Katie Walker - The Yellow Time Force Power Ranger

Katie Walker works for Time Force in the year 3000.  Time Force had captured a dangerous mutant named Ransik.  Ransik had been found guilty and was now heading towards prison.  Katie and her unit were chosen to escort Ransik to prison.  Katie considers the people in her unit her friends, Lucas, Jen, and Trip.  Katie is especially protective of Trip.  During the ride to prison, Katie and her friends were ambushed.  Ransik escaped and Katie and her friends were dismissed from Time Force.  Determined to redeem themselves, Katie and her friends found Ransik.  Ransik was battling the Red Time Force Ranger, Alex, and delivered a devastating blow to Alex.  Katie was in shock as she watched Alex crumpled to the ground.  Jen and Alex were engaged, and Jen was determined to capture Ransik.  Ransik, Nadira, Frax, and Gluto traveled back to the year 2001.  Katie, Lucas, Trip, and Jen followed them back in a Time Ship.  

Jen had brought chrono morphers along in the Time Ship.  Jen passed them out to Lucas, Trip, and Katie.  But Katie and her friends were unable to activate the morphers - Alex's morpher was the key and they needed someone with Alex's DNA.  Earlier, they had run into a young man who looked a lot like Alex.  Katie was all for asking the young man to help them.  Reluctantly, Jen agreed.  The young man, Wesley Collins, DNA was able to unlock the morphers.  Katie and her friends were able to morph into Power Rangers.  Katie became the Yellow Time Force Ranger.  Katie was enthusiastic about having Wes on the team, but not Jen.  After some initial difficulties, Wes became a part of their team.  Wes found Katie and her friends a place to live, the Clock Tower, and some clothes to wear.  Katie and her friends also worked, doing odd jobs to earn money.  Wes would eventually lived with them in the Clock Tower as well, determined to follow his own footsteps instead of his wealthy father's.  

Katie is a very generous and affectionate woman, often giving bone-crushing hugs due to her super strength.   She is very close to her family, and treasures the photo she has of them.  Katie was in high spirits until she learned that the future could be altered.  Due to the development of the Raimei and Trizirium  crystals, the future was being affected.  This was a devastating blow to Katie.  As much as she enjoyed the year 2001, it was not her home.  She pondered the fact that her family might not be there, when she returned to the future.  A mutant was attacking, and the Rangers were called into action.  Katie rather reluctantly joined the Rangers to battle the mutant.  It was an intense battle and soon Katie and the rest of the Rangers were on the ground and demorph.  Katie watched as her friends got ready to battle again and announced that she was not going.  Her friends were stunned and didn't understand.  Katie didn't feel there was any point in battling the mutant.  If their futures were altered - what was the point.  She wanted her friends to promise her that her family would still be there, that the future would be just as she had left it.  But none of her friends could make that promise to her.  Katie watched as Lucas, Jen, and Trip all left to continue the battle.  Each with their own reason for doing so.  Katie still didn't know what they were fighting for, when Wes handed her her photo.  Wes thought Katie had the best reason of all to fight.  A swirl of emotions went through Katie as she stared at the photo.  She knew she had the best reason of all for fighting, but couldn't understand what was wrong with her.  Then it came to her.  She was afraid.  Afraid that there would be no future.  Katie had to overcome her fear and she realized that if they didn't fight, there would be no future at all.  Katie and the rest of the Rangers had to save the future.  She left with a renew sense of purpose and vigor.  Katie and the rest of the Rangers defeated the mutant.  Back at the Clock Tower, Katie told her that until they went back, that this was her home and they were her family.  Katie would never let them down again.

The Silver Guardians were Mr. Collin's latest venture into the city's safety.  A former classmate of Wes's was in the Silver Guardians.  Eric Myers eventually became the leader of the Silver Guardians and the Quantum Ranger.  Eric preferred working alone and wouldn't work together with Katie and the rest of the Time Force Rangers.

Katie and Trip were working on the clock in the tower.  Despite their efforts, the hands on the clock were not moving.  Trip noticed that the pendulum was jammed and Katie decided to walk up to fix it.  Wes stopped her on the way.  Persuading her to come back down, Wes told Katie a ghost story.  A story about Walter Brown who used to lived in the clock tower.  Walter had been in love with a young woman named Gwen, but he never found the courage to stand up for himself.  It was rumored that Walter haunted the clock tower.  Katie was enchanted with the story of a sad ghost.  That night, she was awoken by a noise.  Katie went to investigate and encountered the ghostly image of Walter Brown.  Startled and scared, Katie began to back away from the ghost and it moved steadily towards her.  Not realizing she was on the edge of the stairs, Katie fell backward.  She hit the ground hard and was unconscious for a moment.  When Katie opened her eyes again, she did not find herself in the clock tower.  She was in colonial times.  Still trying to get her bearings, she was almost knock down by a horse, when she was rescued by a young man.  The young man turned out to be Walter Brown.  Katie witnessed Walter being bullied by Drake.  She wanted to give Walter some encouragement and went to thank him for rescuing her.  Telling him how brave he was.  Walter knew that was not the case.  Katie offered to help unload a wagon for him, but Walter replied that it wasn't girl's work.  Walter quickly change his mind, when Katie hauled off six large bags for him.  Together they finished the job in no time, and when into an inn.  Katie listened as Walter talked of himself and revealed that he liked to write poetry.  Katie read some of his poems and thought they were beautiful.  Drake and his friends interrupt their conversation, by again, harassing and bulling Walter.  The taunts made Katie's blood boil and she dared Drake to an arm wrestling match.  Everyone in the inn cheered as Katie won the match.  Unfortunately, it cost Walter his job.  Katie felt bad about costing Walter his job, but Walter told her he had been planning on quitting.  Katie soon found out, that Drake was after Walter and that Walter was planning on running away.  She went to the clock tower to tried and talk to Walter - to try and get him to believe in himself and Gwen.  But Walter left anyhow.  Katie could hear Drake outside calling for Walter.  She walked out and confronted Drake.  Katie couldn't stand bullies - they made her sick.  She began fighting Drake and his buddies.  Katie got knock down by a barrel, and Drake's buddies took the opportunity to grab Katie.  Drake's buddies were holding her tightly as Drake approached, when suddenly Drake was attacked by Gwen.  As Drake made to hit Gwen, he was stopped by the voice of Walter.  Walter and Drake got into a fight, with Walter the victorious.  Walter escorted Gwen home.  Katie lead the round of applause.  The booming of the clock drew Katie's attention and the next thing she knew she was being awaken by Jen.  Jen was hollering at her about another Ransik attack.  Katie sat up, disoriented and confused.  After the battle, Katie told Wes her dream.  But Wes already knew the story of Walter and Gwen and their marriage.  Katie was confused, Wes had told her that Walter and Gwen had never gotten together.  To validate her point, she went to a trunk to pull out Walter's picture.  Instead she found a picture of Walter and Gwen together.  Somehow, she had helped Walter and changed his future for the better.  

A young photographer, Mitch, was looking for someone who was quick on their feet and strong.  Jen recommended Katie.  Katie was thrilled to take the job, she had never been on a photographic assignment before and was very excited.  As she clamored into the van with Mitch, he told her what the assignment was.  To expose the Ranger's true identities.  The charm of the job quickly wore off, as Katie contemplated what would happen to Katie and her friends, if their identities were exposed.  Mitch received a call that there was a mutant attack, and that there would likely be Rangers.  Katie watched from the van as her friends sped around the van towards the attack.  She raced along Mitch and hide behind some shrubbery.  Watching her friends battle the mutant, Katie knew she needed to help them.  Discreetly, she left Mitch and morphed into action.  After the battle, her friends were ready to demorph and Katie quickly informed them of Mitch and his plans.  Later, in Mitch's dark room, Katie was impressed with the pictures Mitch had shot and wondered why he didn't do more of them.  When Mitch replied that the Inquisitor wasn't interested in animal pictures, Katie joked not unless they were three-headed dogs or a wolf boy.  They laughed together and Mitch dismissed the photos as being harmless.  Katie took the opportunity to tell Mitch differently.  She told Mitch that maybe there was a reason the Ranger's kept their identities secret and that exposing them could put their mission in jeopardy.  But Mitch didn't want to listen.  Katie felt very frustrated at Mitch's refusal to listen.  The following day, Katie continued her job with Mitch.  Mitch sent Katie on a lunch errand, when she heard her morpher go off.  There was another mutant attack and Katie was on her way.  Artillicon was a powerful mutant and he soon had the Rangers demorph and in pain.  As Katie struggled to get up, she saw Mitch there.  She begged him not to take the picture, but Mitch took her picture.  Katie slumped to her knees, hurt that Mitch had go ahead and snap their pictures.  Katie tried one more time to get Mitch to see reason.  She waited for him in the newspaper room.  Katie pleaded the Ranger's case once again to Mitch, but he wouldn't let her have the pictures and walked away from her.  Katie heard Mitch ask a young woman to make sure his boss received the envelope.  Katie felt a wave of despair as she had failed to stop Mitch from exposing the Ranger's.  The building Katie was in, was attacked by Artillicon.  Katie helped the people within the building get to safety, when she heard a familiar voice.  Mitch was trapped within an elevator.  Suddenly the elevator began to plunge, Katie grabbed hold of the elevator cable and slowed down the elevator so that it would not crash to the bottom.  She raced to the bottom to help Mitch out of the elevator.  Mitch was astounded that Katie would help him after what he had done to her.  Katie was never one to think of just herself, and she told Mitch that was the difference between the two of them - Mitch only thought of himself.  Katie left to help her friends battle and defeat Artillicon.  Back at the clock tower, Katie and her friends were desperately packing.  There was a knock and Jen went to answer it.  It was Mitch asking for Katie.  Jen, being very protective of Katie, replied that Katie didn't want to see him.  Mitch made his way end and saw all the packing and asked why.  Katie told him that they were no longer safe, thanks to him, and had to find a new home.  Before Mitch could finished his sentence, Lucas came in with a paper - the Rangers were not on the front page.  Mitch had quit his job and handed over the photos of the Rangers to Katie.  Katie smiled as she took the envelope and saw all their pictures inside.  Katie couldn't stop smiling as a sense of relief filled her.  

Katie and Lucas were coming from an odd job.  Katie told Wes, Trip, and Jen about a movie that was shooting down the street.  Initially Jen did not want them to go, until she heard that Frankie Chan was there.  Katie inform the guys that Jen was crazy about Frankie Chan.  Excitedly the found the movie set and watch the action movie being made.  Katie preferred musicals.  The movie set was a trap set by Cinecon.  Cinecon sent the Rangers to various alternate dimensions - each one representing a different movie set.  Katie was placed into a musical.  Initially confused about where she was, she rather enjoyed all the singing and dancing.  Katie made a very lovely vision on the stage.  Once Cinecon's clapboard was destroyed, Katie and the Rangers were reunited, but still within the alternate dimension.  Katie and her friends raced through various sets, including a music video set, and the wardrobe department.  Thanks to Trip having the last page of the movie script, Katie and the rest of the Rangers were able to break free from the alternate dimension and capture Cinecon.

Katie and the rest of the Rangers were battling a mutant that had attacked Bio-Labs.  Ransik had gone there for more serum - the serum stopped him from further mutation.  Once Ransik had gotten the serum, he told the Severax to destroy the place.  Katie and the rest of the Rangers defeated Severax and were celebrating their victory, when they noticed a figure in the distance.  As the figure got closer, Katie and the rest of the Rangers recognized Alex.  At first Katie was shocked to see Alex - she, along with the rest, had assumed Alex had died.  Alex didn't waste any time in gathering the team and having them head to the Time Ship.  Once inside the Time Ship, Alex informed them that due to their actions the future had shifted and he had come to set it back.  Frax had broken away from Ransik and was building a giant robot - Dragontron.  Alex also told them that he would be taking over as the Red Ranger.  Then he told Wes that his father would died tomorrow and that Wes's destiny was to take over Bio-Labs.  Katie was stunned by the information and none of them wanted Wes to be replace.  Katie watched Wes leave the Time Ship, unable to help him in any way.  Katie, Lucas, Jen, and Trip took Alex to the clock tower.  Alex was very dismissive of their home and the way they were operating.  Alex even criticized the way they were dressed and ordered them back into their uniforms.  Once in their uniforms they felt the ground shake.  It was Dragontron.  They raced to the beach.  Alex morphed into the Red Ranger.  It was disconcerting to Katie to see Alex as the Red Ranger instead of Wes.  With Jen's encouragement, they rest of them morphed as well.  The first battle did not go well and Alex gave them a dressing down once they were back at the clock tower.  Katie couldn't take it and snap back at Alex, quickly realizing her mistake, she modified her statement.  None of them were happy to have Alex back.  Katie wonder what Alex was so mad at them.  Another battle followed with Dragontron and the Rangers were soon on the ground demorph and hurting.  Alex yell criticism at them.  Lucas lost it this time, and went up to Alex and told him that it was Alex that did not care about the future.  Katie, backing Lucas up, told Alex that if he was a real leader he would realize that they needed Wes.  Suddenly Wes was there, determined to make his own destiny.  Alex reluctantly gave the morpher to Jen who tossed it to Wes.  Working together they were able to destroy Dragontron.  At the Time Ship, Alex apologized and told them what a great team they were.  Katie, bearing no grudges, smiled at Alex as he said his good-byes.  Wes joined them, joyful that his father did not die.  Katie watched as the Time Ship rose from the ground and disappeared.

Katie had the opportunity to work with the Lightspeed Rescue Rangers.  Vypra had returned and team up with Ransik.  Vypra was after an ambulant to bring up a super demon from the shadow world.  Katie and the rest of the Rangers had no idea how to deal with demons.  Carter offered his and the rest of the Lightspeed Rescue Rangers' help.  The two teams of Rangers soon had the super demon defeated.  All the Rangers went to the clock tower where they exchanged Time Force uniforms and Lightspeed Rescue jackets.  Katie and her friends escorted the Lightspeed Rescue Rangers back home.

Things became grim for Katie and the rest of the Rangers.  Alex contacted them and warned them that the city would become under a heavy attack.  Although not clear, the history banks showed that the Rangers saved the future, but they do not survive the journey back.  Katie was stunned by the news.  Alex further informed them that he was sending the Time Ship for the four of them to return.  Wes had to stay behind, because he did not belong in their time line.  Alex couldn't send the megazord after the time holes opened, they had to return before the appearance of the time holes.  That evening Katie, Jen, Lucas, and Trip made the decision to stay.  They were a team and if Wes could make his own destiny, so could they.  Wes did not want them to stay and be destroyed, but Katie and her friends were determined to help fight.  Katie ran through their checklist as they made sure all the mutants were packed and ready for the Time Ship.  Katie watched as Jen told an anguished Alex that they were staying.  Katie, Trip, and Lucas gave her all the support they could.  On the Time Ship, they put up the mutants and made sure everything was ready to go.  Circuit informed them that Doomtron was attacking and Katie and the rest of the Rangers left.  The battle was intense.  To make matters worse, the Q-Rex and Doomtron were powered by Trizirium crystals which were opening the vortexes faster.  Demorph, Katie and her friends watched Doomtron and Q-Rex battled, not knowing what step to take next.  Wes told them he had an idea and that it would involved the Time Ship.  They raced back to the Time Ship.  Katie was bewildered when she saw Wes pushing buttons.  She questioned him - did he know what he was doing.  Katie watched as Lucas made to leave and Wes stopped him.  Wes then pushed Lucas towards them and ran out the Time Ship, locking the doors behind him.  Katie, Lucas, Jen, and Trip raced to the window of the ship.  Wes did not want them destroyed and was sending them back to where they would be safe.  Katie did not want to go and pounded the window.  But even her super strength could not shatter the window, and she felt the Time Ship lift off and Wes disappeared into a speck.

When Katie awoken, she found that they were back in the year 3000.  She had thought she would be happy to be back, but she wasn't.  Alex entered the Time Ship, and Katie, Jen, Lucas, and Trip bombarded him with questions about Wes.  They were informed that Wes fought bravely and his efforts saved the future, but he did not make it.  An incredible feeling of sadness wash over Katie.  More shocks were in store for them.  Alex was going to put them through an adaptation memory program.  It was standard procedure for time travel.  They would have no memories of the year 2001.  Katie, Lucas, Trip, and Jen did not want to lose their memories of their time in the year 2001 or of Wes.  They were lead into the room for the procedure.  Katie stepped into a tube - thoughts full of Wes.  Katie saw Jen walked out of her tube and she did the same.  Followed by Lucas and Trip.  They could not stay and live their lives, knowing it had cost Wes's his.  Katie, Lucas, Trip, and Jen were going back to help Wes.  And now they had use of the megazord to help them. 

Katie, Jen, Lucas, and Trip arrived in time to save Wes.  They took care of the thousands of cyclobots that were attacking Wes.  Afterwards, they walk towards Wes and demorph.  Katie could tell that Wes was surprised to see them.  They surrounded Wes and told him that he wasn't the only one who could change his destiny, they all could.  Wes accepted their decision and they began to form a plan to save Silver Hills.  They neutralized the Trizirium crystal in the Q-Rex and then proceeded to destroy Doomtron.  Only Ransik and Nadira were left.  (Gluto had frozen himself, and Frax had been piloting Doomtron and was destroyed along with it.)  Ransik proved to be a formable opponent and one by one the Rangers found themselves demorph and in a great deal of pain.  Jen lured Ransik into an abandoned building.  Gathering their strength, Katie, Lucas, Trip, and Wes followed them into the building.  When they arrived, they found Ransik holding Nadira in his arms.  Ransik had mistakenly shot at Nadira instead of Jen.  Nadira no longer wanted to fight humans and in those moments with her father, she managed to make Ransik see things in a different light.  Nadira also had a baby in her arms which she passed to her father.  Ransik, still holding the baby, turn and faced the Rangers.  Katie stepped forward as Ransik passed the infant to her.  Ransik then announced that he was ready to pay for his crimes.  Katie could only stare at Ransik, stunned by the turn of events.  Ransik had finally been capture and there was now no reason for Katie, Lucas, Trip, and Jen to stay.  They gathered at the beach along with Wes, Eric, Mr. Collins, and the Silver Guardians.  Katie tried to keep her tears under control as she watched Wes and Lucas say good-bye.  Unable to wait, Katie rushed forward and gave Wes a bone-crushing hug.  When Wes began to protest, Katie apologized.  Wes apologized as well, he was going to miss her hugs.  They held each other for one gentle moment, and then Katie walked away and quietly vanished back to the year 3000.

Katie enjoyed being back with her family and friends.  She continued working for Time Force, as did her friends, Lucas, Trip, and Jen.  A year had passed.  Trip contacted Katie and Lucas and informed them that the fugitives that Jen had been tracking before they lost contact with her, was now in the year 2002.  Trip also told Katie and Lucas that Wes, Eric, and the Wild Force Rangers needed their help and he knew who could help them.  Katie rode along with Lucas to a daycare.  Katie could see Nadira outside with some kids.  Nadira was thrilled to see them and gave Katie a big hug.  Katie was happy to see Nadira looking so well, much better than the last time she had seen her.  Lucas told Nadira that they needed her help.  Together, along with Trip, they went to the prison where Ransik was.  Katie followed Trip inside.  She saw Nadira hugging her father and the look of surprise of Ransik's face when he spotted her, Trip, and Lucas there.

Trip explained to Ransik that they needed his help.  Katie was excited about going to the year 2002.  She boarded the Time Ship with Lucas and Trip.  When they landed, Katie raced to greet her friends, Wes and Jen.  Katie and Jen hugged each other.  The happy reunion was cut short, once Jen spotted Ransik and Nadira.  Katie and Trip just managed to stop Jen from drawing her weapon.  Trip explained that Ransik was here to help.  Katie listened as Ransik explained that he wanted to help, and Cole convinced Jen that Ransik was telling the truth.  Katie and the rest of the Rangers went to the Animarium, where Ransik explained how he had created the MutOrgs.  The following morning brought the news that Master Org and the MutOrgs were at the power plant.  Katie and the rest of the Rangers went to the power plant.  There they split into groups.  Katie went with Eric and Taylor to the reactor room.  They were waiting for a signal when they were attacked by a group of putrids.  Katie fought them off, trying to prevent them from polluting the city.  When they received word from Max that the reactor had been shut down, Taylor fired a blast towards the machinery.  Katie, Eric, and Taylor meet up with the rest of the Rangers to battle the Orgs.  Ransik had destroyed the mutant half.  Katie morphed into action and she and Taylor fought together.  All the Rangers gathered for a fatal blow and the Orgs were destroyed.  Katie and the rest of the Rangers went to where Ransik and Nadira were.  To the surprise of everyone, Ransik revealed that he had been healed.  Later, Katie and the rest of the Rangers gathered for a picnic Princess Shayla and Circuit had put together.  Everyone was in high spirits and there was much laughter.  Katie and Danny went into an arm-wrestling match.  Katie was grinning the entire time, as she watched Danny try to overpower her.  With Trip's encouragement to go ahead and beat him, Katie soon had Danny off his seat and on the ground.  Katie laughed with happiness.

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