Gia Moran - The Megaforce Yellow Power Ranger

It was the first day of school at Harwood County High School and Gia is sitting in Mr. Burley's classroom, next to her best friend, Emma.  Mr. Burley enters and places his book bag on his desk and walks to the front of the class.  Mr. Burley:  "Okay class, let's start the year with a science brain teaser.  What species will outlast all others on Earth?"  Emma's hand quickly shot up into the air.  Mr. Burley:  "Emma?"  Emma:  "Insects.  They'll survive all the bad stuff we're doing to the environment.  Some of them have lots of legs.  They'll be the last ones standing."  Noah's hand shot into the air.  Jake sat behind his friend, Noah, and leaned forward in the seat.  Jake:  "Dude, calm down.  You're going to hurt yourself."  Noah:  "She's wrong.  Wrong, wrong, wrong."  Mr. Burley:  "Yes Noah.  You have a different answer."  Noah:  "Robots.  Robots powered by perpetual motion engines."  Gia:  "Robots are machines, so technically they're not a species."  Jake is smitten with Gia.  Jake:  "Beautiful and smart."  Noah:  "And wrong."  The door opened and a teen entered the room.  Mr. Burley:  "Ahh, you must be Troy.  Nice of you to join us."  Troy makes his way to his desk.  Mr. Burley:  "Maybe you can answer our brain teaser.  What species will survive all others?"  Troy had reached his desk and answered the question.  Troy:  "Us, humans."  Mr. Burley:  "How's that Troy?"  Troy sat down and then answered.  Troy:  "If humans work together, we can overcome anything."  Mr. Burley:  "Okay...interesting.  I certainly hope Troy's right."  After school, Emma is at her locker.  She is soon joined by Gia, who has her locker close by.  Gia:  "Going to Ernie's?"  Emma:  "Yeah, but first I'm going to the woods.  The orange monarch butterflies are migrating and it's like a once in a lifetime event."  Several books fall out of Emma's locker.  Gia catches the books with ease and Emma takes the books and places them back in her locker.  Emma:  "I'll meet you a little later."  Emma starts to walk away and then stops.  Emma:  "Oh order me..."  Gia:  "I know.  A low fat cherry berry strawberry with carrot chips, but no hot fudge."  Emma smiles at her friend and then heads out the doors.   Gia head out in the opposite direction.  Soon Gia was sitting at a table at Ernie's Brain Freeze.  She was so absorbed in doing her homework, she didn't notice Jake and Noah as they walked past her table.  After a few moments, Gia vanished in a yellow swirl.   Within minutes, Gia landed in a dark room, along with Noah, Jake and Troy.  Jake's ice cream cones had hit the floor and he was disappointed.  Jake:  "How the.....what just happened?  Gia, Jake, Noah, and Troy  slowly stood up and looked around.  Noah:  "I'm not sure, but it was scientifically impossible...and awesome!"  Troy:  "How did we end up here?"  Gia:  "Just where is here?"  Suddenly a small robot rolled by.  Tensou:  "It worked!  It worked!"  Troy grabbed a hold of it and stopped it.  Troy:  "What is that?"  Noah:  "Wow!  An old school robot!" Tensou takes offense to this remark and shocks Noah's hand.  Tensou rolls away from them.  Suddenly the sides of the walls are lit up, highlighting the figures on small pedestals.  Followed by the ceiling lights coming on.  Jake:  "What's happening?"    Jake notices the face on the end of the wall.  Jake:  "Freaky tiki.  I don't believe it."  Cautiously Gia and the rest walk forward.  Troy glances at the figures on the walls and takes a closer look at a red one.  He closes his eyes and remembers his dream.  Troy:  "I've seen these before.  In my dreams."  Noah:  "This amazing."  Gosei:  "Welcome humans.  I am Gosei."  Gia and the rest are startled to hear Gosei talking to them.  Gosei:  "Your lives are about to change forever.  My mentor, Zordon, place me here to be guardian of this planet.  I'm of the Earth and embodied it's great and mystical powers."  Troy:  "Guardian?"  Gosei:  "I only awaken when the Earth is faced with an extraordinary threat."  Jake:  "Ahh, whoever you are, you look like something on one of my dad's Hawaiian shirts."  Gosei:  "I took this familiar form to communicate with humans.  This is a perilous time for mankind.  The Earth needs you."  Gia:  "What're you talking about?"  Gosei:  "Aliens have already landed and you have been chosen to protect it."  Unnoticed, Emma is suddenly dropped onto the floor of the Command Center.  Jake:  "A giant talking tiki and now aliens. You got to be kidding me."  Emma has overheard the conversation.  Emma:  "He's not kidding."  Gia:  "Emma?!"  Gia hurried over to help her friend.  Gia:  "You're mixed up in this too!"  Gia and Emma joined the guys.  She showed her camera's screen to them, which shows an image of Creepox.  Emma:  "I saw this just before...whatever just happened."  Gia:  "What gives?  This can't be real."  Gosei:  "Your skepticism is healthy, but this is all too real.  You have been carefully selected to form a team in the long tradition of the Power Rangers.  Tensou, show them."  Tensou:  "What?  Oh, yes, on screen."  Tensou slips around on the ice cream that was spilt by Jake earlier.  Tensou:  "Activated."  Emma stands next to a console and it lights up pink and then starts to show images of her.  Gosei:  "Emma, you are not only a great BMX cyclist, but you also truly care about the environment.  You go to great lengths to take care of it.  You shall soar up from the flames of the phoenix and become the Pink Ranger."  Emma:  "Pink is my favorite color, but what's this Ranger deal?"  Noah is standing next to another console and it lights up blue and then shows an image of him.  Gosei:  "Noah, your thirst for knowledge is unequalled.  Our future depends upon works of great scientific minds like yours.  As the Blue Ranger, your attacks will bite with the force of a shark."  Jake is standing by a console that lights up green and shows images of him playing soccer.  Gosei:  "There's nobody with the boundless athleticism and enthusiasm to match you Jake.  I am making you the Black Ranger, you will fight with the stealth of the snake."  Jake is thrilled and twirls the soccer ball in his hands.  Gosei:  "Then there is Gia."  Gia proudly steps forward as a console lights up yellow and shows an image of her.  Gosei:  "You're calm under pressure and pursue excellence with the ferocity of a tiger.  You will be the Yellow Ranger."  The next console lights up red and it shows Troy in a karate class.  Gosei:  "As for you Troy, your purity of spirit and strength are the result of incredible discipline.  Since you have meet adversity in your life with great skill, you shall be the Red Ranger and like the dragon, you will serve as the team's leader."  Troy:  "There must be a mistake here.  I'm new in town."  Gosei:  "There is no mistake.  You have been chosen because of your skills and character."  Noah points to the wall.  Noah:  "Who are they?"  Gosei:  "Lining the room, you can see the Rangers who came before you.  Now you shall form a new team.  Each of you will be given access to extraordinary powers that will help you protect the Earth."  Five morphers appeared in front of Gia, Jake, Emma, Noah, and Troy.  Gosei:  "Those are your morphers.  With them you will morph into Mega Rangers.  You will wield Power Cards that will unlock special weapons and abilities.  And you shall command mighty machines called Megazords."  Noah:  "Morphers?  Power Cards?  Megazords?  All this tech, how do we use it?"  Gosei:  "All will be reveal in time."  Troy:  "If the Earth is under attack and you think we're the ones to protect it, we're in."  Gosei:  "Megaforce, your mission starts now."  Gia, Jake, Noah, Troy, and Emma vanished in a swirl of color.  They landed hard on the pavement in the city.  Slowly they sat up.  Troy:  "Is everyone okay?"   Noah:  "I guess so."  They all hear screaming.  Emma:  "Look!"  Several Loogies are attacking citizens.  Gia and the rest stand up.  Noah:  "Fascinating."  Troy:  "Forget that.  They're bad news."  Jake:  "Hey!  What'd you think you're doing?"  Jake glances at Gia and grins, sure that he has impressed her.  Noah:  "I'm guessing the aliens don'ts come in peace."  The Loogies charge towards the Gia, Jake, Noah, Emma, and Troy.  Two of the Loogies grab Emma and pull on her as if in a tug of war.  Gia:  "Emma!  Watch out!"  Several other Loogies form a circle around Gia, Jake, and Troy.  Troy:  "Jake!  Behind you!  Let's do this!"  Gia, Jake, and Troy charge into the Loogies and start fighting them.  During the fight, Noah gets distracted by a fallen Loogie.  He bends down to take a closer look.  Noah:  "Fascinating."  Suddenly another Loogie approaches him from behind.  Noah quickly fights off the Loogie.  While fighting another group of Loogies, Emma comes up with the idea to use her camera as a weapon.  Emma:  "Say cheese!"  Emma takes several pictures and the flash works great against the Loogies.  Jake kicks his soccer ball to knock a Loogie off the hood of a car.  The soccer ball bounces right back into his hands.  Gia is concentrating on the Loogie in front of her and is unaware of the one behind her.  But Jake notices.  Jake:  "Gia!"  Once more, Jake kicks the soccer ball to knock out the Loogie behind Gia.  Jake is thrilled with himself, but the moment doesn't last long as he is knocked aside by several more Loogies.  Troy uses a car door as he fights off his batch of Loogies.  Despite their best efforts, Jake, Emma, and Noah are surrounded by Loogies.  Troy notices the Loogies are holding up their weapons, ready to fire.  Troy scrambles across the cars to get away from the line of fire.  As he runs along, he grabs Gia out of harm's way.  Jake, Emma, and Noah go flying and hit the pavement from the blast.  They are soon followed by Gia and Troy.  The teens slowly get back up.  Gia:  "They're closing in on us."  Troy:  "Gosei told us the morphers will give us power.  Let's use them.  Follow my lead!"  Gia and the rest pull out their morphers.  Troy:  "It's morphin time!"  All:  "Go Go Megaforce!"  They insert the Power Cards into the morphers.  Gia,  Jake, Emma, Noah, and Troy morph into Megaforce Power Rangers.  Yellow Ranger declares it's time for our new weapons.  She pulls out a Power Card and inserts into her morpher.  Black Ranger follows suit.  Tiger Claw and Snake Ax appear.  Both Rangers leap into the air and strike the Loogies with their weapons.  Blue Ranger is fighting a group of Loogies when he decides to summon his weapon - Shark Bowgun.  Pink Ranger  is battling another group of Loogies.  She also summons her new weapon - Phoenix Shot.  Red Ranger is battling yet another group of Loogies and knocks them to the group.  Red Ranger then summons his weapon - Dragon Sword.  The Rangers battle the Loogies with their weapons.  Yellow Ranger and Black Ranger strike the pavement with their weapons.  This causes the pavement to crack open and several Loogies fall inside.  Yellow Ranger and Black Ranger continue to fight more Loogies with their weapons when they are destroyed by Blue Ranger and his Shark Bowgun.  Blue Ranger leaps down from the top of the building and fires his Shark Bowgun as he falls from the building.  Blue Ranger lands safely onto the pavement and continues to fight Loogies.  Several Loogies have lined up to fire their weapons at them, when Pink Ranger flies through the air and fires her Phoenix Shot at the Loogies.  Pink Ranger lands on the pavement and quickly joins Yellow Ranger, Black Ranger, and Blue Ranger.  She can't believe that she can fly.  Soon they are surrounded by another batch of Loogies.  In a blur, Red Ranger arrives, knocking down several Loogies as he joins the rest of the Rangers.  Red Ranger comments, these powers are amazing.  The Loogies gathered in front of the Rangers once more.  The Rangers charge towards the Loogies with their weapons and battle them.  The Loogies are destroyed, but there is another problem.  Scaraba rolls into the city on top of a huge boulder.  Citizens run away in terror.  Quickly the Power Rangers arrive.  Black Ranger shouts at Scaraba to leave those folks alone!  Red Ranger adds, you can scare them, but we're not afraid.  Scaraba states, so much for rock and roll.  Scaraba summons a batch of Loogies and commands them to attack.  Red Ranger states, we'll protect the Earth, no matter what it takes.  Scaraba tells the Rangers, you really want to fight, then fine.  Scaraba commands the Loogies to attack.  Red Ranger's morpher goes off.  It is Gosei and he informs them it's time to use their Mega Blasters.  Yellow Ranger, Black Ranger, Pink Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Red Ranger pull out their morphers and insert their Power Cards.  The Rangers activate their Mega Blasters.  The Loogies charge towards the Rangers.  The Rangers leap towards the Loogies.  Blue Ranger fires his Mega Blaster at several Loogies.  He uses the shark blast attack.  Black Ranger is fighting another group of Loogies.  Black Ranger then fires his Mega Blaster at the Loogies using the snake blast attack.  Yellow Ranger is in the midst of battling yet another group of Loogies.  She leaps into the air and fires her Mega Blaster.  Her attack is the tiger blast.  Pink Ranger leaps off a building as she battles her group of Loogies.  As she flies through the air, she fires her Mega Blaster at several Loogies.  Her Mega Blaster uses the phoenix attack.  Red Ranger leaps off the top of another building.  He lands safely on the ground and fires his Mega Blaster at several Loogies charging at him.  He also fires at several Loogies on top of a building, knocking them down.  He uses the dragon attack with his Mega Blaster.  After defeating all the Loogies, the Rangers gather together.  Scaraba tells the Rangers he is going to crush them.  He rolls his big boulder towards them.  Red Ranger commands the rest of the Rangers to take out that ball!  The Rangers fire their Mega Blasters and the boulder is destroyed, knocking Scaraba to the ground.  Scaraba gets up and he is very angry.  In the middle of his stomach is a grinder.  Scaraba grinds up several rocks and shoots them out at the Rangers.  The Rangers blast the rocks away with their Mega Blasters.  This makes Scaraba even more angry.  Red Ranger tells his team, let's call on the mega weapons.  The Rangers pull out their morphers and insert a different set of Power Cards.  The Rangers activate their weapons.  The mega weapons appear.  Scaraba gloats, I have fancy attacks too!  In his hands appear glowing rocks which he throws at the Rangers.  Out of the smoke, flies Pink Ranger and Red Ranger.  They hit Scaraba with a sky strike, using their weapons.  Yellow Ranger cheers, that's how you do it!  Yellow Ranger charges in with her weapon, quickly followed by Black Ranger.  Scaraba shoots lasers out of his eyes, but Yellow Ranger is able to block it with her Tiger Claw.  Black Ranger leaps towards Scaraba with his Snake Ax.  Black Ranger strikes Scaraba with his Snake Ax several times.  Yellow Ranger follows through with her Tiger Claw.  Blue Ranger charges in with his Shark Bowgun.  Blue Ranger leaps over Scaraba, firing his Shark Bowgun as he goes by.  The Rangers gather together once more.  Red Ranger declares, time to show true mega power.  The Rangers combine their mega weapons to form the Megaforce Blaster.  They insert Power Cards into the Megaforce Blaster.  The Rangers fire the Megaforce Blaster at Scaraba and destroy him.  Red Ranger tells them, Mega Rangers, that's a mega win.  After the battle, Gia, Jake, Emma, Noah, and Troy enter the Command Center.  They are in high spirits over their victory.  Gosei congratulates them on a job well done.  Noah feels that they were just lucky this time.  Gosei tells them, luck had nothing to do with it.  You rose to the occasion and unlocked your powers.  Do not doubt yourselves.  You were chosen and for good reason.  This morning you were regular kids leading normal lives, but now you must master your new powers and live extraordinary lives.  Troy comments, this has to be the craziest first day of school ever.  Troy looks at his team and continues.  But I think we're prepared to do our part.  Emma isn't so sure.  Gia, Jake, Noah, and Troy all look at her confused.  Emma continues, the helmet does mess up my hair.  The four teens continue to stare at her.  Emma tells them just kidding and laughs.  Jake tells Noah, we are a force to be reckon with.  Gosei adds, yes, you are the Power Rangers Megaforce.  Troy sticks his fist out in front of him.  Soon Gia, Jake, Emma, and Noah also stick their fists out and shout, Earth Defenders!  Never Surrender!

Gia is sitting in Mr. Burley's classroom at Harwood County High School.  Mr. Burley is passing out pop quizzes to the students.  Jake is not happy about it.  Jake:  "Dude, I hate pop quizzes."  Noah:  "Stop complaining.  Besides you know this stuff."  Mr. Burley finished passing out the quizzes and walks to his desk.  He faces the class behind his desk.  Mr. Burley:  "No talking during the test.  Come up to see me if you have any questions."  Mr. Burley sits down and starts working on his Rubik's cube.  Gia and the rest of the class begins working on their quiz.  After a few minutes, Mr. Burley falls asleep and is snoring softly in his chair.  Gia finishes her quiz and places it in the basket before heading out of the classroom.  After school, Gia is at her locker and looking at her Gosei Morpher.  Jake startles her.  Jake:  "Hey Gia!"  Gia sighs in relief when she sees it is Jake.  Gia:  "Oh, it's only you."  Jake:  "I guess I've had worse reactions."  Gia explains.  Gia:  "I don't want some random kid to see my morpher."  Jake:  "I just wanted to ask if I could walk you home?"  Gia:  "What?  You're afraid to walk home by yourself?"  Jake:  "No!"  Jake realizes that is not how he wanted to respond and composes himself before catching up with Gia in the hall.  Jake:  "I just wanted to talk to you.  You know, about this weekend."  Outside, Gia and Jake walked together.  Jake:  "Carry your books for you, if you want."  Gia:  "Wow, how retro of you."  Gia passed her backpack over to Jake.  The weight of it made Jake stagger, but he manage to slung it onto his back.  Gia had continued to walk and Jake hurried to catch up with her.  Gia:  "So, what do you want to talk to me about?"  Jake:  "Well, since we're teammates now, I thought, maybe we should get to know each other a little better...socially."  Gia stopped in her tracks.  She didn't want to hurt Jake's feelings, so took care with her words.  Gia:  "Whoa, time out.  Listen Jake, you're probably a great guy, in fact I think you're...out of this world.  (Gia had noticed several flying saucers.)  Jake:  "Really?"  Gia ran over to Jake and tried to reach for her Gosei Morpher in her backpack.  It felt to Jake like a hug.  Jake:  "Whoa, this is so not what I expected."  Gia:  "Shhh."  Jake:  "I must be dreaming."  Gia turned Jake around and he spotted the flying saucers too.  Gia and Jake hid by some bushes.  Jake:  "That can not be what I think it is."  Gia:  "It is, which is why I need my morpher.  If we don't call the others, they're totally going to freak."  Gia pulled out her morpher, but Jake placed his hand on it.  Jake:  "Whoa wait.  Hang on, hang on.  Let them freak.  Whatever these saucers are up to, you and I can handle."  Gia:  "Alright cowboy.  Let's go!"  Several Loogies arrived and round up citizens.  The saucers dropped down nets and carry away the citizens to a beach, where they were dropped down.  The flying saucers assembled into one monster.  Yuffo laughed.  Yuffo:  "Silly humans.  Time to start my experiments."  Gia and Jake got to the beach, hid and watched what was going on.  Jake:  "All those saucers turn into one guy?!"  Gia:  "Are you just going to watch or are we going to do something about it?"  Gia and Jake stood up.  Gia & Jake:  "It's morphin' time!  Go Go Megaforce!"  Gia:  "Megaforce Yellow!"  Jake:  "Megaforce Black!"  Yuffo:  "Oh stop all that crying.  We're doing this for science!"  Suddenly Yuffo was struck.  Yuffo:  "Hey!"    Black Ranger:  "Snake blast!"  Yellow Ranger:  "Tiger blast!"  The two Rangers fired at Yuffo.  Yuffo tipped his head forward and the helmet on his head deflected the blasts.  Yuffo:  "Mega Rangers, you're the perfect specimens for my research program."  Black Ranger:  "Let those people go!"  Yuffo:  "I'm really very sorry, but I cannot allow you to interfere with my experiments unless you're willing to join these volunteers."  Yellow Ranger:  "That would be a no.  I'm very sorry but this experiment is over."  Yuffo:  "Loogies!"  Several Loogies appeared.  Yuffo:  "In the name of science!"  Black Ranger:  "Come on, we can take them!"  Yellow Ranger:  "Just try to keep up!"  Yellow Ranger and Black Ranger charged towards the Loogies and fought them with their mega weapons.  Black Ranger:  "That's how you do it!"  Yellow Ranger:  "Back off!"  Black Ranger was struck and went flying, landing hard.  Black Ranger:  "On second thought, maybe we could use some backup."  Yuffo was not worried.  "Capture those two human samples and put them with the others.  I'm going to collect some more."  Yuffo broke apart and flew away.  The two Rangers continue to battle the Loogies.  Yellow Ranger pulled out her morpher.  Yellow Ranger:  "Guys, it's Gia!  We've got trouble at the beach!  It's crawling with Loogies!"  Troy had been out on a run, when he heard his morpher go off.  Troy:  "I'm on my way."  Emma had been riding her bike in the woods, when she heard her morpher.  Emma:  "Hang on Gia, I'm coming!"  Emma took off on her bike.  Red Ranger arrived at the beach, firing his Mega Blaster at the Loogies.  Red Ranger:  "Heads up!"  Black Ranger protected Yellow Ranger during the firing.  Black Ranger:  "I got your back."  Red Ranger landed where Yellow Ranger and Black Ranger stood.  Yellow Ranger:  "Welcome to the party."  The Loogies fought the three Rangers.  Black Ranger used his Snake Ax against the Loogies, Yellow Ranger, her Tiger Claw, and Red Ranger his Dragon Sword.  Black Ranger:  "I wonder where Noah is?"  The Loogies continued their battle.  Black Ranger:  "Hang tough Gia."  When Yuffo returned to the beach, he was thrilled to see another Power Ranger.  Yuffo:  "What a magnificent sight!  Three Power Rangers!  What luck!  Let's start my experiment right now!"  Yuffo lowered his head and blasted the three Rangers.  The three Rangers went flying.  Yuffo:  "Vulnerable to protons blast."  Suddenly Yuffo was struck from the side and was knocked down.  Pink Ranger:  "We don't let injuries stop us!"  Pink Ranger leaped over to three Rangers.  Red Ranger:  "Thanks Emma!"  Pink Ranger helped Red Ranger up.  Red Ranger:  "He keeps talking about some experiment."  Once on their feet, the four Rangers fought the Loogies.  Red Ranger and Pink Ranger battled the Loogies with their Mega Blasters while Yellow Ranger and Black Ranger used their mega weapons.  Black Ranger:  "He thinks he's a scientist."  Pink Ranger:  "I get it.  He wants to see what makes us tick and he's going to start on those people over there.  Probably wants to see what weapons work best on humans."  Red Ranger:  "That's not going to happen."  The four Rangers were doing well against the Loogies.  Yuffo:  "More Loogies!  Restrain those specimens!"  More Loogies charged towards the four Rangers.  Black Ranger:  "Snake Ax!"  Yellow Ranger:  "Tiger Claw!"  Pink Ranger:  "Phoenix Shot!"  Red Ranger:  "Dragon Sword!"  The four Rangers battled and destroyed the Loogies with their weapons.  Yuffo:  "Saucer wave!"  Several small saucers shot out of Yuffo and struck the four Rangers.  The four Rangers were knocked to the ground.  Yuffo laughed.  Yuffo:  "Excellent!  Kinetic attacks are proving highly effective and fatigue enhances their effect.  What next?  Perhaps we'll test their resistance to fire!"  Yuffo tilted his head and fire shot out, knocking the four Rangers off their feet once more.  Yuffo:  "Incendiary attacks extremely effective.  At this rate, destroying the human race will be child's play."  Yellow Ranger:  "No!"  Pink Ranger:  "We need help!"  Blue Ranger:  "I've got a shot for you!  Shark Bowgun!"  Yuffo was hit several times with the Shark Bowgun.  Blue Ranger landed by the rest of the Rangers as they got back on their feet.  Blue Ranger:  "See Jake, I told you flying saucers were real."  Black Ranger:  "If we live through this, I will never doubt you again."  Yellow Ranger:  "Sorry to spoil the bromance guys, but I think it's time to take this guy down!"  Red Ranger:  "Gia's right!"   The Rangers face down Yuffo.  Red Ranger:  "Fury of the dragon!  Megaforce Red!"  Pink Ranger:  "Flames of the phoenix!  Megaforce Pink!"  Black Ranger:  "Venom of the snake!  Megaforce Black!"  Yellow Ranger:  "Claw of the tiger!  Megaforce Yellow!"  Blue Ranger:  "Bite of the shark!  Megaforce Blue!"  Red Ranger:  "Earth Defenders!  Never Surrender!"  The rest of the Rangers:  "Power Rangers Megaforce!"  Yuffo:  "Stop messing up my experiments!"  Yuffo fired at the Rangers again.  This time they were not hit and charged towards Yuffo.  Yuffo:  "No!"  Red Ranger and Black Ranger leaped towards Yuffo and struck him with their Dragon Sword and Snake Ax.  Yellow Ranger and Pink Ranger leaped together and struck Yuffo with their Tiger Claw and Phoenix Shot.  Yuffo:  "You won't stop me from..."  Blue Ranger leaped into the air and grabbed a hold of Yuffo and dragged him beneath the ocean.  Yuffo:  "Let me go!"  Blue Ranger:  "If you say so!"  Blue Ranger let go of Yuffo and then fired his Shark Bowgun at him.  Blue Ranger:  "Shark Bowgun!"  Yuffo was struck several times.  Yuffo was knocked out of the ocean.  Blue Ranger leaped out of the ocean as well.  Yuffo landed hard on the beach.  Blue Ranger landed lightly onto the beach.  Blue Ranger:  "Let's try an experiment of our own."  Yellow Ranger, Red Ranger, Pink Ranger, Black Ranger:  "Right!"  Blue Ranger:  "Mega Weapons!"  Yellow Ranger, Red Ranger, Pink Ranger, Black Ranger:  "Combine!"  The Megaforce Blaster was formed.  Red Ranger:  "Target acquired!"  Yuffo:  "Target?  You can't mean me!"  Red Ranger and Pink Ranger held up their Power Cards.  Red Ranger & Pink Ranger:  "Sky Power!  Energize!"  Red Ranger and Pink Ranger placed their Power Cards in the Megaforce Blaster.  Yellow Ranger and Black Ranger held up their Power Cards.  Yellow Ranger & Black Ranger:  "Land Power!  Energize!"  Yellow Ranger and Black Ranger placed their Power Cards in the Megaforce Blaster.  Blue Ranger held up his Power Card.  Blue Ranger:  "Sea Power!  Energize!"  Blue Ranger placed his Power Card in the Megaforce Blaster.  Red Ranger:  "Megaforce Blaster!"  The rest of the Rangers:  "Ready!"  Yuffo laughed.  Yuffo:  "Bring it on!"  Red Ranger:  "Dynamic..."  The rest of the Rangers:  "Victory!"  The Rangers fire the Megaforce Blaster and Yuffo is defeated.  The nets vanish and the people are happy to be free. The Rangers were thrilled with their victory, but it did not last long.  Zombats arrive and Yuffo is now giant size.  Yuffo:  "Extraordinary!"  Yellow Ranger:  "How is that possible?"  Black Ranger:  "It's not!"  Yuffo:  "The experiment continues!"  Yuffo tried to slam them, but the Rangers leaped out of the way.  Yuffo:  "Hey, you move pretty fast for such tiniest little creatures."  Blue Ranger:  "But we destroyed him."  Black Ranger:  "Then we'll just have to do it again!"  Yellow Ranger:  "We need to take him down and keep him there!"  Yuffo:  "Let's try more fire!"  Yuffo fired at the Yellow Ranger and the rest of the Rangers.  They managed to stay out of fire range.  Pink Ranger:  "What we're doing isn't working!  How are we going to destroy him?''  Gosei contacts the Rangers.  Gosei:  "Hear me Rangers.  There are even greater powers at your command.  But controlling them required great skill and discipline."  Red Ranger:  "We're ready Gosei.  We have to be."  Gosei:  "Then take these Power Cards and use them wisely."  The Rangers' buckles start to glow.  The Rangers pull out the Power Cards.  Blue Ranger:  "A card, like the one for the Megaforce Blaster, but it's blank."  Suddenly pictures appear on the cards.  Blue Ranger:  "They're zords!"  Red Ranger:  "Rangers, we're back in the fight."  All:  "Morphers ready!"  Red Ranger:  "Gosei Dragon activate!"  Pink Ranger:  "Gosei Phoenix activate!"  Black Ranger:  "Gosei Snake activate!"  Yellow Ranger:  "Gosei Tiger activate!"  Blue Ranger:  "Gosei Shark activate!"  Gosei:  "Summon zords!"  On an island, the zords break free from the stone that encases them and fly.  As they fly, the zords form into their animal forms, dragon, phoenix, snake, tiger, and shark.  Red Ranger:  "Dragon Mechazord!"  Pink Ranger:  "Phoenix Mechazord!"  Yuffo responds by spraying the Rangers with toxic gas.  Before Yuffo can do anything else, the mechazords fire at him and knock him off his feet.  The Rangers are thrilled to see their Mechazords arrive.  Blue Ranger reminds the rest of the Rangers that Gosei had said the Earth would help us protect it with mighty machines.  Pink Ranger hopes they run on bio-fuel.  Red Ranger tells her no, they run on us.  Our courage, our strength, that's what gives them power.  The Rangers leap into their Mechazords.  Yellow Ranger and the rest of the Rangers lock their Gosei Morphers into the zords.  Red Ranger can't believe he is really flying a dragon.  Yuffo decides to put their machines to the test.  Yuffo breaks apart into flying saucers and tries to strike the mechazords.  Red Ranger's dragon mechazord is fired on several times.  Red Ranger decides to try and find some cover.  Pink Ranger feels she is getting the hang of her phoenix zord, but she can't shake the flying saucers.  Red Ranger tells her to hang on, he's coming.  The flying saucers cover the sky with dark smoke.  Red Ranger feels as if he flying blind.  Dragon Mechazord tries to fly out of the smoke, all the while, the flying saucers continue to fire at it.  Dragon Mechazord manages to fly out of smoke and back into clear skies.  A flying saucer is ramming Phoenix Mechazord.  Pink Ranger can't shake it.  Pink Ranger spots a tunnel and decides to fly into it.  Phoenix Mechazord is closely followed by several saucers.  Pink Ranger wonders what to do.  Red Ranger instructs her to pull up, which she does.  Red Ranger encourages her to keep going, stay on course.  Dragon Mechazord fires several missiles at the saucers.  Shark Mechazord is under the ocean.  Blue Ranger is very impressed with the advance technology.  Shark Mechazord locks onto two targets and fires it's weapon pods.  Another saucer attacks Shark Mechazord.  Blue Ranger struggles with Shark Mechazord, trying to reverse the flow.  Shark Mechazord makes it and it leaps out of the water and strikes down another saucer.  Tiger Mechazord chases after several more saucers.  Yellow Ranger comments, a girl can get use to this kind of power.  Snake Mechazord slitters beside Tiger Mechazord, as they both chase after the saucers.  Black Ranger vows, I'll take them down.  Yellow Ranger responds, they are all yours hot shot.  Snake Mechazord fires at the saucers.  Black Ranger comments to himself, got to make this look good.  Snake zord knocks a couple of saucers into the air.  Tiger zord catches one of the saucers in it's mouth.  Tiger zord spins around several times and then tosses the saucer, destroying it.  Black Ranger comments, see we make a good team.  Red Ranger tells Pink Ranger, alright Emma, it's our turn.  Dragon zord and Phoenix zord fire at another group of saucers.  They knock several out of the sky.  Dragon mechazord, Phoenix mechazord, Tiger mechazord, Snake zord, and Shark zord gather together.  Red Ranger notes the last flying saucer is going down.  But instead it reassembles back to Yuffo.  Red Ranger can't believe it, he's indestructible.  Yuffo wants to resume his experiments, breaks apart into saucers again, and fires at the zords.  Gosei contacts the Rangers.  He tells them they must combine their mechazords, just as you combined your weapons.  The power you can unleashed as a team is without equal.  Form the Megazord!  Red Ranger shouts, you heard him!  Form the Gosei Great Megazord!  The Rangers place the Power Cards into the morphers and activate the Megazord sequence.  The zords combine together and form Gosei Great Megazord.  Black Ranger is very impressed with the cockpit.  Pink Ranger is relieved she didn't crash.  Yellow Ranger states, now we'll really kick butt.  Red Ranger is ready to finish this guy.  Gosei Great Megazord walks towards Yuffo.  Yuffo immediately begins firing at Gosei Great Megazord.  Gosei Great Megazord strikes Yuffo with it's dragon sword.  Yuffo and Gosei Great Megazord strike each other several times.  Red Ranger gives the command, disarm the zords!  The zords are released.  Phoenix Mechazord and Shark Mechazord strike Yuffo with a mega punch.  Tiger Mechazord and Snake zord strike Yuffo with a mega kick.  After a few more strikes, the zords reassemble onto Gosei Great Megazord.  Gosei Great Megazord flies into the air and points it's dragon sword towards Yuffo.  Gosei tells the Rangers, use the Victory Charge card.  Red Ranger shouts, let's finish this!  The Rangers insert their Power Cards.  Gosei Great Megazord uses the Victory Charge strike.  Yuffo exclaims, I don't like this card game!  Gosei Great Megazord uses it's mega strike.  Yuffo is destroyed.  Red Ranger declares, Mega Rangers, that's a mega win!  After the battle, Gia, Troy, Emma, Noah, and Jake hang out at the city.  Gosei contacts the Rangers.  He tells them, I am proud of you Rangers.  Your bravery and teamwork saved the day.  Troy thanks Gosei.  Jake tells Gia, they made a pretty good team out there.  Gia doesn't think so.  She tells him, they should have never gone in by themselves.  We're suppose to be a team.  All of us.  Jake agrees.  It was much easier when we all worked together.  Emma adds, we're each pretty awesome on our own though.  Troy concludes, but as a team, we're unbeatable.

Noah is in the tech room.  He is talking to Gia and Emma on the computer screen.  Emma:  "That's great Noah.  I can't believe the web site on linked so fast."  Noah:  "Believe it Emma.  It's our own social networking site.  The whole school will be logged on."  Jake walked in carrying a guitar case.  Jake:  "Who you talking to buddy?"  Noah didn't pay any attention to Jake, as he was still talking to Emma.  Noah:  "And tell Gia, I'm going to need her profile."  Emma:  "Right."  Jake:  "Gia!"  Emma:  "Gotta go! Bye!"  Gia and Emma had already signed off before Jake had reached the computer screen.  Later, Gia, Emma, and Troy are walking in the city.  Emma catches up to Gia.  Emma:  "Gia!  Do you think Jake might like have a little crush on you?"  Gia:  "Didn't notice."  Emma:  "Well, what're you going to do about it?"  In front of them, several citizens had turned into "Loogies".  Gia holds out her arm to stop her friends.  Gia:  "Did you guys see that?"  Troy:  "Whoa."  Troy pulled out his Gosei Morpher.  Troy:  "Tensou!  Tell Gosei we got a situation."  Tensou:  "Boy oh boy!  It's a viral attack!  Like the flu.  One person gets it and they spread it to the next person, who spreads it to the next person, who spreads it..."  Gia:  "We get it Tensou!"  Troy:  "It's morphin time!"  Gia, Troy, Emma:  "Go Go Megaforce!"  Troy:  "Megaforce Red!"  Gia:  "Megaforce Yellow!"  Emma:  "Megaforce Pink!"  Red Ranger:  "We have to find a way to do this without hurting them."  Gosei:  "Yes Troy.  Remember, they're just innocent people.  It's not their fault they've been mutated."  Pink Ranger:  "Then how do we stop them?"  Gosei:  "You'll have to work together to figure out a way."  Yellow Ranger:  "I figure this group won't give us the time to figure that out."  Red Ranger:  "We've got to think of something."  Yellow Ranger, Pink Ranger, and Red Ranger couldn't figure out a way as they faced down the "Loogies".  Red Ranger:  "Now there are even more of them!  We can't hurt them."  Pink Ranger:  "So what can we do?"  Red Ranger:  "We need to get to higher ground where they can't reach us."  Red Ranger thought it over for a moment.  Red Ranger:  "I know just the place.  Follow me!"  Red Ranger took off with Yellow Ranger and Pink Ranger close behind him.  The "Loogies" chase after them.  Soon, Yellow Ranger and Red Ranger are standing on top of a large crate.  Yellow Ranger:  "Emma hurry!"  They are right behind you!  Come on!  Get up here!  Pink Ranger reaches the crate and Red Ranger holds out his hand to help her up.  Red Ranger pulls Pink Ranger up.  Pink Ranger thanks Red Ranger.  Pink Ranger notes that Red Ranger is right, there are too many.  What do we do now?  Red Ranger pulls out his morpher and contacts Black Ranger and Blue Ranger.  Red Ranger asks, where are you guys?  Black Ranger replies, sorry, we ran into the freaky monster that is spreading this nasty virus.  Pink Ranger informs them, we've got our hands full with "Loogies".  We've got to stop them without hurting them.  Black Ranger replies, sounds tricky.  Yellow Ranger points out, we can't let him infect any more innocent people.  Blue Ranger shouts, quarantine!  The first step to stopping a virus, is to keep it spreading to more victims.  Black Ranger asks, did you guys hear that? Quarantine.  Yellow Ranger is impressed and tells Black Ranger, she didn't know he was so clever.  Black Ranger replies, there are a lot of things you don't know about me.  In the city, citizens are running away from the "Loogies".  Yellow Ranger, Pink Ranger, and Red Ranger help the citizens get away from the "Loogies".  The three Rangers then fight the "Loogies" to tire them out without hurting them.   The plan is once they are tired, they will be easier to round up and quarantine them.  Once the "Loogies" are tired out, Red Ranger contacts Black Ranger and tells him, we are trying to herd them together so we can quarantine them.  We could use your help.  Black Ranger replies, bad news, Virox is back.  We're dealing with him.  Eventually Yellow Ranger, Pink Ranger, and Red Ranger are able to contain the "Loogies" and they race to where Black Ranger and Blue Ranger are battling Virox.  The three Rangers fire at Virox with their weapons and knock Virox down.  Blue Ranger and Black Ranger run over to the three Rangers.  Blue Ranger tells them, nice timing guys, but what about the "Loogies"?  Pink Ranger replies, quarantine.  Red Ranger adds, just as you suggested.  We used our Power Cards to round them up.  Yellow Ranger, Pink Ranger, and Red Ranger used twist tornado to round up  the "Loogies".  Pink Ranger tells them, we were able to put them somewhere safe.  Nice going Noah.  Yellow Ranger notes, you really kicked it with that ax.  Yellow Ranger points out that Virox won't stay down as Virox gets back up on his feet.  Virox shouts at them, I'm going to force fed you some gooey virus!  Virox blasts another fire ball at the Rangers.  Pink Ranger and Blue Ranger leap into the sky with their weapons.  Blue Ranger instructs Pink Ranger to aim for Virox's torso.  They fire their weapons and Virox is hit hard.  Yellow Ranger and Black Ranger strike Virox with their weapons.  Red Ranger leaps in and strikes Virox with his Dragon Sword.  Virox is knocked off his feet and rolls onto the ground.  The Rangers gather together and form the Megaforce Blaster.  They fire Megaforce Blaster and defeat Virox.  Yellow Ranger notes that now that they defeated Virox, the spell is probably broken.  Pink Ranger adds, we need to release all those people.  Blue Ranger tells them, I will take care of it.  Blue Ranger takes the Snake Ax  and runs into the city.  Black Ranger tells him, you go buddy!  Blue Ranger releases the citizens and soon the rest of the Rangers catch up to Blue Ranger.  Yellow Ranger is very impressed - talk about taking charge.  Black Ranger is okay with it.  If someone has to impress Yellow Ranger and it's not me, why not Noah.  But Blue Ranger tells Yellow Ranger, Jake deserves the credit here.  Thanks buddy, for helping me believe I can do it.  Soon several Zombats arrived and Virox is quickly revived and giant size.  The Rangers quickly activate their mechazords.  The mechazords arrive and Gosei Great Megazord is formed.  Gosei Great Megazord and Virox face each other.  Virox charges towards Gosei Great Megazord.  Gosei Great Megazord blocks him with it's sword.  Virox bats the sword away.  Gosei Great Megazord strikes Virox with the sword, but nothing happens.  Blue Ranger notes dragon sword can't destroy it's shell.  Virox yanks the sword away.  Virox strikes Gosei Great Megazord several times with the dragon sword.  The Rangers have a difficult time as the Gosei Great Megazord takes a beating and drops to it's knees.  Virox is about to strike Gosei Great Megazord again when Blue Ranger stops him by catching the dragon sword in Shark mechazord's mouth.  Virox yells, you can't get it back from me!  I'm stronger than you!  Blue Ranger replies, it's not about muscles.  It's about believing in yourself.  If you believe in yourself, you can do anything!  Suddenly Blue Ranger's belt buckle glows and a new Power Card appears.  It the Power Card for the Seaick Brother Zords.  Blue Ranger informs the rest that it's a new set of zords.  Blue Ranger activates the Sea Brothers Zords.  Manta Zord, Hammerhead Zord, and Sawshark zord spring from the ocean and fly into the city.  The three zords fire at Virox.  Virox releases the dragon sword and Gosei Great Megazord has it back.  Hammerhead Zord, Sawshark Zord, and Manta Zord attached themselves to Gosei Great Megazord to form Sea Megazord.  Virox yells at Sea Megazord, I'm not afraid of sharks.  Blue Ranger replies, and we're not afraid of bugs!  Blue Ranger has Sea Megazord scan Virox.  Sea Megazord and Virox fight.  Sea Megazord strikes Virox several times using each of the new zords for the blows.  Virox turns his back towards Sea Megazord to protect itself.  Sea Megazord strikes Virox's back with it's sword, but nothing happens.  Virox turns back around.  Virox gloats, nothing can destroy a virus like me.  Blue Ranger is ready to test that theory.  Blue Ranger pulls out the Victory Charge Power Card and activates it.  Blue Ranger instructs Sawshark Zord, Manta Zord, and Hammerhead Zord to crush this virus.  The three zords strikes Virox several more times and Virox is destroyed.  The Rangers cheer.  Blue Ranger tells them, Mega Rangers, that's a mega win. 

Gia, Noah, and Jake walked into Ernie's Brain Freeze.  They all sat at the table Emma was sitting at.  Jake noticed a large crowd by another table.  Jake:  "What's going on?"  Emma:  "That guy been telling everybody he's the Red Power Ranger."  Noah:  "What?"  Jordan's conversation could be heard at their table.  Jordan:  "The other Rangers, you know, they aren't bad, but I pretty much handle those monsters all by myself."  Jake was very disgruntled.  Jake:  "Oh, you got to be kidding me."  Gia:  "Just some guy looking for attention."  Gia looked right at Jake.  Gia:  "You can relate, right?"  Jake slumped down into his seat as Emma giggled.  Unaware Jordan continued with his stories.  Jordan:  "Did I tell you about the time I saved the Blue Power Ranger?"  Endlessly, Jordan's stories never seemed to stop.  Noah had a stoic look on his face as he stared straight ahead.  Jordan:  "I could have been Blue, but, ah, question!"  Jake glanced at Noah, but Noah didn't betray any emotion.  The morphers go off.  Gia, Noah, Jake, and Emma get up and make their way towards the back exit.  Suddenly a citizen started yelling as he entered the place.  Citizen:  "Somebody help!  Help!  There's a monster attacking the city!"  The stranger ran straight towards Jordan's table.  Jake paused by the door.  Emma:  "What's wrong Jake?"  Jake:  "What's he going to do now, do you think?  Gia, Noah, and Emma waited as well to see what would happen.  Citizen:  "You're going to go stop it right?"  Emma was concern.  Emma:  "He's not going to do something foolish, is he?"  Although Jordan was scared, he stood up.  Jordan:  "You bet!"  Jordan left with the crowd cheering him on.  Gia:  "We're losing time, come on!"  Gia, Noah, Jake, and Emma raced out the back door.  Jake:  "Go Go Megaforce!"  All four teens morphed and continued to run.  Black Ranger:  "Got to get there before that guy becomes monster food."  But Jordan beat them there and was already avoiding Dragonflay's laser when Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, Black Ranger, and Pink Ranger arrived.  Black Ranger:  "Hey stop!"  Yellow Ranger:  "Why don't you deal with someone who can actually fight back?!"  Dragonflay:  "Rangers!"  Jordan:  "Cool."  Jordan felt a hand on his shoulder and quickly turned his head.  It was Red Ranger.  Red Ranger:  "Leave this to us.  I need to get you to safety.  Come on!  We got to go now!  As you can see, it's going to get busy!"  Red Ranger helped Jordan up and they raced out of harm's way.  Blue Ranger:  "Okay, they're clear."  Dragonflay went into his super speed and struck the four Rangers hard, knocking them off their feet.  Dragonflay was gleeful.  Dragonflay:  "Strike!  One hit from Dragonflay and you're all thrown!  Guess you guys aren't up to speed!  We insects are taking over this entire world!  None of your little Ranger tricks can stop me, I'll take you down, fast and furious!"  The four Rangers got back up on their feet to face down Dragonflay.  Dragonflay used his super speed against the four Rangers once more.  The four Rangers formed a circle, with their backs facing each other.  Yellow Ranger:  "Where is he?"  Black Ranger:  "He's so quick, we can't see him."  Yellow Ranger:  "Maybe he went after that kid."  Red Ranger came running up.  Yellow Ranger:  "Troy!"  Red Ranger:  "I got that guy out of the way!"  Blue Ranger:  "Careful, this guy moves so fast, he's invisible!"  The Rangers could hear Dragonflay's voice, but they couldn't see him.  Dragonflay:  "You can't stop what you can't see losers!"  Red Ranger was knocked off his feet.  Pink Ranger:  "Troy!"  Dragonflay became boastful.  Dragonflay:  "And I'm not even trying hard here!"  The rest of the Rangers gather around Red Ranger.    Pink Ranger:  "You okay?"  Red Ranger:  "I'm fine".  Jordan is running out of the city but hears the commotion and runs back into the city.  Red Ranger is back on his feet.  Red Ranger:  "I sensed him right before he struck."  Red Ranger held his Dragon Sword in front of him.  Red Ranger thought to himself:  "I know I can do this.  Just focus my awareness like before."  Pink Ranger noticed and was puzzled.  Pink Ranger:  "What are you doing?  Pay attention."  Red Ranger:  "That's exactly what I'm doing.  Paying attention to the wind."  Pink Ranger almost laughed.  Pink Ranger:  "The wind?"  Red Ranger:  "We can't see him, but we can feel the wind he creates when he moves, and use it to tell where he is."  Suddenly Red Ranger knew where Dragonflay was.  Red Ranger:  "There!"  Red Ranger raced forward and suddenly Dragonflay was knocked off his feet and rolled onto the pavement.  Dragonflay:  "Hey!  How did he do that?!"  The rest of the Rangers ran towards Red Ranger.  Pink Ranger:  "You did it!"  Blue Ranger:  "Alright!"  Yellow Ranger:  "Nice one Troy!"  Blue Ranger:  "Smart move.  Now let's finish it."  Dragonflay struggled to get on his feet.  Dragonflay:  "I won't let you stop me that easily."  Black Ranger:  "Come on, let's shut him down!"  Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, Pink Ranger:  "Yeah!"  The Rangers charged towards Dragonflay.  Red Ranger paused when he heard cheering.  Jordan:  "Whoa!  Yeah!  Who Hoo!  You guys rock!"  The rest of the Rangers paused as well.  Pink Ranger:  "What is he doing?  It's not safe."  Dragonflay got back up on his feet was not happy to see the young man.  Dragonflay:  "You again?!  This time I'll finish the job!"  Red Ranger:  "Watch out!"  Dragonflay shot lasers out of his eyes.  He missed Jordan once more.  Jordan ran and hid, but he could still see the battle.  Yellow Ranger and the rest of the Rangers are charging towards Dragonflay when they are knocked down by Creepox.  Jordan:  "No!"  Red Ranger:  "Creepox!"  Creepox:  "You're mine now Red."  Creepox laughed. Red Ranger gets up, holding his Dragon Sword.  Red Ranger:  "Think again cockroach.  You really don't understand a thing about us humans."  Creepox:  "I don't want to understand you."  Red Ranger:  "And that's your big mistake."  Creepox:  "My only mistake, is not crushing you before now."  Red Ranger charges towards Creepox with his Dragon Sword drawn.  Creepox easily stops the blow and strikes Red Ranger, sending him flying.  Creepox:  "Everything I need to know about humans, I already know and that includes you!"  Red Ranger gets back up.  Red Ranger:  "Then you know I'll never give up!"  Suddenly Creepox is hit several times.  It's the rest of the Rangers with their Mega Blasters.  Pink Ranger:  "Back off!"  Red Ranger:  "Nice timing."  Creepox:  "I'll be back when you least expect me!"  Creepox and Dragonflay vanish.  Jordan walks up to the Rangers.  Black Ranger is not happy to see him.  Black Ranger:  "You!  Do you realize what you've done?!"  Red Ranger:  "Jake!"  Red Ranger stops Black Ranger.  Red Ranger:  "Listen, what's your name?"  Jordan:  "Jordan"  Red Ranger:  "Jordan, you shouldn't lie about being something you're not."  Black Ranger:  "Yeah, you put yourself and the rest of us in big time danger."  Jordan:  "I never thought I'd get into a real battle."  Red Ranger:  "I know you want to help, but it takes special powers and serious training to fight these monsters.  Now we got to go."  Yellow Ranger and the rest of the Rangers started to hurry out of the city.  Troy takes Gia, Noah, Jake, and Emma to an area he had set up for training.  Troy:  "Use your senses.  Rely on more than your vision.  You can do this."  Troy sets the bottles hanging from tree branches in motion.  Using their senses, Gia, Noah, Jake, and Emma train blindfolded.  Soon, Gia, Noah, Jake, and Emma quickly get the hang of the training session.  During the training, Gia, Noah, Jake, and Emma sense someone walking towards them.  Gia and her friends quickly morph.  Jordan finds the Rangers and they walk towards him.  Blue Ranger:  "You know Jordan, it's not cool to sneak up on people."  Jordan:  "I....uh..."  Black Ranger:  "What are you doing here?  Well?"  Red Ranger:  "You shouldn't have followed us!"  Jordan:  "But, I..."  Red Ranger:  "I know you want to be like us, but it takes a lot more than desire to be a Power Ranger.  It takes dedication and an incredible amount of training."  Red Ranger leads Jordan to the training area.  The rest of the Rangers follow.  Black Ranger:  "You want to know what we do?"  Black Ranger gives a demonstration of their training.  Black Ranger:  "Just like that!  Looks easy right?"  Red Ranger:  "Give it a try."  Jordan does so and fails miserably.  Jordan ends up on the ground and feels bad.  Jordan:  "I just wanted to see what it's like to be looked up to for once.  Like you.  But I get it.  I'm no super hero."  Red Ranger:  "Well, we don't always feel like heroes either.  But we take our mission to defend the Earth every seriously."  Pink Ranger walks up to Jordan and kneels beside him.  Pink Ranger:  "It's obvious you're a good guy.  So maybe the best way to help the world is by just being yourself."  The morphers go off.  Red Ranger:  "We have to go.  For everyone's safety, you need to stay here.  Come on guys."  Yellow Ranger and the rest of the Rangers race out of the forest and into the city.  Dragonflay is attacking the city once more.  Dragonflay:  "That's what I like to see, now what else can I destroy?"  Yellow Ranger and the rest of the Rangers face down Dragonflay.  Red Ranger:  "Nothing.  Our planet is not your playground."  Dragonflay laughs.  Dragonflay:  "Oh yes it is!"  Red Ranger:  "Better be careful.  You'll get more than you bargain for."  Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, Black Ranger, Pink Ranger:  "Yeah!"  All Rangers:  "Earth Defenders!  Never Surrender!  And we will stop you!"  Dragonflay:  "You got lucky last time!  But your luck just ran out!"  Dragonflay charges towards the Rangers with his super speed.  Red Ranger:  "Sense him guys.  Concentrate.  There!"  Red Ranger suddenly leaps through the air with his Dragon Sword.  Creepox stops his strike.  Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, Black Ranger, and Pink Ranger fire their Mega Blasters at Dragonflay and knock him to the ground.  Blue Ranger:  "Your speed means nothing, now that we can sense where you are.  Just leave Dragonflay to us Troy."  The four Rangers race towards Dragonflay as Red Ranger battles Creepox.  Dragonflay:  "I'm not done yet!"  Dragonflay seemingly vanishes.  Pink Ranger:  "We lost him!"  Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, Black Ranger, and Pink Ranger form a circle with their backs towards each other and their Mega Blasters at the ready.  Meanwhile, Red Ranger battles Creepox.  The fight takes them away from the rest of the Rangers.  Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, Black Ranger, and Pink Ranger battle Dragonflay.  Dragonflay knocks the four Rangers to the ground.  Dragonflay taunts them.  Dragonflay:  "You may be fast learners, but I don't need to learn anything!"  The four Rangers form their circle again.  Yellow Ranger:  "Be alert!  Sense him!"  The rest of the Rangers do so.  Pink Ranger:  "I can feel him.  There!"  Yellow Ranger:  "There!"  Black Ranger:  "There!"  Blue Ranger:  "There!"  Yellow Ranger, Pink Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Black Ranger fire their Mega Blasters.  Dragonflay is hit and crashes into a wall.  Yellow Ranger:  "We got him!  Now let's finish him!"  Blue Ranger:  "Time to use the Sea Brothers card!"  Blue Ranger places the card into his Gosei Morpher.  Blue Ranger:  "Sea Brothers activate!"  Three small zords appear.  Gosei:  "Rangers, use these small zords to power up your Mega Blasters."  The three zords land in the hands of Yellow Ranger, Black Ranger, and Pink Ranger.  Black Ranger:  "Cool!"  Pink Ranger:  "They might be small, but they're going to deliver a big punch."  Yellow Ranger:  "Yeah!"  Blue Ranger:  "Now let's get this job done."  Yellow Ranger, Black Ranger, Pink Ranger:  "Right!"  Pink Ranger:  "Manta zord!"  Pink Ranger places the Manta zord onto her Mega Blaster.  Pink Ranger:  "Set!"  Black Ranger:  "Sawshark zord!"  Black Ranger places the Sawshark zord onto his Mega Blaster.  Black Ranger:  "Set!"  Yellow Ranger:  "Hammerhead zord!"  Yellow Ranger places Hammerhead zord onto her Mega Blaster.  Yellow Ranger:  "Set!"  Blue Ranger:  "Shark zord! Set!"  Dragonflay slowly gets back up.  Dragonflay:  "That didn't tickle!"  The four Rangers aim their Mega Blasters at him.  The four Rangers shout, sea blast!  Dragonflay, once again, is hit hard and is defeated.  Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, Black Ranger, and Pink Ranger are thrilled.  Red Ranger stumbles over to the rest of the Rangers.  He tells them battling Creepox took a lot out of him.  Sorry he got away.  But this guy is not going anywhere.  The Zombats have revived Dragonflay and now he is giant size.  The Rangers quickly summon their zords and form Gosei Great Megazord.  Dragonflay brags, I'm bigger and stronger.  You'll never catch me now!  Dragonflay takes off at high speed.  Pink Ranger wonders where he went.  Dragonflay races around the Gosei Great Megazord and lands several strikes.  Dragonflay laughs and tells them it's hopeless.  Dragonflay takes off.  Red Ranger tells the rest of the Rangers, we're moving way too slow.  To beat this bug, we're going to need to be quicker.  Red Ranger then confesses that he is exhausted.  He tells them they need to take over.  Yellow Ranger reassures Red Ranger, that they got this.  Yellow Ranger tells Black Ranger that our zords control the Megazord's feet.  This is our show.  Let's see what they can do.  Black Ranger is ready.  Gosei Great Megazord chases after Dragonflay at great speed.  Dragonflay is very surprise to see how fast Gosei Great Megazord caught up to him.  Black Ranger launches Snake zord.  Snake zord strikes Dragonflay at his knees.  Dragonflay has to stop to remove Snake zord and tosses Snake zord aside.  Dragonflay takes off once more.  Black Ranger can't believe how fast Dragonflay is.  Gosei Great Megazord chases after Dragonflay again.  Gosei Great Megazord almost catches up to Dragonflay.  Dragonflay starts firing at the Megazord.  Black Ranger and Yellow Ranger are determined to get Dragonflay.  Suddenly there is a glow and two Power Cards float up.  Gosei informs them, these new cards will increase the pulsation power of your Megazord.  Black Ranger notes, these will really speed us up.  Yellow Ranger adds, new zords, new speed.  The Power Card is for the Land Brothers Zords.  Yellow Ranger and Black Ranger activate the zords.  The Land Brothers Zords are the Dino, Beetle, and Rhino zords.  Black Ranger tells Yellow Ranger, I knew you and I would make a great couple.  Yellow Ranger responds, don't get any ideas.  Land Megazord is then activated as the three zords attach themselves to the Megazord.  Dragonflay takes a panic look behind him and notes he is getting nowhere fast.  The Land Megazord races after Dragonflay.  Dragonflay tries to stay ahead of Land Megazord.  Land Megazord quickly catches up to Dragonflay.  Land Megazord head butts Dragonflay, knocking him off his feet.  Dragonflay struggles to stand back up.  Land Megazord then uses it's dino kick to strike Dragonflay.  Black Ranger notes, there is nowhere to run now.  Yellow Ranger and Black Ranger activate the Victory Charge Power Cards.  The victory charge land destroys Dragonflay.  Yellow Ranger shouts, Mega Rangers that's a Mega Win!

Gia and Emma are riding their bikes through the woods.  Gia does a jump.  Emma:  "Nice!"  Gia and Emma are almost neck and neck as they ride their bikes.  Emma:  "After you!  I insist!"  Gia:  "Thanks!"  Gia charges ahead.  Emma knows the paths well and calls out a warning to Gia.  Emma:  "Stop!  There's a fallen log up ahead!"  But Gia manages to stop her bike before hitting the log.  Emma catches up and they both laugh.  Gia and Emma get off their bikes.  Emma takes her camera out of her bag.  Gia:  "So, where's this rare flower you want me to check out?"  Emma:  "Follow me."  Walking, Emma leads the way through the woods.  Soon Emma finds it and gives a small gasp.  Emma moves some tree branches out of the way to show Gia the flower.  Emma:  "There it is.  This is the Magnus Bloomus Annulus.  Only flowers one day a year.  One day.  They are really hard to find.  I can't believe we're seeing this."  Gia is impressed.  Gia:  "Wow.  It's beautiful.  Wonder why it blossoms for only one day?"  Emma moves closer to the flower and gets her camera ready.  Emma:  "That's one of nature's secrets."  Emma starts taking pictures of the flower.  Emma:  "It's things like this that make our planet so special."  Gia walks closer to the flower as well.  Gia:  "Want me to take a picture of you with the flower?  To prove you found it?"  Emma is happy to pass her camera to Gia.  Emma:  "What are best friends for?"  Gia snapped some pictures of Emma next to the flower.  Gia:  "Next we'll take some pics together, but just for us.  They'll ruin my tough girl image."  Emma snapped several pics of her and Gia next to the flower and having fun.  After a few moments, the Gosei Morphers went off.  Gia:  "Yes Gosei."  Gosei:  "Report immediately."  Gia:  "We'll be right there."  Gia and Emma quickly headed back to their bikes.  Gia and Emma reported to Gosei, along with the guys.  Afterwards, Yellow Ranger and the rest of the Rangers raced into Harwood County.  There didn't seem to be a disturbance.  Black Ranger:  "We made it.  Now what?  These are the coordinates."  Red Ranger:  "Let's check it out."  Yellow Ranger and the rest of the Rangers raced forward.  Suddenly several Loogies appeared.  Yellow Ranger and the rest of the Rangers paused for a moment.  Pink Ranger:  "Loogies!"  Blue Ranger:  "I'm sure they're not alone."  Black Ranger:  "Well, where there's Loogies, there's usually more trouble."  Vrak:  "You Rangers look smaller in person."  Yellow Ranger and the rest of the Rangers noticed the strange figure standing on top of the building.  Black Ranger:  "Whoa!  Who's this guy?"  Yellow Ranger:  "Too scare to come down and fight?!"  Vrak:  "Fear isn't in my vocabulary, but you should be afraid.  Especially now."  Pink Ranger:  "Why now?"  Blue Ranger:  "What do you want from us?"  Vrak:  "What do any alien beings want from other civilizations?"  Vrak snapped his fingers.  Vrak:  "Loogies attack!"  Yellow Ranger and the rest of the Rangers charged forward and they were soon battling a batch of Loogies.  Pink Ranger:  "Usually I like things that are green."  Black Ranger:  "But not these guys Em."  Vrak watched the fight from the top of the building.  Vrak:  "They put on quite a show.  Pretty impressive for humans."  During the battle, Red Ranger and Blue Ranger noticed the figure watching them.  Red Ranger:  "Why is he just standing there?"  Blue Ranger:  "It's creepy.  It's like he's watching us as if we're rats in a lab."  Red Ranger:  "We've got to go!"  Vrak jumped down from the building.  Vrak:  "Let's examine you up close."  Vrak snapped his fingers and more Loogies appeared.  Vrak:  "Loogies attack!"  Yellow Ranger:  "Your Loogies don't scare us!"  All Rangers:  "Mega Blasters!"  Yellow Ranger and the rest of the Rangers pull out their Mega Blasters and fight this batch of Loogies with their weapons.  Yellow Ranger:  "Come on Emma!  Let's take them down!"  Yellow Ranger and Pink Ranger coordinated their moves as they fired blast after blast at the Loogies.  Vrak:  "Absolute unity in battle.  Interesting."  Vrak vanishes along with the Loogies.  Red Ranger:  "Why did he leave now?"  More Loogies vanished.  Red Ranger:  "They sure packed it up pretty quick."  The Rangers gathered together and demorph in high spirits.  Jake:  "Wow, you girls rocked."  Noah:  "In sync and fearless."  Emma walks over to Gia and slings her arm around her shoulders.  Gia hugs her back.  Emma:  "Yes we were.  You guys were great too."  Gia:  "Well we'll love to hang around but Emma has some photos to print.  Catch you later!"  Linking their arms together, Gia and Emma walk away as the guys grin.  Gia waits as Emma collects the photos.  It isn't long before Emma joins her with the packet of photos.  As they walk together, Emma suggests they go back to her house and pick their favorites and upload them.  Gia and Emma pause at the doors and enjoy the sunshine, before continuing to walk to Emma's house.  Beezara had been hiding behind a mannequin.  When the girls pass by,  Beezara comes out from her hiding place and shoots her venom at the girls' backs.  Beezara states, and best friends will soon become worst enemies.  Beezara vanishes.  Emma had dropped the packet of photos when the venom hit her back.  Gia picks up the packet and tells Emma she needs to be more careful.  Gia takes a picture out, which Emma yanks out of her hands, stating she gets to see it first.  After looking at the photo, Emma tells Gia, I like it.  For once you're not snarling.  Gia yanks it out of Emma's hands and tells her she hates it.  The girls argue over the photo and it eventually rips into two pieces.  Gia crumbles up her half of the photo and throws it onto the pavement.  Emma does the same.  After a few moments, Noah contacts them to let them know they need their help.  Gia tells Noah, I'm on my way, stepping on the torn photo as she races out of the city.  Emma tells Noah, me too!  Thanks for waiting Gia!  Beezara had attacked the soccer field and her venom had hit several guys and the Loogies carried them off to her hive.  Noah and Jake had been hit too.  They laid on the ground, unable to move.  Suddenly Yellow Ranger, Pink Ranger, and Red Ranger leap in and fire at Beezara with their Mega Blasters.  Beezara is hit several times.  Yellow Ranger, Pink Ranger, and Red Ranger race over to Jake and Noah.  They keep their weapons aimed at Beezara as they check on their friends.  Beezara greets the girls.  How did the photos turn out?  Pink Ranger is surprised Beezara knows about the photos.  Beezara asks, were there any keepers?  Beezara shoots her venom.  Red Ranger blocks the venom with his Dragon Sword.  Red Ranger leaps towards Beezara with his Dragon Sword.  Soon Red Ranger is fighting Beezara with his Dragon Sword.  During the fight, Beezara tells Red Ranger, soon all you males will be under my command.  Beezara strikes Red Ranger hard several times.  Red Ranger leaps into the air with Dragon Sword and is hit by the venom.  As he falls to the ground, he demorphs, and is unable to move.  Yellow Ranger quickly summons Tiger Claw.  Pink Ranger gets irritated.  Pink Ranger tells her, before you can summon the Megaforce Blaster, I need to call Phoenix Shot first.  The two Rangers push and shove each other.  Yellow Ranger tells Pink Ranger, our weapons don't fit together.  Pink Ranger tries to force the two weapons together.  Yellow Ranger tells her, they are not connecting.  Yellow Ranger and Pink Ranger continue to push and shove each other and trying to jam their weapons together.  Pink Ranger finally notes, they are not compatible.  We can't wait!  Pink Ranger charges towards Beezara.  Yellow Ranger shouts, what do you think you are doing?!  Beezara is pleased to note her spell is working.  Pink Ranger fights Beezara with the Phoenix Shot.  Quickly, Beezara knocks Pink Ranger to the ground.  Yellow Ranger races over and blocks Beezara's blast.  Beezara picks up Yellow Ranger by the scruff of her neck as she places a foot on Pink Ranger's stomach.  Beezara tells them, you are bitter enemies and don't you forget it!  Beezara kicks Yellow Ranger and Pink Ranger hard, and they go flying.  The two Rangers hit the net and bounce off it, hitting the ground and demorphing.  Beezara commands the guys to carry her to her hive.  Against their will, Troy, Jake, and Noah carry Beezara away.  Gia and Emma helplessly watch.  After awhile, Gia and Emma are searching the woods.  Emma finds a branch and notes it's been broken recently.  They must have gone this way.  Gia makes sure she bumps into Emma as she walks past her.  Gia tells her anything could have broken that branch.  I say we figure out where a large group of people can hide without being detected.  Gia faces Emma.  Gia tells her, logic Emma.  Emma storms up to Gia.  She tells her, clues Gia.  I'm starting here.  Gia replies, fine, I'm going this way.  Gia and Emma glare at each other and then walk off in opposite directions.  Emma had found the hive, but Beezara soon had Pink Ranger bind tightly with vines.  Yellow Ranger suddenly leaps in.  Yellow Ranger lands a kick and is soon fighting Beezara.  Jake, Troy, and Noah are unable to help as the hive is surrounded by a force field they cannot break through.  Yellow Ranger is knocked to the ground.  Pink Ranger yells at her to get up!  Yellow Ranger responds, I don't need your advice.  Jake yells at them.  What's gotten into you both?!  You're best friends!  Beezara tells them, not anymore.  I hit them with my venom after they came out of the photo store.  Now they can't help but argue.  They will never be best friends again.  Pink Ranger struggles to free herself from the vines.  Yellow Ranger fights Beezara.  Pink Ranger gloats, you think you are so smart, but I found her first! Yellow Ranger responds, sure, but I'm not the one tied up in knots.  Yellow Ranger summons the Land Brothers Zords.  The three zords arrive and strike Beezara.  The Land Brothers Zords fly back to Yellow Ranger.  She takes out her Mega Blaster and attaches Beetle Zord to it.  Yellow Ranger fires, beetle blast, and strikes Beezara.  Beezara uses her venom to try and stop the attack.  Next Yellow Ranger attaches Rhino Zord to her Mega Blaster.  Yellow Ranger fires her rhino blast.  It hits Beezara hard.  Yellow Ranger charges in and the two fight.  Beezara claims, now it's my turn to sting you!  Pink Ranger shouts, Gia!  Break me free!  Yellow Ranger responds, why?  So you can blow it like last time?  Beezara shoots out her venom and it wraps around Yellow Ranger and lifts her up.  Jake shouts, fight her!  Not each other!  Troy adds, the monster put a spell on you both, so that you would destroy each other!  Snap out of it!  Noah steps forward and straight into the force field.  Noah shouts, you've been best friends since you were six!  Beezara yells at them, shut your mouths!  Jake, Noah, and Troy immediately cover their mouth.  Yellow Ranger realizes they have always been friends.  Pink Ranger adds, and nothing has happened to change that.  It must have been a spell.  After all, we've always had each other's backs.  Yellow Ranger notes, we're like sisters.  There's no way we'll argue and hate each other, unless...Pink Ranger concludes, we were being forced to hate each other.  Pink Ranger hears Gosei's voice as he tells her, the power of friendship can break the spell.  Pink Ranger breaks free from the vines.  Gosei tells her she has earned the Sky Brothers card.  Pink Ranger thanks Gosei.  Pink Ranger is eager to put the Sky Brothers Zords to work.  Pink Ranger summons the three zords - Hawk Zord, Ptera Zord, and Crow Zord.  The Sky Brothers Zords circle around Pink Ranger.  Pink Ranger tells Yellow Ranger not to worry.  I broke the spell and now I will break you free.  Pink Ranger attaches Crow Zord to her Mega Blaster and fires, crow blast!  The blast breaks through the venom and Yellow Ranger falls to the ground.  Pink Ranger runs over to make sure she is okay.  Yellow Ranger tells her that she is okay, thanks to you.  You broke the spell!  You're the best.  You ready to zap that bug with your best friend?  Pink Ranger is more than ready.  Pink Ranger attaches Hawk Zord next and fires.  Beezara is knock off her feet and flies through the air before hitting the ground.  Jake, Noah, and Troy jump into the air with excitment.  Yellow Ranger gets up as Pink Ranger runs over to her.  Beezara slowly gets back up.  Yellow Ranger and Pink Ranger charge towards her and soon the two Rangers are fighting Beezara.  Yellow Ranger and Pink Ranger and a powerful kick that knocks Beezara backwards and onto the ground. The six zords circle around the two Rangers.  Pink Ranger attaches Ptera Zord, while Yellow Ranger attaches Dino Zord to their Mega Blasters.  Beezara gets up once more.  The two Rangers fire the Ultimate Dino Blast.  It hits Beezara and she is defeated.  Jake, Noah, and Troy leap into the air once more, as the rest of the guys run quickly away.  Jake, Troy, and Noah run over to Yellow Ranger and Pink Ranger.  Pink Ranger is happy to see them.  Troy is the first to realize they are free as he can stop covering his mouth.  Troy removes Noah's hand from Noah's mouth.  Jake slowly takes his hand off his mouth and plays like he knew all along.  Yellow Ranger quickly puts Jake's hand back onto his mouth and tells him, you look better the other way.  Girls go for the strong silent type.  Jake nods his head and pretends to zip his mouth shut.  Beezara is revived and grows to giant size.  Beezara taunts the Rangers by telling them they will never destroy her!  Noah, Troy, and Jake morph.  The Rangers summon the mechazords and Gosei Great Megazord is quickly formed.  Beezara walks towards Gosei Great Megazord and states, this is going to sting a little as she jabs Gosei Great Megazord with her sword.  Gosei Great Megazord punches Beezara.  Beezara tells them, brute force is such an ugly way to win a fight.  Beezara wraps her tendrils around Gosei Great Megazord and binds it.  Beezara states, my venom is not just for humans, you lump of metal!  Beezara shoots her venom at Gosei Great Megazord.  Gosei Great Megazord is hit hard and several explosions take place within it.  Pink Ranger declares, we need help!  Red Ranger agrees and calls on the Sky Brothers Zords.  Red Ranger activates the three zords.  Hawk Zord, Ptera Zord, and Crow Zord arrive and immediately strike Beezara several times.  They also manage to cut the bindings from Gosei Great Megazord.  Sky Megazord is formed.  Sky Megazord flies straight towards Beezara.  Beezara shoots her venom but misses.  Sky Megazord strikes Beezara and then lands on the ground.  Sky Megazord lands several punches onto Beezara.  Sky Megazord fires at Beezara.  Pink Ranger states, we'll show her...Yellow Ranger finishes, that best friends stick together!  Pink Ranger adds, forever!  The Rangers active the Victory Charge.  Sky Megazord takes to the sky once more.  Yellow Ranger and Pink Ranger state, we girls, know the true power of friendship.  Red Ranger stops them and adds, and guys.  Yellow Ranger and Pink Ranger continue, will bring your reign of hate and evil to an end!  Beezara is destroyed by Sky Megazord's victory charge.  Red Ranger tells Yellow Ranger and Pink Ranger they did great.  Yellow Ranger and Pink Ranger state, united we stand, divided we fall.  After the battle, Gia and Emma enter Ernie's Brain Freeze and sit at the table Noah, Troy, and Jake are sitting at.  Jake asks, you best friends again?  Emma replies, of course.  We realize we weren't in our right minds when we said all that mean stuff.  Noah gets excited over an article in the paper.  Emma grabs the paper and hides it behind her back.  Noah starts to say something about a photo when Emma quickly covers up Noah's mouth.  Jake tells her, this hand over the mouth thing is way too familiar.  Emma reluctantly removes her hand.  Troy sees the article and comments, nice picture girls.  Gia is curious and grabs the newspaper as she tells Emma, best friends share secrets.  Emma is worried about Gia's reaction.  It is a picture of Gia and Emma standing next to the Magnus Bloomus Annulus.  Noah asks Emma if she really found the Magnus Bloomus Annulus?  Noah is impressed.  Gia asks her, did you really send this picture to our local newspaper?  Where everyone can see us grinning like...Jake finishes, cheerleaders.  Jake chuckles.  Emma admits that she did.  Emma is very surprised when Gia declares, I love it and gives her a hug.  Gia adds, now everyone knows we are best friends.  Emma picks up the paper and they both look at the picture.  Emma tells Gia, I really like pictures of you smiling.  Jake tells them they both look so good in the picture.  Gia smiles and Emma thanks him.

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