Aisha Campbell - The Second Yellow Mighty Morphin Ranger

Aisha Campbell, along with her friends Adam Park and Rocky DeSantos, attended Stone Canyon High School.  The three of them, along with their teacher, Mr. Anderson, were in Angel Grove.  Aisha, Adam, and Rocky were roller blading in the park in Angel Grove.  They spotted Mr. Anderson and his baby son, Jacob and stopped.  Mr. Anderson:  Hi!  Rocky:  Hey Mr. Anderson!  Aisha:  Hi, how's Jacob?!  Mr. Anderson:  Oh, he's fine.  Aisha:  That's good.  Aisha, Rocky, and Adam bladed away.  Later, Aisha, Adam, and Rocky heard Mr. Anderson crying for help as he chased after the rolling stroller with Jacob still inside.  Three other teens were already racing after the stroller.  Aisha, Rocky, and Adam immediately went into action and started roller blading after the stroller as well.  They went through several obstacles in their way, but nothing stopped them.  Aisha stopped for a moment.  The stroller was about to roll down a hill.  Adam and Rocky gave her boast up, and Aisha went leaping after the stroller.  A young girl had done the same thing.  Aisha and the young girl stopped the stroller.  The young girl took Jacob out of the stroller as the guys and Mr. Anderson joined them.  Mr. Anderson was very relieved that Jacob was okay.  Aisha, Adam, and Rocky introduced themselves to the three teens in had helped in the rescue, Kimberly, Billy, and Tommy.  Mr. Anderson left with Jacob, after thanking them.  Aisha, Rocky, and Adam sat at a picnic table with their new friends Billy, Tommy, and Kimberly.  The six teens talked for awhile.  Bulk & Skull, who had also tried to rescue Jacob, but ended up in the bushes, sat close by and mocked their conversation.  Tommy, Kimberly, and Billy left their new friends.  Later, in white ninja outfits with their faces covered, Aisha, Adam, and Rocky competed in the ninja competition against the current champions.  It was difficult, but Aisha, Rocky, and Adam won and became the new champions.  They took off their ninja masks, and Kimberly, Billy, and Tommy were surprised to see it was their new friends.  Aisha, Adam, and Rocky got together with Billy, Tommy, and Kimberly outside of the Youth Center.  They all talked for awhile.  Mr. Anderson was there as well and he put Jacob in the car.  Mr. Anderson thanked them all again.  Aisha, Rocky, and Adam promised to keep in touch with their new friends.  Before Aisha, Adam, Rocky, and Mr. Anderson could get in the car, Goldar appeared.  Goldar used powerful lasers to captured Aisha, Rocky, Adam, and Mr. Anderson.  Aisha and her friends and teacher struggled to get away, but they were unable to.  Goldar captured them and they were soon inside the Dimension of Despair.  Aisha, her friends, and Mr. Anderson were bonded in chains.  Several putties kept an eye on them and Goldar was there as well.  Goldar told them they were now Lord Zedd's dark warriors.  Adam told Goldar they will never battle for evil.  Goldar laughed and told them they had no choice.  Goldar soon vanished, but the putties remained.  Keeping a cautious eye on the putties, Aisha removed a pin from her hair.  She placed into the lock and tried to unlock the chains on her hands.

Aisha struggled to unlock the chains.  Aisha:  Come on, I almost had it.  Mr. Anderson:  Aisha, what are you doing?  Don't do that.  You're going to make them angry.  They both glanced over at the putties guarding them.  Aisha did not let her fear stop her.  Aisha would eventually unlock the chains.  She, Adam, and Rocky eased their hands out of the chains.  Aisha, Rocky, and Adam immediately began battling the putties.  Mr. Anderson could only watch as he was still tied up.  Aisha and her friends were doing well until Goldar appeared.  Goldar used his power and Aisha and her friends were tied up once more.  Goldar told them they have been given a great honor, they have been chosen by Lord Zedd to become his dark ninjas.  Adam told Goldar they would never work for evil.  Goldar thought they may change their mind.  Goldar had a wooden snake.  Goldar told them in one hour the snake would turn real.  The snake was full of pure evil venom and when it struck them, they would turn evil and work for Lord Zedd.  Goldar left.  An hour passed, and Aisha and her friends had been unable to free themselves.  It was especially hard on Rocky as he hated snakes as they watched the wooden snake turned into the real thing.  Aisha, her friends, and Mr. Anderson watched anxiously as the snake headed towards them.

Aisha became more terrified as the snake got closer.  Adam and Rocky had lost hope as well.  Mr. Anderson told them not to give up, they have always been his most optimistic students.  Mr. Anderson added they had to keeping hoping they would be alright, just like he had to keep hoping that Jacob is okay.  Aisha added maybe the Power Rangers would save them.  Adam replied the Rangers didn't even know who they were.  Aisha tried to keep an upbeat attitude.  Unfortunately the snake soon ended up in her lap.  Mr. Anderson told Aisha to stay still.  Aisha stayed as still as she could.  She was terrified of being bitten and turning evil.  Just then two of the Rangers appeared in the Dimension of Despair.  They were the Blue and Yellow Rangers.  Blue Ranger raced over and grabbed the snake.  Blue Ranger wrestle the snake as Yellow Ranger used her weapon to free Aisha, her friends, and Mr. Anderson from their chains.  Yellow Ranger raced over to Mr. Anderson.  Yellow Ranger told Aisha and her friends to run from the cave.  Yellow Ranger told Mr. Anderson she would be taking him to the park where Jacob was.  Yellow Ranger and Mr. Anderson teleported out.  Aisha and her friends raced out of the dimension.  Aisha and her friends saw Pink Ranger and White Ranger battling putties.  Without any hesitation, Aisha and her friends joined in the battle against the putties.  The putties were defeated.  Aisha and her friends faced the Pink and White Ranger.  The two Rangers asked where the Blue Ranger was.  Aisha and her friends told them they had left Blue Ranger in the cave.  They all raced back into the cave.  Blue Ranger was still wrestling with the snake.  Pink Ranger and White Ranger told Aisha and her friends to stay back.  Aisha and her friends did stay back for a moment, but the events unfolding in front of their hands prove to be too much.  Aisha and her friends crept closer as White Ranger grab the white snake and Pink Ranger used her weapon to get rid of it.  Blue Ranger was having a hard time breathing.  White Ranger and Pink Ranger helped Blue Ranger removed his helmet.  Aisha and her friends were stunned.  Blue Ranger was Billy.  Billy immediately spotted Aisha and her friends.  Pink Ranger and White Ranger removed their helmets, it was Kimberly and Tommy.  Aisha and her friends were stunned but excited as well.  Aisha and her friends were taken to the Command Center.  Jason, Zack, and Trini were there as well.  Zordon had checked into their background and found them to be outstanding citizens.  Aisha and her friends took a solemn oath to never reveal the identities of the Power Rangers.  Afterwards, Aisha, Adam, Rocky, Tommy, Kimberly, and Billy went to the park.  They ran into Mr. Anderson with Jacob and Bulk & Skull.  Bulk & Skull wanted to interview everyone about their experience with the Power Rangers.  Aisha and her friends quickly made excuses.  Mr. Anderson told Bulk & Skull they did such a good job babysitting Jacob, that perhaps they would like the job again.  Bulk & Skull quickly made their excuses and left.  Aisha and her friends laughed.

Aisha, Adam, and Rocky had worked out and were now heading over to the Youth Center.  The 1st Annual World Teen Summit was being held there.  The placed was packed.  When they walked in, they quickly spotted Kimberly and Tommy talking to each other.  Aisha, Rocky, and Adam joined them.  Rocky:  Hey!  Tommy:  Hey!  Rocky:  Did we miss anything?  Kimberly:  No.  Billy was hosting the event.  There were six teen delegates from around the world.  Ernie announced that it was time to begin.  Billy stood up and thanked Angel Grove High School's art class for the statue.  Billy then introduced the six teen delegates, including Tamara, the head chairperson.  Tamara thanked everyone and planned to enjoy her time in their beautiful city.  Billy told the audience how the six delegates would be talking to teens in Angel Grove, and three would be selected to go to Switzerland with them.  After the meeting, Aisha and her friends took the delegates out to Angel Grove park.  Aisha and Kimberly sat together, enjoying the day.  Suddenly several putties arrived.  Tamara had spotted them and pointed them out to Billy.  Billy told Tamara to run to the Youth Center, which she does.  Aisha, Kimberly, and Billy hurried over to where Tommy, Rocky, and Adam are standing in front of the delegates.  They tell the delegates to hide.  Aisha and her friends battle the putties.  With Aisha and her friends occupied with the putties, the teens delegates are captured by Goldar and several more putties.  Aisha and her friends destroy the putties.  They look around and realize the teen delegates are gone.  Aisha and her friends decide to search for them.  After awhile, Aisha and her friends meet back.  They had no luck finding the delegates.  Kimberly, Tommy, and Billy ask Aisha, Adam, and Rocky to go to the Youth Center in hopes of finding the delegates with Tamara.  Aisha, Rocky, and Adam are more than happy to help out and they head to the Youth Center.  When Aisha, Adam, and Rocky reach the Youth Center, only Tamara is there.  Aisha, Rocky, and Adam waited outside for their friends.  After awhile, the Power Rangers arrive with the delegates.  Aisha knew they could do it.  White Ranger asks them to keep an eye on the delegates for them.  Aisha, Rocky, and Adam are pleased to help out.  White Ranger is contacted and then the Rangers have to leave.  Much later, everyone is back at the Youth Center.  The Rangers had been successful in destroying Lord Zedd's latest monster, Four Head.  Aisha, Tommy, Kimberly, Adam, and Rocky are sitting in the audience.  Aisha, Adam, and Rocky are impressed with how Kimberly and Tommy handled being Power Rangers.  The meeting begins.  Each delegate speaks and has a positive statement to make.  Billy concludes the successful meeting to the applause of Aisha and the rest of the audience.

Aisha, Adam, and Rocky were preparing for the Stone Canyon Triathlon.  Tommy  was with them.  A television reporter was there as well, reporting on the events.  TV Reporter:  In a few moments, we will begin a live broadcast of the first leg of Stone Canyon's Triathlon.  This grueling competition will begin with swimming, then biking, and conclude with running.  Billy walked up to them.  Billy:  Hey guys!  Rocky:  Hey Billy!  Billy:  Alright guys, good luck!  Adam:  Thanks.  Announcer:  Competitors please take your positions.  Aisha, Rocky, and Adam took off their t-shirts and gave them to Billy and Tommy.  Billy:  Alright, we'll be watching you guys from the other side of the lake.  Adam:  Thanks a lot.  Tommy:  Alright man, good luck.  Aisha, Rocky, and Adam headed to the lake for the first part of the triathlon.  Bulk & Skull were sitting in a rowboat in the middle of the lake, but Aisha and the rest of the competitors pay little attention to them.  After awhile, Aisha, Adam, and Rocky finish the swimming section of the triathlon.  Aisha, Adam, and Rocky are in the lead.  They run over to their friends, Tommy, Billy, and Kimberly.  Aisha, Rocky, and Adam quickly get dressed for the next leg of their triathlon, biking.  Aisha, Adam, and Rocky hop on their bikes and take off.  On the bike route, Aisha, Rocky, and Adam see Billy, Tommy, and Kimberly battling putties.  Aisha, Adam, and Rocky stop their bikes and join them.  The six teens battle and destroy the putties.  Tommy feels bad that it had cost Aisha, Rocky, and Adam the race.  Rocky replies there was no other choice.  Zordon contacts Tommy and tells him they need to get to the Command Center.  Kimberly, Billy, and Tommy teleport out.  Aisha, Adam, and Rocky decide to go ahead and finish the triathlon.  They are now trailing behind everyone else.  Aisha, Adam, and Rocky come riding up and everyone is under Lord Zedd's spell.  Aisha, Adam, and Rocky get off their bikes.  They find Billy's mangled device and pick it up.  Since Rocky is holding the device, the crowd thinks they are Power Rangers and go after them.  Alpha 5 teleports them to the Command Center.  They are thrilled to be there.  Zordon explains that Lord Zedd's latest creation, Beamcaster, has placed everyone under Lord Zedd's command.  Billy had made a device to reverse the spell, but they were hit by Beamcaster and are also under the spell.  Aisha looks over the device.  She believes she can fix the device and begins to work on it.  It's not perfect, but it should do the job.  Zordon directs them to hold it towards the viewing globe and direct it at the Power Rangers.  Aisha and Rocky hold onto the device as it shots it's beam at the Power Rangers.  It is difficult and not working.  Zordon uses his energy as well and then the spell is broken for the Rangers.  The Rangers quickly teleport to the Command Center.  Zordon fills them in.  Rocky gives Blue Ranger the device and the Rangers teleport out.  After the Rangers destroy Beamcaster, the spell is broken.  Aisha, Adam, and Rocky are teleported out and back into the triathlon.  The triathlon concludes with running.  Aisha, Adam, and Rocky are last.  Billy, Tommy, and Kimberly cheer them on until the finish line.  Tommy, Kimberly, and Billy walk over to Aisha, Rocky, and Adam.  Tommy thanks them for their help and Rocky thanks them for sticking with them and cheering them on.  Adam adds helping them was the most important thing they ever done.  Aisha and her friends are in high spirits.

Aisha Campbell, Adam Park, and Rocky DeSantos were the new students at Angel Grove High School.  Aisha, Rocky, and Adam were happy that the transfer had worked out so well.  They had some classes together and lunch.  Aisha commented that the lunches at Angel Grove had to be better than Stone Canyon's.  The three went to their lockers.  Adam's and Rocky's lockers were opposite of Aisha's.  Aisha walked over to her locker and checked her combination.  Suddenly, Bulk & Skull were there.  Bulk complimented Aisha, telling her how nice she look on her first day at Angel Grove.  Aisha smiled at the compliment.  Bulk offered to open her locker for her.  Aisha passed him her combination.  Rocky and Adam joined them.  The three watched in amusement as Bulk tried to open Aisha's locker.  Bulk was having a difficult time.  Skull started tapping him on his shoulder, but Bulk ignored him.  Bulk suddenly got the locker door opened and several items fell to the floor.  Aisha, Adam, and Rocky bent down to retrieve the items.  They notice that Bulk & Skull had slid down the wall and were asleep on the floor.  They noticed the pink cloud over them.  Aisha, Rocky, and Adam were suddenly teleported out of the high school and into the Command Center.  They were thrilled to be back.  Zordon told them the Rangers had gone to the deserted planet.  Lord Zedd had Baboo and Squatt plant the sleep machine in the park.  The sleep machine was putting out the sleep cloud and Angel Grove was asleep.  Aisha, Adam, and Rocky walked over to the viewing globe and saw the effects of the sleep machine.  Zordon needs them to stop the sleep machine.  Rocky replies that Zordon can count on them.  Alpha 5 teleports the three out.  Aisha, Adam, and Rocky land in the park.  They are soon surrounded by several putties.  Aisha, Rocky, and Adam battled the putties.  Despite their best efforts, they are defeated.  The putties chain them to the base of a tree.

The putties stood guard over them.  The sleep machine continue to put it's sleep cloud over Angel Grove.  Aisha:  We've got to get those keys.  Rocky:  Oh man, the wind is changing.  It's coming our way.  We can't fall asleep.  A soccer ball laid close by and Adam was trying to reach for it with his foot.  Aisha:  Soccer, now?  Adam had gotten hold of the soccer ball.  Adam:  Rocky, can you move behind the tree?  I got an idea.  Rocky moved over until you couldn't see him.  Adam and Aisha stare off in the distance.  Adam:  Go Rocky!  Run away!  The putties quickly came over.  Adam used the soccer ball to hit the putty with the keys.  The putty was destroyed and the keys dropped to the ground and within reach of Adam.  Adam used his foot once more to grab the keys.  Aisha and her friends were quickly freed.  Aisha and her friends stood and faced the remaining putties.  Rocky:  Now, where were we?  Aisha and her friends battled and defeated the putties.  Rocky:  Okay guys, lets finish this up.  Rocky hit the soccer ball over to Aisha, who hit it with her head over to Adam.  Adam leaped up and hit the soccer ball over to the sleep machine.  The sleep machine hit the ground and then vanished.  Rocky:  Score!  Aisha, Adam, and Rocky were happy over their victory and Aisha did a little bump dance against Adam.  Later, Aisha, Rocky, and Adam were teleported to the Command Center.  They had been chosen to become Power Rangers.  Trini, Jason, and Zack had been selected to go to the peace conference.  The team needed three more members and Zordon had chosen them.  Kimberly, Billy, and Tommy were happy to see them.  Aisha, Adam, and Rocky stood still as the Rangers placed their helmets on their heads.  White Ranger held the Sword of Light high above them and Zordon used his energy on the Sword of Light.  Aisha, Rocky, and Adam became Power Rangers.  Aisha was the Yellow Power Ranger and she was thrilled.  Zordon gave a farewell speech to the departing Rangers and they teleported out.  Zordon then gave instructions to the three new members.  After, they all removed their helmets.  Aisha, Adam, and Rocky were thrilled about being chosen and Billy, Tommy, and Kimberly were happy for their new friends.  The celebration did not last long as the alarm went off.  Zordon told them of Silver Horns in Angel Grove.  Kimberly told Aisha they were on call twenty-four hours a day.  Aisha and her friends morph and teleported to Angel Grove park.  Yellow Ranger and the rest of the Rangers faced down Silver Horns.  Silver Horns was difficult to defeat.  It didn't help matters when Silver Horns had the putties join in the battle.  Yellow Ranger and the rest of the Rangers were kept busy battling the putties.  The Rangers defeated the putties.  Suddenly Silver Horns was giant size and Serpentera, Lord Zedd's zord, was about to land.  Red Ranger told them he would take of Silver Horns.  Red Ranger summon his zord and went after Silver Horns.  Yellow Ranger and the rest watch as Serpentera landed in Angel Grove.  Red Ranger was having troubles with Silver Horns and White Ranger left to help him.  Yellow Ranger, Pink Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Black Ranger kept an eye on Serpentera, but nothing happened.  They didn't know that Serpentera had run out of energy and could not fire on them.  Soon White Ranger and Red Ranger needed their help.  The zords were summon and Yellow Ranger headed out for her first battle with the rest of the Rangers.  Tor was summon as well.  The Rangers battled and destroyed Silver Horns.  Serpentera had enough energy to retreat.  Aisha and her friends return to the Command Center.  They watch the viewing globe which showed Jason, Zack, and Trini leaving for Switzerland.  Kimberly, Tommy, Billy, and even Alpha 5 were sad to see them go.  Billy pointed out that they had new Rangers, which was cause for celebration.  Aisha couldn't believe they had stop Lord Zedd.  Zordon was proud of them and Alpha 5 commented that Zordon knew how to pick Rangers.  Zordon cautioned them not use their powers for their own purposes and there would be more confrontations with Lord Zedd in the future.  Adam vowed that they would not let Zordon down.  Aisha and her friends placed their hands in a circle and then leaped in the air, shouting Power Rangers!

Aisha was at Angel Grove High School.  She had spotted Adam by his locker and headed over.  Aisha ask Adam if anyone had ask him to the dance yet.  Adam replied no.  Adam figured he would spend the night catching up on his reading, but not if Aisha had anything to do with it.  Aisha had heard that Sarah Diaz thought Adam was cute.  At first Adam didn't believe Aisha, but Aisha insisted it was true and urge him to talk to Sarah.  Aisha told him when Sarah's volleyball practice was and Adam decided he would go there.  Aisha and Adam then went their separate ways for class.  Later that day, Aisha was sitting at a table with Kimberly and Adam.  Adam told them how he had tried to talk to Sarah.  Before Adam even had a chance, several putties appeared.  Adam was kept busy battling the putties, and when he was done, Sarah had left.  Adam was really bummed.  Kimberly told him not to give up.  There was three more days till the dance.  Sarah could still ask him.  Kimberly told her friends she needed to leave, and headed out.  A crowd had gathered and Aisha and Adam decided to take a look.  It was a young girl giving a martial arts demonstration.  Aisha and Adam were impressed.  When the demonstration was over, the young girl headed their way.  The young girl shoved her gym bag towards Aisha and talk to Adam.  The young girl introduced herself as Sabrina and told Adam she was knew.  Sabrina ignored Aisha the entire time.  Sabrina started to walk away with Adam.  Aisha yelled hey and tossed Sabrina back her gym bag.  Aisha talk to some friends as Adam and Sabrina talked together.  Once Sabrina left, Aisha walked over to Adam.  Adam thought Sabrina was great, but Aisha was unsure of her.  Adam had made plans to go on a hike with Sabrina and asked Aisha to join them.  Aisha was unsure, but she reluctantly agreed.  The following day, Aisha, Adam, and Sabrina went on their walk.  Sabrina kept being rude to Aisha.  Aisha was getting more and more angry, but held her tongue.  Sabrina asked Adam why he had brought Aisha along.  Adam told her that Aisha was his friend and he wanted them to get along.  Sabrina remarked don't count on it.  Suddenly Goldar and several putties appeared.  Aisha and Adam got into a fight stance and Adam told Sabrina to take cover.  Sabrina laughed and told him she could take care of herself.  Sabrina then revealed herself to be Scorpina.  Aisha told Scorpina she knew there was something wrong with her, besides her clothes and hair.  Sabrina sarcastically replied that she was crushed.  Goldar used his sword and a golden beam shot out.  The golden beam wrapped itself around Aisha and Adam and tied them to a tree.  They could not reach their morphers.  Aisha insisted that they let them go.  Goldar laughed as they waited for the rest of the Rangers to arrive to try and save their friends.  Soon the rest of the Rangers were there.  The four Rangers battled the putties, Goldar, and Scorpina.  The putties were defeated.  Blue Ranger used his power lance and freed Aisha and Adam.  Aisha and Adam thanked Blue Ranger, then they morph as well.  Lord Zedd uses his grow bomb and soon Scorpina is in monster form and giant size.  Goldar is giant size as well.  White Ranger contacts Zordon and he told them they were going to have to use all their power, and would need the UltraThunderMegazord.  Yellow Ranger and the rest of the Rangers summon their zords and formed their two Megazords.  They battled Scorpina and Goldar, but it was as difficult as Zordon had told them it would be.  The Rangers then formed the UltraThunderMegazord and defeated Goldar and Scorpina.  Scorpina and Goldar retreated.  The night of the vice versa dance arrived.  Aisha stands on the sidelines with Adam, Kimberly, and Tommy.  It is obvious that Adam was bummed.  Aisha and Kimberly try to cheer him up.  Tommy teases Adam, telling him it could be worse.  Adam could be on a date with Scorpina.  Aisha and Kimberly laugh.  Adam tells them as long as he was with his friends, he will be alright.  Sarah approaches their group and taps Adam on the shoulder.  Sarah tells him she was hoping he would be at the dance.  Adam asks where her date is and she replies she had come by herself.  Adam grins.  Aisha then pipes up from behind him and whispers to Adam to ask her to dance.  Adam does so.  Adam and Sarah joined the crowd on the dance floor.  The two punk girls, who had pursuing Bulk & Skull for days, grabbed the guys and danced a few steps with them.  The two punk girls then tipped Bulk & Skull over and kissed them.  Bulk & Skull collapsed on the floor as the two punk girls celebrated their victory.  Aisha and her friends laughed.

Aisha was sitting at a table with Rocky at the Youth Center.  Aisha and Rocky were watching as Adam helped his young student Shawn learn a kata.  Aisha and Rocky added their own encouraging comments.  Bulk & Skull entered.  At first, Skull held the karate book upside down, but when it didn't make sense, he turned it right side up.  Bulk & Skull went over to the mats.  They were learning karate so that they could keep up with the Power Rangers.  Bulk & Skull try to put on a demonstration, but ended up hurting each other and fell into a heap on the mats.  Aisha and Rocky got up.  They were going to meet the others and play some basketball.  They asked Adam if he wanted to come, but he wanted to work some more with Shawn.  Later, Aisha, Kimberly, Billy, Rocky, and Tommy teleported to the Command Center.  Zordon let them know that Adam was in trouble.  Zordon directed Aisha and the rest to the viewing globe.  It showed Adam losing his confidence as Goldar mocked him.  Goldar was holding the Mirror of Regret, and it was showing painful scenes from Adam's past.  Aisha and the rest wanted to immediately go to Adam's rescue, but it was a spell he would have to break on his own.  In addition, Lord Zedd had sent down Skelerena down to attack Angel Grove.  Aisha and the rest morphed.  They arrived, ready to face off Skelerena.  Skelerena had several putties with him.  Yellow Ranger and the rest battled the putties.  They were having a difficult time against the putties, but eventually defeated them.  They were now ready to face Skelerena.  Adam had broken the spell, and Black Ranger joined them.  Alpha 5 sent them the power canon.  Yellow Ranger and the rest of the Rangers used the power canon against Skelerena.  The Power Rangers destroyed Skelerena.

Aisha, Billy, and Rocky were sitting in Ms. Appleby's class.  Bulk & Skull were there as well, sitting in the back.  Adam was in front of the class giving a report.  Adam:  This kaleidoscope shows us how light is refractor.  You start with normal white light, and then the light enters the kaleidoscope and breaks into a million pieces.  Take a look.  Adam passes the kaleidoscope to a classmate.  Ms. Appleby walks up to the front of the class and stands beside Adam.  Ms. Appleby:  Nice report Adam.  Questions anyone?  Skull raises his hand.  Ms. Appleby:  Intelligent questions?  Skull thinks for a moment and then lowers his hand.  Bulk:  I have an intelligent question.  How tall is the tallest building in the world?  Ms. Appleby:  Questions about Adam's report, Bulk.  Bulk:  Heck, who would want to know about that?  Bulk leans over to Skull.  Bulk:  I didn't understand a word he said.  The bell rings and class is dismiss.  After school, Aisha, Adam, and Rocky go to the Youth Center.  They all sit at a table together.  There is a device on the table that has small metallic balls that knock against each other.  Bulk & Skull enter the Youth Center, dressed in western gear.  After awhile, they walked over to their table, drawn in by the device.  Bulk & Skull kneel lower and stare at the balls.  Rocky leans over and tells them they are getting very sleepy.  Soon Bulk & Skull are asleep.  Aisha, Rocky, and Adam are very amused.  Their communicators go off.  Aisha, Adam, and Rocky quickly get up and leave the Youth Center.  Once they leave, Bulk & Skull wake up.  Aisha, Adam, and Rocky teleport to the Command Center.  Zordon has them go to the viewing globe.  The viewing globe shows Billy, Tommy, and Kimberly being attacked by Scatterbrain and losing all their memories.  Aisha, Rocky, and Adam are stunned.  Aisha can't believe they can't even remember being Power Rangers.  Zordon wants them to go to the park and retrieve them.  Tommy, Kimberly, and Billy are vulnerable and Zordon does not want anything to happen to them.  Zordon warns Aisha and the rest to be careful of Scatterbrain.  If Scatterbrain gets them, there will be no more Power Rangers.  Aisha, Adam, and Rocky teleport out.  They land in the park and spot Kimberly, Billy, and Tommy.  Aisha cautions her friends that they will not know who they are.  They overhear the last piece of information between Billy and Kimberly.  Kimberly wanted to know if Billy, because of the way he talks, if he was an intellectual type.  Billy had no answer for her.  Rocky tells Billy that he is a straight A student.  Billy notes his name Billy the Brain.  Aisha tells Kimberly they are best friends.  Kimberly is hesitant.  Aisha tells her they go shopping every day.  Kimberly thinks that is pretty pathetic and Aisha notes the monster must be really powerful to make Kimberly forget shopping.  Tommy is told who he is as well.  Aisha, Rocky, and Adam tell Billy, Tommy, and Kimberly they need to go with them.  Tommy, Kimberly, and Billy are almost fearful to leave with them.  Goldar and several putties arrive right behind them.  Goldar offers to help them with their memories.  Kimberly, Billy, and Tommy decide they will take their chances with Aisha, Adam, and Rocky.  The teens then teleport out.  The six teens teleport to the Command Center.  Aisha, Adam, and Rocky walk up to Zordon as Kimberly, Billy, and Tommy freak out over where they are.  Billy is amazed at Alpha 5 and Alpha 5 can't believe Billy doesn't remember him.  Kimberly is confused and would simply like to go home.  Adam asks Zordon why he doesn't just make them Power Rangers.  Zordon can't - without their memories they do not have the strength of character require to be Power Rangers.  They need to resolve the problem as it will require six Rangers to defeat Scatterbrain.  Aisha asks Adam, since he knows so much about light, if there is a way to return their memories.  Adam thinks for a moment.  Adam thinks if they use prisms on Scatterbrain, they might be able to return their friends' memories.  Rocky instructs Adam to take Billy with him to his lab.  Aisha and the rest keep Scatterbrain on the outskirts of town.  The teens teleport out.  Aisha, Kimberly, Rocky, and Tommy teleport to the fields just outside of town.  Scatterbrain spots them and casts his beam at the four teens.  They leap out of the way.  Aisha and Rocky morph and ask Tommy and Kimberly if they are okay.  They are.  Scatterbrain continues to fire at Yellow Ranger and Red Ranger.  The two Rangers continue to leap out of the way, but they need the prisms and quickly.  Adam and Billy teleport in.  Adam and Billy display the prisms and Scatterbrain fries at them.  Now Adam has no memories as well.  Yellow Ranger and Red Ranger race over to Billy and Adam.  Just as they reach them, Scatterbrain hits them as well.  The two Rangers demorph.  Aisha and Rocky have no memories.  The six teens stand around in confusion, not knowing who they are, or where they are.  After awhile, their memories are restore, and they are morphed.  Yellow Ranger and the rest of the Rangers remember what had happened.  They race over to Bulk & Skull, who are knocked out on the ground.  Bulk & Skull had a showdown with Scatterbrain, and as a result, they lost their most recent memories, while restoring the Rangers theirs.  Bulk & Skull think the Power Rangers saved them, but the Rangers tell them they were the ones to save them.  Scatterbrain grows to giant size.  Yellow Ranger and the rest of the Rangers summon their zords and form their Megazord.  The Rangers battle and destroy Scatterbrain.  After the battle, Aisha and Kimberly enter the Youth Center.  They had just overheard Bulk & Skull tell a large crowd how they saved the Power Rangers.  The crowd does not believe them and walks away.  Bulk & Skull walk over to the counter.  Feeling pity for the heroes of the day, Aisha and Kimberly walk u to Bulk & Skull.  At first, Bulk & Skull think Aisha and Kimberly had come over to make fun of them.  Aisha and Kimberly tell them they do believe their story.  Bulk & Skull want to know why.  Aisha and Kimberly tell them despite them being strange, they come through in a pinch.  Bulk & Skull add their own good traits to the list.  Skull also adds that they are available.  Bulks asks the girls out for a double date.  Aisha and Kimberly turn them down and left.

Aisha is tossing a Frisbee in the park with Kimberly, Adam, and Tommy.  They are all having a good time.  Billy comes running up to them.  Aisha asks Billy what is up and Billy tells them he thinks there is a problem.  Kimberly thinks Lord Zedd is up to something, but Billy tells them it is Rocky.  Rocky has become obsess with Ernie's pachinko machine.  Aisha and the rest walk together.  They decide to go to the Youth Center and try to talk to Rocky.  Suddenly there are several putties on the playground equipment.  Aisha and the rest battle the putties.  During the battle, Aisha takes the time to contact Zordon and let him know there is trouble in the park.  Zordon tells Aisha he will send Rocky.  When Rocky does show up, all he does is play on the playground equipment and doesn't help his friends at all.  Eventually Aisha, Adam, Billy, Tommy, and Kimberly destroy the putties.  But their troubles are not over.  Suddenly a monster appears.  It is Pachinko head.  Aisha, Billy, Tommy, Kimberly, and Adam morph.  Rocky morphs as well.  Red Ranger still does not help his friends, instead he runs in front of them acting silly and then applauds Pachinko Head.   Before Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, or Pink Ranger can strike, they are turned into pachinko balls.  Moments later Black Ranger and Red Ranger would be turned into pachinko balls as well.  Later, Aisha, Kimberly, Adam, and Billy are returned to normal inside the Command Center, by Alpha 5, who worked to break Lord Zedd's spell.  Zordon fills in the four teens.  White Ranger had battled giant Pachinko Head with his zord and had gotten hurt in the battle.  Red Ranger (who was brought back first, and the spell broken as well) had been sent in to take White Ranger's place.  But Red Ranger needs their help.  Aisha, Adam, Billy, and Kimberly morph.  Yellow Ranger and the rest join Red Ranger in the battle.  The zords are summon and the Megazord is formed.  The five Rangers battled and destroyed Pachinko Head.  Lord Zedd and Goldar have landed Serpentera in Angel Grove.  The five Rangers now battled Serpentera.  Serpentera knocks the Megazord to the ground.  Tor arrives and helps the Megazord.  Serpentera tries to crush Tor.  Suddenly Serpentera stops.  Serpentera only has enough energy to retreat and Lord Zedd and Goldar do so.  After the battle, Aisha and Billy sit at a table together at the Youth Center and they are studying.  Rocky walks in and walks over to their table.  They ask him to join them.  Rocky tells them he will after karate class.  Aisha and Billy tease Rocky by asking him if he doesn't just want to have fun.  Rocky reassures Aisha and Billy that he has learned his lesson.  Kayla, Rocky's student, shows up ready for practice.  Rocky and Kayla head towards the mat.  The pachinko machine returns to the counter.  Ernie is surprise to see it again and then shouts out to Rocky, wanting to know if he wants to play with it.  Aisha and Billy look at each other with concern.  Rocky tells Ernie no, he has better things to do.  Aisha and Billy smile with relief.

Aisha was giving a report in Ms. Appleby's class.  Aisha:  And television, as we know it, was first introduced at the World Fair fifty years ago in 1939.  Aisha then plays a tape, which has black and white images.  Reporter:  As early as 1923, David Sarnoff recognized the possibility of developing a television system.  In a historic memoriam, he had this to say.  Quote "I believe that television, which is the technique name for seeing as well as hearing by radio, will come to pass in due course.  The tape ends and Ms. Appleby walks up to the front of the class.  Ms. Appleby:  That was a wonderful report Aisha.  Class, can anyone remember form Aisha' report, who is the father of television?  Bulk?  Bulk:  Captain Kangaroo.  Ms. Appleby:  No Bulk.  Obviously, you weren't paying attention.  Ms. Appleby:  Adam?  Adam:  General David Sarnoff.  Ms. Appleby:  Correct.  Bulk:  Captain, General, what's the difference?  Ms. Appleby then announced that the Power Rangers will be appearing on TV that night on the Harvey Garvey show, to spread the message of education.  The bell rang and class was dismissed.  Aisha, Billy, and Rocky were by the lockers.  Adam was pacing.  Adam wasn't too thrilled about the idea of appearing in front of cameras.  Aisha reassured him they would be morphed, and no one would see their faces.  This did not make Adam any less nervous.  Then Billy pointed out that they were sending out an important message about education.  After school, Aisha and her friends walked through the park.  With the exception of Adam, they were all jazzed about going on TV.  Suddenly several putties appeared, along with Goldar.  Aisha and her friends morphed.  Yellow Ranger and the rest of the Rangers battled the putties.  Eventually the putties were destroyed.  Red Ranger had landed on  flying kick to Goldar.  Goldar was defeated and retreated.  Aisha and her friends wonder what the attack was about, but they didn't have too much time to think about it.  Aisha and her friends hurried to the set.  Harvey Garvey announced the Power Rangers and the crowd cheered as one by one, the Rangers appeared on the set and struck a pose.  They all sat down and Harvey asked them about the importance of education.  The Rangers explained how their education helps them figured out how to defeat monsters.  Yellow Ranger and Red Ranger encourage Harvey to come from behind his desk.  They then tried to show him some moves, but Harvey fell to the floor.  Harvey was good humored about it.  Later, Harvey would ask White Ranger whatever happened to Green Ranger.  White Ranger requested they move on to the next question.  Alpha 5 contacted them while they were on stage.  There was another monster attack.  Yellow Ranger and the rest of the Rangers had to go.  Before they left they told the audience to be cool and stay in school.  The Rangers teleported out.  Aisha and the rest teleported to the Command Center.  Zordon directed them to the viewing globe, which showed the monster Show Biz.  Adam stated he knew there was a reason he didn't like cameras.  Aisha and her friends morphed and teleported to where Show Biz was.  Show Biz summoned several putties.  Yellow Ranger and the rest of the Rangers battled the putties.  Then Goldar arrived once more.  White Ranger battled Goldar as Yellow Ranger and the rest battled the putties.  The putties were destroyed.  The zords were then summon and the Megazord formed as Show Biz was now giant size.  The five Rangers battled and destroyed Show Biz.  White Ranger defeated Goldar.  The following day, Aisha, Rocky, Adam, Billy, and Kimberly were back in Ms. Appleby's class.  Ms. Appleby asked the class what their thoughts were on the Power Rangers.  One student told her if the Rangers thinks it is cool to stay in school, then so does he.  Ms. Appleby then asked Rocky about his thoughts.  Rocky told her the show really touched him.  Ms. Appleby told the class it touched all of them.  Ms. Appleby read from a fax sent by Trini, Jason, and Zack.  The message about education had been powerful even in Switzerland.  Bulk & Skull enter the class late.  They had now assumed they were big TV stars, but when they offered a girl a picture she told them to get lost.  Bulk & Skull made it to the back of the class.  Ms. Appleby then told them because they were late, they would have detention all of next week.  Bulk & Skull bang their desks in frustration.

Aisha, Kimberly, Billy, and Bulk & Skull were sitting in Ms. Appleby's class.  Aisha and Kimberly were sitting next to each other.  Ms. Appleby:  Students, we have a special guest today.  This is fire fighter Newman.  He's going to talk to us about the upcoming fire safety week.  Aisha looked at Kimberly.  Aisha:  He's so cute.  Kimberly:  Totally.  Mr. Newman walked to the front of the class.  Mr. Newman:  Thank-you Ms. Appleby.  The best way to fight fires is to prevent them from happening.  This week you'll learn some helpful ways to keep your home and your surroundings safe form fire.  As you'll see, most of fire prevention is just common sense.  Ms. Appleby:  Fire fighter Newman is going to select the fire safety captain from Angel Grove High School, based on the essays you've written.  Mr. Newman:  Well, I was very impress with all of your essays, one of them was outstanding.  Bulk & Skull stood up.  Bulk:  Say no more.  As fire safety caption, I think it would be best if we all took the rest of the week off of school, to think about what fire really means to us.  Ms. Appleby:  Bulk, Skull, sit down!  Bulk & Skull sat down.  Fire fighter Newman had picked Aisha.  Aisha was thrilled.  Kimberly and Billy offered her their congratulations.  The following day, Aisha was back in Ms. Appleby's class.  Aisha was presenting a demonstration of fire safety.  She was showing the dangers of plugging into many plugs in an outlet.  Aisha gave her various hair appliances as an example.  Kimberly began to ask questions.  Aisha and Kimberly went off topic on hair styling until Ms. Appleby told them they needed to get back to the fire prevention demonstration.  Aisha was ready to continue, but Bulk & Skull had walked in late.  Bulk & Skull had just joined the Wanna-Be fire fighters club.  Ms. Appleby told them Aisha was in the middle of a demonstration, but Bulk & Skull had a demonstration of their own.  Aisha didn't mind, she figured this would be good.  Bulk & Skull went up to the front of the class.  Skull struggled to get the screen up as Bulk talk about his family bar-b-que, which fire fighters across the country referred to as the big one.  Bulk then plugged in a plug in the outlet.  Sparks began to fly and soon there was smoke.  The class got up from their seats and stepped towards the back of the class.  Aisha acted quickly.  Aisha unplugged the outlet and then use the fire extinguisher on the small electrical fire.  Aisha put out the fire.  Ms. Appleby had everyone come back to their seats.  Bulk tried to act like this had been his idea the whole time, but Aisha quickly put the record straight, by telling everyone this was a good example of what not to do.  Ms. Appleby told Aisha how proud she was of her.  The class applauded, Aisha was thrilled with the high praise and it began to effect her.  Later, that day, Aisha was in the Youth Center, checking for fire safety hazards.  She had Ernie with her.  Billy, Tommy, and Kimberly were also at the Youth Center, putting up flyers for Aisha.  Aisha and Ernie headed towards them.  Aisha ask her three friends about their progress.  Kimberly had forgotten to put up some flyers and Aisha was not happy.  Tommy told them he was going on a run with Adam and Rocky.  Aisha asked him if he could place flyers in the mall, library, and several other places.  Tommy agreed.  Aisha then asked Ernie if she could take a look at his kitchen.  Ernie lead the way.  Later, Aisha had listed all of Ernie's small infractions and gave it to him.  Ernie promised that he would have it done by next week.  This was not good enough for Aisha, it had to be done right away and she stressed this to Ernie.  Ernie then agreed.  Billy and Kimberly were still at the Youth Center and they were sitting at the counter and heard the exchange.  Billy told Aisha that Ernie seemed genuine about fixing the infractions.  Aisha responded that fire prevention was very important and she couldn't let anything slip by her.  Everyone was depending on her.  Tommy then hurried in.  Tommy told them about a putty attack in the park on him, Adam, and Rocky.  Aisha asked if Adam and Rocky were okay.  Tommy told her they were and they were still at the park.  Tommy had turned around and Aisha noticed the flyers still in Tommy's back pocket.  Aisha was not happy and it didn't matter if Tommy hadn't had time.  Aisha told him he needed to hurry if he was going to get all the flyers out on time.  Aisha then asked them about the position of the fire exits and walked off to check them herself.  Aisha also wanted Ernie to take apart his juicer, so that she could check the wiring.  Ernie was not happy.  The TV was on and a TV reporter came on.  Aisha walked up to the counter and listen.  The TV reporter was talking about several small fires that were appearing in Angel Grove.  Aisha was alarmed, it was her job to prevent fires.  Billy suggested they go to the Command Center.  Aisha, Billy, and Kimberly teleported to the Command Center.  Zordon filled them in as they watched the viewing globe.  Flamehead, Lord Zedd's latest monster, had started the fires and was now battling Black Ranger, Red Ranger, and White Ranger.  Billy and Kimberly were ready to help their friends, but Aisha stopped them.  Aisha wanted to take the monster on herself.  Aisha wanted Kimberly and Billy to help Alpha 5 work on a solution to defeat Flamehead.  Slightly annoyed, Billy told Aisha it was better if they all went.  Aisha protested and Zordon told Aisha to go and Billy and Kimberly to stay.  Aisha morphed and teleported to the park.  Yellow Ranger was full of vigor as she took on the putties.  Yellow Ranger was everywhere, trying to battle all the putties on her own, and not listening to anything the rest of the Rangers were saying.  After awhile, the four Rangers were teleported to the Command Center.  Aisha was not happy.  She had to protect the city.  Zordon explained how he had let her go to teach her a lesson.  Aisha had taken the fire safety captain position under normal circumstances, but these were not normal circumstances.  Zordon also stressed the importance of teamwork.  Aisha realized that Zordon was right and that she had a lot to learn about being a Power Ranger.  They were all ready to head out again.  Billy and Kimberly morph and they all teleported back to the park.  The Rangers battled Flamehead.  Yellow Ranger came up with an idea.  Yellow Ranger had them all clasp hands and using their energy, direct the flames back onto Flamehead.  The plan worked.  Lord Zedd threw down his grow bomb and Flamehead grew to giant size.  Yellow Ranger and the rest of the Rangers summon their zords and formed their Megazord.  The Rangers battled and destroyed Flamehead.  After the battle, they all went to the Youth Center.  Aisha and her friends sat at a table together.  Aisha apologized for the way she behave.  Billy told her she had taken on a big responsibility, it was bound to affect her.  Bulk & Skull then walked in.  They were drenched and sad.  They had been kicked out of the Wanna-Be fire fighters club because they hid in the lake during the fire crisis.  Skull was more upset over losing their dog.  Ernie told them he had a surprise and brought out a cake with candles.  Bulk & Skull screamed fire.  Skull grabbed a pitcher of water and threw it.  The water landed on Bulk instead of the cake.  Everyone laughed and then Aisha blew out her candles.

Aisha, Billy, and Rocky walk into the Youth Center and find a table.  Bulk & Skull soon follow in as well.  Bulk & Skull have gypsy Abalonia to help them find the Power Rangers, and help them reveal their identities.  Billy is very skeptical and when Abalonia tells him to look into her eyes, he tells her no thanks.  Aisha, Billy, and Rocky, along with the rest of the crowd, have a good laugh as Abalonia has Bulk & Skull dance around until they are dizzy.  After the Youth Center, Aisha, Rocky, and Billy head over to Billy's lab.  They are participating in a scavenger hunt.  They have half the clues and Kimberly, Adam, and Tommy have the other half.  Aisha and Rocky are trying to figure out the next clue.  Billy has it already figured out.  Billy shows them the toy cannon his cousin had left at his house.  The teens are happy they have figure out the next item, and head out to find some more scavenger items.  Aisha, Billy, and Rocky are walking in the park.  They have tow more clues to go and then they can meet with Adam, Kimberly ,and Tommy.  Several putties appear.  The three teens battle and destroy most of the putties.  Three of the putties manage to get away and with the scavenger items.  Aisha, Rocky, and Billy are puzzled as to why the putties would want the scavenger items.  Billy contacts Tommy to let him know what had happened and to check in with them.  After awhile, Alpha 5 contacts Aisha, Billy, and Rocky to let them know that Lord Zedd has created Cannontop and is planning to use him as distraction and then send the Rangers to the lost dimension.  Aisha, Billy, and Rocky morph.  Alpha 5 will then contact the rest of the Rangers.  Yellow Ranger and the rest of the Rangers head to the park and face down Cannontop.  The Rangers have a difficult time against Cannontop and they are knocked off their feet.  The Rangers use their weapons against Cannontop and Cannontop is defeated.  Lord Zedd tosses down his grow bomb.  Cannontop is now giant size.  The Rangers summon their zords.  White Ranger summons his white tiger zord.  The Megazords are formed.  The Rangers battle Cannontop and it continues to be a difficult battle. Tor is called in as well.  The Rangers eventually destroy Cannontop.  After the battle, Aisha and her friends return to the Youth Center.  They walk up to the counter.  They have one more scavenger item.  They give the clues to Ernie and he figures out it's the Power Rangers.  Ernie goes back to get a picture he has of them.  Abalonia, Bulk & Skull enter.  Abalonia tells them the Rangers are near and heads towards the teens.  Ernie comes out with the picture of the Power Rangers.  Bulk & Skull have had enough of Abalonia and tell her to look in their eyes as they fire her.  The teens laugh and then race over to the judges' table.  They dump their items.  After a few anxious moments, the teens are declare the winners of the scavenger hunt.

Aisha, Adam, and Billy were tossing a Frisbee around in the park.  Aisha:  Alright Billy, over here!  Billy:  Adam.  Suddenly a small space craft flew right over their heads.  They all ducked down.  Aisha:  Whoa, nearly gave me a haircut!  Aisha, Billy, and Adam watched as the space craft continued on it's way.  After a few moments, the space craft started heading back towards Aisha, Adam, and Billy.  Billy:  Here it comes again.  Adam:  Duck!  Aisha, Billy, and Adam ducked down.  They quickly got back up.  The space craft had gone off a little way and landed not far from them.  Aisha, Adam, and Billy walked cautiously over to the space craft.  They surrounded it and knelt by it.  Billy:  It appears to be some kind of extraterrestrial transport.  Adam:  You mean...a space ship.  Billy:  Yeah.  Adam reached over and touch it, but he quickly pulled his hand away.  Adam:  It's hot.  Aisha took a peek at the small window.  Aisha:  It's a doll.  Billy:  Well, the monitor would suggest a heartbeat.  Billy thinks it's a person hibernating to travel a long distance.  The space craft is powered by a diamond, which Aisha thinks is beautiful.  Billy contacts Zordon to let him know about the space craft.  Zordon tells them that explains why Serpentera is circling Angel Grove.  Zordon instructs Billy to bring the space craft to the Command Center.  Zordon tells them that Lord Zedd wants the diamond to super power his Serpentera.  Adam tries to pick it up, but the ship is still hot.  Billy tells him to grab the picnic blanket.  Adam takes off.  Suddenly there are explosions around them.  Lord Zedd has Goldar attacking them.  Adam returns with the blanket.  With the ship wrapped in a blanket, the three teens are able to teleport to the Command Center.  Kimberly, Rocky, and Tommy are in the Command Center when they arrive.  The ship is examined and it is damaged.  Zordon instructs Billy to remove the diamond and place it in Bookala's lap.  Billy does so.  Zordon explains the Bookalas are a gentle race.  The diamond revives Bookala and he is standing in the Command Center.  Bookala repeats what they say in order to learn their language.  Zordon knows Lord Zedd will continue to hunt down Bookala, and they need to help him get back home.  Aisha volunteers to make a small toy that looks like Bookala, to trick Lord Zedd.  Billy is able to repair the ship.  Billy reassures Bookala that they will make sure he gets home okay.  Kimberly tells Aisha that she thinks Billy has made a new friend.  Aisha, Adam, and Billy teleport out of the Command Center and into a warehouse building.  Aisha works on a duplicate doll, Billy repairs the ship, and Adam works on making a duplicate diamond.  Bookala shakes a snow globe and tells them this is what his planet looks like.  Billy wished it snowed in Angel Grove.  Suddenly a wall comes down.  Lord Zedd has sent down a monster.  Weldo is after the diamond.  The three teens morph.  Yellow Ranger, Black Ranger, and Blue Ranger grab the space ship, the doll, and help Bookala escape from the building.  The rest of the Rangers arrive when they get outside.  Weldo chases them and blasts Bookala.  Blue Ranger makes sure Bookala is okay.  The Rangers contact Alpha 5 and have him teleport Bookala to safety.  The Rangers then destroy Weldo.  The Rangers set up the fake Bookala and diamond and then they wait for Serpentera to arrive.  Soon Goldar and several Putties arrive.  The Rangers "battle" the Putties and Goldar.  Goldar takes the fake diamond and teleports away.  After they leave, Bookala is teleported back to the Rangers.  His ship is ready.  Before Bookala leaves, he wants to leave a gift for Billy.  Bookala makes it snow for a few moments.  Billy hopes to explore planets one day as well.  Bookala shrinks himself and safely takes off in his space ship.  The Rangers wave goodbye to him.  Lord Zedd discovers the diamond is a fake and turns the small doll Aisha made into a monster Bookala.  The Rangers know this is not the real Bookala and have no problems battling him.  Lord Zedd then has the monster Bookala grow to giant size.  The zords are summon and the Megazord is formed.  The Rangers battle and destroy the monster Bookala.  The next day, Aisha and Kimberly run into the Youth Center.  They quickly find the guys.  Kimberly has a postcard from Trini, Jason, and Zack.  Kimberly reads the postcard to Aisha and the rest.  Jason, Zack, and Trini are enjoying their experience in Switzerland, but they admit there is no place like home.  Billy adds even if it is hundreds of thousands of miles away.  Bulk & Skull enter the Youth Center the Youth Center and announced they have the identity of the Power Rangers.  A crowd gathers around them, including Aisha, Kimberly, Adam, Billy, Rocky, and Tommy.  Skull reaches into a packet of pictures and proudly displays the photo of the "Rangers".  It turns out to be a bad picture of Bulk & Skull.  Aisha, Kimberly, Adam, Billy, Rocky, and Tommy laugh along with the rest of the crowd.  Bulk & Skull can't believe it.    

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