Lucas Kendall - The Blue Time Force Power Ranger

Lucas Kendall is  part of a division called  Time Force in the year 3000.  He is a perfect candidates for this job as his face rarely reveals what he is thinking.  He is a man of few words, but when he does speak, he gets his point across.  Lucas tries to maintain a cool facade, but he does have a bit of temper about him.  

The main objective of Time Force is to capture mutants and put them into containment.  The leader of the mutants is Ransik and Time Force had been after him for quite some time.  Ransik was attempting to go into the past.  But he was captured before he could make this attempt.  Ransik was put on trail.  While others on Lucas's team, Katie and Trip,  thought the verdict would be containment, Lucas was not so sure.  He knew that things could go either way.  The panel did reach the verdict of cryogenic containment.  

Lucas's team, Jen, Katie, Trip, were given the job of escorting Ransik to prison.  Lucas was given the job of driving the vehicle that contained Ransik.  The drive went smoothly until a person was spotted in the middle of the road.  Lucas stopped the vehicle and watched Katie and Trip approached the body.  In stunned disbelief Lucas watched the body attack Trip and Katie.  Then Lucas heard the sounds of an air vehicle.  Only with Jen urging him to keep driving, did Lucas get back to the task.  Unfortunately the vehicle was sabotage and Ransik escape.  

Wearily it was reported to their commander that they had failed their mission.  The team was immediately relieved of their duties.  Lucas was furious and took it out on Trip - blaming him for not sensing what was about to happen.  Katie was quick to come to Trip's defense.  Lucas, still upset, continued to kick a few boxes around.  Perhaps upset with himself as well for not reacting to the situation quicker.  

The team was not giving up.  Trip had sense where Ransik was.  Quickly they got to where Ransik was.  But instead of recapturing Ransik, they saw the destruction of their friend Alex.  Lucas could only lower his head as he came to terms with what had just happened.  

Jen was determined that they would capture Ransik and she would chase him into the past if she had too.  Lucas is very loyal to Jen and followed her, even if he had doubts about what they were doing.  They were off to the past.  Their ship crash landed and they had to make a hasty exit before it exploded.  Lucas and the others found out, by Circuit, that they were in Silver Hills in the year 2001.  Jen passed out the morphers and Lucas strapped his on.  Activating the morpher Lucas felt a surge of power go through him.  It felt great.  Now they were after Ransik.

Their first confrontation failed.  Lucas and the others were unable to morph into Power Rangers.  It transpire that the other's morphers would not work until Alex's morpher was activated.  This turned out to be Alex.  Someone who had helped Jen out in a fight.  His resemble to Alex was uncanny.  Even Lucas was taken aback for a moment.  Initially Jen refused to have Wes as a permanent member of Time Force.  Not even Lucas's comment that he was a good fight persuade her.  And when Wes attempted to take Nadria, Ransik's daughter, on his own.  Lucas backed up Jen's obvious dismissal of a guy who had everything.  

Eventually Wes was made a part of Time Force.  Wes located the foursome a home in a clock tower.  Lucas and the others quickly set about cleaning up the place.  Wes also brought them some clothes to wear.  Lucas chose clothes that maintained his cool dispensation.  All five of them ended up with jobs as well.  Working as "hire for help" Nick-in-Time employees.  The operation runs on the bottom of the clock tower. 

The few times you see a smile on Lucas' face is when he behind the wheel of a sports car.  Wes attempted to give Lucas a driving lesson, unaware that Lucas is a Championship Race Driver in the year 3000.  During this outing, Lucas ended up with several tickets.  Wes helped Lucas learn the driving rules of the year 2001.  When Lucas went for his driving test, he ended up with an instructor that left him rolling his eyes and muttering under his breath.

Besides fast cars, Lucas also enjoys a good game of poker.  He is very skilled at this game.  Lucas was playing a game of poker with Wes.  He had a great hand and Wes was about to make a judgment error, when Trip revealed Lucas' hand.  This caused Lucas to become angry with Trip.  Lucas put tape over Trip's gem so that Trip would be unable to read other people's thoughts and condemned him to not using his gem for the rest of the day.  Later in a battle, Lucas realized that Trip was not using his gem.  He reached Trip and tore the tape off his forehead, telling him that this was important and to use his gem.  (Circuit had been taken and the Rangers needed his help.)  After the battle and the return of Circuit, Lucas realized that he had been a bit hard on Trip.  He had a talk with Trip about using the gem for really important matters, and perhaps, develop a better understanding of Trip's more sensitive nature.

Another physical activity Lucas enjoys is arm wrestling.  He generally pits himself against Wes.  And both men enjoy the challenge of defeating the other.  Lucas also enjoys samurai movies.  He also has vast knowledge of vintage vehicles.

Lucas never has any doubts about his abilities as a Power Ranger.  With his good looks and charming manner, he is also very confident when asking a female out.

Lucas is always ready to help out a pretty girl, but helping small children was something Lucas wasn't accustom to.   He had just finished giving his card to a pretty girl and was getting back into his own car, when a young girl entered the car.  Holly wanted to hire Lucas to be her personnel bodyguard.  Lucas did not want anything to do with the girl, but Holly persisted.  Lucas tried to take her home, but Holly's words of robots made Lucas reconsidered.  He decided to give the other Rangers a call and find out if there was any thing to Holly's story.  As it turn out, Holly is Dr. Zaskin's daughter, and he had been kidnapped.  When Lucas turned around, his car was swarmed with cyclobots.  He reacted quickly and got rid of the cyclobots and took off in the car.  Holly was impressed and Lucas's agitated with the girl grew.  As the car raced along, they were attacked once again.  Lucas told Holly to get to safety while he dealt with the mutant.  Lucas fought with the mutant, but he needed his Ranger powers in order to defeat the mutant.  To Holly's amazement, Lucas morphed into the Blue Time Force Ranger.  Lucas had his work cut out for him and the mutant soon had Lucas on the ground.  Before Lucas could do anything, Holly dashed out of hiding and tried to protect the Blue Ranger.  Lucas was bemused to see Holly trying to protect him.  The mutant wasn't impressed and soon had Holly in tears.  This trigger Lucas into action and he fought like he had never fought before.  He knelt before Holly and told her that he guess he was the one who needed the bodyguard.  The other Rangers joined the scene and they defeated the mutant.  Lucas' heart had warmed up to Holly and the drive back to her home was much more enjoyable.  When Lucas got Holly safely home, he asked her if she could keep a secret that he was the Blue Ranger.  Holly promised that she wouldn't say a word.  And then Lucas surprised both of them by bringing out a teddy bear for her.  The hug and kiss Holly gave him made Lucas feel good.  The other Rangers tease Lucas as soon as Holly was safe inside and Lucas tried to revert back into his cool facade.  But underneath, he didn't think kids were so bad.  At least not little girls.

Jen was reading in the newspaper about a jewelry heist by Nadria.  The article went on to explain how the getaway car flew over the police cars.  While Wes teased Lucas that it sounded like him, Lucas was silent and thinking.  The Rangers were soon face to face with Nadria and her mystery driver.  But it was no mystery to Lucas who the driver was.  He left his cycle and walked toward the mutant.   The mutant also left his car - he somehow knew that the Blue Ranger was Lucas.  Lucas couldn't believe that his friend, Dash, was now working for Nadria.  He tried to talk to Dash, but Dash would have no of it.  Instead he jumped back into his car and had it stop bare inches from Lucas.  Lucas never flinched.  The other Rangers were full of questions for Lucas - how did he know the mutant.  Lucas explained that Dash had been the racing circuit and had been the only race driver that ever beat him.  Dash had become brash and was soon involve in a terrible accident.  Lucas had to testify against his friend, and Dash ended up being frozen.  Despite Dash's anger towards Lucas, Lucas was not going to give up on his friend.  He went looking for him again and found Dash in a restaurant.  Lucas tried to get Dash to accept responsibility for his actions, but Dash rather blame everything on Lucas.  Dash wanted to race against Lucas again.  Lucas agreed - but only if Dash agreed that if he lost he would turn himself in.  Lucas was contacted by Circuit, that once again Dash and Nadria were out robbing stores.  Lucas quickly caught up with them.  Dash wanted to race Lucas, but Lucas wouldn't race Dash on residential streets.  Dash taunted Lucas, but Lucas was firm.  Dash took off, with Lucas close by to keep an eye on the situation.  Lucas spotted a ball bouncing across the street, and without a moment's hesitation, severe his car into Dash's car.  Dash thought that Lucas had did it because he was losing.  But then Dash saw the children racing after the ball.  They wave at Dash - somehow not put off by the mutant's appearance.  Dash realize that without Lucas's intervention, he would have been in a possible fatal accident.  Lucas was proud of his friend for taking responsibility for what had happen and hope to one day see him as champion of the racing circuit.

Lucas and the other Rangers were in for a surprise.  Frax had built a powerful robot and was causing a lot of problems for the Rangers.  After the defeat of a mutant, Lucas and the other Rangers were celebrating their victory when a person appeared.  That person was Alex.  Lucas was as stunned as the rest to see Alex back.  The happiness of seeing Alex back was short-lived.  Alex treated the Rangers with contempt and took over as the Red Ranger.  Alex tried to hold back his temper.  When Alex told them that they didn't care about the future, Lucas had had enough.  Getting right into Alex's face, Lucas told Alex that he was the one who didn't care about the future.  Luckily for Lucas and the others, Wes showed up and Alex ended up giving him back the morpher.  The team was back again and Lucas was ready to back up Wes in any challenge.

Lucas is also aware of the growing feeling of affection between Jen and Wes.  Lucas would like to see the two of them together and tries to encourage situation where they have to work together.  Going undercover is one assignment that Lucas volunteered Jen and Wes for.

Lucas also had the opportunity to work with the Lightspeed Rescue Rangers.  Vypra had come back and enlisted Ransik's help.  They were trying to summon up a powerful demon.  Lucas and the other Rangers tried to stop Ransik and Vypra from leaving the Silver Hills museum, but the Rangers were defeated.  As they gathered themselves together, a vehicle approached them.  A young man got out and introduced himself as Carter, Lightspeed Rescue Red Ranger.  They all went back to the clock tower, where Carter filled them in on Vypra's intentions.  The Rangers quickly made a plan to defeat Vypra and Ransik.  The plan failed, as Lucas, Jen, Trip, and Katie were captured.  The demon was summon.  Before any damage could be done, the rest of the Lightspeed Rescue Rangers showed up.  It was an fierce battle, but the Rangers were successful in destroying Vypra and the demon.  Back at the clock tower, Lucas enjoyed the expressions on the Lightspeed Rescue Ranger's face as they checked out everything.  Lucas and the other Time Force Rangers enjoyed working with the Lightspeed Rescue Rangers and wanted to show their appreciation.  Lucas gave his Time Force uniform to Chad and was delighted to receive Chad's Lightspeed Rescue jacket.  Lucas and his friends gave the Lightspeed Rescue Rangers an escort back to Mariner Bay.

Lucas also enjoys writing poetry.  When Katie discovers his little book, she shares on of the poems with the rest of the Rangers.  They can't stop laughing and want to know who the girl is.  Lucas, indignant, tells them it's not about a girl but about his first race car.  He pockets the book, amid the laughter of his friends.  Before it can go much further, the Rangers are called into action.  The Rangers fight the mutant, cyclobots and Nadria.  Lucas makes an attempt at defeating Nadira.  The mutant leaves and the Rangers demorph.  As Lucas straightens out his jacket, he is unaware that his book has fallen out.  The Rangers leave.  Lucas is planting some flowers at his odd job, when he is approached by Ransik.  Lucas is bewildered as Ransik grabs him and starts lecturing him about how to treat his daughter.  When Ransik recites Lucas's poetry, Lucas tries to tell him it's about his first race car, but doesn't get very far.  Ransik loads down Lucas with flowers, perfume, and various gifts to give Nadria and tells him that he has a date with her.  Lucas waits at the restaurant for Nadira.  When she shows up, Lucas tries to tell Nadira about the misunderstanding.  He doesn't have a chance.  Lucas hears a loud whisper and is surprised to see Ransik keeping an eye on things.  Ransik motions to Lucas to start handing the presents to Nadira.  Nadira is delighted with everything.  Lucas, literally, begins to feel hot under the collar.  After the date, Lucas returns to the clock tower.  It had been a long date and he doesn't know how he is going to get through another one.  His friends noticed the sharp outfit and begin to question Lucas's about the lucky girl.  Lucas is about to tell them, when once again, they are called into action.  During the battle Lucas is greatly embarrassed when Ransik tells the mutant to leave the Blue Rangers along.  He is further embarrassed by Ransik helping him to his feet and brushing him off.  The other Rangers noticed this special treatment and afterwards question Lucas about it.  Lucas tells them of his date with Nadira.  Jen tells Lucas to break up with Nadria.  Lucas is worried what Ransik might do to him.  Then they tell him to have Nadira break up with him.  Lucas knows that won't happen - who would want to break up with him!  But Jen and Katie know what to do.  On his next date with Nadira, the usually suave Lucas is a total slob.  He's rude and gives Nadira his dirty socks to wash.  Nadira has had enough when Lucas claims he is broke.  Lucas can't help laughing with his friends at Nadira's quick get away.

Lucas and the rest of the Rangers managed to capture all the mutants.  The only remaining task is to capture Frax and Ransik.  Lucas and his friends realize that soon they will be able to go home.  Lucas and his friends embrace with the joyful revelation.  Lucas begins talking about getting back on the race track, but when Trip mentions how he likes the year 2001, Lucas realizes he feels the same way.  Lucas, Trip, and Katie talk about their first assignments as Time Force officers.  Ransik's escape and their trip in an untested Time Ship going after him, and the first sight of the clock tower.  The Rangers are called into action.  This time instead of a mutant, they battled one of Frax's robots.  They managed to destroyed the robot.  Lucas and the others are back in the clock tower when they receive a transmission from Alex.  Alex delivers a startling statement.  Although the Rangers saved the future, they do not survive.

Alex had decided to prevent this he would send the Time Ship for the four Rangers.  Wes had to stay in his own time.  Lucas, Trip, Katie, and Jen decided that they would stay and fight.  Wes was against this, but if Wes could make his own destiny so could Lucas and the rest of the Rangers.  Lucas gave his support to Jen when she broke the new to Alex that they were not coming back.  Lucas, Katie, Jen, and Trip began packing up the mutants to send back on the Time Ship.  On the ship, they were almost done when Wes joined them.  Lucas noticed Wes looking over the controls and couldn't give it much thought as the time portals had begun opening up.  Lucas and the rest of the Rangers were ready for action.  They witness the Q-Rex battling Frax's latest robot.  The Rangers received information that the time portals were accelerating due to the Q-Rex fighting Frax's robot.  The Rangers told Eric, but after a huge explosion which cause them to demorph, Eric felt they had no other options at the moment.  Trying to gather his thoughts, Lucas heard Wes tell them that he had a plan that involved the Time Ship.  Lucas and his friends followed Wes back to the Time Ship.  Inside the Time Ship, something didn't feel right.  Lucas watched Wes going over the controls and Katie questioning him.  Lucas decided to leave.  Before he could make it out the door, Wes quickly walked towards him pushed him into his friends.  The door shut quickly behind Wes.  Lucas and the others banged on the door and begged Wes to let them out.  They all realized that Wes had set the Time Ship on auto pilot.  They gathered at a large window opening trying to talk their friend into letting them help him.  But Wes refused.  Lucas knew his friend would be destroyed and told him so, but this did not change Wes's decision.  When Lucas awakened, he was back home.  It felt strange to be back.  Alex walked in, very happy to see them.  All of them wanted to know what had happened to Wes.  Alex informed them that Wes did not make it.  It shook up Lucas and his friends badly.  To make matters worse, they had to go through a memory adaptation process.  Lucas had thought he would be so happy to be back, but he didn't feel so happy.  He didn't really want his memories of the year 2001 erased either.  Lucas and his friends were lead to a room with memory adaptation devices on their heads.  Lucas and his friends were then placed in individual glass enclosures.  Lucas thought of Wes and thought "you save the future, Wes".  Before the process could begin, Lucas saw Jen walked out of her enclosure removing the memory adaptation device from her head.  Lucas, Trip, and Katie did the same thing.  They could not be happy knowing that Wes gave up his life for theirs.  Lucas and his friends were going back, and Alex had better not stop them.  Although it was hard for Alex, Jen had just given his ring back, he allowed them to go and gave them use of the Megazord.  Lucas felt like he couldn't run fast enough to get to the Megazord.  He had to get there in time to help his friend Wes.

Lucas, Trip, Jen, and Katie arrived in time to help Wes.  The Megazord went into cyclone mode that temporarily puts Doomtron out of commission.  Lucas, Jen, Katie, and Trip were soon on the group fighting cyclobots.  It was a tough battle but eventually all of them were wiped out.  Lucas walked along his friends towards the demorph Wes.  They demorph as well.  Lucas could see that Wes was surprised to see them.  Lucas tells Wes you can't get rid of us that easy.  They are determined to make their own destiny and they want to stay and fight.  Wes accepted their decision.  Lucas and the rest of the Rangers soon had the trixyrium crystal in the Q-Rex neutralized and Doomtron destroyed.  The vortex began closing.  Lucas and the rest of the Rangers only had Ransik left.  Ransik gave them a powerful fight.  Lucas fought hard but a powerful blow from Ransik had him demorph and laying on the ground in pain.  One by one each Ranger was demorph and in a great deal of pain.  Lucas watched as Jen had Ransik follow her into a warehouse.  Lucas, Katie, Trip, and Wes followed into the warehouse in time to see Ransik kneeling over his daughter, Nadira.  Ransik had almost destroyed Nadira - who he had thought was Jen.  Lucas and the rest of the Rangers watch as Nadira talks to her father about hate, love, and how maybe mutants are not so different from humans.  Ransik surprises all the Rangers by telling them that he is ready to paid for his crimes.  Lucas and the rest of his friends are in awe.  They had just witness the circle of hate being broken.  They arrest Ransik and have him in the Time Ship with the rest of the mutants.  Lucas stands on the beach with his friends waiting to say good-bye to Wes.  Lucas and Wes shake hands.  Lucas tries to keep it together by joking that he now has a driver's license.  But Lucas, Mr. Cool, breaks down when he gives Wes a warm hug.  He will miss Wes greatly.  Saying farewell had been the hardest part of the mission.  Unable to stay, Lucas Kendall, the Blue Time Force Ranger, walks to the Time Ship and in a beam of light is gone.

Lucas adjusted back to the life he had before.  He was still with Time Force along with his Trip, Jen, and Katie.  A year had passed and his friend Jen had been sent on assignment and Time Force had lost contact with her.  Lucas was informed by Trip about the three muteorgs who had traveled back to the year 2002 and that their friends, Wes, Eric, and the Wild Force Rangers, needed their help.  Lucas left with Katie to help Trip put his plan together.  They stopped where they could see Nadira with some children.  As Lucas and Katie got out of the car, Nadira spotted them.  Nadira was esthetic to see them.  Lucas had to put the happy reunion to an end.  He told Nadira that they needed her help.  Nadira left with Lucas and Katie.  Trip soon joined them and they headed towards prison.  Lucas watched as Nadira gave her father a hug and saw the look of surprise on Ransik's face when he spotted the three of them there.  Trip informed Ransik how they needed his help and what needed to be done.

With Captain Logan's help, Lucas, Trip, Katie, Ransik and Nadira traveled to the year 2002.  Lucas, Trip, and Katie race out of the Time Ship to greet Wes and Jen warmly.  A tense moment followed as Ransik and Nadira exited the ship.  Ransik wanted to make amends for what he had done.  Jen agreed to let him help.  Lucas went with the rest of the Rangers to the Animarium where Ransik explained how he had created the MutOrgs.  The following morning the MutOrgs, along with Master Org, appeared at the Power Plant.  All the Rangers, Ransik, and Nadira left for the Power Plant.  They split into groups.  Lucas, Trip, Danny, and Max located the control room.  Lucas spotted the computers and quickly had Trip get to work.  They were interrupted by a group of putrids.  Lucas urged Trip to keep working while he, Danny, and Max fought the putrids.  Trip was able to shut down the reactor.  Lucas, Trip, Danny, and Max joined the rest of the Rangers to battle the Orgs.  They were joined by Merrick.  Lucas, Trip, Danny, and Max continued to work together during the battle.  Working together, the Rangers were able to defeat the Orgs.  Later, they joined the rest of the Rangers and followed them to where Ransik and Nadira was.  Ransik slowly got up and reveal his healed face.  Lucas was happy for him.  Lucas and the rest were ready to celebrated.  Princess Shayla prepared a picnic for them, with Circuit at her side.  The celebration started with everyone in high spirits.  Lucas noticed Max trying to win Nadira over.  Max was distracted by Ransik's appearance and as Max tried to win over Ransik, Lucas made his move.  Holding out his hand, he helped Nadira to her feet.  Max was a little bewildered over what had happen.  Lucas simply shrugged his shoulders and walked away with Nadira.

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