Phantom Ranger - Voiced by Alex Dodd

Phantom Ranger arrived on Earth in his space ship.  Phantom Ranger landed in the woods in Angel Grove.  Phantom Ranger had the ability to be invisible.  Phantom Ranger stopped Elgar and several Piranhatrons from robbing Angel Grove Bank.  Witness described Phantom Ranger as being invisible and a phantom.  The Red Turbo Power Ranger hoped the surveillance tape would help the Rangers figure them out.  The Phantom Ranger arrived at Angel Grove's gold mine to stop Elgar and his Piranhatrons.  Meanwhile the Rangers were trying to figure out who the Phantom Ranger was - seeing a blurred image on the surveillance tape on occasion.  Dimitria thought that the Phantom Ranger might be from Eltar.  The Power Rangers arrived at the gold mine to battle Elgar.  The Phantom Ranger hid from the Power Rangers.  The Pink Turbo Power Ranger saw his identity in the mirror of a truck, but when she went around the truck, she could no longer see him.  The Phantom Ranger appeared before the Pink Ranger in a blurred form.  The Pink Ranger asked him who he was.  The Phantom Ranger replied that he was a friend before disappearing.  Later, the Power Rangers arrived to rescue Nico and Justin who had been captured by Rygog and Piranhatrons.  The Phantom Ranger was there as well.  A detonator had been placed on his ship.  The Phantom Ranger chose to rescue Nico over the fate of his ship.  The Phantom Ranger, invisible, knocked Rygog and several Piranhatrons down as he rescued Nico.  The Phantom Ranger revealed himself to Nico and asked him if he was okay.  The Phantom Ranger shielded Nico as the explosion blew up his ship.  The Power Rangers surrounded Nico as the Phantom Ranger walked over to where his ship had been.  Phantom Ranger made his ship reappeared.  The Red Turbo Power Ranger told the Phantom Ranger that he didn't know who he was, but that they were glad for his support.  The Phantom Ranger stared at the Power Rangers before boarding his ship.  The Phantom Ranger took off in his space ship.

Although Phantom Ranger had taken off in his space ship, he did not leave Angel Grove.  Translucitor had made Angel Grove appeared invisible in front of the Rangers.  The Rangers were trying to battle invisible Piranhatrons and having a difficult time.  Phantom Ranger, invisible, began battling the Piranhatrons.  The Pink Ranger had been knocked down.  Phantom Ranger appeared before her and asked if she was okay.  The Pink Ranger replied that she, thanks to him.  Phantom Ranger took her hand and helped her to her feet.  Pink Ranger asked him who he was, but Phantom Ranger walked off and then turned invisible.  Later, the Pink and Yellow Rangers were having a difficult time with Translucitor - who was invisible.  Phantom Ranger watched for a few moments and then battle Translucitor.  This caused Translucitor to appeared before the Rangers.  The Pink Ranger asked the Phantom Ranger again who he was.  Phantom Ranger again turned invisible and left.

Phantom Ranger helped the Rangers on several occasions.  When the Rangers lost their megazord to Divatox, the Phantom Ranger gave them new rescue zords.  Phantom Ranger was fond of Cassie.  Divatox and General Havoc used this knowledge to set a trap for Phantom Ranger.  Divatox and General Havoc wanted the Phantom's ruby for it's power.  General Havoc sent out a transmission for the Rangers at the Command Center.  General Havoc thought that the Phantom Ranger was probably listening to the transmission.  General Havoc wanted the Rangers to trade Phantom Ranger for Cassie.  Phantom Ranger entered the Cirrus Dimension where Cassie was held.  The Turbo Ranger were there already and the Green Turbo Ranger told Phantom Ranger it was too late.  Phantom Ranger could see that Cassie had been turned to stone.  Using his ruby, Phantom Ranger was able to restore Cassie.  But it turned out it was General Havoc disguised as Cassie.  General Havoc had the ruby and the Phantom Ranger was captured.  Phantom Ranger was brought to Divatox and where Cassie was held as well.  Divatox wanted to see who the Phantom Ranger was.  Divatox was about to remove his helmet, when Cassie broke freed and stopped her.  Phantom Ranger thanked her and told her she must go.  Cassie promised to return for Phantom Ranger.  Phantom Ranger was weaken without his ruby and he was held in cage.  General Havoc, in Metallasaurus, show the Rangers that he had the Phantom Ranger trapped.  The cage was lowered to the ground and Cassie found him and freed him.  Phantom Ranger told Cassie that now was the time for the Rescue Megazord.  Cassie left.  Phantom Ranger left as well.  Phantom Ranger walked along tunnel ways trying to make it to his ship.  Without his rube, his life force was draining away and Phantom Ranger feared that he would soon be gone.

Phantom Ranger continued to walk and had almost made it to his ship when he collapse.  Cassie and T.J. found him and brought him to the Power Chamber.  The Rangers had place the Phantom Ranger on the Power Chamber's medical table, but Dimitria had told them without his ruby Phantom would cease to exist.  The Rangers, after some difficulty, got the Phantom ruby.  Cassie placed it on Phantom Ranger and after several moments Phantom Ranger came to.  He thanked the Rangers and got ready to leave.  Cassie ask him where he was going.  Phantom Ranger told her that he goes where he is needed and stays as long as he is needed.  Phantom Ranger thought the Earth was in good hands with the Rangers.  Phantom Ranger continued to walk out of the Power Chamber, vanishing before he exit.

After the news that Zordon had been captured, Phantom Ranger began searching for Zordon.  He was on the planet Hercuron and invisible.  Phantom Ranger hid close by and watched as Divatox, Rygog, and several Piranhatrons covered the tube container that held Zordon.  Phantom Ranger went to a secluded area, taking several glances behind him, he planted a device into the ground.  He recorded a message to the Power Rangers, stating the location of Zordon and telling them to hurry.  Phantom Ranger was discovered and soon had to battle several Piranhatrons.  He managed to fired off the message while battling.  Phantom Ranger escaped and went after the Piranhatrons carrying Zordon away.  He was stopped by Astronema and several Quantrons.  Phantom Ranger had to battle once again.  Divatox, Rygog and the Piranhatrons caught up and soon the Piranhatrons joined the Quantrons battling Phantom Ranger.  Dark Spectre sent Astronema to wreck havoc on Earth and Divatox to find a new hiding place for Zordon.  Phantom Ranger was then attacked by Ecliptor.  Phantom Ranger was very weakened and was having a difficult time battling Ecliptor.  The Rangers showed up and the Pink Ranger asked Phantom Ranger if he was okay.  Phantom Ranger told her he was.  Ecliptor was called away by Astronema.  Phantom Ranger gave the Red Ranger a disc and told him it was for the Delta Megaship - a powerful weapon that was currently unprotected.  Phantom Ranger told the Rangers that he would go after Zordon.  Phantom Ranger told the Red Ranger to go after the Delta Megaship and he would guide him once he got closer.  The rest of the Rangers return to Earth to battle a monster attacking Angel Grove.  After all the Rangers left, Phantom Ranger was revealed to be badly damaged.  With great difficulty Phantom Ranger, through communicators, guided the Red Ranger to the Delta Megaship.  Phantom Ranger finally collapse and was unable to answer Red Ranger's questions.  The Red Ranger got the Delta Megaship going.  Later, when he had recovered, Phantom Ranger left another message for the Rangers.  The Rangers returned to the planet Hercuron searching for the Phantom Ranger.  Cassie found the silver device that emitted a hologram of the Phantom Ranger.  He told them that he knew they would return.  Phantom Ranger's hologram stated that he had gone after Dark Specter.  The hologram vanished and the Rangers started to retreat.  A clicking sound came from the silver device and Cassie turned back towards it.  Once again, a hologram of the Phantom Ranger appeared with a personal message for Cassie.  He told Cassie that he was okay and not to forget him.

Phantom Ranger fought alongside the Blue Senturion to try and stop the Machine Empire from taking over his planet.  It was difficult for both of them because they also had to battle several monsters.  Eventually Phantom Ranger and Blue Senturion were captured.  As they were being restrained, Ecliptor appeared in the sky and announced that Astronema was the new Queen of Evil.

The following day, a golden wave hit Phantom Ranger's planet.  As the wave went through it turned the Machine Empire into dust.  Phantom Ranger and Blue Senturion stood up and looked at the piles of dust in amazement.

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Phantom Ranger

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