Cole Evans - The Red Wild Force Power Ranger

Cole came from a tribal village that had raised him since before he could walk.  Cole could speak to animals and could understand them as well.  During a ceremony Cole was given a photograph of his parents and a red crystal.  He set off to find his parents and left the only home he had known.  Cole reached the city of Turtle Cove and tried to track down his parents.  Most people avoid him because of his strange appearance and strong body odor.  He realized that his task would not be so easy.  In the park, Cole befriended a dog that he would later rescue, along with all the other animals, from an animal laboratory building.  Unknown to Cole, he was being watch.  He was awaken the following day by four strangers.  Cole was very reluctant to leave with these people, but did not have much choice since Taylor punch him in the stomach and knock him out.  When he awoken for the second time, he found himself in a place very similar to where he left.  Princess Shayla welcome him to the Animarium and told him that the he was to be the leader of the Wild Force Rangers.  Princess Shayla introduced the other Rangers - Taylor, Alyssa, Danny, and Max.  Cole became the Red Wild Force Ranger.   Their mission to defeat the Orgs.  He wanted to try a different approach to fighting.  Cole believed that everything had a heart and that the Orgs were similar to an animal being force from his home.  He received a shock when he discovered that Orgs had no heart.  Cole had never encountered something with no heart.  As much as he did not want to fight them, he could see no other way.  The other Rangers also clean up the jungle boy - giving him a bath and cutting his hair.  Princess Shayla had found him some clothes and presented him with a Wild Force jacket.  Cole tried the clothes on, but the shirt was a little too restricting.  Making his own adjustments, he ripped the sleeves and used some of the material to wrap around his head.  Cole was ready.

Things were difficult for Cole from the very beginning.  Although Alyssa (Alyssa made the best eggs as far as Cole was concerned), Danny, and Max accepted Cole as their new leader, Taylor did not.  Cole had no doubts as to how Taylor felt about him taking over.  When Cole destroyed Camera Org and Taylor was no longer invisible, she accepted him as their leader.  Early on, his lion zord became ill and Cole went searching for the Soul Bird.  He found the Soul Bird and Master Org as well.  Alone, he faced Master Org and fought him with all the strength he possessed.  Master Org had the final say when he destroyed the Soul Bird.  Thankfully, there was an egg and when the baby hatched, the baby was able to heal the lion zord.  

More troubles came for Cole when the Duke Org Zen-Aku showed up.  Zen-Aku brought Cole and the rest of the Rangers to their knees countless times.  To add insult to injury, Zen-Aku took several animal crystal as well.  Zen-Aku was a bit of puzzle and the Rangers soon learned that Zen-Aku was an ancient warrior, Merrick.  With Cole and the rest of the Ranger's help, Merrick was able to break the curse of the wolf mask.  Cole and the rest of the Rangers wanted Merrick to join them on the Animarium, but Merrick preferred to be on his own.  Merrick did help out the Wild Force Rangers whenever he was needed.

Whenever he had a moment, Cole would search for information about his parents.  Alyssa offered to help and took him to a library to do some research.  They were call away to battle Traffic Signal Org.  Cole lost his memory during the battle and awoke to find himself on a farm with a friendly family.  Cole enjoyed his time on the farm - his special gift with animals helping him.  When Taylor, Max, Danny, and Alyssa showed up, Cole reluctantly left with them.  He regained his memory when he morphed into the Red Wild Force Ranger.  He would later make a painful trip to the cemetery where his and his parent's tombstones stood.  All he had of his parents were the cold stones.  His friends did not want to see Cole so distraught and offered him the hope that perhaps the tombstones were wrong.  After all, his own tombstone was there and Cole was definitely alive, perhaps the same was for his parents.

Cole had the opportunity of working with the Time Force Rangers.  Three Mut-Orgs had arrived and both sets of Rangers were needed.  Along with help from Ransik and Nadira.  Cole, Wes, Nadira, and Ransik searched the power plant where the Mut-Orgs were seen.  Ransik destroyed their mutant halves.  Cole and Wes joined the rest of the Rangers to battle the Orgs.  Working together the Orgs were defeated.  A picnic celebration followed for both teams. 

While out walking, Cole ran into a young boy running away from construction workers.  Cole tried to talk to the boy.  He found out his name, Kite, but not much else.  Cole was concerned for Kite - and believe him to be homeless.  More problems loomed for Cole and the rest of the Rangers.  Master Org had been defeated and the Rangers thought they were done.  But a new general appeared, Manilok and was just as determined to destroyed the Rangers.

Cole searched throughout Turtle Cove for Kite.  He even used his special talents with animals to try and track the young boy down.  As it turn out, Kite was following Cole.  Cole bought Kite an ice-cream and they sat down and talked.  Cole questioned Kite about his parents and where he came from.  Kite couldn't give him any answers.  Cole realized he had a lot in common with Kite.  Cole was soon called to do battle with Flute Org.  He asked Kite to stay and raced to battle Flute Org.  During the battle, Animas appeared and helped the Rangers defeat Flute Org.  Cole and the rest of the Rangers were thrilled to see him, but puzzled as to how he could appeared when he had been destroyed.  Cole realized he had to return to Kite.  But when he got there, once again, Kite was gone.

Max would be the one to find Kite and bring him to the Animarium.  Cole felt a rush of relief at the sight of Kite.  Kite continued to stay at the Animarium with occasional trips to Turtle Cove to search for his parents.  One morning, Cole and the rest of the Rangers found Kite in front of the TV and very upset.  Kite wanted to know how come the Rangers didn't do more to protect the Earth.  Cole tried to explain to Kite that humans didn't intend for the Earth to become polluted, but Kite was satisfied and left the Animarium.  Cole and Alyssa went searching for him without any luck.  They went to Merrick's work, but Merrick could give them no answers.  Cole and the rest of the Rangers were called to battle an org and were stunned to see Kite with Mandilock.  Cole was further amazed when Kite revealed himself to be Animus.  Animus was angry at the Rangers, and much to Cole's distress, took away all their zords.

Unable to believe his lion zord was gone, Cole search for him in the Animarium, but the lion zord was really gone.  As Cole walked along a seemingly empty Animarium, he spotted Princess Shayla on the ground.  He rushed over, slipping in his attempt to reach her.  He contacted the other Rangers to let them know what had happened.  Cole carried Princess Shayla to their home and they all watched her sleep.  With no wild zords to protect, the Princess had gone into a deep sleep.  It was a very low point for Cole and the other Rangers.  Cole also took it upon himself to let Merrick know what had happened to the Princess.  Cole watched as Merrick took off.  Cole and the rest of the Rangers were soon called into battle.  Even without their zords, they were ready to do whatever it took to defeat Toy Org.  Merrick showed up to help them with his zords.  Cole and the rest of the Rangers would receive a surprise when Animus appeared to battle alongside Merrick.  After the battle, Cole, the rest of the Rangers, and Princess Shayla found Kite at the Animarium Memorial.  Kite had taken away their zords as a test.  The Rangers had passed the test and the zords were return to them.  Cole had an extra surprise when Kite gave him the Wild Force Rider.  Cole watched as Animus left - telling the Rangers that he would not be returning.

Cole was out in the park enjoying a day with his friends when he heard someone calling his name.  The young man introduced himself as Carter Grayson - Red Ranger.  Carter needed Cole for an important mission - the safety of the earth was at stake.  Cole left with Carter in his vehicle and soon found  himself in a building on NASADA grounds.  A smile broke over Cole's face as he recognized two familiar faces - Wes and Eric.  He greeted them warmly.  Carter handed the formal introductions of the Rangers present.  Cole meet TJ, Andros, and veteran ranger Tommy.  Tommy informed the gathered rangers that the remaining generals of the Machine Empire were planning an attack.  Cole had a further surprise when a space ship was revealed - the Astro Megaship Mark II.  Tommy gave all the rangers a choice to stay or go.  There was no question for Cole.  He didn't know much about space ships or the Machine Empire, but he would do whether it takes to protect earth.  The rest of the Rangers agreed.  They were getting ready to board the Astro Megaship when the Cole heard the sounds of a motorcycle.  Cole and the rest of the Rangers went outside where a person on a motorcycle headed towards them.  The person was Jason - the original Red Ranger.  Cole was very excited to meet Jason and held out his hand - Jason greeted him as the new guy.  The Rangers were ready to leave.  On their journey to the moon, the Rangers were shown a video of what the generals were doing - digging up Serpentera.  Cole knew they had to stop Serpentera on the moon - before it left for earth.  The other Rangers agreed.  Cole and the rest of the Rangers landed on the moon and surprised the generals.  All the Rangers were soon battling the various generals and cogs.  While battling, Cole overheard the generals - they were heading towards Serpentera.  Cole tried to stop them, but soon found himself blasted off his feet.  Cole found himself lifted onto a jet jammer by Leo and Aurico.  They landed back on the moon safely and were joined by the rest of the Rangers.  All the red Rangers morphed into battle.  Cole found himself alongside Jason as they battled together.  During the battle, Cole couldn't resist a morphinal cry.  Despite their best efforts, Serpentera was getting ready to leave the moon.  Cole knew of only one chance.  He quickly got onto his Wild Force Rider and took to the skies.  With much maneuvering, Cole destroyed Serpentera, followed by the cheers of the other Rangers.  Afterwards, they made it back to the NASADA grounds.  Tommy thanked them all and said goodbye.  Cole was awestruck and called Tommy the greatest red Ranger ever.  This brought a chuckle from the rest of the Rangers.  Cole didn't know what he had say that was so funny.  The other red Rangers soon filled him in on their accomplishments.

Cole returned to the Animarium.  One night, he was awaken by terrible screaming.  Cole was surprised to see Toxica - who was screaming because touching the scared water gave her great pain.  Cole and the rest of the Rangers receive another jolt when Jindrax and a new duke org Onikage also appeared.  Their plan was to take Princess Shayla, Cole and the rest of the Rangers managed to stop them.  But they couldn't figured out why they wanted the Princess.  There wasn't much time for thought as there was another org attack.  Cole and his friends arrived in Turtle Cove and received another shock when they saw five previously defeated orgs.  They morphed into action, but their skills seemed to have little effect on the orgs.  Cole and the other Rangers discovered that the orgs had been an illusion by Onikage and that Princess Shayla had been the real target.  Cole and the other Rangers raced to protect the Princess but were stopped by Jindrax and a swarm of putrids.  Cole and the rest of the Rangers battled them and were amazed when Onikage attacked his own kind.  Cole and the rest of the Rangers soon came upon Mandilok, Onikage, Jindrax, Toxica and Princess Shayla.  Cole demanded that the Princess be released and the Rangers soon had their jungle blaster aimed at Mandilok.  Much to their shock, Mandilok used Toxica as a shield and she was destroyed instead of Mandilok.  The shock had barely settled in, when Onikage grew to a huge size and Cole had to call for their zords.  It was a tough battle, and if it wasn't for Merrick, they would have gone down in defeat.  Cole and the rest of the Rangers returned to the Animarium.  The Animarium was not the same without the Princess.  Overcome with feelings of despair, Cole had no idea what they should do next.

Onikage appeared at the Animarium again.  This time it was just an illusion, but he had instructions for them.  The Rangers to meet him at the rock quarry.  Cole and his friends didn't hesitate to race over to the rock quarry.  When they arrived they found Onikage, Mandilok, Jindrax, and Princess Shayla.  Cole and the rest of the Rangers were unable to rescue the Princess because Onikage had created Shadow Rangers from their dark sides.  Cole and the rest of the Rangers were so busy with the Shadow Rangers, they couldn't reach the Princess.  There were more surprises for them.  In the midst of their battle, Master Org returned.  Onikage had been working for Master Org all along.  Master Org destroyed Mandilok and was going to destroying Jindrax, but Jindrax escaped with Princess Shayla.  During this time, Cole and the rest of the Rangers made their escape.  Cole could not get over Master Org's reappearance.  He felt that Master Org had never learned from his mistakes.  Taylor reminded him that Master Org was no longer human, but an Org.  Cole tried to reconciled these facts but he didn't have much time.  Master Org had found them and set the Shadow Rangers upon them again.  Onikage and Princess Shayla soon appeared and then Jindrax as well.  Onikage tried to set a shadow against Jindrax, but instead a shadow of Onikage was made instead.  Cole took advantage of this by blasting the shadow Onikage and which destroyed the real one.  Master Org was furious and the Rangers soon found themselves transported to a spirit world where previously destroyed Orgs were.  Cole and the rest of the Rangers could not even call upon their zords to help.  But the zords were able to help the Rangers - with Princess Shayla's help.  The Rangers defeated Onikage and were returned back to their world.  There they vowed to not give up until they had rescue the Princess.

Cole and the rest of the Rangers received unexpected help from Jindrax and Toxica - whom Jindrax had brought back from the spirit world.  Toxica informed the Rangers that if they could find the beams of light and destroyed the statues, Toxica would be able to enter the nexus and rescue the Princess.  Cole agreed with their plans.  Each Ranger team find the beams of light and destroyed the statues.  Toxica was able to enter the nexus and rescue the Princess.  Afterwards, Toxica and Jindrax said good-bye to the Rangers as they headed out on the road to find themselves.

Cole and the rest of the Rangers threw a party to celebrate the defeat of the orgs.  The gaiety of the party left once Max announced that the Power Rangers were over.  Cole had a quiet discussion with Taylor about what they were going to do now that the Rangers were over.  Taylor could only tell him that they had to keep on going, like everyone else.  Cole received a surprise call on his growl phone.  Princess Shayla informed the Rangers that a very powerful org had entered Turtle Cove.  Cole had thought that the Rangers had destroyed all the orgs.  He raced alongside his friends into Turtle Cove where there were no people but vines were creeping along everywhere.  Cole was stunned to see Master Org once again.  Master Org had eaten the org heart and was very powerful.  Cole and the rest of the Rangers morphed into action and were very grateful when Animus appeared to help the Rangers.  During the battle, Princess Shayla appeared and urged the Rangers to retreat to the Animarium, that Master Org was simply to powerful.  All the Rangers, except Merrick, returned to the Animarium with Princess Shayla.  Cole and the rest of the Rangers were at a loss when Merrick appeared with Kite in his arms.  Kite apologized for being unable to the help the Rangers and told them not to forget that they were the guardians of the earth.  Kite then vanished in a cloud of gold dust.  Cole didn't even have time to mourn the loss of Animus.  Master Org was now on the Animarium and intent on destroying them and their zords.  Cole and the rest of the Rangers morphed into action to battle Master Org.  One by one, Master Org destroyed their zords.  Cole and the rest of the Rangers fell to the ground as their zord came apart.  Before his eyes, the lion zord vanished and Cole gave out an anguished cry.  The final animal crystals shattered and their growl phones had vanished as well.  Cole and the rest of the Rangers had nothing left.  

Cole lost his balance as the Animarium became tilted and heading back to Turtle Cove.  Cole and the rest of the Rangers hung on as the Animarium landed into Turtle Lake.  Cole and the rest of the Rangers landed hard.  The rain was pouring and they quickly found a small place for shelter.  Master Org was also in Turtle Cove city.  The other Rangers didn't know what to do.  Cole knew they had to fight - even without their wild zords or their powers - they had to fight to protect the city.  His friends agreed and left with him to battle Master Org.  Master Org mocked their attempts and send a swarm of putrids after them.  Cole and the rest of the Rangers had to get through the putrids and on top of a building to reach Master Org.  The Rangers quickly went into action.  While Cole was battling some putrids he heard the scream of a young boy.  Cole could see that he was in trouble and within seconds he was at the boy's side.  He quickly put a few putrids out of commission and using a vine, got the boy safety to his parents.  Cole urged them to leave quickly.  Saving the boy, gave Cole a new burst of energy and he raced up the stairs to the top of the building.  Grabbing another vine, he swung towards Master Org, but Master Org merely flicked his finger and soon Cole was flung down onto the roof of the building.  The other Rangers had managed to get to the roof as well.  Despite Master Org's taunts, Cole was not giving up.  As he stated proudly, he was Cole Evans - Blazing Lion.  The rest of the Rangers followed suit.  Master Org got ready to deliver the final blow when pockets of sunlight began to break through the dark storm clouds.  The rain stopped, the sky was filled with various animals crystals who had come to aid the Rangers.  Cole was especially happy to see his lion zord back.  Morphed into action, Cole and the rest of the Rangers destroyed Master Org once and for all.  Afterwards, Cole sat peacefully with his lion zord.  In his heart, he knew that they would always be together.  Cole soon joined the rest of the Rangers who were in high spirits.  All of the animal zords were back at the Animarium.  Princess Shayla joined them and spoke proudly of the job they had done.  Princess Shayla then informed Cole and his friends that their mission was complete and that they need to return their jackets and growl phones.  Cole was stunned and he took a moment before he remove his jacket.  His friends gave their jackets to him, along with their growl phones.  In a neat pile, Cole approached Princess Shayla with the jackets and growl phones.  Princess Shayla had helped Cole find his destiny and he could never thank her enough.  He watched Princess Shayla until she vanished.  Then with the rest of his friends, he watched as the Animarium lifted into the skies once more.  

Cole went to visit the tombstones of his parents.  He told them how the earth and the Animarium were now safe.  Cole was at peace with himself.  He noticed the lone tombstone of Dr. Victor Adler and took a flower over.  He hoped that perhaps Dr. Adler had peace too.  Cole went where ever his gift with animals took him.

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