Waldo "Dustin" Brooks - The Yellow Wind Ninja Power Ranger

Dustin is very active in motocross and ninja training.  He trains along with his two friends, Tori Hanson and Shane.  Dustin and his friends witnesses the destruction of their Wind Ninja Training Academy.  Cam, the son of the Sensei that had been training them, survived and took them to a hidden place under ground - Ninja Ops.  There, Dustin and his friends learned that their Sensei was stuck as a guinea pig and that Lothor was responsible for destroying their academy along with several others.  A comic book fan, Dustin, who had always believed the Power Rangers were real, was thrilled to become the Yellow Wind Power Ranger.  Tori and Shane also became Wind Power Rangers.  Tori the Blue Wind Ranger and Shane the Red Wind Ranger.  In addition to his time as a Power Ranger and training on the tracks, Dustin works on fixing bikes at his job at Storm Chargers.  His boss Kelly is pretty good about him leaving unexpectedly at times.  He almost always begins his sentences with "dude" and prefers the name Dustin over his real first name Waldo.

Dustin was happy when he met two fellow motocross men.  He was eager to practice with them - as they were quite fast on the track.  The two men were Blake and Hunter and unknown to Dustin they were the Thunder Rangers who had been giving him and the rest of the Wind Rangers such a difficult time.  Dustin also had to contend with people in the motocross business wanting to see Blake and Hunter and not interested in all the hard work he had been putting in.  The Thunder Rangers revealed themselves to Dustin, Shane, and Tori and then took their Sensei.  Blake and Hunter thought that Sensei had destroyed their parents - Lothor had claimed to see the whole thing.  In the Cavern of Lost Spirits, Blake and Hunter's parents revealed that it had been Lothor who had destroyed them.  Blake and Hunter left for awhile and when they returned, Dustin felt something wasn't quite right.  Almost as if what had happened in the Cavern never occurred.  Shane and Tori soon discovered that Dustin was right, as once again, they found themselves battling the Thunder Rangers.  

In the midst of the battle, Dustin found himself pulled from their zord and on an island.  Tori and Shane were there as well.  Dustin was ready to use communicator, but Shane told him that he had already tried.  Shane criticized Tori for trusting the Thunder Rangers.  As Shane walked off to find a way off the island, Dustin suggested they could always replaced Shane with a new Ranger, perhaps a green one.  As the three walked along, they spotted two streaks of color in the distant.  They ran to catch up with it.  The streaks of color were Blake and Hunter - who were ready to continued the battle.  Dustin and Tori fought Blake and they were all getting tired.  Soon both teams had morphed and the battle intensified.  Dustin had enough when Blake began to knock his motocross skills.  As he battle with Blake, Hunter began to get his memories back.  Soon Blake did the same.   It was soon revealed that Choobo had been behind the whole scheme.  Choobo brought back a former monster and made him even worse - Supertoxipod.  A beam was placed over Hunter and Choobo informed Hunter that Blake had betrayed him.  Soon Hunter was after Blake.  Dustin and his friends tried to help, but it was no use.  They quickly surrounded Blake and using a smoke screen, escaped.  Dustin, Tori, and Shane vowed to help Blake find and help Hunter.

Dustin and his friends continued their search for Hunter.  Dustin could feel the temperature on the island dropping.  Blake revealed the name of the island and that it appears only every 200 years and is sinking rapidly.  Dustin was ready to take a break from their search and was content to dig up some dirt with a stick.  Blake told the Dustin, Shane, and Tori how he and Hunter became the Thunder Rangers and how Lothor had lied to them.  Dustin was most fascinated with how it felt to be trapped in the bubbles.  His friends decided it was time to continued to the search for Hunter, Dustin was less than enthused.  While searching, they encountered Supertoxipod once again.  After defeating him, Dustin felt hungry for some seafood.  Finally they found Hunter.  Blake raced towards his brother, and Dustin and the others tried to follow but they were stopped by Choobo.  Dustin, Shane, and Tori battled Choobo until Choobo decided it was time for him to leave.  At that point, Hunter had broken through the mind spell and knew that the Wind Rangers were his friends.  More good news followed as Cam was able to contact them.  They had to figured out a way to leave the island.  Dustin thought the wind gliders might work, but Cam didn't think they would.  Using Blake's suggestion, Cam sent them their zords and they were able to leave the island before it sank back into the sea.  Dustin made a quick trip to Storm Chargers where Kelly was less than thrilled to see him.  Dustin pleased for another opportunity to continue working and told her that if he could have contacted her he would have.  Kelly gave him another chance, along with giving Hunter and Blake jobs as well.  Dustin returned to Ninja Ops.  He was surprised that Blake and Hunter were going to give up their Ranger powers.  Dustin knew that Lothor was interested in destroying all of them, not just Blake and Hunter.  Dustin, Shane, and Tori tried to convince Blake and Hunter to stay.

Dustin was glad to see Blake and Hunter keeping their word to Kelly and helping in the store.  They were grateful to Dustin for the opportunity.  Dustin knew of a way they could pay him back, but Blake and Hunter were not going to rush into any decisions on whether they would join the team or not.  Dustin knew not to push any further and made plans with them to meet later and do some riding.  When Dustin arrived on his bike, he saw Blake and Hunter's bikes, but neither of them.  Although they had disappeared in the past, it was doubtful they would leave their bikes.  Dustin returned to Ninja Ops and told the news to Shane and Tori.  Cam located Choobo and they all felt Choobo was responsible for the disappearance of Blake and Hunter.  Dustin and his friends morphed into action and went after Choobo.  Dustin and his friends managed to free Blake and Hunter from the dimension that Choobo had them trapped in.  Choobo was not about to give up and soon had Dustin, Shane, and Tori under his command and that was to fire upon the Thunder Rangers.  Dustin fought as hard as he could against Choobo's control and the Wind Rangers were soon free.  Working together with the Thunder Rangers, they were able to defeat Choobo.  Afterwards, Dustin, Blake and Hunter were back at Storm Chargers where an representative of Factory Blue was looking for Blake and Hunter.  Dustin watched Blake and Hunter leave to talk with the representative with mixed feelings.  Again his ability on a motorbike was being ignored and concerned that Blake and Hunter would not join the Wind Rangers.  He was ecstatic when Blake and Hunter gave up the opportunity with Factory Blue to joined the Rangers instead.

Kelly was putting together a Total Trek competition.  Dustin wasn't entering because of the skateboarding event.  He still had bruises from the last time he tried a skateboard.  His friends, Hunter and Shane, were entering.  The event also included a motocross competition and Dustin tried to give some points to Shane as Shane prepared to practice.  Shane wasn't even listening - his only interest was in defeating Hunter.  Dustin watch his friend take off and then proceed to crash.  Dustin couldn't help but laugh at his friend on the ground.  Back at Ninja Ops, Dustin joined Blake and Tori - all of them amazed that the two were still trying to one-up the other.  The laughter stopped when they were called into action.  Fighting Bopp-A-Roo proved to be quite the challenge.  More so when Zurgane, Marah, and Kapri joined in as well.  When Dustin and the rest of the Rangers combined their weapons, Marah, Kapri, and Zurgane made a hasty exit.  Dustin and the rest of the Rangers quickly defeated Bopp-A-Roo.  Afterwards, Dustin, along with Shane, cheered Hunter to a victory in the motocross division.   Back at Storm Chargers, Dustin was happy that Shane and Hunter won together in the team division.  He was also amused to see that they were still unable to resist competing against each other.

Dustin and Shane were busy trying to hook-up some cables so that Sensei could watch the Sci-Fi marathon.  Dustin found the work brutal.  When Sensei told him of the consequences of not accomplishing the task, Dustin was a little out of sorts.  He didn't remember anything about the importance of Sensei being able to watch the Sci-Fi marathon.  Shane had to tell him that Sensei was just joking.  Later, Dustin was at Shane's demo to watch him on his skateboard.  Tori was there as well, but acting a little strange.  Initially Dustin thought that it was Tori's clone again, but it turned out that Tori was using her ninja powers to watch Shane and keep her date with Blake.

At Ninja Ops Dustin watched his Sensei as he got rather to break marble in half.  Although Hunter was doubtful, Dustin knew that Sensei was very strong for a little guy.  Sensei did break the marble, much to Hunter's disbelief.  The rest of the Rangers tried with no success.  Then came the sound of marble breaking and it was Cam who had done it.  Dustin thought Cam must have switch the marble stones, but when Cam toss one of the halves to Shane, it was obvious there was no switch.  Cam walked out for some air.  Dustin was concerned that Cam was angry with them.  Shane simply told them that Cam was always mad at them.  Sensei told them it was a bit more and Dustin learned of the promise Sensei had made to Cam's mother.  Dustin thought it was a weak reason not to let Cam become a Ranger.  Dustin, Hunter, Blake, and Shane left and found Tori and Cam facing down Kapri, Marah, several Kelzaks, and a monster called Madtroplis.  Dustin found the monster rather amusing looking, but he quickly morphed into action along with the rest of the Rangers.  During the battle, Dustin and the rest of the Rangers powers were drained.  Dustin felt like he had done a motocross event on a Tricycle.  Cam quickly got them back into Ninja Ops.  There they learned that Madtroplis had taken their powers and placed them in a sphere.  Dustin and the rest of the Rangers were determined to stop Madtroplis even in their weaken state.  Cam boosted up their powers, but it was only temporary.  Dustin and the rest of the Rangers arrived where Madtroplis was and went into action.  Dustin thought he was battling Madtroplis, but instead he was battling fellow Rangers.  Madtroplis has the ability to look like any person and he kept confusing them all.  Using Sensei's advice, Shane got them out of the confusing dimension that Madtroplis had transported them to.  Dustin held the sphere while Shane tried to bust it open, but Shane was unable to do so.  There was no time to figure out the problem.  Soon, Dustin felt himself going weak again and it was worse than an ice cream headache.  Using the last of their strength, Dustin and the rest of the Rangers battle Madtroplis.  They thought they had defeated Madtroplis, but Lothor simply made Madtroplis bigger.  Dustin and the rest of the Rangers tried with their zords, but that didn't work either, and soon Dustin and the rest of the Rangers were demorphed and on the ground.  Dustin slowly got back to his feet to see Madtroplis getting ready to take a swipe at them.

Dustin finds himself back at Ninja Ops.  Sensei had used Cam's teleportation to transport Dustin and the rest of the Rangers.  Dustin is completely exhausted.  There is nothing Dustin or his friends can do while time is frozen.  Cam has traveled back into time for a power source.  Dustin and his friends must sit and wait.  Time has past and Dustin begins to vanish - time is restoring itself.  Dustin and the rest of the Rangers return to where they were with Madtroplis.  Suddenly an unusual looking helicopter approaches.  Dustin watches the sky along with his friends.  Out of the copter appears another Ranger who announces he is the Green Samurai Ranger.  The Green Samurai takes out Madtroplis and lands before Dustin and the rest of the Rangers.  Dustin can not believe his eyes and ask the others if they to see a Green Ranger.  The others confirmed and Dustin thinks that maybe they are all seeing things.  When the Green Ranger assures Dustin that he is not, Dustin wants to know how he knows his name.  Dustin is completely taken by surprise when the Green Samurai Ranger reveals himself to be Cam.

Before Dustin can say much, Cam is trying to rush them back to Ninja Ops.  Dustin doesn't feel like hurrying along and would rather wait for a bus or cab.  Then Lothor appears in the sky and Dustin joins the others as they race along, trying to outpace Lothor.  Dustin and the rest of the Rangers are cornered by Lothor, Kapri, Marah, and several Kelzaks.  Dustin is surprised when Lothor calls Cam his nephew.  Before Lothor can deal a fatal blow, Dustin and the rest of the Rangers are teleported by to Ninja Ops by their Sensei.  Dustin lands hard and pulls himself up.  Dustin, Shane, Tori, Blake, and Hunter have a dozen questions for Cam.  It is revealed that Lothor was Sensei's brother.  Their powers are still trapped in the sphere and it takes all six rangers to unlock the sphere and release their powers.  Dustin feels his power returning and his energy is restore.  Dustin and the rest of the Rangers are sent out to take care of the five monsters Lothor has set upon Blue Bay Harbor.  Dustin works alone on his monster and defeats him.  He is taken aback when his monster blows up and then unblows up in front of him.  Dustin and the other Rangers retreat back to Ninja Ops.  Dustin is amazed to see Cam is slowly turning into an insect.  After a briefing, Dustin, Shane, Tori, Blake, and Hunter are sent out again.  The Wind Rangers zords are called into action and eventually all the monsters are destroyed.  Dustin, Blake, Hunter, Tori, and Shane are back at Ninja Ops.  Dustin can't keep the smile off his face as Cam walks in.  They reveal the ninja uniform they have for Cam and surround their friend.

Dustin, Shane, Tori, and Cam like to work out together, practicing their ninja moves.  Cam ended up landing on his back during a move.  Dustin told him that he was going to have to take points off for the landing, but he could see that his friend was pushing himself to hard.  When Cam was called back to Ninja Ops, Dustin, Shane, and Tori revealed their concerns for their friend.  Dustin was back at Storm Chargers, when he caught a whiff of some horrible smell.  He walked towards Tori and told her that it smelled like his grandmother's feet.  Trying to wave the smell away, Tori answered that his grandmother has been dead for ten years.  But that was exactly what Dustin meant.  Later, Dustin, Shane, and Tori went back to Ninja Ops to see if Cam wanted to join them.  Dustin was very amused when Cam appeared dressed completely different than his norm and speaking more like him.  They took Cam to go skateboarding.  Dustin cheered his friend on as Cam outshine everyone there.  Dustin, Shane, Tori, Blake, and Hunter, then followed Cam as he took on some waves.  When Cam wanted to try motocross, Dustin tried to caution him.  Motocross was not something you just pick up.  Cam wanted to try.  Dustin, Blake, Hunter, and Cam suited up and were on the motocross trail.  Dustin couldn't believe it when Cam passed him and crossed the finish line first.  Dustin took off his helmet in disbelief and told Cam that something wasn't right.  There wasn't much time for debate, as the Rangers were go into action.  Much to Dustin and the others' surprise, Cam wasn't interested in battling the monster.  Dustin told Cam that this was the part where they save the world, but Cam was not impressed.  Eventually they talk Cam into joining them.  Dustin and the other Rangers arrived where Fragra was busy turning people into perfume.  Dustin and the others were stunned when Cam walked away to check out a new car.  There wasn't much to lecture Cam, as they had their hands full.  Dustin, Shane, Tori, Blake, and Hunter morphed into action.  Unfortunately, Dustin found himself turned into a fragrance.  It was a strange sensation and he and Tori (who had been changed as well) were taken to a strange looking lab.  When Dustin realized Shane was looking for them, he began shouting out, trying to capture Shane's attention.  Shane did find them and released them from their bottles.  Dustin and Tori were already morphed and ready to battle Fragra.  Dustin and the other Rangers defeated Fragra.  Dustin, Shane, and Tori returned to Ninja Ops.  Dustin has been filled in that the Cam that had defeated them in all their sports was actually Cyber Cam.  Dustin was not pleased to see Cyber Cam at the super computer.  Cam informed them that he had been reprogrammed to be totally dedicated to Ninja Ops and would not be leaving the building.  When question why Cam had programmed his cyber to be so good at sports, Cam replied because that he never had the time.  Dustin reminded him that now he did.  They took Cam back to the motocross track and were happy to see their friend enjoying himself.

Dustin, Shane, Hunter, and Blake walked into Storm Chargers.  Dustin was surprised to see that there was going to be a cooking class.  In his opinion, nothing could make the Storm Chargers smoothie taste good.  Cam entered and Dustin laughed when he learned that Cam was taking the class.  But then Dustin noticed several pretty girls entering to take the cooking class and he realized that Cam was onto something.  Dustin decided to take the class as well.  After the demonstration, they tried the smoothies.  Soon a food fight erupted - which Dustin enjoyed immensely.  Dustin arrived for another cooking class.  This time, the class was to watch a show about a chef, but instead they got a program called "I Love Lothor".  Dustin always checked the TV listings and he knew that there was nothing about this program.  Dustin, Shane, and Hunter left to contact Sensei.  Sensei informed them that Lothor was using his program to send out signals to make the citizens of Blue Bay Harbor love him.  Dustin, Shane, and Hunter wondered where Lothor was broadcasting his program, when a herd of females race by chanting Lothor's name.  Dustin, Shane, and Hunter followed.  They tried to tell the swarm of females that Lothor was a bad guy, but they would hear it.  Dustin, Shane, and Hunter soon found themselves running away from the angry crowd.  Once they got away, they went to the beach where Blake, Cam, and Tori were.  Dustin raced over to Tori - who was badly hurt.  Blake, Hunter, and Cam used their zords to defeat Mr. Ratwell - the monster who had placed everyone under a love spell.  Dustin, Shane, and Tori cheered their friends on.  Later at Ninja Ops, Dustin discovered a ton of take-out.  He was glad because he was starving.  Dustin went to ask his friends who got the take-out.  It took a moment for Dustin to realized that he had blown Shane and Hunter's claim to having home cooked the meal.  Dustin laughed at his friends when they realized they had been busted.

Dustin was working in Storm Chargers when he heard Hunter mentioned a little brother.  He thought there was more of them, but Hunter explained that he had volunteered for a program and he was talking about Charlie.  Shane burst in with news - there was a competition for a Sports Action Video.  Dustin was excited and wanted to do one on motocross.  Only one problem his video camera was busted after strapping it to his helmet and then crashing.  He thought "When Good Riders Go Bad" was rather fun even if no one else did.  Then Blake mentioned that Cam had a video camera and the race was on to Ninja Ops.  Dustin had called dibs on being first.  After Cam laid down some ground rules, Cam shot Dustin, Blake, Shane and Tori.  During the video shooting, they were called into action.  When Dustin first saw just two Kelzaks, he felt confident he could take them on his own.  But soon Dustin, Shane, Blake, and Tori were overrun with hundreds of Kelzaks.  During the battle, the Kelzaks simply vanished.  When monster DJ Drummond appear, the same thing happen - during the battle the monster vanished.  Later, Dustin and the rest of the Rangers were able to defeat DJ Drummond.  Dustin was not happy with the way his video had turned out.  Neither were Shane, Blake or Tori.  But with some editing from Cam and all their footage placed together, Dustin, Blake, Shane, and Tori won the Sport Action Video competition.

Dustin was back on the track with Blake and Hunter.  Once again, they beat him across the finish line.  Dustin was very frustrated at never beating Blake and Hunter.  He started stowing his gear away when he heard his name.  A man offered to help Dustin out.  He had developed something that he thought would help Dustin out.  Dustin was eager to try, since no one else had one and he was willing to let his bike be the test subject.  The man gave Dustin his card and walked away with Dustin's bike.  Dustin was very happy until he went to the business card's address.  There was nothing there.  Dustin had a very sick feeling in his stomach.  Back at Storm Chargers, Shane and Tori did not make him feel any better.  They told him not to trust everyone, but Dustin had thought the guy was cool.  He decided to go to the track and see if anyone had seen the man.  Dustin stared across the track with no real hope of finding the man or his bike.  Blake and Hunter offered to help, but Dustin felt that the bike was probably across state lines.  Blake and Hunter were called into action and told Dustin they would contact him if they needed him.  Dismally, Dustin walked along until he noticed a young woman in the middle of the track.  She appeared unaware of the several bikes behind her.  Dustin called out, but she didn't hear him.  He raced across the track and got her safely out of the way.  Dustin quickly ask if she was okay and hadn't she seen the bikes.  When she began to refer to herself as an airhead, Dustin felt an instant connection.  He told her that people always viewed him as an airhead, but it didn't matter as long as you were a good person.  The young woman confused Dustin when she said she wasn't even a good bad person.  He was lost and then the young woman revealed herself as Marah.  Dustin immediately went on the defense, but Marah informed him that he had nothing to fear from her.  Lothor had kicked her out.  Dustin dropped his guard and began talking to her - trying to convince her that she could be good.  Dustin was called into action, but they made plans to meet later the next day.  Dustin went into action and soon encountered Beevil - who Marah had said replaced her.  That convinced Dustin that Marah was not lying.  The next day, he meet with Marah.  He was a bit uneasy about her request.  Marah had stolen an object off Lothor's ship and need it charged up to neutralized Marah.  Reluctantly, Dustin put Marah's plan into action.  He went to Ninja Ops and was in the middle of charging up by the object, when Cam and Sensei caught him.  His fellow Rangers could not believe that Dustin would believe Marah.  They brought up the example of Choobo.  But when they referred to her as one of Lothor's goons, Dustin had had enough.  Marah was not a goon and he really believe she wanted to be good.  Shane realized that Dustin like Marah and tease him.  Dustin brush away the suggestion that he liked Marah and simply wanted to help.  The Rangers were called into action.  Dustin stayed behind to charge out the object.  He watched on the viewing screen as Beevil attacked the Rangers.  He was thrilled to see Marah had joined the fight and that she was helping the Rangers.  Dustin became concerned when Marah got hurt and as soon as the object was charged, he raced to where Marah was.  He tossed the object to Marah and watched proudly as she defeated Beevil.  Dustin began to bragged to the other Rangers about what Marah had done.  But Dustin was in for an unpleasant surprise.  Marah had actually been working with Beevil to try and give her more power.  Dustin was stunned.  Marah cut him to the quick when she referred to him as a dumb dumb.  Tears welled in his eyes, he couldn't believe she would do this to him.  But no one makes a fool of Dustin, he quickly morphed into action.  Beevil was grown larger, and Dustin took him on by himself.  When he defeated Beevil, he reflected that it had been quite a day.  Dustin was working at  Storm Chargers when his friends walked in to see how he was doing.  He felt like such an idiot and vowed he would never trust another person again.  But his friends did not want Dustin to change - he had been the one to trust the Thunder Rangers.  Dustin had been so sure about Marah - he thought that there was something in her eyes that told him that she had some good in her.   Kelly walked up to Dustin to tell him someone was here to see him.  Dustin was in no mood to see anyone and asked if Kelly would tell the person he was not around.  But Kelly insisted that Dustin see this person.  Dustin was surprised to see it was the man from the track with his bike.  He raced over.  The man explained that the printing company had printed the wrong address on his business cards.  Dustin was so happy as he clambered onto his bike.  With a huge grin he told his friends that sometimes it was okay to trust people.

Dustin entered Storm Chargers with his dad and proudly introduced him to his friends and his boss, Kelly.  His dad had taught him everything he knows about motocross and they still ride together.  Later, he took him to the airport and hook up with Tori at Shane's skateboarding event.  He was rather amused when Tori informed him that Sensei and Shane had switch bodies.  Kelzaks appeared on the scene and Dustin was really impressed with Sensei's moves.  He and Tori quickly joined in.  Kelzaks were followed by Footzilla, who Dustin, Sensei, and Tori soon had running.  Dustin was thrilled with the battle and in his enthusiasm, began to refer to Sensei as Dude.  Sensei gave Dustin a gentle reprimand that he was not to be called Dude.  Which Dustin quickly apologize.  Dustin, Sensei, and Tori returned to Ninja Ops, where Cam was waiting to switch Sensei and Shane back.  Dustin watched and excitedly touched the green force shield around Shane, he was knocked over.  When he got to his feet, he discovered that he was in Sensei's body and he had a huge craving for sunflower seeds.  Dustin stayed at Ninja Ops, while Sensei, Shane, and Tori left.  Cam soon joined them.  Dustin watched the monitoring screen alongside Cyber Cam.  He rather enjoyed not being worked over and felt like he was on vacation.  After the battle with Footzilla, it was time for Cam to switch Dustin and Sensei.  Dustin was anxious because he felt like he was getting fleas.  The switch was successful and Dustin was very happy to be back in his own body.  Although he still felt like he had fleas and couldn't stop eating the sunflower seeds.

Dustin was closing Storm Chargers when he noticed a bunch of thugs entering the store.  He quickly morphed and confronted the thugs.  Dustin stopped them from destroying the store and Kelly walked in.  Kelly was thrilled to see a Power Ranger.  Dustin made a hasty exit and returned unmorphed and claim innocence in seeing what had happen.  At Ninja Ops, Dustin was filling in Shane and Tori on what had happen at Storm Chargers.  Blake and Hunter walked in with a newspaper and it had the Yellow Power Ranger on it.  Dustin was thrilled to see himself in the paper.  Afterwards he meet Shane in the skate paper.  Shane was psyche because a photographer for a magazine was there.  Shane wanted to attempt a difficult move.  Dustin tried to discourage him, but Shane wanted to.  Dustin kept cheering him on, trying to draw the attention of the photographer towards Shane.  It began to work as the photographer began snapping away at Shane's moves.  Dustin was grinning and still cheering his friend on, when he noticed a monster.  He was going to get Shane, but saw that he was busy with his skateboard demonstration.  Dustin left and morphed into action.  As he was battling the monster and Kelzaks he was surprised to see a group of people cheering him on.  At first he was concern for their safety but their cheering was rather flattering and he began to enjoy the attention.  Even posing for some photos and in his enthusiasm let the crowd carry him away.  Afterwards, he went back to the skate park and watched as Shane practiced his moves.  Shane was still upset with Dustin for drawing the crowds away from him.  Dustin had apologized and didn't know what else to do - he took care of the monster and didn't need anyone's help.  He left to give a telephone interview.  Dustin entered Ninja Ops to overhear Shane and Tori talking about him.  He assumed that they were all jealous over him.  Dustin had better things to do - like see his agent.  The monster had reappeared and Dustin was first on the scene.  He wanted the monster to wait until the press arrived, but the monster wasn't interested in waiting.  Tori and Shane joined Dustin, although Dustin felt there really was no need for them.  They all morphed into action and during the battle.  Dustin and Shane continuing their argument during the battle.  The monster took advantage of the situation and grabbed Tori.  Dustin wanted to take on the monster himself - feeling it was his fault.  When Shane offered Dustin his weapon, Dustin realized that he did not want to work solo.  He wanted to go back to working as a team.  Dustin and Shane defeated the monster.  Back at Ninja Ops, Dustin was thrilled to see all the Wind Rangers on the front page.  He confessed to never wanting to be a celebrity again. 

Dustin was congratulating Blake and Hunter on a win at the track.  They were telling him about a guy they meet that had helped on Hunter's bike.  Dustin knew who they were talking about.  He informed them that Perry was a mechanic genius and lived in a creepy part of town by the railroad tracks.  Later Dustin was at Ninja Ops when a new monster appeared - Motodrone.  Dustin, Tori, and Shane morphed into action and battle Motodrone.  Cam and the Thunder Rangers soon joined as well.  Motodrone managed to capture Hunter.  When Dustin and the others returned to Ninja Ops, it was revealed that Motodrone had human DNA and that it was Perry.  They had to stop Motodrone without harming Perry.  Dustin and the rest of the Rangers managed to free Perry from Motodrone. 

Dustin walked into Ninja Ops with the rest of the Rangers.  They were all feeling tired from the strenuous training they had all done.  Sensei had left with instructions that they take a day off.  Dustin was trying to decide whether to go to the track and a movie or movie and then the track.  Tori was looking a little down and Shane reminded them that tomorrow was Tori's birthday.  Dustin immediately suggested a beach party - which everyone agreed to.  At the beach, Dustin was ready to have some fun and tossed a ball at Tori's head.  Shane was not joining them - feeling the need to check out the woods.  Tori expressed some concern over Shane and Cam decided to check it out.  Dustin, Tori, Hunter, and Blake ended up battling Kelzaks on the beach.  Afterwards, Dustin and Tori left to battle Zurgane - who was piloting his own zord.  Dustin and Tori received help from Cam, but they soon all returned to Ninja Ops.  All the Rangers were concerned over Shane's continued absence.

Dustin felt bad that Tori's party had been ruined.  The Rangers decided to go back to the beach to pick up their things.  When they arrived there, all their stuff was missing.  And they soon saw way - a group of Kelzaks were leaving with their things.  Dustin, Tori, Blake, and Hunter were soon battling the Kelzaks.  They managed to get their things back, although hard as he tried, Dustin couldn't save the cake.  As they walked along, Dustin smeared the sunless suntan lotion all over his skin that Cyber Cam had given him.  He was looking forward to looking like a bronze god.  Back at Ninja Ops, they soon discovered that Zurgane and his zord was back.  Dustin and Tori morphed into action to battle.  They were soon joined by Blake, Hunter, and Cam.  They booted Zurgane out of his zord and then watched in amazement as overhead Shane flew over them.  Shane had acquired new armor and Dustin was impressed.  To make up for the loss of Tori's cake, Dustin and Cam walked into Ninja Ops with a new one.  Although a little embarrassed over his orange face, he was glad to share in the fun of Tori's day.  Although he couldn't wait to see Cyber Cam so that he could make him cyber toast.

Dustin was watching "Totally Talented" at Storm Chargers with Shane and Tori.  Dustin like to sing along with the theme.  Dustin, Shane, and Tori were all bummed when Kelly came up and turn off the TV.  After Kelly left, Blake and Hunter showed up - surprised that "Totally Talented" wasn't on.  Blake and Hunter told Dustin, Tori, and Shane that they were entering the competition to be on "Totally Talented".  This gave Dustin the idea to try out as well - with his sax.  Soon, Dustin, Tori, and Shane were practicing at Ninja Ops.  Cam gave them a hard time, but other matters soon turned up.  The object that Cam had retrieved from the Museum, was an object that Lothor wanted.  Lothor set Motordrone upon them as well as Shimazu and wolf blades.  Dustin, Tori, Shane, and Blake tried to take on the wolf blades.  Shane was called away to take on Motodrone.  Dustin, Tori, and Blake continued to battle the wolf blades and Shimazu.  The wolf blades were destroyed, and Dustin, Tori, and Blake made it back to Ninja Ops.  There they received a surprised.  The wolf blades were not destroyed, simply put together and much larger now.

Dustin, Tori, Shane, Hunter, and Blake immediately morphed into action and into their zords.  Despite their best efforts, they were unable to defeat the wolf blades and their zords were seriously damaged.  Dustin and the rest were teleported back to Ninja Ops.  Cam decided it was time to use the artifact.  Dustin couldn't wait to see what was inside - maybe a cool fighting sword.  Instead it was another scroll and Cam was soon busy reading it.  It would take a day to fix the zords.  With not much else to do, Dustin continued practicing for "Totally Talented" by playing his sax.  He was in front of Storm Chargers and receiving money for his playing.  Something that amused him greatly.  But he was soon called back to Ninja Ops.  Cam informed them that he would need all their power discs to power up the portal to the artifact.  Dustin was very reluctant to part with his power disc.  He felt it left them all to defenseless.  But there was not much else they could did and Dustin, along with the others, handed his power disc to Cam.  Cam left and put Cyber Cam in charge.  Dustin and his friends watched the viewing screen anxiously.  Soon the Wolf Blades were back.  Although unable to morph, they could still operate the zords.  Dustin quickly went into his zord and tried to blow away the Wolf Blades.  Even with the five of them working together, it was a very difficult battle.  Cam showed up with his Lighting Riff Blaster and summoned the Mammoth Zord - which is just what they needed.  Cam also returned their power discs, and Dustin and the others were able to morph into action and defeat the Wolf Blades.  At "Totally Talented", Dustin, Tori, Shane, Hunter, and Blake were surprised to see Cam arrive there.  The show started and Dustin played his sax.  Each of his friends had their moment on stage.  Dustin and the others were surprised when Marah and Kapri appeared and gave a surprisingly good performance.  Marah and Kapri won the talent show.  Tori was suspicious, although Dustin thought that they deserved to win.  Tori revealed that they had been using a tape instead of their own voices.  Angry, Kapri blasted the host of the show before leaving.  Stu, the host, quit the show.  Dustin wondered if that meant there would be no winners for today.  Cam replied that they were all winners.  

Dustin was at Ninja Ops with Tori and Shane, awaiting another rest of their skills.  Images of each of them appeared on the other side.  Dustin was rather amused and uncertain of what to do.  When Shane suggested they fight them, Dustin went at it.  As he ended up on the floor, he couldn't believe he kick his own butt.  Dustin and Shane got off the floor and listen as Sensei gave Tori the job of finding the jade turtle.  Dustin wanted to know if Sensei had anything for them.  Sensei did - he gave them the task of watching the environmental conference in Blue Bay Harbor.  As Dustin hung upside down from a tree right outside the conference, he was restless.  He wanted to do something, but they were supposed to just watch and wait.  Dustin and Shane managed to get into the conference and kept themselves hidden.  Dustin's morpher went off, he had forgotten to turn it off.  Shane created a diversion, as Dustin and Shane left the room.  Cam told them of disturbances all around them, which left Dustin confused.  But as soon as they left the building, Dustin and Shane ran into Kelzaks.  Dustin and Shane quickly battled the Kelzaks and noticed a strange looking monster.  Dustin and Shane realized that they had left the conference and went back to the room quickly.  Dustin was surprised to see all the members of the conference fighting with each other.  Dustin realized that this monster did not spread any love around.  Dustin and Shane left to find the monster and morphed into Rangers.  Dustin and Shane were placed under a spell and soon were fighting each other instead of the monster.  They were so into their fight, they did not hear Tori's plea for help.  Sensei intervene by contacting them telepathically and helped them to break their spell.  Once the spell was broken, Dustin and Shane defeated the monster and quickly raced to Tori's side.  Dustin and Shane were relieved that Tori was okay.  But the monster was back and huge now and they quickly called forth their zords.  Dustin and the rest of the Rangers destroyed the monster for good this time. 

Dustin, Shane, Hunter, and Blake went looking for Tori.  Tori had a nasty surfing accident and they were trying to find her.  When they found her, Tori was not happy to see them and told them to stay away.  This really confuse Dustin as he had taken a shower.  When Tori asked if it was really them, Dustin double-checked his armpit, before replying that it was indeed him.  They were all happy to see that Tori was okay.  Goldwinger was attacking Blue Bay Harbor, and Dustin and the rest of the Rangers morphed into action and destroyed the monster.

Dustin and the rest of the Rangers also successfully destroyed Inflatron with the help of Blake's new weapon.

Dustin, Hunter, and Blake were waiting at Storm Chargers for Shane.  Dustin was anxious to get to the ninja training and it was unlike Shane to be late.  When Shane did show up, he was distracted and unhappy.  Shane's older brother was coming for a visit and Shane was not thrilled about it.  They all left to train.  Shane and Tori decided to take the Thunder cycles for a spin.  It was something Dustin couldn't watch and they trashed the bikes.  Later in the day, Dustin, Tori, Hunter, and Blake were in the city of the Blue Bay Harbor when several people ran past them screaming.  Some of the people were not making any sense at all.  A man screamed about dogs, but Dustin couldn't see any dogs anywhere.  There was a monster - Eyesac.  Dustin, Tori, Hunter, and Blake went into action and Shane soon joined them.  Eyezak and Motodrone vanished before Dustin and the rest of the Rangers could go after him.  Later, Dustin, Tori, Hunter, and Blake came to Shane's aid.  Shane had an unusual collar around his neck and was in obvious fear.  Dustin and the rest of the Rangers tried to help Shane.  Before he knew what happened, Dustin had the same collar around his neck and was experiencing his worst fear - falling.  The terror was so intense, he could not focus on anything else.  Eventually, he could hear Shane and Sensei talking to him and he was able to break the spell.  But their job was not over.  The Rangers had to destroy Eyezak to freed them from the collars.  Shane called forth the megazord while Dustin and Tori, using the Thunder's bikes, run into the belly of the beast to freed Hunter and Blake who had been swallowed by Eyezak.  It was rather nasty inside Eyezak's belly and Dustin thought the smell was similar to chili dogs.  Dustin and Tori found Hunter and Blake and freed them.  After Shane opened Eyezak's mouth, Dustin and Tori drove out with Hunter and Blake.  Cam had joined the battle with his zord and Hunter and Blake called forth their zord.  Cam's new project has been the ability to combine all the zords together to form the Hurricane megazord.  During the battle, Dustin has a relapse of his fear of falling.  Shane told him to fight and Dustin was trying.  He broke through and together the Rangers destroyed Eyezak and freed themselves and the citizens of Blue Bay Harbor from the collars.

Dustin, Shane, Hunter, and Blake were busy loading up Tori's van.  They were planning on a camping trip and they were all excited about it.  Dustin even brought along his TV so that he wouldn't miss super cross.  Dustin, Shane, Hunter, and Blake climbed into Tori's van, and Tori drove them to their campsite.  On the way, Dustin wondered why the sky was blue instead of being invisible.  When Shane mentioned that he was the air guy and that Dustin was the dirt guy, Dustin decided to give up the discussion.  Later, they spotted a young girl in the middle of the road, trying to wave them down.  Dustin recalled how the last time they pulled off the road to help someone, that their ninja school was destroyed.  They got out of the van.  The young girl was frantic and they followed her to a cliff, where her friend was dangling.  Dustin, Shane, Hunter, and Blake devised a plan to rescue the girl, agreeing that if things became difficult they would used their ninja powers.  As they put their plan into action, Dustin and his friends were surprised that the hiker and her friends were Kelzaks.  Dustin and his friends morphed into action and the battle proved difficult.  Eventually, they got rid of the Kelzaks.  Sensei told them to continued with their camping trip, which Dustin and the guys were happy to hear.  When they arrived, Dustin and his friends immediately set up their camp.  Shane had brought along a generator and soon the TV, fan, and CD player were going.  Tori was getting ready to leave, when her van got stuck.  Dustin and the rest of the guys, pushed the van out of the rut, and got a ton of mud splattered on them for their efforts.  On top of all this, Tori accidentally knocked out their generator with the van.  Dustin and the rest of the guys were not pleased.  After a cold shower, Dustin and the rest of the guys were in better spirits.  When they found out Tori cooked them hamburgers and cooled their sodas in their streams, they were in great mood.  But it did not last long.  Two large shapes streaked across the sky, and Dustin and the rest of the Rangers followed.  They found Vexacus and Shimazu.  Dustin and the rest of the Rangers morphed into action.  It was a tough battle, even with Cam joining them.  A bigger problem surfaced with Zurgane inside his zord.  Dustin and the rest of the Rangers called forth their zords.

The battle was tough, but Dustin and the rest of the Rangers defeated Zurgane.  Cam was not so sure, feeling the battle had been to easy.  Dustin and the rest of the guys returned to their camp.  Dustin was hungry and ready to eat the hamburgers.  Instead of meal, Dustin and the rest of the Rangers found their camp site had been wreck and the food eaten.  Dustin was over the whole nature thing and ready to pack everything up and get some fast food.  But not having a car of his own, Dustin was unable to leave.  Shane decided to have them hunt for food.  While looking for food, Dustin and the rest of the guys were contacted by Cam - Zurgane was back.  Dustin and the rest of the Rangers morphed into action - ready to take on Zurgane.  But Zurgane had a surprise for the Rangers.  Zurgane had pirated the Ranger's technology and was now using it against them.  The battle was not going well and Sensei summoned all the Rangers to retreat.  Back at Ninja Ops, the zords were being repaired, and the Rangers were trying to decide their next move.  Dustin suggested using the gliders against Zurgane, and Blake brought up the suggestion of the bikes.  The Wind Rangers used their gliders and the Thunder Rangers their bikes to go after Zurgane.  They managed to draw him out of his zord and battle him on ground.  Cam quickly had the zords repaired and sent the zords.  Cam entered the battle as well.  Dustin and the rest of the Rangers quickly formed the Hurricane zord and defeated Zurgane.  Afterwards, Dustin and the rest of the guys returned to their campsite where they quickly went to sleep.

Dustin was at Ninja Ops with the rest of the Rangers.  Hunter had found a part of Zurgane's sword.  Using this, Dustin and the rest of the Rangers found out that Vexacus destroyed Zurgane.  Dustin didn't see this as anything bad, he hoped that maybe the generals would get rid of each other and all they would have to do is stand back and watch.  But things were not that easy for the Rangers.  Condortron was soon attacking Blue Bay Harbor and Dustin and the rest of the Rangers had to morph into action.  After the battle, Vexacus mentioned the Gem of Lost Souls to Hunter.  Dustin and the rest of the Ranger wondered what Vexacus was talking about.  At Ninja Ops, Hunter revealed that he had kept some of the fragments of the Gem of Lost Souls in an attempt to contact his parents.  Sensei was sympathetic, but told Hunter that he could not undo the past.  Dustin quickly piped in with at least not without a time scroll.  The Rangers began to make plans to rescue the ninja students aboard Lothor's ship using the fragments of the Gem of Lost Souls.  Cam left to try to get aboard Lothor's ship.  Dustin and the rest of the Rangers watched anxiously at Ninja Ops for the go ahead.  But it never came.  Condortron was back and Dustin and the rest of the Rangers had to leave to protect the city.  Dustin and the rest of the Rangers were able to destroyed Condortron.

Dustin was at the MotoX competition.  He wasn't racing this time.  Dustin entered the freestyle competition.  He did well until he landed.  Kelly and Blake were there and they raced to his side.  Dustin tried to tell Kelly that he wanted to freestyle as well as race.  Kelly didn't think he could do both.  Dustin was rather distracted as he worked at Storm Chargers.  He was trying to decide whether to continue racing or do freestyle.  Soon Dustin and the rest of the Rangers were called into action.  Kapri was calling for the Rangers in her own zord.  Dustin and the rest of the Rangers morphed into action.  Dustin and the rest of the Rangers were not only battling Kapri, but Marah and Shimazu in zords as well.  It was a tough battle, but eventually Dustin and the rest of the Rangers defeated them.  Afterwards, at Storm Chargers, Dustin came to a decision.  He told Kelly although he liked racing, he loved freestyle and that was what he wanted to do.  Kelly was quick to reassure him that she and Storm Chargers would support him in his efforts at freestyle.  Happily Dustin gave Kelly a hug.

Dustin was working at Storm Chargers, frustrated because the wrong oil was sent.  He couldn't understand the grins on Shane's and Kelly's faces.  Shane told him to forget about the oil and Kelly surprised him with the news that Dustin had been sign up to participate in the U.S. Action Games.  Dustin was very excited and anxious to share the news with someone.  Shane already knew.  Tori walked in and Dustin hurried to tell her the news, but Tori already knew.  As did Hunter and Blake when they walked in as well.  Dustin realized that he was the last to know.  He sat with his friends as Blake and Hunter filled them in on what they had been doing.  Tori brought the guys attention to the fact that Sensei needed to know what they were doing and Cam realized that they hadn't ask if Cam wanted to go.  They all went to Ninja Ops to tell Cam and Sensei.   Cam couldn't believe that they all forgot to tell them, except for Dustin.  But Dustin informed Cam that it had been him who remembered.  Sensei agreed that they could all go.  Dustin and the rest of the Rangers left for the U.S. Action Games.  There were crowds of people everywhere and Dustin enjoyed the excitement racing through the crowds.  Dustin, Tori, Shane, and Blake watched some of the events.  Cam and Hunter joined them to tell them of their encounter with Marah and Kapri.  They all searched the area where Marah and Kapri had been, but could find nothing.  Cam felt his ambulant become frozen.  Dustin couldn't believe it, it was 80 degrees outside.  Cam decided to go back to Ninja Ops to find out more.  Dustin and the rest of his friends returned to the games.  Once again, Dustin and his friends were interrupted.  Cam informed them that Vexacus was huge and attacking.  Dustin and the rest of the Rangers quickly morphed into action.  It was a tough battle and things were not going well.  Dustin, Tori, and Shane left their megazords to search for Blake and Hunter.  The Thunder Megazord was badly damaged and Dustin, Shane, and Tori could find no signs of Hunter and Blake.  They quickly return to Ninja Ops where another horrifying scene awaited them.  Ninja Ops had been destroyed and there was no sign of Sensei, Cam, or even Cyber Cam.  Although the scene was disquieting, Dustin was confident that they would find their friends.

Dustin, Tori, and Shane began trying to put Ninja Ops back together.  Dustin was surprised when Hunter and Blake showed up.  Hunter and Blake had ejected before the Thunder megazord exploded.  Another nice surprised was Sensei Kanoi had been transform to his human form.  Dustin, Tori, and Shane gave him a big hug.  Sensei Kanoi feared for his son Cam and had grave news for the Rangers.  Sensei Kanoi believed that Lothor would open the abyss of evil using Cam's ambulant.  The Rangers knew that they needed more help.  Hunter and Blake left to board Lothor's ship and free Cam and the ninja students.  Dustin, Tori, and Shane waited anxiously.  Dustin pointed out to his friends that if they hadn't been late, they wouldn't even be Power Rangers.  Sensei Kanoi corrected this misassumption.  Sensei Kanoi took out the scroll of destiny and on the bottom was a picture of Dustin, Tori, and Shane.  Sensei Kanoi told them that they were always meant to be Power Rangers and that the scroll tells of how the three of them would meet Lothor at the abyss of evil, but not who would win the battle.  With this information, Dustin, Tori, and Shane morphed into action to take on Lothor.  They arrived at the abyss of evil and began battling Lothor.  Dustin and his friends called for their megazord as Lothor was piloting his own.  The Rangers lost their megazord and the abyss of evil began spewing forth various monsters from previous battles.  Dustin, Tori, and Shane were greatly outnumbered, but they continued fighting.  They were soon joined by Hunter, Blake and the freed ninja students.  Cam joined in as well.  It was soon down to just Lothor and the Rangers.  Lothor trained the Thunder Ranger's powers and went after Cam.  Dustin, Tori, and Shane quickly surrounded Cam to protect him.  Lothor drained their powers instead.  Dustin, Tori, and Shane kept going after Lothor, no matter how many times he threw them off.  Lothor began taunting them, but Dustin, Tori, and Shane were not finished.  They didn't have their ranger powers, but they still had their ninja powers.  Dustin summoned the power of earth, while Tori and Shane summoned the power of water and air.  They sent Lothor into the abyss of evil, along with their ranger powers, and the abyss of evil sealed itself.  Dustin couldn't believe that Lothor was really gone.  The U.S. Action Games had been postponed, but now it reopened.  Dustin competed in freestyle motocross and placed 3rd.  Dustin and his friends returned to the Wind Ninja Academy to receive their badge of honor and graduate.  Dustin and his friends were thrilled.  As the new ninja students entered the Wind Ninja Academy, Dustin was ready as their new instructor.

Sensei Dustin, Sensei Tori, and Sensei Shane were training the ninja students.  The training was held in the woods close to the Wind Academy.  Sensei Dustin was very powerful and soon had the ninja students eating dust.  Sensei Shane told the students to stand down.  Sensei Shane asked the students how they thought that went.  Sensei Dustin thought Shane was asking him and he enthusiastically told him that they totally kicked their butts.  Sensei Tori pointed out that Shane was talking to the students.  Dustin adopted a more serious tone and told Sensei Shane to proceed.  Sensei Shane lectured the students and then dismissed them.  Dustin, Shane, and Tori walked through the woods together.  Tori commented that Shane had sounded a lot like Sensei.  Shane wanted to know where Sensei was, since he was supposed to be here.  Dustin thought maybe Sensei forgot.  Tori asked when had Sensei forgotten anything - ever.  The three found a scroll that was from Sensei.  The scroll instructed them to met him at the highest point at Blue Bay Harbor and not to speak to anyone about it, until he had spoken to them.  Dustin, Tori, and Shane quickly went to the highest point.  Sensei had grave news for them.  Dustin thought that Sensei didn't look so good.  Sensei told them that Lothor was back.  Dustin wanted to know how that was possible and how could they fight him without any powers.  Sensei presented the three with morphers that Cam had made for such an occasion.  Sensei asked the three to become Rangers again.  Dustin strapped the morpher to his wrist without hesitation.  He pressed the button and purple electricity surrounded him and his friends.  When it was done, Dustin was under Lothor's evil spell.  Sensei revealed that he was actually Lothor in disguise.  Shane wanted to destroy Blue Bay Harbor, Tori the whole country, but Dustin wanted to destroy the whole world.  The first step in the destruction of the world was the Wind Academy.  Lothor, his two general, and several Kelzaks proceeded them to the Wind Academy.  Dustin, Shane, and Tori arrived shortly afterwards.  Marah and Kapri were happy to see them and pointed out that Lothor was back.  But instead of helping them, the Ninja Rangers were happy that Lothor was back.  Lothor instructed them to captured the students.  Dustin, Tori, and Shane morphed and quickly captured the ninja students.  Marah and Kapri tried to escape, but were caught.  Marah and Kapri pleaded with Lothor to give them another chance, as they were ninjas now and could help.  Lothor decided to give them one more chance.  Lothor then conferred with the Ninja Rangers on their new plan of action.  Dustin, Tori, and Shane morphed, and with the two generals and several Kelzaks, began terrorizing Reefside.  Soon the Dino Thunder Rangers appeared and tried to stop them.  Dustin went one on one with the Blue Dino Thunder Ranger.  The Ninja Rangers soon over powered the Dino Thunder Rangers and the Dino Thunder Rangers had to retreat.  Dustin, Tori, and Shane laughed at them.  Afterwards, they all met in Lothor's Lair.  Dustin couldn't wait to run into the Dino Thunder Rangers again.  Elsa appeared and was quickly surrounded by Dustin, Shane, and Tori.  Dustin told Elsa that this was a private lair, Elsa snapped to Dustin to back off.  Elsa had a message from Mesogog.  The Rangers wanted to tear into Elsa, but Lothor stopped them.  Lothor wanted to at least listen to the message from Mesogog.

Later, Dustin, Shane, and Tori burst into Hayley's Cyberspace.  They knocked the Dino Rangers to the floor.  The Dino Rangers got up.  Dustin, Shane, and Tori wanted to fight the Dino Rangers right there, but the Dino Rangers refused.  They made arrangements to met later under a bridge and battle there.  Dustin, Shane, and Tori left.  Later, Dustin, Shane, and Tori found the Dino Rangers under the bridge.  They knocked the Dino Rangers to the ground.  The Dino Rangers picked themselves up and the battle broke out.  Dustin fought against Ethan.  He was a little surprised when his hand got hurt and a little impressed when Ethan revealed his armor ability.  The battle continued until the Ninja Rangers align themselves on one side and the Dino Rangers align themselves on the other side.  Dustin, Shane, and Tori were ready to morph when a familiar voice called out to them to wait.  Blake, Hunter, and Cam appeared and walked towards them.  The Dino Rangers thought they were there to help them, but Blake, Hunter, and Cam told them that Lothor had shown them the error of their ways.  Dustin was ready to tackle the Dino Rangers, but Cam made them wait.  Cam told them that he had energy boost discs from the Abyss of Evil.  Dustin and his friends were reluctant to use them, but Cam convinced them.  Dustin replaced the disc with the new disc in his morpher and then fell to the ground.  When he got up, the spell was broken and his bell was seriously wrong.  Dustin, Shane, and Tori were confused as to how they got where they were.  Hunter, Cam, and Blake tried to filled them in by telling them that Lothor was back.  The Ninja Rangers knew that Lothor was back, because Sensei Kanoi had told them.  Blake tried to explain that who they talked to wasn't Sensei.  Dustin told them that he knew who Sensei was.  Again, their friends tried to tell them that it wasn't Sensei who they talked to.  Dustin told them that only if it was Lothor disguised as Sensei.  Conner, Kira, and Ethan walked up to the group and asked what was going on.  They all went to Dr. Oliver's home, where Cam and Hunter explained how they retrieve their powers in the Abyss of Evil and received help from Sensei.  The computer went off and showed them that Elsa, Zurgane, the generals, the Wolf Blades, and several Triptoids, Tyrannodrones, and Kelzaks were preparing for battle.  All the Rangers left.  They arrived where Elsa was preparing for battle and morphed.  The battle was intense.  Dustin worked with Ethan to destroy several Triptoids.  The Rangers eventually won the battle.  They all gathered together to congratulate each other, when Marah and Kapri appeared.  Marah and Kapri had Lothor's bottle and released the captured ninja students.  Dustin walked over to the students to see if they were okay.  Later, they returned to Dr. Oliver's house.  Hayley told Dustin, Shane, Tori, Blake, Hunter, and Cam that there powers were no more.  Dustin wanted to know who rescued Sensei and asked Dr. Oliver.  Marah and Kapri happy told the group that they had been the ones to rescue Sensei.  Everyone laughed and were happy to return to normal.  Blake reminded them of his race.  The following day, Dustin, Shane, Tori, Hunter, Cam, Marah, Kapri, Kira, Conner, Ethan, and Tommy cheered Blake to another motocross victory.

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