Mia Watanabe - The Pink Samurai Power Ranger

Mia Watanabe worked at a day care.  She enjoyed playing with the children, unaware that one of them had peeked into her sweater pocket and saw a pink case.  But this was a temporary situation.  Mia was awaiting the call to join the Samurai Power Rangers.  The day arrived when a pink arrow hit a tree closed to the day care center.  Mia knew the time had come.  Moments later, the Samurai SUV pulled up.  Mia run towards in and climb inside.  The SUV was driving along a street in the city, when a young man ran towards it.  Kevin:  Wait!  Wait!  Wait!  The SUV stops.  Kevin runs over to the passenger window.  Kevin:  I'm Kevin and I'm here to fight with you.  The window rolls down and reveals Mia.  Kevin becomes embarrassed.  He quickly zips up his jacket and removes his swim cap and goggles.  Kevin:  Oh, I'm sorry.  I didn't know the Red Ranger was a girl.  Mia:  I'm not the Red Ranger.  Mia gets out of the SUV.  Mia:  I'm the pink.  My name is Mia.  A young woman comes running up to them.  She looks at Kevin.  Emily:  Are you the Red Ranger?  Kevin:  No, I'm the blue.  Emily:  Oh.  A young man walks up to them.  Mike:  You guys must be my peeps.  Kevin:  You're the Red Ranger?  Mike:  No, I'm mighty green.  Mia and the rest hear the sound of a horse and they all turn in the direction of the horse.  There is a young man sitting on the horse facing them.  Mike:  With an entrance like that, you have to be the Red Ranger.  Jayden:  Yes, I am the Red Ranger.  Jayden holds up his red case.  Kevin:  We're your team of Samurai.  Jayden:  Let me warn you now.  If you follow me, there is no turning back.  Either we defeat the Nighlok together, or they will take over the world.  Jayden holds up a Samuraizer.  Jayden:  I will give these to only those who are ready to accept the challenge.  Jayden gets off the horse.  Jayden:  Do not accept because you are trained to do so.  Mia, Kevin, Mike, and Emily carefully considered his words.  Jayden:  Accept only if you are willing to commit and fight as Samurai Power Rangers with all your heart.  Kevin:  Without hesitation.  Mia:  I've been planning for this since I was a little girl, so yes.  Emily:  I'm ready to give it all I got.  Mike:  Okay, okay, do we have to be so formal?  Let's do this thing!  Jayden tosses them their Samuraizers.  Jayden:  Let's go!  Mia and the rest entered where Tooya was attacking.  Jayden:  That's enough!  Tooya:  Well, it's about time.  Mia and the rest appeared on top of the stairs.  Tooya:  Oh, come on!  Who are you punks?  Jayden:  We are the Samurai Rangers!  Samuraizer!  Mia and the rest took out their Samuraizers.  All:  Go Go Samurai!  Mia and the rest morph.  All:  Samurai Ranger Ready!  Rangers Together!  Samurai Forever!  Tooya:  Moogers!  Get them!  Pink Ranger and the rest of the Rangers race towards the Moogers with their Spin Swords drawn.  Blue Ranger battled several Moogers.  Blue Ranger:  Watch out!  I'm going to filet all you fish faces!  Yellow Ranger battled another batch of Moogers with her Spin Sword.  Yellow Ranger:  Just like chopping down weeds back home!  Lots of Moogers line up and shoot their arrows at Red Ranger.  Red Ranger manages to keep the arrows away from him by battling the arrows away with his Spin Sword.  Red Ranger even manages to catch one in his hand.  Blue Ranger leaps in front of the Moogers and battles them with his Spin Sword, keeping them away from Red Ranger.  But the amount of Moogers becomes too much and soon the Pink Ranger and the rest of the Rangers find themselves in the midst of numerous Moogers.  Red Ranger tells them we can do this together.  Red Ranger's Spin Sword transforms into Fire Smasher.  Red Ranger battles the Moogers with the Fire Smasher.  Pink Ranger and the rest of the Rangers watch him for a moment.  Yellow Ranger is impressed.  Blue Ranger agrees, but tells them there is too many of them.  We got to help him out.  Pink Ranger, Blue Ranger, Green Ranger, and Yellow Ranger charge into battle.  Blue Ranger battles several Moogers with his Hydro Bow.  Pink Ranger uses her Sky Fan to battle and defeat her batch of Moogers.  Yellow Ranger battles and destroys several Moogers with her Earth Slicer.  Green Ranger uses his Forest Spear to destroy his batch of Moogers.  The Moogers are destroyed, but Tooya is still there.  Tooya tries to blast Red Ranger, but he protects himself with the Fire Smasher.  Red Ranger charges towards Tooya.  Red Ranger strikes and kicks Tooya.  Red Ranger strikes Tooya with the Fire Smasher hard enough to send him flying.  Tooya crashes into a car and falls to the pavement.  Tooya gets up and tells Red Ranger, guess what?  Your ride is here!  Tooya smashes through a window of the car, reaches in, and sends the car in Red Ranger's direction.  Red Ranger slices the car in half with his Fire Smasher.  The car explodes behind him.  Red Ranger charges towards Tooya with his Fire Smasher.  Red Ranger strikes Tooya with his Fire Smasher a couple of times.  He then picks up Tooya with the Fire Smasher and races along, until he smashes him into a wall.  Red Ranger strikes Tooya again with the Fire Smasher.  Tooya is defeated.  The Fire Smasher reverts back to the Spin Sword.  Blue Ranger tells Red Ranger, great moves.  You really are a master samurai.  Red Ranger thanks him.  Red Ranger warns the rest of the Rangers, they are not done.  Each Nighlok has two forms.  You saw the first, get set for the mega monster.  Sure enough, Tooya grows into mega monster mode.  Tooya tries to stomp on the Rangers, but they leap out of the way.  Green Ranger can't believe how big Tooya is.  Pink Ranger wonders how they are suppose to fight him now?  Blue Ranger is confident they can fight this Nighlok.  He reminds them to remember their training.  We all have our own folding zord.  If we each use our symbol power, we can morph into mega mode.  Red Ranger tells Blue Ranger he is right, follow my lead.  Red Ranger summons his zord  Pink Ranger summons her Turtle Folding Zord and the rest of the Rangers do the same.  The Rangers are inside their folding zords.  Pink Ranger, Blue Ranger, Green Ranger, and Yellow Ranger are impressed.  Pink Ranger and the rest of the Rangers quickly go into battle with their folding zords.  Tooya tries to blast them.  Lion zord attacks Tooya with a flying leap.  Tooya powers up his swords and tries to blast Lion zord, but misses him.  Dragon Folding Zord comes in from the left.  Ape Folding Zord attacks from the right.  Ape Folding Zord lands several punches on Tooya's face.  Ape Folding Zord leaps on top of a building, goes into case mode, and tumbles down the side of the building, striking Tooya on the way down.  Tooya is knocked off his feet.  Pink Ranger is ready to get into the action.  Turtle Folding Zord creates a dust storm and heads straight towards Tooya.   Tooya quickly strikes Turtle zord away.  Turtle zord lands inside the mouth on Tooya's skirt.  Turtle zord is stuck.  Bear zord quickly comes to her aid.  Tooya fires at Bear zord.  It doesn't stop Bear zord from attacking Tooya.  Tooya picks up Bear zord.  Bear zord quickly goes into case mode and lands on Tooya's foot.  The mouth on the skirt opens in pain and drops Turtle case mode.  Pink Ranger thanks Green Ranger.  Turtle case and Bear case roll away.  Tooya chases after them.  Dragon case mode strikes Tooya in the head and then goes into Dragon Folding Zord.  Dragon zord strikes Tooya with the dragon splash.  Tooya is hit hard.  Lion zord races forward with a fire attack.  Tooya is hit hard once more and destroyed.  Red Ranger states, Samurai Rangers, victory is ours.  That will teach him to mess with the Samurai Rangers.  After the battle, Jayden takes Mia, Kevin, Emily, and Mike to Shiba House.  They are walking through the courtyard.  Emily comments, what a rush.  We did good!  Mike adds, a piece of cake.  Jayden tells them they could never have done it without each other.  Kevin thanks Jayden for leading them into battle.  Mentor Ji walks out, telling them bravo.  Such energy, such grace.  Mike asks, who is that?  Jayden replies, this is Ji, our mentor.  Mentor Ji welcomes them to their new home.  You've all come from different places and different families, but share one noble goal.  I'm very proud of how you come together.  Jayden responds, we just followed some good advice and worked as a team.  Mentor Ji points out that they are just not any team.  You are the Samurai Rangers.  Mia, Kevin, Emily, and Mike all feel a sense of pride at these words.  Mia, Kevin, Mike, Jayden, and Emily form a circle.  They hold out their cases in the middle and shout out, Rangers Together!  Samurai Forever!  Symbol powers float out of their cases and up into the sky.

Mia, Mike, Kevin, Emily, and Jayden are out in the courtyard, working on their power symbols on easels.  Mentor Ji is watching their work and talking to them as he takes a look at each easel.  Mentor Ji:  "There is more to being a Power Ranger than mastering a sword.  You must also learn to use your inherent samurai symbols."  Mentor Ji pauses by Jayden.  Mentor Ji:  "Aha, fire symbol."  The paper on the easel burns as does the brush Jayden is holding.  Jayden blows out the fire on his brush.  Next up is Kevin.  Mentor Ji:  "Yes, water."  Water splashes on Kevin's face.  Mentor Ji pauses at Emily's easel.  Mentor Ji:  "Good, earth symbol."  A boulder appears on the paper and then drops off, landing on Kevin's foot.  Kevin hops around in pain.  Emily hurries over to Kevin.  Emily:  "Sorry!  Are you okay?!"  Kevin:  "Yeah, I'm fine."  Mentor Ji chuckles and then walks over to Mia to look at her power symbol.  Mentor Ji:  "The symbol for wind."  Wind leaves the easel and blows through Mia's hair and she smiles.  Mentor Ji:  "Very good."  Mike is struggling with his power symbol.  Mike:  "That's not right.  Is it this way?"  Mike quickly does a few more strokes.  Mike:  "That's it!"  Mentor Ji walks over to Mike and looks at his power symbol.  Mentor Ji:  "The order of the strokes is wrong.  Mike, you must practice more."  Mike:  "Okay, I get it, practice."  Mike holds his brush towards the easel and pauses, unsure of what to do.  Mike quickly looks at Mentor Ji and puts his hand on Mentor Ji's shoulder.  Mike:  "How about a lunch break?  You'll be amaze at how well I practice after two slices of pizza."  Mentor Ji glances at Mike's hand and Mike removes his hand quickly.  They both look at his easel.  Later, Mia runs in.  Mike and Kevin are sparring.  Mia:  "Hey guys!  I can't find Emily."  The three decide to search Panorama City.  Mia:  "Emily!"  Kevin runs through the city.  Kevin:  "Emily!"  Mike searches as well.  Mike:  "Emily!"  Mike pauses as he spots a kabob stand.  Mike:  "Hmmm.  That smells good."  Kevin searches the streets, passing a bus as he continues to call out for Emily.  Kevin:  "Emily!  Emily!".  After awhile, Mia, Mike, and Kevin meet inside a building.  Mia looks at Kevin.  Mia:  "Any sign of Emily?"  Kevin:  "No."  Mia looks over at Mike, who is eating a kabob.  Mia:  "Mike, how about you?"  Mike:  "How about what?"  Kevin:  "About Emily!  Were you even looking for her?"  Mike:  "Yeah, but I got hungry.  Emily probably went out sightseeing or shopping or something.  I'm sure she's okay."  Kevin gets frustrated.  Mia is more concern.  Mia:  "I don't know.  She's a country girl.  She wouldn't wander around the city by herself."  Kevin looks with longing at Mike's kabob.  Mike notices the look.  Mike:  "You want a bite?"  Kevin:  "No thanks.  I never snack between meals when I'm samurai training.  Mike gets aggravated.  Mike:  "When aren't you in training?"  Kevin:  "Never."  Mia:  "Wow.  You're really serious about the samurai lifestyle."  Kevin:  "Of course.  Aren't you?"  Mia:  "Yes, but I'd also want to have a normal life.  You know, find my Prince Charming some day.  I'm getting use to the idea that now I'm a samurai, but it's a little scary."  Kevin:  "Well, it's a big adjustment.  You'll get use to it."  Mia:  "What about you?  I heard you left your dreams of swimming in the Olympics to be here Kevin."  This hit a nerve with Kevin and he walked a little a way from Mia.  Mia:  "Don't you miss it?"  Kevin:  "No.  When a samurai decides to serve, he is committed.  Forever."  Mike:  "Wow.  Forever?  That's a long time to go without a snack."  Mia:  "Hey!  There she is!"  Mia, Mike, and Kevin hurried over to the windows and spotted Emily training in a park area.  They quickly headed out and towards the park.  Mia:  "Emily!"  Emily stopped training as the three walked up.  Mike:  "You've been training all by yourself?"  Kevin was impressed.  Kevin"  "Yes, the dedication of a samurai."  Emily:  "It's not just that.  I promised my big sister to work hard, so I can be as good as a fighter as the rest of you."  Kevin:  "Your big sister?"  Emily pulls out her flute and looks at it.  Emily:  "My big sister was suppose to become the Yellow Ranger, but she got sick.  I had to take her place."  Mike:  "Wow.  That's a lot to ask of you."  Emily looks at them.  Emily:  "It's been tougher to see her go through her illness.  And anyways, I wasn't a super star at school."  Mia:  "Don't sell yourself short."  Emily:  "Oh, I do have talent.  I'm really good at playing the flute and I can definitely handle a sword.  So becoming a Power Ranger is a fresh start for me."  Kevin:  "Did you hear that?  She has the heart of a true samurai warrior."  Mike:  "You've been training hard.  You need this more than I do.  Here."  Mike hands her a kabob.  The four head back to Shiba House.  Later, the alarm goes off.  Mike:  "What's that?"  Mentor Ji:  "That's a gap sensor.  It goes off the moment a Nighlok comes through a gap from the Netherworld.  Mentor Ji presses his hand down on a coffee table and a map appears.  Mike:  "Sweet."  Mentor Ji presses down on the circle area of the map and a more detailed map appears.  Emily:  "Where are they?"  Mentor Ji:  "City hall."  Jayden hurries in and glances at the map.  Jayden:  "Samurai.  We have a battle to fight."  Jayden runs out.  Mia and Kevin exchange glances, unsure of what to do.  Mentor Ji:  "Well, don't just stand there, follow him."  Mia, Mike, Emily, and Kevin hurried out after Jayden.  They arrive as Scorpionic and several Moogers are attacking.  The Lion Folding Zord attacks Scorpionic.  Scorpionic tries to shoo it away.  Scorpionic:  "You buzzing tin can!"  Scorpionic notices the five teens.  Scorpionic:  "Who's this?"  Mia and her friends don't reply and pull out their Samuraizers.  All:  "Samuraizers!  Go Go Samurai!  Mia and her friends morph.  All:  Samurai Rangers Ready!  Rangers Together!  Samurai Forever!"  Pink Ranger and the rest of the Rangers face down Scorpionic and the Moogers.  Scorpionic:  "Attack!"  The Moogers race towards Pink Ranger and the rest of the Rangers.  Red Ranger:  "Let's roll!"  Pink Ranger and the rest of the Rangers race towards the Moogers with their Spin Swords drawn.  Pink Ranger and the rest of the Rangers battle the Moogers with their Spin Swords.  Blue Ranger:  "Hydro Bow!"  Blue Ranger eliminates several Moogers with his Hydro Bow.  Pink Ranger:  "Sky Fan!"  Pink Ranger battles and destroys several Moogers with her Sky Fan.  Green Ranger:  "Forest Spear!"  Green Ranger destroys another batch of Moogers with his Forest Spear.  Red Ranger:  "Fire Smasher!"  Red Ranger destroys several Moogers with his Fire Smasher.  Red Ranger:  "Hate to fire smash and dash, but...there was a huge explosion.  Red Ranger:  "Whoa!"  Red Ranger races over to find out what's going on.  Scorpionic is destroying more buildings with his tail.  Scorpionic:  "There goes the neighborhood!"  Red Ranger runs up to him and tries to hit him with his Fire Smasher, instead the Fire Smasher gets caught in Scorpionic's sword.  Eventually Red Ranger is able to free his Fire Smasher.  Red Ranger battles Scorpionic with his Fire Smasher.  A short distance away, Yellow Ranger is battling a group of Moogers with her Earth Slicer.  Yellow Ranger throws her Earth Slicer, and it destroys each Mooger it hits.  But it continues and hits Red Ranger.  Scorpionic:  "Wow!  Crunch time!"  Scorpionic takes advantage of the distraction and strikes Red Ranger hard.  Red Ranger goes flying, hits a building, and slides down to the ground.  His Spin Sword lands a distance away from him.  Yellow Ranger:  "Oh no!"  Yellow Ranger runs over to check on Red Ranger.  Yellow Ranger:  "I hit you by mistake!"  Scorpionic is about to strike.  Scorpionic:  "Bye bye Ranger!"  Pink Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Green Ranger see what is about to happen and race over.  Pink Ranger:  "Emily!"  Yellow Ranger stands protectively in front of Red Ranger as the rest of the Rangers reach them.  Scorpionic uses his whirlwind attack.  The attack hits Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Green Ranger and they demorph as they hit the ground.  Scorpionic comments, beating them is like taking candy from a baby.  Scorpionic walks away.  Red Ranger struggles as he stands back up.  Mia, Kevin, and Mike all struggle to get up.  Red Ranger tells them, we must stand and be strong.  Either we defeat the Nighlok or we will be defeated.  Understood?!  Red Ranger falls to his knees.  Mia, Kevin, and Mike continue to struggle to get up.  Emily lays face down and barely moves.  She makes a groaning sound and Mia goes to her side.  She asks Emily if she is okay?  Red Ranger tells Mia to stay with Emily.  Red Ranger notices there is a young girl that has been left behind.  I must save her.  Still struggling, Red Ranger walks towards his Spin Sword and pulls it out of the rubble.  Emily tells the rest, don't worry about me.  Go help the Red Ranger.  Red Ranger suddenly charges towards Scorpionic with his Spin Sword.  Red Ranger and Scorpionic battle once more.  The young girl, Hannah, stays hidden and watches them.  Red Ranger strikes Scorpionic and he goes flying.  Scorpionic lands on the rubble hard.  Red Ranger quickly runs over to Hannah, telling her not to worry.  We will protect you.  The girl's mother appears and yells for Hannah.  Red Ranger takes Hannah to her mother.  Kevin and Mike manage to stand up.  Mia helps Emily up.  The mother takes Hannah away.  Scorpionic is furious.  Red Ranger and Scorpionic face each other.  Mike tells his friends, you got to admit, that dude has style.  Scorpionic and Red Ranger charge towards each other with their weapons drawn.  Emily walks a little apart from her friends.  Emily tells them, he is able to stay so focus on defeating evil.  I only hope I'm up to the challenge. Scorpionic and Red Ranger continue to battle.  Scorpionic knocks Red Ranger down.  Scorpionic prepares another whirlwind attack.  Mia, Mike, Emily, and Kevin morph.  The four Rangers charge forward with their Spin Swords.  Scorpionic launches his whirlwind attack, but it misses the Rangers.  Red Ranger gets back up.  The Rangers leap towards Scorpionic.  Red Ranger strikes Scorpionic first with his Spin Sword.  Blue Ranger strikes Scorpionic with his Spin Sword.  Pink Ranger is the third to strike Scorpionic with her Spin Sword.  Green Ranger and Yellow Ranger, one after the other, strike Scorpionic with their Spin Swords.  The four Rangers gather around Red Ranger.  Blue Rangers asks, what now?  Red Ranger replies, our Spin Sword will turn him into dust.  With their Spin Sword, the Rangers use the quintuple slash to defeat Scorpionic.  Within a few moments, Scorpionic grows to giant size.  The Rangers summon their zords.  The zords race towards Scorpionic.  Scorpionic swings his swords at them.  Red Ranger tells the team, zords are not enough here.  We have to combine forces.  Blue Ranger gets excited.  A zord combination, right?  Let's do it!  Pink Ranger, Green Ranger, and Yellow Ranger are ready.  Blue Ranger gives the command, zords combine!  The four zords, in case mode, are stacked on top of each other.  Blue Ranger announces they are ready.  Pink Ranger is confused.  Are we suppose to look like this?  Blue Ranger replies, I'm not sure.  Scorpionic is confused as well.  What is that?  A Ranger totem pole.  Yellow Ranger replies, if totem pole crushes Nighlok, you got it!  Scorpionic states, you baby Rangers are playing with blocks?  Red Ranger is still flying around in his zord.  He asks Blue Ranger, what have you done?  Blue Ranger becomes alarmed.  Oh no!  Did I make a mistake? Red Ranger tells Blue Ranger, you left me out.  Blue Ranger feels bad.  Oh no!  I did it wrong!  Green Ranger is not happy about being the low man on the totem pole.  Green Ranger starts to shake his zord, which makes the whole thing start to wobble.  Scorpionic laughs and swings his sword, hitting the zords and knocking them down.  Red Ranger states, this time, I'll start it.  The zords combine once more, this time forming the Samurai Megazord.  Blue Ranger apologizes to the rest of the Rangers.  Yellow Ranger replies, no worries Kev.  We got it now.  Scorpionic charges towards the Megazord.  Samurai Megazord and Scorpionic battle with their swords.  Scorpionic swings and misses the Samurai Megazord, hitting a building instead.  The battle continues between Scorpionic and Samurai Megazord.  Samurai Megazord knocks Scorpionic to the ground.  Scorpionic gets back up and summons several giant Moogers.  The giant Moogers soon have the Megazord surrounded.  Scorpionic screams, attack!  Samurai Megazord battles the giant Moogers.  Several of the giant Moogers have chains and they throw them at Megazord's hands.  Samurai Megazord's hands are pulled tight and cannot defend itself as the rest of the Moogers use their staffs to strike it.  Scorpionic laughs.  Yellow Ranger asks, what do we do now?  Red Ranger tells them to stay strong, stay brave.  Red Ranger gives the command, furious lion howl.  The lion head roars and flames shoot out, hitting a couple of the Moogers.  Samurai Megazord then uses the chains to lift the remaining Moogers up in the air. The four Moogers crash into each other.  Samurai Megazord uses it's sword and battles the Moogers.  Scorpionic backs away, hiding behind the giant Moogers.  Samurai Megazord battles the Moogers and destroys them one by one.  Samurai Megazord faces down Scorpionic.  Samurai Megazord uses it's Samurai Strike against Scorpionic.  Scorpionic is destroyed.  The Rangers are jubilant.  After the battle, Mia, Jayden, Kevin, and Mike return to Shiba House in high spirits.  Emily is lagging behind her friends and a little sad.  Mentor Ji greets them, telling them well done, all of you.  Jayden thanks him.  Mike notices Emily's expression and asks her, what's up?  Emily tells them, well I almost let you all down today.  Jayden tells her, you did great.  You were really strong.  Mia walks over to Emily and tells her, your big sister would be really proud of you.  Mia's and Jayden's reassurances comfort Emily and she feels better.  Mike announces he has a surprise for them.  I've learned a new symbol.  Mentor Ji is pleasantly surprised.  Jayden and Mentor Ji exchange amused glances.  Mike does the power symbol for fun and confetti falls from the ceiling.  Mike back flips into the area and starts dancing.  Emily bursts out laughing.  Mia and Jayden grin.  Mike continues his dance moves.  Kevin and Mentor Ji nod their heads in unison.  Emily continues to laugh.  Mike finishes his dance routine to the amusement of his friends.           

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