Blake Bradley - The Navy Thunder Ninja Power Ranger

Blake Bradley was adopted along with his older brother, Hunter.  When their parents were killed, Sensei Amano took them into the Thunder Ninja Academy and began training them.  When their academy was attacked, Sensei Amano gave them their morphers.  Blake became the Navy Thunder Power Ranger and Hunter became the Crimson Thunder Power Ranger.  Blake and Hunter were captured by Lothor and told the lie that the Sensei of the Wind Ninja Academy had destroyed their parents.  Blake and Hunter began to work with Lothor on destroying the Wind Rangers.  Blake and Hunter were both motocross enthusiasts and used this sport to win over Dustin - the Yellow Wind Power Ranger.  When Dustin introduced Blake and Hunter to his friends, Shane (Red Wind Ranger) and Tori (Blue Wind Ranger), Blake was immediately taken with the lovely Tori.  Although that did not stop him from using her to gain access to Ninja Ops - the headquarters of the Wind Rangers.  Blake and Hunter did a lot of damage to the Wind Rangers before revealing their identities to the Wind Rangers.  They had managed to capture Sensei and left to take him to the Cavern of Lost Souls.  As Blake and Hunter were preparing to destroy Sensei, their adoptive parents' spirits appeared and told them that Lothor had been the one to destroyed them, not Sensei.  The Wind Rangers wanted the Thunder Rangers to join their team, but Blake and Hunter were not ready at first.  They left Blue Bay Harbor for awhile.  When they returned, they were not sure whether to join the Wind Rangers.  Blake and Hunter were placed under a evil alien mind wrap and believe the Wind Rangers to be their enemies.  All the Rangers were transported to Portico island where the battle continues.  During the battle, Blake and Hunter begin to regain their memories and stop fighting the Wind Rangers.  A powerful beam is aimed at the Thunder Rangers.  Blake is pushed aside by Hunter, who takes the full blast of the beam along with a dose of noxious gas.  Hunter is convinced that Blake had betrayed him and tries to destroy him.  Blake will not give up on his brother, convinced that he can get through to him.  Blake helps Hunter break the evil spell.  Blake and Hunter decided to join the Wind Rangers in their battles against Lothor.  Blake and Hunter also took  jobs at Storm Chargers as stock boys.  The team is later joined by Cam, Sensei's son, who becomes the Green Samurai Power Ranger. 

Blake, Dustin, Shane, and Hunter were on the beach searching for Tori.  They found her and at first she appeared frighten of them until she realized that these were her friends.  Blake had been worried about her.  There wasn't time for a discussion as Gold Winger was attacking the beach.  After a moment of almost morphing in front of people, they found a secluded spot and morphed into action.  Blake and the rest of the Rangers destroyed Gold Winger.  Afterwards, Blake and Tori were sitting on the beach.  Blake listened as Tori told him what had happened to her in the gold dust dimension.  Blake found the story hard to believe.  Tori didn't understand why he didn't believe her.  Blake back tracked a little, claiming that maybe it happen, but he can't imagine himself bagging on her.  When Tori insisted that he had, without thinking, Blake let it slip that in whatever dimension he would like her.  Realizing as the words slipped out, that he had revealed his feelings for her.  Tori was obviously flattered and there was a moment of pleasant awkwardness.  Blake saved the situation by lecturing Tori about surfing on her own and letting the muscles heads get to her.  Tori confessed that it had been dumb, but that she had been so mad.  Blake made her promised not to do that again, she could really get hurt.  With a mischievous smile on her lips, Tori agreed and then volunteered Blake for the job.  Blake was a little taken aback.  But Tori pulled him into the water.  Blake began his surfing lessons from Tori, with a lot of falling, spluttering of water, and Tori's delightful laughter ringing in his ears. 

Sensei Amano's daughter, Leanne, was in Blue Bay Harbor and had offered to train with Blake.  Blake was eager to continue the training he had started with his Thunder Blade.  It was not something he was ready to share with his friends.  Blake was so preoccupied with his training, that he was distant with Tori and Hunter.  Blake was training with Leanne when a monster attacked occurred.  Blake joined the other Rangers and attacked Inflatron on his own.  Back at Ninja Ops, Cam informed all the Rangers that Blake had the right idea.  Blake was pleased with himself and broke away from the group.  Shane questioned him about his new weapon and Blake told the group how Sensei Amano had given him the weapon.  Hunter reminded him that he was supposed to be training with it.  To which Blake replied who said he hasn't been training.  He left the Ninja Ops.  Blake was eager to train again and went through the woods, an underground passageway with lots of turns and stairs and back outdoors.  Before he was aware of it, Leanne had attacked him and he was on the ground.  Blake was very surprised to see Tori there as well.  Tori immediately went after Leanne to save him, and she ended up on the ground.  Blake helped Tori up, amused that she was there.  Tori was ready to attack Leanne again, when Blake stopped her.  He explain that Leanne was a former graduate of Thunder Ninja Academy.  Tori quickly put together that Leanne had been training Blake.  Blake was rather touched by Tori's obvious concern for him.  Kelzaks appeared on the scene and Blake, Tori, and Leanne were battling them.  Blake was needed to help the other Rangers battle Inflatron.  After a quick glance at Tori, who urged him to go, Blake hid himself and morphed into action.  He joined the other Rangers in the battle against Inflatron.  Blake was having a difficult time and flashbacks of his time with Sensei Amano appeared in his head constantly.  Then he remembered Sensei Amano's words of controlling his emotion to control the Thunder Blade.  Blake did that and defeated Inflatron.  Shane, Dustin, Hunter, and Tori appeared to cheer his success.  Lothor had regrown Inflatron and the Rangers had to call forth their zords.  Cam joined them as well.  This time Blake and the rest of the Rangers destroyed Inflatron.  Later on, Blake and Leanne walked along the beach.  Leanne questioned Blake how he survived the attack on the Thunder Ninja Academy.  A question Blake could not answer.  He did reassured her that there were people out there helping all the ninjas and that Sensei Amano was alright.  Blake noticed Tori walking towards them and instantly all his attention was on her.  Something Leanne noticed right away.  Leanne discretely left the two alone.  Blake and Tori walked along the beach.  Blake had thought Tori was rather cute when she was jealous, something Tori denied.  Tori claimed she was only concern for his training.  Blake laughed and soon the two of the them were in mock training.

Blake was waiting for Shane at Storm Chargers with Dustin and Hunter.  Shane walked in, not looking very happy.  Shane told them of his older brother's visit.  Blake joked that that would bum him out to.  Blake turned serious when he asked Shane what was the problem.  Shane explained how his older brother was the perfect son with a great job, nice house, etc.  Blake encouraged Shane to be positive - maybe his brother had change.  They left for the bike training, which did not go well when Shane and Tori decided to practice on the Thunder's bikes.  Afterwards, Shane left to met his brother.  Blake, Dustin, Tori, Hunter, and Cam were in Blue Bay Harbor looking for a monster attack.  Several people were screaming and running and they found Eyezak and Motodrone.  Blake and the rest of his friends quickly morphed into action.  Shane joined them.  They defeated a lot of Kelzaks, but not Eyezak or Motodrone.  Back at Ninja Ops, Cam showed them the viewing screen and how the nightmare collars forced the victim to live their worst fears.  Later, there was another attack.  This time, Blake, Dustin, Tori, and Hunter raced to Shane's aid.  Shane already had a nightmare collar placed on him.  Dustin and Tori were the next to be place with a nightmare collar.  It was down to Blake and Hunter and they tried to take out both Eyezak and Motodrone.  Eyezak soon grew larger and Blake and Hunter were swallowed by Eyezak.  It was nasty in the monster's stomach and Blake and Hunter were trapped.  Blake became unconscious and was awoken by Tori.  Tori and Dustin had entered Eyezak's belly to rescue them.  Blake and Hunter slowly came to and left the monster's belly with Dustin and Tori by leaving through Eyezak's mouth.  Once freed, Blake and Hunter called forth their megazord.  Cam had arrived with his and Dustin and Tori joined Shane in theirs.  With Cam's invention, all three megazords joined to form the Hurricane megazord.  With Hurricane megazord, Blake and the rest of the Rangers were able to defeat Eyezak.

Blake, Dustin, Shane, and Hunter were loading Tori's van with their camping gear at Storm Chargers.  Tori was taking them to their campsite.  On the way, a young woman stopped them.  The young woman was with a hiking group and her friend was in trouble.  Blake and the rest of his friends followed the woman to a cliff where her friend was dangling.  Blake immediately volunteered to go, being he was the lightest.  Blake and the rest of the guys agreed to go into Ranger mode if things got bad.  Blake went down the side of the cliff, until he reached the girl.  He tried to reassure her that she was doing great.  The girl wouldn't even look at him.  When Blake asked if she was okay, he received a shock when she turned into a Kelzak.  Blake had to keep his wits about him as he battled the Kelzak, hanging from a rope, over the edge of a cliff.  The Kelzak got the better of him, and Blake found himself hanging upside down.  The Kelzak cut the rope, and Blake began to fall towards the ground.  He morphed and was able to save himself.  Blake took care of the Kelzak on the side of the cliff and then joined his friends on top.  Zurgane was there as well and the rest of the Rangers morphed.  After the defeat of the Kelzaks, Sensei told them to continue with their camping trip.  Blake tried several times to convince Tori to join them, but she was having nothing to do with it.  At the campsite, Blake got very comfortable.  Tori gave them a hard time about missing the point of camping.  But as far as Blake was concerned the point was to have fun.  Hunter volunteered to call for a pizza, and Blake requested no ham and pineapple.  But the cell phone had no signal, so they had to resort to hamburgers.  Tori tried to leave, but her van was stuck.  Blake and the rest of the guys helped push Tori's van out of the mud - and got a great deal of mud on them in the process.  When Tori's van knock out the portable generator, Blake and the rest of the guys were not happy.  After a cold shower, Blake was very willing to accept Tori's apology.  And when Tori told them she had cooked their hamburgers and cooled their sodas, Blake was pleased and happy to tell her that she had been forgiven.  Overhead two streaks flew across the sky.  Blake and the rest of his friends decided to follow it.  They found Vexasus and Shimazu.  Blake and the rest of the Rangers morphed into action and had another difficult battle on their hands.  Blake and Hunter were having a very hard time with Shimazu - who was literally licking them.  Cam showed up to help, but he had bad news for them.  Something huge was coming towards them.  That something was Zurgane in his zords.  Blake and the rest of the Rangers called forth their zords and prepared to battle.

The Rangers defeated Zurgane and only Cam seemed to feel the fight had been too easy.  Cam and Tori returned to Ninja Ops, while Blake and the rest of the guys returned to the campsite.  Blake, Dustin, Shane, and Hunter were all hungry.  Blake was hoping someone remember to bring pickles, he couldn't eat cheeseburgers without pickles.  Shane had brought some.  Blake and the rest of the guys were stunned to discover their campsite had been wrecked and the food eaten.  Shane gave each of them a container and told them to hunt for food.  While hunting for food, Blake received word from Cam that Zurgane was back.  Blake and the rest of the Rangers morphed and entered their zords to battle Zurgane.  Zurgane had a surprise for them - a clone power sphere.  Blake and the rest of the Rangers were stunned and soon their zord was on the ground.  Sensei urged the Rangers to retreat and use the ninja firebird to cloak their retreat.  Back at Ninja Ops, Blake and the rest of the Rangers watched Zurgane in Blue Bay Harbor.  The zords were still being repaired, but they had to do something.  Dustin suggested using the gliders and Blake suggested the cycles.  They quickly put a plan together and search out Zurgane.  When Blake and the rest of the Rangers found him they attacked him with their weapons and their taunts.  Soon Zurgane had left his zord to battle them on ground.  The battle was not getting any easier.  Cam showed up with back-ups - their zords.  Blake and the rest of the Rangers quickly entered their zords and formed the Hurricane zord and were able to defeat Zurgane.  Afterwards, Blake, Shane, Hunter, and Dustin returned to their campsite.  Blake went promptly to sleep.

Blake was at Ninja Ops with the rest of the Rangers.  Hunter had found a piece of Zurgane's sword.  Using the satellite photo of the area the sword was found, Blake and the rest of the Rangers found out that Vexacus had destroyed Zurgane.  It was time for the Rangers to rescue the ninja students aboard Lothor's ship.  Blake and the rest of his friends wondered how they could get through Lothor's energy field.  Hunter had an idea and left.  On the viewing screen, Blake and the rest of his friends saw that Hunter was being attacked by Vexacus and Condortron.  Blake and the rest of the Rangers left to help Hunter.  Motodrone and several Kelzaks also appeared to battle.  Blake had one heart stopping moment when Hunter's glider cycle crashed in the distant.  But his brother turned out to be okay.  Blake and the rest of the Rangers chased Motodrone and Condortron away.  Vexacus eventually left as well, but not without mentioning the Gem of Lost Souls.  Blake and the rest of the Rangers wondered what he was talking about.  At Ninja Ops, Hunter revealed that he had save two pieces of the Gem of Lost Souls.  Blake was furious that his brother never told him.   He wanted to have a long talk with his brother.   Hunter explained how he had tried to used the pieces to contact his parents.  Hunter felt that the pieces could help get through the energy shield on Lothor's ship.  Blake and the rest of the Rangers began to put their plan into action.  Cam left on his dragon force vehicle to board Lothor's ship.  Blake and the rest were to join him when Cam gave the signal.  Blake and the rest of the Rangers watched on the viewing screen as Cam made his way towards Lothor's ship.  Blake was surprised when Lothor's ship began attacking Cam.  To make matters worse, Condortron was back as well.  Blake and the rest of the Rangers had no choice but to stop Condortron.  During the battle with Condortron, Cam joined them as well.  Cam had been unable to rescue the ninja students.  Blake and the rest of the Rangers destroyed Condortron.

Blake and Hunter were getting ready for a motocross race.  Kelly was checking with the guys to make sure they didn't miss anything.  When Hunter began asking him question, Blake became a little irritated and replied that he wasn't an idiot.  Blake and Hunter climbed onto their bikes.  Hunter was telling Blake that if they won, they couldn't drop everything and travel around the world.  But for Blake, the most important thing was beating the guys in the race.  The race started and Blake gave it his all.  He beat Hunter and won the race.  Blake was feeling really good when Hunter stormed over to him.  Blake watch him toss his helmet and commented that he was going to scratch his helmet.  Hunter was not much interested, he was convince that Blake had high sided him.  Blake did not and was angry at Hunter for thinking that he did.  Blake told Hunter that if it had been any other guy it would have been a clean sweep, but because it was him it wasn't.  He knew that Hunter did not like the idea of his younger brother beating him.  Hunter had got a ride back, but Blake stayed to watch the freestyle demo.  Kelly was by his side and asked about Hunter and wisely did not say anything when Blake told her that he got a ride back.  Blake was enjoying the freestyle demo and was surprised when Dustin appeared in the competition.  Dustin did great until the landing.  Blake and Kelly raced to his side.  Blake joked that he was surprised Dustin was doing freestyle - wasn't he afraid of getting hurt.  After making sure Dustin was okay, Blake left Dustin and Kelly alone.  Later at Storm Chargers, Blake ranted about Hunter to Tori.  He couldn't believe how his brother was acting.  Tori refused to take sides.  Blake was firm, he was not going to be the first to make amends.  Blake got up to leave Storm Chargers and ran into Hunter.  He and Hunter grunted at each other and stormed off in opposite directions.  Soon Blake was contacted by Cam - he was needed in Ninja Ops.  Blake waited for the Wind Rangers to show up with his back towards Hunter and Cam.  When Shane, Dustin, and Tori arrived, Cam showed them what was appearing on the viewing screen on his computer.  It was Kapri in her own zord.  Blake and the rest of the Rangers got ready to morph.  Sensei reminded Blake and Hunter that they needed to set aside their differences for the battle.  Blake replied that it wouldn't be a problem, although it was obvious that Blake and Hunter were still angry with each other.  Blake and the rest of the Rangers morphed into action and into their zords.  Blake and the rest of the Rangers began battling Kapri, but it was tough going.  Especially since Blake and Hunter were still bickering with each other.  Soon Marah and Shimazu joined the battle in their own zords.  Later, Cam appeared with drones of his own zords which helped them to defeat Kapri, Marah, and Shimazu.  Afterwards, Blake and Hunter were at the race track.  They had agreed to five laps around the track to settle their differences.  In an almost exact reply, Blake won the race again.  Blake had been impressed with Hunter's moves and told him so.  Hunter, who had mellowed out, realized that his brother had been right and confessed that it was hard for him to have a little brother better at racing than him.  Blake shrugged it off, he could been on this week and off next week.  He reminded Hunter that the important thing was that they remembered that they were bros.

Blake and Hunter entered Storm Chargers to find a very excited Dustin.  Before Dustin could say anything, Blake congratulate him on having a sponsored ride to U.S. Action Games.  Blake and Hunter sat down with Shane and Tori as Dustin joined them.  Hunter filled them in on Blake's outstanding performance for the Factory Blue sponsorship.  Blake was offered a factory ride, if he wanted it.  The guys urged him to take it, but Blake knew his Rangers duties would interfere.  Shane continued to urged him not to pass up the opportunity, which left Blake feeling a little frustrated at his dilemma.  Tori brought up the fact that they needed to tell Sensei about the U.S. Action Games, and Dustin suggested that they invite Cam along.  Blake and the rest of his friends went to Ninja Ops, where Sensei understood their excitement and gave them permission to go.  Blake and the rest of his friends arrived at the U.S. Action Games amid an excited crowd.  Blake, Shane, Tori, and Dustin left to check out what was going on, while Hunter and Cam registered them.  Soon Hunter and Cam returned with word that Marah and Kapri were there as well.  Although Cam searched the area, he could not find what Marah and Kapri were after.  When Cam's ambulant froze, Cam decided to return to Ninja Ops to find out what had happen.  Meanwhile, Blake and the rest of his friends return to watching some of the games.  The brief interlude did not last long.  Cam contacted them with news that a giant Vexacus was running around.  Blake and the rest of the Rangers quickly morphed into action and into their zords.  It was a difficult battle, but Blake felt confident to tackle Vexacus with their Thunder zord.  He could feel the zord vibrating as it held Vexacus in a tight hold.

Blake and Hunter ejected from their Thunder zord just in time.  The Thunder zord was destroyed.  Blake and Hunter made their way back to Ninja Ops.  Blake and Hunter were surprised to see the place was in shambles.  Dustin, Tori, and Shane were happy to see Blake and Hunter.  Blake and Hunter wondered where Cam and Sensei were.  The Wind Rangers had no answers for them - Lothor had beat them to Ninja Ops.  All their questions were answered when Sensei Kanoi entered in human form.  Sensei Kanoi told the Rangers that Cam had been captured.  Sensei Kanoi believed that Lothor plan to use the Samurai ambulant to open the Abyss of Evil.  Blake had heard stories of the Abyss of Evil, but he had believed them to be just ninja folk lore.  Sensei Kanoi told the Rangers that it was no consequence that the Wind Ninja Academy was in Blue Bay Harbor.  Sensei Kanoi believed that Lothor was going to use Cam's ambulant to open the Abyss of Evil and release an army of evil.  The Rangers needed a plan.  Blake knew that if they only had more ninjas they would have a fighting chance.  Blake and Hunter decided to used the Dragon force vehicle to board Lothor's ship to rescue Cam and the ninja students.  The Wind Rangers waited at Ninja Ops.  Blake and Hunter board Lothor's ship fairly easily.  They found out that the ship was set to self-destruct.  Blake and Hunter began searching the ship immediately.  They found Cam and freed him immediately.  Blake and Hunter also freed Marah and Kapri were had also been tied to the ship.  They were ready to leave when Choobo entered with several Kelzaks.  Blake and Hunter immediately morphed into action and a battle broke out in Lothor's ship.  Cam informed Blake and Hunter that if they blew out the console they would release the ninja students.  Blake and Hunter used the thunder blaster and blew out the console.  The ninja students were released, but Lothor's ship was falling apart.  Amid the falling debris, Blake, Hunter, Cam, Marah, and Kapri teleported out of Lothor's ship.  Blake arrived at the Abyss of Evil ready to take on Lothor with all the ninja students behind him to back him up.  Several of the monsters were either destroyed or thrown back into the Abyss of Evil.  Lothor used Cam's ambulant to take the Thunder Ranger's powers.  Blake and Hunter feel to their knees, but they were not about to give up.  Cam joined the battle as well.  All six Rangers took on Lothor and they still had their work cut out for them.  Blake, Hunter, and Cam could not go on.  Blake watched as the Wind Rangers summoned their ninja powers and sent Lothor back into the Abyss of Evil.  Blake walked towards the Wind Rangers with Hunter and Cam.  Blake told his friends that Lothor's evil had overloaded the Abyss of Evil and that it has sealed itself.  Lothor was gone, but so were their Ranger powers.  Blake and his friends returned to the U.S. Action Games, which had reopened.  Blake was very happy for "his boy" Dustin when he placed 3rd in free style.  Blake and his friends entered the Wind Ninja Academy to received their badges of honor and graduate from the Academy.  Blake and Tori walked together.  Tori was asking him about his sponsorship.  He told her that he started training for Factory Blue next week and racing next month.  Not wanting to lose contact with Tori, he asked if she would come and watch.  Tori replied that she was all over it.  Hunter joined them - excited that he had been offered a head teacher position at the Thunder Ninja Academy.  Tori had some news for Blake as well.  Tori, Shane, and Dustin were now instructors of the Wind Ninja Academy.

Blake was in Reefside for the Nationals.  Blake had made quite a name for himself in motocross.  He entered Hayley's Cyberspace with Jesse.  They walked up to the bar and Blake noticed all the lovely girls there.  One such girl, Kira, walked up to him and asked him if they knew each other.  Blake asked her if she followed motocross.  During their conversation, a fan asked for Blake autograph, which he gave along with his cap.  Kira was startled and told Blake that she didn't know you could be famous for riding a motorcycle.  Blake chuckled and asked her to come watch him in the Nationals.  Kira asked him if he was asking her out, but Blake was merely trying to drum up support for his sport.  Jesse gave Kira passes and Blake told her to bring a some friends.  Later, Blake prepared himself for the race and then proceeded to win the race.  He had spotted Kira and walked over to her and her friends, Conner and Ethan.  Blake asked Kira what she thought and Kira thoroughly enjoyed the event.  Blake knew she would.  Conner thanked him for hooking them up.  Blake asked them what they were doing for dinner and asked if they wanted to grab a bite to eat.  Seconds later, Blake hear is disc make a beeping sound.  He took a quick look at it and apologized to Kira, Conner, and Ethan, because he had to cancelled their plans.  Kira asked if everything was alright and Blake replied that he hoped it was before he took off.  He appeared on a balcony that Hunter and Cam were on.  He asked them what was going on.  They merely pointed to the street below.  Blake could see that Dino Rangers were having a difficult time battling the evil Ninja Rangers.  Blake, Hunter, and Cam had to come up with a plan to help all the Rangers.

Cam had come up with an idea - to go into the Abyss of Evil and retrieve their powers.  Blake was against the idea and Hunter was not too happy about it either.  Blake refused to go into the Abyss of Evil again.  Somehow Blake, Cam, and Hunter were at the entrance of the Abyss of Evil, preparing to entered.  Blake stated again that he thought this was a bad idea.  Cam told them to stay together.  They lowered themselves into the Abyss of Evil.  Blake couldn't believe the horrible smell.  They spotted the Samurai Ambulant fairly quickly.  Hunter was surprised no one was guarding it and seconds later, Zurgane and a swarm of Kelzaks appeared.  Blake, Hunter, and Cam went into against.  They fought against Zurgane and the several Kelzaks, while at the same time, trying to reach the Samurai Ambulant.  At one point, Cam could almost reach it.  Zurgane spotted this and sent the ground shaking.  Blake lost his balance and started to fall into the bottom of the Abyss of Evil.  Hunter spotted Blake falling and jumped across to save him.  Hunter grabbed a hold of Blake, but Hunter was dangling from the edge of the cliff.  Cam raced over to help, but he could not pulled up the two men.  Blake couldn't believe he was going to miss his race tomorrow and Hunter couldn't believe he had just said that.  Zurgane, confident that the three would soon be at the bottom of the Abyss of Evil, left with the Kelzaks.  Sensei Kanoi appeared and helped Cam get Blake and Hunter to safe ground.  They retrieve their power and set off for the next phase of their plan.  Blake, Hunter, and Cam came to a bridge and just stopped Tori, Dustin, and Shane from morphing.  Dustin, Shane, and Tori had been battling Kira, Conner, and Ethan and were ready to take it to the next level.  Kira realized where she had recognized Blake - that he was a Power Ranger.  The Dino Rangers were happy for some help, but they received a shock when Blake told them that they weren't there to help them.  Blake told them that they helped their own kind.  Blake, Hunter, and Cam stood in front of the Wind Ninja Rangers and told the Dino Rangers that Lothor had shown the error of their ways.  Anyone who messed with the Wind Ninja Rangers, had to go through them.  Before the battle broke out, Cam told the Wind Ninja Rangers that he had energy boost discs directly from the Abyss of Evil.  The Wind Ninja Rangers were reluctant to take the discs, but Cam convinced them.  Once the Wind Ninja Rangers replaced the discs in their morphers, they were knocked to the ground.  When they got back up, the Wind Ninja Rangers were no longer under Lothor's control, although they were confused.  Blake tried to explain to them that Lothor was back and that the Sensei they had been talking to wasn't Sensei, but Lothor.  Conner, Ethan, and Kira joined the group and asked them what was going on.  They all went to Dr. O's home where Cam and Hunter explained what had happened in the Abyss of Evil.  Dr. O was glad that they were there, but they still had a big problem on their hands.  The computer beeped and the screen showed Elsa preparing her army for battle.  Blake and the rest of the Rangers left and went to where Elsa, Zurgane, the generals, the Wolf Blades, several Tyrannodrones, Triptoids, and Kelzaks stood waiting for them.  Blake and the rest of the Rangers morphed and the battle began.  Blake worked with Hunter and Dr. O to bring down Zurgane.  The battle was intense, but Blake, Hunter and Dr. O destroyed Zurgane.  The rest of the Rangers were successful as well.  They gathered together to congratulate each other when Marah and Kapri appeared.  Marah had Lothor's bottle and released the captured ninja students.  They all returned to Dr. O's home.  Hayley told Blake, Tori, Dustin, Shane, Hunter, and Cam that there had been one last boost of energy, but they no longer had Ranger powers.  Dustin wanted to know who had rescued Sensei and Marah and Kapri explained how it had been them.  The Rangers all laughed and Ethan commented on how it was nice to be back to normal.  Blake was all for returning to normal, but first it was time to get down and dirty.  The following day, Blake's friends came to cheer him on his motocross race.  Blake accepted Kira, Tori, Conner, Ethan, Dustin, Shane, Dr. O, Hunter, Marah and Kapri's good wishes.  Blake entered the race and won.  Conner and Shane hoisted Blake onto their shoulders.  Blake held the trophy above his head as he listened to the cheers of his friends and fans.

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