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Ashley Hammond - The Second Yellow Turbo Power Ranger and The Yellow Space Power Ranger

Ashley Hammond was in high spirits as she left Angel Grove High to attend a soccer game.  Joining the other cheerleaders on the field, Ashley was enjoying the routine that she and the other cheerleaders had work so hard on.  During the game, Ashley couldn't help but notice the cute star soccer player.  But she was unimpressed when Carlos tried to take on the game himself instead of working with his teammates.  Carlos had noticed the very beautiful Ashley and was showing off for her.   But he soon found out that Ashley was not impressed.  As they walked home together, Ashley told Carlos how she felt about the importance of teamwork.  Carlos took Ashley's words to heart and the following game found the star soccer player working with his teammates to win the game.  Soon afterwards, Angel Grove became under attack by Divatox.  Ashley and Carlos helped to evacuate an area and get the citizens to safety.  Unknown to Ashley, this act of bravery would change her life.  It was time for Tanya Sloan, Catherine Hillard, Adam Park and Tommy Oliver to begin new lives.   Tanya selected Ashley to carry on the Yellow Ranger legacy.  Ashley was thrilled to become the new Yellow Ranger and it helped that Carlos was also selected.   Two other teens had been selected as well, Cassie Chan and TJ Johnson.  Along with Justin Stewart, Ashley and the others formed the new Turbo team. 

Fighting Divatox and her various monsters, Ashley and the others would become a close knit group.  Cassie and Ashley became best friends.  Ashley lent a sympathetic ear during Cassie's crush on the Phantom Ranger.  Although Cassie and Ashley would fight, over the same boy or Ashley's messiness, they would always work out their differences.  Ashley had great respect for TJ's leadership abilities and became a big sister to Justin. 

Ashley and Carlos became best friends. Carlos supported Ashley when she took an automotive course.  And he pretended to be her boyfriend when her grandma came into town and began matchmaking.  In turn, Ashley helped Carlos when he was upset over a little girl blackmailing him.  She took him to see a physician who knew Silvy's family and explained about Silvy's losing her brother.  Neither one of them was above trying to pull one over on TJ when they thought he hadn't regain his full memory back.  Although Ashley and Carlos became very close, their relationship never took a romantic turn.  Ashley's true love lied beyond the stars.

Ashley had dreams of becoming a fashion designer.  She was taking a fashion course at school.  Ashley became frustrated when a fellow student liked the jacket she had on better than what she was designing.  That jacket would cause a lot of problems among the Rangers as Divatox had cast a spell on it.  The jacket had a mind-controlling spell that cause the Rangers, except Ashley, to become mean spirited.  At first, Ashley was hurt by this turn of events, but Alpha quickly filled her in on what had happen.  Quite capable of standing on her own two feet, Ashley took charge of the situation and cause another defeat for Divatox.

Ashley is closed to her family.  She has the typical problems with her family like what to get Dad for his birthday.  Ashley also had a more serious conflict with her father.  He did not believe that girls could work on cars.   Ashley wanted to show her father that girls can work on cars and took an auto mechanics class.  She was determined to prove to herself and her father that working on cars was something the girls could do just as well as the guys.  And she was right.  After many attempts, Ashley began to understand the mechanics of a car.  She was even able to repair Storm Blaster when it was injured during a battle.  

During her time as a Ranger, Ashley would meet various beings.   Not all of them of the human variety.  During her Turbo era, help came in the shape of two vehicles called Lighting Cruiser and Storm Blaster.  There was also the Blue Senturion to lend a hand and the mysterious Phantom Ranger.  Being a Ranger means being prepared.  Ashley did this by having a robot built in her likeness for emergency situations.    During her Space era, Ashley would make friends with the Ninja Turtles and a stowaway that Ashley would name Seymour.

Divatox always kept Ashley and the others on their toes.  After numerous battles, Divatox managed to destroy both Megazords.  In an attempt to escape and find Zordon, Ashley boarded the space shuttle and began a new adventure with her three friends.  Justin had made the decision to stay behind to be with his father.   Gazing out the shuttle's window, Ashley could not believe she was out in space among the stars.  Much to everyone's amazement, a space ship appeared and the shuttle was pulled in.  On board the ship, Ashley looked at everything with wonder and amazement.  Then, another shock awaited them.  A Red Ranger appeared on the ship.   It was an awkward moment as TJ tried to explain to the stranger what was going on.   But the Red Ranger was having none of it and went into battle without a word.   It simply wasn't in Ashley not to help.  Just as quickly Ashley and the others followed the Red Ranger onto the surface of the planet and helped him fight the Quantrons.  

Afterwards the Red Ranger revealed himself to Ashley and the others.   There stood the most handsome man Ashley had ever seen.  And her heart did something it had never done before.  It skip a beat.  She was simultaneously smitten and intrigued by Andros as he introduced himself.  Ashley took a slow walk around Andros, liking what she saw, and even gave him a poke in the shoulder.  It had been a surprise that Andros looked human and not a strange looking alien creature.   When Ashley made a comment to this effect, she got a full dose of Andros's superior attitude.  That didn't stop Ashley as she quickly introduced herself.  Andros agree to help them repair their shuttle.  While Andros was working, Ashley made another attempt to offer friendship and a helping hand.  Andros simply ignore both offers.  Much to Ashley's disappointment, Andros was quite prepared to leave them after his help.  Standing on the planet and waving goodbye, Ashley wished things could have turned out differently. 

Ashley would get her wish.  Soon Astronema appeared with her Quantrons.  As Ashley and the others were captures, a ship appeared behind them   - Andros's ship!  He appeared and toss them morphers to help them.  Ashley clasped her morpher onto on her wrist and became the Yellow Space Ranger.  With her new powers, she was able to easily defeat the Quantrons.  Andros took them onboard the Astro Megaship.  Ashley was thrilled.   She was given the opportunity to continue to fight evil and to get to know Andros and it was an opportunity she was not going to let slip by.  The Rangers first stop was Earth.  Ashley enjoyed showing her hometown to Andros.   She picked up on the fact that he had telekinetic abilities.  Ashley offered to teach Andros billiards if he taught her how to use her telekinetic abilities.  Slightly distracted during the lessons, Ashley never did get the hang of it. 

During her time as a Space Ranger, Ashley would have many heart stopping moments.  Carlos and Cassie had been turned into Barillion Bugs.   Ashley was standing alone on the bridge of the ship as they came after her.   Protecting Alpha, Ashley pleaded with them to stay away, she did not want to shot her friends.  And she didn't have to as TJ  returned with the antidote and Carlos and Cassie were turned back to human form.

Ashley was surprised to find out that Andros had a sister.  Close to her own family, (Ashley has a grandmother that drives her nuts, but she loves her dearly!), Ashley offered as much comfort and support as she could to Andros.  This kindness would start to thaw Andros's attitude towards Ashley.  On Ashley's birthday, Andros gave her a lovely necklace from his home planet.  Ashley was touched and kept the necklace with her always.  Unknown to Ashley, Astronema had come up with the idea of becoming a duplicate of Ashley.  As Ashley walked along with Cassie, talking about Andros, she was snatched by the Quantrons.  Tied up and being held prisoner, Ashley tried to escape her bonds.  The monster watching her was a vain creature and enjoyed showing off his abilities to change his or other's appearances.  Thinking quickly, Ashley got the monster to change her to look like Astronema.  As the monster did so, Elgar walked in.  Ashley tricked Elgar into letting her go and headed back to her friends.  Ashley convince Andros that she was really Ashley by the knowledge of the necklace.    Much to her relief, Ashley was back to looking like herself once the battle was over.

Another surprise was to greet Ashley.  Andros had a friend onboard the Astro Megaship.  As the Rangers gathered around the tube of the frozen body, Andros told them the story of Zhane.  Ashley was bewildered that  Andros had never told them before.  But before Andros could make a reply, DECA made an announcement of upcoming danger and the moment was lost.  Astronema had launch another attack.  As the Rangers were battling, Zhane the Silver Ranger, came to and join the other Rangers to battle Astronema.   When the battle was over Andros introduced the others to Zhane.  Zhane was dazzled by Ashley's beauty as he bent to give her hand a kiss.  Ashley quickly became friends with Zhane and they became close.  Their quick friendship made Andros very jealous.  While Andros struggled to ask Ashley out, it had appeared that Zhane had already swept Ashley off her feet.  But the truth was that Ashley's heart belong to Andros and Zhane was simply filling Ashley in on Andros's life before their paths crossed.   Andros, eventually, realized the mistake he had made and made amends with Zhane.   He also, finally, asked Ashley out.

As their relationship progressed, another surprise was waiting for them.  The discovery that Astronema was Andros's long lost sister Karone.   Andros was convinced that there was still good in Karone and, to the shock of the other Rangers, took her aboard the Astro Megaship.  Ashley was not quite connived and urged Andros to be cautious.  Andros simply did not listen.  As it turn out, Karone did turn to good.  Humbly Ashley and the others offered their friendship to Karone.  It was a short lived triumph.  Dark Spectre wanted Karone back.   When Karone returned to the Dark Fortress to help the Rangers, Ecliptor grabbed her and had her reprogrammed.  Astronema was back and more evil than ever.  Ashley gave as much support as she could to Andros during this trying time.  More troubles laid ahead as Astronema created the Psycho Rangers and had them go after the Rangers with a vengeance.  During one battle Ashley was taken by Psycho Yellow and held captive.   As before, Ashley didn't wait to be rescued, and got herself out of the dangerous situation. Numerous battles would follow between the Psycho Rangers and the Power Rangers.   Ashley and the others never gave up and slowly defeated the Psycho Rangers. 

There wasn't much time for celebrating as Astronema simply turned up the heat.  More intense battles followed.  One evening when Ashley and Andros had just left a movie theater, trouble lurked closed by.  They were enjoying each other's company and even joined in on kid's game of hopscotch.  The enjoyment of the evening was not to last.  Tankenstein, one of Astronema's monster, came after Andros and Ashley.  They narrowly escaped.  Although they warn the other Rangers, Tankenstein managed to capture them all and dropped in the middle of a desert.  As the Rangers battled with Tankenstein, Zhane showed up and help defeat Tankenstein.

This was a prelude of things to come.  Astronema launch a huge attack on the entire planet.  Ashley and the others fought their biggest battle ever.   But the Rangers were just as helpless as the citizens of Angel Grove.  Although it look like evil would win, Ashley would not give up.  She encourage the others to stay strong and come up with a new plan.  After all they were not defeated yet.   As Ashley and the others put their heads together, Ashley notice Andros slipping away from the group.  She followed him and ask where he was going.  When Andros told Ashley he was going to the Dark Fortress to try to get through to Karone, Ashley felt her heart break.  She begged him not to go, but Andros was determined.  Ashley push aside her emotions and put on a brave face for Andros.  She refused to say good-bye, instead she told Andros that she would see him again.  Ashley watched him go with tears in her eyes - wishing that she would really see him again.  As always, there wasn't much time to for sorrow.  Ashley and the others had to try and save the universe.  As they put forth one last effort, a golden shower fell and the Rangers were demorph.  Ashley watched as evil was turned to dust.  While everyone else was cheering, Ashley was waiting with an anxious heart.  Up in the sky the Dark Fortress appeared.  For a moment Ashley thought the worst had happen and that Astronema had won.  Watching the Dark Fortress land on the ground, Ashley, along with everyone else, anxiously watched the doors opened.  Her heart started racing as she saw Andros step from the craft.  As Ashley raced towards Andros, she saw that Andros was carrying Karone in his arms, and Ashley stumbled to a stop.  She quietly watch Andros grieve for the sister he had lost a long time ago.  As Andros's teardrop fall upon Karone, she transform back to the young woman she was before.  Bursting with happiness all the Rangers surrounded Andros and Karone.

After the celebration had died down, the Rangers left for KO-35 to help their citizens get their world back together.  Ashley took one last walk with Andros, clutching his hand tightly.  Once again, she was bracing herself for a good-bye she did not want.  Andros tried to explain to Ashley that he needed to stay on KO-35, that it was his home.  All Ashley could feel was sadness and emptiness - a feeling she knew she would carried with her forever.  As Ashley followed TJ, Cassie, and Carlos up the ramp her feet felt like lead.  She close the hatch doors and gazed at Andros until the doors were completely shut.  Ashley sat down on the bridge of the ship and didn't know how she was going to go on.  She wasn't even off the planet yet and already she was missing Andros so much.  Then her heart started hammering away as she heard Andros voice.  Ashley race to give Andros a huge hug.  Joy surrounded the ship as Zhane and Karone also step inside.  With unconfined happiness the Rangers headed back to Earth.

Life as a Ranger wasn't quite over yet.  Andros had receive a distress signal from Alpha about the Galaxy Rangers being in trouble.  He took off to help them.  This time Ashley was not going to stay behind, and with the other Space Rangers, took off for Terra Venture.  Ashley knew that the Galaxy Rangers were fighting the Psycho Rangers.  As both the Space Rangers and the Galaxy Rangers stood side by side they presented a fierce fighting team.  The Psycho Rangers put up a huge fight, but they were no match against both teams and were defeated.  Ashley was excited to meet the Galaxy Rangers and to see Terra Venture.  She had a great time sight seeing - not realizing another battle laid ahead.  Psycho Pink had survived and went after Kendrix with the soul purpose of destroying her.  Both Ranger teams went into action.  They defeated Psycho Pink and race to save Kendrix.  It was too late, Kendrix sacrifice herself  for Cassie.  Ashley watched a truly courageous woman say goodbye.  Cassie was devastated.  Nothing Ashley or the others could say help ease the pain for Cassie.  It was a much more quieter journey home this time.

Ashley and the other Rangers are quietly doing their mission on Earth.  And when Ashley gazes at the stars at night, she has no wishes to make.  This hero has had all her wishes granted. 

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