Jayden Shiba - The Red Samurai Power Ranger

A young boy in Panorama City is being threaten by several Moogers.  Lion Folding Zord comes flying in and strikes several of the Moogers.  Lion Folding Zord returns to a hand that is outstretched.  Mentor Ji runs up to help the boy.  Mentor Ji:  Run!  Get away from here!  The young boy takes off running.  Mentor Ji throws down a smoke screen and the young man morphs.  When the smoke clears, the Red Samurai Power Ranger is standing there.  Mentor Ji stands next to the Red Ranger.  Mentor Ji:  Look before you Moogers.  This is the 18th leader of the Samurai Power Rangers, descendant of the man who destroyed your masters years ago.  You have two choices:  retreat now or become rust on his blade.  Red Ranger:  Don't bother.  I don't want them to retreat.  I want to take them for a spin.  Red Ranger pulls out his Spin Sword, charges towards the Moogers, and battles them.  He defeats several with his quick sword play.  After a while, Red Ranger declares:  Time to turn up the heat!  He removes the disc from his belt, tosses it into the air and catches it on his Spin Sword.  The Spin Sword is ablaze with fire.  Red Ranger continues to battle the Moogers with his fiery Spin Sword.  Eventually Red Ranger destroys all the Moogers.  Red Ranger demorphs as he walks towards Mentor Ji.  Mentor Ji:  Wonderful.  I'm so proud of the boy I've devoted my life training has grown to be a master samurai and is ready to lead others into battle.  Jayden:  I'm used to fighting alone.  I won't put anyone else in danger.  Mentor Ji:  The Nighlok attacks are escalating.  More and more of them are coming across to do their evil.  Jayden:  Sure, and if any more Moogers dare pay us a visit, they'll get a taste of my Spin Sword.  Jayden starts to walk away.  Mentor Ji:  Do not underestimate the power of Master Xandred if he awakens.  Jayden pauses.  Mentor Ji:  His Nighlok legions are too much for one person.  Even one as strong as you.  Teams of Samurai have battled this evil for centuries.  Jayden turns around and faces Mentor Ji.  Jayden:  I'm really suppose to lead a team.  Mentor Ji:  It's what your training has prepared you for.  There are four others who have trained for these dark days.  They await the call to join you and to fight as Samurai Rangers.  Jayden gives a small nod and walks away.  Jayden:  I understand.  I'll do whatever it takes.  Mentor Ji walks along with Jayden.  Later, at Shiba House, Jayden is sitting on the steps outside, playing with the Lion Folding Zord.  Mentor Ji hurries out of the house and over to Jayden.  Mentor Ji is carrying a bow and several arrows.  He tells Jayden that Master Xandred must have awaken.  Jayden has the Lion Folding Zord go into his case as Mentor Ji continues, a new breed of Nighlok, more powerful than ordinary Moogers, have mobilized.  You cannot wait any longer.  The time has come to summon your team of Samurai Rangers.  Jayden stands up.  He is uncertain whether he is ready to lead.  Mentor Ji tells him, a samurai is strong, but a team is unbeatable.  Just remember your father's words before he left for his finale battle.  Jayden remembers.  Jayden tells Mentor Ji, I'll never forget dad's words.  I must not fail.  I am the Red Ranger.  Mentor Ji is proud of Jayden for taking on this responsibility.  He nods his head and tells Jayden, that the other Rangers have spent their whole lives preparing to fulfill their samurai destines.  Fulfill your destiny, lead them.  Jayden gives a small nod.  Mentor Ji goes out into the courtyard and shoots off the four arrows.  Each arrow has a specific color band, green, pink, yellow, and blue.  Jayden and Mentor Ji enter Shiba House.  Mentor Ji opens a compartment, where four Samuraizers sit.  Mentor Ji tells Jayden he had been saving them until Jayden was ready.  Take it, your fellow samurai are on their way.  Jayden takes the Samuraizers and tells Mentor Ji, he is ready.  They step outside.  Jayden uses his Samuraizer to create a symbol power that creates a horse.  The gates to Shiba House open as Jayden gets on the horse.  Mentor Ji tells him to never forget the mission of the Samurai Ranger.  Be brave, work together, and no matter what, don't ever give up.  Jayden races out, shouting, Samurai Forever!  Jayden finds his team in the city.  He rides up to them on the horse. Mike comments, with an entrance like that, you have to be the Red Ranger.  Jayden confirms that he is the Red Ranger.  Kevin eagerly states, we are your team of samurai.  Jayden warns them, if you follow me, there is no turning back.  Either we defeat the Nighlok together, or they will take over the world.  I will give these only to those who accept the challenge.  (Jayden is holding up a Samuraizer.)  Jayden gets off the horse.  He tells them, do not accept because you have been trained to do so.  Accept only if you are willingly to commit and fight as a Samurai Ranger with all your heart.  Mia, Emily, Kevin, and Mike consider his words carefully.  Kevin is the first to response, without hesitation.  Mia adds, I've been planning for this since I was a little girl, so yes.  Emily eagerly tells him, I'm ready to give it all I got.  Mike tells them, okay, okay, do we have to be so formal.  Let's do this thing.  Jayden takes out the rest of the Samuraizers and tosses them to Mia, Emily, Kevin, and Mike.  Not far away, citizens run in terror from the Moogers and Tooya.  Jayden shouts out, that's enough!  Tooya, sees Jayden, Mia, Mike, Kevin, and Emily arrive and comments, well it's about time.  Tooya is not impressed.  Oh come on!  Who are you punks?!  Jayden responds, we are the Samurai Rangers.  Jayden, Emily, Kevin, Mike, and Mia morph.  Jayden, Mike, Kevin, Mia, and Emily used their Samuraizers to make a symbol power to morph.  Tooya has the Moogers attack.  Red Ranger and the rest of the Rangers race towards the Moogers with their Spin Swords drawn.  They quickly battle the Moogers with their Spin Swords.  As she battles, Yellow Ranger comments, this is just like chopping down weeds at home.  Lots of Moogers line up and shoot their arrows at Red Ranger.  Red Ranger manages to keep the arrows away from him by battling the arrows away with his Spin Sword.  Red Ranger even manages to catch one in his hand.  Blue Ranger leaps in front of the Moogers and battles them with his Spin Sword, keeping them away from Red Ranger.  But the amount of Moogers becomes too much and soon the Rangers find themselves in the midst of numerous Moogers.  Red Ranger tells them we can do this together.  Red Ranger's Spin Sword transforms into Fire Smasher.  Red Ranger battles the Moogers with the Fire Smasher.  The rest of the Rangers watch him for a moment.  Yellow Ranger is impressed.  Blue Ranger agrees, but tells them there is too many of them.  We got to help him out.  Green Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Pink Ranger charge into battle.  Blue Ranger battles several Moogers with his Hydro Bow.  Pink Ranger uses her Sky Fan to battle and defeat her batch of Moogers.  Yellow Ranger battles and destroys several Moogers with her Earth Slicer.  Green Ranger uses his Forest Spear to destroy his batch of Moogers.  The Moogers are destroyed, but Tooya is still there.  Tooya tries to blast Red Ranger, but he protects himself with the Fire Smasher.  Red Ranger charges towards Tooya.  Red Ranger strikes and kicks Tooya.  Red Ranger strikes Tooya with the Fire Smasher hard enough to send him flying.  Tooya crashes into a car and falls to the pavement.  Tooya gets up and tells Red Ranger, guess what?  Your ride is here!  Tooya smashes through a window of the car, reaches in, and sends the car in Red Ranger's direction.  Red Ranger slices the car in half with his Fire Smasher.  The car explodes behind him.  Red Ranger charges towards Tooya with his Fire Smasher.  Red Ranger strikes Tooya with his Fire Smasher a couple of times.  He then picks up Tooya with the Fire Smasher and races along, until he smashes him into a wall.  Red Ranger strikes Tooya again with the Fire Smasher.  Tooya is defeated.  The Fire Smasher reverts back to the Spin Sword.  Blue Ranger tells Red Ranger, great moves.  You really are a master samurai.  Red Ranger thanks him.  Red Ranger warns the rest of the Rangers, they are not done.  Each Nighlok has two forms.  You saw the first, get set for the mega monster.  Sure enough, Tooya grows into mega monster mode.  Tooya tries to stomp on the Rangers, but they leap out of the way.  Green Ranger can't believe how big Tooya is.  Pink Ranger wonders how they are suppose to fight him now?  Blue Ranger is confident they can fight this Nighlok.  He reminds them to remember their training.  We all have our own folding zord.  If we each use our symbol power, we can morph into mega mode.  Red Ranger tells Blue Ranger he is right, follow my lead.  Red Ranger summons his zord, and soon the rest of the Rangers do the same.  The Rangers are inside their folding zords.  Blue Ranger, Green Ranger, Pink Ranger, and Yellow Ranger are impressed.  The Rangers quickly go into battle with their folding zords.  Tooya tries to blast them.  Lion zord attacks Tooya with a flying leap.  Tooya powers up his swords and tries to blast Lion zord, but misses him.  Dragon Folding Zord comes in from the left.  Ape Folding Zord attacks from the right.  Ape Folding Zord lands several punches on Tooya's face.  Ape Folding Zord leaps on top of a building, goes into case mode, and tumbles down the side of the building, striking Tooya on the way down.  Tooya is knocked off his feet.  Pink Ranger is ready to get into the action.  Turtle Folding Zord creates a dust storm and heads straight towards Tooya.   Tooya quickly strikes Turtle zord away.  Turtle zord lands inside the mouth on Tooya's skirt.  Turtle zord is stuck.  Bear zord quickly comes to her aid.  Tooya fires at Bear zord.  It doesn't stop Bear zord from attacking Tooya.  Tooya picks up Bear zord.  Bear zord quickly goes into case mode and lands on Tooya's foot.  The mouth on the skirt opens in pain and drops Turtle case mode.  Pink Ranger thanks Green Ranger.  Turtle case and Bear case roll away.  Tooya chases after them.  Dragon case mode strikes Tooya in the head and then goes into Dragon Folding Zord.  Dragon zord strikes Tooya with the dragon splash.  Tooya is hit hard.  Lion zord races forward with a fire attack.  Tooya is hit hard once more and destroyed.  Red Ranger states, Samurai Rangers, victory is ours.  That will teach him to mess with the Samurai Rangers.  After the battle, Jayden takes Emily, Mia, Mike, and Kevin to Shiba House.  They are walking through the courtyard.  Emily comments, what a rush.  We did good!  Mike adds, a piece of cake.  Jayden tells them they could never have done it without each other.  Kevin thanks Jayden for leading them into battle.  Mentor Ji walks out, telling them bravo.  Such energy, such grace.  Mike asks, who is that?  Jayden replies, this is Ji, our mentor.  Mentor Ji welcomes them to their new home.  You've all come from different places and different families, but share one noble goal.  I'm very proud of how you come together.  Jayden responds, we just followed some good advice and worked as a team.  Mentor Ji points out that they are just not any team.  You are the Samurai Rangers.  Emily, Mike, Mia, and Kevin all feel a sense of pride at these words.  Jayden, Mike, Mia, Kevin, and Emily form a circle.  They hold out their cases in the middle and shout out, Rangers Together!  Samurai Forever!  Symbol powers float out of their cases and up into the sky.

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