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Tanya Sloan - The Yellow Zeo Power Ranger and The First Yellow Turbo Power  Ranger

During her quest for the Zeo Crystal, Aisha Campbell was befriended by another young girl.  This young girl helped Aisha immensely.  And when Aisha decided to stay in Africa, Tanya Sloan step in to fill her shoes.  Tanya Sloan became the new Yellow Zeo Ranger. 

Although Tanya was the "new girl", she was very capable of standing on her own two feet.  A confident woman, she easily took on the Machine Empire and later on Divatox.

During her days as a Ranger, Tanya became close friends with Kat.   Tanya was protective of Kat.  They would share the Zeo and Turbo eras together.  Tanya was also a good friends to the guys of the group as well and they became a close group.  When Tommy and Kat needed help with an desert terrium they were working on, Tanya hooked them up with a friend of hers.  She would befriend Jason when he stepped in to take the gold power for awhile.  Tanya made friends at the Angel Grove High as well.  Tanya soon acquired a new boyfriend by the name of Shawn.  He would prove to be handful to Tanya.  Especially when Shawn made plans on cheating on his exams so that he could remain Captain of the baseball team.  And then, he became jealous of Tanya when she showed a natural talent for pitching.

Tanya balances her life by having fun.  Hanging out Ernie's Beach Club is always relaxing.  Being an extra in a sci-fi movie was a lot of fun.   Not only can Tanya play baseball, she enjoys snowboarding as well.  She was also a big help when Ernie decided to set up a multicultural holiday banquet.

Tanya is very intelligent as well.  She really enjoyed her computer lab classes.  Tanya was also able to find her missing parents with a clue from a package she had receive.

Not only lovely, but a very talented singer as well.  Tanya is willing to help others with their singing as well.  Tanya was busy helping Tommy with a musical number when Gasket decided to put a spin on things.  Tanya and Tommy couldn't talk, they could only sing.  Thankfully the other Rangers were able to set things right.   But this was just one of numerous plots against Tanya.  She was also reduced to a size of an insect.

Soon a new evil force had arrived in the form of Divatox.  The Rangers would need stronger power to defeat this villain.  Thus, Tanya became the first Yellow Turbo Ranger.  There was more new things waiting ahead.  Rocky had injured his back and was unable to become the Blue Turbo Ranger.  Much to Tanya and the other's amazement, Zordon selected Justin to become the new Blue Turbo Ranger.   Soon, Zordon left and Dimitria. took his place.

After dedicating a big portion of her life to fighting evil, it was time for Tanya to move on to other things.  Tanya passed her Turbo powers onto Ashley.  She enjoys working at the radio station being surrounded by music.   Tanya still keeps up with her singing and performs whenever she can.

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