Hunter Bradley - The Crimson Thunder Ninja Power Ranger

Hunter Bradley was very close to his adopted parents.  He is also very close to his adopted younger brother Blake.  When his parents passed away, Hunter and Blake were taken to the Thunder Ninja Academy where they trained.  During one of their training sessions, their school was attacked by Lothor.  Before their Sensei was taken, he gave Hunter and Blake the Thunder Ninja Morphers.  With the loss of their school and Sensei still fresh, Hunter and Blake were easily tricked into believing that it was the Wind Ninja Academy's Sensei who had destroyed their parents.  Hunter and Blake began to work with Lothor to bring the downfall of the Wind Ninja Rangers.  Hunter became the Crimson Thunder Ninja Power Ranger.  Together with his brother, Hunter fought one devastating battle after another against the Wind Ninja Rangers.  Initially Hunter and Blake kept their identities as the Thunder Ninja Rangers a secret.  Hunter and Blake became friends with Dustin - the Yellow Wind Ninja Power Ranger.  Under the guise of trying to help Dustin improve his motocross skills (both brother being excellent at motocross themselves), they stole Dustin's backpack and obtain valuable information about Ninja Ops equipment.  Hunter and Blake revealed their identities when they had captured the Wind Ninja Ranger's Sensei.  Hunter kept a tight hold on Sensei - who had been trapped inside a sphere.  Once at the Mountain of Lost Spirits, Hunter was ready to deal the fatal blow to Sensei when the Dustin, Shane (Red Wind Ninja Ranger), and Tori (Blue Wind Ninja Ranger) walked in.  The Wind Ninja Rangers tried to convince the Thunder Ninja Rangers that their Sensei did not destroyed their parents.  But it was only the appearance of their parent's spirits who told Hunter and Blake that it was Lothor who destroyed them, that convince Hunter and Blake.  Hunter was not happy about being used in such a manner and he and Blake left Blue Bay Harbor for awhile.

When Hunter and Blake returned, they were doubtful about working alongside the Wind Rangers.  Hunter and Blake met up with Choobo who set up a trap for them.  Hunter and Blake were captured by Lothor and placed under a mind erase with new memories implanted.  Once again, Hunter and Blake were set upon destroying the Wind Rangers.  During one battle, all the Rangers were placed on a sinking island.  Hunter and Blake began to regain their memories.  Lothor, who was watching, was aware and Choobo placed an even stronger mind erase on them.  Hunter had pushed his brother out of the beam's way and he got hit with the full blast.  Toxic gas added to the mix and Hunter was convince that Blake had betrayed him.  Through Blake's determination, Hunter was able to break free of the mind erase.  Afterwards, Hunter and Blake joined forces with the Wind Rangers.  Hunter and the rest of the Rangers were soon joined by another Ranger.  Cam became the Green Samurai Ranger and a welcome addition to the team.

Initially there was rivalry between Hunter and Shane.  Each one felt they could lead the team the best.  With no parents, and only each other, Hunter was used to answering only to himself.  He did learn to work with Shane, although they still enjoy trying to outdo the other.  Hunter enjoys motocross and working at Storm Chargers.  He also became involved in a program with boys that have no fathers.  Hunter had difficulty getting through to Charlie.  It was only when Hunter used his martial arts skills to save Charlie from Kelzaks that Charlie became more open to Hunter.  

Hunter and Blake entered Storm Chargers.  They were surprised that Dustin, Tori, and Shane were not watching "Totally Talented" - until they learned that it had been banned by Kelly.  Hunter wasn't too upset, because he and Blake were going to try and enter "Totally Talented" as contestants.  Hunter was very excited about the idea until Dustin, Tori, and Shane decided that they were going to enter as well.  Later at Ninja Ops, Hunter learned that Motodrone had returned and he had brought to life Shimazu.  Shimazu had with him three Wolf Blades - all of them running around Blue Bay Harbor and most likely had form an alliance with Lothor.  When Motodrone showed up on the viewing screen, Hunter wanted to take him.  Hunter left on his glider cycle to track down Motodrone, which did not take to long.  Hunter and Motodrone fought with Motodrone wrecking Hunter's glider cycle into pieces.  Hunter had to retreat back to Ninja Ops.  He was later joined by the rest of the Rangers.  Hunter and the rest of the Rangers were stunned when the supposed destroyed Wolf Blades reappeared as one large monster.

Hunter, Dustin, Tori, Shane, and Blake quickly morphed into action and into their zords.  But the Wolf Blades were too powerful.  Cam teleported them back to Ninja Ops and their zords were damaged.  Cam felt now was the time to reveal the ancient artifact.  Hunter and the rest of the Rangers were excited, but the artifact was another scroll.  With Cam busy reading the scroll there was not much else to do.  Hunter decided now was a good time to practice for "Totally Talented" and left with Blake.  He was aware of Shane and Tori following them and caught them.  Tori and Shane could not come up with any good reason as to why they were they were.  Hunter was pleased at their discomfort.  They were all called back to Ninja Ops.  Cam revealed his plans.  Cam needed their power discs to power up the portal for the new weapon.  Hunter was very reluctant to give up his power disc - he liked knowing he could kick space ninja butt if need be.  With no other options, Hunter turned over his power disc, along with the rest.  Cam left and Hunter and the rest of the Rangers stayed at Ninja Ops with Cyber Cam.  Soon the Wolf Blades were back.  Unable to morph, their only option was to use the zords - which they did.  The battle was tough and eventually Cam returned with his Lighting Riff Blaster that could summon the Mighty Mammothzord.  Cam also returned their power discs.  All this power combined was enough to defeat the Wolf Blades.  At "Totally Talented" Hunter and the rest of his friends waited anxiously for their turn at the spotlight.  Hunter and Blake performed a rap tune.  They did not win - Marah and Kapri did.  Although it was discovered they were lip-syncing instead of really singing.

Hunter, Dustin, Shane, and Blake went searching the beach for Tori.  They found her laying on the ground and raced to help her.  At first, Tori appeared almost frighten of them, until she realized that these were indeed her friends.  Hunter wanted to know what happened to her.  But there wasn't any time for questions.  A monster, Gold Winger, was attacking the beach.  After realizing that they couldn't morph in front of people, Hunter and his friends found a more secluded area and morphed into action.  Gold Winger put up a good fight, but Hunter and the rest of the Rangers destroyed him.

Hunter had walked into Storm Chargers for some new gloves.  Tori came up and started chatting to him.  Almost immediately, Tori started asking questions about Blake.  Hunter was unable to help.  Just as suddenly Tori left, leaving Hunter.  He had thought Tori was interested in hearing about his bike's tires.  Hunter was at Ninja Ops practicing his moves with Shane.  Tori and Dustin were there as well.  Cam called their attention to the viewing screen where a new monster, Inflatron, had appeared.  Shane noticed that Blake was not there and asked Hunter.  Hunter had no idea and asked Tori if she knew.  Tori gave a cryptic answer about not knowing where Blake was.  Hunter, Dustin, Tori, and Shane morphed into action and began attacking Inflatron.   Blake appeared and practically took the monster on himself.  Afterwards, at Ninja Ops, Cam told the Rangers that Blake had the right approach for the Inflatron.  Hunter, Dustin, Tori, and Shane noticed Blake break away from the group.  Shane wanted to know about Blake's new weapon.  Hunter asked him wasn't he supposed to be practicing with that.  To which Blake replied that he had been.  Later, Hunter, Dustin, Shane, and Cam saw three of the generals gathered together.  Hunter, Dustin, and Shane morphed and left to take care of them.  They were later joined by Blake.  Soon, all the Rangers were together to destroy Inflatron.

Hunter was waiting for Shane at Storm Chargers with Blake and Dustin.  They were all anxious to go and train on their bikes.  Shane walked in and didn't look so well.  Hunter asked what was wrong, and Shane replied that he had just heard that his older brother was coming into town.  Blake joked that he would feel the same way, which Hunter took in good stride.  Shane was no amused and told them of his perfect brother.  They left to train on their bikes.  The Wind rangers bikes were still being repaired and only Hunter and Blake's bikes were ready.  Shane and Tori thought they could train on the them.  Hunter and Blake tried to warn them, but they wouldn't listen and soon had crashed the bikes.  As the bikes were loaded, Hunter commented on how productive the training had been.  Tori tried to get Shane on her side, but it was obvious that Shane was still distracted by his brother's visit.  Shane left them to meet his brother.  Hunter, Dustin, Tori, Blake, and Cam were at Blue Bay Harbor city where several people were screaming and running - terrified.  Motodrone and Eyezak were there too.  Hunter and the rest of his friends soon morphed into action and began battling.  Shane joined them and the Kelzaks were destroyed.  Motodrone and Eyezak made a hasty exit.  Back at Ninja Ops, Cam showed Hunter and the rest the nightmare collars that Eyezak had been placing on the citizens of Blue Bay Harbor.  Hunter, Dustin, Tori, and Blake left.  They were soon called into action again to help Shane.  Shane already had a collar place on his neck and soon Dustin and Tori as well.  Hunter and Blake were left to battle Eyezak and he had already grown to a huge size.  Hunter and Blake continued the battle and ended up in the monster's stomach.  It was very nasty inside and Hunter and Blake were trapped.  There was nothing they could do.  Dustin and Tori had broken the spell and were now inside Eyezak's stomach as well.  Hunter recognized Dustin as he was help back to his feet.  Hunter and Blake escape with Dustin and Tori back out through the monster's mouth.  Cam had shown up with his zord.  Hunter and Blake called forth their zords.  Dustin and Tori joined Shane in their zords.  Cam's new invention had been a device that could combine all three zords - the Hurricane megazord.  With the Hurricane megazord, Hunter and the rest of the Rangers were able to defeat Eyezak.

Hunter was at Storm Chargers loading Tori's van with camping gear.  Hunter, Dustin, Shane, and Blake were planning on a camping trip and Tori was driving them to their campsite.  While driving along, Dustin asked them if they ever wondered why the sky was blue, to which Hunter could honestly say no.  Along the way, a young woman stopped them.  The young woman was with a hiking group and her friend was in trouble.   The young woman asked if they had any rope, which Shane did pack.  Hunter and Shane went to the back of the van and got the rope.  All of them followed the young woman to the edge of the cliff where her friend was dangling.  Hunter and the rest of the guys quickly put together a plan, in agreement that if things went wrong, they would morph into Rangers.  Hunter watched his brother go down the cliff to rescue the young woman.  The rope had started to slip, and Hunter and the rest wondered if the girl was alright right.  When the young woman replied that she was, Hunter was surprised when the young woman turned into a Kelzak, along with the whole hiking group.  Zurgane appeared as well and soon Hunter and the rest of the Rangers had morphed into action.  After they defeated the Kelzaks, they got word from Sensei to continue with their camping trip.  Tori drove them the rest of the way.  Hunter and the rest of the guys quickly set up camp and it had every necessity they deemed necessary.  Hunter could not understand Tori's dismay at their setup.  Hunter wanted to know if anyone wanted pizza, but was bummed when the cell phone had no signal.  Hunter and the rest of the guys agreed on hamburgers.  Tori's van was stuck, so Hunter, Dustin, Shane, and Blake helped pushed it out - getting a lot of mud splattered on them along the way.  After the very cold shower, Hunter was not in the best of spirits.  When Tori revealed she had cooked the hamburgers and cooled the sodas in the stream, Hunter was a much happier man.  Overhead two figures streaked across the sky.  Hunter and the rest of the friends decided to follow.  It was Vexacus and Shimazu.  It was time for Hunter and the rest of the Rangers to morph into action again.  Hunter and Blake had a specially difficult time with Shimazu - who was literally licking them.  The battle was not going well, when Cam showed up.  But Cam had bad news.  Something much more powerful was coming their way.  It was Zurgane in his zord.

Hunter and the rest of the Rangers had a tough battle on their hands, but they managed to defeat Zurgane.  Only Cam thought the battle had been too easy.  Hunter, Dustin, Shane, and Blake returned to their campsite.  Hunter and the rest of the guys were looking forward to the meal waiting for them.  Instead they found their campsite trashed and the food gone.  None of them were too happy, and Hunter thought they were the cast for Survivor.  Shane gave each of them a container and told them to search for food.  While hunting for food, Hunter was contacted by Cam - Zurgane was back.  Hunter and the rest of the Rangers morphed and went into their zords.  The battle was not going well and Zurgane had a surprise for them.  A clone power sphere heading their way.  The Ranger's zord was knocked to the ground and Zurgane was ready to deal the fatal blow.  Sensei advised the Ranger's to use the ninja firebird to cloak their retreat.  Back at Ninja Ops, the zords were being repair and Zurgane was still running around Blue Bay Harbor.  Hunter wanted to go back immediately to battle him.  But the Rangers had to come up with a plan first.  The Wind Rangers used their gliders, and Hunter and Blake their bikes as they attacked Zurgane with blows and taunts.  Hunter and the rest of the Rangers managed to lure Zurgane out of his zord.  But the battle on the ground was not going well either.  Cam soon arrived with backups - their zords.  Hunter and the rest of the Rangers quickly formed the Hurricane zord.  It was another tough battle, but Hunter and the rest of the Rangers managed to defeat Zurgane.  Afterwards, Hunter, Dustin, Shane, and Blake returned to their campsite.  Hunter promptly fell fast asleep.

Hunter was riding on his bike, drawn towards a spot he couldn't stay away from.  He got off his bike and walked over to a large rock and sat down.  Memories came flooding through, as he remembered his time as a student of the Thunder Ninja Academy, the time Lothor attacked and using the Gem of Souls on Lothor.  Hunter had a secret that he had not told any - not even his brother Blake.  He began to dig through the grass and dirt searching.  Someone came up behind him, and instinctively Hunter grabbed the wrist and flung the person over.  That person was Cam - who told Hunter to lay off the caffeine.  Hunter helped Cam up.  Cam wanted to know what Hunter was doing.  Hunter evaded the question by replying he could ask the same of Cam.  Cam answered his question by telling him that he was searching for a radiation source.  Eager to distract Cam, Hunter showed Cam that broken sword of Zurgane.  Hunter told Cam that Zurgane would never leave the ship without it.  This puzzled Cam and they both returned to Ninja Ops.  The satellite picture of the area of the sword revealed that Vexacus had destroyed Zurgane.  Sensei advised the Rangers that they needed to become proactive and rescue the missing ninja students.   The Rangers came up with various ideas - but how to get past the force shield around Lothor's ship.  Hunter had an idea and left them.  He knew what would work and returned to the place he was earlier.  Hunter dug up the small package and again, sense someone close by.  That someone was Vexacus - who was very interested in Hunter's package.  Hunter morphed into action and was soon joined by the rest of the Rangers.  Motodrone and several Kelzaks appeared which kept Hunter and the rest of the Rangers busy.  Vexacus had brought along Condortron - which proved a challenge to the Rangers.  Hunter and the rest of the Rangers managed to chase them all off, but Vexacus had something to said to Hunter.  Before Vexacus left, he mention the Gem of Souls - to which only Hunter seemed to understand what he meant.  The other Rangers wanted to know what Vexacus was talking about and Hunter realized that the time had come to reveal the package.  Back at Ninja Ops, Hunter told his friends how he managed to keep two pieces of the Gem of Souls.  Blake was outrage that his brother had not told him.  But it had been hard for Hunter.  He wanted to tell his brother, but the more time that passed, the harder it became.  Hunter told his friends how he had hope that the gem could help him contact his parents.  Although it did not work, he felt that the gem was powerful enough to break through Lothor's shield.  Hunter knew that he would always miss his parents and that nothing could bring them back, but all those students had someone missing them and that was something that could be change.  Hunter and the rest of the Rangers made plans to rescue the ninja students.  Cam left in his dragon force vehicle while Hunter and the rest of the Rangers waited at Ninja Ops.  Hunter and his friends watched Cam fly towards Lothor's ship and then Lothor's ship began attacking Cam.  To complicate matter, Condortron was back at Blue Bay Harbor.  Although Hunter did not like leaving Cam defenseless, they had to stop the monster.  Hunter and the rest of his friends morphed into action and began to battle Condortron.  They were later joined by Cam - who had been unable to freed the ninja students.  Hunter and the rest of the Rangers destroyed Condortron.  Later, Hunter returned to the spot where he had hid the Gem of Souls pieces.  Cam joined him and told him that he appreciated Hunter letting him have the pieces.  But Hunter didn't feel that he had done anything, the gem hadn't helped him and it hadn't helped Cam.  Cam felt different, if only Condortron had not appeared, perhaps the ninjas would have be rescued.  Cam vowed to someday rescue the students and Hunter agreed to help every step of the way.

Hunter and Blake were preparing for a motocross race.  Hunter realized that even if one of them won, neither could travel around the world competing.  Hunter really wanted to place first and forewarn his brother that he was going all out.  As he raced along the track, his brother bypassed him and won the race.  Hunter was furious - how could his brother do that to him.  Throwing his helmet in disgust, Hunter confronted Blake accusing him of high siding him.  Blake denied doing that which Hunter even more angrier.  He turn to leave when Blake called him back.  Blake accused Hunter of being upset that it was his brother who had beat him.  Hunter was incapable of speech as his anger went into overload.  He grunted and walked away from Blake - kicking a few chairs out of way as he went.  Later, at Storm Chargers, he tried to get Shane to see his side of things.  Hunter was convinced that Blake had played dirty and nothing Shane said made any difference to Hunter.  Hunter wasn't going to be the first to apologize either - Blake would have to make the first move.  Still angry, he stalked away from Shane and nearly bumped into Blake.  He glowered at Blake before taking off in the opposite direction.  Soon Hunter was summoned to Ninja Ops by Cam.  Hunter, Blake, and Cam waited for the Wind Rangers to show up.  Watching the screen on Cam's computer, Hunter and the rest of the Rangers could see a zord taunting for the Rangers to come up.  Amazing enough, the zord appeared to be piloted by Kapri.  Hunter and the rest of the Rangers got ready to morph.  Sensei told Hunter and Blake that during the battle they needed to set aside their differences.  Hunter said it wouldn't be a problem, although it was obvious that Hunter and Blake were still angry at each other.  Hunter and the rest of the Rangers morphed into action and into their zords.  The battle with Kapri was tough, and at first, Hunter and Blake were still fighting amongst themselves.  It took a reminder from Sensei for them to concentrate on the battle.  Kapri was joined by Marah and Shimazu - who were also in zords.  Soon Cam showed up with drones of his own zord.  With the drones, Hunter and the rest of the Rangers were able to defeat Kapri, Marah, and Shimazu.  Afterwards, Hunter and Blake meet at the track.  They agreed to five laps around to prove who was the better rider.  Hunter and Blake took off and Blake won again.  Blake complimented Hunter on his racing and Hunter's anger left him.  He acknowledge that Blake had been right.  It was hard for Hunter to admit that his little brother was better at racing than him.  But Blake reminded Hunter that despite everything they were still brothers and they needed to remember that.  Something Hunter agreed with completely.

Hunter and Blake walked into Storm Chargers.  Dustin was very excited over the U.S. Action Games, something Hunter and Blake already knew about.  Hunter and Blake sat down with their friends as they all caught themselves up with what was going on.  Hunter bragged to his friends on how well Blake had done for Factory Blue.  Blake had been offered a sponsorship from Factory Blue.  Blake wasn't sure to take it, but Shane felt that he should turn down such a great offer.  It was the same thing Hunter had been telling Blake.  Tori reminded the guys that they needed to tell Sensei and Dustin suggested that they invite Cam.  Sensei gave them permission and they all left to go the U.S. Action Games.  The crowd around them were all charged up and so was Hunter.  He was ready to check out all the lovely ladies he had seen.  Hunter and Cam went to register them and Hunter talked to the two girls at the registration desk.  Cam tried to get his attention, but Hunter was more interested in the girls.  When Cam insisted, Hunter glanced over and spotted Marah, Kapri and several Kelzaks.  Hunter said a hasty goodbye to the girls.  Hunter and Cam came face to face with Marah and Kapri.  Marah and Kapri set several Kelzaks Furries on them and Hunter was kept pretty busy.  He was surprised when three other people helped them with the fighting.  Hunter tried to convince them to leave, but they wouldn't.  When the Kelzak Furries dematerialize, Hunter gave the three a stern lecture.  Hunter and Cam soon had there friends searching the area where Marah and Kapri had been, but could find nothing.  Cam's ambulant became frozen, so Cam decided to head out to Ninja Ops to find out what was going on.  Hunter and the rest of his friends tried to enjoy the games, but they were soon contacted by Cam.  Cam informed them of a giant Vexacus running around.  Hunter and the rest of the Rangers quickly morphed into action.  The battle was difficult, but Hunter was determined to destroy Vexacus and he and Blake had Vexacus in a tight hold when their ThunderZords was getting ready to explode.

Hunter and Blake ejected just in time.  Hunter and Blake headed back to Ninja Ops.  They were surprised to see the place was a wreck.  Shane, Dustin, and Tori were glad to see that they were okay.  Hunter wanted to know where Cam was.  None of the Wind Rangers knew.  The same was true of Sensei, until he walked in.  Sensei Kanoi had been turned back to human form.  Hunter was glad to finally see him.  Sensei Kanoi told the Rangers that Cam had been captured.  Sensei Kanoi believed that Lothor was planning of using the samurai ambulant to open the Abyss of Evil.  Hunter and the rest of the Rangers tried to come up with a plan to stop Lothor.  Hunter and Blake decided to go to Lothor's ship to rescue Cam and the ninja students.  The Wind Rangers wanted to come as well, but Hunter felt it would be better for them to stay.  Hunter and Blake knew Lothor's ship well.  Hunter and Blake left in the Dragon force vehicle for Lothor's ship.  Boarding the ship had been easy, but the pressure was on.  Hunter and Blake found out that the ship was set to self-destruct.  Hunter and Blake quickly starting searching the ship for Cam.  Hunter and Blake found Cam, along with Marah and Kapri, tied up.  They quickly released Cam.  Marah and Kapri also asked to be release, to which Hunter wanted to know why.  But to Cam they were family, and the Thunder Rangers released them as well.  They were all getting ready to release the ninja students, when Choobo and several Kelzaks walked in.  Hunter and the rest were trapped.  Hunter and Blake quickly morphed into action and a battle broke out on the ship.  After Hunter and Blake destroyed the console, the ninja students were released.  Lothor's ship was falling apart, Hunter, Blake, Cam, Marah, and Kapri teleported out of there.  Hunter arrived at the Abyss of Evil on his glider.  He could see the Wind Rangers surrounded by monsters.  Hunter blew some out of the way - announcing that he had come to help.  Blake and the rescued ninja students arrived as well.  Hunter joined the Rangers on the ground and the battle began.  Several monsters were thrown back into the Abyss of Evil.  Cam joined in the battle.  Lothor used Cam's ambulant to drain Hunter and Blake of their powers.  The draining of their powers knocked Hunter and Blake to their knees.  It took them several minutes to recover.  In the meanwhile Lothor drained the Wind Rangers powers as well.  Soon the battle came down to Lothor and the six Rangers.  Hunter and the rest of the Rangers tackle Lothor.  Despite being outnumbered, Lothor had the Rangers fighting with everything they had.  Hunter, Blake, and Cam were trying to recover from another blow, when the Wind Rangers summoned their ninja powers and sent Lothor into the Abyss of Evil.  The Abyss of Evil sealed itself.  Lothor was gone.  Hunter wanted to know about their ranger powers, which were gone as well.  Hunter and his friends returned to the U.S. Action Games, which had been reopened.  He was proud of Dustin taking third place in the free style.  Shane had been offered a sponsorship.  Hunter and his friends went to the Wind Ninja Academy where they graduated with badges of honor.  Blake would be racing for Factory Blue.  Hunter was thrilled that Sensei Omino offered him a head teacher position at the Thunder Ninja Academy.  His friends, Shane, Dustin, and Tori were now instructors at the Wind Ninja Academy. 

At the Thunder Ninja Academy, Hunter received a message from Cam.  It was cryptic, stating simply that it has happened.  Hunter immediately left his school and arrived in Reefside.  Cam had been waiting for him.  They hugged each other and Hunter told Cam he was hoping they would never have to used these - referring to the circular discs that Cam had used to contact Hunter.  Cam filled Hunter in on Lothor's attack.  Hunter asked Cam if he had contacted the others.  Cam replied that he has gotten no response.  Hunter and Cam went onto a balcony facing a street.  Blake appeared on the balcony and Hunter was happy to see his brother.  Cam pointed out the destruction below.  Hunter, Cam, and Blake watched as the Dino Rangers fought the evil Ninja Rangers, two generals, and several Kelzaks.  Hunter, Blake, and Cam knew that they would have to come up with a plan to help both sets of Rangers.

Hunter couldn't believe Cam's plan and told him to forget everything he had ever said about Cam being smart.  Cam wanted to go into the Abyss of Evil to retrieve their powers.  Blake was adamantly against the idea.  Cam told them to look around at the destruction that the Wind Ninja Rangers had caused, they needed to help the Dino Rangers and the Wind Ninja Rangers.  Hunter silently agreed.  Hunter, Blake and Cam went to the opening of the Abyss of Evil.  They had climbing gear on and Blake stated again that he thought this was a bad idea.  Cam told them to stay together.  They lowered themselves into the Abyss of Evil.  The smell was bad, but they immediately spotted the Samurai Ambulant.  Hunter was surprised that no one was guarding it.  Seconds later, Zurgane, some monsters, and several Kelzaks appeared.  The battle broke out.  Hunter, Blake, and Cam fought them while trying to reach the Samurai Ambulant.  Cam had almost reached it when Zurgane spotted him.  Zurgane made the ground shake.  This caused both Hunter and Cam to fall to the ground and Blake to fall through a deeper opening.  Hunter saw Blake falling to the bottom of the Abyss of Evil.  He leaped off and grab Blake.  Hunter cling with one hand to the edge of the cliff and the other grabbing Blake.  Cam raced over and tried to pull both of them up.  Blake told them he couldn't believe he was going to miss his race tomorrow and Hunter couldn't seriously believe Blake had just said that.  Sensei appeared and with Cam's help, they pulled Hunter and Blake to safety.  It was time for part two of their plan.  Hunter, Blake, and Cam went to the bridge where the Wind Ninja Rangers were battling the Dino Rangers.  The Wind Ninja Rangers were about to morph, when Hunter, Blake, and Cam called out and had them stop.  Kira realized that she recognized Blake as a Power Ranger.  The Dino Rangers were very disappointment when Hunter, Blake, and Cam align themselves with the Wind Ninja Rangers.  Hunter told the Dino Rangers that Lothor had shown them the error of their ways.  The Wind Ninja Rangers were ready to battle, but Cam stopped them.  Cam told the Wind Ninja Rangers that he had power boost discs direct from the Abyss of Evil.  The Wind Ninja Rangers were reluctant to take them and Hunter watched them carefully.  Eventually the Wind Ninja Rangers replaced their discs in their morphers with the ones Cam had given them.  The Wind Ninja Rangers were knocked to the ground and when they got up, they were no longer in Lothor's control.  Confused, the Wind Ninja Rangers asked what was going on.  Hunter, Blake, and Cam tried to explain that Lothor was back.  The Wind Ninja Rangers told them they already knew that, Sensei had told them.  Hunter told them that it wasn't Sensei who they talk to.  Conner, Ethan, and Kira joined the group and asked them what was going on.  They all went to Dr. O's house where Hunter and Cam explained to the others what had happened in the Abyss of Evil.  Dr. O was glad to see them all, but reminded them that they still had a big problem.  The computer beeped and show Elsa preparing her army.  Hunter and the rest of the Rangers left.  Hunter and the rest of the Rangers arrived where Elsa, Zurgane, the generals, the Wolf Blades, and several Tyrannodrones, Triptoids, and Kelzaks were preparing themselves.  Hunter and the rest of the Rangers morphed and went into action.  The battle was intense.  Hunter worked with Blake and Dr. O on destroying Zurgane.  The rest of the Rangers were just as successful.  After the battle, they all gathered together to congratulate each other.  Marah and Kapri appeared and Marah released the captured ninja students from Lothor's bottle.  Hunter and the rest of his friends went to see if the students were okay.  The Rangers return to Dr. O's house.  Hayley told Hunter, Blake, Tori, Dustin, Shane, and Cam that their powers were no more.  Dustin wanted to know who rescued Sensei and Marah and Kapri told them how they had rescued Sensei.  Everyone laughed and were glad that things were returning to normal.  Blake reminded everyone of his race.  The following day, Hunter, Kira, Conner, Ethan, Dr. O, Tori, Dustin, Shane, Cam, Marah and Kapri cheered Blake to another motocross victory. 

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