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Cassie Chan - The Second Pink Turbo Power Ranger and The Pink Space Power Ranger

Cassie Chan found her destiny on a bus trip to Angel Grove.  On the bus, Cassie was full of hope on becoming a rock-and-roll singer like Tina Turner, but fate had other plans.  Under the persuasion of TJ, Cassie helped save Kat and Tommy from Divatox's clutches.  her reward for this heroic act was the transformation of the pink Turbo power from Kat to Cassie.  Thus, Cassie continued the Power Ranger legacy with her own style of doing things.

Cassie soon learned being a Ranger had its price.  Getting spells cast on you, like the time she was placed under a mind-controlling spell by simply putting on a jacket Ashley had made, was one of them.   Or being turned into a Barillian bug.  Even getting hurt in battle, even accidentally by another Ranger, was also part of the price.  It also meant being very prepared.  Building robots in your likeness, just in case.

Being a Ranger not only means fighting interesting villains (Divatox, Astronema, and the Psycho Rangers who would cause Cassie much grief), but meeting interesting beings as well.  On one such adventure, Cassie fought side by side with the Ninja Turtles.  She has worked with vehicles that have a life of their own, such as Red Lighting Cruiser and Storm Blaster.  They helped her many times during the Turbo days, and Cassie would return the favor when she was an Space Ranger.

Already friends with TJ, Cassie quickly became friends with other members on the team.  Especially Ashley - her best friend.   Ashley is someone Cassie can tease and confide in.  And although they have had their differences like when they both were interested in the same boy or when there can be too much togetherness on the Astro Megaship, they have always worked their problems out.

Despite her tough girl antics, Cassie has a very romantic side to her.  She developed a crush on the Phantom Ranger.  A very beautiful woman, the Phantom Ranger was interested in Cassie as well, but during the course of the time that they spent together, he never revealed his identity to her.   And eventually Phantom left for another mission, leaving Cassie behind.  And although they would meet again in space, nothing ever came out of it.  People would be surprised to learn that Cassie keeps a diary.  That diary would lead to a date with a shy student.  Cassie would actually help this student to become more assertive and ended up on a double date with him.

An athletic person, Cassie enjoys playing basketball and snowboarding.  When Cassie just wants to relax, she hangs out at the Surf Spot.  Cassie even enjoys shopping and, of course, seeing romantic movies.

An animal lover, Cassie has her own dog that she is quite attached to.  She is even capable of turning a monster from evil to good.   Cassie has always been able to see beyond the appearance of any creature.

Music still remains an important part of Cassie's life.  She even managed to get together a band at one time.   Unfortunately Divatox had a hand in the band members.

Life as a Ranger led Cassie on many adventures.   But one of the biggest, is when she left for space with Ashley, Carlos and TJ on a search for Zordon with no turbo powers to help her.  While onboard the mysterious Astro Megaship, they spied a Red Ranger, who was not pleased to see them.   Eventually, he revealed himself as Andros.  After seeing how quick thinking and strong Cassie was, he made Cassie the Pink Space Ranger.  Over the course of time, Cassie would developed a close relationship with Andros.  Cassie was the one who shared Andros' concern over what they thought was Zhane's last days.

Cassie's biggest challenge laid ahead.  It was a time when it looked like evil would triumph over good.  Cassie never gave up and fought her biggest and most important battle of all.  Along with the other Rangers on her team, Cassie battled the various henchmen on Earth.  Then an amazing thing happen.  A golden shower fell upon Earth, and Cassie was demorphed.   The various forms of evil either turned to dust or back to humans.  Evil had been vanquished!  Cassie was a very deserving hero.

After helping the rebels on KO-35 get their life started again, Cassie returned to Earth to start a new life.  Unfortunately there were old foes waiting to cause Cassie much pain.  Alpha had sent out a distress signal.  The Psycho Rangers were out to destroy the Rangers.  This time the Galaxy Rangers on Terra Venture.  Without a second thought, Cassie and the other Space Rangers, hopped on their gliders to help the Galaxy Rangers defeat the Psycho Rangers.   Cassie naturally charmed the new Rangers with her dance upon a Galactic Beast.   But the fun wasn't to last for long.  The two Ranger teams had defeated all but one of the Psycho Rangers - the Pink One!  Psycho Pink gave Cassie and Kendrix a powerful battle.  At one time, it looked like Psycho Pink would destroy Cassie.   But Kendrix sacrifice her spirit for Cassie's.  Although Cassie well knew the dangers of being a Ranger, it still was a tough time for her.  Living with the knowledge that Kendrix had given up her life for her would haunt Cassie for a long time.   The return trip to Earth was not joyous this time, but painful instead.   Eventually Cassie would find peace again.

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