Alyssa Enrile - The White Wild Force Power Ranger

The white tiger chose Alyssa Enrile to become a guardian of the earth.  Alyssa accepted and became the White Force Power Ranger.  She lived on the Animarium (a turtle shaped island in the sky) with Princess Shayla and Taylor (the Yellow Wild Force Ranger).  The team was soon strengthen with the arrival of Max (Blue Wild Force Ranger), Danny (Black Wild Force Ranger), and Cole (Red Wild Force Ranger).  Alyssa combined her duties as a Power Ranger along with attending Turtle Cove University.  A kind-hearted young woman, Alyssa is often in the position of peacekeeper.  In the early days of the team, Alyssa tried to keep peace between Cole and Taylor who had conflicting ideas on what was best for the team.  Alyssa will also place herself in front of anyone she feels is in danger.  Alyssa and the rest of the Rangers tried to protect the earth from the Orgs.  The Orgs wanted to destroy and take over the earth and were headed by Master Org.  Master Org had been successful in the destruction of Animaria and had the same plans for Turtle Cove.  Master Org had two duke Orgs working with him - Toxica and Jindrax.  Master Org, Toxica, and Jindrax lived in the Nexus.  Toxica and Jindrax were often given the task of recruiting new Orgs to battle the Rangers.  Master Org also had putrids on hand to cause more problems for the Rangers.

A caring, young woman, Alyssa often took care of the others Ranger's when they were injured, cook for them and even read stories to Danny and Max.  Alyssa stayed active by riding her bike to school and taking dance classes at the university.  She studied Archeology at school.  It was during one field trip to a cave that Alyssa heard a strange trumpeting sound.  She explored the cave and found a drawing that is similar to the design on their belt buckles.  A drawing also emitted an eerie glow.  Alyssa raced back to the Animarium to find Princess Shayla and told her what she found.  Princess Shayla was anxious to see the discovery and Cole decided to go along for safety sake.  The trio encountered problems with Tire Org, along with Toxica and Jindrax and the Princess was captured.  Alyssa was determined to change that and all the Rangers raced along to rescue the Princess.  The Rangers ended up close by the cave that Alyssa was in earlier.  Alyssa hurried inside the cave to rescue the Princess.  Master Org was there as well - furious that he was unable to release the creature within.  Master Org brought destruction to the cave.  Alyssa and the Princess were okay.  Again, Alyssa heard the trumpeting sound.  This time the drawing brought forth an animal crystal - the elephant zord had chosen Alyssa.  Alyssa quickly put the elephant zord to work defeating Tire Org.  At the Animarium, the Princess explained how there may be more animal zords hiding and waiting for the right person to set them free. 

Alyssa and the rest of the Rangers soon were battling a new powerful enemy - Zen-Aku.  During their first battle with Zen-Aku, Alyssa lost her elephant crystal to him.  Alyssa felt that she had let the elephant zord and the Rangers down.  The Rangers had all suffered injuries and Princess Shayla advised them to rest.  During the early hours of the next morning, Alyssa was off searching for the elephant zord.  She was determined to find the elephant and save him from whatever fate Zen-Aku had in store for him.  While in the woods, Alyssa heard some strange music, but she could not find it's source.  Instead of finding the elephant zord, Alyssa encountered Toxica and Jindrax.  Toxica and Alyssa had a rivalry from the beginning.  Toxica taunted Alyssa with barbs about her youth and Alyssa shooting back with barbs about Toxica's advanced years.  Toxica lost no time in attacking Alyssa and Alyssa did not even have a chance to morph.  She was hit hard and fell down the side of a hill.  The world lost focus and became dark as Alyssa lost conscious.  The next thing she knew was Cole was there and he carried piggy-backed to the other Rangers.  Alyssa did not realized that she had been bandaged until Danny had questioned her.  But there was no time to figure out this puzzle as Toxica and Jindrax had returned and began attacking all the Rangers.  This time Alyssa was able to morph along with the rest of the Rangers.  The battle with Toxica and Jindrax ended when Zen-Aku appeared and began attacking the Rangers.  Alyssa and the rest of the Rangers were stunned when Zen-Aku summoned his own dark zords.  The battle did not go well for the Rangers.  Later at the Animarium, Alyssa was worried that Zen-Aku would changed her elephant zord into a dark zord.

Alyssa continued with her studies at Turtle Cove University.  But it was hard to concentrate and she was feeling very dejected.  In the midst of her thoughts she heard her name and saw Danny and Max standing there.  They had come to cheer her up.  Alyssa appreciated their effort and she did enjoyed the ice cream with Danny and Max.  Danny realized he had to leave and Alyssa loaned him her bike to take back.  Alyssa and Max chuckled as they watched Danny struggling with Alyssa's bikes and books.  Later, Alyssa wondered if Danny was okay as she and Max walked along.  A bus came zipping past them with no driver.  Alyssa and Max quickly morphed into action and began trying to stop the bus.  Alyssa contacted Cole to let him know that they needed help.  Alyssa and Max managed to stop the bus, but a surprise was waiting for them on the bus - Toxica and Jindrax.  Toxica and Jindrax were determined to grab some animal crystals as well.  At first, it looked like Max was going to give them the giraffe crystal, but Max tossed it out the window instead.  As Toxica and Jindrax went after the crystal, Alyssa and Max got everyone off the bus safely.  Another surprised awaited them as they watched the bus transform into Bus Org.  Alyssa and Max battled the Bus Org.  Soon they received help from Cole, Danny (who had retrieved the giraffe crystal), and Taylor.  Working together, Alyssa and the rest of the Rangers defeated Bus Org.  But it was hardly over for the Rangers.  Zen-Aku appeared and formed his own zord.  The battle was much tougher for Alyssa and the rest of the Rangers.  Soon, Alyssa and the rest of the Rangers were demorph and lying on the ground.  Alyssa could not kept the anger out of her face as she watched Zen-Aku walk towards them.  To make matters worse, Zen-Aku took the giraffe crystal.  Alyssa and the rest of the Rangers had lost another animal zord to Zen-Aku. 

Alyssa and the rest of the Rangers figured out that Zen-Aku was actually a human named Merrick.  Alyssa and the rest of the Rangers helped to break the curse Merrick was under.  A loner, Merrick did not join the Rangers on the Animarium, but he did help them with their various battles.  Alyssa tried to help Cole find his parents.  She suggested that they look them up on the library's computers that had old newspaper articles.  During this time, Cole was missing and had lost his memory.  Alyssa worried about Cole's safety.  The following day, Alyssa would discovered that Cole's parents were presumed dead.  Danny and Max found Cole at a farm.  Alyssa could see that Cole was happy and she was reluctant to bring him back to his world - with news of his parent's deaths.  But Taylor felt that Cole had the right to know and that Cole was their leader.  Alyssa reluctantly agreed and they approached Cole.  Cole left with them and they were soon attacked by Traffic Signal Org.  Alyssa, Danny, Max, and Taylor tried to protect Cole while battling the Org, but Cole felt confident enough to join the battle.  Afterwards, Cole discovered that his memory had returned.  Alyssa broke the news to Cole.  Alyssa, the rest of the Rangers, and Princess Shayla accompanied Cole to his parent's graves.  Cole was heartbroken and Alyssa felt very badly for him, she knew how hard this was on him.  But Taylor offered a shimmer of help by pointing out that the newspaper article had also listed him as dead, and that he was not.  Perhaps the same was of his parents.

But this was not to be the case.  Alyssa had found out that Dr. Adler had been found.  She quickly told Cole the news.  Alyssa and the rest of the Rangers went to the hospital to visit Dr. Adler.  The Rangers were captured and Dr. Adler revealed himself to be Master Org.  Master Org also revealed that he had destroyed Cole's parents.  Cole managed to defeat Master Org.  Master Org no longer had any powers.  Things did not become easier for the Rangers.   A new general Org arrived - Mandilok.  Mandilok continued to keep Alyssa and the rest of the Rangers busy.

Alyssa maintained a perfect grade point average throughout her time at the University.  Her father had been opposed to her going to the university, wanting her to stay and keep the Enrile style of fighting going.  Although she knew she was hurting her father, Alyssa was insistent on going to the University.  Her father told her she could go if she passed a test.  Alyssa failed the test, but her father relented and let her go.  He was very proud of his daughter's accomplishments.  Alyssa and the rest of the Wild Force Rangers teamed up with the Time Force Rangers to put an end to the Mut-Orgs.   Alyssa also gained another zord - the deer zord.  Princess Shayla and Merrick sang to the deer early every morning.  While this bother the rest of the Rangers, Alyssa remained cheerful as ever.  Another mystery awaited Alyssa and the rest of the Rangers.  Cole had befriended a young boy named Kite.  Kite had been living on the streets.  The Rangers brought him to the Animarium to try and help him remember where he belonged.  Kite further puzzle the Rangers, by seeming to know Merrick and being able to break a spell the zords had been under.

Alyssa and the rest of the Rangers would soon discovered that Kite as Animus reborn.  Animus gave the Rangers a test, by taking away their zord.  Alyssa and the rest of the Rangers passed their test.  Animus returned their zords.  Another Org appeared with great ninja powers - Onikage.  Onikage had even managed to get onto the Animarium.  Princess Shayla was captured and Alyssa and the rest of the Rangers were stunned to see Master Org had returned.  Mandilok was destroyed and so was Toxica.  Despite their best efforts, Alyssa and the rest of the Rangers were unable to rescue the Princess.  Princess Shayla remained a prisoner of Master Org.   Alyssa and the rest of the Rangers vowed that they would rescue Princess Shayla and defeat Master Org.  They had the power of Animarium on their side.

To rescue Princess Shayla, Alyssa and the rest of the Rangers formed an alliance with Jindrax and Toxica.  Alyssa and the rest of the Rangers had to destroy the pillars of light that protected the Nexus.  Jindrax and Toxica entered the Nexus and rescue Princess Shayla.  Afterwards, Jindrax and Toxica hit the road to find themselves.  Alyssa and the rest of her friends were saddened by the fact that their time as Rangers was done.  But that was not the case.  Master Org returned and began turning Turtle Cove into a darkened, vine-covered city.  Alyssa was stunned to see Master Org again.  Princess Shayla arrived to take the Rangers to the Animarium, only Merrick stayed to fight alongside Animus.  Animus had come to help the Rangers.  The battle between Animus and Master Org did not go well, and the Animarium beamed Merrick and Animus safely aboard.  Animus could not hold on and disappeared in a golden light.  Things became more difficult for the Rangers.  Master Org was the Animarium and proceeded to destroyed all the wild zords.  Alyssa and the rest of the Rangers tried to fight back, but they were unable to help.  Alyssa was devastated to lose her zords and soon their ranger powers were gone as well when the growl phones vanished.  Before Master Org left, he tipped the Animarium and it started heading towards Turtle Cove.  Alyssa, the rest of the Rangers, and Princess Shayla desperately hung on.  The Animarium landed in Turtle Cove Lake.  Alyssa awoke to find herself on the ground in pouring rain.  She quickly ask if everyone was okay.  Everyone had survived.  Alyssa and the rest of the Rangers went after Master Org.  They ran into several putrids that tried to stop them.  Alyssa and the rest of the Rangers managed to make it to the top of a building to face down Master Org.  Master Org taunted their efforts.  This simply reinforced the Rangers commitment to bring down Master Org.  Alyssa proudly stated her name and wild zord after Cole.  The rest of the Rangers followed.  This declaration brought pockets of light into the dark sky.  The rain stopped, the dark clouds cleared, and the sky filled with animal crystals.  The animal crystals got rid of the putrids.  Alyssa and the rest of the Rangers' wild zords returned to them.  For the final time, Alyssa and the rest of the Rangers battled Master Org and destroyed him.  Alyssa and the rest of the Rangers were thrilled to see all the wild zords back on the Animarium.  Princess Shayla told the Rangers how proud she was of them, and then told them that their time as Rangers was done.  Alyssa gave Princess Shayla her jacket and growl phone with a heavy heart.  The Princess could not stay with them, and Alyssa and the rest of the Rangers were sad to see her go.  Princess Shayla lifted the Animarium back into the skies as Alyssa and the rest of the Rangers watched below.  Alyssa finished college and became a teacher.  Alyssa kept her friends photos in the classroom and received postcards from Danny and Max - who were traveling around the world.  She enjoyed telling her young students the story of the Wild Force Power Rangers, Princess Shayla, Master Org, and the Animarium.   

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