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Andros - The Red Space Power Ranger

Andros was a solitary  young man searching the universe with two missions in his heart.  One to find his sister, Akron, who had been kidnapped as a small child, the other to freed the captive Zordon.  He suffered greatly the loss of his family, friends, and his world and he was bound and determined to achieve these goals.  With his singlemindness, Andros came across as cold and uncaring.  But in fact, here was a man with intense emotions who had a heavy burden on his shoulders.

Having been independent for so long, Andros was very reluctant to have anyone help him.  Which is the way Ashley, Carlos, Cassie, and TJ found him.   After helping them fix their space shuttle and Alpha, Andros was quite ready to leave them and continue on his own way.  But under Alpha's guidance (who stayed hidden on the Astro Megaship) and his own conscience prickling him, he returned to the planet where he left them.  Andros gave Carlos, Cassie, TJ, and Ashley morphers which turned them into the Space Rangers.  After the battle, the other Rangers convince the very reluctant Andros to go to Earth for the parts that they needed.

Earth was one of the few planets Andros had not been to.  With his new friends to show him around Angel Grove, he discovered he liked what he found.   Especially the pool tables and the food at the Surf Spot.  Despite his arrogant veneer, Andros was very vulnerable and encountered car thieves on his first solo outing.   Perceiving them as friends, Andros took off in a car with them.  Later making them stop so that Andros could stop a purse snatcher had made an impact.  With his own strong views of right and wrong, combined with his innocence, made two of the thieves protective of Andros.  Andros influenced them to change their ways and they in turn tried to make amends for the trouble they had cause.

Over time, Andros enjoyed having the other Rangers around.  He quickly saw the advantages of having the lovely Cassie and Ashley seated on either side of him on the bridge of the ship!  But more importantly they all became friends.   Andros depended on TJ as his right hand man.  Learning that TJ could keep a cool head when he could not.  Cassie was another steady influence and good friend.   Carlos would actually put his life on the line for Andros and was perhaps the only person who could match Andros' intensity.

Unknown to the other Rangers, for quite some time, Andros had another friend on board the Megaship.  A friend from KO-35 who had risked his life for Andros.   Having lost so much already, Andros refused to give up on Zhane and placed him in hyper sleep, hoping that one day Zhane would wake up.  Eventually that is what happen and Andros felt like he got a little bit of his world back.  They would spend a lot of time reliving the past and getting to know each other again.  And although Zhane would leave to help the rebels from KO-35, he always returned to help Andros whenever he needed it.

And then there was Ashley.  Andros knew that Ashley was smitten with him right from the word go, but it took Andros a little longer to realize his feelings for Ashley.  Having never had the time or inclination to date, Andros was shy and unsure about asking Ashley out.  He tried to get his feelings across with a lovely necklace for her birthday.  But when he thought Zhane was making moves on Ashley, Andros realized the depth of his feelings for her.  And, being Andros, they were intense enough for him to get very angry with Zhane and use poor judgment on an upcoming battle.  Afterwards, Andros realized he was being foolish and apologized to Zhane.  He also finally asked Ashley out.  And it was his relationship with Ashley that allowed him to opened up more, have some fun, and become an even stronger person.  Now when he encountered a small creature (that Ashley would name Symour) that needed his help, Andros would become attached and concerned for Seymour.  Andros helped Seymour gain his freedom and left him when he realized that Seymour would not be alone.

One day Andros got the surprise of his life.  He discovered that Astronema, the Princess of Evil, was his sister Karone.  Despite the fact that Karone had been on the side of evil for most of her life, Andros never gave up on her.  As was his way, he was simply determined to convince her that he was her brother and that she had a good side.  And it worked.  Karone joined Andros on his ship and tried to help him find Zordon.  Unfortunately, this was a reunion that would not last long.   Dark Specter was determined to get his servant back.  When Karone was at the Dark Fortress, trying to help the Rangers, Ecliptor grabbed her and had her reprogrammed.   Andros, along with Zhane (who had the misfortune of telling Andros that he dated Astronema - something big brother Andros had a hard time with) went to the Dark Fortress to rescue Karone.  It was no use.  Karone was not in control anymore; Astronema was out in full force.  Andros had to return to the Astro Megaship in deep pain.   He had finally found his sister, only to lose her again!

Then things went from bad to worse.  Astronema had created the Psycho Rangers who were relentless in their pursuit of destroying the Rangers.  It took everything they had and numerous battles before they were finally able to defeat the Rangers.  But the defeat of the Psycho Rangers only made things more intense for Andros and the others.  More battles came - until the ultimate showdown.  Angel Grove - as much as the rest of the universe - was in shambles.  Andros felt he had to take one last chance and try to convince his sister to stop.  Although Andros tried to sneak off on his mission, Ashley caught up to him.  But she could not convince him to stay.  After a painful good-bye to Ashley, Andros left Earth to go to the Dark Fortress.  There he found Astronema and tried everything he could to convince her to stop.  But it didn't work.  Astronema was determined to destroy him.  In an ironic twist of fate, Andros, shielding himself from one of Astronema's blow, unintentionally destroyed Astronema instead.  Andros was trembling as he knelt beside his sister's still body - unable to believe what had happen.  Quickly Ecliptor stormed in and was just as badly upset as Andros.  With time running out, Andros destroyed the tube that contained Zordon.  Zordon's good energy flowed through the universe destroying all that was evil.  And although the entire universe was in celebration, Andros was not.   He returned to Earth in the Dark Fortress, and carried his sister's still body down the ramp.  As he laid her body on the ground, Andros couldn't stop his tears from falling, and when one hit Karone, a metamphorsis occurred.  That one teardrop of love brought Karone back to life.  To say Andros was overjoyed was putting it mildly.

After returning to KO-35 and reuniting with his people, Andros had to say good-bye to Ashley again.  This time for good.  Andros felt broken inside as he watched the cargo doors slowly shut upon Ashley's stricken face.  As he stood there he realized that KO-35 was no longer his home.  Home was with Ashley and the other Rangers.  Surprising everyone - Andros boarded the Megaship and got a very enthustic hug from Ashley.  Andros, of course, brought along Karone and Zhane, and with much joy and smiling faces all around, returned to Earth.

 Finding out that Divot was after the psycho ranger data cards, Andros quickly leap into action.  Andros was too late; the data cards were in the possession of Trekenna.  While Leo was battling Psycho Red, Andros appeared on the scene and helped him.  Leo was stunned upon having this legend help him, but there wasn't much time for conversation.  Andros, Leo and Mike quickly formed a plan to rescue Damon, Kai, Kendrix, and Maya.  As the two lines of good and evil were facing each other, everyone got a surprise when the rest of the Space Rangers showed up.  Soon both Ranger teams were battling it out and they defeated all but one psycho ranger.  Psycho Pink survived and returned to cause much pain for the pink Rangers.  They did finally defeat Psycho Pink but with a great cost.  Andros, once again, witnessed true courage when Kendrix sacrificed her life for Cassie's.   Andros and the others could not stay on Terra Venture, and brushing off compliments, told the Galaxy Rangers what a great team they were.  Quietly they returned to Earth to continue with their mission.

Andros's mission was tracking General Venjix.  He was working alongside veteran Ranger, Tommy.  Andros was on the moon - watching the surviving remains of the Machine Empire.  Cogs were busy digging away - they were unearthing Serpentera.  Andros needed to get this information back to Tommy.  In his haste to leave, he knock some stones aside and they tumbled down to the ground.  Andros had been spotted and the chase was on.  Andros quickly morphed and flew away in his galaxy glider.  He made the call to Tommy.  Andros headed to NASADA - where Eric, Wes, Carter, and TJ were already.  Andros introduced himself and told them they were being asked to join in an important mission by their leader - Tommy.  Tommy entered the room and told them what was at stake.  Andros revealed the Astro Megaship Mark 2 - fresh off the docks of KO-35.  Tommy gave the Rangers a choice to join the mission or not.  Andros, along with the others, quickly agreed to join in the battle.  As they were getting ready to board the Astro Megaship, Andros realized that there was supposed to be another Red Ranger and asked Tommy about it.  Tommy had replied that the other Red Ranger probably couldn't make it.  The sounds of a motorcycle caught their attention.  Andros and the rest of the Rangers quickly went outside and spotted a motorcycle heading their ways.  It was Jason - who walked up the line and greeted them.  They were soon on the Astro Megaship and heading towards the moon.  Andros had contacted Leo and Aurico and they would be on their way as soon as possible.  Their mission was to prevent Serpentera from leaving the moon.  Andros and the rest of the Rangers entered the building were the generals were and quickly went into action.  The battle soon followed outdoors.  Leo and Aurico joined the Rangers on the moon.  Andros worked alongside Carter as they battle.  Andros was dismayed to see Serpentera leaving.  Cole went into action and soon had Serpentera destroyed.  The Rangers returned to NASADA.  Tommy thanked them all and said his good-byes.  Andros watched him walked away with the daylight fading fast.  Cole broke the quiet mood by commenting that Tommy was the greatest Red Ranger.  Andros laughed along with the others.  After all, he had save two planets in his day.

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