Taylor Earhardt - The Yellow Wild Force Power Ranger

When Taylor Earhardt was a young girl, she enjoyed the story of the Animarium.  On a plane trip with her mother, Taylor happily drew pictures from her story book of Animarium.  She took a peek out the window and to her amazement, she saw Animarium.  Taylor quickly shock her mother awake to take a look, but Animarium was hidden once again.  When Taylor became a young woman, she joined the Armed Forces.  She was an excellent pilot and was very loyal to her squadron.  Even keeping a picture of her squadron at all times.  Taylor was in her jet and among the clouds when something caught her eye.  She relayed a message for permission to follow this amazing sight.  Taylor had found an enormous, unique, eagle soaring along with her jet.  Her jet was in trouble and she had to land.  Taylor found herself on Animarium.  She eagerly explore the place - confirming her belief that Animarium did exist.  Out of a pond, arose a young woman.  Princess Shayla welcome Taylor to the Animarium and told her she had been chosen by the eagle to become a guardian of the Earth - if she accepted.  Taylor did and became the Yellow Wild Force Ranger.

For a time, Taylor was the only Wild Force Ranger.  The second member of the team became Alyssa.  Taylor is very proud of Alyssa's accomplishments in Turtle Cove University.  It was just the two of them, when they helped out a young man.  The young man was Max - who would became the Blue Wild Force Ranger and the third person selected.  After Taylor and Alyssa had rescued Max, Taylor had saw how young Max looked.  She was concerned about having someone so young on their team.  She informed Princess Shayla, with her growl phone, that they had found Max.  Taylor also question Princess Shayla about Max - telling her he was just a kid.  Max proved he was more than capable of being a Wild Force Ranger.  The three Rangers were soon joined by Danny.  They worked well as a team.  They fought several Orgs together.  But the Orgs were becoming stronger and everyone except Taylor felt they needed another Ranger.  Cole was brought to the team and became their leader.  Taylor resented Cole's leadership - she had held the team together before his arrival.  Even taking it upon herself to write a Ranger Handbook.  Taylor was also a little hurt by Danny, Max, and Alyssa's quick acceptance of Cole as their leader.  Through some difficulties together, Taylor accepted Cole's leadership within the team and becoming friends with him.  Showing Cole a picture of her squadron when she noticed him agonizing over a picture of his parents.

Taylor keeps her mind and body in shape by jogging whenever she can.  She also enjoys reading and can be found reading books, newspapers, and Fighter Jet magazines.    Taylor gets along well with the other Rangers, but she especially enjoys teasing Max.  Calling him a kid whenever she gets a chance.

In addition to the eagle zord, Taylor also had the polar bear and black bear zords.

Max, Danny, Cole, and Alyssa were feeling very confident with the addition of several zords to the original five.  Taylor was a bit more cautious - feeling that there could be something else out there.  There was.  Zen-Aku was freed and set upon revenge against the Rangers.  Zen-Aku put Taylor and the rest of the Rangers through many trying times.  Zen-Aku had taken the elephant and giraffe zords and even had his own dark zords he could call upon. 

Taylor is very protective of the more naive Princess Shayla.  When Princess Shayla wanted to investigate where Zen-Aku had first been seen, Taylor went along.  They found the tomb in which Zen-Aku had been sealed in.  They examine the tomb and soon they were attacked by Motorcycle Org.  As Taylor battled Motorcycle Org, Zen-Aku showed up and took the Princess.  Using her growl phone, Taylor phoned the other Rangers with the news.  Danny, Max, Alyssa, and Cole arrived where Taylor was waiting for them.  Taylor was a little dishearten.  She told them that she had battled Motorcycle Org before.  It was her first outing as a Ranger and she choked.  Princess Shayla used her magic to help her.  Taylor has a tendency to be a little too hard on herself and she demonstrated this now.  Feeling she had failed her friends and Princess Shayla.  Cole was quick to point out that although Motorcycle Org was stronger, so was she.  The Rangers found both Motorcycle Org and Zen-Aku.  Taylor fought Motorcycle Org while the others battled Zen-Aku.  Taylor found that she had indeed become an even more powerful Ranger and was able to defeat Motorcycle Org.  But she still had to contend with Zen-Aku.  Taylor fought bravely but found herself demorph and on the ground in pain.  She also lost her black bear and polar bear crystals to Zen-Aku.  Zen-Aku's taunt of usually a Ranger loses one crystal, not two hurt Taylor deeply.  Zen-Aku left and Taylor berated herself.  With a voice full of tears and anger at herself, she told her friends that she was not worthy to be a Ranger.  

A sense of gloom descended upon Taylor, Max, and Alyssa.  But Cole and Danny pulled them together, but vowing that they will get their crystals back.  Zen-Aku was beginning to confuse them.  Zen-Aku had been concerned the safety of a wolf pup, attacked Lawnmower Org, and the Lord of the Wild Zords - Animus spoke to him.  Taylor and her friends tried to figure out the puzzle of Zen-Aku and it was Taylor who suggested that perhaps Zen-Aku was human.  Another encounter with Zen-Aku proved that Taylor was right.   With the moon hidden, Zen-Aku reverted back to his human form - Merrick.  Merrick told them the story of the wolf mask and how it had transform him into Zen-Aku.  Taylor and the rest of the Rangers wanted to help Merrick and break the curse.  Taylor and the rest of the Rangers were able to break the curse by destroying the dark zords.  Merrick was freed from the curse, but felt he had done too much evil to join the Rangers.  Merrick was able to return the stolen animal crystals back to Taylor, Alyssa, and Max.

Quietly observing the Princess, Taylor came to her own conclusions about the Princess and Merrick.  She shared them with her friends.  Taylor told the rest of the Rangers that Princess Shayla and Merrick were in love.  There were more encounters with the Rangers and Merrick.  Taylor and the rest of the Rangers asked Merrick to join them at the Animarium.  Instead Merrick stayed in Turtle Cove and found himself a job and place at Willie's Roadhouse.   Merrick would continue to help Taylor and the rest of the Rangers.  Before he left, Taylor tossed him a jacket.  She couldn't help smiling and telling him it was from Princess Shayla. 

Taylor, Max, and Danny received a call from Alyssa.  Quickly they meet Alyssa and could tell she had been hurt.  As they form a protective circle, Alyssa inform them that during an attack by Signal Org had cause Cole to lose his memory.  They could not find Cole and return that evening to Animarium.  Taylor could see that Alyssa was still distraught over Cole.  She sat next to Alyssa and tried to comfort her.  Promising that they would go out and look for Cole again first thing in the morning.  The following morning, Taylor, Alyssa, Max, and Danny went on a search for Cole.  Taylor was not having any luck finding him.  She received a call from Max and Danny.  They had found Cole at a farm.  Taylor and Alyssa made their way to the farm.  Peeking through a crack in the barn walls, Taylor could see Cole and another young girl.  Watching Cole milk cows irritated Taylor and she inform her friends it was time to get Cole before he really believe he was a farm boy.  Taylor was stopped by Alyssa.  Alyssa believe that Cole was happy and maybe that it would be better to leave him where he was.  Alyssa then show them all what was inside the manila envelope she had been carrying.  Taylor took the sheet of paper and was stunned by what she was reading.  It was a copy of a newspaper article claiming that Cole, along with his parents were presumed dead.  Taylor quickly composed herself as Danny and Max began to agreed with Alyssa.  Despite that sorrow it would cause, Taylor strongly believe that Cole had a right to know about his parents.  Plus the fact that he had chosen to follow the path of Red Ranger.  Cole was their leader and they needed him.  Her friends quietly agreed.  Taylor went to the front of the barn where Cole and the young girl was.  With her friends behind her, Taylor told Cole that they were his friends.  Taylor thanked the young girl for taking care of Cole and that they would take care of him now.  Cole was hesitant at first, but looking at the young group changed his mind.  They began to walk together and Cole asked them what they wanted.  Taylor told him that he had lost his memory and that they wanted to help him.  They were trying to get him back to the Animarium when they were attacked again by Signal Org.  Taylor, Max, Danny, and Alyssa tried to protect Cole while battling Signal Org and it was difficult.  Cole insisted upon helping them and Taylor was more than ready to give him a chance.  Handing him his growl phone, she told Cole what to do.  During the battle with Signal Org, Cole regain his memory.  After the defeat of Signal Org, Taylor, Alyssa, Max, and Danny had the difficult task of telling Cole about the newspaper article.  In support of their friend, they went with him to the graveyard where the tombstones for his parents were.  Cole was consumed with grief over the fact that he would never see his parents.  Taylor could not stand to see Cole so broken up and told him that his parents could still be alive.  Cole showed Taylor the article again, but Taylor pointed out that the paper also stated that he was dead, but that he was not.  Just maybe his parents were alive and lost in the jungle as he had been.  The small glimmer of hope Taylor offered help Cole to not give up. 

Taylor and the rest of the Rangers were battling Super Nayzor.  During the battle Super Nayzor had Taylor, Alyssa, Danny, and Max knocked to the ground.  Taylor demorph along with Danny, Max, and Alyssa and was in a lot of pain.  Animus appeared and returned the Rangers to the Animarium where Princess Shayla cared for the four injured Rangers.  When Taylor opened her eyes, she did not find herself at the Animarium, instead she was in some strange place.  Taylor saw that Max, Alyssa, and Danny were with her and then the unsettling sight of the four of them still asleep on the ground.  A young boy approached them and told them of a wild zord that had not been seen for 3000 years.  If the Rangers could solve the puzzle in a certain time, they would gain the power of the zord.  Taylor accepted the challenged and they worked frantically on the puzzle.  The stones they were standing on were shaking and falling and they almost lost Max and Alyssa, but Taylor and her friends kept working.  Taylor felt the ground go and herself falling along with her friends.  Taylor and her friends would not give up.  Falling through the air, they used their strength to come together and put the puzzle together.  Taylor and her friends were able to join Merrick and Cole and help them defeat Super Nayzor.  Later Cole questioned them about what had happened.  Taylor, along with her friends had only vague memories of what had occurred.  Taylor came to the conclusion that perhaps they were not supposed to remember.

Taylor was enjoying her new car.  She couldn't resist a call to Alyssa to tell her about it as she put her car through its paces.  Taylor heard sirens and glance in the rearview mirror.  It was a Silver Guardians vehicle and she had to pull over.  Taylor tried to talk her way out of a ticket, but got one anyways.  Later in the day, Taylor and the rest of the Rangers arrived to help two Time Force Rangers battle three orgs.  When the Time Force Rangers demorph, Taylor recognized the Quantum Ranger as the guy who had given her the ticket.  She immediately went on the defense and told him the least he could do was thank them.  But Eric was about to thank anyone.  As Wes thank them for their help with the mutant, Taylor and her friends were confused.  The creatures weren't mutants, they were orgs.  Wes and Eric left soon after.  Back at the Animarium, Taylor was still fuming over Eric's comments.  The rest of the Rangers told Princess Shayla what had happened and about the other Rangers.  Max finally had something to tease Taylor about, as he teased her about liking the Quantum Ranger.  Taylor was furious at Max and the rest and storm off.  She was getting ready to ride in her car again, when Wes and Eric approached her.  Taylor couldn't help giving Eric a hard time, now that they needed her help.  But she wanted to defeat the orgs as well, and took them to the Animarium.  Her golden eagle zord soared above the three, and Taylor boasted about her zord to them.  Taylor, Cole, Max, Alyssa, Danny, Eric, Wes, and Princess Shayla tried to figure out what the next step should be in defeating the three orgs.  Taylor watched as Wes and Eric put a viewing screen up.  Taylor felt her mouth drop as a green haired man appeared on the screen.  Trip informed the Rangers that the creatures were half mutant and half org.  Taylor noticed Eric's glance and smirk her way and it exasperated her even more.  Back in Silver Hills, Taylor watched Max and Danny goofed around.  Eric made a comment about her friends.  Taylor told him that her friends drive her crazy at times.  She was surprised when Eric told her that his friends used to drive him crazy.  Soon Taylor found herself and the rest of the Rangers battling the MutOrgs.  It was a tough battle and it looked like it was the end for Wes, when a hooded figure appeared and saved Wes.  Taylor didn't know who the young woman was, but Wes obviously recognized her and called her Jen.  Jen urged Wes and the rest of the Rangers to get going and they all left in a big hurry.

Taylor returned with the others to the Animarium.  Princess Shayla was waiting for them.  The viewing screen had received a beep and there was a bird on the screen.  Circuit informed them that Katie, Lucas, and Trip were on their way.  Taylor went with her friends, Wes, Eric, and Jen to the beach and watched the Time Ship land.  She was surprised when not only Katie, Lucas, and Trip emerged, but two other people as well.  They were Ransik and Nadira.  Ransik wanted to make up for his past.  They all returned to the Animarium where Ransik explained how he had created the MutOrgs.  Jen agreed to let Ransik and Nadira help the Rangers.  Afterwards, most of the Rangers were asleep.  Taylor noticed Eric working on his weapon.  She commented to him that he was always working and asked to look at the quantum defender.  Taylor sat down next to Eric as he handed her his quantum defender.  She tested it out and Eric was quick to tell her it wasn't a toy.  Taylor let Eric know that she had been in the military and could probably teach him a few things about the quantum defender.  Eric had seemed rather pleased with her response.  The next day the MutOrgs, along with Master Org, were at the Power Plant.  Everyone was ready.  They went to the Power Plant where they divided into different groups.  Taylor was with Katie and Eric.  They located the reactor room and waited for the signal to defuse the reactor.  While waiting, they were attacked by putrids.  Taylor battled hard along with Katie and Eric.  She received the okay from Max and using Eric's quantum defender put out the reactor.  Taylor, Katie, and Eric left to join up with the rest of the Rangers.  Merrick had joined them as well.  Taylor and Katie fought together.  The Rangers defeated the three Orgs.  Taylor followed the group to where Nadira was waiting with her father.  Ransik had been badly hurt tackling the three MutOrgs and destroying the mutant part of them.  Taylor was surprised to see that Ransik had been healed.  His face no longer half hidden.  Taylor and the rest of the group joined Princess Shayla and Circuit for a picnic and celebration.  Everyone enjoyed themselves.  Never one without a book, Taylor found herself a quiet place and read.  She couldn't resist a small grin when she noticed Eric walked by.  Eric question her as he made his way behind her.  Taylor felt herself being tickle and soon the book was in Eric's hands.  Something she couldn't let him get away with.

Taylor and the rest of the Rangers were on their way to the hospital.  Alyssa had found out that Dr. Adler had been found and was at the hospital.  Taylor and her friends tried to slow down Cole.  They wanted him to be prepared in case their was bad news about his friends.  Cole wanted to know the truth - either way.  Taylor followed Cole into the Dr. Adler's room and saw an empty bed.  There was a man standing at the end of the room.  Taylor watched as Cole approached him and started talking.  Taylor received a shock when Dr. Adler's eyes turned yellow as he embraced Cole.  Before, she could do anything, Taylor was captured, along with the rest of the Rangers.  Taylor awoke to find herself in tangle of vines and covered in slime.  No matter how hard she tried, she could not freed herself.  Max, Danny, and Alyssa were also trapped within the vines.  Cole was on the ground and slowly getting up.  Dr. Adler revealed himself as Master Org and put Cole through a brutal battle.  Unable to physically help, Taylor offered words of encouragement to Cole.  When a blow was coming, Taylor shouted out a warning.  Cole used his armor to deflect the blow.  Merrick showed up and he started freeing the Rangers.  Once Max was freed, he began to work on freeing Taylor.  By the time Taylor and the rest of the Rangers were free, the battle was over.  Taylor leap back with the rest of her friends, when it looked like Master Org was going to deal another blow.  But Master Org no longer had any powers.  Taylor and the rest of the Rangers left him.  Taylor and her friends offered Cole moral support as he visited the graves of his parents.  

Taylor and her friends thought things would be easier with Master Org gone, but they were wrong.  Mandilok had set two Orgs upon Turtle Cove.  The Orgs were hungry and were eating the city.  Taylor and the rest of the Rangers try to figure out where the Orgs would appear next.  Taylor was confident that they would appear where there was new construction.  She was right.  Taylor and the rest of the Rangers destroyed the Orgs.  Princess Shayla and Merrick informed the Rangers about the memorial dedicated to the ancient warriors and zords that fought in the battle of Animarium.  Taylor helped her friends moved the memorial away from the city and they paid silent homage.

Taylor was at the Animarium with Cole, Danny, Alyssa and Princess Shayla, trying to figure out how Animus could appear at their last battle.  Much to Taylor's disbelief Max walked in with Kite.  A mysterious young boy, Cole had befriended.  Taylor let Max know that Kite was no allowed in the Animarium.  Max telling Taylor that Kite was hungry, didn't gain her sympathy, although it did Alyssa's.  Taylor tried to relax, but was unable to because Max and Kite were chasing each all over the Animarium and around her.  Cole told Kite that he needed to find his parents.  Max volunteered to help Kite.  Taylor watched the two leave in exasperation.  A kid watching a kid was not going to work, and she found herself volunteering to watch over the both of them.  They walked around Turtle Cove and were close to a carnival.  Kite and Max told Taylor that being inside the carnival would help Kite remember.  Before Taylor could say anything, they were off.  She ended up buying the tickets - since she was dubbed the babysitter.  Taylor reluctantly climbed into a roller coaster.  She searched the front of her seat, trying to find the controls.  When Max informed her there weren't any, she tried to climb out.  But Max wouldn't let her.  Taylor grabbed the handle bar tightly and did not enjoyed the ride at all.  Once on ground, she clutched her stomach as she tried to find her balance again.  Max and Kite couldn't stop grinning at her, and she informed them she only like flying when she is in control.  They were soon at the arcade where Taylor watched Max and Kite play a whacking gator game.  She had to show them how it was done and soon was having a blast thumbing several gator's heads.  But to her dismay, Max and Kite had left and did not see her triumph.  Taylor went to look for them and found Max facing Jindrax, Jindrax's  brother Juggelo, and several putrids surrounding Kite.  Taylor and Max go into action and the rest of the Rangers, including Merrick, show up to help.  Taylor and the rest of the Rangers destroy Juggelo and Jindrax had returned to his normal size.  Taylor and her friends located Kite.  She watches Max and Kite together and can't help telling them that it was a long day watching the two of them.  Max tries to coax her into admitting that she had fun.  She did have fun, but only because she had to go down to their level.  The familiar tease about being a kid has Max defending himself.  They are both surprised when Kite informs them that Max is an adult and that being with them is like being with grandparents.  Taylor joins Max in chasing Kite around, when Kite suddenly stops.  Taylor watches as Kite approaches Merrick and Merrick introduces himself to Kite.  Kite tells Merrick that he has the feeling he had meet Merrick long ago.  This leaves Taylor and her friends more confused about Kite.

Kite stayed at the Animarium with the Rangers.  Taylor was always woken now by the deer song, Princess Shayla and Merrick played to the deer zord.  Another Org made an appearance.  Lion Tamer Org soon had the megazord under his spell.  The Rangers called on the Congozord and the deer zord to help.  Merrick had shown up with his Predazord.  The Lion Tamer Org soon had them under his spell as well.  Taylor and the Rangers were at a loss at what to do.  To her surprise, Kite showed up and began talking to the zords.  Taylor and the rest of the Rangers wanted to get Kite to safety, but he wouldn't listen.  Taylor could feel powerful winds around her and suddenly the spell was broken.  Taylor raced to Kite's side, as the small boy collapse.  She held onto him along with Max.  They gently handed Kite to Merrick and soon had the Lion Tamer Org defeated.  Taylor and her friends meet up with Merrick.  Merrick still held the sleeping Kite.  Merrick assured them he was all right.  Merrick also told them that he had felt that powerful wind before, 3000 years ago.  Taylor was confused as to how that can be.

Taylor and her friends were back at the Animarium.  They found Kite watching TV.  Kite was watching so intently, that Taylor thought Kite might be remembering something and asked him.  Kite whirled around and accused all the Rangers of not caring about the Earth.  That struck a cord within Taylor, and she turn Kite around and raised her voice to Kite.  Telling him it was not way for a kid to talk.  Kite did not care, he was angry about the pollution and blamed them for not doing more.  Kite walked out in anger.  Alyssa accused Taylor of yelling at Kite - Taylor was surprised.  She could see the other Rangers felt the way and she watched as they left to go look for Kite.  Taylor said she would wait for Kite at the Animarium.  She paced around, worrying about Kite.  Knowing he hadn't eaten and that it would soon be lunch.  Taylor told herself again and again that Kite would be okay and that he would return.  But the worry wouldn't leave.  The fountain erupted.  Taylor was eager to battle the Org and told Princess Shayla to inform the others.  Taylor meet with the rest of the Rangers onto a playing field.  Mandilok was there, along with Toxica and Jindrax and to her surprise, Kite.  Taylor knew that Kite was only a kid and didn't know what he was doing, and without a second thought, flew into action.  She soon found herself tangling with Monitor Org.  Taylor was in trouble, but her friends helped her out.  Taylor and the rest of the Rangers, including Merrick, were able to defeat Monitor Org.  Kite still did not want anything to do with them.  Mandilok urged Kite to reveal his true form.  Taylor watched in amazement as Kite walked and then lifted up into the air.  Kite revealed himself to be Animus.  Taylor berated herself for being so mean to Kite.  Animus was angry with all humans and refused to align himself with them any longer.  Animus took all the animal zords away from the Rangers.  Taylor was distraught, how could they battle the Orgs without their zords.  Animus did not care, it was their problem.  Taylor and her friends could only watch helplessly as their zords vanished along with Animus.

Taylor and the rest of the Rangers returned to the Animarium.  There they receive a urgent call from Cole.  Cole had found Princess Shayla and brought her to them.  With no zords, Princess Shayla had returned to a deep sleep.  This only made Taylor feel worse.  Taylor and her friends all felt that they had failed Animus and Princess Shayla.  Taylor wandered through the Animarium - searching the skies.  It was disquieting not to see her eagle soaring through the skies.  Her disappointment in herself deepen.  She returned to Max, Danny, and Alyssa.  Alyssa informed them that there was another Org attacking.  Taylor did not want to go - they would only lose without their zords.  Alyssa was furious with them and began to tell them that they were still Rangers and they still needed to protect the Earth.  Taylor wouldn't even look at Alyssa.  Alyssa told them they couldn't give up.  Taylor watch as first, Danny, then Max began to repeat the phrase never give up.  Taylor joined in on the phrase - and gaining strength from the familiar phrase.  Taylor, Danny, Max, Alyssa left to battle Toy Org.  They were joined by Cole.  Taylor and the rest of the Rangers had a tough time, but they continued.  There were people in the area and some had gotten hurt.  Taylor watched as the uninjured people left.  Taylor couldn't speak for a moment.  Then the people returned with tools to help rescue the trapped people.  The sight reinforced Taylor's strength.  The Rangers told them to get to safety and they continued with their battle.  Merrick joined them - he still had his zords.  Taylor was surprised and thrilled to see Princess Shayla as well.  Princess Shayla informed Taylor and the rest of the Rangers that they would always be connected to their zords and to call on them to help Merrick.  Taylor and her friends did as Princess Shayla instructed and their zords and Animus helped Merrick defeat Toy Org.  Afterwards, the Rangers went to the Animarium Memorial where Animus was waiting for them.  Animus revealed himself to be the young boy Taylor, Danny, Max, and Alyssa had encountered in the Dark Dimension.  Taylor realized that when they saved themselves they also saved Animus.  Animus had taken the zords to test the Rangers and they had passed.  The zords were returned to Taylor and the rest of the Rangers.  Animus left among golden streaks of light.  Taylor watched Animus leave - more determined than ever to continue protecting the Earth.

Taylor and the rest of the Ranger's resolve was put to the test.  Mandilok had summoned a new Org - Onikage.  Onikage has many ninja powers that he used to full effect.  While Taylor and her friends slept, Onikage, Toxica, and Jindrax - wearing special ninja suits - appeared in the Animarium.  Taylor was startled out of her sleep by Toxica screaming.  Toxica had touched the scared water and it shocked her.  Taylor and the rest of the Rangers were surprised to see Toxica, Jindrax, and Onikage in the Animarium.  After some snide comments by Onikage, Taylor and her friends morphed into action and were able to prevent them from taking Princess Shayla.  Later, they left to battle Orgs.  Taylor and her friends were surprised to see previous Orgs that they had defeated before.  The defeated Orgs were simply an illusion as Merrick demonstrated when he showed up to help them.  Taylor and her friends were distressed to find that Princess Shayla had been taken while they were battling.  Taylor and her the rest of the Rangers were stunned during a battle to see Mandilok used Toxica as shield and have her destroyed.  The Rangers returned to the Animarium depressed that they were unable to rescue the Princess.  Desperate to rescue the Princess Shayla, they followed Onikage's orders to meet them at an quarry.  There it was revealed that Onikage was actually working for Master Org who had returned.  Master Org destroyed Mandilok.  Onikage began to focus on the Rangers.  Taylor and her friends were soon fighting shadows of themselves.  Everything they did to the shadows reflected back to them.  Jindrax had shown up as well and gave a heart felt speech stating he no longer wanted to be an Org.  Onikage went to destroyed him, but Jindrax managed to cast the spell back to Onikage and Onikage's shadow appeared.  Onikage was soon busy battling his own shadow.  Taylor and her friends destroyed Onikage's shadow - which destroyed Onikage as well as their shadows.  Taylor and the rest of the Rangers still had a battle on their hands.  Master Org restored Onikage.  Onikage transfer the Rangers to the Spirit World.  Taylor and her friends were kept busy battling previously battled Orgs and an enormous Onikage.  When they tried to summon their zords, they were unable to.  Unknown to Taylor and her friends, help was on the way.  the Pegasus Megazord managed to destroyed Onikage and return the Rangers to their world.  Although injured, Taylor and her friends vowed with renew vigor that they would rescue the Princess and destroyed Master Org once and for all.

Taylor and her friends continued their search for Princess Shayla.  They knew that she was hidden in the Nexus - but were not sure where or even how to find it.  Help came in the surprise form of Toxica and Jindrax.  They offered to help the Rangers.  Taylor was immediately distrusting of the duo - but there was not much choice.  Toxica informed the Rangers that Nexus was guarded by a force field.  Taylor and the rest of the Rangers needed to find the pillars of light and destroyed the statues that guard them.  Once the lights were gone, Toxica and Jindrax could enter the maze - only Orgs could navigate the maze - and rescue the Princess.  Taylor and the rest of the Rangers split up into pairs.  Taylor left with Cole and they soon found one of the pillars of light.  To their surprise Retinax was guarding the statue as well.  Taylor was not surprised that Toxica left out that bit of information.  Taylor and Cole battled hard against Retinax.  At one point, Taylor soared into the sky - ready to destroyed the statue.  But Retinax grabbed her ankle and knocked her back down to the guard.  Taylor did not give up and continued battling with all her might.  She got hold of Retinax and urged Cole to go after the statue - reminding him to remember their mission and not to worry about her.  Once the statue was destroyed, the light was gone.  The two remaining pillars of light were destroyed by the other Rangers.  They gathered together in one big group.  Taylor and the rest of the Rangers had destroyed the pillars, but still had three Orgs to battle.  Working together and using all their strength, they managed to destroyed the Orgs.  Immediately they set off for the Princess.  They found her with Jindrax and Toxica - who had rescue her.  Taylor could not believe they had finally defeated the Orgs.  Toxica and Jindrax were quick to remind the Rangers that they were the two most powerful Duke Orgs and it was not over until they said it was over - which they did.  Taylor was highly amused by Jindrax's comment about their rivalry.  Tongue-in-cheek, she told him that he was a worthy opponent.  With her friends and a light heart, Taylor watch Toxica and Jindrax head for the road.

Taylor and her friends headed back to the Animarium for a party to celebrate the defeat of the Orgs.  Taylor set up a camera and took a group shot of them all.  During the party, Max shouted out the Power Rangers were over.  That statement put an end to the party atmosphere.  Taylor tried to sort out her feelings on the fact that she would no longer be Ranger.  Taylor and Cole ended up in Turtle Cove staring out at the city.  Cole asked Taylor if she was going back to the Air Force.  She didn't know, the point of joining the Air Force was to find the Animarium.  Cole wanted to know what they were going to do.  Taylor replied that they would do what everyone else does - keep on living.  As the continued their walk, they received a call from Cole's growl phone.  Much to Taylor's surprise another huge Org spirit had appeared.  Taylor and Cole joined the rest of the Rangers where the city was covered in vines and deserted.  Taylor was stunned to see Master Org walking towards them.  Master Org was extremely powerful.   Animus showed up to help the Rangers.   Taylor and the rest of the Rangers quickly morphed into action but were unable to defeat Master Org.  Princess Shayla appeared and urged the Rangers to get to the safety of the Animarium.  Only Merrick stayed behind.  Back at the Animarium Taylor received another shock when Merrick showed up with Animus/Kite in his arms.  Kite apologized for not being strong enough to defeat Master Org and urged them to remember that they were the guardians of the earth.  Kite then vanished in a golden shower.  Taylor and her friends were distressed over the loss of Animus.  Taylor felt a surge of terror as she could hear and feel large footsteps on the Animarium.  Master Org was on the Animarium.  Taylor and the rest of the Rangers watched in shock as Master Org destroyed the falcon zord.  The other zords were still willing to fight.  The Rangers formed the Congo zord and went into battle.  It was a battle they lost as Master Org destroyed all the zords that formed the Congo zord.  Taylor was the ground and watched as her bear crystals exploded. She gathered herself back up and a surge of pride went through her.  Taylor's eagle zord was ready to battle.  Taylor urged it on, but the megazord was also destroyed by Master Org.  The shock of losing the eagle zord was almost more than she could bear.  Then, the Animarium began to tilt and Taylor started to hang on for her life as the Animarium began to descend towards Turtle Cove.

Taylor and the Rangers gathered in one spot and Taylor held onto some tree roots.  The Animarium landed in the lake of Turtle Cove.  The rain was pouring with lighting and thunder as well.  Taylor and her friends ran for cover.  Danny had spotted Master Org in the city.  Taylor didn't know what they could do since they couldn't even morph.  Her friends refuse to give up and their determination gave Taylor the courage to continue.  She left with the others to battle Master Org.  They knew they had to defeat Master Org.  Master Org sent putrids to attack them.  Taylor went after a few.  She saw Cole swinging on a vine to rescue a small boy.  Taylor gathered his jacket and knock aside a few more putrids as she and the rest of the Rangers raced to the top of a building where they faced off Master Org.  Master Org blew at them and they got knock off their feet.  Taylor was easing herself up when she saw and heard first Cole, than Alyssa face off Master Org.  Alyssa had commented that Orgs had no heart, while humans did.  Taylor stood up and told Master Org that that was the one thing he could never take from them.  With fierce pride in her voice, Taylor stated her full name - Taylor Earheart, and her eagle zord.  Max, Danny, and Merrick followed through.  Master Org was ready to deal a fatal blow when pockets of light began to break through the sky.  The rain stopped and the sky cleared as hundreds of zord crystals zoomed around the Rangers.  Taylor was amazed to see some many crystals - even a peacock zord.  Her eagle zord had also return - much to her great happiness.  Taylor and her friends had their power back and morphed into action.  They defeated Master Org.  Afterwards, Taylor and the rest of the Rangers were thrilled to see all the zords back on the Animarium.  Princess Shayla told them that the zords journey was over as was there.  Taylor was stunned at first.  When Princess Shayla asked for their jackets and growl phones back, Taylor took a moment to compose herself before she gave her items to Cole.  Cole presented them back to Princess Shayla.  Princess Shayla would be returning the Animarium back to the sky.  Taylor hated to see Princess Shayla go and told her that they would never forget her.  She watched Princess Shayla walked away until she simply vanished.  Taylor and her friends watched as the Animarium lifted up and headed back into the clouds.  Taylor decided to go back to the Air Force where she was given a hero's welcome by the younger pilots.  She was glad to be back and when her friends ask her about landing on a island in the sky - she simply teased them that they had been reading too many children's books.  Taylor climbed aboard her jet and headed to the sky - watching closely.  Soon her eagle zord appeared and they soared through the skies together.

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