fully functional right away.  Commander Cruger barked at them:  See that you do!  Later, Kat and Boom walked into the command center.  The Rangers had battled three previous aliens that they had contained and were puzzled about it.  Kat had overheard Sky tell the group:  Kat said those cards are fool proof and there's no chance of escape.  Kat held the three containment cards and laid them down, telling the group:  And I was right.  They are all still here.  Commander Cruger told the cadets to search the city grids for an unusual activity.  Kat asked Jack if she could have his morpher for the latest weapons upgrade.  Boom told Jack it was incredible.  Sky joined their group and told Jack that was just what they needed if they encounter any more goons.  Sky grinned as he told Kat that she could do his morpher next.  Kat hesitated for a moment, knowing what she was going to say would upset Sky.  Kat told Sky that the new weapons technology was made for the Red Ranger's morpher only and apologized to Sky.  Sky was hurt, but told them that he was sure it would be fantastic before walking off.  Later, Kat announced that Cadet Tate was wanted in the command center.  Kat was in the command center with Commander Cruger when Sky walked in.  Commander Cruger wanted Sky to interrogate Mirloc - a clever criminal who had been involved in several dirty dealings before being captured.  Sky walked away and Kat walked up to Commander Cruger.  She told him that she had just read the report on Mirloc and he was the last...Commander Cruger didn't let her finish her sentence.  Commander Cruger told Kat that he knew.  Kat asked him if Sky knew.  Commander Cruger admitted that Sky did not know.  Kat argued that Sky had the right to know.  Commander Cruger agreed, but told her this was not the time and she was not to say anything.  After Sky's integration, they learned that they were dealing with one criminal - Slate.  Slate had the ability to transform into another criminal by use of genetic codes, most likely supplied by Broodwing.  The Rangers left to battle when "Sinuku" appeared on the monitor.  Kat monitored the battle and quickly sent them their delta runners when Slate had gotten hold of a giant robot.  Commander Cruger left to join in the battle as Shadow Ranger.  The Rangers were not dealing well as Morgana had appeared with a gift for Slate - the ability to be several criminals at once.  Even with Shadow Ranger's help, the Rangers were not doing well.  Kat contacted Red Ranger and told him that now was the time to use the battlizer.  Red Ranger agreed and using first mode 1 and then mode 2, he was able to judge and contain Slate.  Morgana managed to get away.

Kat was in the command center with Commander Cruger when Syd, Z, Bridge, and Jack walked in.  Commander Cruger told them:  I've issued an all points bulletin for Mirloc.  Kat told the group:  Unfortunately with his ability to transport through reflective surfaces, he is going to be very tough to find.  Jack responded reassurely:  Well, he can't hide forever.  Bridge responded:  Well, technically he can.  Like in a puddle of water or tin foil, or like a belt buckle or like a glass of water...Jack irately said:  I got it Bridge.  Syd told the group that Sky felt terrible and that she was sure he blamed himself.  Z was surprised that Sky had any emotions.  Moments later, Sky stormed in.  Sky angrily asked Commander Cruger why he didn't tell him about Mirloc being responsible for his father's death.  Commander Cruger looked at Kat.  Kat told him that she didn't say anything.  Commander Cruger told Sky that he didn't feel it was the right time.  Sky wanted to be demoted to D Squad.  Kat watched worryingly as Commander Cruger told Sky that was a decision for the team leader.  Jack was angry.  Jack reminded Sky that he had told him that his father had fought to the bitter end, and now he wanted to quit because of one mistake.  Sky composed himself and suggested that they split up and search for Mirloc.  Kat breathed a silent sign of relief.  Sam floated in and told them that he wanted to help.  Kat told the group that she had contacted Sam, figuring they could use all the help they could get.  The cadets left to search for Mirloc.  Kat and Commander Cruger kept any eye at the command center.  Kat became concerned when Z and Bridge's signal vanished.  She immediately told Commander Cruger.  Commander Cruger contacted the rest of the cadets and asked them if they had seen anything suspicious.  Sky reported back that they hadn't.  Moments later, Kat reported that Syd and Sky's signal had vanished as well.  Commander Cruger left the command center and suited up as Shadow Ranger to find and stop Mirloc from capturing Jack and Omega Ranger.  They all returned to headquarters where Kat told them that the four cadets were still missing.  Jack wanted to search for his friends, but Commander Cruger stop him, telling him that they couldn't afford to lose him as well.  Commander Cruger told Omega that Mirloc would have a harder time detecting him in his light form.  Sam powered down and left to search for Mirloc.  Later, the alarm went off.  There was a giant robot in the city and they couldn't send out the runners without the rest of the Rangers.  Jack suggested he use Sam's bike and Commander Cruger agreed.  Jack suited up and left.  Kat cautioned, telling him that he wasn't used to that kind of speed.  Mirloc would captured Red Ranger within his zord.  Eventually Omega Ranger freed the cadets and zord by smashing the mirrors on Mirloc's chest.  Jack would loan Sky his morpher, allowing Sky to become the Red Ranger and used the battlizer to capture Mirloc.  Later, in the command center, Kat, Syd, Z, Bridge, Jack, and Sky watched a monitor that showed Mirloc being transported to a planet with no sunlight.  Commander Cruger walked in and told the cadets that they had done a fine job.  Commander Cruger apologized to Sky for not filing him in on all the details.  Commander Cruger told Sky that he was a fine Ranger and he won't forget that again.

Kat was in her lab with Commander Cruger.  They were both watching a video transmission on her monitor.  On the transmission, a young man, with explosions in the background, said:  This Gamma Four.  Come in XQ.  You gotta do something!  Please help us!  e need your help!  They're not the...the transmission abruptly ended.  Kat asked:  They're not the what?  Commander Cruger responded:  We have to be prepared for the worst.  Are the new upgrades ready?  Kat replied:  Not yet.  Commander Cruger had his back to Kat and growled.  Kat replied defensively:  I'm doing the best I can.  Commander Cruger turned around and told her:  Double your efforts!  Kat began working frantically on the new weapons technology.  Later, Commander Cruger walked in.  Kat said:  I'm going as fast as I can.  Commander Cruger told her:  I didn't say anything.  Kat responded:  Yeah, well you were going to.  Commander Cruger told her:  I was not.  Commander Cruger then asked her if she had noticed the cadets fighting and arguing.  Kat sarcastically told Commander Cruger five teenagers asked to save the world and live in such close confinements.  She was surprised that they were even talking to each other.  Smoke started to stream from her computer.  Kat frantically said several times, please tell me I didn't fired the quantum enhancer.  She got up to check on the quantum enhancer.  Z walked in and asked what was going on.  Commander Cruger told Z that Kat had fired the quantum enhancer.  Kat shot him a look as Commander Cruger walked out chuckling quietly.  Kat didn't know what she was going to do.  It would take another month, if she ordered one.  Z told Kat that she knew where she could find one.  Z took Kat to Piggy's.  Piggy was seated between two aliens when Kat asked him if he had a quantum enhancer.  Piggy told her that he did, but it would cost her.  Before Piggy could name a price, he was jabbed by the aliens.  Piggy then told Kat and Z that he would give the quantum enhancer for free - what would he do with it.  Kat and Z returned to headquarters with Piggy's quantum enhancer.  Kat returned to the lab and installed the quantum enhancer.  She hoped it would do the trick.  Kat started working when Commander Cruger walked in and noted that she had fixed the quantum enhancer.  She told him not exactly, she had gotten another one and it appeared to be working fine - a hologram of the new weapons technology went on display.  Later, the alarm went off and the Rangers were sent to battle a giant robot in the city.  Kat and Commander Cruger kept an eye on the Rangers in her lab on a monitor.  Commander Cruger thought the fight looked suspicious and asked the Rangers to bring in the criminal for questioning.  Absorbed in watching the Rangers, Kat and Commander Cruger remained unaware that an alien (Stench) was in the lab, stealing Kat's technology.  Stench sneeze and Kat and Commander Cruger turned around saw the intruder.  Kat ran forward and told Stench to stay away.  Stench vanished before she could reach him.  Commander Cruger asked Kat what had he taken.  Kat checked on the computer and told Commander Cruger the sizmatic for the S.W.A.T. technology.  The following day, Kat was in her lab, listening to the transmission from Gamma Four.  She couldn't get the message out of her head.  Commander Cruger walked in and Kat told him that all communications between headquarters and Gamma Four had stopped.  Commander Cruger told her that a rescue team was on it's way.  Kat voiced her concern over the message and Commander Cruger wanted to know who "they" were.

Kat was in the command center with Commander Cruger.  They were watching Stench and Tresher robbing various places on a monitor.  Commander Cruger was very frustrated.  Kat told him that she felt it was all her fault.  She should never had trusted Piggy.  Commander Cruger would not dispute her words, but he was surprised, he had never known Kat to feel sorry for herself.  Kat replied that she had never mess up this badly.  Commander Cruger told her it was time to forgive herself.  Kat told him that the virus in the quantum enhancer had halted her work.  Commander Cruger had the utmost faith that Kat could do it and told her that he knew that the problem couldn't' be resolved in the command center.  Kat nodded and left to begin work immediately.  She was working in her lab.  Commander Cruger was there as well when Omega Ranger came in and told them how Stench and Tresher, in their armor, had defeated him.  Commander Cruger told him that it was good that he had retreated as they were overpowered at this time.  Omega Ranger vowed that it was far from over.  Later, Kat work in her lab alone.  She was stunned when she saw the energy signature of S.W.A.T.  Kat contacted Commander Cruger and gave him the good news.  Commander Cruger suited up and left with Omega Ranger.  Kat worked furiously on the S.W.A.T. technology.  Later, Sergeant Silverback tried to contact Commander Cruger to tell him that he was sending his team home.  Kat replied that Commander Cruger was in trouble and to send the Rangers right away.  A hologram of the S.W.A.T. weapon appeared and Kat was relieved that the sequencing had been completed.  Later, Kat and Commander Cruger walked into the rec room.  The Rangers had successfully captured and contain Stench and Tresher.  Commander Cruger told them he was glad to see them all getting along.  Sky told them that he was glad that they pulled themselves together, he believed that the battle for Earth had only just begun.

Kat announced over the loud speakers:  Unknown energy in quadrant 14C.  Power Rangers report to location.  The Rangers headed out but they were having difficulties.  Green Ranger contacted Kat and told her that they needed help.  Kat responded:  Delta and Omega are on their way.  The Rangers successfully contained the unknown energy in the robot.  Later, the Rangers battled yet another robot and defeated it.  Kat and Commander Cruger walked into the command center.  All the cadets were sitting down, except for Bridge is was asleep slouched over the console.  Commander Cruger cleared his throat.  Syd, Z, Jack, and Sky immediately stood at attention.  Kat stood by the cadets.  Commander Cruger walked over to Bridge and softly said:  Cadet Carson!  Bridge!  Bridge sleepily asked Sky for five more minutes.  Commander Cruger, still in a soft voice, told Bridge that it was okay, he could sleep all he wanted.  Jack muttered you have got to be joking.  Commander Cruger barked loudly at Bridge to wake up.  Bridge jerkily woke up and stumbled as he tried to stand at attention.  Commander Cruger angrily asked him if the command center was a place to take a nap.  Bridge replied no.  Commander Cruger than asked Bridge if fighting two robots was too much.  Bridge replied no, but fighting five was.  Commander Cruger asked Bridge how was it that he fought five robots, while the rest of the cadets fought two.  Sky muttered don't answer Bridge.  Bridge replied told Commander Cruger dream fighting.  Syd and Z looked at each other and said he answered.  Bridge went on to describe what the three robots in his dream looked like.  Commander Cruger said I see.  Before Commander Cruger could continued, Kat stepped forward.  She told them that she had received a report that three robots, matching Bridge's description, had just destroyed the Alpha 5 star system.  Commander Cruger took Bridge's premonition dream seriously.  Commander Cruger told them that Gruumm was planning an all out assault and that they should rest while they can.  The cadets were about to leave, when the alarm went off again.  The cadets groaned and Commander Cruger reminded them that they were Rangers.  The cadets suited up and left.  Kat told Commander Cruger that she hoped they would be okay.  Commander Cruger replied that they had to be, they were all that they had.  Later, during the battle, the Rangers contacted Kat.  Kat wearily replied I know, I know, send the zords.  The Rangers were successful once again in defeating the three robot.  Later, Kat was in the command center with Commander Cruger when Sky hurried in.  Sky told them that Bridge had just left and he believed that Bridge had another dream.  Commander Cruger told Kat to contact the rest of the Rangers, it was a dangerous time for one of them to be on their own.  Later, the Rangers had just successfully defeated several Orangeheads and Blueheads when Kat contacted them.  She told them that the three robots were attacking the city and the Rangers needed to return to base.  Kat had a present for the Rangers - new S.W.A.T. flyers.  The Rangers told Kat that she rocked.  Later, the Rangers were successful in defeating the three robots.  Kat and Commander Cruger were in the command center.  Kat told Commander Cruger that it had been quite a day.  Commander Cruger told Kat that Gruumm will not stop, until he gets what they want.  Commander Cruger told Kat that they couldn't let that happen.

Kat and Boom were working in the lab.  Kat told Boom:  One more terminal connection and this automated transport arm should be back in business.  Kat made the connection and the automated arm started moving around.  Boom was impressed.  Boom told Kat:  Wow!  That amazing!  You did it again, Kat.  You must, like, been top of your class at the Science Academy, right?!  Kat told Boom:  Yes, but Boom, I've told you before.  It's not about how much knowledge you have.  It's what you do with it, that's important.  Commander Cruger walked in and asked:  How's it coming along Miss Manx?  Kat replied:  Fine Commander.  Right on schedule.  The monitor beeped and Supreme Commander Birdy appeared on screen.  Commander Cruger commented:  Commander Birdy.  Kat said:  Hello Sir.  Supreme Commander Birdy replied:  Cruger, Dr. Manx, Bang.  Boom corrected him with:  Boom.  Commander Cruger asked Supreme Commander Birdy:  What can I do for your Commander?  Is there a problem at headquarters?  Supreme Commander Birdy told him no, there was something else.  Supreme Commander Birdy had a position opened at headquarters and offered it to Kat.  Kat was stunned and needed to think about it.  Later, Kat contacted the Rangers to let them know a giant robot was attacking the city.  Later, Kat walked into the lab and found Boom working very efficiently.  She was impressed and wanted to start work on various projects, but Boom had taken care of them all.  Kat told Boom that she would check the command center and Boom told her to go ahead, as he had everything under control.  Kat walked into the command center and told Jack that she was working on figuring out who had operated the robot, the Rangers had battled earlier.  Jack told her that he was already on it and would let her know when he found out anything.  Kat glanced around and then walked over to Z and offered to help her with her planetary scan.  Z told her that there was no need as she had everything under control.  Kat took another look around and realized that she was needed.  Kat gathered her things and told the cadets that it looked like they had everything in hand and walked out.  Kat stepped outside and sat down.  She was lost in memories when Commander Cruger found her.  Commander Cruger told Kat that Supreme Commander Birdy had wanted to know if she had made a decision and Kat told Commander Cruger that she had.  Kat left for headquarters without saying goodbye to anyone as she didn't like goodbyes.  Kat piloted her own space craft and landed at headquarters.  Kat entered headquarters and took a look around at the building.  Supreme Commander Birdy approached and told her how happy he was to have her.  Kat told him that she was happy to help S.P.D. in any way possible.  Supreme Commander Birdy introduced her to her new assistant.  The assistant handed her a stack of papers and told her that there would be a staff meeting.  Kat was surprised that she was getting a staff.  She quickly ran after Supreme Commander Birdy and asked him what was going on.  Supreme Commander Birdy told her that she would have the top people on her staff and she didn't need to get her hands dirty.  Kat replied that she liked getting her hands dirty.  Supreme Commander Birdy told her that wasn't the way things were done at headquarters and walked away.  Kat had no options but to go to her new office.  Kat decided to check in on Boom.  She used the monitor to contact Boom.  Boom told her that everything was going fine.  Kat noticed that there was smoke in the background and questioned Boom about it.  Boom told her that he was having a bar-be-que.  Boom reassured her that everything was fine and Kat decided to let him go.  Later, she was working when she happened to glance at the screen.  The screen showed the Rangers in their zords getting beaten by a robot generated by an unstable power source.  Kat knew this was bad.  She ran and found Supreme Commander Birdy.  She told him that she knew who had built the robot, a former classmate had been working on the same source.  Kat asked Supreme Commander Birdy if she could go back this once and tried to talk to Mooney, the former classmate.  Supreme Commander Birdy told her that in his time he found that words sometimes were not enough.  Supreme Commander Birdy handed her a small silver case and Kat opened it.  She was started and was about to tell him she wasn't, but Supreme Commander Birdy didn't let her finish her sentence.  Supreme Commander Birdy told her that it would only last an hour.  Kat nodded her head in acknowledge and then left.  She piloted her own space ship back to Earth.  Kat used a locator and quickly found where Mooney was hiding - in a cave on the beach.  Kat entered the cave and found Mooney and Broodwing working together.  She told Mooney that she saw that he was still hanging out with the losers.  Kat demanded that they shut down the power source, but they refused.  Broodwing released several Krybots and Kat was busy battling the Krybots, but she was soon overpowered and angry when Broodwing and Mooney laughed.  Kat used the morpher and powered up to Kat Ranger.  The battle continued outdoors where Kat Ranger made quick work of the Krybots.  Broodwing fired off a fatal blow but Shadow Ranger appeared and deflected it.  Omega Ranger came running up and asked Kat Ranger when she became a Ranger.  Kat Ranger told Omega Ranger she would explained it later.  Broodwing taunted the Rangers and then pressed the controller on the power source, making the robot very unstable.  Broodwing tossed the controller to the ground and then vanished.  Kat Ranger picked up the controller and Shadow Ranger told her to get to work while Shadow Ranger and Omega Ranger battled the new Krybots that had appeared.  Kat Ranger ran inside the cave, followed by Mooney.  Mooney insisted that she could never deactivated the code but Kat Ranger reminded him that she was at the top of the class when he was at the bottom.  Working frantically, Kat Ranger deactivated the code.  She contacted the Rangers and told them that she was sending the deactivated code directly to the robot.  The Rangers were able to destroy the robot.  Mooney, meanwhile, had ran, but he was blocked first by Omega Ranger and then Shadow Ranger.  Kat Ranger appeared and told them she would handled it.  She found Mooney guilty and quickly had him contained.  The rest of the Rangers appeared and were surprised to realize that Kat Ranger was Kat.  Kat Ranger powered down and told them that Birdy had told her that the morpher only lasted an hour and that it was probably the last they would see of Kat Ranger.  Shadow Ranger stepped forward and told her that at least she was here when they needed her.  Later, Kat prepared to leave for headquarters and she wasn't happy.  Soon the cadets joined her and told her that she was not leaving again without saying goodbye.  Kat grinned and apologized, telling them that she shouldn't have done that.  The cadets teased her, telling her headquarters probably couldn't get along without her.  Kat laughed and told them that she was sure that they were fine.  Kat asked them how things were going and they reassured her that everything was fine.  They reached the end of the escalator and stepped off.  Suddenly that heard Boom screaming Kat's name and racing towards them.  Boom got down on his knees and pleading with Kat to stay.  Boom listed several things that had gone wrong in her absence, including blowing up her lab.  The cadets confessed that the place wasn't the same without her and asked if there was any way Birdy would let her stay.  Kat was silent for a moment as she realized that she had been missed.  Kat told them that she would simply tell Birdy she had to stay where she was most needed.  The cadets grinned and so did Boom.  Boom's grin faded when Kat looked at him and asked him about her lab blowing up.

Kat was in the command center with Commander Cruger.  Commander Cruger contacted the Rangers, who were searching for Bork, and told them:  Rangers, be careful.  Bork is a ruthless criminal.  He left Alpha Senturion in ruins.  He would have no problems with destroying Earth.  Red Ranger replied:  Thanks for the warning Commander.  We're closing in on him now.  Moments later, Blue Ranger contacted Commander Cruger and told him that there was no sign of Bork.  Commander Cruger told them:  Keep searching Rangers.  Bork's energy readings still shows him at that location.  Kat turned around and told Commander Cruger that she has pick up several energy readings from that area.  Commander Cruger told the Rangers that there were several uninvited guests in the area as well.  Later, Jack and Sky entered the command center.  Commander Cruger asked them to explain what had happened - Bridge was missing.  Jack told Commander Cruger that it was his fault, he had given the order for the team to split up and search.  Sky stepped forward and told Commander Cruger that he had been the one to give the suggestion.  Commander Cruger told them that the suggestion and order were good ones.  Being a Power Ranger had consequences and one of them is missing in action.  Kat told them that she still didn't have any readings on Bridge's morpher and added that she was worried.  Commander Cruger told her that they were all worried, but that they needed to take action.  Commander Cruger had Jack search for Bridge and to not return until he was found.  Commander Cruger had Sky gathered the rest of the team and continue the search for Bork.  Later, Omega Ranger contacted Kat requesting his zord.  Kat told him that it was on it's way.  Later, Kat stood in the command center.  The Rangers had successfully found Bridge and contained Bork.  Omega Ranger entered and join the rest of the cadets that stood at attention.  Commander Cruger walked down the line and paid each cadet and Omega Ranger a compliment.  Commander Cruger told them that they had come far, but the real test laid ahead.

Kat was in the command center with Commander Cruger.  She was looking at the energy readings in the city and noted that something strange was going on.  Commander Cruger asked her if it was Troobian energy readings.  Kat replied no, it was Ranger energy readings spiking the morphing grid.  Commander Cruger told her that he hadn't sent the cadets anywhere, he thought they were on base.  Just then, the cadets walked in.  Jack asked them what was going on.  Kat told them that an alternate Ranger energy reading was appearing downtown.  The cadets puzzled over this for a moment.  Sky came to the conclusion that it was the A Squad and that they had made it back.  The cadets happily left the command center to find the A Squad.  Later, the cadets entered the command center with Conner, Ethan, and Kira.  Conner, Ethan, and Kira had been the source of the alternate energy reading.  Ethan, Kira, and Conner were a little taken aback by the appearance of Commander Cruger and Kat.  Commander Cruger welcomed them to their base.  Kat told them that aliens and humans lived in peace on Earth.  Sky added most of them.  Sky told Commander Cruger that Broodwing had been after Ethan, Kira, and Conner.  Kat had pulled up a screen and it showed footage of the Dino Rangers.  She told the group she could see why, the Dino Rangers had fought some of the most treacherous villains of their time.  Commander Cruger told them that Broodwing had gone to a lot of expense to bring them here, he was not about to give up.  Conner told the group that they could take care of anyone who wanted to give them trouble.  Z pointed out that they hadn't met Broodwing's boss, Gruumm.  Z told them that Gruumm was as nasty as they get.  Kira replied that they could bring it on, they're Power Rangers.  Sky corrected Kira by telling her that they were Power Rangers.  Sky also tell them that the cadets had been trained to fight Broodwing and Gruumm.  The alarm went off.  Kat told them that there was a disturbance in the quarry.  Commander Cruger thought it was a ploy by Broodwing to draw out the Dino Rangers.  Conner wanted to fight - Power Ranger or not.  Commander Cruger told them that he could not let them fight.  If anything happened the consequences would be devastating.  The B Squad cadets suited up and headed out.  Kat, Commander Cruger, Kira, Conner, and Ethan watched the battle on the screen.  After the Dragoul went under ground, the B Squad were surrounded by hundreds of Krybots, Blueheads, and Orangeheads.  Conner, Ethan, and Kira commented on how the Rangers looked like they were in trouble.  Commander Cruger told them it was not their fight and ordered them to stay put.  Commander Cruger suited up to Shadow Ranger and left to help the Rangers.  Kat continued to monitor the battle with Ethan, Kira, and Conner.  Conner finally had enough.  Conner wanted to help the cadets and Kira and Ethan agreed.  They were about to leave when Kat stopped them.  She told them that they should at least be prepared and asked them for their dino bracelets.  Kat retrieved their morphers from the archives and regenerated them before sending Kira, Conner, and Ethan out.  Later, the cadets and Ethan, Kira, and Conner returned to the command center.  They had been successful in destroying the Dragoul, the Orangeheads, Blueheads, Krybots and chasing away Gruumm.  Conner, Ethan, and Kira wanted to stay and help them continued their battle against Gruumm and Broodwing.  Commander Cruger told them that wasn't possible.  Syd pointed out that Kira had to get started on her recording career as she would become a singing sensation.  Sky told Conner that the McKnight Soccer Camps were all over the country.  Bridge told Ethan that the software he designed was still in use at S.P.D.  Ethan, Kira, and Conner decided they were ready to go back.  Kat told them that their memories of them would be erase, but that they would never forget them.  Kat sent Kat, Conner, and Ethan back to 2005.

Kat contacted the cadets.  She told them:  Another Dragoul has appeared in the city.  I'm sending the runners.  Later, Kat made a troubling discovery.  A meteor's path had been altered and now the meteor was heading towards Earth and Newtech City was in danger.  Kat made her report to Commander Cruger.  They were working in the command center when the cadets returned from battling the Dragoul.  Jack told Commander Cruger:  Sorry sir, the freak got a way.  Z told them:  He was even stronger than the last one.  Kat and Commander Cruger paid no attention to them.  Bridge tugged on Kat's sleeve and told her that they were here to get yelled at.  Commander Cruger barked at Bridge not now.  Commander Cruger told them of the discovery Kat had made.  Commander Cruger sent the cadets to see an expert, Professor Cerebros.  Later, the cadets returned to the command center with a controller.  Professor Cerebros was really Kraw and Kraw had altered the meteor's path with the controller.  Kat told them that it was too late to change the meteor's path.  The cadets protested, there had to be something they could do.  Kat had an idea, but she was reluctant to share it.  Commander Cruger lost his patience and told Kat that there were not many options.  Kat told them that if someone could get close to the meteor and fired, from the S.W.A.T. flyer cannon, at the core, the meteor would disincarnate.  Kat emphasis that the mission was very dangerous with no guarantee of return.  Sky and Jack stepped forward and said I'll do it.  Sky and Jack then faced each other and said no, I'll do it.  Kat glanced from one to the other as they argued who was better qualified for the mission.  Commander Cruger put an end to the argument.  Commander Cruger chose Sky, the more experienced pilot, for the mission.  Kat told Sky to be careful, he would only have one shot and to make it count.  Kat checked the monitors and noted that Dragoul was back in the city.  She dispatched the delta runners and Omega Ranger.  Later, Kat entered the command center.  Commander Cruger was angry, he told Kat that Jack had stow away on the S.W.A.T. megazord, that stubborn fool.  Kat paused for a moment and then asked Commander Cruger if he was really surprised.  Commander Cruger confess that no he wasn't, Sky would have done the same thing.  Kat told Commander Cruger that Jack and Sky were more alike than they care to admit.  Later, the Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Green Ranger, and Omega Ranger were having difficulty battling against Dragoul.  Red Ranger and Blue Ranger were trying to destroy the meteor.  Commander Cruger decided to go into battle and had Kat get the base ready for the transformation.  Later, Red Ranger would destroy the meteor and rejoin the rest of the Rangers (Blue Ranger had returned earlier) in destroying the Dragoul.

Kat was in the infirmary with Commander Cruger.  Sky had been badly injured.  Commander Cruger asked:  Any idea who might have done this?  Kat:  Not yet.  Surveillance is running a trace.  Commander Cruger had glanced towards Sky's jacket and gasped.  Commander Cruger told Kat:  His S.P.D. badge, it's gone.  Kat:  Why would someone take Sky's badge?  Commander Cruger:  At the academy, your badge is a symbol of honor.  This is a message to all of S.P.D.  No one is safe.  Later, Syd and Bridge would join Sky in the infirmary.  Commander Cruger was keeping a watchful eye on them, when Kat walked in.  Kat:  Commander.  Surveillance has ID the attacker.  I've brought up his file.  In the command center, a hologram of Icthior was display.  Kat was surprised that Commander Cruger knew who he was.  Commander Cruger told Kat that they had gone to the academy together.  Icthior didn't always battle fair and he was a rival for Isinia's affections.  Commander Cruger told Kat that Icthior was trying to get to him, through his cadets, but it wasn't going to work.  Later, Commander Cruger would also wind up in the infirmary.  Kat stood by his bedside as Dr. Felix told her that they had all sustain serious injuries and needed bed rest.  Kat assured Dr. Felix that she would make they stay put.  Z and Jack were visiting.  Jack wanted to go after Icthior.  Kat held a restraining hand to Commander Cruger as he barked at Jack that was what Icthior wanted and ordered them to not going looking for them.  Jack and Z left.  Later, Commander Cruger tried to contact Jack and Z and got no response.  Commander Cruger muttered that he should have known.  Kat was standing by Sky's bed when Commander Cruger attempted to get out of bed.  Dr. Felix was in the room and ordered Commander Cruger to stay in bed.  Kat was impressed when Commander Cruger reluctantly got back in bed.  Dr. Felix left the room.   Immediately Commander Cruger got out of bed and told the cadets that they were going.  Kat protested, telling them no and what Dr. Felix had told them.  They did not listened and walked out.  Exasperated, Kat told their retreating backs that she would prep the zords.  Later, while the Rangers were in battle, Kat send the Delta Command Crawler.  The Rangers contained Icthior.  Later, in the command center, Kat walked towards the cadets and told them that while they were busy with Broodwing and Icthior, the Newtech City Labs were robbed.  She told them that all of the Hemotech Synthetic Fluid had been taken.  Syd asked what it was used for.  Kat told them that it was an experiment life restorer.

Kat and Commander Cruger were walking down a hall together.  Kat:  I've overhaul the morphing grid and uploaded the relevant battles to the main frame for review.  Kat paused and then continued:  Still no word from the A Squad and...and the Rangers have asked to wear clown suits while on patrol.  I've approved them.  Commander Cruger:  Fine.  Kat stopped Commander Cruger and said:  You're not listening to me at all.  Are you?  Commander Cruger:  You're right.  I'm sorry Kat.  I was just thinking about...  Kat:  Isinia?  Commander Cruger groaned and then asked:  Yes.  Do you think it's possible she's still alive.  Kat:  I don't know.  It's been a long time.  Hope can be a dangerous thing if you let it consume you.  Commander Cruger:  Well I still haven't lost hope for the A Squad.  Moments later Kat and Commander Cruger both agreed that if A Squad was that great, they wouldn't have been captured in the first place.

Kat announced:  Power Rangers report to Delta Command Center immediately.  The cadets raced into the command center, where Kat and Commander Cruger were waiting for them.  Kat continued to monitor the computers.  Jack asked:  What's going on?  Commander Cruger:  Gruumm has gone and so has his ship.  Sky spoke in almost disbelief:  Yes, he's retreated!  Jack could not contain himself and hollered:  We won!!  All the cadets started cheering and high fiving each other.  Commander Cruger barked:  Enough!  Puzzled, Jack replied:  Hello!  Hello!  It's celebration time.  You said it yourself, Gruumm is gone.  Commander Cruger:  Yes, he's gone.  But I know my enemy.  He does not retreat.  Kat:  Commander, I found something.  I was scanning the far reaches of the Trinerum Nebula when I found this.  Commander Cruger looked at the screen:  A wormhole?  Kat:  Yes, a temporal wormhole.  And there are traces of Troobian energy inside the rim.  Jack commented:  Sounds like retreating to me.  Commander Cruger turned around to face the cadets:  That's what he wants us to think.  Sky asked:  Sir, then where is he going?  Commander Cruger:  The more important questions.  What time is he going to?  Later, Commander Cruger summoned Z, Bridge, and Jack to the command center.  Kat was there as well.  Bridge, Jack, and Z stood at attention as Kat spoke:  A wormhole is a thin tube of space/time connecting distant regions of the universe, that could provide the possibility of time travel.  Bridge:  And since theory of relatively.  Kat:  Correct.  Commander.  Commander Cruger:  I believe Gruumm has become frustrated with the resistance S.P.D. has shown him.  Commander Cruger believe Gruumm was going back in the past to conquer Earth.  Z told the group that we can't let him do that.  Commander Cruger agree and told them that is why he was sending them to follow Gruumm through the wormhole.  Sky, Syd, and Omega Ranger would stay behind to protect the present.  Commander Cruger told them to be in the docking station in five minutes.  Later, Kat notified Commander Cruger of a problem.  She told him the wormhole was shrinking.  If the Rangers did not get back in three hours, they were never coming back.  Kat summoned Syd, Sky, and Omega Ranger to the command center.  Commander Cruger told them what was going on and he was going back for them.  Sky stepped forward and told Commander Cruger that he was coming as well.  Syd added that she wanted to go as well.  Commander Cruger told them they had to stay here to protect the present.  Sky told Commander Cruger if Gruumm wins, then there will be no present to protect.  Kat told Commander Cruger that Sky was right, and Commander Cruger agreed.  Commander Cruger, Sky, Syd, and Omega Ranger went through the wormhole as well.  The mission was a successful, with Gruumm retreating back to the year 2025, and all the Rangers making in safely back as well. 

Kat contacted Jack:  Jack, we need backup.  Sector 10.  Later, Kat was in the command center with Commander Cruger.  Syd, Sky, Z, Bridge, and Omega Ranger were there.  There was a hologram displayed of the criminal they had just battle and lost to Delex.  Kat told them that Delex was wanted in ten galaxies and he uses human cells for his batteries.  Commander Cruger told the cadets that he wanted Delex found as soon as possible and they were to work in pairs.  Commander Cruger noticed that Jack was missing.  Z confessed that Jack had left right after the battle.  Commander Cruger barked that he wanted Jack found as well.  Later, the Rangers, except Red Ranger, were battling Delex once more.  Kat, monitoring the battle, told Commander Cruger that the Rangers had found Delex.  Commander Cruger asked if Jack had been found yet.  Kat reluctantly told him no.  Commander Cruger demanded that Jack be found.  Kat tried desperately to contact Jack over his communicator, but she couldn't get a hold of him.  Eventually it would be Commander Cruger who would contact Jack over his communicator.  Later, the Rangers returned to the command center, after successfully containing Delex.  Commander Cruger congratulated them on a job well done.  Commander Cruger then dismiss them except for Jack.  Kat overhead Commander Cruger's interrogation with Jack.  Jack stood up to Commander Cruger.  After Jack left, Commander Cruger ask Kat if she could believe what Jack had said.  Kat walked over and told Commander Cruger that it took a lot of courage to stand up to him.  Kat also told Commander Cruger that however this all might end, Jack deserves a life and question what was really bothering Commander Cruger.  Commander Cruger growled at her.  Kat told him he could growl all he wants, but not to ask her if he didn't want to hear what was true.  Moments later, the alarm went off.  Kat told Commander Cruger that a S.O.S. signal was being transmitted from Gamma Orion.  Commander Cruger told her to send the Rangers and she did.  Kat and Commander Cruger monitored the situation on Gamma Orion.  They watched as the Rangers defeated the Troobian forces and tied up the alien that had attacked them.  Kat asked Commander Cruger if he still doubted Jack's loyalty.  Commander Cruger told her that his loyalty was never in question.  Later, the Rangers returned with A Squad, whom they had rescue from Gamma Orion.  A Squad and B Squad stood at attention, facing each other.  Kat walked down between the two lines and told A Squad that she would need to see them for their post medical ops.  Kat whisper a thank you to B Squad before leaving. 

Kat sounded the alarm and soon the B Squad cadets entered the command center.  Syd wanted to know why the lowly B Squad had been summon and not the amazing A Squad.  Kat told them that A Squad was gone and they had taken Commander Cruger.  The cadets were stunned.  A Squad Red, Charlie, appeared on the screen and issued a challenge to B Squad.  Kat told the cadets that they couldn't go, it was a trap.  B Squad realized that, but they were going.  Before B Squad left, Kat told them that Commander Cruger had told her that they were the best team he had ever had.  Later, Kat and Boom monitored the battle between B Squad Rangers and A Squad Rangers.  B Squad Rangers were not doing so well.  Boom wanted to help them, but there was nothing they could do.  Kat told Boom that A Squad had much more training and B Squad was in a different league.  Later, the building shook.  Boom asked Kat what it was.  Kat checked and stunned, told Boom that the base was under attack.  The monitors show various areas of the base being overrun with ?Troobian forces.  Kat immediately secure the command center.  Eventually the attack reach the command center.  Red Ranger had just contacted them, to ask for zords.  Kat told him in a moment, as the base was under attack.  Kat and Boom prepared themselves as the doors were blown down.  Broodwing and his three generals stepped in.  Kat immediately began fighting the generals, Boom was not much help.  At one point, Kat managed to see the delta runners and Omega Ranger to help the Rangers.  She also managed to send the S.W.A.T. flyers to a secret underground zord bay.  Despite their efforts, Kat and Boom were captured and placed in a holding cell.  They were guarded by two Orangeheads.  Kat told Boom that they had to find a way out.  Boom came up with an idea and whistle for RIC.  Kat cheered RIC on as RIC knocked out the two Orangeheads, and freed Kat and Boom.  Kat raced out and immediately shut off the power to the base.  She contacted Red Ranger to let him know that the power had been shut down.

The Rangers defeated and contained the three generals and Broodwing.  The Rangers were lead into a trap by Piggy.  Kat was in the command center with Boom by her side.  The rest of the staff were gathered there as well.  Kat:  Commander Cruger and the B Squad have been captured by Emperor Gruumm.  There is no one left to protect Earth, but us.  She told them that a Troobian invasion was inevitable.  Kat told them that Omega Ranger would fight alongside the cadets.  The cadets were uneasy and Kat noticed it.  She told the group that if they wanted to leave, now was the time.  The cadets started to leave, until Boom stepped forward and started to talk to them.  Boom told them that he understood, Kat had put it mildly, odds were they wouldn't make it at all.  Kat looked puzzled, wondering where Boom was going with his speech.  Boom told them despite that he was staying.  Boom was staying for Cruger, Sky, Jack, Bridge, Z, and Syd.  Boom was staying because they would stay for him.  Kat nodded in silent agreement.  Boom told them if Gruumm wanted a fight, bring it on, cause he was staying.  Kat walked around and stood on one side of Boom while Omega Ranger stood on the other.  Boom's speech stirred the cadets and now they were willingly to stay and fight as well.  Later, in the command center, Bridge contacted Kat - they had escaped Gruumm's cell.  Kat told them that she was sending the S.W.A.T. flyers.  Later, Kat, Boom, Omega Ranger, and the rest of the cadets went outside and prepared themselves for the battle ahead.  Soon the attack began and it was just as fierce as Kat and Boom had predicted.  Kat fought off the various Krybots, Blueheads, and Orangeheads, in addition to protecting Boom.  During the battle, Boom pointed towards the sky and asked her what it was.  Kat was puzzled and told Boom it looked like a time portal.  Kat grinned when another Ranger from the future arrived, Nova Ranger.  Omega Ranger and Nova Ranger felt they could handle the battle and had Kat and the rest retreat inside.  Once inside the command center, Kat tried to contact Commander Cruger and got a reply.  She asked him where he was and Cruger told her he was inside Omni and didn't know how to shut it down.  Kat told him to download the information and she would see what she could find.  Later, Kat contacted Commander Cruger and told him that she had found a weakness.  The panel under Omni's left arm, contained the core.  If it was open, the Rangers could fire on it.  Commander Cruger tried to open it, but Gruumm had locked the controls.  Commander Cruger told Kat that he was going to have to do it manually.  Kat contacted the Rangers and told them if Commander Cruger.  Commander Cruger interrupted her and told her when, Kat, when.  Kat told the Rangers when Cruger opened the panel, to max out their lasers and fire.  Commander Cruger reached the manual control and contacted Kat.  Kat, in tears, asked Commander Cruger if he realized that he would not make it.  Commander Cruger didn't let her finish and told her I know.  Kat told him when he was ready and Cruger replied that he was.  Kat gave the signal to the Rangers and the Rangers fired.  Kat and the whole staff in the command center held it's breath as the Rangers fired at Omni - viewing it on a monitor.  Cheers erupted as moments later, Omni exploded into pieces.  Kat, Boom, and the rest of the cadets went outside.  Kat told them to help the injured and report any one missing.  Kat and the rest of the crowd were stunned when they heard Commander Cruger's voice tell them good job.  Commander Cruger held up his sword and cheered for S.P.D.  The cadets followed the cheer.  Kat and the rest of the crowd repeated it as well.  Commander Cruger told them they had much reason to celebrate, they had protected Earth.  Gruumm suddenly arrived and apologize for interrupting the celebration.  Gruumm wanted to battle Commander Cruger.  Jack wanted his team to help Cruger, but Cruger refused.  Kat and the rest of the crowd watch anxiously as Commander Cruger and Gruumm faced each other and then battle.  Soon Commander Cruger gained the upper hand.  Commander Cruger raised his sword over a weaken Gruumm and cut off Gruumm's other horn.  Gruumm was furious and Commander Cruger told him now they match.  Commander Cruger contained Gruumm.  Holding the card, Commander Cruger faced the crowd and told them that justice had been served.  Kat and the rest of the crowd cheered.  The following day, in the command center, Kat stood alongside Dr. Felix.  Commander Cruger was there, along with Boom.  Sky, Z, Syd, Bridge, Omega Ranger, and Nova Ranger stood at attention.  Commander Cruger announced that Jack had resigned from S.P.D.  The cadets were stunned.  Syd couldn't believe Jack would leave without saying goodbye.  Z told them that was the way Jack is, once a job is over, he moves on.  Commander Cruger told them for their outstanding job on protecting Earth, he was elevating them to A Squad.  The cadets glanced at each other and remained silent.  Commander Cruger asked them if they had heard, he was promoting them to A Squad.  Bridge told him that they had heard, but they had talked it over.  Bridge told Cruger that they were B Squad and they wanted to remain B Squad.  Commander Cruger agreed, and told them that there would no longer be an A Squad.  Commander Cruger pointed out that they had no Red Ranger, no leader.  Commander Cruger asked Sky to step forward.  Commander Cruger asked Sky if he appointed Syd as the Red Ranger, would Sky follow her into battle.  Sky told Cruger that he would follow anyone, Cruger thought was worthy of wearing the color Red.  Commander Cruger congratulated Sky and told him he was the new Red Ranger.  Sky grinned as his friends applauded.  Commander Cruger told Sky that his father would be very proud of him.  A time portal opened and Omega Ranger told them that was their ride.  Omega Ranger and Nova Ranger stood in front of the time portal and thanked them for keeping the future safe.  Kat smiled at Boom as Z gave Omega Ranger a hug and told him that she would see him in twenty years.  Omega Ranger assured her that he would be there.  For a brief second, Omega Ranger's and Nova Ranger's bodies materialize and then they vanished through the time portal.          

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