Max Cooper - The Blue Wild Force Power Ranger

Max Cooper was headed for a career in bowling when he was sidetracked one evening.  Trying to protect some people from an Org, Max was rescued himself by the Yellow and White Rangers.  The crystal he always carried with him began to glow and he became the Blue Wild Force Ranger.  The Wild Force Rangers tried to protect the Earth from Orgs who set upon destroying it.  Max lived on the Animarium with Princess Shayla, Taylor Earheart (Yellow Wild Force Ranger), and Alyssa (White Wild Force Ranger).  The team would add another member when Danny (Black Wild Force Ranger) joined.  Danny had a fear of heights, that Max helped him overcome while they were chasing an Org.  With the words "never give up", Max is always offering Danny encouragement and two became best friends.  After six months of being a Ranger, things became more difficult and a fifth member was added.  Cole Evans joined the team and became the Red Wild Force Ranger and their leader.  Max is very conscious of being the youngest member of the team and resents being referred to or called a kid.

Max started with the shark crystal and then gained the giraffe crystal as well.  Max was grateful to have two zords to help the Rangers.  A new powerful org had arrived, Zen-Aku, and he made things very difficult for the Rangers.  Zen-Aku had his own evil crystals that could also formed into a zord if he wished.  Zen-Aku was capable to taking the animal crystals away from the Rangers.  Alyssa's elephant zord was the first taken.  Max and Danny tried their best to cheer up Alyssa who was upset over losing her elephant zord.  Max would soon have the same experience.  As he and the rest of the Rangers battled Bus Org, Zen-Aku appeared once again.  This time it would be Max who would lose his giraffe zord.  He demanded that Zen-Aku returned his crystal, that it did not belong to him.  Max got blasted off his feet for his efforts.

In addition to trying to get their crystals back, Max and the other Rangers tried to figure out the puzzle of Zen-Aku.  They soon learned that he was human and one of the ancient warriors.  Max and the rest of the Rangers tried to tell Zen-Aku that he was human, but Zen-Aku would have none of it.  Max and the rest of the Rangers soon figured out that Zen-Aku was strongest during a full moon and was human when the moon was gone.  With Animas' help, the moon was gone and Zen-Aku changed into Merrick.  Merrick told them the story of the wolf-mask and how he became Zen-Aku.  Before Max and the rest of his friends could help Merrick, the full moon returned and so did Zen-Aku.  Princess Shayla realized that it was the wild zords, not Merrick, who had been cursed.  Max and the rest of the Rangers soon break the curse and release Merrick from Zen-Aku.

Merrick chose not to live on the Animarium with Max and his friends.  Merrick also returned the animal zords that had been taken.  Max was very happy to have his giraffe zord back.  Animas continued to help the Rangers and the deer zord joined the team as well.

During one battle with an Org, Max, Alyssa, Taylor, and Danny were badly hurt.  They were taken to the Animarium by Cole and Merrick - who then left to continued the battle with the Org.  Max had a very strange feeling when he awoken and discovered his body laying on the ground.  Alyssa, Danny, and Taylor were with him as well.  A mysterious young boy appeared and show them that Cole and Merrick were in trouble.  In order to help them, Max, Alyssa, Taylor, and Danny had to complete a puzzle during a time limit.  Max and his friends accepted the challenge, which was made more difficult with the ground crumbling beneath them.  The young boy offered them an opportunity to leave with him, but Max and the others refused.  Max felt the ground go, but continued to struggle with the puzzle and together, they managed to put the pieces together.  In doing so, they provided a powerful weapon for Cole.  Max and the rest returned to Turtle Cove and together they destroyed the Org.

Max had the opportunity to work with the Time Force Rangers when three MutOrgs attacked.  The two Ranger teams, along with Ransik and Nadira,  worked together to defeat the MutOrgs and Master Org's plan for destruction.  Max also had the opportunity to tease Taylor about her feelings about the Quantum Ranger.  After the defeat of the MutOrgs and Ransik being restored to human form, Max, the rest of the Rangers, Nadira and Ransik, had a celebration picnic afterwards.

Max, Taylor, Danny, Alyssa went with Cole to the hospital.  Alyssa informed them that Dr. Adler had been found.  They followed Cole into the hospital room where Dr. Adler was at.  Max was surprised to Dr. Adler standing.  He was further surprised when vines appeared out of his hands and entwined him and his friends.  Max and his friends were taken to another building where Max, Danny, Alyssa, and Taylor were bound by vines and covered in goo.  Cole was the only one not restrained.  Dr. Adler revealed himself to be Master Org, and further revelations were that he had destroyed Cole's parents.  Master Org went after Cole with a vengeance.  Max encouraged his friend to keep fighting.  Cole was soon battling Master Org.  Merrick arrived and set Max and the others freed.  Cole had destroyed Master Org's powers.  Max and his friends left him as Cole refused to destroyed him.  Max, Merrick, Taylor, Alyssa, Danny, and Princess Shayla followed Cole to the commentary where Cole found some closure to what had happened.

Max had assumed with the destruction of Master Org's powers, that things would go much smoothly.  He soon discovered, along with the rest of the Rangers, that a new general had arrived - Mandilok.  Mandilok has his own set of Duke Orgs and together they gave Max and the rest of the Rangers a very hard time.  During one battle, Max, Danny, Alyssa, Cole, and Taylor could not get their zords to respond.  With the help of the ancient warriors, their zords came to their aid.  Later, Max, Princess Shayla, and the rest of the Rangers moved the Animarium Memorial to a safer place and paid their respects.

Cole had befriend a young boy named Kite.  Max had helped Kite out when Kite had been stealing food.  Realizing that Kite was hungry, Max took Kite to the Animarium.  Max also tried to help Kite find his home - although they took a slight detour through an amusement park.  Max and his friends found Kite watching TV.  The TV was full of visions of the Earth being polluted.  Kite was angry at Max and the rest of the Rangers for not protecting the Earth.  Kite left the Animarium in anger.  Max and his friends searched for Kite, but could not find him anywhere.  Max and his friends had to give up their search, when they were called into battle.  Much to Max's amazement, Kite was with Mandilok, Toxica, and Jindrax.  Max and the rest of the Rangers tried to rescue Kite, but Kite wanted no rescuing.  They tried to defeat Monitor Org, but Mandilok soon had their zords under his control.  Max and the rest of the Rangers were thrown from their zords.  Mandilok urged Kite to revealed himself and Kite did so.  Kite was Animus and he was angry at the Rangers for failing him.  Animus took the zords away from Max and the rest of the Rangers.

Max and the rest of the Rangers would prove their worthiness to Animus and he returned the zords to the Rangers.

Max was awoken by Danny who had heard someone on the Animarium.  This was followed by a blood-curling scream.  Max and his friends were stunned to see Toxica, Jindrax, and a new duke Org, Onikage on the Animarium.  Onikage mocked the Rangers attire, but that didn't stop them from preventing their attempt to take Princess Shayla.  Max and the other Rangers were soon called into battle again.  Max was surprised to see five previously defeated Orgs.  Max and the Rangers quickly went into action.  But they soon discovered that it had all been a trick to keep them from the Animarium.  This time, Toxica was successful in her attempt to take Princess Shayla.  Max and the rest of the Rangers fought their way towards Toxica, Jindrax, Onikage, and Mandilok.  They called their jungle blaster into action, and to their shock, Mandilok used Toxica as a shield and she took the blow and disappeared in a golden light.  Max and the rest of the Rangers continued their battle, but they were not successful at rescuing Princess Shayla.  Back at the Animarium, Max could not summon any of his light spirit.  His heart was too heavy over the missing Princess.

Max and his friends were surprised when Onikage made another appearance at the Animarium.  It turned out to be another of Onikage's ninja tricks, but Max and his friends agreed to go to the rock quarry.  At the rock quarry, Max and the rest of the Rangers received a shock when it was revealed that Master Org had returned and Onikage had been working for him.  Master Org destroyed Mandilok and Jindrax escaped with Princess Shayla.  Master Org tend set the Shadow Rangers onto the Wild Force Rangers.  Max and the other Rangers had no choice but to beat a hasty retreat.  Max and his friends tended to their wounds.  Master Org appeared again and had the Shadow Rangers attack Max and the rest of the Rangers.  During the battle, Jindrax returned with Princess Shayla and made an impassive speech about Toxica.  Onikage prepared to set another shadow against Jindrax, but Jindrax deflected the laser and instead an shadow Onikage appeared.  Cole took this opportunity to fire upon the shadow Onikage and destroyed both Onikages with one blow.  But things were hardly over for Max and the rest of the Rangers.  Jindrax escaped, but Master Org made Onikage grow and Onikage transported the Rangers to the spirit world of destroyed Orgs.  Max and the rest of the Rangers continued their battle until their zords appeared and helped them leave the spirit world.  Max and his friends vowed to continue in their attempt to rescue the Princess.  The Princess had seen more than just a kid in Max, and he wasn't about to give up on her.

Max and the rest of the Rangers receive a surprise when Toxica reappeared along with Jindrax.  They were willing to help the Rangers rescue the Princess.  Max and the rest of the Rangers reluctantly agreed and set about destroying the pillars of light.  Max and the rest of the Rangers were amazed to see the Princess unharmed and with Toxica and Jindrax - the only remaining Orgs.  Max and the rest of the Rangers said farewell to Toxica and Jindrax as they hit the road to find themselves.  Max and his friends threw a party on the Animarium to celebrate their victory over the Orgs.  Max was exorbitant and happily declared that the Power Rangers were over.  His words stop the party and Max realized the impact of what he had said.  Max and Danny were back at Turtle Cove in a playground.  Max felt that being Power Rangers were hard work, especially since he and Danny did most of the work.  Max received a call on his growl phone, another Org was in Turtle Cove.  Without hesitation, Max and Danny joined the rest of the Rangers in the city.  There was a bewildering sight as vines were crawling all over the buildings.  Max received a shock when Master Org appeared.  Master Org had swallowed the Org heart and was now very powerful.  Max and the rest of the Rangers morphed into action.  They were thrilled to see Animus join them in their fight.  During the battle, Princess Shayla appeared and urged the Rangers to retreat to the Animarium.  Only Merrick stayed behind.  Max, Danny, Alyssa, Cole, and Taylor waited until Merrick showed up with a limp Kite in his arms.  Kite was sorry he was not powerful enough to destroy Master Org and urged the Rangers to not forget that they were the guardians of the earth.  Kite then disappeared in a shower of golden light.  Max could barely contain his tears as the young boy he befriended was gone to them.  More heartache laid ahead.  Master Org was on the Animarium and wasted no time in destroying the zords.  Max, Danny, Alyssa, Cole, and Taylor morphed into action to try and protect the Animarium and the zords.  Max was at a loss when his giraffe zord was destroyed and the crystal shattered into pieces.  The Rangers were tossed from their zords and could only watch helplessly as Master Org continued his rampage.  Their zords were not giving up and Max took heart in the fact that his shark zord was willing to continue the fight.  Max cheered his zord on, but Master Org destroyed them all.  Max cried out his anguished as his shark zord was destroyed and the crystal shattered.  Then Danny noted that his growl phone was gone.  Max quickly check for his, but it was gone as well.  The realization that he was powerless, made Max drop to his knees.  Max barely had time to absorb the shock of all his losses when Master Org tilted the Animarium.  The Animarium was falling straight towards Turtle Cove.  Max tried desperately to find something to hold onto as they made their descent.

The Animarium landed within Turtle Cove Lake and for a moment, Max and his friends were still.  Max awoke to a downpour of rain and dark clouds over Turtle Cove.  He made his way towards shelter with his friends.  Danny drew their attention to the giant Master Org in the city.  Cole was ready to continue the battle, but Max didn't see how they could.  After Cole talked to them, and Alyssa backed him up, Max and his friends left to protect the earth.  When they arrived in the city, Master Org laughed at them and set swarms of purtrids upon them.  Max fought with all his might, but it was hard.  The sight of Cole rescuing a young boy and urging them that it wasn't over, gave Max a new surge of strength.  He raced to the top of the roof along with Danny, Alyssa, Merrick, and Taylor.  Max and the others found Cole laying on the rooftop and raced to his side.  Cole was okay.  Master Org again mocked their attempts to stop him and had them all knocked down.  Cole stood up and proudly declare who he was, Alyssa and Taylor joined him.  Max stood with his friends and told Master Org that they were still the Guardian of the Earth and nothing could change that.  Danny and Merrick joined their friends in their stand against Master Org.  As Master Org got ready to make a fatal swipe, pockets of light began to break through the dark clouds.  Soon the sky was filled with light and streaks of colors that destroyed the putrids.  The streaks of colors were the rest of the wild zords.  Max was amazed by the sight.  Then the fateful wild force zords return as well.  Max was thrilled to see his sharkie once again.  With the return of their zords, the Rangers were morphed into action and destroyed Master Org and the Org Heart once and for all.  Afterwards, Max and Danny watched as the wild zords returned to the Animarium.  They were in high spirits as they joined Cole, Alyssa, Taylor, Merrick, and Princess Shayla.  Princess Shayla informed them that wild zords journey was done, as well as theirs.  Max quickly became subdue.   Princess Shayla told them that she would be lifting the Animarium back into the sky and would stay there.  Princess Shayla wouldn't even let Merrick join her.  As Merrick returned to his friends, Max land a comforting hand on the shoulder of the heartbroken Merrick.  It became harder when Princess Shayla asked for their jackets and growl phones.  Max quietly remove his jacket and place his growl phone upon the pile Cole was collecting and returned them to Princess Shayla.  Princess Shayla said her good-byes and began to walk away.  Max, along with his friends, watched her until she disappeared.  Max and his friends could hear the Animarium begin to lift from the lake and raced to the top of some stairs to watch their home, zords, and friend leave them.  Max watched the sky until there was nothing to see.  After being a Ranger, Max had a certain restless about him.  Max and Danny decided to see the world and travel all over - sending postcards to their friends of where they have been.

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