Noah Carver - The Megaforce Blue Power Ranger

Noah was sitting in a class at Harwood County High School.  It was the first day of school.  Mr. Burley places his book bag on his desk and walks to the front of the class.  Mr. Burley:  "Okay class, let's start the year with a science brain teaser.  What species will outlast all others on Earth?"  Emma's hand quickly shot up into the air.  Mr. Burley:  "Emma?"  Emma:  "Insects.  They'll survive all the bad stuff we're doing to the environment.  Some of them have lots of legs.  They'll be the last ones standing."  Noah's hand shot into the air.  Jake sat behind his friend, Noah, and leaned forward in the seat.  Jake:  "Dude, calm down.  You're going to hurt yourself."  Noah:  "She's wrong.  Wrong, wrong, wrong."  Mr. Burley:  "Yes Noah.  You have a different answer."  Noah:  "Robots.  Robots powered by perpetual motion engines."  Gia:  "Robots are machines, so technically they're not a species."  Jake is smitten with Gia.  Jake:  "Beautiful and smart."  Noah:  "And wrong."  The door opened and a teen entered the room.  Mr. Burley:  "Ahh, you must be Troy.  Nice of you to join us."  Troy makes his way to his desk.  Mr. Burley:  "Maybe you can answer our brain teaser.  What species will survive all others?"  Troy had reached his desk and answered the question.  Troy:  "Us, humans."  Mr. Burley:  "How's that Troy?"  Troy sat down and then answered.  Troy:  "If humans work together, we can overcome anything."  Mr. Burley:  "Okay...interesting.  I certainly hope Troy's right."  After school, the class is empty except for Noah, who is packing his book bag.  Suddenly the doors bursts open and Jake hurries in.  Jake:  "Come on dude!  Gia's heading to Ernie's Brain Freeze.  Let's motor!"  But Noah wasn't in any hurry.  Noah:  "Jake, Gia is the hottest girl at this school.  Do you really think you have a chance?"  Jake wasn't even listening.  Jake:  "Lets go!  Come on!"  Jake grabbed Noah by the shoulder and started dragging him along.  Noah:  "Okay, okay, fine, but you're buying!"  Soon, Noah and Jake enter Ernie's Brain Freeze.  Gia is already sitting at a table.  Jake looks at her as they walk past.  Noah and Jake walk up to the counter and sit down.  Ernie:  "Hey kids!  What can I get for you?"  Noah:  "The usual."  Jake:  "Ahh, but make it three.  One for each of us and one for the very pretty girl in the corner."  Jake glanced back at Gia.  Ernie grinned.  Ernie:  "Sure!"  Ernie walked away to make the ice cream cones.  A few moments later, he returned with three cones.  Ernie:  "Here you go."  Ernie gave two cones to Jake and one to Noah.  Jake:  "Thank you."  Ernie:  "Six bucks."  Jake proudly pulled out a twenty.  Jake:  "Twenty."  Ernie was suspicious as he took the twenty.  Ernie:  "Twenty bucks?!"  He held the twenty up to the light and realized it was real.  Ernie:  "I'll ring you up."  Ernie walked over to his cash register.  Jake turned to look over at Gia, but she was gone as Noah walked over to a table set for toppings.  Suddenly he vanished in a blue swirl.  Within minutes, Noah landed in a dark room, along with Jake, Gia, and Troy.  Jake's ice cream cones had hit the floor and he was disappointed.  Jake:  "How the.....what just happened?  Noah, Gia, Troy, and Jake slowly stood up and looked around.  Noah:  "I'm not sure, but it was scientifically impossible...and awesome!"  Troy:  "How did we end up here?"  Gia:  "Just where is here?"  Suddenly a small robot rolled by.  Tensou:  "It worked!  It worked!"  Troy grabbed a hold of it and stopped it.  Troy:  "What is that?"  Noah:  "Wow!  An old school robot!" Tensou takes offense to this remark and shocks Noah's hand.  Tensou rolls away from them.  Suddenly the sides of the walls are lit up, highlighting the figures on small pedestals.  Followed by the ceiling lights coming on.  Jake asks, what's happening?  Jake notices the face on the end of the wall and refers to it as freaky tiki.  Cautiously the four teens walk forward.  Troy glances at the figures on the walls and takes a closer look at a red one.  After a few moments, Troy comments, I have seen these before.  In my dreams. Noah comments, this is amazing.  They are startled once more when Gosei welcomes them.  Gosei introduces himself.  Your lives are about to change forever.  Gosei continues, my mentor, Zordon, placed me here to be guardian of this planet.  I am of the Earth and embodied it's great and mystical powers.  I only awaken when the Earth is faced with an extraordinary threat.  Jake tells Gosei, whoever you are, you look like something on one of my dad's Hawaiian shirts.  Gosei responds, I took this familiar form to communicate with humans. This a precarious time for mankind.  The Earth needs you.  Gia asks him, what are you talking about?  Gosei answers, aliens have already landed and you have been chosen to protect it.  Suddenly Emma is dropped onto the floor of the Command Center unnoticed.  Jake comments a giant talking tiki and now aliens!  You got to be kidding me.  Emma has overheard the conversation.  Emma tells them, he's not kidding.  Gia hurries over and helps Emma to her feet.  Emma holds out her camera and tells them, I saw this just before, whatever just happened.  On the viewing screen is a picture of Creepox.  Gia asks, what gives?  This can't be real.  Gosei replies, your skepticism is healthy but this is all too real.  You have been carefully selected to form a team in the long tradition of the Power Rangers.  Gosei tells Tensou, show them.  Tensou activates the screens.  Emma looks at the screen closest to her and it lights up pink.  It then shows images of her riding through the woods.  Gosei tells her, you are not only a great BMX cyclist, but you also truly care about the environment.  You go to great lengths to take care of it.  You shall soar up from the flames of the phoenix and be the Pink Ranger.  Emma comments, pink is my favorite color, but what's this Ranger deal?  Gosei continues, Noah, your thirst for knowledge is unequaled.  Noah's screen turns blue and then shows images of Noah.  Gosei states, Our future depends on the works of great scientists minds likes yours.  As the Blue Ranger, your attacks will bite with the force of a shark.  The next screen shows Jake playing soccer.  Gosei tells Jake, there is nobody with the boundless athleticism and enthusiasm to match you.  I'm making you the Black Ranger.  You will fight with the stealth of a snake.  Jake is pleased and twirls his soccer ball in his hands.  Gosei continues, then there is Gia.  Gia's screen turns yellow and then shows an image of her at the blackboard.  Gia proudly smiles.  Gosei tells her, you are calm under pressure and pursue excellent with the ferocity of a tiger.  You will be the Yellow Ranger.  Another screen turns red and then shows Troy in a karate class.  Gosei continues, as for you Troy, your purity of spirit and strength are the result of incredible discipline.  Since you have met adversity in your life with great skill, you shall be the Red Ranger and like the dragon, you will serve as the team's leader.  Troy replies, there must be a mistake here.  I'm new in town.  Gosei tells him, there is no mistake.  You've been chosen because of your skills and character.  Noah points to the figures and asks, who are they?  Gosei answers, lining the room you can see the Rangers who came before you.  Now you shall form a new team.  Each of you will be given access to extraordinary powers that will help you protect the Earth.  Morphers appear in front of the teens.  Gosei tells them, those are your morphers.  The teens each take one.  Gosei continues, with them you will morph into Mega Rangers.  You will wield Power Cards that will unlock special weapons and abilities.  And you shall command mighty machines called Megazords.  Noah is overwhelm.  Morphers, Power Cards, Megazords?  All this tech, how do we use it?  Gosei answers, all will be revealed in time.  Troy tells Gosei, if the Earth is under attack and you think we are the ones to protect it, we're in.  Gosei states, Megaforce, your mission starts now.  The teens are teleported out of the Command Center.  Noah, Emma, Gia, Jake, and Troy land in a heap in the city.  They slowly get up.  Troy asks if everyone is okay?  They all hear screaming.  Emma points out the Loogies attacking the citizens.  Noah finds it fascinating.  Troy replies, forget that.  They're bad news.  Jake shouts out a hey!  What do you think you're doing?!  Jake glances at Gia and grins, sure that he has impressed her.  Noah comments, I'm guessing the aliens don't come in peace.  The Loogies charge towards the five teens.  Noah, Emma, Jake, Troy, and Gia fight the Loogies.  During the fight, Noah gets distracted by a fallen Loogie.  He bends down to take a closer look.  Suddenly another Loogie approaches him from behind.  Noah quickly fights off the Loogie.  While fighting another group of Loogies, Emma comes up with the idea to use her camera as a weapon and it works great against the Loogies.  Jake kicks his soccer ball to knock a Loogie off the hood of a car.  The soccer ball bounces right back into his hands.  Gia is concentrating on the Loogie in front of her and is unaware of the one behind her.  But Jake notices.  Once more, Jake kicks the soccer ball to knock out the Loogie behind Gia.  Jake is thrilled with himself, but the moment doesn't last long as he is knocked aside by several more Loogies.  Troy uses a car door as he fights off his batch of Loogies.  Despite their best efforts, Noah, Emma, and Jake are surrounded by Loogies.  Troy notices the Loogies are holding up their weapons, ready to fire.  Troy scrambles across the cars to get away from the line of fire.  As he runs along, he grabs Gia out of harm's way.  Noah, Emma, and Jake go flying and hit the pavement from the blast.  They are soon followed by Gia and Troy.  The teens slowly get back up.  Gia notes, they're closing in on us.  Troy tells them, Gosei told us the morphers would give us power.  Let's use them.  The teens pull out their morphers as Troy declares it's morphin time!  They insert the Power Cards into the morphers and shout Go Go Megaforce!  Noah, Troy, Jake, Emma, and Gia morph into Megaforce Power Rangers.  Yellow Ranger declares it's time for our new weapons.  She pulls out a Power Card and inserts into her morpher.  Black Ranger follows suit.  Tiger Claw and Snake Ax appear.  Both Rangers leap into the air and strike the Loogies with their weapons.  Blue Ranger is fighting a group of Loogies when he decides to summon his weapon - Shark Bowgun.  Pink Ranger  is battling another group of Loogies.  She also summons her new weapon - Phoenix Shot.  Red Ranger is battling yet another group of Loogies and knocks them to the group.  Red Ranger then summons his weapon - Dragon Sword.  The Rangers battle the Loogies with their weapons.  Black Ranger and Yellow Ranger strike the pavement with their weapons.  This causes the pavement to crack open and several Loogies fall inside.  Black Ranger and Yellow Ranger continue to fight more Loogies with their weapons when they are destroyed by Blue Ranger and his Shark Bowgun.  Blue Ranger leaps down from the top of the building and fires his Shark Bowgun as he falls from the building.  Blue Ranger lands safely onto the pavement and continues to fight Loogies.  Several Loogies have lined up to fire their weapons at them, when Pink Ranger flies through the air and fires her Phoenix Shot at the Loogies.  Pink Ranger lands on the pavement and quickly joins Blue Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Black Ranger.  She can't believe that she can fly.  Soon they are surrounded by another batch of Loogies.  In a blur, Red Ranger arrives, knocking down several Loogies as he joins the rest of the Rangers.  Red Ranger comments, these powers are amazing.  The Loogies gathered in front of the Rangers once more.  The Rangers charge towards the Loogies with their weapons and battle them.  The Loogies are destroyed, but there is another problem.  Scaraba rolls into the city on top of a huge boulder.  Citizens run away in terror.  Quickly the Power Rangers arrive.  Black Ranger shouts at Scaraba to leave those folks alone!  Red Ranger adds, you can scare them, but we're not afraid.  Scaraba states, so much for rock and roll.  Scaraba summons a batch of Loogies and commands them to attack.  Red Ranger states, we'll protect the Earth, no matter what it takes.  Scaraba tells the Rangers, you really want to fight, then fine.  Scaraba commands the Loogies to attack.  Red Ranger's morpher goes off.  It is Gosei and he informs them it's time to use their Mega Blasters.  Blue Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Red Ranger, Black Ranger, and Pink Ranger pull out their morphers and insert their Power Cards.  The Rangers activate their Mega Blasters.  The Loogies charge towards the Rangers.  The Rangers leap towards the Loogies.  Blue Ranger fires his Mega Blaster at several Loogies.  He uses the shark blast attack.  Black Ranger is fighting another group of Loogies.  Black Ranger then fires his Mega Blaster at the Loogies using the snake blast attack.  Yellow Ranger is in the midst of battling yet another group of Loogies.  She leaps into the air and fires her Mega Blaster.  Her attack is the tiger blast.  Pink Ranger leaps off a building as she battles her group of Loogies.  As she flies through the air, she fires her Mega Blaster at several Loogies.  Her Mega Blaster uses the phoenix attack.  Red Ranger leaps off the top of another building.  He lands safely on the ground and fires his Mega Blaster at several Loogies charging at him.  He also fires at several Loogies on top of a building, knocking them down.  He uses the dragon attack with his Mega Blaster.  After defeating all the Loogies, the Rangers gather together.  Scaraba tells the Rangers he is going to crush them.  He rolls his big boulder towards them.  Red Ranger commands the rest of the Rangers to take out that ball!  The Rangers fire their Mega Blasters and the boulder is destroyed, knocking Scaraba to the ground.  Scaraba gets up and he is very angry.  In the middle of his stomach is a grinder.  Scaraba grinds up several rocks and shoots them out at the Rangers.  The Rangers blast the rocks away with their Mega Blasters.  This makes Scaraba even more angry.  Red Ranger tells his team, let's call on the mega weapons.  The Rangers pull out their morphers and insert a different set of Power Cards.  The Rangers activate their weapons.  The mega weapons appear.  Scaraba gloats, I have fancy attacks too!  In his hands appear glowing rocks which he throws at the Rangers.  Out of the smoke, flies Pink Ranger and Red Ranger.  They hit Scaraba with a sky strike, using their weapons.  Yellow Ranger cheers, that's how you do it!  Yellow Ranger charges in with her weapon, quickly followed by Black Ranger.  Scaraba shoots lasers out of his eyes, but Yellow Ranger is able to block it with her Tiger Claw.  Black Ranger leaps towards Scaraba with his Snake Ax.  Black Ranger strikes Scaraba with his Snake Ax several times.  Yellow Ranger follows through with her Tiger Claw.  Blue Ranger charges in with his Shark Bowgun.  Blue Ranger leaps over Scaraba, firing his Shark Bowgun as he goes by.  The Rangers gather together once more.  Red Ranger declares, time to show true mega power.  The Rangers combine their mega weapons to form the Megaforce Blaster.  They insert Power Cards into the Megaforce Blaster.  The Rangers fire the Megaforce Blaster at Scaraba and destroy him.  Red Ranger tells them, Mega Rangers, that's a mega win.  After the battle, Noah, Emma, Gia, Troy, and Jake enter the Command Center.  They are in high spirits over their victory.  Gosei congratulates them on a job well done.  Noah feels that they were just lucky this time.  Gosei tells them, luck had nothing to do with it.  You rose to the occasion and unlocked your powers.  Do not doubt yourselves.  You were chosen and for good reason.  This morning you were regular kids leading normal lives, but now you must master your new powers and live extraordinary lives.  Troy comments, this has to be the craziest first day of school ever.  Troy looks at his team and continues.  But I think we're prepared to do our part.  Emma isn't so sure.  Noah, Jake, Troy and Gia all look at her confused.  Emma continues, the helmet does mess up my hair.  The four teens continue to stare at her.  Emma tells them just kidding and laughs.  Jake tells Noah, we are a force to be reckon with.  Gosei adds, yes you are the Power Rangers Megaforce.  Troy sticks his fist out in front of him.  Soon Noah, Emma, Jake, and Gia also stick their fists out and shout, Earth Defenders!  Never Surrender!

Noah is sitting in Mr. Burley's class in Harwood County High School.  Mr. Burley is passing out pop quizzes to the students.  Jake is not happy about it.  Jake:  "Dude, I hate pop quizzes."  Noah:  "Stop complaining.  Besides you know this stuff."  Mr. Burley finished passing out the quizzes and walks to his desk.  He faces the class behind his desk.  Mr. Burley:  "No talking during the test.  Come up to see me if you have any questions."  Mr. Burley sits down and starts working on his Rubik's cube.  The class begins working on their quiz.  After awhile, Mr. Burley has fallen asleep and is snoring softly in his chair.  Gia finishes her quiz and places it in the basket before heading out of the classroom.  Jake watches her and grins and shakes his head.  The bell rings.  The students start to gather their stuff.  The noise abruptly wakes up Mr. Burley and he falls backwards in his chair.  Noah sees Mr. Burley fall.  Noah:  "Mr. Burley!"  Noah hurries over to Mr. Burley.  Noah:  "Are you alright?"  Mr. Burley tries to compose himself as he scrambles to stand back up.  Mr. Burley:  "No, I'm....I'm just fine."  He picks up the Rubik's cube off the floor and straightens up to address the class.  Mr. Burley:  "Have a scienficeric weekend everyone!"  Mr. Burley sees the class is empty except for Noah.  He hurries out of the class, working on the Rubik's cube.  Later, Noah knocks on Mr. Burley's office door, startling Mr. Burley and causing him to drop the Rubik's cube.  Mr. Burley:  "Oh, hi Noah!"  Noah picks up the Rubik's cube.  Noah:  "You left your scarf in the classroom."  Mr. Burley:  "Did I?  Yes, it certainly sounds like me."  Mr. Burley motion with his hands for Noah to hang up the scarf.  As Noah hang up the scarf, he noticed the large pictures on the wall.  Noah:  "Wow.  Crypto zoology...ESP...extraterrestrials."  Mr. Burley:  "Yes, I'm convinced that science will one day find the answer to these great mysteries."  Noah:  "Me too!  I've always been fascinated by this stuff."  Mr. Burley stood up in surprise.  Mr. Burley:  "You have?!"  Mr. Burley walked over to Noah.  Noah:  "Absolutely!  The Marfa Lights, the Piri Reis maps, the Jersey Devil."  Mr. Burley:  "My boy, I have some pictures of the Loch Ness monster that will blow your mind."  Mr. Burley hurried off to get the pictures out of his filing cabinet.  Mr. Burley is digging through his file cabinet as he and Noah continue to talk about the pictures on the wall.  Mr. Burley gets distracted by what he sees out his window.  Mr. Burley hurries over to the window, to get a closer look at the flying saucer.  Noah also sees the flying saucer and hurries out of the office.  Mr. Burley notices that Noah is gone and also his Rubik's cube is solved.  Mr. Burley comments, what an extraordinary young man.  The rest of the Rangers are already at the beach, when Blue Ranger leaps in with his Shark Bowgun and fires at Yuffo.  (Yuffo is composed of several flying saucers.)  Yuffo is hit several times and knocked off his feet.  Blue Ranger lands in front of the rest of the Rangers.  He tells Black Ranger, see I told you flying saucers were real.  Black Ranger responds, if we live through this, I will never doubt you again.  Blue Ranger and the rest of the Rangers face down Yuffo.  Yuffo yells at them to stop messing up my experiments and then fires at the Rangers.  The Rangers leap towards him and strike him with their mega weapons.  Blue Ranger knocks Yuffo into the ocean.  Yuffo yells at him to let him go.  Blue Ranger does so and then fires at Yuffo with his Shark Bowgun.  Yuffo is knocked out of the ocean.  Blue Ranger follows him out.  Yuffo lands on the beach as does Blue Ranger.  Blue Ranger tells the rest of the Rangers, let's try an experiment of our own.  The Rangers combine their mega weapons to form the Megaforce Blaster.  The Rangers fire the Megaforce Blaster and Yuffo is defeated.  The nets vanish and the people are happy to be free.  After a few moments, Yuffo struggles to stand up.  The Zombats arrive and attached themselves to Yuffo.  Yuffo laughs as he grows to giant size.  Yellow Ranger wonders, how is that possible?  Yuffo exclaims, the experiments continue as he tries to strike the Rangers.  Blue Ranger and the rest of the Rangers leap out of Yuffo's way.  Yuffo notes they move really fast for tiniest creatures.  Blue Ranger doesn't understand, but we destroyed him?  Black Ranger notes then we need to do it again.  Yellow Ranger adds we need to knock him down and keep him there.  Yuffo shoots fire at them.  The Rangers manage to stay out of harm's way but as Pink Ranger notes, what we're doing isn't working.  How are we going to destroy him?  Gosei contacts the Rangers.  He tells them, there are even greater powers at your command.  But controlling them requires great skill and discipline.  Red Ranger replies, we're ready Gosei.  We have to be!  The Rangers' buckles start to glow.  Gosei instructs them to take these cards and use them wisely.  The Rangers pull out the Power Cards.  Blue Ranger notes that the cards are like the ones for the Megaforce Blaster, except they are blank.  Suddenly pictures appear on the cards and Blue Ranger notes they are Mechazords.  Red Ranger exclaims, Rangers, we're back in the fight!  The Rangers load the Power Cards into their Gosei Morphers.  Each Ranger activities their Gosei Mechazord.  On an island, the Mechazords break free from the stone that encases them and fly.  As they fly, the zords form into their animal forms, shark, dragon, phoenix, snake, and tiger.  Yuffo responds by spraying the Rangers with toxic gas.  Before Yuffo can do anything, the zords fire at him and knock him off his feet.  The Rangers are thrilled to see their zords arrive.  Blue Ranger reminds the rest of the Rangers that Gosei had said the Earth would help us protect it with mighty machines.  Pink Ranger hopes they run on bio-fuel.  Red Ranger tells her no, they run on us.  Our courage, our strength, that's what gives them power.  The Rangers leap into their zords.  Blue Ranger and the rest of the Rangers lock their Gosei Morphers into the zords.  First Dragon zord and Phoenix zord battle Yuffo.  Yuffo breaks apart into flying saucers.  Shark Mechazord is under the ocean.  Blue Ranger is very impress with the advance technology.  Shark zord locks onto two targets and fires it's weapon pods.  Another saucer attacks Shark zord.  Blue Ranger struggles with Shark zord, trying to reverse the flow.  Shark zord makes it and it leaps out of the water and strikes down another saucer.  Tiger zord chases after several more saucers.  Yellow Ranger comments, a girl can get use to this kind of power.  Snake zord slitters beside Tiger zord, as they both chase after the saucers.  Black Ranger vows, I'll take them down.  Yellow Ranger responds, they are all yours hot shot.  Snake zord fires at the saucers.  Black Ranger comments to himself, got to make this look good.  Snake zord knocks a couple of saucers into the air.  Tiger zord catches one of the saucers in it's mouth.  Tiger zord spins around several times and then tosses the saucer, destroying it.  Black Ranger comments, see we make a good team.  Red Ranger tells Pink Ranger, alright Emma, it's our turn.  Dragon zord and Phoenix zord fire at another group of saucers.  They knock several out of the sky.  Shark zord, Dragon zord, Phoenix zord, Tiger zord, and Snake zord gather together.  Red Ranger notes the last flying saucer is going down.  But instead it reassembles back to Yuffo.  Red Ranger can't believe it, he's indestructible.  Yuffo wants to resume his experiments, breaks apart into saucers again, and fires at the zords.  Gosei contacts the Rangers.  He tells them they must combine their mechazords, just as you combined your weapons.  The power you can unleashed as a team is without equal.  Form the Megazord!  Red Ranger shouts, you heard him!  Form the Gosei Great Megazord!  The Rangers place the Power Cards into the morphers and activate the Megazord sequence.  The zords combine together and form Gosei Great Megazord.  Black Ranger is very impressed with the cockpit.  Pink Ranger is relieved she didn't crash.  Yellow Ranger states, now we'll really kick butt.  Red Ranger is ready to finish this guy.  Gosei Great Megazord walks towards Yuffo.  Yuffo immediately begins firing at Gosei Great Megazord.  Gosei Great Megazord strikes Yuffo with it's dragon sword.  Yuffo and Gosei Great Megazord strike each other several times.  Red Ranger gives the command, disarm the zords!  The zords are released.  Shark Mechazord and Phoenix Mechazord strike Yuffo with a mega punch.  Snake zord and Tiger zord strike Yuffo with a mega kick.  After a few more strikes, the zord reassemble onto Gosei Great Megazord.  Gosei Great Megazord flies into the air and points it's dragon sword towards Yuffo.  Gosei tells the Rangers, use the Victory Charge card.  Red Ranger shouts, let's finish this!  The Rangers insert their Power Cards.  Gosei Great Megazord uses the Victory Charge strike.  Yuffo exclaims, I don't like this card game!  Gosei Great Megazord uses it's mega strike.  Yuffo is destroyed.  Red Ranger declares, Mega Rangers, that's a mega win!  After the battle, Noah and his friends have gather into the city.  Gosei contacts the Rangers.  He tells them, I am proud of you Rangers.  Your bravery and teamwork saved the day.  Troy thanks Gosei.  Jake tells Gia, they made a pretty good team out there.  Gia doesn't think so.  She tells him, they should have never gone in by themselves.  We're suppose to be a team.  All of us.  Jake agrees.  It was much easier when we all worked together.  Emma adds, we're each pretty awesome on our own though.  Troy concludes, but as a team, we're unbeatable.   

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