Shane Clarke -  The Red Wind Ninja Power Ranger

Shane Clarke became the Red Wind Power Ranger when his Wind Ninja Academy school was destroyed by Lothor. His friends, Tori and Dustin, became Wind Power Rangers as well.  Shane is the leader of the Wind Rangers and he took his responsibility seriously and coming down hard on the other two when he thought they were being too lighthearted.  At point, he felt he was the only one who could take on Lothor's monsters, but soon learned otherwise.  Shane and his friends were also helped by Sensei (who was trapped in a guinea pig form) and Sensei's son - Cam.  Shane enjoys skateboarding and is afraid of spiders.

Two new Rangers appeared on the scene and they were intent on wiping out the Wind Rangers.  Despite their best efforts, Shane and the rest of the Wind Rangers were constantly being defeated by the Thunder Rangers.  To complicate things for Shane, he overheard Dustin's two new friends - Blake and Hunter - putting down Dustin.  Something about the two bugged Shane.  Shane, Dustin, and Tori received a shock when the Thunder Rangers appeared in Ninja Ops - holding Cam captive.  The Thunder Rangers revealed themselves to be Blake and Hunter.  The Thunder Rangers left Ninja Ops with their Sensei.  Shane, Dustin, and Tori hot on their trail.  At the Mountain of Lost Souls, the spirits of Thunder Rangers adoptive parents appeared.  Blake and Hunter's parents told them that it was not Sensei who had destroyed them, but Lothor.  

The Thunder Rangers left for awhile and when they returned it was as if what had happened in the Mountain of Lost Souls never occurred.  The Thunder Rangers were once again trying to take out the Wind Rangers.  During a battle, Shane, Tori, and Dustin were transported to an island.  It appeared to be deserted, until they saw streaks of lights.  The streaks of light were Blake and Hunter.  The battle continued between the two sets of Rangers until the Thunder Rangers memories began to return.  Choobo appeared on the island and soon Shane found out that the Thunder Rangers had been placed under a evil alien mind wrap.  Blake was okay, but Hunter had taken a full blast combined with toxic gas.  Hunter believed that his brother had betrayed him.  Unable to stop Hunter, Shane and the others threw a smoke screen and vanished.  Shane, Dustin, and Tori had taken Blake to a safe cave.  Blake vowed to help his brother.  Shane, Tori, and Dustin agreed to help Blake.

Shane, Tori, Dustin and Blake found Hunter.  Hunter was still under the evil alien mind wrap.  While Blake tried to get through to his brother, Shane, Tori, and Dustin kept Choobo from interfering.  Hunter was able to break the mind wrap and the Thunder Rangers joined the Wind Rangers in their battles against Lothor.  Although happy that the Thunder Rangers had joined the team, Shane wanted to make sure that he was still the leader.  He began to compete against Hunter in every situation - sporting events or when to make the call to morph.  Eventually they found that they could work together although they both still enjoyed the rivalry.

The team would later be joined by Cam - as the Green Samurai Ranger.  Shane liked to give Cam a hard time, but when it came presenting Cam with a Ninja uniform, Shane was proud to give to Cam.  The team was now six members strong.

Shane was at Ninja Ops to help Cam.  Cam wanted to try an experiment that would turn Sensei back into human form.  But the equipment began to make a strange noise.  Cam asked Shane to pull out the main interface cables, which Shane did quickly.  By touching the main interface cables, Shane and Sensei's bodies were switched.  Shane had to be content to be a guinea pig for awhile.  He tried skateboarding, but it was easy with four legs and he wondered how Sensei did it.  He was also concerned how Sensei was doing at his skateboarding event.  Cam got everything straighten out and Shane and Sensei prepared themselves to be switch back.  Shane was thrilled to be back in his own body.  Although this time, Sensei and Dustin had switched bodies.  Shane, Tori, Sensei were called into action.  Although Sensei and Tori had battled Footzilla before, this was Shane's first time.  Shane and the others were joined by Blake, Hunter, and Cam.  Soon Footzilla had the Rangers dangling in the air.  When Shane demanded to be put down, he was slammed through some concrete and stuck.  Sensei urged Shane to use his inner ninja and distracted Footzilla.  Shane listened to Sensei and soon broke free from the concrete and was putting some impressive moves on Footzilla.  He felt like some of Sensei had rubbed off on him.  After the defeat of Footzilla, Shane and the others returned to Ninja Ops.  Cam successfully transfer Dustin and Sensei in their correct bodies.  Shane watched Dustin as he scratched and continued to chow on the guinea pig food and asked Cam is there were any after effects.  A question Dustin didn't understand.

Shane Tori was listening to Dustin talk about how he took care of some thugs in Storm Chargers as the Yellow Ranger.  Shane was proud of his friend on the job he had done.  Blake and Hunter walked in with a newspaper.  On the front page was a picture of the Yellow Ranger.  Shane and the rest had a good laugh.  Later, Shane, Blake, and Hunter walked into Storm Chargers.  Shane was surprised to see so many customers at Storm Chargers.  He was bit startled when Kelly inform all the business was due to the Yellow Ranger's appearance at the store.  After all, it wasn't like it was the Red Ranger who had appeared.  As Shane waited for Dustin to go with him to the skate park, he asked Blake and Hunter what they were doing.  Blake and Hunter were going to visit their sick adoptive grandmother - whom they had never met before.  Blake and Hunter wondered if they could use their ninja skills - since it was a long journey.  Shane advised them to ask Sensei.  At the skate park, Shane was excited to see a photographer of a big magazine there.  He told Dustin that he was going to do some great moves and for him to make sure that the photographer noticed him.  Shane started working on his routine and soon the photographer was snapping his picture and the crowd was cheering.  He began to concentrate and let out a yell of happiness as he landed a difficult move.  Shane was stunned when he saw that no one was watching him.  In fact the crowd had left to watch the Yellow Ranger.  He couldn't believe - especially when he noticed the Yellow Ranger posing for the photographer.  Shane was left behind as the crowd carried the Yellow Ranger away in high spirits.  Shane stayed at the park and continued practicing.  He landed another difficult move when he heard Dustin congratulate him.  Shane was in a bitter mood and told Dustin that it was too bad that no one saw it.  Dustin apologized, but felt he had done the right thing by going and fighting the monster that had appeared during Shane's demonstration.  Shane had already gone through the "I can do it all" and caution Dustin about there being no "I" in team.  He was more stunned when Dustin replied that maybe there should be.  Shane tried to talk to Dustin, but Dustin wasn't interested and he left to give a phone interview to another newspaper.  Back at Ninja Ops, Shane expressed his concern over Dustin letting all the attention go to his head.  Dustin overheard him as he walked in.  Shane was not pleased with his friend and neither was Tori.  But as Dustin quickly left again, there was not much either could do.  Cam drew their attention to the fact that the monster had reappeared.  Before Shane and Tori could leave, Dustin was already there.  Unable to contain his jealousy, Shane replied that of course the great Yellow Ranger was already there.  Sensei remind Shane that before they were Rangers they were good friends and it would be a shame to lose that.  Shane nodded in agreement and left with Tori.  They arrived and it was obvious that Dustin was not happy to see them.  Shane and the others quickly morphed into action.  Shane and Dustin soon found themselves arguing instead of battling the monster.  The monster grabbed Tori and her cry brought their attention.  When Dustin expressed an interest to take on the monster himself, Shane offered his weapon.  He knew that Dustin did not want his help, but at least he could offered his weapon to help him.  This seem to bring Dustin back to his senses and he let Shane know that he did want his help and wanted things back the way they used to be.  Together, they defeated the monster.  Back at Ninja Ops, Shane was happy to see all the Wind Rangers on the front page of the paper and his friend, Dustin, back to normal.

Shane was at Ninja Ops, when Cam alerted them to a new monster appearance.  Shane, Tori, and Dustin left to battle Motodrone.  The first battle neither side was victorious.  At Ninja Ops, Cam told the Rangers that Motodrone had some human DNA.  Sensei warned the Rangers to use caution when dealing with the creature.  The second battle between Shane, the rest of the Rangers, and Motodrone ended with Motodrone capturing Hunter.  Once again, Shane and the others found themselves back at Ninja Ops - where it was revealed that Motodrone was Perry - a motor genius.  The Rangers had to separate Motodrone from Perry before Perry became lost forever.  Shane, Dustin, and Tori lured Motodrone out of Perry's lab - while Blake and Cam rescued Hunter.  During the battle, Shane and the rest of the Rangers were able to successfully separate Perry from Motodrone.

Shane returned to Ninja Ops very tired.  All the Rangers had just completed a grueling training session.  Shane was especially tired because he hadn't been getting much sleep.  He kept having the same dream over and over.  Sensei was not at Ninja Ops.  Sensei had left a note stating that he was going on a meditation retreat and the Rangers could have a well deserved day off.  Shane was very excited and reread the note to make sure.  Tori was the only one not excited by the news.  Shane then remembered that the following day was Tori's birthday party and he let everyone know.  Shane and the rest of the guys quickly planned a beach party.  That night, Shane had the same dream again.  He woke up in a cold sweat.  The following day, he ran to pick up the cake for Tori and he managed to get it to the beach for the party.  But he wasn't staying.  Shane had a feeling something wasn't right and that he needed to check the woods.  He promised to come back soon.  Shane felt a little foolish once he was in the woods but that feeling soon change.  A ball of white light zipped past him.  He also encountered Vexacus and even morphed had a hard time battling him.  The ball of light took him to safety where a young girl appeared.  Shane and Skyla traveled through the woods where she informed him that she was from the above skies.  Skyla would save Shane once again.  Skyla lead Shane to the place where his dreams had taken place.  This creep Shane out a bit.  He also remembered that he had met Skyla when he was a child and rescue her.  Now Skyla wanted to return the favor and give him a power.  A power that Vexacus wanted but must not have.  Before anything else could be said, Vexacus appeared and grabbed Skyla.  Shane tried to protect her, but laid crumpled in pain as he watched her being dragged away.

Shane searched the woods trying to find Skyla and wishing for a clue.  He heard Skyla's voice in his head, guiding him to where she was.  Shane reached Skyla just as Vexacus was trying to drag her to his ship.  He managed to free Skyla from Vexacus, but Skyla was close to being ready to evolve into the next higher form and was unable to get to safety.  Shane continued to fight Vexacus.  He wanted to morphed, but could not because of Skyla.  He was surprised when Skyla already knew of his Red Ranger identity and urged him to morph.  Shane morphed into action and fought Vexacus, until Vexacus made a hasty retreat.  Shane got Skyla back to the place where they had first meet.  He was stunned when she told him of how her people evolved and that they were each other destinies.  Shane held Skyla gently until the time came for her to pass her power to him.  Skyla told him good-bye as she evolved into a flaming bird and flew away.  Shane was still stunned about what he had seen when Vexacus appeared.  Vexacus was determined to take the power from Shane.  Shane was just as determined to keep it for Skyla.  During the battle he, once again, heard her voice telling him he knew what to do.  Shane engaged the battilizer armor and fought Vexacus.  Vexacus thought he could escape by taking off in his ship, but he was wrong.  Shane continued to chase him through the skies - his armor allowing him the ability to fly.  He destroyed Vexacus' ship and landed safely on the ground where the rest of the Rangers had been watching him.  They were all very impressed with his new armor.  Back at Ninja Ops, Shane was a little down.  He missed Skyla.  Sensei offered some comfort with the words that Skyla would always be a part of him.  Hunter and Blake were more interested in the armor and wanted to hear more about it.  Their enthusiasm brought a small smile to Shane's face.  Dustin and Cam walked in with a cake with Tori and Shane joined the rest in wishing Tori a happy birthday.

Shane was watching "Totally Talented" at Storm Chargers with Dustin and Tori.  Kelly walked over and turned off the TV - stating there would be no trash TV in her store.  Shane was bummed.  Blake and Hunter walked telling them about how they were entering to be competitors on "Totally Talented".  Shane gave them a hard time - commenting on who would want to watch them.  Tori told Shane that he should enter - he had a great voice.  Shane returned the compliment by telling Tori that she should entered - she was a great dancer.  They rushed off to practice - followed by Dustin and leaving Blake and Hunter behind.  Practice was cut short when Cam returned to Ninja Ops with an artifact Lothor wanted.  Shane and Blake left to help Tori and Dustin battled the wolf blades - soon to be followed by Shimazu.  Shane was really angry when Shimazu referred to them as children.  Shane had to leave that battle to battle Motodrone on his own.  He used his battlezier armor to help him in his battle.  Later, back at Ninja Ops, Shane and the rest of the Rangers received a surprise when the supposed destroyed wolf blades formed as one and became very large.

Shane, Dustin, Tori, Hunter, and Blake quickly morphed into action and into their zords.  But it wasn't enough and Cam had teleported them back to Ninja Ops.  The zords needed to be repaired - which would take a day.  While waiting, Shane, along with Tori, decided to spy on Hunter and Blake's secret rehearsals.  But they got caught by Hunter and Blake.  Cam contacted them and told them to all return to Ninja Ops.  There Cam revealed that he needed their power discs to power up the portal that lead to the artifact.  Shane was very reluctant to give up his power disc - feeling that it left the Rangers too vulnerable.  But with no other alternative, Shane and the others gave their power discs to Cam.  Cam left to find the portal.  Shane and the others waited at Ninja Ops.  On the viewing screen, the Wolf Blades had returned.  Shane and the others had to help Cam.  They left to use their zords.  Shane cautioned the Rangers that they could not take any direct hits.    The battle was tough, but Cam did appear with the Lighting Riff Blaster to summoned the Mammothzord.  With the Mammothzord, Shane and the rest of the Rangers were able to defeat the Wolf Blades.  Shane and his friends were ready for "Totally Talented" - even Cam had shown up.  Shane sang for his part of the competition.  Shane and his friends received a surprise when Marah and Kapri turned out and began their singing number and actually won the competition.  Shane thought something wasn't right and Tori agreed.  Tori found the hidden boom box.  Angry, Kapri zapped the host Stu - who in turn left the show.

Shane was at Ninja Ops with Dustin and Tori.  Sensei was setting up a test for them and soon images of each one of them appeared.  Shane was puzzled as to what to do.  Dustin thought it was a ninja stare contest, but Shane believe they were supposed to fight them.  Shane and Dustin were soon fighting their doubles and both were soon on the floor.  Only Tori remained standing.  Shane, Dustin, and Tori gathered around Sensei and Cam, who informed them that Tori had won the honor of searching for the jade turtle.  Shane was surprise, since Tori had done nothing.  But the test had been about caution, which Tori had shown.  Tori was given a map and sent to find the jade turtle.  Shane had no ill will against Tori and told her he knew she would do well.  After Tori left, Dustin wanted to know if there were any assignments for them.  Sensei had one - to watch over the Environmental Conference in Blue Bay Harbor.  Shane and Dustin hid themselves within the trees and were soon hanging upside down.  Dustin wanted to know if there was anything more they could do.  But Shane, just as bored, informed him that they were to watch and listen.  After Dustin fell out of the tree, they decided to try their luck within the conference room.  Shane and Dustin were hidden underneath a table and able to hear everything.  Then Dustin's morpher went off, Shane had told him to turn it off, but he had forgotten.  Shane needed to create a diversion so that they could leave.  He blew a gust of wind around the room, which papers to fly everyone, and for Shane and Dustin to make a hasty exit.  Shane contacted Cam, who told them that there were disturbances all around their area.  It was quiet in the hall where they stood, so Shane and Dustin decided to check outside.  There a group of Kelzaks were waiting for them.  Shane and Dustin went quickly into action battling the Kelzaks.  Once they got rid of the Kelzaks, Shane and Dustin hurried back into the conference room.  Shane was rather stunned to see the room full of people fighting.  Snipster had done it while they were battling the Kelzaks.  Shane and Dustin went after the Snipster and soon found him.  They were morphed and ready to battle, but Snipster soon had them fighting each other instead.  Shane and Dustin were so engrossed in their battle, they didn't even hear Tori's call for help.  As they continued to battle each other, Shane heard Sensei's voice inside his head - urging him to use his inner ninja and break the spell.  Shane told Dustin that he just heard Sensei's voice inside his head and wondered why they were fighting.  Shane and Dustin had managed to break the spell and were soon after Snipster - this time destroying him.  Shane and Dustin then went searching for Tori, whom they were relieved to see that she was okay.  Tori had found the turtle.  But Snipster had been revived and grown bigger and Shane and the rest of the Rangers had to called their zords and battle Snipster - which they destroyed permanently this time.  Afterwards, at Ninja Ops, Sensei warned the Rangers that they still had to keep an eye out for Lothor.  Shane was glad that they were able to protect Blue Bay Harbor from Lothor.

Shane, Dustin, Hunter, and Blake went searching for Tori at the beach.  They found her laying on the ground.  At first, Tori was almost frightened of them which left Shane confused.  But Tori soon realized that these were indeed her friends.  There was not much time for Shane and his friends to make sure that Tori was alright.  There was a monster attacking the beach.  Shane and his friends morphed into action.  Shane would need his armorized battle gear to defeat this monster, which he and the rest of the Rangers did.

Shane was at Storm Chargers, when Tori asked him if noticed any unusual about Blake.  Shane instant reply as no more than normal.  But Tori felt that Blake was hiding a secret.  Shane was instantly concerned for the team.  He questioned Tori about whether it was a Ranger secret or a personal secret.  To which Tori had no answer and left soon after to question Hunter.  Later at Ninja Ops, Shane and Hunter were practicing their moves along with Tori and Dustin.  Cam alerted them to the fact that another monster, Inflatron, was attacking the city.  Shane was ready to morph when he noticed that Blake was missing and no one seemed to know where he was.  Shane and the rest of the Ranger morphed and began attacking Inflatron.  Shane tried to neutralized Inflatron, but ended up getting hurt instead.  It burned where Inflatron had stricken back.  Blake showed up with a new weapon and instead of working with the Rangers, attacked it himself.  Back at Ninja Ops, Cam told the others that Blake had the right idea on how to attack Inflatron.  Shane wanted to know about Blake's new weapon.  Blake filled them in on how Sensei had given him the weapon and how he had been training with it.  Later, Shane, Hunter, Dustin, and Cam were together when three of the generals appeared.  It was time to get back into action.  Shane and the rest of the Rangers morphed and began the battle.  They were later joined by Blake.  Tori also joined them to defeat Inflatron.

Shane just found out that his older brother, Porter, was coming for a visit.  He walked into Storm Chargers not in the best of moods.  Dustin, Hunter, and Blake were already there and were puzzled when Shane was less than thrilled about his brother's visit.  Shane tried to explain that his older brother is like the perfect son with a good job and nice house.  And Porter wasn't really into skateboarding.  Dustin thought maybe motocross would work, but Shane knew it would take a lot more than big air to mellow out his brother.  Shane joined the rest of the Rangers for their training.  The Wind rangers' bikes were still being worked on.  Shane thought he could try the Thunder's bike.  He headed for one, while Tori tried the other.  The bike proved more difficult than Shane had thought, and both he and Tori crashed their bikes.  The bikes were being loaded and Tori joked with Shane that they couldn't let the Thunders show them up.  But Shane hadn't heard her comment, which the rest of the Rangers noticed.  Shane was distracted and he couldn't focus on what was going on.  His friends tried to offer him encouragement, but Shane felt they didn't understand.  He left so that he would not be late meeting his brother.  Feeling his brother would freak out if he was late.  Shane arrived at the skate park and was on his skateboard when his brother appeared.  He was excited about landing a move, but his brother hadn't even seen it.  Porter wanted to go somewhere less active to talk.  Shane agreed and they walked away from the skateboard park.  Porter began lecturing Shane about what he was going to do with his life, and his plans for the future.  Shane was upset, he had been busy.  When Porter questioned him about what he was busy with, Shane was in the uncomfortable position of being unable to answer him.  He was also angry with his brother for knocking his life.  Porter had to call to a business meeting and they agreed to meet later.  Shane headed back to the skateboard park.  He just got there, when Cam was informing him that his friends were in trouble.  Using his ninja powers, Shane raced to where his friends were.  He flung aside his skateboard and equipment and immediately morphed into action.  He quickly took out a couple of Kelzaks.  Shane then called for his armored battlized gear and make quick work of the rest of the Kelzaks.  Motodrone and Eyezak were there as well, but they quickly vanished before Shane could get to them.  The rest of the Rangers congratulated Shane on a job well done.  Shane demorph and walked towards where he left his gear.  He was upset when he couldn't find his stuff.  When Shane turned around, his brother was there, holding his equipment.  With a bit of a grin, Porter asked Shane if there was something he wanted to tell him.  Shane realized that his brother had seen him as the Red Ranger.  They went for another walk and talked.  Porter was stunned that his little brother was the red power ranger and felt bad for lecturing him when he had been protecting the world.  Shane was happy to hear the admiration in his brother's voice and told him that he, at times, had trouble believing it too.  He also warned Porter that he could not tell anyone and that his life was probably in danger just knowing that Shane was a power ranger.  Porter promised not to reveal Shane's secret.  Shane headed for Ninja Ops where he asked if he could have a private chat with Sensei.  He filled Sensei in on what had happened and confess that he was glad that Porter knew.  He felt that now Porter respected him.  Sensei told Shane that he had his brother's respect even before he knew of him being a power ranger, Shane didn't believe him.  He explain that his brother was a lot older than him and that it was like they grew up in two different homes.  When Sensei asked him if he knew his brother well, Shane realized that he didn't know Porter very well.  Eyezak and Motodrone were attacking Blue Bay Harbor and managed to place a nightmare collar on Porter.  Shane showed up and quickly morphed into action.  He tried to get his brother out of the way and ended up with one of the nightmare collars on him.  His greatest fear was not disappointing his family.  Shaking and muttering, Shane was trapped in a world where Porter taunted him with remarks of failing his family.  Shane was so paralyzed with fear, he was unable to protect the city.  Sensei's voice broke through his nightmare, urging Shane to believe in himself.  Summoning all his strength, Shane faced Porter and told him he was proud of who he was.  With those powerful words, the spell was broke and Shane was freed from his nightmare.  He immediately noticed Tori and Dustin on the ground and living their own nightmares.  Shane hurried to their sides and urged them to break free of the spell - with Sensei helping as well.  Once they broke their spells, it was time to get to work.  Shane used the megazord to distract Eyezak while Tori and Dustin entered Eyezak's belly to rescue Hunter and Blake.  Shane was joined by Cam in his megazord.  Dustin and Tori had freed Hunter and Blake.  The Thunder Rangers called forth their megazord and soon all three megazords joined into one to form the Hurricane megazord.  As they tackled Eyezak, Dustin and Tori had a relapse.  Shane urged them to believe in themselves.  Shane and the rest of the Rangers destroyed Eyezak and freed the citizens of Blue Bay Harbor from their nightmare collars.  Later, Shane and Porter were back at the skateboard park.  Porter let Shane know that his biggest fear was Shane being unhappy, but he realized that just because Shane was not living his life that didn't mean he was unhappy.  Porter also told Shane that he was proud of him - not just for being a Ranger.  That meant a lot to Shane, who told Porter that his opinions meant a lot to him.  They gave each other a genuine hug.  Shane decided it was time for Porter to try skateboarding.  Porter hesitantly agreed and took off on Shane's skateboard.  Shane yelled from the sidelines.  Porter crashed and Shane couldn't help but laugh.

Shane, Dustin, Hunter, and Blake were ready to go on a camping trip.  They were at Storm Chargers, loading up Tori's van.  Shane made sure to bring the portable generator.  They were driving along in the van, when Dustin brought up the topic of the sky and why was it blue.  Shane reminded him that he was the air guy and that Dustin should stick with dirt.  Dustin, laughing, gave up.  As the van rolled along, a young woman appeared in the middle of the road.  Tori pulled off the road and they all got out.  The young woman had a friend in trouble - did they have any rope.  Shane did pack some rope and he and Hunter went to the back of the van to get it.  They then followed the young woman to a cliff where her friend dangle.  Shane quickly put a plan together and informed that guys that if things looked bad, they would used their ninja powers.  But it was all a trap set up Zurgane - the people were Kelzaks and soon Shane and the rest of his friends were battling.  It was touch and Shane called for his battlized gear before they were able to defeat the Kelzaks.  Shane checked with Sensei and Sensei told them to keep their plans for the camping trip.  They arrived at the campsite where Shane and the guys set up all their equipment, including a TV, fan, CD player.  Tori was getting ready to leave, when her van got stuck.  Shane and the rest of the guys help push the van out of the rut and ended up splattered with mud.  To make things worse, Tori accidentally knocked out the generator.  After a cold shower, Shane was feeling a little better.  When Tori told them she made them hamburgers and cooled their sodas in the stream, Shane was a lot happier.  The moment didn't last.  Two large shapes streaked across the sky.  Shane and the rest of his friends decided to follow it.  The streaks were Vexacus and Shimazu.  Shane and the rest of the Rangers morphed into action.  It was a difficult battle and Cam showed up to help and warned them that something big was on it's way.  The something big was Zurgane in his zord.  Shane and the rest of the Rangers called forth their zords and were soon having a very tough battle with Zurgane.

Shane and the rest of the Rangers defeated Zurgane, although Cam was not so sure.  Cam had thought the battle had been to easy.  Cam advised them to go back to their camping trip and keep an eye open.  Shane and the rest of the guys returned to their campsite.  Shane was looking forward to a feast fit for a king.  Blake wondered if anyone had brought, Shane told him to relax, he had brought them.  But there was a surprised waiting for them.  Their campsite had been destroyed and their food eaten.  Dustin, Hunter, and Blake were upset and Dustin was ready to pack up and leave.  Shane agreed and told Dustin they could use Dustin's car.  Dustin replied that he didn't have a car and then realized what Shane meant.  Dustin, Hunter, and Blake continued to grumble.  Shane reminded them that they were trained Ninjas.  He told them the old saying "when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade."  An expression that went right over Dustin's head, as he couldn't spot any lemon trees anywhere.  Shane gathered some containers and tossed one to each guy.  He informed them that they were to look for food and not to returned until they had something to eat.  Shane and the rest of the guys left in different directions.  While hunting for food, Shane was contacted by Cam, who told them Zurgane was back.  Shane and the rest of the guys quickly morphed into action.  They were joined by Tori and Cam.  Once again, Shane and the rest of the Rangers were in their zords.  The battle was tough and Zurgane had a surprise for them - his own clone power sphere.  Shane was outraged that Zurgane would use their own technology against them.  Soon the zord was on the ground and Zurgane was ready to deal the fatal blow.  Sensei advised them to use the ninja firebird to cloak their retreat.  Back at Ninja Ops, Shane and the rest of the Rangers were not happy.  Zurgane was at Blue Bay Harbor and their zords were still being repaired.  Sensei urged the Rangers to thinks of other resources they could use.  Soon Shane and the rest of the Rangers had a plan.  Shane and the rest of the Wind Rangers used the gliders, while the Thunder Rangers used their cycles.  They found Zurgane and managed to draw him out of his zord.  On ground, the battle was just as stuff.  Cam was on his way with backups.  Shane and the rest of the Rangers were happy to see their zords back.  They quickly went inside their zords and formed the Hurricane zord.  It was tough going, but Shane and the rest of the Rangers defeated Zurgane.  Later, Shane, Dustin, Hunter, and Blake returned to their campsite and promptly fell fast asleep.

At Ninja Ops, Shane watched as Hunter revealed the broken sword of Zurgane.  A satellite picture of the area, revealed that Vexacus had destroyed Zurgane.  Sensei told the Rangers that it was time for them to take a more proactive part in the rescue of the ninja students.  Hunter had an idea of what would help and left.  Soon Shane and the rest of the Rangers joined Hunter as he was attacked by Vexacus and Condortron.  The battle became more intense as Motodrone and Kelzaks also joined the battle.  Shane and the rest of the Rangers managed to chase them off, but not before Vexacus made a parting shot at Hunter about the Gem of Souls.  Shane and the rest of the Rangers wanted to know what Vexacus had meant.  Back at Ninja Ops, Hunter revealed that he had kept some of the fragments of the Gem of Souls to contact his parents.  Although that did not work, Hunter believed that they would help in the rescue of the ninjas.  Shane and the rest of the Rangers quickly put a plan together and Cam left on his dragon force vehicle to board Lothor's ship.  Shane and the rest of the Rangers waited for Cam's signal to board as well.  Shane watched on the viewing screen as Cam was attacked by Lothor's ship.  Shane and the rest of the Rangers could not help him, as Condortron was attacking once again.  Shane and his friends morphed to battle Condortron.  Soon they were joined by Cam - who had been able to rescue the ninjas.  Shane and the rest of the Rangers destroyed Condortron.

Shane was at Storm Chargers with Hunter.  Hunter was angry with Blake.  Shane listened to Hunter, but he wasn't going to take any sides.  He told Hunter of the fights he and his brother had, but nothing Shane said could cool Hunter's temper.  Shane watched as Hunter and Blake bumped into each other and storm off in opposite directions.  Shane walked up to Tori.  Tori suggested locking Hunter and Blake in Ninja Ops and let them go at it.  Shane thought it was a great idea and he would even pay to see that.  Dustin walked up and Tori asked if he was okay.  Shane told Dustin that he could have used his help with Hunter.  But Dustin was distracted and didn't say much.  Then Shane and his friends were contacted and summoned to Ninja Ops.  At Ninja Ops, Shane and the rest of the Rangers watched the viewing screen as a zord roamed Blue Bay Harbor.  It was Kapri taunting the Rangers to come out.  Sensei warned Blake and Hunter to put aside their differences for the battle - which lead to another angry exchange between the two.  Shane, sarcastically, noted that was settle and he and the rest of the Rangers morphed into action.  Shane and the rest of the Rangers had a difficult time with Kapri.  To make matters worse, Marah and Shimazu joined the battle in their own zords.  Cam later joined with backups - drones of his zord.  Using this weapon, Shane and the rest of the Rangers defeated Kapri, Marah, and Shimazu.

Shane was at Storm Chargers talking to Kelly when Dustin walked in, frustrated because the wrong oil had been sent.  Shane couldn't help laughing along with Kelly.  He told Dustin to forget about the oil as Kelly filled Dustin in on the fact that he was going to the U.S. Action Games.  Dustin was very excited.  Shane was too, jumping around on the furniture and telling Dustin that he was going as well.  Tori, Hunter, and Blake walked in and they all sat together.  Blake had good news too, he could have a sponsored ride if he wanted it.  Blake felt there was too much going on to take it, but Shane felt he shouldn't turn down such a great opportunity.  Tori reminded the guys that they needed to let Sensei know where they were going and Dustin realized that they should ask Cam to come as well.  Sensei granted them permission to go and they left with high spirits.  The crowds were packed at the U.S. Action Games and the excitement was spreading to all the Rangers.  Shane, Dustin, Blake, and Cam left to check out everything.  Soon Hunter and Cam joined them with news that Marah, Kapri, and several Kelzaks had made an appearance as well.  Shane and the rest of the Rangers checked out the area where Marah and Kapri had been, but they could find nothing.  Shane noticed something was wrong with Cam's ambulant.  Cam's ambulant had become frozen.  Cam decided to leave to check it out.  Shane and the rest of his friends went to watch some of the exciting competition.  Soon Cam contacted them with word that a giant Vexacus was on the loose.  Shane left with the others, assuring Kelly that they would be back soon.  Shane and the rest of the Rangers morphed into action to tackle Vexacus.  It was a difficult battle and Shane watched in disbelief as the Thunder's megazord blew up.  Shane, Tori, and Dustin left their own megazord to search for Blake and Hunter, but they could not find them anywhere.  More bad news awaited them at Ninja Ops, which had been wrecked while they were gone.  Shane couldn't believe it.  To top it all off, Sensei and Cam were missing as well.

Shane, Tori, and Dustin started trying to put Ninja Ops back together.  Hunter and Blake showed up - they had ejected from their Thunder megazord just in time.  Sensei Kanoi showed up as well, in human form.  Shane, Tori, and Dustin gave their Sensei a big hug.  Only Cam remain missing.  Sensei Kanoi told Shane and the rest of the Rangers that he believed that Lothor took Cam for his ambulant.  That Lothor was preparing to open the Abyss of Evil.  Shane and the rest of the Rangers tried to come up with a plan to stop Lothor - they needed more ninjas.  Blake and Hunter decided to go aboard Lothor's ship to rescue Cam and the ninja students.  Shane, Tori, and Dustin waited anxiously at Ninja Ops.  Shane began to question himself.  He felt that if only he had been a better ranger, none of this would have happen.  Or if he had only stop Lothor earlier.  Dustin brought up the fact that if they hadn't been late, they wouldn't have even been Rangers.  Sensei Kanoi soon cleared that up.  Sensei Kanoi showed them the last piece of the Scroll of Destiny.  It was a picture of Shane, Tori, and Dustin.  Sensei Kanoi revealed that scroll told of them facing Lothor at the Abyss of Evil, but not the outcome of the battle.  This information boosted Shane's confidence and he, Tori, and Dustin morphed into action.  They arrived at the Abyss of Evil, along with Lothor.  The Rangers called forth their megazord and were battling Lothor in his.  The battle was tough.  Shane, Tori, and Dustin ejected from their megazord before it tumbled into the Abyss of Evil, along with Lothor.  Shane, Tori, and Dustin watched in dismay as various monsters began to spew from the Abyss of Evil.  Lothor returned as well.  Shane let out a primal growl and they began battling Lothor and his monsters.  Shane was soon joined by Hunter, Blake, and the rescued ninja students.  Cam joined them as well.  Shane called forth his battlized armor.  The monsters were quickly being destroyed or throw back into the Abyss of Evil.  Lothor short circuited Shane's armor and he fell to the ground.  It came down to Lothor and the six Rangers.  Lothor used Cam's ambulant to steal the Rangers powers.  Shane, Tori, and Dustin relentlessly kept going after Lothor.   Lothor's taunt of having their Ranger powers, infuriated Shane, who let out another growl.  He stood with Tori and Dustin and reminded Lothor that although he had their Ranger powers, he did not have all their powers.  Shane summoned up the power of air, while Tori and Dustin summoned up the power of water and earth.  Together they sent Lothor into the Abyss of Evil, which sealed itself up.  Although Lothor was gone, so were their Ranger powers.  The U.S. Action Games had been postponed during the attack, was now reopened.  Shane did really well in the skateboarding competition and was offered a sponsorship.  Shane and his friends returned to the Ninja Wind Academy where they graduate with their badges of honor.  New students were pouring into the Academy and Shane was ready for them as their new instructor.

Sensei Shane, Sensei Tori, and Sensei Dustin were training the ninja students.  They were out in the woods close to the Wind Academy.  The ninja students did not last long against the three powerful Senseis.  Sensei Shane instructed the students to stand down.  He asked them how they thought the session went.  Instead of the student's reply, Sensei Dustin gleefully told Shane that they had kicked their butts.  Tori pointed out that Sensei Shane had been talking to the students.  Shane had glanced at Dustin before continuing in a very serious manner.  He told the students that they needed to considered their commitment to ninja training before dismissing them.  Shane, Tori, and Dustin walked through the woods together.  Tori pointed out to Shane that he had sounded just like Sensei Kanoi.  Shane wanted to know where Sensei was, as he was supposed to met them.  Dustin thought that maybe Sensei forgot.  Tori asked when had Sensei forgotten anything - ever.  The three found a scroll in the woods.  It was a message from Sensei to them.  The scroll instructed the three to met him at the highest point in Blue Bay Harbor and not to speak of this to anyone, until he had spoken to them.  The three headed off for the highest point, where they found Sensei.  Shane asked Sensei what was going on.  Sensei had bad news for them - he told them that Lothor was back.  Shane couldn't believe it.  Dustin wanted to know how they were going to fight Lothor with no powers.  Sensei presented them with morphers that Cam had created in case such an event occurred.  Sensei asked Shane, Dustin, and Tori to resumed their Ranger duties.  Shane placed the morpher on his wrist and told Sensei that they would not let him know.  Shane pressed the button on his morpher and was consumed by purple electricity - as was Tori and Dustin.  When it was over, Shane and his friends were placed under an evil spell.  Sensei revealed that he was really Lothor in disguise.  Shane told Lothor that they were ready to serve him.  Shane had a strong urge to destroy Blue Bay Harbor.  Lothor put his plan into action.  Lothor, his two new generals, and several Kelzaks arrived at the Wind Academy.  Moments after they arrived, Shane, Tori, and Dustin arrived.  Marah and Kapri were happy to see them and raced to tell them that Lothor was back.  Shane brushed them aside as he commented that wasn't it great.  The three stood ready and Lothor commanded them to capture the students.  Shane, Dustin, and Tori morphed and with a great deal of damage captured the ninja students.  Afterwards, Marah and Kapri tried to escape, but Lothor stopped them.  To save themselves, they told Lothor that they were ninjas now and could help him.  Lothor decided to give them one more chance.  Shane, Tori, and Dustin gathered around Lothor to begin their next phase.  Shane told Lothor that Cam would be looking for them.  Tori replied that Cam wouldn't like what he found.  Shane, Tori, and Dustin morphed and with the two generals and several Kelzaks, began attacking Reefside.  They were stopped temporarily by the Dino Thunder Power Rangers.  Shane focused all his strength on the Red Dino Thunder Ranger.  Shane, Dustin, and Tori laughed as the Dino Thunder Power Rangers retreated.  Back at Lothor's lair, Shane, Tori, and Dustin were all complementing Lothor.  Elsa walked in and was quickly surrounded by the three.  They wanted to tear into Elsa, but Lothor stopped them.  Lothor told them that at least they could do was listen to the message from Mesogog.

Later, Shane, Dustin, and Tori burst into Hayley's Cyberspace.  They knocked the Dino Rangers to the floor.  As Conner got up, he asked Shane if he needed anything - like a doughnut or muffin.  Shane replied that he tries to stay away from sugar - it makes him hyper.  Shane, Dustin, and Tori wanted to battle the Dino Rangers right there, but the Dino Rangers refused.  It was Kira's words of honor that made Shane agreed to met later under a bridge.  Later, Shane, Dustin, and Tori arrived to find the Dino Rangers.  They immediately knocked the Dino Rangers to the ground.  As the Dino Rangers gathered themselves up, Shane called them fools and couldn't believe they had actually shown up.  The fight broke out.  Shane fought against Conner.  Shane used the power of air against Conner's speed ability.  Eventually the Ninja Rangers align themselves on one side while the Dino Rangers align themselves on the other side.  Shane, Dustin, and Tori were getting ready to morph when a familiar voice called out.  Hunter, Blake, and Cam appeared and immediately align themselves with Shane, Dustin, and Tori.  Hunter, Blake, and Cam told the Dino Rangers that Lothor had shown them the error of their ways.  Cam showed Shane, Dustin, and Tori that he had power boost discs from the Abyss of Evil.  Shane was reluctant to take it, but Cam convinced him.  Shane placed the new disc in his morpher and was immediately knocked to the ground.  When he got up, he was no longer under Lothor's control.  Blake, Cam, and Hunter tried to fill them in and told them that Lothor was back.  Shane already knew, he told them that Sensei had told them.  Blake explained that they hadn't talk to Sensei.  Conner, Kira, and Ethan joined the group and asked them what was going on.  They all went to Dr. Oliver's home where Cam and Hunter told them of how they went to the Abyss of Evil to retrieve their powers and how Sensei helped them.  Conner was glad that Cam, Blake, and Hunter had shown up when they did.  Shane told them that it was lucky for them.  Everyone laughed and Shane told them he was kidding and that they fought like rock stars.  Kira took that as a compliment.  Dr. Oliver pointed out that they still had a major problem on their hands and it was going to take all of them to solve it.  The computer beeped and shown the Rangers that Elsa was preparing her army.  Shane and the rest of the Rangers left to face down Elsa, Zurgane, the generals, the Wolf Blades, and several Triptoids, Tyrannodrones, and Kelzaks.  Shane and the rest of the Rangers morphed and went into an intense battle.  Shane worked with Conner on destroying the generals.  Shane and Conner both used their battlized armor to finish off the generals.  All the Rangers were successful and they gathered together to congratulate each other.  Marah and Kapri appeared with Lothor's bottle and freed the captured ninja students.  Shane and his friends gathered around the students to see if they were okay.  Later they returned to Dr. Oliver's home.  Hayley told Shane, Dustin, Tori, Blake, Hunter, and Cam that their powers were gone.  Shane took this disappointment well, telling Conner that at least they had them.  Conner told Shane that they were simply picking up where they left off.  Dustin wanted to know who had rescued Sensei and all of them laugh when Marah and Kapri told them how they had rescued Sensei.  They were all glad to go back to normal.  Blake reminded them of his race.  The following day, Shane, Dustin, Tori, Kira, Conner, Ethan, Hunter, Cam, Marah and Kapri cheered Blake to another motocross victory.

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