Adam Park

Adam Park was in Angel Grove with his two friends, Aisha Campbell and Rocky DeSantos, for a ninja competition.  Their teacher, Mr. Anderson, and his son Jacob, were with them.  Adam, Aisha, and Rocky had decided to spend their time before the competition, roller blading through the park.  They soon ran into their teacher, taking Jacob for a stroll in his stroller.  Mr. Anderson:  "Hi!"  Rocky:  "Hey Mr. Anderson!"  Mr. Anderson:  "How you're doing?"  Rocky:  "Good!"  Aisha:  "Hi, how's Jacob?!"  Mr. Anderson:  "Oh, he's fine."  Aisha:  "Ah, that's good!"  Mr. Anderson:  "You guys be careful out there now."  Aisha:  "Okay, see you on the next lap around."  Adam:  "Bye!"  Adam and his friends took off roller blading once more.  Later, Adam, Rocky, and Aisha heard Mr. Anderson yelling for his son Jacob.  Jacob was in his stroller and the stroller was rolling through the park.  Adam, Aisha, and Rocky immediately started chasing after the baby.  They were soon joined by three other teens.  The stroller and Jacob continued to roll through the park.  Adam, Rocky, and Aisha went through many obstacles trying to reach the baby and stopped the stroller.  Two other teens, Bulk and Skull, joined in the race to rescue Jacob.  The stroller was about to go down a steep hill.  Adam and Rocky lifted Aisha up into the air and tossed her towards the baby.  The three other teens had done the same thing on their side.  Aisha and the young girl stopped the stroller before it went down the hill.  The young girl took Jacob out of his stroller.  Adam, Rocky, and the two guys reached the stroller.  Mr. Anderson reached them and quickly took Jacob and gave him a hug.  Bulk and Skull didn't make it as they had crashed into some bushes.  Adam, Rocky, and Aisha introduced themselves to the three teens, Kimberly, Billy, and Tommy.  Mr. Anderson introduced himself and Jacob as well.  Mr. Anderson and Jacob left.  Adam, Rocky, Aisha, Kimberly, Billy, and Tommy walked over to a picnic table and sat and talked for awhile.  Bulk and Skull finally reached them and collapsed on a nearby picnic table.  Bulk and Skull could hear their conversation and mocked it.  The six teens made plans to get together at the ninja competition.  Later, the competition started.  Adam, Aisha, and Rocky were dressed in white ninja outfits that covered their faces.  Adam, Rocky, and Aisha did well in the competition against the current champions, despite the champions fighting dirty.  Adam, Aisha, and Rocky won the competition.  They removed their face coverings to the cheer of the crowd that included Mr. Anderson, Jacob, Bulk, Skull, Billy, Tommy, and Kimberly.  After the competition, Adam, Rocky, Aisha, and Mr. Anderson prepared for the ride home.  Tommy, Kimberly, and Billy were there as well and helping them.  The group promised to stay in touch.  Kimberly, Billy, and Tommy walked away.  Adam, Aisha, and Rocky were very surprised when Goldar appeared.  Goldar used golden lasers and caught all four of them.  Adam, Rocky, Aisha, and Mr. Anderson struggled against the lasers, but they could not break free.  Adam, Aisha, Rocky, and Mr. Anderson were taken to the Dimension of Despair.  They were tied up with chains and guarded by several Putties.  Goldar told them they had been chosen to become Lord Zedd's dark warriors.  Adam told Goldar they would never fight on the side of evil.  Goldar laughed and told them they had no choice.  Mr. Anderson was worried about Jacob, who had been placed in his car seat when Goldar had captured them.  Adam and his friends knew they had to escape.  Aisha took a pin out of her hair and tried to pick the lock.

Aisha struggled to unlock the chains.  Aisha:  "Come on, I almost had it."  Mr. Anderson:  "Aisha, what are you doing?  Don't do that.  You're going to make them angry."  They both glanced over at the Zedd's Putties guarding them.  Aisha did not let her fear stop her.  Aisha would eventually unlock the chains.  Adam, Aisha, and Rocky eased their hands out of the chains.  Adam, Rocky, and Aisha immediately began battling the Putties.  Mr. Anderson could only watch as he was still tied up.  Adam and his friends were doing well until Goldar appeared.  Goldar used his power and Adam and his friends were tied up once more.  Goldar told them they have been given a great honor, they have been selected by Lord Zedd to become his dark ninjas.  Adam told Goldar they would never work for evil. 

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The Ninja Encounter, Part II




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