Danny Delgado - The Black Wild Force Power Ranger

Danny Delgado was chosen by the iron bison to become the Black Wild Force Power Ranger.  Danny joined the team - which included Taylor (Yellow Wild Force Power Ranger), Alyssa (White Wild Force Power Ranger), and Max (Blue Wild Force Ranger).  The four of them were battling Orgs set upon destroying Turtle Cove.   During one such battle, the Rangers were chasing down an Org.  Danny, who has a fear of heights, was unable to continue because he was afraid of leaping over to the next building.   With Max's encouragement, Danny attempted to leap over, but didn't quite make it.  Hanging on to Max, and with Max's further words of encouragement, Danny was able to climb up the building.  This incident bonded the two young man and Danny and Max became best friends.  After two months of being a Ranger, Danny and the rest were joined by Cole (Red Wild Force Ranger) who became the leader of the team.  The Power Rangers were kept busy battling Orgs sent by Master Org - who also had help from Jindrax and Toxica.  Danny is a strong person with a gentleness and soft-spoken voice.  He cares for the plants on the Animarium - where the Rangers stayed along with their mentor, Princess Shayla.  Prior to joining the Rangers, Danny worked in a flower shop with a young woman named Kendall.  Danny is very much in love with Kendall and the mere sight of her causes Danny to forget anything else going on.  Danny never had the courage to tell Kendall how he feels.

More animal crystals began to emerge and Danny and the rest of the Rangers gain an elephantzord, giraffeezord, polar bear and black bear zords, gorillazord, and the soul bird.  These zords helped Danny and the rest the Rangers greatly.  Another powerful foe appeared - Zen-Aku.  Although Zen-Aku was not working for Master Org, he was intent on exacting revenge on the Rangers.  Danny and the rest of the Rangers battle Zen-Aku many times and lost several of their zords to him - elephant zord, giraffe zord, and both bear zords - and had them battle the Rangers.  Zen-Aku proved to be a puzzle for the Rangers when he attacked Toxica and another Org.  Danny and the rest of the Rangers were very surprised when Animaus appeared in the sky and spoke with Zen-Aku - urging him to remember.

Danny and the rest of the Rangers returned to the Animarium where they tried to figure out the puzzle of Zen-Aku.  Princess Shayla told them of how she had a vision of Animaus and that Zen-Aku was Merrick - an ancient warrior from 3,000 years ago.  Danny and the rest of the Rangers figured out how Zen-Aku appears during the full moon and how Merrick is returned to human form when there is no moon.  With this information, Danny and the rest of the Rangers searched for Merrick.  They tried to talk to Zen-Aku, but Zen-Aku was being controlled by Nayzor who had planted a bug in his head to prevent his memories from returning.  Animaus used his power to cover the moon and Zen-Aku transform back to Merrick.  Danny and the rest of the Rangers listened as Merrick told them how he used the wolf mask and became under it's control.  Danny and the rest of the Rangers wanted Merrick to join them.  Merrick was only willing after he found out Princess Shayla had been awoken.  Before Merrick could help the Rangers, the moon appeared again and so did Zen-Aku.  Princess Shayla figured out that by destroying the predazord the curse would be broken and she passed this information to the Rangers.  Danny gained two new wild zords - armadillozord and rhinozord - and with their help, they were able to destroy predazord and break the curse of Merrick.

Merrick did not join Danny and the rest of the Rangers at the Animarium.  Preferring to be on his own, but he did help them fight Orgs whenever he could.  Cole's search for his parents lead to an article which presumed his parents were dead.  Danny, Max, Taylor, and Alyssa tried to help Cole through this troubling time and offer him some hope by the possibility that his parents may simply be missing in the jungle, not dead.

With Wedding Org on the rampage, Danny became concerned for Kendall.  A lot of Kendall's business was weddings, and Danny feared that she would be harmed.  Danny went to forewarn Kendall and found that another guy (Colin) also interested in Kendall.  Danny and Colin help Kendall step up the reception and compete with each other as well.  As Danny feared, Wedding Org makes an appearance.  Danny and Colin fight the putrids.  Kendall tries to put up a fight and gets hurt.  Danny yells at Colin to get Kendall to safety.  When Danny sees that it's clear, he morphs into the Black Wild Force Ranger and battles Wedding Org - with Wedding Org winning that battle.  Afterwards, Danny arrives at the flower shop to see how Kendall is doing and is stunned when he is told that Kendall is in a hospital.  Danny races to the hospital, but before he has a chance to see her, Colin takes Danny outside.  Danny is surprised when Colin reveals that he and Kendall saw Danny morph into the Black Wild Force Ranger.  Colin also tells Danny that Danny can't save the world and take care of Kendall at the same time.  Danny is unable to respond to Colin's words and when his growl phone rings to tell him he is needed, it simply emphasis what Colin had been saying.  Danny had worked on a bracelet and gives it to Colin before taking off to help the Rangers.  During the battle with Wedding Org, Danny finds his thoughts full of Kendall and does not know what he would do if he never saw her anything.  Oblivious to the battle around him, Danny continues to think of Kendall.  Then her voice comes through.  Kendall is there and urging Danny to fight.  Filled with a new sense of purpose, Danny practically takes on the whole battle himself and the Wedding Org is destroyed.  Afterwards, Danny returns to the flower shop.  He is happy to see that Kendall is all better.  Kendall is full of praise for Danny's noble work.  Kendall also lets Danny know that he needs to concrete on his work and not worry about her.  The words echo in Danny's head.  Hurt and not willing to show it, Danny agrees with Kendall and leaves to join his fellow Rangers.

Tombstone Org appeared and greatly injured the wild zords.  Another zord appeared, the deerzord, but it did not stay around.  Danny and the rest of the Rangers could not figure this out.  Princess Shayla explained how Merrick and her used to sing to it every morning.  Princess Shayla believe the deerzord was upset with them.  Animamus appeared and urged Princess Shayla to sing to the deerzord along with Merrick playing his flute.  This appeased the deerzord and the deerzord healed the wild zords.  The deerzord also became part of the wild force team.

Danny and the rest of the Wild Force Rangers went to where three orgs were battling two Time Force Rangers.  Danny and the Wild Force Rangers met Wes (Red Time Force Ranger) and Eric (Quantum Ranger) who were battling the mutants.  There was some confusion as to whether the creatures were mutants or orgs.  Back at the Animarium, Danny and the rest of the Wild Force Rangers told Princess Shayla about meeting Wes and Eric.  Taylor brought Wes and Eric to the Animarium where they had set up a viewing screen.  Danny was surprised to see a young, green-haired man within the screen - Trip (Green Time Force Ranger).  Trip informed all the Rangers that the creatures were half org and half mutant - MutOrgs.  Danny was concerned about battling such powerful creatures.  But Max was confident that with Wes and Eric on their side, they would defeat them.  Soon all the Wild Force Rangers, Wes, and Eric were called to battle the MutOrgs.  Danny and the Rangers fought bravely, but they were having a tough time.  Another person appeared above them all.  It was Jen (Pink Time Force Ranger) who battle the MutOrgs and urged all of them to get to safety.  Danny, the rest of the Wild Force Rangers, Wes, Eric, and Jen beat a hasty retreat.

At the Animarium, Danny and the rest of the Rangers were disappointed that they were unable to defeat the MutOrgs.  Princess Shayla informed them at an owl within the viewing screen was trying to contact them.  Circuit told the Rangers that Captain Logan was sending reinforcements.  Danny and the rest of the Rangers gathered at the beach, where the time ship landed.  Trip, Lucas (Blue Time Force Power Ranger), and Katie (Yellow Time Force Power Ranger) emerged and gave a joyous greeting to Wes, Eric, and Jen.  Two other figures emerged from the time ship.  Ransik, a notorious criminal from the future and his daughter Nadira.  They all went back to the Animarium, where Ransik told them of how he came across the orgs entombed within stone.  How the orgs had copied his mutant DNA and reward him by making his entire body a weapon.  Afterwards, Jen agreed to let Ransik help.  Master Org and the MutOrgs were at the power plant.  The Rangers, Ransik and Nadira left to battle the MutOrgs.  Danny, Trip, Lucas, and Max found the control room and Trip began working on deactivating the reactor.  Danny, Lucas, and Max were kept busy fighting the putrids that had found them.  The reactor was deactivated and destroyed.  Danny, Lucas, Max, and Trip joined the other Rangers, including Merrick, who were now ready to battle the orgs - Ransik had destroyed their mutant halves.  After the orgs were destroyed, Danny and the other Rangers gathered to where Ransik and Nadira were.  Danny and the others were surprised when Ransik revealed that his face had been healed.  Danny and all the Rangers, Ransik, and Nadira, joined Princess Shayla and Circuit in a celebration picnic.  It was a great time, even though Danny was beaten in arm-wrestling by Katie.

Danny joined his friends as they went to the Turtle Cove Hospital.  Alyssa had seen that Dr. Adler had been brought to the hospital.  Cole was anxious to see Dr. Adler for word about his own parents.  Danny and the others tried to forewarn Cole that the news might not be good.  Cole accepted that, but he had to know.  They entered the hospital room and found the bed was empty.  Behind them, the door was shut and there stood Dr. Adler.  Before Danny or the others could react, Dr. Adler had them all wrapped up in vines.  Danny, Taylor, Max, and Alyssa were covered in slime-covered vines that held them secure no matter how hard they struggled.  Cole was facing Dr. Adler - who revealed himself as Master Org.  Master Org also revealed his story of why he became Master Org and how he destroyed Cole's parents.  At first, Cole did not put up much of a fight, as Master Org pounded away at him.  Danny, Max, Alyssa, and Taylor all urged Cole to fight back.  Cole did while Merrick showed up and freed Danny, Alyssa, Taylor, and Max.  Cole had managed to destroyed Master Org's power and he was simply a broken man.  Danny and his friends took Cole to the cemetery where he could say his final good-bye.

Danny and the rest of the Rangers found themselves battling against a new org.  Mandilok was in charge and determined to destroyed the Rangers.  Cole was concerned for a young boy that he had befriended - Kite.  Cole believed that Kite was homeless and living on the streets.  Danny and the rest of the Rangers tried to find Kite, but ended up battling Mandilok and his two new duke orgs.  Initially, the Danny and the rest of the Rangers could not call the wild zords down.  Later they could.  Danny, Taylor, Cole, Max, and Alyssa were later informed of the ancient memorial of Animarium and how it had helped the Rangers.  Danny and the rest of the Rangers moved the memorial to a safer place and paid their respects to the ancient warriors of three-thousand years ago.

With Princess Shayla and Merrick singing to the deer zord every morning, Danny could no longer sleep in.  Kite was now staying with the Rangers on the Animarium, and Danny and the rest of the Rangers haven't any clue on how to find Kite's parents.  More urgent problems came for the Rangers.  Lion Tamer Org appeared in Turtle Cove and Danny and the rest of the Rangers quickly morphed into action.  Amazing enough, Lion Tamer Org soon had Danny and the rest of the Rangers obeying his every command.  Toxica and Jindrax were there as well and they fed Lion Tamer Org the beans that made him grow big.  Toxica and Jindrax then urged the Rangers to call for their zords.  This puzzled Danny and the rest of the Rangers, but they did not have much choice and called for their zords.  Soon Lion Tamer Org had the Ranger's zords under his command.  Danny and the rest of the Rangers called for the Congo Zord and were battling their own megazord.  But Congo Zord also fell under the Lion Tamer Org's spell and they both were now battling the Predazord.  Danny and the rest of the Rangers did not know what to do.  Kite suddenly appeared begging the zords to remember that they were friends.  Danny and the rest of the Rangers were worried about Kite and told him to stay away, but Kite did not.  A large wind blew towards the zords and the spell was broken.  Kite collapse and Merrick held him for safe keeping.  Danny and the rest of the Rangers defeated Lion Tamer Org.  Afterwards, they checked to make sure Kite was alright.  Danny and the rest of the Rangers were confused as to how Kite broke the Lion Tamer Org's spell over the zords.  When Merrick told them that he recognized the wind - it was the same wind as 3000 years ago, Danny and the rest of the Rangers were simply stumped.

Danny and the rest of the Rangers were kept busy with Mandilok's constant attempts to take over.  During one such battle, Kite revealed himself to be Animaus.  For a while Animus had taken the zords away from the Rangers, but when Danny and the rest of the Rangers proved themselves, the zords were returned.  Another powerful foe appeared on Mandilok's side - Onikage.  Onikage was clever and managed what no org had done before, trick Toxica and capture Princess Shayla.  Danny and the rest of the Rangers witness the destruction of Toxica and were desperate to rescue the Princess before something happen to her.  Danny and the rest of the Rangers also witness the return of Master Org - who Onikage was really working for - and this time the destruction of Mandilok.  This simply reinforce Danny and the rest of the Rangers conviction to save the Princess.

Danny and the rest of the Rangers were surprised when Jindrax approached them.  Another surprise was the return of Toxica, Jindrax informed the Rangers that he had rescued her from the spirit world.  Toxica and Jindrax were willing to help the Rangers rescue the Princess.  Danny and the rest of the Rangers were hesitant about accepting help from them, but there was not much choice.  Toxica and Jindrax were to call to the Nexus - only Orgs could enter the Nexus and make their way through the maze.  Toxica told the Rangers that when Master Org returned, he created a force field around the Nexus.  The force field was generated by three statues.  The statues had to be destroyed for the force field to disappear.  Toxica told Danny and the rest of the Rangers to search for the pillars of light - that is where the statues would be and there might be something protecting the statues.  The Rangers split into pairs to search for the statues.  Danny and Max followed a light that appeared above water - the statue was on the bottom of the lake.  Before Danny and Max could retrieve it, Mandilok appeared.  Danny and Max fought Mandilok.  At one point, Danny was ready to quit, but Max convince him to never give up.  Danny continue and was able to hold Mandilok above his head as Max dive into the water to destroy the statue.  The rest of the Rangers were successful in destroying their statues as well, but they still have to fight the Orgs protecting them.  It was a tough battle and Danny and the rest of the Rangers were hit hard with the Nexus blade the Orgs produce.  Danny and the rest of the Rangers summoned their jungle blaster and with sheer strength of will defeated the Orgs.  Danny and the rest of the Rangers then raced to the entrance of the Nexus where they found Princess Shayla, Toxica, and Jindrax.  Toxica and Jindrax declared the battle between humans and orgs over.  Toxica and Jindrax decided to hit the road to find themselves.  It was an unique moment.  Danny, got up in the moment, offered the use of the Animarium to Toxica and Jindrax.  Alyssa quickly hushed him.  Danny and the rest of the Rangers watched as Toxica and Jindrax headed for the road.

Danny and the rest of the Rangers had a party on the Animarium to celebrate.  The party was going full swing until Max shouted out that it was the end of the Power Rangers.  The party quickly died out.  Danny and Max headed for the playground where they talked about their time as Power Rangers.  Danny and Max were surprised to receive a call from their growl phone - another Org had appeared.  Danny and the rest of the Rangers raced to the city of Turtle Cove to find the city covered in vines.  Danny was stunned to see Master Org reappeared once more.  Danny and the rest of the Rangers morphed into action and Animus joined the Rangers as well.  Princess Shayla showed up to warn the Rangers that Master Org was too powerful and that they had to leave.  The Rangers, except Merrick, left with Princess Shayla to head back to the Animarium.  When the battle below was going badly, Merrick's zords had been destroyed and he was no longer able to morph, they beamed Merrick and Animus onboard the Animarium.  Animus had reverted to the small boy form of Kite.  Kite told the Rangers to not forget that they were the guardians of the earth and then he vanished in a golden shower.  Danny and the rest of the Rangers were devastated over the loss of Animus, but there was not any time to grieve as Master Org was on the Animarium.  Danny and the rest of the Rangers prepared to battle Master Org.  Master Org was swiftly destroying their zords.  Danny and the rest of the Rangers fought hard but they soon were tossed from their zords and watched in horror as their chosen zords were destroyed one by one.  Danny was the first to notice that their growl phones had vanished as well.  To make matters worse, Master Org had set the Animarium on it's side and it was now falling towards Turtle Cove.  The Animarium landed in Turtle Cove Lake.  Danny spotted the huge form of Master Org crashing through the city.  The rain was pouring and Danny felt that all was hopeless.  But Cole and Alyssa were not ready to admit defeat and soon Danny spirits were lifted.  They left to battle Master Org.  It was not an easy battle, and they had to fight several putrids before they reach Master Org, but they made it to the top of a building to confront Master Org.  Master Org mocked their attempts, but each Rangers proudly declared their name and their zord.  Suddenly sunlight began breaking apart the dark clouds and the sky was filled with hundreds of zords.  Danny and the rest of the Rangers were able to morph and this time they defeated Master Org for good.  Back at the Animarium, Danny and Max watched as all the zords returned happily to their home.  Danny and Max left to join the other Rangers - all in upbeat moods.  Again, the mood was about to change.  Princess Shayla informed the Rangers that their mission was done and that they had to return their jackets and growl phones.  Danny wanted to know why couldn't Princess Shayla stay, but Princess Shayla had to stay on the Animarium with the zords until they were needed again.  Even Merrick could not join her.  They all watched as Princess Shayla walked away and vanished from sight.  Danny and the rest of the Rangers also watched as the Animarium lifted itself up into the skies once more.  Danny and Max decided to spend their time traveling around the world.

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