Udonna - The White Mystic Force Power Ranger

A short time ago, there was a dimension filled with wonderful magic.  But then, darkness came into power.  And the great battle began.  An army of the undead, lead by a powerful warrior, swarm over the land.  Setting their sights on the human realm...and beyond.  All seem hopeless, when a small legion of brave and true wizards came forth.  The bravest wizard of all, set a spell, closing the darkness behind strong gates and sent them to the under world.  The victory had came at a great cost.  Udonna walked through the remains of the dimension and picked up the wands of the brave wizards.  The dimension exists to this day, in the woods, on the edge of a city called Briarwood.  Years later, an earthquake hit Briarwood and caused the gates to loosen and the darkness to escape.  Udonna still kept watch over the dimension and knew from the Xenotome that the time had come to fight the darkness once more.  Udonna left the woods, and disguised as an elderly man, walked into the city of Briarwood.  Calling out for help, a crowd soon surrounded the "elderly man".  The "elderly man" told them that his brother had been grabbed by a creature, and taken into the woods.  The crowd began to back away.  A young man's voice broke through the people, as he volunteered to go.  The "elderly man" thanked the young man.  Another young man, Xander, told the young man that he was new and probably did not know that once you go into the woods, you don't come up.  The young man, Nick, replied that he had already heard, but the man needed help, and no one in this city seems to care.  The "elderly man" and the young man were about to walk away, when a young woman, Vida, shouted that she would go as well.  Vida declared that not everyone in this city was a coward.  Another young man, Chip, told them he had always wanted to go on a dangerous quest.  They left together and eventually reach the edge of the woods.  The "elderly man" asked them if they were sure they wanted to do this.  Nick thought it odd that he asked so many questions with his brother in danger.  The "elderly man" replied that everyone is in danger.  The sound of a car reached them.  Xander and Madison had decided to help search for the lost brother.  The "elderly man" spoke quietly to himself, so there are five.  They walked into the woods.  The "elderly man" trailed them for a few feet and then stood by a tree and vanished.  Udonna found the five quickly enough.  The five teens were terrified when they saw the hooded figure.  Udonna had disguised herself once more in a black garment that kept her face hidden as well.  Several Hidiacs appeared.  Udonna give a quick glance to the right and left.  She spoke a spell that brought forth five brooms, that attached themselves to the five teens, and whisk through the air and to safety.  Udonna took out her wand and with another spell destroyed the Hidiacs.  Udonna appeared a few feet from a large tree.  The teens had been dropped there by the brooms and they wondered where they were.  Udonna, still cloaked, replied that she called the place Rootcore.  The teens began to back away.  Udonna entered Rootcore, where the teens were marveling over the strange room they were in.  Udonna removed her cloak and told them she was Udonna, a sorceress.  She explained what had happened years ago.  Nick did not want to listen to the fairy tale.  Udonna assured them, this was no fairy tale.  She walked over to a book and explained it was the Xenotome.  Madison asked her what language it was, as she had never seen anything like it.  Udonna told her it was the language of the ancient, and they would all soon learn it.  She told them the Xenotome had stated if the darkness should arise again, five mystic humans arrive.  Udonna told them they were the Power Rangers.  Chip was excited and the rest of his friends were stunned.  Xander didn't think it was possible they could be protectors against the darkness, when their high school football team hadn't won a game in six years.  Udonna took out five wands and gave one to each.  She told them these were their wands and to keep them with them always.  A young woman, Clare, hurried into the room.  Clare gave the group a quick, startled, hi and then whisper into Udonna's ear.  Clare told Udonna of the destruction of Woodland Village.  Udonna had to leave.  She told the teens to stay at Rootcore until she returned and then vanished.  Udonna surveyed the damage of Woodland Village until she heard some noise.  It was Xander, Chip, Madison, Nick, and Vida.  Udonna smiled and told them she should have known they would not stay.  Several magical creatures were wandering through their destroyed village and the teens asked her about it.  Udonna explained that this was Woodland Village and the darkness had destroyed it.  She told them another village would be destroyed tomorrow.  The darkness kept destroying until it found what it was looking for.  Chip, Madison, Nick, Vida, and Xander asked her what the darkness was looking for.  Udonna replied that it was looking for her, and then it would look for them.  The teens were startled.  An elf had spotted the five teens and cried out the protectors are here.  The magical creatures bowed before the teens and lead a cheer for the mystic warriors.  The moment was broken when a large troll appeared.  The magical creatures took off running.  Udonna instructed the teens to take out their wands.  Chip confessed that they had left their wands behind in Rootcore.  Udonna told them to stay back and then she morphed into the White Mystic Force Power Ranger.  White Mystic Ranger battled the troll.  Several more Hidiacs appeared.  The teens tried to fight the Hidiacs, but they were not having much success.  White Mystic Ranger shouted out that if they believed in magic, the magic would work.  Chip, Xander, Madison, and Vida were able to make the magic work for them.  White Mystic Ranger froze the troll and then the troll scattered into a thousand pieces.  Mystic Ranger saw Nick in trouble and destroyed the remaining Hidiacs.  White Mystic Ranger demorphed and looked disappointingly at Nick.  Xander, Madison, Vida, and Chip were enthusiastic.  Udonna asked them if they were ready to take up their legacy.  Madison, Vida, Chip, and Xander were, Nick was not.  Nick told them the magic did not work for him.  Madison suggested he give it a second try.  Udonna told them Nick was a non believer and there was nothing she could do for him.  Udonna summoned Clare.  Clare arrived as a sheep.  Udonna chuckled as she knew Clare had mess up her spells.  Udonna asked Clare to escort Nick out of the woods.  After they left, Koragg appeared.  Koragg blasted them to the ground.  Udonna, Xander, Chip, Vida, and Madison struggled to get back up.

Koragg:  On your feet.  Darkness has come.  Udonna and the rest managed to get up.  Madison:  I've got a bad feeling about this.  Udonna:  I do not know you warrior.  But if it is a battle you want, I'm ready to fight.  Xander:  Hold on.  Let me try and reason with him.  Xander walked and stood in front of them:  Hi!  The name is Xander.  Koragg:  I am Koragg, the Knight Wolf.  Uuthay Vedor Catastros! Ride up from your depths!  A horse emerged from under ground.  It flew into the air, and Koragg flew into the air as well.  Xander back away:  So much for reasoning.  Koragg:  Somber Uudithos Cecrestious!  Power of the Centaur!  Koragg had joined with the horse and was now an enormous centaur.  Chip:  Centaur!  A real centaur!  I want one!  Koragg laughed:  You are now just pebbles under my hooves.  Udonna:  Get back!  You are not ready to fight his kind.  Xander and his friends agree.  Udonna stepped forward and morphed into the White Ranger.  She was just as large as Koragg.  As they battle, White Ranger and Koragg thought they knew each other.  Eventually Koragg would give White Ranger a mighty blow and announced she was defeated.  White Ranger spun and her snow staff went flying down to the ground.  White Ranger returned to normal size, as did Koragg.  Koragg had taken her snow staff.  White Ranger staggered and soon collapse onto the ground.  It started to snow and she demorphed.  Vida, Chip, Madison, and Xander raced to her side and helped her back up.  Koragg told them he would spare them this time, so that they may witness first hand, the destruction of their lands.  Koragg vanished.  Udonna, Chip, Madison, Xander, and Vida made it back to Rootcore.  She told them that without her snow staff, she will be unable to battle, but she could still train them.  Clare hurried in, still a sheep.  Udonna chuckled and then reverted the spell and Clare was back to human form.  Clare joined them.  Udonna passed out their wands and told them she was sure they would not leave them behind again.  Xander replied that they had learned that lesson.  Xander pointed out that except for Chip, it would be awkward going around town, carrying a wand.  Udonna cast another spell and the wands were transform into cell phones.  Udonna thought they would be more to their generations' liking.  Udonna informed them that the cell phones were their mystic morphers.  Udonna instructed them to return to their normal lives, they would know when they are needed, and to tell no one of what had happened.  Clare wanted to show them out of the woods, but Udonna felt they should find their own way out.  Udonna told the teens that the trees were their passageways.  Later, Udonna and Clare watched the crystal ball as it showed Nick and Madison taking.  Madison had been unable to persuade Nick to stay.  Udonna told Clare to forget about Nick, he was not the one.  Clare puzzled over the fact that the Xenotome had shown five warriors.  Clare thought maybe she was the fifth warrior and started battling with her broom.  Udonna caught the broom and told her she didn't think so.  Udonna and Clare walked together.  Clare told Udonna how grateful she was that Udonna had never given up on her, especially after all her accidents.  Udonna smiled at Clare warmly and told her she could never give up on her.  Clare asked, for when she became a great sorceress, why they were giving up on Nick.  Udonna was taken aback and thought over what Clare had said carefully.  Later, Udonna appeared before Nick as he was working on his motorcycle.  She told Nick that his bike still would not start.  Nick told her she may know about magic, but she knew nothing of motorcycles.  Nick was surprised when he tried, and his bike would not start.  Nick angrily accused Udonna of casting a spell.  Udonna told him she had done no such thing.  A man walked by and cast Nick a strange look.  Nick angrily asked him what he was looking at and the man hurried away.  Udonna smiled as she told Nick that only he could see her.  Nick was not happy.  Udonna tried to persuade Nick to stay and become the Power Rangers' leader.  Nick refused and told her he was not her guy.  Udonna wanted to know why Nick was the first to help the elderly man looking for his brother.  Nick asked her how she knew that.  Udonna transform into the elderly man and back again.  Nick couldn't believe it had been Udonna the whole time.  But it still did not change Nick's mind.  Chip, Vida, Madison, and Xander hurried out of Rock Porium.  Nick wondered what was going on.  Udonna told him there was trouble in the woods and asked if he would help them.  Nick refused again.  Udonna cast a spell that fixed his bike and then vanished.  Udonna returned to Rootcore where she watched with Clare as the Rangers battled the Hidiacs and then Koragg.  The Rangers were on the ground, when Nick arrived and gave a strong kick to Koragg.  Nick thought now would be a good time to believe in magic.  Udonna and Clare were thrilled when Nick stopped Koragg's sword and was engulfed in white and red glow.  When the glow subsided, Nick was in a mystic uniform.  Udonna was thrilled that Nick finally believed.  Nick morphed into the Red Ranger and defeated the Hidiacs.  The Rangers had won this battle.

Udonna smiled as Chip, Vida, Xander, Madison, and Nick landed on the ground, after flying their mystic riders.  They were very enthusiastic about the new flyers.  Udonna told them they had enough for one day, it was time for studying.  Chip and Vida groaned, while Madison looked forward to it.  Udonna and the teens walked along to Rootcore.  Vida wanted to know, since they were Rangers, when they were getting all the cool stuff.  Udonna told her it didn't work that way, they had to perform heroic deeds and earn the new spells.  Vida was not happy.  Vida and Chip told them they would hook up with them later and took off.  Udonna was mixing a potion in her cauldron, while Madison, Xander, and Nick studied.  Clare walked and Udonna asked her about the berries.  Clare told Udonna that she had had a basket full of berries, but lost them all when a monster, the Hydra Worm, attacked.  Udonna asked Clare if she was okay, and Clare said she was because a strange creature had pushed her to safety.  Udonna asked Clare if she knew who the creature was.  Clare told her that the creature was gone before she could thank him.  Later, alone in Rootcore, Udonna continued working.  Vida and Chip entered and quickly went to look at the Xenotome.  Vida and Chip were very disappointed when no new spells appear.  Udonna asked them what they were doing.  Chip and Vida told her that they had been doing heroic deeds all day, and no new spells.  Udonna smiled and asked them whether they understood what heroic meant.  Chip replied that he had played enough games, read enough books and comic books to know what heroic meant.  A sound came from the crystal ball.  Udonna, Chip, and Vida hurried over to it.  Udonna was worried.  The rest of the Rangers needed help, they were inside Mucor's stomach.  Udonna asked the two if they were afraid.  Vida denied it, but Chip admitted to being afraid.  Vida finally confessed as well.  Udonna told them they had every right to be afraid.  There was only two of them, and the monster was powerful.  Udonna pointed out that Vida and Chip were still learning.  Vida and Chip decided to go ahead and save their friends.  Later, Udonna was thrilled to see another spell in the Xenotome.  Udonna monitored the Rangers' battle in the crystal ball and was very pleased with the Rangers and their new mystic Titan powers.  After the destroying Mucor, Xander, Chip, Vida, and Madison returned to Rootcore, excited about their new powers.  Udonna was happy for them, and told them they had only just tapped into the mystic Titan powers.  Xander pointed out that they didn't know if Mucor was the monster that had attacked Clare.  Udonna told them that Nick was investigating.  Later, Nick contacted the Rangers and told them he had found Hydra Worm.  The Rangers went into battle once more, with Udonna monitoring them.  The Rangers used their mystic Titan powers and were able to form a dragon, with Red Ranger on top.  Udonna cautioned Red Ranger to hang on tight.  The Rangers destroyed the Hydra Worm.

Udonna was at Rootcore, when she heard Clare crying out for help.  Udonna started to look for Clare cautiously, as she could not see where Clare was.  As Udonna got closer, Clare called out that she was in the fish bowl.  Udonna smiled and then cast a spell that reverted Clare back to normal.  Udonna wondered when Clare would ever learn.  There was trouble in the woods, Udonna contacted Xander with the information.  Later, the four teens entered Rootcore, carrying Madison, who had been turned into a stone statue.  Udonna did her best to revert Udonna, but Clawbuster's spell was too powerful.  Udonna told them the only way to break the spell would be to destroy Clawbuster.  Vida was furious and told them that she would tear Clawbuster to pieces.  Vida started to storm out, but Xander stopped her.  Xander told her that if she left without a plan, she could end up like Madison.  Nick added that was how Madison got into trouble in the first place.  Vida turned on Nick and told him that Madison may be shy on the outside, but inside she has the heart of a warrior.  Nick was skeptical and told Vida that was why Madison was always hiding behind her camera.  Vida told Nick that he was so clueless.  Udonna walked slowly to the tree as Vida turned on Madison's video camera.  The camera ran one of Madison's film, which talked about her friends, old and new.  Nick was impressed.  After the film ended, Udonna told Nick that people express themselves in different ways, Madison expresses herself through her films.  Nick realized that he really was mistaken.  Nick walked over to the stone statue of Madison and apologized.  Udonna noted a new spell had appeared in the Xenotome.  There was trouble once again.  The four teens left.  Eventually the Rangers destroyed Clawbuster and the spell was broken.  Madison was reverted back to normal, although she was confused as to how she ended up in Rootcore.  Udonna told her she would caught her up later, right now the Rangers needed her.  Although the Rangers had destroyed Clawbuster, Koragg, upon Necrolai's request, had made Clawbuster returned and larger than ever.  Madison left to help her friends.  After Red Ranger apologized and Madison accepted, the Rangers received another spell code that enable them to form the Titan Megazord and destroy Clawbuster for good.

Udonna heard Clare calling her.  Udonna found Clare in front of the crystal ball.  The crystal ball showed Red Ranger battling Koragg.  Clare wondered why Red Ranger was battling Koragg on his own.  Udonna told Clare to contact the others and then to get some hair.  Clare had turned herself bald.  Clare walked away, as Udonna kept a watch on the battle.  The following day, Udonna spotted Clare sweeping, her back towards her.  Udonna asked Clare if everything was okay with the Rangers.  Clare, making sure her back was still towards Udonna, told her the Rangers were fine, except for the dark force having the Rangers' Megazord power.  Udonna tried various ways to face Clare, but Clare kept her back firmly towards Udonna.  Udonna noticed Clare's hair was back.  She asked Clare if the hair restorer worked.  Clare reluctantly turned around and told Udonna and then some.  Udonna's mouth dropped open.  Clare had a beard.

Udonna:  Gather round Rangers and hear the story of the beast stallion, whose strength was known across the land, the legendary Catastros.  A ghostly figure of Catastros emerged and galloped through the teens.  They gasp in wonderment and then gathered around the crystal ball to watch the images as Udonna continued.  Udonna:  Many have tried in vain, to break the mightiest creature of them all.  But Catastros was stronger than a hundred men, and no one was able to harness his fierce some power.  Catastros fled into the forest during the great battle of good and evil.  But before the seal was close, evil reached up and dragged Catastros down to the lowest depths of the pit.  Chip:  That was the scariest story I have ever heard.  Chip asked for Udonna to hear it again.  Vida confessed to being a little freaked out herself.  Nick couldn't believe they were scare of a horse.  Udonna told Nick to no doubt the power of Catastros.  Madison asked Udonna if Koragg had tamed Catastros.  Udonna told her that Koragg had and Catastros is loyal to Koragg only.  Clare walked in with whipped cream on her head.  The teens giggled and eventually told Clare about her head.  Clare panicked, as she is allergic to whipped cream.  Clare began to sneeze.  Some of the whipped cream flew onto Udonna.  Udonna was not happy and walked away.  Nick was able to cast a spell that removed the whipped cream from Clare's head.  Later, Xander, Chip, Vida, and Madison ran into Rootcore, calling out for Udonna.  Udonna came down and asked them what was wrong.  Chip, Vida, Madison, and Xander told her how they had fought Koragg in battle.  Koragg was about to leave and Red Mystic Titan leaped up and grabbed a hole of Koragg.  Now Nick had vanished.  Udonna told them it sounded like Nick had wrapped the seal.  Nick was in another dimension, but Udonna didn't know which one and was unable to send Nick's friends to help him.  Later, Udonna watched the crystal ball as the Power Rangers battled a warrior with their combining power.  Earlier the Rangers had realized if they could say the spell backwards, they could release Nick.  Only they had to remember the spell.  Yellow Mystic Titan remembered the spell during battle and said it backwards.  Red Mystic Titan was released and he rode back into their dimension on the back of Catastros.  Udonna was very pleased to see Red Mystic Titan and Catastros combined and defeated the warrior.  With the defeat of the warrior, the Rangers' combining power was returned.  Unfortunately, Catastros returned to Koragg after the battle.  Later, Udonna and Nick walked through the woods.  Udonna was very pleased with Nick and told him so.

The Rangers entered Rootcore with a security camera tape that had recorded their last battle.  Udonna and the teens watched the tape.  Udonna stressed to the teens that it was important that they keep their identity a secret.  Watching, Madison noticed Necrolai holding something.  Udonna recognized it as a map written by the ancients.  Madison cast a spell that cause a copy of the map to appear.  Udonna was stunned.  It was a map that lead to the secrets of the Fire Heart, an enormous power.  Vida wanted to make sure they got to it before Necrolai got her scaly hands on it.  Udonna, still studying the map, told them it would be difficult as they would have to travel through the Cimmerian Forest.  Xander told Udonna they had no problems with maps.  Udonna told them to imagine the worst thing happening.  Chip made light of it, and the rest laughed.  Udonna was furious with them.  Udonna told them the trick would not be to find the Fire Heart, the trick would be to survive.  The teens left for their most dangerous mission yet, and despite some setbacks, managed to make it through the Cimmerian Forest.  The teens would return with half of the scroll of the secrets of the Fire Heart.  Necrolai had the other half.

It was late, and Udonna was at Rootcore.  Madison, Nick, and Xander walked in.  Madison:  V!  Xander:  Chip!  Nick:  Guys!  Udonna:  You're out here awfully late.  Udonna asked them what was going on.  Nick told her that Chip and Vida never show up for work and they were worried.  Udonna asked them if they were alright the last time they saw them.  Nick told Udonna that Vida had been acting strangely.  Trying not to laugh, Xander told Udonna these were Chip's words, not theirs, that Vida was a vampire.  Udonna noted the look of amusement on all three of their faces.  Udonna told them there were many things that they may find hard to believe, but they do exist.  Nick, Xander, and Madison realized that Udonna had taken Chip's words seriously.  Madison remembered a video she had made earlier in the day of her sister.  Madison played the video, as Udonna, Xander, and Nick gathered round.  The video only show Chip, not Vida.  Although Vida's voice could be heard.  Udonna told them that Vida could not cast a reflection and confirmed that Vida was a vampire.  Udonna instructed them to find their friends and help them.  Nick, Xander, and Madison quickly left.

Chip, Madison, Nick, and Xander managed to get Vida to Rootcore.  Vida was contained inside a circle made of vampire chalk.  Vida:  Guys.  I know you think you need to do this.  But I'm alright.  Please let me out.  Chip:  We're going to help you V.  I promise.  Clare stepped forward.  Clare:  Maybe...you should let her out.  Clare walked towards Vida.  Vida suddenly snarled at Clare.  Clare jumped back in fright and stood beside Udonna.  Clare:  And maybe you shouldn't.  Udonna, Madison, Nick, Xander, and Chip moved away from Vida.  Madison:  If flytrap was destroyed, Vida should be fine.  She must be under the spell of another vampire.  Chip:  What if it is Necrolai?  Xander:  Koragg would know that.  Chip:  Nick!  Koragg seems to be able to contact you whenever he likes.  Have you ever try to contact him?  Nick:  No.  Nick noticed the interested looks on his friends' faces.  Nick:  I could try.  Nick placed his hands on his forehead and concentrated.  After a moment, Nick:  I guess it doesn't work like...Nick suddenly clenched his head in pain.  Nick:  Next time Chip,...you can call him yourself.  He's in the glen.  Udonna:  While you go after Koragg, there's something I need to do.  Later Udonna returned to Rootcore.  She overheard Chip.  Chip:  And ingredients, I don't know if we can get.  Udonna carried a small basket as she walked in quickly.  Udonna:  You can't.  But I did.  We must hurry, there is not much time.  Udonna continued that they must before, but stopped herself.  Madison, upset, asked Udonna if she meant before it was too late.  Udonna faced the four teens.  Udonna told them to make no mistake, they were real danger of losing one of their own.  Nick assured Madison that was not going to happen.  Nick told Udonna to make the Dawn Crystal, while they search for Vida.  Chip told them no.  Chip wanted to make the Dawn Crystal for Vida.  Madison, Nick, and Xander left to search for Vida.  Chip worked throughout the night on the Dawn Crystal.  Udonna stood close by and guided Chip through the various steps.  A new day had started.  Chip pulled the newly formed Dawn Crystal out.  Udonna grinned as she told Chip he had told well.  Nick announced the Dawn Crystal wasn't need, as Nick, Madison, Vida, and Xander walked in.  Udonna held the Dawn Crystal as Chip raced over to give Vida a hug.  Chip asked Vida if she was okay.  Nick replied that Vida was better than okay.  Vida had defeated Necrolai.  Udonna paused, she knew you could not simply defeat the Queen of Vampires.  Udonna told Vida that must have been some battle.  Xander replied that they were skeptical at first as well, but Vida had walked all the way over in the sunlight.  Chip gave the "V" pose and declared, V is for Vampire Slayer.  Vida looked puzzled at Chip.  Vida told them she was also gift giver.  Vida told them she had picked the apples for her best friends and passed one to each one.   Vida gave an apple to Udonna and Udonna silently took the apple.  Vida lead a salute to the Rangers.  Chip told them that this was not Vida.  Chip pointed out the type of apples were not grown in Briarwood.  Vida explained she had meant picked at the grocery store.  Chip noted that Vida had not recognized the pose.  Vida told them she had simply moved on.  Vida told them she was going to get a complex if they did not enjoy the apples and took a huge bite out of hers.  Chip knocked the apples out of Nick's, Xander's, and Madison's hands before they could bite into theirs.  Madison was upset.  Madison told Chip he had ruined perfectly good apples.  Madison bent down to pick up a fallen apple and it suddenly turned into a gooey mess.  Xander, Madison, and Nick were stunned.  Nick noticed that Vida had already left.  Chip, Madison, Nick, and Xander left Rootcore to chase after Vida.  Eventually the Rangers would defeat Necrolai, and Vida would return to normal.

Udonna contacted Nick.  Udonna:  Rangers, there is dark energy heading your way.  The dark energy was Skullington - who try to get the chest that contained the Fire Heart away from the Rangers.  The Rangers destroyed Skullington.  With  Toby's help, the teens figured out the puzzled that opened the chest.  The teens took the chest to Rootcore, where Udonna and Clare were waiting.  Nick:  Here we go.  Nick opened the chest and inside was a giant egg.  Chip:  An egg?  The Fire Heart is an egg.  Udonna told them this was no ordinary egg, but the last dragon egg.

Udonna and Clare were inside Rootcore.  Udonna could overhear Clare.  Clare was sitting by the dragon egg.  Clare:  Hatch.  Come on...hatch.  Hatch!  Udonna:  the Fire Heart will hatch when the time is right Clare.  Clare:  But I've never seen a baby dragon before.  Udonna:  Well, you must be patience.  Haven't' you ever heard the phrase "a watched pot never boils"?  Clare:  Oh!  That reminds me!  Clare got up quickly and went to her own boiling.  Udonna stood close by.  Clare put several ingredients in the pot and it began to emit a strong, unpleasant smell.  Udonna:  By the smell of it, that potion is strong enough to ward off Morticon himself.  Clare:  This isn't a potion.  This is our dinner.  Udonna was slightly taken aback.  Clare stop working on dinner and faced Udonna.  Clare:  And I've been practicing my invisibility spell.  Clare did the spell and Udonna grinned as only Clare's legs became invisible.  Clare became discouraged and told Udonna she didn't know why she even bothered.  Udonna told Clare she had potential and she had great faith in her apprentice.  This encourage Clare and she told Udonna she would keep practicing, with or without legs.  Clare walked out of the room.  Later, the teens raced inside to see Udonna.  They told Udonna they had an encounter with Necrolai and she was looking for the Gatekeeper.  They asked Udonna if she knew who the Gatekeeper was.  For a heart stopping moment, Udonna paused as memories of her sister came to her.  Composing herself, Udonna faced the teens and told them the Gatekeeper was a powerful sorceress, Niella, and her sister.  Years ago, when Darkness try to overtake the surface world, Niella sealed the gates with a powerful spell.  The spell was so powerful it took Niella's life force.  Udonna noted the stunned looks on the teens' faces.  Udonna, gently, told them that the spirit of her sister lives in her heart and in her heir.  Madison was surprised and asked Udonna if Niella had a child.  Udonna told them that Niella did.  Vida told the group that they had to find the child before Necrolai did.  Udonna told them they would not have to look far, Clare is Niella's child and heir to the Gatekeeper power.  Suddenly, Clare, who had finally got the invisibility spell right, appeared.  Udonna realized that Clare had overheard the conversation.  Later, Udonna went looking for Clare, who had left Rootcore.  Udonna appeared on a log next to Clare in the woods.  She was very relieved to have found Clare.  Clare was upset and told Udonna she had no right to keep the Gatekeeper power from her.  Udonna told Clare there were many things she did not understand.  Clare told her she knew, that she was bumbling and incompetent.  Clare felt that is way Udonna kept the Gatekeeper power from her.  Udonna smiled and told Clare that she was just like her mother.  Clare was puzzled, she told Udonna she thought her mother was a great sorceress.  Udonna told her she was, but at first she did a lot of mistakes.  Udonna told Clare she had promised her mom that she would protect her and she had done her best to keep that promise.  Clare told her she couldn't have asked for a better protector or Aunt.  Udonna and Clare smiled at each other.  The moment was interrupted by the arrival of Koragg.  Udonna told Clare to stand back.  Udonna sternly told Koragg to leave the child alone.  Koragg scoffed, what would he want with the incompetent child.  Koragg was after Udonna.  Udonna cast a spell, but Koragg deflected it.  Koragg mocked Udonna, telling her her magic was not as strong without the snow staff.  Koragg cast a spell and Udonna found herself trapped within a golden bubble.  Clare tried to cast a spell, but it didn't work.  Koragg took the captured Udonna to his chambers.  Later, Udonna could do nothing as Koragg contacted the Red Ranger and told him he wanted to battled the Gatekeeper on her own or their sorceress would perish.

Udonna was still trapped within her golden bubble.  Koragg had captured the Gatekeeper and brought her to the pit.  Udonna watched as Gatekeeper slowly woke up, confused over her surrounding.  Gatekeeper:  Where am I?  Udonna:  Clare!  Gatekeeper:  Udonna!  Gatekeeper tried to walk over to Udonna, but an electrical energy force kept her trapped.  Koragg:  Your magic was strong enough to raise the gate.  Koragg wanted Gatekeeper to unseal the gate.   Udonna urged Gatekeeper not to unseal the gates, no matter what.  Gatekeeper told Koragg she would never help him.  Koragg told Gatekeeper that he didn't intend to ask for her help, he was going to take it.  Koragg cast a spell that cause the enchantment to unseal the gates appear over Gatekeeper.  When the enchantment was complete, the gate will be unseal.  Unfortunately as the spell went through it sequence, it cause Gatekeeper a great deal of pain.  Udonna urged Koragg to stop this madness.  Koragg did not care.  Soon the spell was almost complete.  Udonna once more pleaded with Koragg.  She told Koragg that Gatekeeper's life force would be gone.  Koragg told her the Master's wishes must be fulfilled.  Gatekeeper had given a quiet plea to her mother to help her to fight Koragg's spell.  Koragg told her to be silent.  Udonna looked sadly at the greatly weaken Gatekeeper.  With much sadness Udonna told Gatekeeper that she had promised Niella to always keep her safe and now she had broken that promise.  Gatekeeper looked at Udonna and told her this wasn't her fault.  Suddenly Red Ranger burst through.  Udonna was happy to see him.  Red Ranger fought Koragg.  Red Ranger also challenge Koragg to a battle.  Koragg accepted the challenge.  Koragg cast a spell that cause Koragg, Gatekeeper, and Red Ranger to vanish to the surface world.  Udonna was on her own.  Later, Udonna wandered through the pit and spotted her snow staff.  Udonna cast a spell that connected her back to her snow staff.  With the magic energy from the snow staff, Udonna was able to become an energy form of the White Ranger.  A giant White Ranger gave the Rangers the additional energy they needed in battling a giant Morticon.  Together with the Rangers in their Megazord, the White Ranger and the rest of the Rangers battled Morticon and destroyed him for good.  After the battle, Udonna's energy life force vanished.  Udonna cast another spell, using the power of the snow staff, and was released from the golden bubble.  Udonna quickly went over to the snow staff, ready to take it, when Koragg's stopped her.  Koragg had Udonna in a very firm grip.  Koragg then tossed Udonna to the side.  Koragg told Udonna that she had served her purpose and he would let her escape with her life.  Koragg told Udonna that she should be grateful.  Udonna told Koragg that she could never feel gratitude to such a heartless creature as him, only pity.  Udonna cast a spell and vanish - knowing her word had hit the mark with Koragg.  Udonna returned to the woods, along with the teens.  They were looking for Clare.  Udonna soon spotted her, unconscious on the ground.  Speaking softy, Udonna told Clare to wake up, it was over.  A dazed Clare took a moment to realize it was Udonna approaching.  Clare was thrilled to see that Udonna was okay.  Udonna confirmed that she may be a little frozen on the edges, but she was okay.  The teens step forward and Madison helped Clare to her feet.  The teens excitedly told Clare how Udonna had come to their aid.  The teens also had praise for Clare for sending the gates back to the underground and sealing the evil once more.  Everyone was smiles until Clare spotted her mother's head piece.  Clare picked up her mother's head piece and told them it was her mother's power and now it was all gone.  Udonna stepped forward and proudly told Clare that her mother would have been proud of her.  She also told Clare that she was proud of her.  Clare's smile returned.  Later, Udonna was back at Rootcore.  She had a small chest open, where she kept her most treasure possessions.  Udonna gently placed her sister's head piece inside the chest.  The chest also contained a ring.  Udonna picked up the ring and her mind traveled back to some happy memories.  She was lost in the memory of when she was a young, watching a young man - with the same ring.  The young Udonna smiled as the young man held a baby wrapped in a red blanket.  Her memories were interrupted by an excited Clare racing in.  It took a moment for Udonna to gathered herself as she put the ring back and closed the chest.  She asked Clare what had her so excited.  Clare excitedly told her that she had finally mastered the invisibility spell.  Clare cast the spell and this time her top half vanished.  Udonna smiled as Clare realized she hadn't quite gotten the spell yet and stumbled out of the room.

Udonna was inside Rootcore when Vida and Chip came in.  Vida and Chip had Udonna covered her eyes and they lead her outside.  Udonna chuckled as Chip and Vida guided her.  Udonna:  Can't you just tell me the surprise?  Vida:  No.  Now keep your eyes close, until we say you can open them.  Vida and Chip had Udonna stop and turned around.  Madison:  Alright.  Madison told Udonna she hoped that she liked pets because they had a new cat.  The teens told Udonna to uncover her eyes.  Udonna uncovered her eyes and was pleasantly surprised.  The surprise was Jenji.  Udonna and Jenji hugged each other.  Udonna told Jenji that she had missed him so.  Udonna quickly asked about Bowen.  Before Jenji could replied, there was a cry from Clare inside Rootcore.  Udonna, the teens, and Jenji hurried inside.  The dragon egg was shaking.  Clare leaped off and joined her friends.  Udonna and the rest watched in awe as the egg hatched and Fire Heart was revealed.  The baby dragon took one look at Clare and called her mama.  Udonna and the rest laughed.

Udonna was inside Rootcore with the teens.  Madison was blind folded and Nick was leading her over to where Udonna and the rest were standing.  Udonna:  Trust is the key to any team.  In order to truly trust each other, you must willingly put your safety in the hands of the team.  Are you ready Madison?  Madison  I think so.  Nick placed Madison in the center of the circle.  Nick:  There you go.  Udonna:  Slowly fall forward.  Your team will catch you.  Madison fell forward and was caught by her friends.  They all laughed.  Clare strolled in, holding Fire Heart in a blanket.  Clare:  There's a good boy Fire Heart.  Vida, Chip, Nick, and Xander quickly followed Clare and started cooing at baby Fire Heart.  Unaware that her friends had left, Madison fell backwards and onto the floor.  Udonna helped Madison up and Madison was not to happy with her friends.  Udonna noticed the crystal ball and hurried over.  She told the teens that there was dark energy in the woods.  The teens quickly left.  Udonna kept an eye, by keeping a watch on the crystal ball.  She saw the teens battling a familiar friend.  Udonna went into the woods.  The teens were about to morph.  Udonna told them to stop and told them this was an old friend of hers.  The armored creature revealed himself to be Calindor.  Udonna and Calindor hugged.  Udonna couldn't believe it, Calindor hadn't aged a day.  Udonna introduced the Mystic Rangers to Calindor.  Calindor gave a small bow and told them the forest owes them a great debt.  Udonna and the teens took Calindor to Rootcore.  Udonna told Calindor that the seal had been broken.  Calindor already knew.  Clare, standing in front of the crystal ball, told everyone there was dark magic in the city.  The teens quickly morphed and headed out.  Calindor had shouted out to them to fight with honor.  Udonna explained to Calindor how she built the safe haven after the battle.  Udonna also introduced Calindor to Clare.  As Calindor and Clare talked, Udonna walked over to the Xenotome.  After a few minutes, Clare called Udonna over.  Clare told her there was dark magic in Rootcore.  Udonna hurried over, but the crystal ball showed nothing.  Udonna assumed Clare was simply working too hard.  Calindor walked away.  Udonna followed Calindor, telling him Clare is young, like they were when they first met.  Clare walked out of Rootcore.  Calindor told Udonna he had something difficult to tell her.  Calindor told Udonna that Daggeron had betrayed them.  Udonna was stunned, she trusted Daggeron with everything.  Calindor told her how Daggeron attacked him.  Udonna asked if there was anyone else.  Calindor was puzzled, he didn't think so, at least not that he could remember.  Udonna walked over to the Xenotome and pondered why the Xenotome had not shown what had happened.  Calindor was curious.  Udonna told Calindor that the Xenotome was the Power Ranger's most powerful ally.  Calindor told Udonna that there was much he needed to learn.  Udonna agreed and was about to set off to make some tea for them both.  Calindor insisted that he make the tea.  Udonna looked through the Xenotome until Calindor returned.  She reached for one of the goblets, but Calindor insisted she take the other.  Calindor told her he had added honey, just like she likes it.  Udonna put the goblet to her lips, but before she drank anything, Clare came running into Rootcore, hollering at Udonna not to do it.  Udonna was bewildered as Clare jumped onto Calindor's back.  Udonna asked Clare what had gotten into her.  Calindor tried to shake Clare off and told Udonna that Clare was out of her head.  Clare insisted that it had been Calindor who had betrayed the Mystics.  As Calindor continued to try and shake Clare off, they hit Udonna's goblet.  It went flying and landed sideways on a book.  The liquid spilled and soon turned into foam.  Udonna realized that Clare was right.  Calindor shook off Clare.  Clare hurried over to Udonna.  Calindor revealed himself to be Imperious and asked them if they were surprised.  Udonna immediately went into action and cast a spell.  Imperious cast a spell to block Udonna's spell and mocked her for attempting magic without her snow staff.  Udonna knew she was losing and asked Clare to help.  Clare cast a spell as well and Imperious vanished in a golden shower.  Clare was thrilled with herself and Udonna was pleased as well.  The moment did not last long, as Imperious walked up behind Clare and tossed her over to Udonna.  Imperious cast a spell that immobilized Udonna and Clare.  Udonna and Clare could only watch helplessly as Imperious approached the Xenotome.  Imperious try to take the book, but it had a protection spell.  Imperious cast his own spell and began working on breaking the protection spell.  As Imperious worked, he was unaware that Jenji's lamp had suddenly lifted and vanished.  Udonna had noticed.  Just as Imperious broke the protection spell, he was knocked off his feet by Daggeron.  The spell that held Udonna and Clare immobile was also broke.  Imperious told Daggeron now was not the place to battle and vanished.  Udonna and Daggeron hugged.  Later, Udonna and Daggeron walked through the woods.  Daggeron told Udonna what really happened between him and Calindor.  How Calindor had succumbed to the dark magic and they both ended up cursed and placed in the magical cave.  Udonna asked Daggeron what had happened to her baby, Bowen.  Daggeron told her he had last track of Bowen and asked about Leanbow.  Udonna told Daggeron that Leanbow had not survive the great battle.  Daggeron told her that he had failed her, he had failed them all.  Daggeron walked away slowly and sadly.  Udonna bowed her head, heartbroken over not knowing what happened to her baby.

Udonna was at Rootcore, playing peek a boo with Fire Heart.  Udonna:  Boo!  Fire Heart squealed with delight.  Xander walked in.  Xander:  Udonna!  Daggeron made me waste all night growing this stupid tree.  It was totally pointless.  Udonna told Xander she had always known Daggeron to be a fair man.  Xander was outrage and began to list all of Daggeron's faults.  Udonna pointed out that Daggeron was his teacher.  She was sure that Daggeron had a good reason for making Xander grow the tree.  Before she walked away, she told Xander that he had grown a very nice tree.

Udonna was inside Rootcore and she had overheard Nick telling Jenji maybe he was feeding Fire Heart too much.  Udonna joined the group, which included Nick, Vida, Jenji, and Daggeron.  Udonna told them she always found it best to feed a dragon all it wanted, before it decided to eat you.  Jenji quickly threw the rest of the food at Fire Heart.  Udonna and her friends laughed.  Suddenly, Nick clutched his head.  Koragg had issued a challenge to battle Daggeron.  Daggeron accepted the challenge.  Udonna warned Daggeron that Koragg is a powerful warrior.  Daggeron reminded Udonna that he had been trained by the best.  Daggeron left to battle Koragg in the Twilight Dimension.  Later, Udonna hurried out of Rootcore.  The teens had returned from their own battle with Gnatu and Spydex.  They were helping Chip along.  Madison wanted to know if Udonna could help Chip.  The teens lifted Chip's shirt.  It looked like a dark vortex had overtaken Chip's stomach.  Udonna recognized it at once.  Udonna told the teens it was a soul specter and it was eating Chip's soul from the inside.  Vida wanted to know what they could do to help Chip.  Daggeron walked towards them.  Daggeron had been defeated by Koragg, but Koragg had walked away.  Daggeron told them only the Staff of Topaz could help Chip.  Xander wanted to know where to find the Staff of Topaz.  Daggeron told them it was on the top of Mount Isis.  The teens were ready to go, but Daggeron stopped them.  Daggeron told them the city was under attack, they had to stay here.  Daggeron told them he would take Chip.  Udonna was concern.  She told Daggeron that it was a treacherous journey to Mount Isis.  Daggeron was confident that he and Chip could do it.  Later, Daggeron used the Staff of Topaz on Chip and the soul specter was destroyed.  The Rangers also destroyed Gnatu and Spydex.

Udonna and Daggeron were at Rootcore.  Both of them were very worried.  Madison, Chip, and Nick walked in.  Udonna:  Have any of you seen Fire Heart?  Chip:  No.  Nick:  Not me.  Madison:  Not for awhile.  Udonna:  He's gone missing.  Clare is beside herself combing the forest.  If he falls into the wrong hands before he reaches adulthood, he could...Jenji tried to sneak past.  Daggeron:  Jenji!  Daggeron asked Jenji what he had done. Jenji confess that he had been the one to take Fire Heart and he had left him in the woods.  Udonna and Daggeron sent Jenji, Chip, Nick, and Madison into the woods to retrieve Fire Heart.  But when they came to the spot where Jenji had left Fire Heart, Fire Heart was gone.  Later, all the teens were at Rootcore.  Fire Heart was still missing.  Daggeron told them he had more bad news, Jenji was missing as well.  Chip thought maybe Jenji had gone looking for Fire Heart.  Daggeron told them no, Jenji had left a note.  In the note, Jenji told them that he had not gone looking for Fire Heart.  Jenji was leaving because he had no friends.  Madison pointed out that in their excitement over Fire Heart, they had forgotten about Jenji.  Daggeron told them this was not the first time this has happened.  Daggeron told them that Jenji had been banished from his home planet.  Chip couldn't understand why anyone would banish Jenji, Jenji is great.  Daggeron told them that Jenji was the most strong and popular cat on his planet.  A jealous King had a witch cast a spell over the village that made the villagers think Jenji was evil and they banished him.  When Daggeron found Jenji, Jenji was a traveling nomad.  Daggeron told them the story.  Jenji had just found some treasure and was about to open a small chest.  Solaris Knight arrived and told him not to open the chest, it was a trap.  Jenji did not believe him and opened the chest anyways.  Jenji was soon surrounded by dark magic.  Acting quickly, Solaris Knight trapped Jenji within a lamp.  Solaris Knight opened the lamp and told Jenji that he was now a powerful genie, but he could only leave the lamp for short periods of time.  Jenji was in despair, what had he done.  Solaris Knight reassured him that he would keep watch over him.  Daggeron finished the story by telling them that if Jenji did not return in two hours, Jenji would turn to dust.  Udonna came forward with more bad news.  Necrolai appeared in the crystal ball - Necrolai and Screamer were back in Briarwood.  Vida, Chip, Nick, and Xander prepared to leave to battle Necrolai and Screamer.  Madison decided to find Jenji, as he didn't have much time left.  Later, Udonna and Daggeron were out on a balcony at Rootcore.  They were both still worried and wondered where Jenji was.  Clare excitedly ran towards them.  Clare told them she had found Fire Heart and they would not believe how big he had gotten.  Udonna told her that was nice, but Jenji was still missing.  Daggeron started to walk forward, telling them it would take a miracle to find Jenji now.  Daggeron was suddenly lifted off his feet.  Fire Heart had a hold of him.  Fire Heart flew away with Daggeron.  Clare cheered for Fire Heart.  Udonna laughed and grinned at Clare.  Later, in the woods, Udonna and Daggeron walked along with Jenji.  Jenji was pleased to be back and Udonna and Daggeron were happy to have him back.  Phineas was dropped right in front of them by Fire Heart.  Jenji hurried inside Rootcore while Phineas picked himself up.  They all watched Fire Heart soar away.  Phineas thanked Udonna and Daggeron for letting him dragon sit Fire Heart.  Udonna told him not a problem and Udonna and Daggeron started to walk away.  Phineas told them he never got to see how the baby he found turned out.  Udonna and Daggeron were startled and turned around to face Phineas once more.  Phineas realized that he had let his secret slip and tried to pretend it was something else he had said.  But Phineas could not stay silent under Udonna's gaze.  Phineas admitted that during the great war, when Calindor and Daggeron were battling, Phineas had found a baby.  Phineas knew the woods was not a safe place for a baby and so he took it to the human realm where it would be safe.  Udonna realized that Phineas had found Bowen.  Udonna was ready to go find Bowen, but Daggeron stopped her.  Daggeron told her that in the human world, Bowen was safe.  Daggeron warned Udonna if dark magic found out about Bowen, he would be in great danger.  They needed to defeat the underworld, before they could find Bowen.  It was hard, but Udonna agreed.  Udonna had Phineas promised that he would not say a word about the baby he had found.  Phineas went through the motions of zipping his mouth shut.

Udonna was inside Rootcore working.  Chip, Nick, and Xander were there as well, but they were playing a game of chess, using magic.  Xander:  This is the life.  Isn't magic grant?  Nick:  Yeah.  Except for all the fighting.  Xander grunted in reply.  Nick:  There's got to be an easer way to defeat evil.  Chip:  Maybe we can eat our way to victory.  Got any pizza Udonna?  Udonna turned around and faced the guys.  Udonna:  You can go to town for pizza.  The guys scoffed and laughed.  Chip:  Why?  There's an easier way.  Chip cast a spell that caused two pizzas to appear.  Nick:  Good job Chip!  Xander:  Yeah, nice work.  Udonna told them there was a time and place for magic.  The guys didn't hear and Udonna walked out.  Later, Udonna watched as Xander helped Chip inside.  The teens and Daggeron had just returned from battling Warmax, one of the Barbarian Beasts from the oblivion.  Udonna asked Chip if he was okay and he replied that he was just banged up.  Udonna sat down next to Chip.  Vida was angry.  Vida wanted to know why they had a powerful genie and they never use him.  Madison commented that it would make things easier.  Udonna stood up and looked at the angry, tired faces.  She glanced over at Daggeron, unsure of what to say.  Daggeron told them Jenji was not the answer.  The crystal ball alerted them to more trouble.  Daggeron told Chip to rest, that they would need him.  Daggeron, Madison, Vida, Nick, and Xander left.  Udonna watched the crystal ball as the Power Rangers battled Shrieker, another of the Barbarian Beasts.  It was a difficult battle.  Udonna told Chip that these beasts will test you.  When she got no reply, she glanced around and noticed that Chip was gone.  Udonna looked at the crystal ball, soon Yellow Ranger would arrive in battle.  Afterwards, Udonna stood outside.  Daggeron came up from behind and confirmed to her that the Barbarian Beasts had been released from the oblivion.  Udonna already knew.  Daggeron told Udonna that the Rangers had destroyed Warmax and Shrieker, but at a great cost to them.  Udonna wondered why the Barbarian Beasts would battle one at a time.  She believed there must be a greater plan.  Daggeron agreed.  Udonna noted that the teens were now looking for the easy way to do things.  It was a dangerous time of their development.  Daggeron added that it was a dangerous time for them all.  Some time later, Udonna was back inside Rootcore.  Daggeron and Clare stood behind and flank her on both sides.  Udonna was very angry.  The Rangers had battled Fightoe and 50 Below and in the process, Jenji had gotten captured.  The teens gave her several excuses and told her that they had no choice.  Udonna was still furious with the teens.  Madison and Chip both wondered what Imperious would wish for, now that he had Jenji.  Daggeron told them they must prepare for the worst.  Udonna was very worried.  The teens left.  Moments later, Daggeron called Udonna's attention to the crystal ball and asked what was going on.  Udonna and Clare hurried over.  The crystal ball was full of dark magic.  Udonna told Daggeron she had never seen anything like it.  It was like the whole world had gone evil.  Clare screamed.  Udonna glanced up and saw Daggeron vanished within smoke.  Dark magic began to seep out of the crystal ball and head straight for Udonna and Clare.  Udonna and Clare clutched each other and backed away.

Udonna saw five teens, Madison, Vida, Chip, Nick, and Xander, in the woods, close to her home.  She ran towards them, brandishing broom at them.  Udonna:  Get away from here!  My home!  Get away!  Mine!  Madison stepped forward and asked Udonna if she recognized them.  Madison told her that she had taught them everything they know, they are the Mystic Force Power Rangers.  Udonna told them they were liars.  She told them the legendary ones never came.  Udonna had waited and waited, only the darkness came.  Only the darkness.  Clare walked up to Udonna and told her she had been worried about her.  Clare glanced at the teens, who were smiling at her, and asked them what they wanted.  Clare told them they better not harm them.  Udonna stayed within Clare's protective arms and did not say another word.  Xander told Clare that they would never harm them.  Clare was stunned, they knew her name.  Clare told them they must be one of them.  Chip protested that they were not one of them.  Nick asked Clare if she could tell the what had happened to Rootcore, to Briarwood.  Clare was surprised and asked them don't you know, there is no more good magic in the world.  The five stunned teens left.

Udonna and Clare were standing in the woods, when suddenly the world reverted back to normal.  Clare:  Udonna, what's happening?  Udonna:  I don't know.  This is such a strange feeling.  Udonna and Clare watched in amazement as Rootcore repaired itself.  Moments later, Daggeron stepped outside.  Udonna:  Daggeron.  Daggeron:  May I ask what just happened?  Udonna and Clare looked at each other and laughed.  Later, Udonna, Daggeron, Clare, Jenji, Madison, Vida, Chip, Nick, and Xander were also inside Rootcore.  Everyone was happy to see each other.  Daggeron was impressed with the teens courage in seeking the Tribunal of Magic.  Daggeron couldn't believe that Koragg had helped them.  Udonna warned the happy group that two Barbarian Beasts still remained.  Seconds later, the crystal ball alerted them to that fact.  The Rangers went into battle.  During the battle, Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Red Ranger, Green Ranger, and Blue Ranger were give the legendary powers by the Tribunal of Magic.  With their new powers, the Rangers destroyed 50 Below.  Daggeron returned to Rootcore.  Udonna was looking through the Xenotome.  She told Daggeron that the new legendary powers were amazing, and had power she never dreamed of.  Daggeron told her they would need it as he was sure Imperious had more tricks up his sleeve.  Later, the crystal ball alerted Udonna and Daggeron to more trouble.  Udonna told Daggeron there was trouble in the nether dimension.  Daggeron told Udonna that he and Jenji would leave.  They needed to make sure the trouble didn't reach the surface world.  Udonna kept a close eye on the battle via the crystal ball.  Unfortunately, the creature Imperious created, with Fightoe's life force, and the Solar Streak Megazord came crashing into the surface world.  The rest of the Rangers wanted to help.  Udonna contacted Red Ranger and told him with the legendary powers, they could make the Manticore Megazord.  The Rangers quickly did so and destroyed the final Barbarian Beast.

Udonna was inside Rootcore, making a potion.  Daggeron walked in.  Daggeron:  It's quiet around here.  Udonna:  Yes.  Perfect for a Sunday, don't' you think?  And it will be even quieter when I leave to find some beetle's bane to finish this potion.  Daggeron:  I'll go.  Udonna:  Are you sure?  Daggeron:  It will be my pleasure.  I...Later, Udonna hurried over to the crystal ball.  The crystal ball showed Solaris Knight battling Koragg and Imperious.  Udonna quickly contacted the teens and let them know that Solaris Knight was in trouble.  After a difficult battle, Imperious and Koragg both retreated from the Rangers.

Udonna was out in the woods, sitting with Madison, Vida, Chip, and Xander.  They were all watching Daggeron and Nick in bond battle training.  Daggeron had just knocked Nick to the ground.  Daggeron:  Sorry young warrior.  Next time I'll take it easy on you.  Nick:  Don't even think about it!  Nick leaped back to his feet and the training continue.  Xander:  Why doesn't he use his laser now?  Udonna:  In bond battle training, only swords can be use, and no magic.  Daggeron is very skilled in this technique.  Daggeron and Nick could hear their conversation.  Daggeron:  Because I was taught by the best.  Now Nick is going to be beat, I mean, taught by the best.  Nick:  I see that humility doesn't set in when on reaches, uh, middle age.  Daggeron:  Middle age!  Vida:  Ohhh!  Daggeron and Nick continued training.  Vida:  Nick's got this one wrapped up.  Xander:  Oh, it's not over yet.  Daggeron loses his sword to Nick.  Nick holds the sword for a moment and then tosses it back to Daggeron.  Vida:  Ahh, you had him!  Don't give him his sword back!  Daggeron and Nick continue to battle.  Nick eventually outmaneuvers Daggeron and wins the match.  Daggeron:  Good work Nick.  You did it fair and square, and you did it with honor.  Nick:  I just got lucky.  Daggeron:  No luck here.  Your skill is growing strong.  Daggeron and Nick walked back towards where Udonna and their friends sat.  Daggeron:  In fact, you all have improved.  Chip excitedly hoped to one day be as good as Leanbow.  Udonna was startled to hear her husband's name.  Daggeron looked at Udonna apagogically.  Daggeron told Udonna that he had told Chip about her husband and made Chip promise never to say a word.  Chip confirmed it and told her he hadn't, until now.  Udonna was not sure had to handle this bit of news.  Xander asked them if they could fill the rest of them in.  Daggeron told Udonna that Leanbow was a great man, a hero.  It was time for the teens to know.  Udonna agreed, it was time for the teens to hear the whole story.  Udonna and her friends headed back to Rootcore.  They sat on the balcony and Udonna and Daggeron told them their story.  Before the great war, Udonna lived in peace with her husband, Leanbow, and their baby, Bowen.  Leanbow was Daggeron's mentor.  Then the great war broke out.  Leanbow and his warriors tried to defeat Morticon, but Morticon and his troops were too powerful.  Leanbow came up with a plan, with Daggeron and Niella's help.  Calindor also offered to help.  Udonna knew that Bowen was in great danger.  Bowen was born of magical parents and had the power and potential to destroy the dark magic.  Udonna gave her baby to Daggeron to take into hiding.  Daggeron raced through the woods and was attacked by Calindor.  Calindor wanted the child, but Daggeron did not give him up.  Solaris Knight and Calindor battled.  Their magic collided and they were both cursed.  Udonna and Daggeron later found out that Phineas had found Bowen and taken him to the human realm for safety.  Madison interrupted their story.  Madison stated then that Bowen was still alive, somewhere.  Udonna put on a brave face as she replied yes, somewhere.  Their story continued.  Leanbow, Niella, and Udonna had reached the gates of the underworld.  Leanbow went inside the gates, to continue the battle.  Leanbow had Niella seal the gates. Udonna finished the story by telling the teens that Leanbow and Niella had given up their lives to keep them safe.  Udonna bowed her head for a moment, it was still painful after all these years.  The teens stood up and told Udonna that their sacrifice will not be forgotten.  Nick clutched his head.  Koragg had issued another challenge.  The teens were ready to go, it was time for payback.  Daggeron was ready to go as well.  Nick told him no, that Daggeron was to meet Imperious alone, to settle an old fight.  Udonna was worried and told them it sounded like a trap.  The teens and Daggeron insisted they were going and marched out.  Udonna went inside Rootcore and monitored Solaris Knight's battle with Imperious on the crystal ball.  She screamed out Daggeron's name as Daggeron and Jenji vanished after Chimera, a monster made by a forbidden spell, attacked them.  Udonna became more and more worried.  She told Clare that the Rangers have been gone for too long.  Udonna cast a spell on the crystal ball to show her where the teens where.  The crystal ball was black.  Clare asked her what it meant.  Udonna told Clare that it meant the teens had been taken to the underworld.  Udonna took down the book of Dark Spells.  Clare became alarmed and told Udonna that she had told her that no one was permitted to use these spells, no one!  Udonna told Clare there was no other way.  Clare countered by telling Udonna that if she used one of the spells, she would lose her magic and become human.  Udonna had had enough.  She told Clare she could either help or get out of the way.  Clare reluctantly helped her with the potion.  Udonna was ready for the last ingredient.  Udonna took the potion.  Later, Udonna leaped down into the underworld.  She used her snow staff to break the spell that was draining the teens of their power.  The teens still could not move.  Udonna turned around and faced Imperious.  Imperious knocked her snow staff out of her hands and mocked her.  Imperious told Udonna that the Master would be furious.  Udonna was suddenly attacked by behind by the Master.  Udonna was lifted up into the air, covered in red, painful lasers.  Udonna was dropped hard onto the ground.  Udonna cried out in pain, as she was still covered in the painful lasers.  Imperious laughed and told the teens to watch her destruction.  Moments passed and then Koragg ran towards the Master with his sword raised.  Koragg struck the Master and the lasers vanished.  The spell that kept the teens immobile was also broken.  Udonna wearily glanced up and could not believe her eyes.  She recognized the ancient mystic armor of the man who stood in front of the Master's hole. The ancient mystic armor vanished and the man turned and faced her.  Udonna couldn't believe it.  She questioningly asked - Leanbow?

Udonna picked herself up and ran happily towards Leanbow.  Udonna:  Leanbow, could it really be you?!  Udonna and Leanbow hugged each other.  Leanbow:  I don't know how to explain.  But it's true.  I am alive.  Madison:  This is unbelievable.  Nick stepped forward.  Nick:  No.  This is one of Koragg's tricks.  Imperious:  Leanbow survived, but not Solaris Knight.  Imperious decided to finish what he had started and cast a spell.  Leanbow blocked the spell.  Leanbow then cast another spell that put all of them, except Imperious, into a seal.  They were transported to another dimension.  The teens were confused and not sure whether to trust Leanbow.  Udonna stepped forward.  She knew the man was her husband, Leanbow, and not a trick.  Everyone wanted to know what had happened to him.  Leanbow told them his story.  Leanbow had continued the battle beyond the gates.  Everything had gone as he had planned and the Master was sinking into the depths.  But the Master used the last of his dark magic to change Leanbow into Koragg, his most devoted servant.  As Koragg, Leanbow had no memory of his former life.  Nick pointed out the numerous times Leanbow, as Koragg, had tried to destroyed the world and even his own wife.  Leanbow told them he didn't start getting his memory back until the he had removed the virus from the Manticore.  Now Leanbow remembered everything.  Nick was still skeptical.  Udonna told Nick it would be hard for anyone to be able to withstand the Master's spell.  Udonna walked towards her husband, her faith in him unshakeable.  Suddenly, Udonna felt weak and started to stumble.  The teens caught her and Leanbow hurried forward.  Udonna confessed that she had used a spell from the Book of Dark Spells, and now she was as vulnerable as any human.  Leanbow told Udonna she shouldn't have done that.  Udonna and her friends were under attack.  It was Imperious.  Leanbow insisted that Udonna returned to Rootcore, Udonna refused.  The teens also agreed that Udonna should return to Rootcore.  Leanbow cast a spell that transported Udonna back to Rootcore.  Udonna stood weakly for a moment.  She saw Clare and called out her name before collapsing onto the floor.  Clare place Udonna on a couch and took care of her.  Udonna was still very weak and distressed over leaving her husband, whom she just had found.  Udonna knew Leanbow was in trouble, even before the crystal ball alerted her to the fact.  Udonna stood in front of the crystal ball with Clare.  The crystal ball showed them Koragg in his centaurs Megazord.  Udonna was very distressed.  Leanbow had been turned back to Koragg.  Clare took Udonna back to the couch.  Udonna laid on it very upset.  She knew either Leanbow would destroy the Rangers or the Rangers would destroy Leanbow.  Udonna had no hope left in her.  Clare was alarmed to see Udonna in such a state.  Clare reminded her that Udonna had told her with magic, anything is possible.  Udonna pointed out that she no longer had her magic.  Clare told Udonna that she may not have her magic, but she was still magical.  Clare told Udonna she needed to rest and got a blanket for her.  Clare laid the small, red blanket on top of Udonna.  Udonna figured the blanket and then looked at it.  She immediately recognized it as the one she used for Bowen.  Udonna sat up and asked Clare where she got the blanket.  Clare told her she got it out of Nick's backpack, she was sure Nick would not mind.  Udonna smiled and quickly got up and started to walk away.  Clare wanted to know what was going on.  Happily, Udonna told her that she did believe in magic.  Udonna hurried to the other dimension.  Koragg was about to strike Nick.  Udonna screamed Leanbow's name and raced up to Koragg.  She grabbed his sword arm and put it down.  Udonna told Leanbow that Nick was their son, Bowen.  Nick was startled.  Udonna, still smiling, told Nick that he had been with her this whole time and she never knew.  Nick was Bowen, their lost son.  Koragg put out his hand to caress Nick's face and then stepped back.  Leanbow broke the spell and was himself once more.  Leanbow and Udonna stood grinning at their son, while Nick tried to take it all in.  Udonna told Nick that he was the most powerful wizard of them all.  The reunion was short lived as the Master had broken into their dimension.  Leanbow quickly cast a spell that didn't allow Udonna or the teens to help him.  Leanbow told them this was his battle to finish.  Leanbow donned his ancient mystic armor and began battling the Master.  Udonna screamed her husband's name and pleaded with him to stop, but he didn't.  Leanbow and the Master went back into the pit.  Moments passed and soon the Ranger's legend power was returned to them.  Udonna was distressed, the Rangers had gotten their power back, but Leanbow was gone once more.  Nick stepped up to his mom and placed his hand on her shoulder.  Udonna took a small bit of comfort from this kind gesture.  The following day, Udonna's mood had lighten up considerably.  Udonna walked into Rootcore was Nick and Daggeron argued.  Daggeron and Nick stopped immediately when they spotted her.  Udonna cheerily told them it was nice to see them enjoying their day.  Udonna glanced around and then asked Nick why he hadn't done his chores, like cleaning the room.  Nick commented that he finally found his mom, and two seconds later he was getting chores.  Udonna told him he wanted the place to look nice for Leanbow's return.  Daggeron told them he was going to feed Fire Heart and walked out.  Nick, hesitantly called out to his mom.  Udonna was thrilled to hear Nick call her mom.  Nick pointed out that Leanbow wasn't coming back.  Udonna told him not to be ridiculous, of course he was.  Nick looked at her as if he didn't know what to make of her.  Udonna told him not to worry, she hadn't lost her senses.  If it had been yesterday, she wouldn't have thought so.  Yesterday, Udonna had thought Leanbow and Bowen were lost to her forever.  Instead Bowen was standing right in front of her.  Udonna had no doubts that Leanbow would return as well.  Udonna, once again, told Nick he needed to tidy up the room.  Nick smiled and did as he was told.  Udonna smiled as well.

Udonna had called a meeting and everyone was there.  Udonna entered Rootcore and headed towards her friends.  Udonna:  I'm glad you all can make it.  Nick:  Is everything alright?  Udonna told him yes and no.  Udonna told Clare that she has been a wonderful apprentice and will make a wonderful sorceress.  Udonna told Daggeron that she was so happy to have him back in her life.  Udonna told Madison, Vida, Chip, and Xander they had exceeded all her expectations.  Udonna walked towards Bowen and told him that he had grown into the man she had always hope he would become.  Nick quickly realized his mom was leaving.  Udonna confirmed that yes she was leaving.  She told them somewhere out there was her husband.  Udonna was going to find him and bring him home.  Vida wanted them all to go.  Udonna told them no, they were needed her.  Udonna left to begin her search.  Later, as she was walking through the woods, Udonna had an uneasy feeling of being watched.  Udonna looked all around, but could see nothing.  She called out a hello, but received no reply.  After a few moments, Udonna continue walking.

Udonna had stopped to make a small campfire and prepared a meal.  She struggled to get a fire started and heaved a heavy sign.  Udonna heard a strange sound and looked up.  She looked around, but saw nothing but trees.  After a moment, Udonna started working on getting a fire started once more.  Udonna:  Oh, I'm not good at doing things the human way.  Suddenly her fire was lit.  Udonna:  Oh!  Clare had jumped out from behind the trees, thrilled with herself.  Clare:  My spell worked!  Udonna turned around and couldn't believe it was Clare.  Udonna:  You followed me?!  Clare grinned.  Udonna had Clare sit down and eat with her.  Udonna told Clare after she was done, she needed to return to Rootcore.  Clare replied no.  Udonna told Clare she had no idea of the danger that lay ahead, it was no place for an apprentice.  Clare stood up.  Clare told Udonna that she was the one with magic, she was the sorceresses her.  Clare told Udonna that she would simply turn her into a sickle berry and put her in her pocket.  Udonna smiled, rather amused.  Clare sat down and told Udonna that she needed her, they were finding Leanbow together.  Udonna was touched by Clare's concern.  She put her arm around Clare, they leaned their foreheads against each other, warmed by their friendship.

Udonna and Clare were traveling through the woods.  Udonna paused for a moment.  More wearily than she would care to admit.  Clare:  Udonna, why don't you sit down.  You look really tired.  Udonna:  I think it might be alright to rest a few moments.  Udonna walked over to a fallen log.  Just before she sat down, a fluffy cushion appeared on the log.  Udonna:  Thank-you Clare!  Clare walked over to the log.  They both sat down.  Udonna:  Your magic is getting stronger every day.  Clare:  I used to dream about becoming a great sorceress.  I could conjure anything I wanted.  Jewels, a beautiful castle, my own unicorn!  Udonna:  And now?  Clare:  Now, there is nothing in the world I want more than to help you find Leanbow.  Udonna was very touched by Clare's words.

Udonna and Clare had continue with their traveling.  Udonna paused for a moment.  She held up her hand and had Clare stop as well.  Udonna:  Wait!  Clare:  What is it?  Udonna:  I felt his presence.  Leanbow is near.  Udonna and Clare continue on their way.  Later, Udonna and Clare reached the edge of the Lake of Lament.  Udonna told Clare she could sense that Leanbow had been here.  Clare could sense something as well.  A loud noise came from behind them.  Udonna and Clare turned around and saw Hekatoid.  Hekatoid attacked them.  Clare went flying and hit the ground, unconscious.  Hekatoid used his large tongue and captured a terrified Udonna.

Udonna was placed in a container covered with vines.  She was unconscious.  Hekatoid had taken her to a small chamber in the inner sanctum.  Hekatoid planned to use Udonna as an insurance policy.  At one point, the Ranger, in the Manticore Megazord, had Udonna, but Hekatoid had taken her back.

Udonna remained under a spell as the Manticore Megazord battle Hekatoid for Udonna.  The Manticore Megazord had pinned down Hekatoid.  Hekatoid tossed the container with Udonna inside.  The Manticore Megazord went leaping after Udonna.  Hekatoid spray some black slime, which hit the container and Udonna vanished.  Later, two Styxoids carried Udonna, still in the vine covered container, to a secret chamber Hekatoid had.  Hekatoid was thrilled to still have his prize.  Hekatoid cast a spell to see how his poisonous tadpoles were doing.  Hekatoid became outrage when the vision shown the Solar Streak Megazord using the furnace blast on his tadpoles.  Hekatoid and the Styxoids left.  Clare, Leelee, and Phineas reappeared.  Clare had cast a spell to make them vanished.  Clare, Leelee, and Phineas had been on a search for Udonna.  Leelee told Clare she had to hurry, as she had use magic and they would be coming.  Clare, Leelee, and Phineas tried to free Udonna from the vine covered container, but they could not.  Clare used another spell that made the vines vanished.  Phineas caught Udonna as she fell.  Phineas and Clare carried Udonna over to a table.  Udonna was still under the spell and could not be waken.  Clare tried several spells but nothing worked.  Leelee told Clare there was one more thing they could do, but was interrupted by the appearance of three Styxoids.  Phineas surprised Leelee and Clare by battling the Styxoids and defeating them.  Leelee show Clare and Phineas that she had taken Udonna's snow staff from her mother, without telling her.  Clare placed the snow staff on Udonna and taught Leelee and Phineas the spell.  They held hands and channeled their power as they chanted the spell.  Udonna vanished in white sparkles.  The White Ranger appeared in Briarwood.  Hekatoid had just release his frogs when Udonna froze them.  Daggeron was surprised and muttered they froze.  White Ranger:  That's right.  I thought you could use some snow power.  Hekatoid:  Awww, shucks!  The teens raced over to the White Ranger.  Nick:  Udonna, you're back!  The White Ranger was back and ready to battle.  The teens morphed.  White Ranger and the rest of the Rangers battled Hekatoid.  Working together, they destroyed Hekatoid.  Udonna and her friends returned to the woods, just outside of Rootcore.  Everyone was there, Clare, Daggeron, Jenji, the teens, even Phineas and Leelee, although they stood just outside the celebration.  Udonna received numerous hugs.  Nick told her he didn't think he would ever see her again.  Udonna told him that everything happens for a reason, even if they don't know what that reason is.  Udonna and Nick hugged.  Nick spotted Leelee and asked what she was doing here.  Phineas and Clare both stood protectively by Leelee and told Nick that Leelee was with them.  Udonna explained that Leelee was trustworthy.  Leelee had been responsible for her rescue and was one of them.  Leelee replied it was okay, she understood, not expecting to be accept by Nick or his friends.  Nick told her to come here.  Leelee was confused.  Nick told Leelee that you can't have a group hug without everyone in the group.  Leelee, Clare, and Phineas happily joined the group hug which included the teens and Jenji.  Udonna and Daggeron watched their friends for a moment.  Udonna told Daggeron that she still intended to find Leanbow, at all cost.  Daggeron knew Udonna would not give up so easily.  Udonna and Daggeron watched their friends enjoyed their victory and being together.

Udonna was inside Rootcore with Daggeron and Jenji.  Jenji was using Fire Heart to help with the laundry.  Jenji:  Hit it Fire boy!  Fire Heart roared and the sheet was dried.  Jenji turned around to face Udonna and Daggeron.  Jenji:  you know when all this fighting is over, I may open a laundry.  With Fire Heart working with me, I could keep myself in catnip for years.  Udonna and Daggeron pay no attention to Jenji, and concentrated their efforts on the crystal ball.  Daggeron:  There's no sign of Leanbow.  We have looked for days.  Perhaps it's time...Udonna:  I'm not giving up!  Daggeron:  Surely the crystal ball would tell us something if he was with us.  Udonna still refused to give up.  She thought if she couldn't find him from the outside, then she would find him from the inside.  Udonna cast a spell and her spirit left her body.  Udonna's spirit searched for Leanbow.  She sensed he was down below and lowered herself into a crevice.  Udonna landed softly on the ground and looked all around.  Udonna heard a groan.  It was Leanbow.  Udonna hurried over and told Leanbow she was not letting him go.  Udonna used her snow staff to infuse Leanbow with good magic.  It worked, and Leanbow was saved.  Udonna's spirit returned to her body in Rootcore.  Udonna couldn't help grinning as she realized that she had saved Leanbow.

Udonna was in the Mystic Realm with Leanbow.  They were helping the villagers clean up after the village had been attacked.  Head Elf:  Everyone escaped, but out village is destroyed.  Leanbow:  Here, let me help.  Madison, Vida, Chip, and Xander entered the Mystic Realm.  Vida:  there's Leanbow!  Udonna was helping a fairy gathered fruit and return them to containers.  Udonna:  Good.  Chip offered to help and the head elf refused.  The head elf told them humans did not belong here.  Udonna stood up slowly and glanced at her husband.  She was worried.  The head elf then cried out in alarm that the destroyer was here.  Nick had arrived.  Leanbow laughed and told the head elf that was not the destroyer, but his son.  Nick's eyes began to glow purple and he told Leanbow like father, like son.  It was Nick who had destroyed the village.  Udonna, with much concern, asked Bowen if it was true.  Nick confirmed that it was and he was only getting started.  Nick donned Koragg's armor and knocked Udonna and his friends off their feet.  Udonna couldn't believe she was seeing her son in Koragg's armor.  Nick attack Wolf Warrior.  They both went through a dark seal.  Udonna, Madison, Vida, Chip, and Xander hurried over, but it was too late.  Several minutes later, Wolf Warrior landed on the ground, Nick was close behind.  Udonna, Vida, Chip, Xander, and Madison hurried over.  they were stopped by an invisible barrio wall that Nick had cast.  Udonna was filled with dread as Nick insisted on battling Wolf Warrior.  Wolf Warrior had decided they had battled enough.  Wolf Warrior put his sword into the ground and then demorph.  Nick was still prepare to strike, but Leanbow talk to his son and the spell was broken.  Udonna watch in relief as the dark magic left Nick and Koragg's armor vanish.  Nick collapse in his father's arms.  Nick was very sorry for what he had done and now understood his father better.  Udonna and Leanbow returned to Rootcore.  The place was a mess.  Nick and Wolf Warrior had battled here when they vanished through the dark seal.  Daggeron and Clare were there as well and they were helping clean up the place.  Udonna was tending to Leanbow's wounds.  Leanbow told Daggeron that he had trained his son well, maybe too well.  Daggeron replied that it was not his training, it was the power of the Master.  Daggeron told Leanbow he should know that.  Leanbow was worried now the Master's plan had failed, what he would do next.  A strange wind blew through Rootcore and Udonna got an awful feeling.  She told them that something awful had happened.  Moments later, Snow Prince came through a seal and collapse on the floor.  Udonna, Daggeron, Clare, and Leanbow hurried over.  They helped prop up the Snow Prince.  the Snow Prince told them that his realm has been attacked by the Master.  the Mystic Mother as well.  Clare asked who the Mystic Mother was.  Udonna told Clare that they Mystic Mother is the Empress of all good magic.  Now as Rita in the dark days, she now fights on the side of good.  Udonna didn't think good magic stood a chance without the Mystic Mother.  Leanbow and Daggeron decided they would go to the Snow Realm to see if the Mystic Mother had survived.  Nick wanted to go as well.  Leanbow smiled at his son and told him he was needed here.  Udonna walked up to her husband and placed her hand on his face.  She told him it seemed they were always parting.  Leanbow promised this would be the last time.  Daggeron gave Jenji to Nick to watch.  Nick was not thrilled to be a cat watcher.  Leanbow and Daggeron left.  Nick commented that he would never be as good as his dad.  Udonna gently told Nick that he was not his father.  Nick's morpher went off.  It was Xander telling him they had big trouble in the city.  Nick raced off.  Udonna was consumed with worry for her son and husband.  A giant Black Lance was battling the Rangers in their Manticore Megazord.  Sculpin watched from the ground before, confident this was the day dark magic would win.  White Ranger came up from behind and asked Sculpin how he could believe that when all the other Terrors failed following the Master's orders.  Sculpin told White Ranger she sounded like the traitor Itassis.  White Ranger and Sculpin battled.  It was very difficult.  White Ranger was concern when Black Lance knocked the Rangers out of their zord and they demorph on the ground.  Moments later, White Ranger demorph as well.  Udonna and the teens were injured and they struggled to continue with their fight.  Sculpin cast a powerful spell meant to finish off the teens.  Jenji leaped up into the air and the spell hit Jenji.  Jenji vanished in smoke and sparkles.  Udonna put her head on the ground, unable to believe they had just lost Jenji.  Sculpin walked over and grabbed Udonna's arm.  Sculpin told Udonna she was coming with him.  Sculpin ordered Black Lance to finish the pesky teens.  Sculpin vanished with Udonna through a dark seal.

The Master was in Briarwood.  Madison, Vida, Chip, Nick, Xander, Clare, and Snow Prince were facing him down.  Master had just learned that he had not destroyed Mystic Mother.  Master:  A few magic tricks will not stop me.  I will return to the depths and gather my strength.  Udonna walked towards him.  Udonna:  I'm afraid that won't be possible.  Chip softly:  Udonna.  Itassis and Necrolai stepped forward as well.  The Master was surprised to see Itassis and asked where Sculpin was.  Itassis told the Master that Necrolai had revived her.  Necrolai told them that Itassis had been the only Terror to show her any kindness.  When Sculpin had returned to the pit with Udonna, Itassis was waiting for him.  Necrolai had hurried to Udonna's side and asked her if she was okay.  Udonna and Necrolai watched as Itassis battled Sculpin, eventually destroying Sculpin and the pit the process.  The Master was furious.  Itassis then battled the Master.  The Master vanished in smoke.  Itassis warned the group that the Master would be back.  Udonna ran over to Nick.  They hugged each other tightly and tears began to flow down Udonna's face.  Itassis asked her why she shed tears.  Udonna faced Itassis and told her they are for her sorrow.  For the loss of her husband, Leanbow, and their friend Daggeron.  Itassis bowed her head, there was nothing she could do.  Leelee arrived.  Leelee told them her mother could do it.  Leelee told her mother she could do anything, she always could.  Leelee added that she believed in her.  Udonna and the rest watched as Necrolai cast a powerful spell.  Necrolai fell to the ground.  Udonna gasped as Leanbow and Daggeron were revived, even Jenji was brought back.  Nick ran to his dad and hugged him.  Udonna watched them for a moment, before joining in as well.  Everyone was happy.  The Master returned and told them he would have to break their reunion.  Jenji suggested they run.  Nick was through with running.  Udonna and Leanbow clasp hands as Nick stepped forward and told the Master they were going to fight.  Udonna and the rest joined Nick in standing against the Master.  Nick told them they would show the Master real courage, even without magic.  Mystic Mother appeared and told them they were never without magic, they just needed to know where to look.  Udonna and the rest were puzzled.  Madison wonder what Mystic Mother meant.  Toby stepped forward, with the citizens of Briarwood and told Udonna and the rest that maybe she meant them.  From the other side, Phineas stepped forward and said maybe she meant them.  Toby and Phineas had talked to their groups and told them they did not need to fear each other.  Instead they needed to stand together and fight the real evil, the Master.  Udonna was very touched by Toby's words as he told the Rangers they had protected them all year, now it was there turn.  The citizens of Briarwood and the villagers from Mystic Realm joined forces, chanting "We believe in magic".  A golden glow surrounded Udonna, Daggeron, Leanbow, and the teens.  The Power Rangers were back and had their magic as well.  White Ranger and the rest of the Rangers battled the Master.  The Master was eager to eat all their magic.  White Ranger and the rest of the Rangers continue to give the Master their magic, until he could eat no more and exploded.  The crowd erupted in cheers.  Madison, Vida, Chip, Nick, and Xander walked through the smoke and took a bow.  Several days later, Udonna sat on her bike with her husband, just outside of Briarwood.  She had left Clare in charge of Rootcore.  Nick wanted to see his adoptive parents, he had a lot to tell them.  Nick was taking a long look at Briarwood.  Nick smiled as he saw his parents and joined them.  They were each sitting on bikes.  Leanbow asked Nick if he was ready.  Udonna smiled as Nick replied yes.  Udonna, Nick, and Leanbow drove out of Briarwood.

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