Nova Ranger - Voiced by Antonia Prebble

Nova Ranger never stopped in her search for Omega Ranger.  She searched the time line until she finally found Sam.  Nova Ranger used a time portal and landed in Newtech City, in the midst of a battle.   Nova Ranger stepped out of the time portal and announced she was the Force from the Future.  Omega Ranger was happy to see her.  Nova Ranger told him that she had been searching all over the time line.  Nova Ranger immediately got into battle.  She fought off the Troobian invasion alongside Omega Ranger, Boom, Kat, and Piggy.  Nova Ranger and Omega Ranger felt they could handle this battle.  Omega Ranger sent everyone back into the base.  The battle continue.  Omega Ranger told Nova Ranger that it was up to them.  Several voices called out, and us.  Nova Ranger and Omega Ranger looked to see several members, including Sergeant Silverback and Supreme Commander Birdy, from headquarters had arrived.  Omega Ranger told her that it looks like headquarters sent us help.  The battle continued until Omni arrived and announced his claim on Earth.  Red Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, Green Ranger, and Pink Ranger battle Omni in their zord.  Nova Ranger and the rest watched from below as the Rangers tried to take on Omni.  Eventually the Rangers maxed out their lasers.  Nova Ranger and the rest of the crowd held their breath until Omni erupted into pieces.  Nova Ranger immediately began helping the injured.  Kat and Boom had gone back to the battlefield and Kat wanted everyone to help the injured and report anyone missing.  Nova Ranger and the rest of the crowd were stunned when they heard Commander Cruger's voice.  Commander Cruger had been inside Omni, and they all assume he had not made it.  Commander Cruger walked up with Isinia and the B Squad cadets behind him.  Commander Cruger lifted his sword and lead a cheer for S.P.D.  Nova Ranger and the rest of the crowd joyfully took up the cheer.  In the midst of the celebration, Gruumm appeared.  Gruumm challenge Commander Cruger to a battle.  B Squad wanted to help, but Commander Cruger told them it was between the two of them.  Nova Ranger and the rest of the crowd watch as Commander Cruger and Gruumm battle.  Eventually Commander Cruger knocked off Gruumm's other horn and quickly contained him.  Commander Cruger faced the crowd and told them that justice has been served.  Nova Ranger and the rest of the Rangers cheered.  The following day, Nova Ranger stood at attention with Omega Ranger, Sky, Z, Syd, and Bridge.  Boom, Dr. Felix, Kat, and Commander Cruger were there as well.  Commander Cruger announced that Jack had resign.  Commander Cruger also announced that he was elevating B Squad to A Squad.  The cadets were quiet and finally  Bridge told Commander Cruger that they wanted to stay B Squad.  Commander Cruger agreed and then pointed out that they had no Red Ranger, no leader.  Commander Cruger asked Sky to step forward and asked him if he appointed Syd as the new Red Ranger, would Sky follow her into battle.  Sky replied that he would follow anyone Cruger thought was worthy of wearing the color red.  Commander Cruger had Sky become the new Red Ranger.  Nova Ranger and the rest applauded.  A time portal appeared, and Omega Ranger told the group that was their ride.  Nova Ranger and Omega Ranger stepped in front of the time portal and thanked everyone for keeping the future safe.  Z stepped forward and gave Omega Ranger a hug and told him that she would see him in twenty years.  Omega Ranger assured her that he would be there.  For a brief second, Nova Ranger's and Omega Ranger's bodies materialize and then they vanished into the time portal.

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Nova Ranger


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