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Katherine Hillard - The Second Pink Mighty Morphin Power Ranger, The Pink Zeo Power Ranger, and The First Pink Turbo Power Ranger

Like another ranger, Kat had the misfortune of being selected by Rita Repulsa to do her evil bidding.  Kat also had to endure being a cat, monster and human at different times.  She was very effective on bringing destruction upon the Rangers.  Using her beauty and charm, Kat lured Tommy out of Ernie's Juice Bar to take a look at her car.  Once Tommy had looked at her car, Kat offered to repay him by letting Tommy drive the car.  An offer Tommy couldn't refuse.  This was all simply a lure to kidnap Tommy. The Rangers did eventually get Tommy back.  While Kat was in her human form, she managed to charm the other Rangers.  The Rangers thought they had a new friend instead of a new villain.  During this time, Kat stole Kimberly's power coin and nab the FalconZord as well.   Without her power coin Kimberly began to weaken.  While in this weaken state, Kimberly tried to protect Kat from a Tenga attack, never suspecting it was a ploy to capture her.   Secretly watching Kimberly battled the Tengas, Kat began to feel some sympathy for the Pink Ranger.  While Kimberly was captured and being drained of her power,  Kat went to see her.  Once again, Kat felt pangs of regret and wish that things could be different. 

Although still under Rita's evil spell, the real Kat tried to break free.  It wasn't in her nature to be evil.  At one point, while Rita was telling Kat what an evil girl she was, Kat did break the spell.  She started to protest to Rita that she wasn't evil she was good, but Rita simply turned her back to evil.  But this time the spell would not last long and Kat broke free for good.  Wanting deeply to repair the damage she had done, Kat tried to help the Rangers as best as she could.  During this time, Kimberly was going through a difficult decision - whether or not to stay a Power Ranger.   In the end, Kimberly decided to no longer be a Ranger and passed her coin onto Kat.   Kat became the new Pink Ranger.  With the same determination that broke Rita's spell, Kat conquered her fear of diving that she developed over a competition that did not go well.

The other Rangers quickly made Kat feel at home.   Being the "new girl" made Kat hesitant at first, but the fact that she still had a physic connection to Rita for awhile was a help.  Especially when Rita, once again, went after Tommy by placing a small monster in Tommy's stomach.

One of Kat's favorite projects is helping the homeless.   She is very good at organizing volunteers in getting these projects done.

Along with her friend Aisha, Kat has a love for animals.  She really enjoyed taking care of a chimp named Kelly.  Kat combined this care of Kelly with trying to learn sign language.  Kat would also train a dog, Smokey, for the fire department.  Along with Tommy, Kat put together a desert terrarium.

During her time as a Ranger, Kat would battle various villains.  In the beginning it was Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd.  But that was for a short time.  Soon a new villain appeared.  Master Vile and company.   Master Vile managed to turn all the Rangers into children.  While they were children, they had help in the form of Rangers from Aquitar.  Kat was given the news that she needed to go on a quest to find her Zeo crystal.  Kat completed her quest and became the new Pink Zeo Ranger.  But there was another change up ahead.  Aisha had decided to stay in Africa and Tanya came in to fill the new position of the Yellow Zeo Ranger.  Tanya and Kat would become very close friends as they went through the Zeo and Turbo eras together.  During the Zeo era, Kat would also meet Jason - the first Red Mighty Morphin Power Ranger.  Jason took over the Gold Ranger powers for a while.

Kat always manages to have fun as well.  She really enjoyed being an extra in a sci-fi movie.  She also likes snowboarding.   Kat still had the competitive nature to her and went into a surfing competition with enthusiasm.  She has a deep love of ballet and even managed to get the guys into the act during one production.  And, of course, hanging out at Ernie's Outdoor Cafe or Beach Club is always relaxing.  Kat even helped Ernie set up for a multicultural holiday banquet.

Not only a beautiful woman, but intelligent as well.   Kat was the one who figure out what was going on when the gang was participating in a "Mystery Party".

Kat's life as a Ranger was always full of changes and more changes were on the horizon.  Lerigot was being chased by Divatox and sent a distress signal to Zordon.  Zordon quickly dispatch the Rangers.  Kat and Tommy went searching for Lerigot.  During this search, Kat had hurt her leg.  When they found Lerigot, he healed Kat's leg.  Kat quickly became very protective of Lerigot.  While back at the Command Center, they learned of a new villainous named Divatox.  This time they would need even stronger powers.  Kat, Adam, Tanya, and Tommy became the new Turbo Rangers.  Rocky was unable to join them due to an injury to his back during a karate practice.  Much to the surprise of Kat and the others, Justin was selected  to be the new Blue Turbo Ranger.  Thus another era had stared with more changes ahead.  Zordon, their mentor for such a long time, had to leave.  And in his place arrived Dimitria.

Despite all the changes around her, Kat kept up her love for dance.  Going to auditions whenever she could.  During one audition for the performance of "The Nutcracker" another participate made Kat feel like she was too big.  Kat was tall, but she isn't what anyone would call big.  But Kat is human and these hurtful remarks made Kat doubt herself and she went on a diet.  Of course, Divatox took advantage of this and made Kat weightless.  Luckily it was a situation that did not last long.  Best of all, Kat won the plum role of Claire.

Time as a Ranger was drawing to an end.  There were a few more battles with Divatox and a huge one that placed Tommy in great danger.   TJ and Cassie came to help Kat and Tommy.  Kat had done more than her fair share of fighting evil.  Now it was time to go to the next phase in her life.   Kat passed her Turbo powers onto Cassie.  In her post ranger life, Kat left for London and started her long awaited life as a ballerina.  She is quite happy performing in various productions.  Graceful, elegant and a dazzling beauty, Katherine is quite the sight to see on stage and had developed quite the following.   Especially among the male fans!

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