Tori Hanson - The Blue Wind Ninja Power Ranger

Tori Hanson enjoys water and is the dependable one among her friends, Shane and Dustin.  She also likes to hang out at Storm Chargers where her friends work.  Tori and her friends witness the destruction of their Wind Ninja Academy by Lothor.  Cam (their Sensei's son) survived and lead them to an underground chamber where Ninja Ops was hidden and their Sensei was trapped in a guinea pig's body.  Tori became the Blue Wind Power Ranger - along with Shane (Red) and Dustin (Yellow).  Cam worked behind the scenes creating numerous devices to help the Rangers.  Lothor had help in the from of Zurgane, Choobo, Marah, Kapri, several Kelzaks, and various alien monsters.  

At Storm Chargers, Tori was introduced to Dustin's new friends - Blake and Hunter.  Tori was flattered by Blake's obvious interest in her.  New problems arrived for Tori and the rest of the Rangers.  Two new Rangers had appeared and they were not interested in helping the Wind Rangers.  Working for Lothor, the Thunder Rangers wanted to destroy the Wind Rangers.  The Thunder Rangers soon had Tori, Dustin, and Shane struggling to survive their battles with them.

Soon the Thunder Rangers had the Wind Ranger's zords badly damaged.  Tori managed to climb out of hers and with Shane and Dustin tried to make their way back to Ninja Ops.  Tori, Dustin, and Shane ran into Kelly (Dustin's boss at Storm Chargers), Hunter, and Blake who were concerned.  When Kelly wanted to call the police or the FBI, Tori managed to smooth things over - insisting that they were okay.  As Tori, Dustin, and Shane walked along, Tori dreaded seeing Cam.  She knew he would freak over the damaged zords and morphers.  Inside Ninja Ops, Cam wasted no time in telling them what he thought of them.  It was what Tori thought would happen and she said nothing.  Sensei told Cam to stop and while the zords repair themselves, Tori, Dustin, and Shane must resume their normal lives.  Tori headed for the comfort of the ocean.  Her brain was full of what had happened and she walked right by Blake and Hunter.  Tori turned around when she heard her name and was pleasantly surprised that it Blake, with Hunter.  After a few minutes of conversations, they went their separate waves.  Tori was getting her surfboard ready, when the water simply disappeared.  She wondered where all the water went and was soon answer by a Amphibidor.  The rest of the citizens of Blue Bay Harbor quickly left the beach.  Automatically, Tori went to morph before she realized that she did not have her morpher - the morpher being repaired by Cam.  Tori prepared herself to battle when another surprised hit her.  It was Blake on his motocross - trying to protect her.  Initially Tori was very pleased, but as Blake took many dangerous changes, she became to fear for him.  To her dismay, Blake was soon laying face down on the beach.  Tori rushed over and gently roll him face forward.  Tori could not wake Blake up.  Without hesitation, Tori brought Blake to just outside Ninja Ops.  She raced in and found Cam.  Cam was furious with her for bring someone so close to Ninja Ops.  But Tori has felt that it was her fault that Blake was hurt in the first place.  They left together and Cam was examine Blake.  Cam was concerned about what Sensei would say.  With a beguiling smile, Tori convinced Cam not to say anything to Sensei about Blake.  When Cam agreed, she gave him a quick peek on the cheek to express her happiness.  She hurried inside Ninja Ops to get what Cam needed.  Later, Tori gave a grateful Blake a ride back.  Tori was very flattered with all of Blake's kind words and couldn't help smiling to herself when he left.  She meet with Dustin and Shane and gave them their repaired morphers.  Tori commented on how they needed to thank Cam - that Cam was feeling a little unappreciated.  Almost instantly Blake and Hunter were there - thanking Tori again for helping Blake and promising to return the favor.  Soon Tori, Dustin and Shane were called into action and Tori had to battle Amphibidor again.  This time she was able to morph and had Dustin and Shane to help.  As they were battling Amphibidor, the Thunder Strangers showed up.  The last thing Tori, Dustin and Shane needed.  But to their surprise, the Thunder Strangers helped them defeat Amphibidor, but left before Tori, Dustin and Shane could figure out what was going on.  As it was, Lothor made Amphibidor big and they soon called forth their zords to help.  Afterwards, Dustin and Shane filled Tori in about the lie Blake and Hunter had told about having parents.  Tori couldn't understand - why would they lie.  A shock waited for Tori, Dustin, and Shane when they saw the Thunder Strangers with a hold on Cam.  Tori was even more shocked when the Thunder Rangers revealed themselves to be Blake and Hunter.  Blake tried to apologize for using Tori, but Tori couldn't help feeling hurt.  She swore that if they harm Cam, she would hunt them down.  Blake and Hunter toss Cam to the Wind Rangers and left.  Tori, Dustin, and Shane were stunned when Cam informed them that Blake and Hunter had taken his father.  

The Wind Rangers quickly began searching for Sensei.  Tori couldn't help feeling like this was all her fault.  The Wind Rangers tracked Blake and Hunter in the Cavern of Lost Souls.  Tori, Dustin, and Shane just as Blake and Hunter were ready to strike Sensei.  Blake and Hunter told them how Sensei killed their parents.  Tori didn't believe it.  Blake and Hunter's parents appeared and told Blake and Hunter that it was Lothor who had killed them, not Sensei.  The Thunder Rangers were confused and left Blue Bay Harbor for awhile.  Tori missed Blake.  She borrowed Dustin's bike, to create the feeling that Blake was around.  During her ride, she was startled when another rider appeared.  Tori ended up crashing and furious with the other rider - who revealed himself to be Blake.  She was surprised and pleased at the same time.  Blake told Tori of how Choobo had change sides and that Choobo was going to help them.  Tori quickly told Dustin and Shane.  Shane was skeptical but Tori was unwavering in her belief in Blake.  Much to Tori's shock, Blake and Hunter were, once again, against the Wind Rangers.  A battle erupted.  During the battle, Tori disappeared from her zord and landed on a beach.  She picked herself up and spotted Dustin close by.  As they walked along, Shane joined them.  They were on an island that appeared to have no other people on it.  Shane was angry at Tori for believing in Blake and Hunter.  Tori was sure that something must have happen to Blake and Hunter.  Shane was not convinced.  Tori watched in exasperation.  Later Tori spotted flashes of something in the woods - it turned out to be Blake and Hunter.  Blake and Hunter were ready to continued the battle.  Tori was ready and soon the Wind Rangers and Thunder Rangers were battling once more.  To make things more tricky, there were jets of toxic steam everywhere.  During the battle, Blake and Hunter returned to their normal selves.  Choobo showed up as well.  The Thunder Rangers had had new memories implanted.  Unfortunately, Hunter was hit again and believe Choobo when he was told that Blake had betrayed his brother and parents.  Tori, Dustin, and Shane tried to hold onto Hunter as he fought against Blake, but it was no else.  Tori, Dustin, Shane, and Blake retreated to the safety of a cave.  Tori, again, found herself leaning over Blake, worried.  Blake came to - much to Tori's relief.  Tori, Dustin, and Shane vowed to help Blake with Hunter.

Tori, Dustin, Shane, and Blake begin their search for Hunter.  Along the way, they notice that the temperature is dropping and that it is becoming cold.  Blake tells them that they are on Portico Island.  Protico Island is not on any map, appears every two-hundred years and is now sinking.  Tori and the rest of the Rangers decide to head for higher ground.  Eventually they locate Hunter.  Blake helps Hunter to break the spell and they leave the island using their zords.  Tori, Dustin, and Shane want Blake and Hunter to join the team, but they are reluctant.  Lothor banishes Choobo.  Choobo vows revenge against the Thunder Rangers, and captures.  Tori, Dustin, and Shane go to rescue them.  Once the Thunder Rangers are freed, they work with the Thunder Rangers and let Choobo have it.  Back at Ninja Ops, Blake and Hunter make the decision to stay and work with the Wind Rangers.

Tori and the rest of the Rangers lost their powers.  Lothor had sent a monster that was capable of taking their powers and placing them in a sphere.  Tori and the rest of the Rangers had managed to take the sphere, but were unable to open it to release their powers.  During another monster attack, Tori and the rest of the Rangers suddenly froze, along with the monster and everything else.  Sensei soon had the Tori and the rest of the Rangers back at Ninja Ops.  Sensei explained that Cam had gone back to time to find a power to help them.  Tori and the rest of the Rangers were soon sent back to the monster.   They received unexpected help from the Green Samurai Ranger - who revealed himself as Cam.  There were now six strong Power Rangers.

Tori and Shane was at Ninja Ops to offer her support as Cam tried to make his father return to human form.  The equipment began to make a strange sound, which Tori questioned Cam on.  When it everything quieted down, it was revealed that Sensei and Shane had switched bodies.  Tori couldn't help teasing Shane a little - commenting how cute he looked when he wrinkled his whiskers.  Shane was concerned over his skateboarding event that he was to go to.  Sensei told him that he would fill in so as to not cause anything to look suspicious.  Tori meant no disrespect, but told Sensei although he looked like Shane, he could not skateboard like Shane.  Sensei insisted on going and Tori took him to skateboard park.  She watched, along with Kelly, as Sensei faltered around.  Kelly couldn't believe it and Tori told her that she believe it was an inner ear thing.  When Sensei approached her, confessing that he was still adjusting to a human body, Tori reminded him that a wise rodent had once told her to use her inner ninja strength.  Sensei took great comfort in this and began to perform very well.  Dustin joined Tori and Tori filled him in on what had happened between Sensei and Shane.  Kelzaks appeared on the scene and Tori asked Sensei if he was ready to battle, which he was.  Tori and Dustin were very impressed with Sensei's moves.  The battle continued as Footzilla joined as well and as quickly disappeared.  Tori and the others returned to Ninja Ops, where Cam was ready to transfer the two back.  But instead it was now Dustin and Sensei whose bodies had been switched.  Tori, Shane, and Sensei were soon called into action - battling Footzilla once again.  They were joined by Blake, Hunter, and Cam.  They soon defeated Footzilla.  Back at Ninja Ops, Tori watched anxiously as Cam attempted to switch Sensei and Dustin's bodies.  This time the transfer was successful.  Tori couldn't help laughing a little as she watched Dustin continued to act as a guinea pig, scratching himself and chewing down on sunflower seeds.

At first Tori was amused to see the Yellow Ranger make the front page of the paper.  As time went on, Tori became concern that her friend Dustin was letting all the attention go to his head.  Cam alerted Shane and Tori to the fact that a monster had made a appearance.  Before they could get there, Dustin had already showed up.  Tori and Shane quickly followed.  They morphed into action.  During the battle, Shane and Dustin got into an argument.  On her own, Tori soon found herself captured by the monster.  She cried out for help.  Dustin and Shane quickly came to her aid.  Afterwards, Tori was happy to see that Dustin became himself again and that Dustin and Shane were friends again.

Tori and the rest of the Rangers had a new problem.  A new monster had appeared.  It was not one of Lothor's, but Perry (a motor genius) who was being absorbed by Motodrone.  Tori and the rest of the Rangers managed to free Perry from Motodrone.

Tori had just returned to Ninja Ops with the rest of the Rangers.  They were all exhausted from a strenuous training session.  Cam noted that his father was gone.  Tori found the note that Sensei left.  Sensei had gone on a mediation journey and had given them the day off.  Tori was a little upset - not over having a day off - but because Sensei would be gone on her birthday.  The guys gave her a beach party.  Everyone but Shane attended.  Shane wanted to check out the woods.  Tori was a little disappointed at first and then became more concerned.  Cyber Cam contacted them and told them of an alien who was not working for Lothor.  Tori, Dustin, Blake, and Hunter were battling Kelzaks.  In the midst of the fight, Tori and Dustin left to battle Zurgane who had his own zord.  The battle did not go well and Cam stepped in to whisk them back to Ninja Ops.  Tori was so concerned for Shane, that she couldn't even think about how badly her party had gone.

Tori couldn't blame anyone on how her birthday had gone, except maybe Lothor.  Tori and the rest of her friends decided to go back to the beach to get the rest of their things.  As they walked along, Tori couldn't help but notice how great the waves were.  Tori and the rest of her friends were upset to discovered that their beach stuff was gone.  Blake noticed the Kelzaks in the distance with their things.  That was enough for Tori.  No one was going to take her birthday cake.  A battle between Tori, Dustin, Blake, and Hunter and Kelzaks began.  Afterwards, Tori and her friends walked back to Ninja Ops.  Tori was anxious to get there before something else happen.  She noticed Dustin smearing lotion on himself and assumed it was sun block.  But Dustin informed her that it was sunless lotion that Cyber Cam had given him.  Back at Ninja Ops, they discovered that Zurgane and his zord had appeared again.  Tori and Dustin left first, although Tori couldn't help chuckling over the bronze god's orange face.  Tori and Dustin fought Zurgane in their zords.  They were soon joined by Blake, Hunter, and Cam.  After they defeated Zurgane Tori and the rest of the Rangers witnessed Shane in his new armor defeat Vexacus.  Tori was very impressed with Shane's new gear.  Back at Ninja Ops, Tori could see that Shane really miss Skyla (the young woman who had given him his new power).  Tori was okay about her birthday being messed up - there would be other ones.  But Tori was in for a surprised.  Dustin, with Cam, walked in with a birthday cake for her.  Tori teased Dustin about being the orange ranger before happily blowing out the candles on her birthday cake.

Tori was watching "Totally Talented" at Storm Chargers with Dustin and Shane.  Tori bob her head along to the theme music.  Kelly came over and turn off the TV - she didn't want any trash TV shown in her store.  Tori, Dustin and Shane were bummed.  Blake and Hunter showed up and told them how they were entering to become contestants on the show.  Tori told Shane that he should enter - he had a nice voice.  Shane told Tori that she should enter because she could really dance.  Excited they got up to start practicing - joined by Dustin and leaving Blake and Hunter behind.  At Ninja Ops, Tori practiced her dance moves along with Shane and Dustin practicing as well.  Cam showed up with an artifact.  It was an artifact that Lothor wanted.  Tori and the rest of the Rangers had to deal with Motodrone's return, Shimazu - whom Motodrone had brought to life, and Shimazu's wolf blades.  Tori and Dustin tried to take on the wolf blades, but they soon had help with Blake and Shane joining them.  Shane had to leave to take care of Motodrone.  Tori, Dustin, and Blake destroyed the wolf blades and returned to Ninja Ops.  But there, they received a surprise.  The wolf blades were not destroyed, simply put together as one and very large.

Tori, Dustin, Shane, Hunter, and Blake quickly morphed into action and into their zords.  Battling the Wolf Blades was too much for the Rangers.  Their zords were damaged and Cam quickly teleported them back to Ninja Ops.  At Ninja Ops, Cam decided that now was the time to use the ancient artifact.  Tori and her friends were eager to see what was in the box.  Tori was a little disappointed when it was yet another scroll.  Cam hushed them as he read the scroll.  It would take a day to repair the zords, so the rest of the Rangers went their way.  Tori and Shane decided to find out what Hunter and Blake were planning for "Totally Talented" and tried to sneak up on them.  But they were caught by Hunter and Blake.  Tori tried to bluff her way through, but Blake pointed out that she wasn't a very good liar and she gave up trying.  Tori and the others were called to return back to Ninja Ops.  At Ninja Ops, Cam informed them that he needed their power discs to power up the portal to the artifact.  Tori was very reluctant to part with her power disc and she looked to the others for support.  But since there was no other way, Tori, along with the others, handed her power disc to Cam and he left.  Tori and the others monitored the viewing screen with Cyber Cam.  The Wolf Blades had returned and Cam was in trouble.  Tori and the others were ready to help Cam and quickly went into their zords.  Tori wasn't much comforted by the fact that they could not sustain any blows.  It was a very tough battle.  Cam showed up with his Lighting Rift Blaster and summoned the Mammoth Zord.  With the Mammoth Zord, Tori and the rest of the Rangers defeated the Wolf Blades.  Afterwards, Tori and the others went to "Totally Talented" and were surprised when Cam showed up as well.  Tori did her dance number and the rest of her friends also performed.  Tori and the rest of her friends were surprised when Kapri and Marah showed up and performed really well.  They also won the competition.  Tori was suspicious and noticed something hidden.  It was a boom box, which she revealed to the others.  Kapri became angry and blasted the host - Stu.  Stu, upset, left to find his manager.  Tori returned to join the others - please that she had spoiled Kapri and Marah's plans.

Tori was at Ninja Ops, preparing for another rest from Sensei, along with Dustin and Shane.  Suddenly, images of each of them appeared in front of them.  Tori was not sure what to do.  Dustin thought it was a ninja stare contest, and Shane suggested they fight them.  But Tori didn't go with either and merely glanced uncertainly at her image and at the guys fighting.  She didn't think they were supposed to be fighting themselves and she was right.  Her image gave you wink and vanished while Dustin and Shane ended up on the floor.  Tori, Dustin, and Shane gathered around Sensei.  Sensei had use the test to determine who would search for the jade turtle, Tori was given the assignment.  Cam handed her a map to help her as well.  With map in hand, Tori took off.  She searched the woods, but didn't have any luck.  Tori came to the conclusion that she was lost.  She contacted Sensei who told her, as she had known, to use her inner ninja.  Tori noticed the stream of water and gathered some in her cupped hands.  Smiling, she tossed the water into the air and watched it sparked into a water tunnel and take off.  Tori followed until she saw a small, wooden, hatch.  Giving a small bow, she opened the hatch and found the turtle.  She was very pleased with herself and pocketed the turtle into the bag she was caring.  Tori heard Marah and Kapri's voices and knew she was in trouble.  Initially, she tried to take them on herself - they wanted what was in her bag.  Much to her dismay, Kapri managed to get the turtle.  The battle turned rough, and Tori tried to contact the guys, but had no success.  She morphed and continued battling Marah and Kapri.  Neither side was gaining much ground.  Tori decided that maybe they could work something out.  She suggested this to Marah and Kapri and they were willing to listen - especially since it involve clothes.  Happily, Tori joined Dustin and Shane who were looking for her.  Tori had the turtle back, but the trouble was far from over.  Snipster was after them.  Tori couldn't believe it when she was told to smash the turtle - all her hard work to find and keep the turtle.  But she did and inside was scroll.  Tori held it up to her helmet, so that Cam could read the scroll as well.  The Rangers had gain another sphere which they used to defeat Snipster.  Afterwards, back at Ninja Ops, Tori wondered if Marah and Kapri learned their lessons.

Tori was surfing and decided to take a break for a minute.  She walked past two appreciative guys, who immediately spotted her a babe alert.  Tori was just behind them and could heard every word they said.  At first she smiled, as the guys talked of her skills in surfing, but when the talk turned chauvinist, she got angry.  Deliberately walking between the two, Tori head back to the waves.  She was still angry when a golden dust fell all around her, leaving her a bit bewildered.  Then Tori noticed a huge wave coming towards her, she tried to ride it out, but crashed instead.  She awoke on the beach and gingerly got up.  Tori was surprised to see Kelzaks and various space aliens on the beach, alongside humans.  She hurried to one elderly woman, who seemed to be in trouble.  Tori got rid of the Kelzak, but the elderly lady was not happy.  The Kelzak had been helping her and she did not appreciate Tori's interference.  Tori was completely confused and decided to go to Storm Chargers to see the guys.  But there was more confusion at Storm Chargers.  The store was full of Kelzaks and space aliens shopping and Kelly had gone Goth with a bad attitude.  Hesitantly, Tori approached Kelly and asked for the guys.  After a few sharp comments from Kelly, she called for the stock boys - which were Zurgane and Choobo.  Tori was completely floored.  She made to leave the store, when she spotted something on the TV.  It was the Rangers and they were destroying the city.  Tori knew she had to get to Ninja Ops, to get some answers.  She found all the guys at Ninja Ops, but they were just as harsh to her as Kelly had been.  Tori was stunned over the complete turn-around about the guys she cared about.  Blake's comments especially hurt her.  She went to see if Sensei had any answers, but Sensei was just as abrupt as the others.  The guys asked Tori if she was going to join them.  Tori replied that if that meant destroying the city, then no, she would not.  Tori became fearful as she slowly tried to ease her way out of Ninja Ops.  She felt very much the prey with the guys following her every step.  Then without warning, the guys attacked her.  Tori left as quickly as she could.  She continued to walked around Blue Bay Harbor, totally confused over the continued sight of Kelzaks, space aliens, and humans together.  Tori decided that she was either dreaming or in a parallel dimension.  She pinched herself and concluded that she was in a parallel dimension.  Some unpleasant singing reach her ears, and soon dancing in front of her was Marah and Kapri - who introduced themselves as folk singers.  Tori had them confirmed that the space aliens were good while the Power Rangers were bad.  Tori was desperate for help and decided to ask them if they knew of anyone super smart and strong who could help her.  Marah and Kapri did know someone - the mayor.  Marah and Kapri happily took Tori to the Mayor's office, after they agreed to stop singing.  Tori waited inside the Mayor's office, which was unlike any she had seen before.  When Lothor revealed himself to being the mayor, Tori's brain went into overload and she passed out.  She was awaken by Motodrone, who offered her a glass of water.  Tori refused and spoke with Lothor.  Lothor had viewing screen that was showing that the Power Rangers were, once again, wrecking havoc on the city.  Tori tried to convince Lothor that he had to stop them, but Lothor did not want any trouble.  Tori wasn't about to let anything happen to Blue Bay Harbor and she raced to where the Rangers were shown in the viewing screen.  The Rangers mocked her and she was ready to take them all on.  Only one problem, Tori was a bit disconcerted when she was unable to morph.  One reason why she did not like parallel dimensions.  Even without the ability to morph, Tori was ready to fight and she did.  Tori fought with all she had, but it wasn't enough against the five Rangers.  

Tori became fearful as the five Rangers approached - ready to destroy her.  Suddenly it was the Rangers were off their feet as an explosion took them off by surprise.  Tori wondered what was going to happen next.  It was Lothor, with a few friends, ready to take on the Rangers.  Tori could not stop smiling as each Ranger was eventually taken out and captured.  Tori stood to stand beside Lothor and was a little hurt when Blake told her that she ruined everything.  The Rangers were taken away and Tori continued to walk with Lothor, Marah, and Kapri.  She was glad that she had been able to help them, but now she simply wanted to go back.  Marah suggested that she go back the way she came in.  Tori headed for the beach again and stare at the waves.  Determined, she headed towards the waves and ended up in the same accident as before.  She awoken to find Dustin, Shane, Hunter, and Blake standing over her.  At first, she was frightened and told them to stay away.  But she realized she was back with her friends, when Dustin check his armpit to make sure it was him.  Tori was really happy to be back and happy to take out the monster that sent her to the parallel dimension in the first place.  Later, on the beach, she told Blake everything that had happened to her.  Blake was a bit disbelieving.  Tori couldn't understand, until Blake let it slip that no matter what dimension he would like her.  Tori was very flattered and bowed her head for a moment.  She also got a lecture from Blake about surfing alone.  Tori agreed that it had been stupid, but the other guys had made her so angry.  Then with a mischievous smile on her face, Tori made Blake her surfing body.  She dragged him to the water and proceed to teach him how to surf.  Tori spent the rest of the day in very high spirits.

At Storm Chargers, Tori tried to talk to Blake.  But Blake seemed a bit preoccupied and not really interested in talking.  This left Tori feeling a little confused.  She tried to talk to Shane about it, but Shane did not have any info for her.  Tori spotted Hunter entering Storm Chargers and rushed over to talk to him.  She made a pretense of asking how he was before launching into finding out about Blake.  Hunter wasn't much help either.  Tori spotted Blake out of the corner of her eye and left Hunter standing there as she walked out of Storm Chargers.  Tori noticed that Blake was happily talking to an attractive woman, which did no make Tori feel any better.  She tried again to chat with Blake, but he did not seem interested.  Tori watched the attractive woman drive off, with a twinge of jealously.  Back at Ninja Ops, she practiced her moves on Dustin until Cam called there attention to the viewing screen.  Shane and Hunter were there as well.  Tori and the rest of the Rangers got ready to morph, when  Shane noticed that Blake was not with them.  Hunter questioned Tori about Blake's whereabouts, but Tori had no clue.  They morphed and began battling Inflatron.  This monster was proving difficult and finally Blake showed up.  But Blake took the monster on his own, which left Tori feeling more puzzled.  Back at Ninja Ops, Cam identified the monster and his strengths and weaknesses.  Everyone was congratulating on Blake on his job.  They all noticed him with his new weapon and questioned him about it.  Blake told how he came to have the weapon.  When he left, Tori full of questions, followed him.  She followed through some woods, an underground tunnel that had various turns and steps, and back outside.  The first thing Tori saw was that Blake was about to be injured.  Without a moment's hesitation, Tori raced to his defense and ended up on the ground as well.  When she came to, Blake and the other person were standing over her.  Blake helped her to her feet.  Tori made to attack the other person, when Blake stopped her.  The other person was Leanne - a earlier graduate of the Thunder Ninja Academy who had been helping him train.  Tori felt a little foolish for her earlier suspicions, but Blake was gracious about the whole thing.  Soon the three were attacked by Kelzaks.  Blake had to leave to help the others.  Tori later joined the guys and they were able to destroyed Inflatron.   Afterwards, Tori hurried to the beach to join Blake.  Blake was just saying good-bye to Leanne when Tori joined them.  Blake had rather enjoyed seeing Tori jealous, but Tori wasn't going to give him that satisfaction.  She claimed she was simply concerned for him.  They ended their talk by playfully attacking each other.

Tori was with the rest of the Rangers.  They were supposed to be practicing on their bikes, but the Wind Rangers' bikes were not ready.  Tori and Shane decided they would practice on the Thunder's bikes.  Tori couldn't control her bike, neither could Shane and they crashed the bikes.  Dustin and Blake loaded up the bikes, while Tori told Shane that they couldn't let the Thunders beat them.  But Shane was only half-listening.  Shane was brother about his upcoming visit with his older brother.  Tori felt bad to see him so distracted and nothing any of them said, made him feel any better.  Tori, Dustin, Hunter, Blake, and Cam were at Blue Bay Harbor city when several people began screaming and running.  Soon they spotted Motodrone and Eyezak.  Tori and the rest morphed into action.  Shane joined in later and they were able to defeat the several Kelzaks, but not Motodrone or Eyezak.  Tori and the rest of the Rangers returned to Ninja Ops, where Cam showed them that Eyezak had been placing nightmare collars on the people - forcing them to live their worst fears.  Tori thought that was low, even for Lothor.  Tori, Dustin, Hunter, and Blake left Ninja Ops.  Later, the four of them arrive to help Shane battled Eyezak.  Before she knew what happened, Tori had a nightmare collar placed around her neck.  Her fear was having her long, blonde hair cut.  She was so terrified she was unable to help anyone else.  Fortunately, Shane had broken through his spell and was trying to help Tori and Dustin break through theirs.  Tori could hear Sensei's voice and she broke through the spell.  Tori and Dustin had work to do.  They had to use the Thunder's bikes and drive to the belly of the beast to rescue Hunter and Blake who had been swallowed by Eyezak.  Tori and Dustin managed to get in and the smell was awful.  Tori and Dustin found Hunter and Blake and rescued them.  They left the same way they came in - with Shane opening the monster's mouth.  Cam appeared in his megazord, Hunter and Blake called forth their zords.  Tori and Dustin joined Shane in their megazord.  Soon all three zords joined to form the Hurricane megazord and they were able to defeat Eyezak.

Tori was at Storm Chargers helping Dustin, Shane, Hunter, and Blake load their camping gear in the van.  Tori could not believe how much stuff they were taking for just a couple of days.  She was in complete disbelief when Dustin appeared with a TV and Shane with a portable generator.  Tori tried to remind the guys that they were supposed to be roughing it.  She was still willing to give them a ride to their campsite.  Tori was looking forward to seeing the guys in the wild.  As they drove along, a young woman appeared in the middle of the road.  Tori pulled over and went towards the woman.  The woman was looking for someone to help her and her friend.  Tori wondered if the guys packed climbing rope along with the TV and CD player - which they did.  Tori and her friends followed the woman to a cliff, where another young woman dangled.  Tori stayed with the friend while the guys put together a plan to help the woman hanging on the cliff.  Tori was completely surprised when the hiking group turned into Kelzaks.  Tori and the rest of the Rangers morphed into action.  The battle was tough, and Tori was frightened for Blake who was dangling from the cliff and fighting a Kelzak.  Tori was relieved when Blake morphed.  Tori and the rest of the Rangers defeated the Kelzaks.  Sensei informed to keep with their plans, so Tori continuing driving the guys to their campsite.  She helped them unload and was amazed when their campsite looked more like a resort.  Tori thought the guys were missing the point of camping, but they were completely happy.  Tori wasn't staying, she was going to help Cam at Ninja Ops and got ready to leave.  Only one problem, one of her wheel's was stuck.  She asked the guys to help and they got behind the van to push.  Tori tried not to smile as mud splattered all over the guys.  She was taken by surprised when the van was freed and accidentally knock out their generator.  None of the guys were happy with her.  To make up, while they took showers, she cooked them hamburgers and cooled their sodas in the stream.  All was forgiven.  Tori was getting ready to leave again, when two figures streaked across the sky.  Tori and her friends went to investigate.  They found Vexacus and Shimazu.  Tori and the rest of the Rangers morphed and fought another tough battle.  Cam showed up to help, but there was more trouble.  Zurgane appeared in his zord.  Tori and the rest of the Rangers called forth their zords.  Tori and the rest of the Rangers defeated Zurgane.

Cam had thought the battle had gone to easy.  Cam was going to return to Ninja Ops.  Tori decided to join him, she was over the whole camping deal.  Back at Ninja Ops, Cam and Tori watched the viewing screen.  Soon there was a huge energy source.  Tori and Cam morphed into action and left Ninja Ops.  They were joined by the rest of the Rangers.  Zurgane was back with his zord.  Tori and the rest of the Rangers were in theirs.  The battle begun and it was not going well for the Rangers.  Tori was stunned when Zurgane shot out a power sphere at them.  Soon the Ranger's zord was on the ground and Zurgane was ready to deal the fatal blow.  Sensei urged them to retreat and used the Ninja Firebird to clock their retreat.  Tori and the rest of the Rangers were back at Ninja Ops.  Cam showed them that Zurgane had used a power replicator to copied their technology.  The zords were damaged and Zurgane was back at Blue Bay Harbor.  The Rangers didn't know what to do, but Sensei reminded them that they had other resources.  Tori and the rest of the Rangers left.  Tori and the rest of the Wind Rangers on the gliders, and the Thunder Rangers on their bikes.  The Rangers were able to draw Zurgane out of his zord.  The battle continued on ground and it was tough going for Tori and the rest of the Rangers.  Cam had repaired the zords and sent the zords out.  Cam joined the battle as well.  Tori and the rest of the Rangers quickly got into their zords and formed the Hurricane zord.  It was another tough battle, but this time Tori and the rest of the Rangers defeated Zurgane.  Afterwards, Tori and Cam rode to the guy's campsite.  She couldn't believe that the guys wanted to continue with their camping.  All Tori wanted to do was sleep.  But Tori and Cam did not want to appear lame.  Tori and Cam soon were laughing as they spotted Dustin, Shane, Hunter, and Blake fast asleep.

Tori was at Ninja Ops with the rest of the Rangers.  Hunter had found a broken piece of Zurgane's sword.  Tori and the rest of the Rangers found out that Vexacus had destroyed Zurgane.  It was time to take a more proactive action and try and rescue the missing ninja students.  Hunter believed he had something that could help.  While Hunter was gone, he was attacked by Vexacus and Condortron.  Tori and the rest of the Rangers went to Hunter's aid.  Motodrone arrived as well.  After the battle, Vexacus gave Hunter a parting shot about the Gem of Lost Souls.  Tori wanted to know what Vexacus was talking about, as did the rest of the Rangers.  At Ninja Ops, Hunter revealed that he had kept some of the fragments of the Gem of Lost Souls to try and contact his parents.  Although that attempt was not successful, it might help in rescuing the ninjas.  Cam left in his dragon force vehicle to go aboard Lothor's ship, while Tori and the rest of the Rangers waited for the signal to board as well.  But Tori and the rest of the Rangers were unable to board the ship.  Condortron was attacking the city and Tori and the rest of the Rangers soon morphed to protect their city.  Cam joined them, unable to rescue the ninjas.  Tori and the rest of the Rangers destroyed Condortron.

Tori sat at Storm Chargers with Blake.   Blake was upset with his brother Hunter.  Tori listened, but she wasn't taking any sides.  She told Blake he should see her and her sister fight.  But nothing Tori said made Hunter feel any better and Blake storm off.  She watched as Blake and Hunter ran into each other and storm off in opposite directions.  Tori walked towards Shane and told him that maybe they should just lock up Hunter and Blake at Ninja Ops and let them go at it.  Dustin walked by, and Tori asked if he was okay - Dustin had look distracted.  Dustin replied that he was and then Sensei contacted them.  Tori and her friends reach Ninja Ops and watched the viewing screen.  A zord was on the screen calling for the Rangers.  Tori couldn't believe it - was that Kapri?  It was.  Tori and the rest of the Rangers left to battle Kapri.  Kapri was soon joined by Marah and Shimazu - who were also piloting their own zords.  Tori had a very difficult time, but Cam appeared with backups.  Tori was thrilled to get back in the action and with her dolphinzord take a bite out of Kapri's zord.  Tori and the rest of the Rangers defeated Marah, Kapri, and Shimazu.

Tori walked into Storm Chargers and encountered a very excited Dustin.  She already knew the reason for the excitement and told Dustin that she was happy for him to be entered in the U.S. Action Games.  Dustin was a little taken aback that Tori already knew.  Tori went over and sat down next to Shane.  She watched as Hunter and Blake entered Storm Chargers.  Hunter and Blake also knew of the news of U.S. Action Games.  Dustin was the last to know.  Tori and her friends all caught each other up on their news of what they have been doing.  Tori was happy that Blake had done so well on his tryout for the bike competition.  As the guys excitedly made plans, Tori brought to their attention that maybe Sensei should be told of what they were doing.  Dustin also realized that they should invite Cam as well.  Tori and her friends left for Ninja Ops.  Sensei was happy for his Rangers and gave his consent for them to go the U.S. Action Games.  Tori and the rest of the Rangers were very excited.  They arrived amid an excited crowd.  There was a lot of excitement in the air and Tori and her friends were so caught up in the festive atmosphere.  Tori knew the guys would soon be checking out all the lovely ladies that were there as well.  Tori, Dustin, Shane, and Blake watched some of the games.  Cam and Hunter soon caught up with them with news of Marah and Kapri sudden appearance, attack, and disappearance.  Tori and the rest of the Rangers searched the area where Marah and Kapri had been, but could find nothing.  Cam felt his ambulant become frozen and decided to go back to Ninja Ops to check it out.  Tori and the rest of her friends went back to watching the games.  But it didn't last to long, before Cam contacted them with news of a giant Vexacus attacking.  Tori and the rest of the Rangers morphed into action.  It was a tough battle and things were not going well.  Before Tori, Shane, and Dustin could help them - the Thunder zord exploded along with Vexacus.  Tori, Dustin, and Shane quickly exited their megazord to search for Hunter and Blake.  Tori was concerned that they could not find them.  Tori, Shane, and Dustin decided to return to Ninja Ops.  More destruction awaited them there, as Ninja Ops had been torn to pieces and there was no sign of Sensei or Cam.  Tori was convinced that if anyone could survive it would be Sensei and Cam.

Tori, Shane, and Dustin started trying to get Ninja Ops back in order.  Tori was relieved when Blake and Hunter appeared.  The Thunder megazord had been destroyed, but Blake and Hunter had ejected just in time.  Sensei Kanoi appeared back in his human form.  Tori, Shane, and Dustin gave a hug to their Sensei.  The happiness quickly left as Sensei Kanoi told the Rangers of the Abyss of Evil.  Sensei Kanoi believed that Lothor was planning on using Cam's ambulant to open the Abyss of Evil, and freed the evil within.  The Rangers knew they had to do something.  Blake and Hunter left to rescue Cam and the ninja students off of Lothor's ship.  Tori and her friends could only wait anxiously.  Shane began to berated himself, but Tori wouldn't let him.  There had been nothing he could have done differently.  Sensei Kanoi showed Tori and her friends the Scroll of Destiny.  At the end was a picture of the three of them.  Tori couldn't believe it.  The scroll told of how the Wind Rangers would face Lothor at the Abyss of Evil, but not the outcome of the battle.  Somehow knowing that they were meant to be Rangers, filled them with purpose.  Tori, Shane, and Dustin morphed into action and arrived at the Abyss of Evil.  Lothor soon showed up in his own zord.  Tori, Shane, and Dustin quickly entered their own zord and the battle began.   It was difficult and Tori, Shane, and Dustin had to ejected from their megazord as well.  The loss of the megazord was hard and things became even more difficult when defeated monster began to emerge from the Abyss of Evil, along with Lothor.  Tori, Shane, and Dustin were greatly outnumbered, but they continued the battle.  They were soon joined by Blake, Hunter, Cam, and the rest of the ninja students.  Various monsters were thrown back into the Abyss of Evil.  Eventually the battle worn down to Lothor against the six Rangers, and they still had a tough time.  Lothor used Cam's ambulant to steal the Thunder's ranger powers.  When Lothor went after Cam, Tori, Shane, and Dustin quickly surround Cam - offering him their protection.  Lothor then took their ranger power.  But Tori and her friends would not quit attacking Lothor.  Lothor taunted them about having their ranger powers, which was the last straw.  Tori summoned her power of water, while Shane and Dustin summoned the power of air and earth.  Together, they sent Lothor tumbling back into the Abyss of Evil.  Overloaded, the Abyss sealed itself.  Lothor was gone, but so were their Ranger powers.  Tori and her friends return to the U.S. Action Games, which had been postponed, but now had reopened.  Tori cheered for her guys and was proud of Dustin for taking 3rd place.  Tori and her friends return to the Wind Ninja Academy where they graduate with their badges of honor.  Tori and her friends were thrilled.  Tori had a quiet moment for Blake.  She was torn over Blake.  Happy that he was riding for Factory Blue, but sad that he would be leaving next week for training.  When Blake asked if she would come and watch him, it lifted her spirits.  The new ninja students began arriving at the Wind Ninja Academy and Tori, along with Dustin and Shane, were ready as the new instructors.

Sensei Tori, Sensei Dustin, and Sensei Shane were training a group of ninja students.  The training took place in the woods close to the Wind Academy.  The students did not do well against the three Senseis.  Sensei Tori had excellent command of water and use it against the students.  Eventually Sensei Shane told the students to stand down.  Sensei Shane asked the students how they thought that went.  Sensei Dustin enthusiastically replied that they had totally kicked their butts.  Sensei Tori, with a smile on her face, told Sensei Dustin that she believed Sensei Shane was referring to the students.  Sensei Shane lectured the students about their ninja training and then dismiss the class.  As the three walked along, Tori commented that Shane had sounded a lot like their Sensei.  Sensei Shane wondered where Sensei was as he was supposed to be at the training.    Sensei Dustin wondered if Sensei forgot.  Sensei Tori asked them when has Sensei forgotten anything - ever.  The three found a scroll from Sensei that instructed them to go to the highest point of Blue Bay Harbor and not to speak of it to anyone.  The three went to the highest point and found Sensei there.  Sensei had grave news for them - Lothor was back.  Tori didn't see how that was possible as they saw him go into the Abyss of Evil.  Sensei Dustin wanted to know how they were going to fight Lothor without their powers.  Sensei revealed morphers that Cam had prepared and asked them to return as Rangers.  Tori didn't hesitate as she placed the morpher on her wrist.  When she pressed the button, purple electricity surrounded her.  When it was over, Tori was under Lothor's evil spell.  Sensei revealed that he was really Lothor and the Rangers were ready to serve him.  Tori not only wanted to take over Blue Bay Harbor, but the whole country.  The first stop of destruction was the Wind Academy.  Lothor and his two generals had were already there when the Tori, Shane, and Dustin arrived.  Marah and Kapri raced over to them and pointed out that Lothor was back.  Shane replied that it was great.  Lothor instructed the Rangers to destroy and they morphed and did a lot of damage to the Wind Academy.  After Lothor had captured the ninja students, he noticed Marah and Kapri trying to escape.  Marah and Kapri pleaded with Lothor - claiming they were ninjas now.  Lothor decided to give them one more chance.  Lothor gathered the Rangers close and they discussed their next plan.  They knew Cam would be on their trail and Tori commented that he wasn't going to like what he found.  The Ninja Rangers morphed and went into Reefside with the two generals and several Kelzaks.  They were causing mayhem and eventually the Dino Thunder Rangers showed up.  The Dino Thunder Rangers tried to stop them, but they were unable to.  Tori battle with the Yellow Dino Thunder Ranger and made quick work of her.  The Ninja Rangers laughed as the Dino Thunder Rangers retreated.  The Ninja Rangers returned to Lothor's lair.  Tori told Lothor he was truly a strategic genius.  They were preparing for the next phase, when Elsa appeared in their lair.  Elsa told Lothor that Mesogog was willing to help him.  Tori told Elsa she didn't know who she was dealing with.  Lothor stopped the three Ninja Rangers from turning on Elsa.  Lothor told the Rangers that they should at least listen to Mesogog's messenger.

Later, Tori, Dustin, and Shane burst into Hayley's Cyberspace and knocked Kira, Conner, and Ethan to the floor.  Tori told them to get up, that they had unfinished business to attend to.  Conner and his friends refused to fight the Ninja Rangers at Cyberspace.  They set up the battle ground to be under a bridge and left.  The Dino Rangers were already there, when Tori, Shane, and Dustin arrived.  The first thing Tori and her friends did was knocked the Dino Rangers to the ground.  They picked themselves up and the battle began.  Tori fought Kira.  The fight was intense and despite both of them using their special powers, they couldn't make any headway.  Eventually, Tori, Shane, and Dustin regrouped themselves as did the Dino Rangers.  Tori told her friends that this was getting boring and they were just about to morph, when Blake's voice stopped them.  Blake, Hunter, and Cam arrived and told them that Lothor had shown them the error of their ways.  Blake, Hunter, and Cam were there to help the Ninja Rangers, much to the dismay of the Dino Rangers.  Before the battle began, Cam told them he had discs from the Abyss of Evil to give them an energy boost.  Tori was suspicious, they already had their discs.  But Cam convinced them that these discs were even more powerful.  Tori took off the old disc and placed the new one, as did Shane and Dustin.  As soon as they did, they were the ones knocked to the ground.  When Tori got up, she couldn't understand how they had gotten where they were.  Blake, Hunter, and Cam tried to explain to the Ninja Rangers that Lothor was back.  Conner, Kira, and Ethan joined the group and asked them what was going on.  They all went to Dr. O's home where Cam and Hunter explained how they went into the Abyss of Evil to retrieve their powers and how they tricked the Ninja Rangers in order to break the spell.  The computer beep and the screen showed that Elsa was preparing her group for battle.  Tori and the rest of the Rangers left to face Elsa, Zurgane, the generals, Wolf Blades, and several Triptoids, Kelzaks, and Tyrannodrones.  Tori and the rest of the Rangers morphed and went into battle.  Tori worked with Kira on battling Elsa and they defeated her.  The rest of the Rangers were successful as well.  The group got back together when Marah and Kapri appeared with Lothor's bottle.   Marah and Kapri released the captured ninja students.  They all headed back to Dr. O's home again.  Hayley did not have good news for Tori and her friends.  Their powers were gone for good.  Conner told them that they were simply taking over where they left off.  Dustin wanted to know who rescue Sensei Kanoi and Marah and Kapri filled them in on how they rescued them.  Everyone had a good laugh afterwards and were happy to get back to their normal lives.  The following day, Tori, Dr. O, Ethan, Marah, Kapri, Dustin, Shane, Hunter, Cam, Kira, and Conner cheered Blake to another motocross victory.

Three years later, Tori would be called into service once more.  Sentinel Knight had come to ask Tori for help in protecting the jewels of the Corona Aurora.  Tori was more than happy to help.    Tori was not the only former Ranger that Sentinel Knight asked to return as a Ranger.  Sentinel Knight also asked Kira Ford, Xander Bly, Bridge Carson, and Adam Park.  Blue Ninja Storm Power Ranger and the rest of the team immediately went to work.  Blue Ranger and the rest went to Stonehenge.  Mig and Kamdor were there looking for a jewel when the six teens from Operation Overdrive tried to stop them.  The teens were defeated by Mig and Kamdor.  Green Mystic Force Power Ranger summoned a tree and wrapped Mig in it's branches.  Green Ranger:  Surprise!  Kamdor was stunned and then he was fired on by another Ranger, Red S.P.D. Power Ranger.  Red Ranger:  Hello!  Kamdor went flying.  Mig had managed to break free from the tree but didn't get to far.  Yellow Ranger flew in and battled Mig, knocking him aside once more.  Yellow Ranger:  It's great to be back.  Blue Ninja Storm Power Ranger battled Kamdor.  Blue Ranger:  Hey!  Blue Ranger knocked Kamdor aside.  Blue Ranger:  Let the games begin.  The ground shook and both Kamdor and Mig went flying through the air, thanks to Black Mighty Morphin Power Ranger.  Black Ranger:  Looks like you guys could use a little help.  Blue Ranger and the rest of the Rangers gathered together and then faced down Kamdor and Mig.  The six teens got up.  Ronny:  Who are they?  Dax:  I don't know.  But I like the suits!  Rose:  They're Power Rangers.  Kamdor and Mig were not happy.  Kamdor:  Thrax didn't tell us there would be more Rangers.  Mig:  Maybe he's not such a great leader after all.  Kamdor and Mig retreated.  Five Rangers:  Power down!  Blue Ranger and the rest of the Rangers demorph and faced Ronny, Rose, Dax, Mack, Will, and Tyzonn.  Both groups walked towards each other.  Mack told them he didn't know who they were, but thanked them for their help.  Sentinel Knight appeared and told them he had brought Tori and the rest and would explain everything.  Tori thought they should choose a different location for their conversation.  Tori and the rest were lead by the Operation Overdrive teens to the control center.  Tori and her new friends were impressed.  Xander thought the control center was much better than a hollow tree.  The two groups of teens faced each other and Mr. Hartford thanked them for coming.  Will quickly put together Tori and her new friends were once Power Ranger.  They confirm, except for Bridge.  Bridge explained how he was from the future and gave a short but complicated story on how he became the Red Ranger.  Sentinel Knight introduced each teen and then explained how he had restore their Ranger power.  Sentinel Knight planned for Tori, Adam, Xander, Kira, and Bridge to become the new team of Operation Overdrive.  Tori and her new friends wasted no time getting into action.  Blue Ranger and the rest of the Rangers were able to save an ancient monument.  Tori and her new friends walked into the mansion.  They liked the zords and Tori couldn't wait to get into the Gyro Driver.  Kira thought the control center was amazing and knew Dr. O would have loved to have seen it.  Adam remarked that he still couldn't believe Tommy was a doctor.  Dax, Mack, Will, Tyzonn, Ronny, and Rose were also inside.  Rose remarked how it looked like everyone was getting along.  Tori agreed, telling them she felt they made a great team.  Mack, Will, Tyzonn, Ronny, Rose, and Dax did not look happy and Kira noticed their faces.  Kira reassured them they were only here until they get their powers back.  Ronny commented on whether they would get their powers back.  Kira could not reply to that.  The alarm went off.  Adam told them they needed to go.  Tori and her new friends took off, not noticing that Will, Tyzonn, Ronny, Rose, Dax, and Mack had also been ready to go into action.  Black Ranger reached Flurious and his Chillers first.  Black Ranger was already battling them, when Blue Ranger and the rest of the Rangers caught up.  Blue Ranger and the rest of the Rangers battled and destroyed the Chillers.  Flurious was very angry, but he retreated.  

Adam took Tori, Xander, Kira, and Bridge to a warehouse in Angel Grove.  Adam:  Welcome to Angel Grove.  Tori and her friends looked around.  Adam:  Should be right around here somewhere.  Kira:  And what exactly are we looking for?  Adam:  I'm afraid you wouldn't believe me if I told you.  Bridge:  Let me see if I can help.  Bridge removed his glove to take a reading.  Bridge:  Guys, I'm getting some strange energy coming from right over there.  Several Chillers pop out from their hiding place.  Adam:  Chillers!  Xander:  It's time for plan Xander.  Xander stepped forward.  Xander:  G'Day!  The name's Xander.  Let's just talk this one out.  One of the Chillers kick Xander into the crates.  Xander got up as Tori and the rest prepare to fight.  Each teen took on several chillers on their own.  Kira battle several Chillers with leaps and kicks and finished them off with her scream.  Bridge put up quite a fight with the group of Chillers he was battling, while maintaining a sense of humor.  Bridge did several flips on top of a crate that knocked several of them out.  Xander was battling several Chillers on his own as well.  Xander pulled out his wand and aimed it at a group of Chillers.  Several tree roots appeared and destroyed the Chillers.  Xander:  Ahh, it feels good to get back to my roots.  Tori battled several Chillers as well and with ease.  Tori summon her energy and used water to knock out several Chillers.  Tori:  Wave bye-bye!  Adam battled several Chillers too and soon had them destroyed after a roundhouse kick.  Adam:  It may be old school, but it still gets the job done.  Tori and her friends gathered together.  Adam spotted a crate with Alpha's emblem on it.  Adam walked over and Tori and the rest followed.  Adam:  This is it.  Tori:  Are you sure this can help?  Adam:  Never let me down before.  The teens returned to San Angeles and the Hartford mansion.  Later, the alarm had gone off in the mansion.  Tori, Xander, Kira, and Bridge slid down the poles and into the control center.  They joined Adam and Mr. Hartford at the screen.  It showed a giant Vulturus.  Mr. Hartford told Adam he wanted him to take the Flashpoint Megazord while the rest took the other Megazord.  Tori and her friends took off.  Blue Ranger, Green Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Red Ranger were in one Megazord, while Black Ranger was in the Flashpoint Megazord.  The Rangers, with the two Megazords battled Vulturus.  It was a difficult battle.  Blue Ranger and the rest of the Rangers were having a difficult time.  Eventually, Mack came running towards Vulturus with the Excelsior sword in his hand.  Mack leaped into the air and struck Vulturus.  Vulturus was greatly hurt.  Blue Ranger and the rest of the Rangers were very impressed.  Tori and her friends return to the control center.  Mack was already there, along with Ronny, Rose, Dax, Will, Tyzonn, Spencer, Mr. Hartford, and Sentinel Knight.  Tori and her friends praised Mack for what he had done.  Alpha 6 suddenly appeared.  Dax wondered who he was.  Adam told him Alpha 6 was here to fix the grid.  Mr. Hartford checked and gave the good news, the grid had been fixed and the Operation Overdrive teens now had their power back.  Everyone cheered.  Moments later, the screen showed Thrax and the evil alliance.  Adam asked Mack if he was ready to go back into action.  Mack was more than ready.  Adam gave him his Tracker.  Tori, Kira, Bridge, and Xander did the same for the Operation Overdrive teens.  Tori and the rest went out to face down the evil alliance and Vulturus who had been revived by a gyro from Flurious.    Tori and her friends morphed.  Thrax was upset, he thought he had taken the Operation Overdrive team's powers.  They reply once a ranger, always a ranger.  Blue Ninja Storm Power Ranger and Pink Operation Overdrive Power Ranger battled Moltor and his Lava Lizards.  Green Mystic Force Power Ranger, Blue Operation Overdrive Power Ranger, and Black Operation Overdrive Power Ranger battled the Fearcats.  Red S.P.D. Power Ranger and Red Operation Overdrive Power Ranger battled Flurious.  Yellow Dino Thunder Power Ranger and Yellow Operation Overdrive Power Ranger battled Miratrix and Kamdor.  Black Mighty Morphin Power Ranger battled Thrax.  It was a difficult battle.  At one point, Black Ranger had the Defender Vest on as well.  The battle continued.  Mercury Ranger destroyed Vulturus.  Sentinel Knight arrived.  Thrax wished he had the sword to destroy Sentinel Knight.  Sentinel Knight told him it would never happen, as the sword was part of him now.  Sentinel Knight destroyed Thrax and ended the evil legacy.  Blue Ninja Storm  Power Ranger and the rest of the Rangers faced down the remaining villains.  They blasted the villains off their feet.  The villains got up.  Benglo told Mig they should just get the jewels.  Moltor insisted he would get them.  Miratrix taunted not if they got them first.  The evil alliance was no more and they vanished.  Tori and her friends went to the Hartford mansion.  Everyone was in high spirits.  Dax told them at first he was glad to see them, then mad at them for staying, and now sad at them for leaving.  Spencer walked in with a tray of toast for Bridge.  Bridge asked if it was buttery and Spencer replied the butteriest.  Kira told the group she would come back and give them her new CD.  Xander told the group to stop by the Rock Porium and he would be sure to give them a discount.  Tori gave Mr. Hartford her card and told the group that they were only a phone call away.  Mr. Hartford read her card aloud, Tori now ran a custom surf board shop.  Mr. Hartford was impressed.  Adam asked Alpha 6 if he would join him at his dojo, he could use the help.  Alpha 6 agreed.  Mr. Hartford stuck out his hand and told the guys one more time for old times sake.  Tori and her friends pile their hands on top of each other.  Tori and the rest jumped into the air and cheered for the Power Rangers.                                             

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