Jennifer Scotts - The Pink Time Force Power Ranger

Jennifer Scotts is part of the elite Team Force police in the year 3000.  Also in Time Force are Jen's friends, Lucas, Trip, Katie, and her boyfriend, Alex.  Time Force was after a notorious mutant called Ransik.  Ransik had been captured by Alex.  Ransik had been attempting to travel back in time. While awaiting the verdict of Ransik's trial, Alex proposed to Jen - which Jen accepted.  Ransik was sentenced to life in cryogenic freeze.  Jen and her team were chosen to escort Ransik to prison.  During the journey a young woman was spotted laying in the middle of the road.  The team stopped and were ambushed.  Ransik, Nadira (the young woman in the road and Ransik's daughter) escaped.  Jen had to report to Captain Logan what had happened.  The team was suspended.  Jen was determined to capture Ransik again.  Trip receive a vision of where Ransik was, and Jen, Lucas, Katie, and Trip left for Ransik.  They had reached the top of the building where Ransik and Alex were battling.  Before Jen's eyes, Ransik dealt a devastating blow to Alex.  She raced to the crumpled Alex and held him tenderly.  Tears were pouring from her eyes.  Alex made Jen promised that she would caught Ransik and took his morpher.  Alex had been the Red Time Force Ranger.  Jen and Alex vowed to be together forever and then Alex lost consciousness.  The medics had to tear Jen away from Alex.  Jen left with Lucas, Trip, and Katie determined to capture Ransik.  Ransik was successful in his second attempt to travel back in time.  Ransik was back in the year 2001.  Ransik brought with him, Nadira, Frax, Gluto and various mutants.  Jen and her friends followed Ransik back to 2001.  Jen passed the morphers to her friends. Jen and her friends search Silver Hills for Ransik.  Jen and her friends located Nadira and the cyclobots.  Jen and Nadira went into battle with Jen getting badly beaten.  She was rescued by a young man she had bumped into earlier.  Nadira left in defeat and the young man removed his helmet.  The young man looked like Alex.  It was hard for Jen to see Alex's face and yet know this person was not Alex.  His name was Wesley Collins.  Jen's friends had joined them and they couldn't believe the remarkable resemblance.  Jen thanked Wes and left with her friends.  In an another confrontation with Ransik, Jen and her friends could not activate their morphers.  They found out the morphers could not work without Alex's morpher.  Alex's morpher could only be activated by someone with the same DNA.  Trip, Lucas, and Katie wanted Wes to activate the morphers, Jen was against the idea, but knew there was really no choice.  She located Wes's home and tried to put the morpher on his wrist.  Wes wouldn't let her, until she told him what was going on.  Jen told Wes their story and he thought she was nuts.  She was furious and told Wes that she knew that he was nothing like him.  Jen was contacted by Trip - with Wes watching.  She left to battle Ransik with her friends.  They were joined by Wes and they were able to morph into the Time Force Rangers.  Jen becoming the Pink Time Force Ranger.  Although Jen did not want Wes on the team and took away his morpher after the first battle, she eventually gave him another chance.  Wes joined the Time Force Rangers.  Wes  found them a place to live - the Clock Tower.  Jen and her friends also ran a odd jobs business to earn money.  Wes also found Jen, Lucas, Katie and Trip some clothing to help them blend into their surroundings.  Wes would eventually move in the clock tower as well.

Jen woke up early every morning to do her training.  She preferred to train outdoors.  Jen was boxing a tree - visualizing Ransik's face with each blow.  After her training she sat down, looking at her engagement ring.  Wes jogged by and wanted to know if they could train together.  Jen knew Wes could not keep up with her and soon had him flipped on his back and left.  The Rangers were battling Fatcatfish.  Fatcatfish was a mutant that Jen had encountered before.   Fatcatfish had previously tried to destroyed Jen and Alex.  Fatcatfish remembered the encounter as well and taunted Jen about Alex's fate.  It was more than Jen could handle and she furiously went after Fatcatfish.  Jen was defeated but she vowed to find him again and finish him.  Later she sat in a park - watching other couples - her thoughts full of Alex.  Something zinged past her.  It was a small disk with a holographic image of Fatcatfish.  Fatcatfish informed Jen where Ransik would be and that she could let Fatcatfish go.  Jen scanned the park but couldn't see anything suspicious.  She waited till the rest of the Rangers were asleep and quietly got up.  Jen dressed in her Time Force uniform and left for the place where Ransik was to be.  Jen busted into the building where Ransik, Fatcatfish and Frax where.  Jen shouted to Fatcatfish that thanks for the tip, but she was not making any deals.  Ransik had thought he had been framed by Fatcatfish and Fatcatfish beat a hastily retreat.  Ransik and Jen battle each other - with Jen getting badly beaten.  Ransik suddenly began crying out in pain as his skin erupted.  Ransik screamed for his serum as the rest of the Rangers appeared.  They raced to Jen's side and she lost consciousness.  Her friends took her back to the Clock Tower.  Jen left again - determined not to let Alex's death be in vain.  She was after Fatcatfish again.  Jen had her weapon set on destroy when the rest of the Ranger's caught up with her.  They tried to reason with her, but she wouldn't listen until Wes asked her what Alex would do.  Jen replied that Alex would do it by the book and that seemed to calm her down.  Fatcatfish was captured and place again in cryogenic detainment.  Wes found Jen sitting on the outside edge of the clock tower.  Wes told Jen that he knew that he wasn't anything like Alex.  But Jen didn't want Wes to be like Alex, she liked him the way he was - which thrilled Wes.  Wes gave Jen an enthusiastic hug.  It also gave Trip and Katie an opportunity to react the scene with added exaggeration.

Jen and the Rangers were reviewing ways in which they could capture Ransik.  The Time Shadow Zord was a big help, but they needed more.  Mr. Collins had developed a weapon called Raimei Tank.  Although it failed, Jen thought Silver Hills might have other resources that could have them.  But when Circuit searched through his data banks, Circuit discovered that there was no history of the Raimei Tank.  With new development in the year 2001, the future might be altered.  Jen was slightly taken aback at the news.  There was another mutant attack.  This mutant was from the X-Vault that Frax had unleashed.  Vexicon was very powerful and the Rangers had a tough time of it.  The Rangers were defeated in their first dealing with Vexicon.  Jen and her friends were regrouping when another attack was launched.  Jen, Lucas, Wes, and Trip were ready to go, but Katie hung back.  Katie distressed over the possibility of an altered future, no longer wanted to fight.  Jen, Lucas, Wes, and Trip tried to talk Katie into helping.  Katie asked Jen if she could promise her that she was going to see her family again.  Jen could only bow her head - it was a promise she couldn't make.  As the sounds of destruction reached them, Lucas came to the decision to continue the fight.  Jen told Wes, Trip, and Katie that she made a promise to Alex to capture Ransik and she was not going to break that promise.  Jen joined Lucas in the battle against Vexicon.  Jen and Lucas were soon joined by Trip, Wes, and eventually Katie - who had decided that the future was worth fighting for.  Working together, Jen and the rest of the Rangers were able to recapture Vexicon.

Mr. Collins did not give up with the defeat of the Raimei Tank.  Mr. Collins newest endeavor was the Silver Guardians - to protect Silver Hills.  Jen and the rest of the Rangers meet Eric Myers - a former classmate from Wes's prep school.  Eric eventually became the Quantum Ranger and gained control of the Q-Rex.  Eric did not join the rest of the Time Force Rangers.  Eric remained with the Silver Guardians and Jen was concerned about what Eric would do with so much power.

Jen and the Rangers were at a bank.  Nadira was within the bank - robbing it.  Jen went through the plan with her friends - telling them that they would force Nadira.  And Wes - who would be stationed outside the bank - would arrest her.  Jen, Trip, Lucas, and Katie burst into the bank.  Nadira went out the front and managed to get away.  Wes had been distracted by the arrival of Eric and the Silver Guardians.  Jen was really upset with Wes and asked him what had happened.  Wes tries to explain, but Jen ends up cutting him and angrily storming past him.  Trip, Lucas, and Katie followed Jen.  Back at the Clock Tower, Jen continues berating Wes for the screw up.  Wes tries again to tell her about the arrival of the Silver Guardians.  Jen tells Wes that she saw the arrival of the Silver Guardians - which surprised Wes.  Jen continues to tell Wes that the only way we can work as a team is if we trust each other.  Jen also feels that after this morning, she doesn't know if she can trust Wes.  Wes starts to get fed up with the lecture and tells Jen that trust is a two-way street.  Jen did not appreciate that comment.  And Wes continued with how can we trust you when you never open up.  Jen becomes even more angrier and tells Wes that she is not here to open up - she is here to capture Ransik.  Circuit announces that there is a Mutant attacking.  Jen snidely remarks let's go do our job.  And the Rangers all leave.  

When the mutant had been located - Turtlecon - the Rangers located themselves outside the building.  Jen can't seem to let go of the earlier argument and asks Wes if he had handle the job correctly.  Wes, exasperated, tell Jen to get off his back - he'll do his part.  Jen warns Wes that he had better.  The Rangers entered the building and Turtlecon spots them.  Turtlecon has a transporter device and transports them into another dimension.  Jen and the rest of the Rangers soon spot another set of Time Force Rangers.  They soon discover that these are evil Rangers.  Jen and the rest of the Rangers battle the evil Rangers.  During the battle, a tear appears in the dimension.  It is a way out for the Rangers.  Turtlecon sees them racing for the tear and tries to close the tear before they reach it.  Jen, along with Wes, leaps through the tear.  They land on a sidewalk demorph and realized Katie, Trip, and Lucas did not make it.   Jen frantically calls their names over her communicator and gets no response.  Unwilling to give up Jen and Wes return to the Clock Tower.

Circuit supplies Jen and Wes with information on their friends.  Katie, Trip, and Lucas are still trapped in the alternate dimension and the evil Rangers will continue to persuade them until they are destroyed.  Circuit has also found a way to free Trip, Lucas, and Katie.  By firing on the inside and outside of the dimension wall at the same time - the dimension should shatter.  Jen volunteers to go in.  Circuit tells Jen and Wes that they will have to work together.  Jen agrees and before she and Wes can leave, Circuit tells them that they have to trust each other completely or it'll never work.  Jen takes a deep breath and leave with Wes.  Jen and Wes reach the building and find a secure place to work.  Jen starts working on the laptop while Wes tries to attach the electro booster to his Chrono Saber.  Wes ends up dropping the electro booster.  Jen still typing tells Wes not to be nervous.  Wes doesn't understand how Jen can be so calm.  Jen decides to talk openly with Wes.  She tells him that she wasn't always this way.  Wes seems surprised and replies really.  Jen stops typing and looks at Wes.  She gets up and paces a little and then tells Wes something about herself that she had never told anyone else.  

As a rookie in Team Force, Jen couldn't handle the pressure at all.  She was ready to quit.  Not looking where she was going, Jen bumped into Alex.  Jen knew right away there was something special about Alex.  Alex took Jen under his wing and began working with her.  She learn everything about being a Team Force office from Alex.  The day she received her Time Force badge was the proudest moment of her life.  Jen knew that she could trust Alex and that he could trust her.  Jen is on the verge of tears as she finishes her story.  Jen turns her back to Wes - trying to gain control of herself.  Wes's chrono morpher goes off.  It's Circuit letting them know that he is sending them coordinates now.  Jen quickly goes to the laptop and notes the location.  She turns to look at Wes and they silently stare at each other.  Jen tells Wes let's do it and he nods back.  Jen morphs into the Pink Time Force Ranger and enters the building.  She yells at Turtlecon - what have you done with my friends.    Turtlecon zaps Jen back into the alternate dimension.  Jen races along to the location she needs to be.  The evil Pink Ranger finds her and gives her quite the battle.  Jen manages to fire her weapon at the same time Wes is in the real world.  The alternate dimension is shattered.  Afterwards, Jen, Trip, Lucas, and Katie are climbing up the stairs of the clock tower.  Wes is on top of the stairs.  Wes wants to show them his idea of target practicing.  Wes has set up small cardboard cutups of mutants on top of boxes.  Wes has a small toy gun with tiny twin plungers for ammo.    Wes encourages Jen to give it a try.  Jen takes the toy with hesitation and fires a shoot - missing.   Unable to resist showing off, Wes takes the toy, reloads it, and in high styles fires it and hits his target.  Wes decides to give Jen one more try and lets her have the toy again.  She aims for one of the mutants and Wes helps guide her arms.  Jen pauses and stares at Wes while thinking of Alex.  It's a disconcerting moment for her.  Wes glances at Jen and thinks she still does not trust me.  Jen replies that yes, she does.  Together they fire and hit the target.  Jen smiles with Wes - a feeling of closeness for the first time. 

Jen was doing some research and couldn't concentrate because of Wes and Trip.  Wes and Trip were watching an old western and hollering along with the movie.  Jen couldn't take it anymore and stop the tape and yank it out.  She stood facing the two on the couch and told them she was researching.  Which Wes replies that they are researching too - he is teaching Trip about the old west.  Lucas and Katie walk in from an odd job.  Katie tells them they are shooting a movie down the street.  Wes, Trip, Lucas and Katie are all excited and ready to watch the movie making process.  Jen stops them all by informing them they all have a lot of work to do.  She goes back to her research and overhears Lucas tell Katie that she thought Jen would want to see Frankie Chang.  Jen breathless repeats the name Frankie Chang and then rushes towards the stairs.  She looks back at her friends and tells them to come on.  They find the set and Jen can not stop smiling as she watches Frankie Chang in action.  She breathlessly watches the scene and is excited to be on the same set as Frankie Chang.  There is a break in the scene and Trip decides to ask Frankie Chang for his autograph.  Jen comes to Trip's side after he collected Frankie Chang's autograph.  Despite being a big fan, Jen can not bring herself to ask for Frankie's autograph.  With a wide grin, Jen ushers Trip away.  Back with the others, they overheard that the stunt man had been injured.  Wes volunteers for the job.  Jen, Katie, Lucas, and Trip are excited for Wes and watch as he exits a trailer in a blonde wig.  Jen's smile becomes even wider as she watches Wes and Frankie spur on the set.  When Frankie's sword cuts a rip in Wes's shirt - Jen stops smiling.  She is concerned for Wes, as is the others.  Jen watches anxiously as Wes climbs on top of a building and then fall of it.  At first a pad is on the ground below, but it is move out of the way and Wes lands on the grounds.  Jen stares in disbelief as the explosions go off - sending Wes flying through the air and another hard landing.  Jen, Trip, Katie, and Lucas rush to Wes's side.  Jen is very angry at the director as is the rest of her friends.  Jen gets a surprise when the director reveals the movie to be title "The End of The Rangers".  The director reveals himself as the mutant Cinecon and the rest of the personal as cyclobots.  Jen is upset as her Frankie Chang is reveal to also be a cyclobot.  Cinecon soon has the Rangers in various dimensions that resemble movie sets.

Jen stares at the buildings with awe.  She also examines her clothes and is delighted to find herself attired in a lovely pink Kung Fu warrior outfit.  An elderly man walked out of the building and informed Jen in order to receive the scroll she must battle the warriors with him.  There were four warriors.  Jen couldn't keep the smirk from her face - she was up to the challenge.  Jen soon had the four warriors defeated, but there was another warrior waiting for her.  This warrior was tougher than the previous four.  Jen enjoyed the battle and was the winner.  The elderly man informed Jen that she had earned the scroll.  Jen was thrilled and bowed her head and knees to receive the scroll.  But before she could receive it, she found herself in another movie set - with her friends.  The movie was not over.  Now Ransik was chasing them through the streets of New York.  Jen and her friends agreed to separate.  Jen soon ran into some cyclobots, but made quick work of them.  Jen meet up with her friends again and they entered a building.  There they managed to get into a tangle in the wardrobe department, and Jen emerged looking similar to Charlie Chaplin.  Jen and the rest of the Rangers continued to run.  They immerse themselves in a rock video that fooled Ransik who was following close behind.  Jen and her friends ended up outside again with Ransik close by.  The Rangers vector cycles were also there.  Jen and the rest of the Rangers morph and went into battle.  After defeating Cinecon, the Rangers returned to the clock tower.  Jen and her friends were watching a Frankie Chang movie.  Jen sighs as she turns off the TV.  She thought the movie was great.  Wes and Trip thought it was much easier to be in the audience than in the movie.  Katie and Lucas disagreed as they both enjoyed their time in their different dimensions.  Jen did as well, and can't help giving Trip and Wes a hard time about not enjoying the old west.  As Trip and Wes got off the couch with great difficulty and walk very slowly - Jen can't help grinning with Katie and Lucas.

Jen and her friends were busy working on an odd job.  Jen began to get the distinct feeling of being watched.  She looked up towards the top of a building and the sun's position made it hard for her to see anything.  Wes asked if everything was okay and Jen replied that it was.  With the job completed, the Rangers return to the clock tower.  Wes was showing Jen how to make cookies.  Jen revealed that there was no junk food in the future.  Wes thought that would be torture.  Wes asked Jen to pass the eggs.  She reached for the eggs and knock them off the table.  Jen clean up the mess and volunteered to go get more eggs.  Wes wanted to go with her, but Jen wanted him to keep stirring.  Jen was carrying the bag of groceries home when again she had the sensation of being watched.  She looked around but couldn't see anyone.  Jen started walking again - more cautiously.  She stop and looked again - this time spotting someone lurking in the shadows.  Jen began to walk faster and quickly hid herself behind a dumpster.  She dumped the groceries and pulled her weapon out.  Jen heard a noise but it turned out to be a cat.  Dropping her guard for a mere second, she soon felt something on her shoulder.  Jen was whirled around and face to face with a mutant.  The mutant was very rough with Jen.  Somehow she staggered home.  Her friends had been anxious about her and gathered around her the moment she stumbled in.  They could see her bruises and wanted to help her.  Jen brushes their concern off and tells them that she is just fine.  She manages to sit in front of the holoscreen and contacts Captain Logan.  When Captain Logan appears, Jen informs him that Steelix has been unfrozen.  Captain Logan tells Jen to be careful - that Steelix will be after her.  Wes wants to know who Steelix is.  Jen doesn't answer, so Lucas informs Wes that Steelix was Jen's first partner in Time Force.  Jen fills Wes in on the rest.  She tells him that Steelix went very bad.  Selling Time Force information to the very people they were trying to stop.  Jen was the one that made the discovering of Steelix selling information and made the arrest when Steelix tried to escape.  Steelix was placed in containment with Jen watching.  Steelix vowed revenge on Jen.  That was the last time Jen saw Steelix until tonight.  Wes tells her that Steelix doesn't stand a chance against five Rangers.  Jen informs them four Rangers - Steelix had taken her morpher.

The following morning, Jen is ready to take on Steelix.  Wes doesn't want her to go, but Jen insists that Steelix will do anything to draw her out.  Trip and Katie are surprised that she is just going to waltz in without even a morpher.  Jen is still determined to leave until Lucas blocks her way.  Wes tells her that they are all Time Force officers and that they have to stick together.  Wes asks Jen if she trust him and moved by their concern for her, Jen replies softly that she trusts him.  Wes comes up with a plan and they go into action.  Jen walking in an food court.  She has a walkie talkie with her.  Wes lets her know that everyone is in position.  Jen starts scanning the food court and walking slowly through it.  She doesn't see Steelix, but she does hear his voice.  Steelix continues to talk to Jen and she starts to follow the direction of his voice.  Jen discovers a strange looking jack-in-the-box that begins to wind itself upon her arrival.  At the end of the tune, a miniature of Steelix's head pops up.  Jen is startled.  Steelix mocks Jen by telling her that he knows the way she thinks - aware of the trap they had tried to set.  Steelix tells Jen that if she wants her morpher back - to meet him in the old warehouse in two hours.  Her friends who had lost contact with Jen appeared - relived that she is all right.  They stare at the strange looking object and Jen informs them that Steelix was aware of the trap - but does not tell them that Steelix wants her to meet him.  Trip, Lucas, Katie and Wes are determined to keep an eye on Jen until they captured Steelix.  Jen manages to outmaneuver them all by having each group think she is with the other.  Jen entered the old warehouse and announces to Steelix that she is there.  Steelix is happy to see here and toes her morpher out on the floor.  Soon they are fighting each other.  Steelix continues to taunt Jen.  Jen thoroughly disgusted with Steelix tells him how he sold Time Force out for money.  But Steelix is no longer interested in money - just revenge on Jen.  Jen and Steelix continue to fight.  Jen spots her morpher and makes her move towards it.  She retrieves it and slaps it back on her wrist.  Jen morphs into the Pink Time Force Ranger.  She doesn't see Steelix and begins looking for him - unaware that Steelix is behind her.  Steelix grabs Jen and before she can stop him sprays her with a chemical.  Jen doesn't feel well and falls to the floor unconscious.  

The rest of the Rangers were able to locate her, once her morpher was operated.  They find her on the floor.  Wes sends Katie, Trip, and Lucas after Steelix and he stays with Jen.  Wes wakes Jen up and helps her to her feet.  Jen pushes Wes away and turns from him.  She is full of anger and her hands clenched into fists.  Jen turns back to Wes and Wes is suddenly uncertain about Jen state of mind.  There are no thoughts in her head other than to destroy Wes and she goes after him furiously.  Wes takes a lot of hard hits, but he still tries to get through to Jen.  Jen never speaks - simply grunts and growls at Wes as she continues to go after him.  Wes grabs her in a tight hug which she tries to break from.  Wes tells Jen that her that they are all Time Force officers and that they have to stick together.  These words cause Jen to flash back onto her past.  The tension leaves her body, and she so weakened that she lets Wes continue to support her.  Wes partially releases his grip on Jen and sees that Jen has recovered from the spell.  They leave together to capture Steelix.  After the battle, the Rangers are back at the clock tower.  Jen feels badly for the bruises she gave Wes and bakes him a batch of cookies.  She offers them to Wes - who takes one and encourages Lucas, Katie and Trip to some cookies.  They refused the offer.  Jen watches as Wes bites into the cookie and his expression of delight changes into a grimace.  She thinks he's exaggerating as Wes spits out the rest of the cookie.  Deciding to see for herself how the cookies taste, she takes one and puts it in her mouth.  Baking cookies is not one of Jen's talent as she quickly tries to remove the foul taste from her mouth.

The Rangers had just defeated another mutant.  They were celebrating when Jen spotted someone coming through the debris.  Jen received the shock of her life when she recognized Alex.  She quickly held on to him tight - checking to see if he was okay.  Alex informed all the Rangers that they had no time and they had to get to the Time Ship.  Jen took a moment to absorbed the shock of Alex's return and the fact that he seemed unconcern about her.  She soon follow the others to the Time Ship.  Alex informed them that the current events have caused the future to shift - although he would not informed them on how.  Alex resumed the position of the Red Time Force Ranger.  Alex told Wes that his father was going to die and that Wes's destiny was to take over his father's company.  Wes was contacted by Eric who gave him the grave news about his father.  Jen could tell it tore Wes apart to give up the morpher and to hear about his father.  She wanted to comfort him, but no words seem to come.  Jen, Katie, Lucas, and Trip had to deal with an Alex that seemed to want to criticize everything they have done.  The place they lived, the clothes they wore, the equipment they were using.   Jen could tell her friends were having a tough time of it.  She decided to deal with Alex.  Jen asked Alex what was wrong - Alex reply by showing her the picture of Wes kissing her and walked away.  Jen did not give up.  She followed Alex.  Jen had some of her questions for him.  Such as Alex being alive all this time and not letting her know.  Alex simply told her that the current events were much bigger than the two of them.  They had to concentrate on destroying Dragontron.  Jen was unsatisfied with his answer but there was no time to discuss it any longer.  Dragontron was making his presence known.  The Rangers fought hard but they were having a tough time of it.  Alex continued to berate them - accusing them of not caring about the future.  Katie, Lucas, and Trip had all had enough.  They informed Alex that he was the one that did not care for the future.  If he did he would let Wes be the Red Time Force Ranger.  Jen had the uncomfortable position of agreeing with Lucas, Katie, and Trip.  Wes appeared - deciding to make his own destiny.  Jen ran to Alex and begged him to let Wes have the morpher.  Alex reluctantly took off the morpher and gave it to Jen.  Jen excitedly tossed the morpher to Wes.  They morphed into the Time Force Rangers and were ready for action.  Dragontron was defeated.  Wes's father did not die - due to Alex's intervention.  Alex was getting ready to return to the year 3000.  Alex apologized for all he had put them through and told them they were great Rangers.  Alex reached Jen and didn't know what to say.  Jen knew that despite everything that had happen, Alex was a good man and only trying to do what was right.  Jen gave him a last hug and watched him board the Time Ship.  As the Time Ship disappeared - Jen said a silent good-bye to Alex.

Jen had the opportunity to work with the Lightspeed Rescue Rangers.  Vypra had return and was attempting to raise a super demon.  Vypra had enlisted Ransik's help.  Jen and the rest of the Rangers were unable to defeat them.  Carter Grayson showed up to help.  Carter inform the Time Force Rangers what was going on.  Carter also called in the rest of the Lightspeed Rescue Rangers.  The demon had been summoned by the time Dana, Chad, Kelsey, and Joel showed up.  Then Eric and Ryan appeared as well.  The two teams were ready to take on the super demon and destroyed them.  Afterwards, the Time Force Rangers took the Lightspeed Rescue Rangers back to show them the clock tower.  The two teams also exchange Time Force uniforms and Lightspeed Rescue jackets.  Jen and her Rangers escorted the Lightspeed Rescue Rangers back to Mariner Bay. 

The last mutant had been captured and place in containment.  The Rangers realized that after Frax and Ransik are captured, Lucas, Katie, Trip, and Jen will be able to go home.  Jen watches the others embraced in a group hug.  This is a bittersweet moment for Jen and she decides to leave the room.  She sits outside of the ledge of the clock tower.  Jen likes to sit there when she has a lot on her mind.  It's peaceful and beautiful and helps to ease her mind.  Wes soon joins her on the ledge.  Wes is bemused that Jen enjoys the spot so much and gently teases her by telling her that she can't mean she is going to miss this place.  Jen admits that there is a lot she is going to miss.  Wes tries not to grin as he asks her what.  Jen glances at Wes and loses her nerve to tell him that she will miss him.  Instead she replies with pizza and cookies.  Wes was not expecting that answer and mutters that the cookies were good.  Jen asks Wes what is he going to miss.  Sure that it will be not be her - since she was always bossing him around.  Wes tells her that she was not that bad and there were times when he deserved it.  Jen doesn't want Wes to feel that he was anything but a great Red Time Force Ranger and tells him so.  Wes is flattered but a little confused.  Wes remembers a time when Jen did not want him around.  They both reminisce about their first encounters.  Jen had learn a lot and realized that her and Wes were becoming good friends.  Wes tells Jen that he is going to miss her.  Jen is stunned.  Her eyes widen and her mouth drops open - Wes is going to miss her.  Wes sees her reactions and quickly covers with I'm going to miss all of you.  Jen is disappointed and neither one can seem to tell the other how they feel.  Later, Wes and Jen return to the inside of the clock tower.  They are downstairs when Eric enters the place.  Eric informs Wes that his father's lab is working on trying to make a Trizirium Crystal.  Jen is startled and tells Eric that the Trizirium Crystal is not supposed to be discovered for another hundred years.  Eric lets them know that it will be a lot sooner if Mr. Collins has his way and maybe it's time for Wes to talk to his father.  Eric leaves them.  Wes also leaves to talk to his dad.  During Wes's absence, Frax unleashes his robot - Maxax.  The Rangers go into battle with Wes and Eric joining them.  Maxax is destroyed, but Frax is determined to win and leaves them with the threatening words of wait till you see what I have in store for you.  Back at the clock tower, Jen, Katie, and Lucas wait for Trip to bring up Wes.  Once they arrived, everyone waits excitedly for Alex's expected words of praise.  The Rangers inform Alex that all the mutants, except Ransik and Frax, have been captured.  They are excited because once they are captured, they can go home.  But Alex has ominous words for Jen and her friends.  Alex tells them that they save the future but do not survive to make it back. 

Jen and her friends were startled by the information.  In order to prevent this, Alex was sending the Time Ship back for the four of them.  Wes had to stay in his own time line.  Jen was not happy with this scenario and neither were Lucas, Trip, and Katie.  They decided that they would stay.  Wes was not happy with their decision, but Jen, Lucas, Trip, and Katie were adamant about staying.  Alex contacted them again, anxious that they were not on the Time Ship.  Jen told Alex that they were staying.  Alex did not want her to stay and be destroyed.  Jen could not bare to see Alex upset and turn off the holoscreen.  Lucas, Trip, and Katie gave her the emotional support that she needed.  They quickly packed up the mutants and were ready to leave for the Time Ship.  Wes had to go, but told them he would meet them at the Time Ship.  Jen, Trip, Katie, and Lucas were busy preparing the Time Ship for their return journey.  Wes arrived and began looking around the Time Ship.  Circuit informed them that the attack had begun.  The Time Force Rangers left to battle Frax's latest creation - the Doomtron.  Jen and the rest of the Rangers arrived to see Doomtron and the Q-Rex battling.  Both of these creations are powered by the Trizirium Crystal.  This causes the vortexes to open more rapidly.  The Rangers inform Eric of this problem, but Eric sees no other option and continues to command the Q-Rex.  Alex is unable to send their megazord and the although the Rangers tried, they are soon demorph.  Wes tells them he has a way to defeat Doomtron and has them follow him back onto the Time Ship.  Jen, Lucas, Trip, and Katie stared at Wes and he presses several buttons on the Time Ship.  Lucas begins to lead Jen, Katie, and Trip towards the door of the Time Ship and Wes stops them.  Wes gently grabs Lucas's shoulder and suddenly shoves Lucas into Jen, Katie and Trip.  Jen is surprised and sees Wes leave - locking them inside.  Jen bangs the door, begging Wes to let them out.  Jen, Lucas, Trip, and Katie raced to a ship window and see Wes standing on the beach.  Wes tells them that they will be safe.  Tears start streaming down Jen's face.  She is desperate and races back to the console, but is unable to stop the auto pilot.  Jen races back to the window and Wes tells her that everything she has ever wanted in back in the future.  Jen knows this is not true and tries to tell Wes that she loves him, but the Time Ship has vanished before she can say another word.

Jen wakes up and finds herself back in the year 3000.  Katie, Lucas, and Trip has awoken as well.  Alex enters the Time Ship - very pleased that they have returned.  Jen walks toward Alex and feels herself losing conscious.  Alex catches her and tells her that they need to take it easily - they were very disoriented.  Jen, Lucas, Katie, and Trip are anxious to hear about Wes.  Alex informs them that Wes fought very bravely but did not make it.  Jen feels a sense of revulsion to be near Alex and no longer wants him to touch her or be near her.  Seeing their distressed faces, Alex tells them that they will be okay once they have gone through the memory adaptation process.  Jen and her friends do not want to go through this process.  They are brought into a room for the procedure.  As Jen steps into the glass container she vows that no matter what they do to her, she will never forget Wes and only feels sorrow that she never told him what a good friend he was.  Jen watches Alex reach the control panel and give her an encouraging smile.  Jen can't bare it and leaves her container telling Alex that she is going back to help Wes.  Lucas, Katie, and Trip also leave their containers.  Alex does not want to see her go.  Jen is tearful as she explains to Alex how can they live their lives, knowing it cost Wes's.  Jen knows that she can no longer wear Alex's ring, and gives it back to him.  Alex takes it - in obvious hurt.  Jen and her friends walk past and Alex tells them to take the megazord.  Knowing how hard it must be on Alex - Jen thanks him.  Heart pumping anxiously, Jen and her friends raced to the megazord - hoping they will be on time.

Jen, Lucas, Trip, and Katie arrived in time to help Wes.  They create cyclone defense that gets rid of the cyclobots.  Jen, Trip, Katie, and Lucas demorph and walk towards Wes.  Jen can see that Wes is surprised to see them and that they came back.    Jen tells Wes that he is not the only one that choose his own destiny.  They choose to stay and fight.  Wes accepts their decision and tells them of a plan he has to save the city.  Trip modifies the quantum morpher and the Rangers are ready to get back into the action.  They close the vortexes and destroyed Doomtron - operated by Frax who is also destroyed.  The Rangers meet Ransik and tell him to give up - he has no one to help him know.  But Ransik is very powerful and takes them on himself.  Jen is hit hard and ends up demorph.  Her fellow Rangers soon follow suit.  Using every ounce of strength, Jen drags herself up to face Ransik.  Her mission is to bring back Ransik and she has every intention of doing this.  Ransik mocks her attempts and Jen notices her hurt friends.  But Jen will not give up and tells Ransik that if he wants her - come and get her.  She limps off into an abandoned warehouse.  Jen waits quietly in the shadows - watching for Ransik to appear.  She sees him enter the building and fire at a few boxes.  Jen gets behind Ransik and calls his name.  Ransik is surprised to see Jen behind him.  Jen fires at Ransik and he goes crashing through the very boxes he had fired at.  Ransik discovers that Nadira is there and that he came close to destroying her.  Nadira has a baby in her arms and asks her father if the baby is okay.  Ransik tells her the baby is okay.  Jen walks slowly behind them and does not intrude upon their conversation.   Instead Jen and the rest of the Rangers listen quietly to Ransik and Nadira.  Nadira wants to know how Ransik can hate something so beautiful and Ransik admits that his heart has been full of hate for a long time and it almost cost him the one thing he loved more than anything in the world.  Nadira asks her father if he really does love her and he replies that he does.  Nadira points out that mutants and humans are not so different after all.  Jen watches cautiously watches Ransik get up and face them.  Ransik announces that he is ready to paid for his crimes.  Jen never thought that Ransik would give himself up willingly and is struck by the humility about him.  Jen is unable to move until she feels Wes's hand on her shoulder.  She places the handcuffs on his wrist - still in awe at what has happen.

Jen stands with Lucas, Katie, and Trip on the beach.  Wes is there, along with his father, Eric, and the rest of the Silver Guardians.  Jen watches as one by one her friends say good-bye to Wes.  She is unable to move and watches Wes approach her.  Wes tells her that he does not want her to go.  Jen does not want to leave either, but she has to.  She gives him a Time Force badge and asks him not to forget her.  Wes tells her he never could.  Jen turns and leaves.  She going goes a few steps and turns again and races back into Wes's arms.  They embrace and the moment is bittersweet for both of them.  Jen tells Wes that she loves him and he tells her that he loves her too.  Wes wishes that he could live for another thousand years, so that they could be together again.  Her heart torn to shreds, Jen and Wes embrace one last time.  Jen turns to leave - each step taking her away from the man she loves.  In a flash of light, Jennifer the Pink Time Force Ranger is back into the Time Ship and a future she no longer wants.

Jen continued to work in Time Force.  She took the most dangerous assignments - it helped to keep her mind occupied.  A year had passed, and Jen was on special assignment.  She was tracking three fugitives.  Jen managed to followed them all the way back to the year 2002.  She had to be careful and make sure no one knew where she was.  There were come close calls with the fugitives, but she always managed to get away before they could find her.  Jen kept herself hidden underneath a hooded garment.  She was tracking the three fugitives when she saw one about to destroy Wes.  Jen fired off a blast that saved Wes.  She wiped off the hooded garment and revealed herself.  With an incredible amount of power and energy she fired away at the monsters and managed to get close to Wes.  Wes was stunned to see her, but she didn't have time to answer his questions.  She knew how powerful these monsters could get.  With a sense of urgency, she urged the Rangers to get away.  Helping Wes, Jen raced alongside Eric and the rest of the Wild Force Rangers.

Jen and the rest of the Rangers went to the Animarium.  Wes stopped her from continuing.  Wes wanted to know how long Jen had been in the present.  Jen told him she had been tracking the MutOrgs for a week in the present time.  Wes was surprised that she did not contact him and wanted to know why.  Jen stumbled as she tried to explain why she did not tell him.  She was saved from any explanation by Princess Shayla interrupting them.  The viewing screen had beep and Circuit was waiting to tell them that reinforcements were on the way.  Jen and the rest of the Rangers gathered at the beach and watched the Time Ship land.  She exchanged a happy glance towards Wes and then raced towards her friends, Lucas, Trip, and Katie.  Jen and Katie gave each other a hug, and she was in the process of giving Trip one, when she saw something that stopped her cold.  Walking towards them was Ransik and Nadira.  Jen was getting ready to draw her weapon when Trip stopped her.  Trip explained that Ransik was here to help them.  Jen stood facing her long-time enemy as Ransik explained how he wanted to make up for his past mistakes.  Jen kept her face neutral as Ransik talked.  Cole walked into the group and told Jen that Ransik was telling the truth and speaking from his heart.  Jen decided to let Ransik help.  They all returned to the Animarium where Ransik explained how he had created the MutOrgs.  When Ransik finished his story, Jen could feel all eyes on her.  She walked up to Ransik and told him that however much we might want to change the past, we can't, but we can make a better future.  Jen then release the handcuffs on Ransik.  Later that evening, she sat near the fire, watching Wes.  Wes came and sat next to her, and she drew her blanket around the both of them.  Wes told her how he knew he would see her one day, and she happily told him that she guess she could change her destiny too.  The following morning, Master Org and the MutOrgs were at the Power Plant.  Jen and the rest of the Rangers went to the Power Plant as well.  They split into groups.  Jen and Alyssa patrolled the area and soon found a group of putrids.  Covering each other's back, Jen and Alyssa took care of the putrids.  They would later meet up with the rest of the Rangers and battle the Orgs.  Ransik had destroyed the mutant half.  Jen and Alyssa morphed, along with the rest of the Rangers.  They continued to work together to defeat the Orgs.  The Rangers were able to defeat the Orgs.  Jen and the rest of the Rangers went to where Ransik and Nadira was.  Jen saw Nadira's excited face as she helped Ransik to his feet.  Ransik revealed that he had been healed.  Jen and the rest of the Rangers went to the picnic Princess Shayla and Circuit had prepared for them.  The picnic turned into a celebration as everyone had a good time.  Jen and Alyssa decided to have Wes and Cole in a race.  Happiness filled Jen and she laughed along with Alyssa watching the two men compete.

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