Theodore Jay Jarvis Johnson - The Second Red Turbo Power Ranger and the Blue Space Power Ranger

T.J. was on a bus heading for Angel Grove.  His father thought he could improve his skills in baseball with a friend in Angel Grove.  On the bus TJ became friends with Cassie - who wanted a singing career.  Through the bus ride and the stop at the souvenir shop, they got to know each other.  While T.J. was waiting outside the souvenir shop, he heard and saw an explosion.  He wanted to investigate what had happen.  T.J. found himself a safe spot to watch out was going on.  He saw a young woman surrounded by strange looking creatures.  Much to his surprise, Cassie joined him in their hiding spot.  TJ knew he had to help and soon found himself helping the young woman and battling the strange creatures (Piranahtrons).  Cassie also joins in.  Despite thier best efforts, both T.J. and Cassie are becoming worn out.  The Power Rangers show up and take care of the rest of the Piranahtrons.  T.J. lets the Rangers know that the young woman's (Kat Hillard) friend is missing.  The Power Rangers assured T.J. and Cassie that they have the matter under control.  T.J. and Cassie leave.  While walking, T.J. discloses that when he was a kid he wanted to be a Power Ranger.  As Cassie is talking, T.J. spots some green slime and wants to follow it.  Cassie doesn't want to, and much to T.J.'s disappointment, leaves.  T.J. continues following the trail and finds Cassie.  They heard a strange howling coming from a cave, and go in to investigate.  In the cave they find a young man, bound and tangling over a pit.  Once again, TJ finds himself fighting Piranahtrons.  He spots the young man's rope breaking and quickly grabs hold of the rope.  Cassie grabs hold of the man and brings him over.  They leave together.  The young man introduces himself as Tommy and thanks them for their help.  They part ways and T.J. is surprised at how quickly Tommy had disappeared.  Cassie has had enough and T.J. follows her.  Because of his bravery, Tommy passes on his Red Turbo Ranger powers to T.J. and T.J. becomes the second Red Turbo Power Ranger.  Also on the team, are his friend Cassie - the second Pink Turbo Ranger, Ashley - the second Yellow Turbo Ranger, Carlos - the second Green Turbo Ranger, and Justin - the Blue Turbo Ranger.

T.J. was the new leader of the Power Rangers.  He continues the battle against Divatox.  Divatox keeps the Rangers busy with help from Rygog, Elgar, Piranahtrons and an endless array of monsters.   Almost right away, Divatox had placed T.J. and his friends (except Ashley) under a spell (with the use of a jacket) that cause them to be angry with each other.  

T.J. and the rest of the Rangers had help from Blue Senturion when the need arise.  T.J. also receive help from Lighting Cruiser.  Lighting Cruiser put T.J. through a test before letting him drive.  But once T.J. got behind the wheel, Lighting Cruiser and Storm Blaster became part of the Power Rangers team.  The mysterious Phantom Ranger from Eltar helped T.J. and the rest of the Power Rangers.  T.J. and the rest of the Rangers knew nothing of the Phantom Ranger other than where he was from, but they were glad to have him on their side.

T.J. attended Angel Grove High.  He enjoys sports - especially basketball and, of course, baseball.  T.J. tries to stay in shape by jogging.  It was while he was jogging through the woods, when he befriended a young boy - Erutan.  Erutan turned out to be a spirit of nature.  T.J. and the rest of the Rangers were able to prevent Divatox from taking Erutan and using his powers for her own.  T.J. was on the local baseball team.  He was the best player on the team and was always helping out the other players by giving them advice.  The opposing baseball team soon had a surprise for T.J.'s team.  A new kid had moved in, Heath, and he was on their team.  Heath had a killer curve ball, that even T.J. couldn't hit.  Eager to learn how to hit Heath's curve ball, T.J. began studying books on batting pratices.  To make matters more frustrating for T.J., Divatox's newest monster, Strikeout, also had a killer curve ball.  T.J. began to practice even harder, but he simply couldn't hit the curve ball.  Heath was very smug about his abilities and wanted only to win.  Heath noticed T.J. leaving practice on his bike.  Heath grabbed his bike and caught up to T.J..  Heath challenged T.J. to a race.  But T.J. declined.  When Heath mocked him, T.J. realized that all Heath cared about was winning.  In his zest to leave T.J. in the dust, Heath lost control of his bike and went over the edge of a cliff.  T.J. saw Heath go over and qucikly raced over.  He used all his strength to pull Heath back to safety.  Heath was grateful and told T.J. he owed him one.  T.J. told Heath that he didn't owe him anything.  Later, T.J. and Carlos pulled up to the baseball field.  Heath was already there and called T.J. over.  T.J. was surprised when Heath began to explain to T.J. how to watch his arm and wrist to judge where the ball was going to go.  T.J. was thrilled with the advice, but there was a catch, he couldn't tell anyone else.  Heath and T.J. began to pratice and soon T.J. knew where the ball was going to be.  T.J. was called into action, but before he left he thanked Heath for his help.  Strikeout wasn't a problem any more for T.J. and the monster was soon defeated.  The following Saturday, T.J. could only watch helplessly as his players failed to hit one of Heath's pitches.  It was frustrating not being able to help out.  Heath surprised both teams when he walked to the batter and began to give him advice on how to hit his ball.  T.J. couldn't stop smiling.

T.J. was a good friend to his fellow Rangers.  He was always ready to help.  T.J. helped looked for Cassie's missing dog.  T.J. and Carlos were on the same baseball team.  When Carlos had been bitten and turned into a vampire, T.J. helped to capture him and take him to the Power Chamber.  There Alpha had an antidote ready for Carlos.  When Justin got bit from a toxic ant that gave him super strong powers, but he was unable to morph.  Justin was reluntant to give up his super strong strength.  T.J. made him realized that winning trophies wouldn't mean anything, because it was the ant bite that gave him his strength.  T.J. also told him that when he got older, he'll train harder, and the trophies would mean something 'cause he earned it.  Justin decided to stay on the team and took the antidote.  He also helped proved that Bulk and Skull were not thieves when they were accused of stealing.

Divatox's brother, General Havoc shows up and manages to take the Ranger's megazord.  The Phantom Ranger helps the Rangers by leading them to new rescue zords.  The new zords help T.J. and the rest of the Rangers in their battles against Divatox.

T.J. and the rest of the Rangers received a message from Zordon that the planet Eltar was under attack.  Dimitria and Blue Senterion left to help.  Unknown to the Rangers, Elgar had discovered the whereabouts of the Power Chamber.  T.J. and the rest of the Rangers were soon under attack and the Power Chamber was destroyed.  T.J., Cassie, Ashley, Carlos took off in a space shuttle for space.  Justin had stayed behind to be with dad.  The space shuttle was pulled in the Astro Megaship where they met the Red Space Rangers, Andros.  Andros initially didn't want anything to do with them, but in the end he gave them morphers.  T.J. became the new Blue Space Ranger.

T.J.'s new home became the Astro Megaship.  His new villians were Astronema, Ecliptor, Darkonda, Elgar and swarms of Quantrons.  T.J. and the other Rangers had help in the form of DECA and Alpha.  T.J. and the rest of the Rangers were still intent on searching for Zordon.  Carlos had revealed that Andros had a sister that had been kidnapped.  T.J., Carlos, Ashley, and Cassie added finding Andro's kidnapped sister to their mission.  During his time as the Blue Space Ranger, T.J. visited several planets.  The Rangers continued to protect Angel Grove and T.J. continued attending Angel Grove High.

During his time as the Blue Space Ranger, T.J. search various planets searching for Zordon.  The Rangers had set up a scanning device that could scan the galaxy more quickly than they could.  Astronema found out and sent Darkonda and Elciptor to destroy the device.  T.J. and the rest of the Rangers were stunned when Darkonda merged with Elciptor to become Darkliptor.  Darkliptor soon had Carlos, Cassie, and Ashley frozen.  Darkliptor was set to do the same to Andros, except T.J. jumped in the way and prevented Andros from being frozen.  But T.J. suffered a blow to the head.  When he awaken on the Astro Megaship, he couldn't remember who he was or where he was.  T.J. was astounded to find himself in space.  Andros was stunned that T.J. couldn't remember him, and tried to help, but without any success.  T.J. wandered around the Astro Megaship and found a basketball by some lockers.  As he bounded the ball, memories tried to surface.  T.J. opened the locker with a blue stripe and found a picture of himself with Andros, and three other young people.  He hestitated and then transported to the planet below where he could see Andros battling it out with Darkliptor.  Cautiously, T.J. pressed the buttons on his morpher and morphed to the Blue Space Ranger.  During the battle, T.J. regained his memory.  

T.J. and the rest of the Rangers would have a reunion with Justin.  They had spotted Storm Blaster and was thrilled that he had escaped.  T.J. and the rest of the Rangers were soon captured by Astronema.  Justin had arrived in Storm Blaster and was able to release his friends.  T.J. and Justin compared notes on their blue uniforms.  Later, they introduced Justin to Andros.  T.J. assured Justin not to worry about them, they were okay.  T.J. and the rest of the Rangers said good-bye to their friend.

T.J. and the rest of the Rangers were soon joined by Zhane, a friend of Andros from KO-35.  Zhane helped out T.J. and his friends whenever he could.  

Andros discovered that his missing sister Karone was Astronema.  Astronema did not believe Andros when he told her that he was her brother.  Andros informed his friends of what had happened and how he didn't know how to get her to believe him.  T.J. urged Andros to keep trying on telling her the truth.  But T.J. was a bit taken aback when Andros showed up on the Astro Megaship with Astronema.  Andros was convinced that Karone was trying to help them find Zordon.  T.J. was not sure and only hope that Astronema was telling them the truth.  T.J. sets forth the condition that Astronema can stay as long as she is restrained.  Andros is furious, but Astronema agrees to the terms.  T.J. immediately sets course for Yotoba - a jungle planet where Astronema told them Zordon was being held.  The following morning, T.J. finds himself facing Andros and Astronema bearing chains.  Andros informs his friends that they have to make it look like Astronema captured them.  T.J. is very reluntant to go through with this plan and states that he doesn't like it, but that they will make it look good.  Dark Spectre appears on the screen and is very pleased with Astronema's capture of the Rangers and their ship.  As soon as Dark Spectres disappears from the screen, T.J. begins giving out orders.  He feels uncomfortable about the whole set-up and is even more concerned when Velocifighters appears.  Astronema informs them that they are an escort.  T.J. continues piloting the Astro Megaship - unease continuing to build, until at the last moment, he veers the ship off course.  The Astro Megaship crashes and Astronema disappears into the jungle.  This simply confirms to T.J. that she was setting a trap for them.  He leads the way through the jungle, in the hopes that perhaps Zordon is there.  The place is crawling with Piranahtrons and they are soon under attacked and captured.  T.J. can't believe they fell for Astronema's trick.  Dark Spectre orders Astronema to destroyed them and Astronema sets Darkonda on the task.  Darkonda is enjoying himself when he is dealt a heavy blow by Astronema - who continues to take out some Piranahtrons.  Astronema soon joins the Rangers and begins to set them free.  T.J. is stunned that Astronema was trying to help them all along and tells her so.  Her reply is a mischievous wink that makes his spirits fell lighter.  The Rangers, and Astronema, quickly make their way back to the Astro Megaship and a quick getaway from Dark Spectre.  T.J. is at the bridge of the ship when Andros and Karone entered.  Feeling remorsefull over not trusting Karone, he is the first to apologize to her.  T.J. is joined by Ashley, Carlos, and Cassie who all offered their apologies and their friendship.

Trying to help T.J. and the rest of the Rangers, Karone went aboard the Dark Fortress.  There she was captured and programmed - she was back to being Astronema with great ambitions.  Astronema unleased the powerful and cunning Psycho Rangers on the Power Rangers.

T.J. devised many plans to defeat the Psycho Rangers.  The Blue Psycho Ranger was the second to be destroyed thanks to T.J. quick thinking.  After many battles, the Psycho Rangers were transferred to data cards and their whereabouts unknown to T.J. and the rest of the Rangers.  Astronema launched a full scale assult on the universe.  T.J. and the rest of the Rangers scrambled to save Earth and the rest of the universe.  When Astronema demanded the Rangers be brought forward, T.J., Cassie, Ashley, Carlos, and Zhane witnessed Angel Grove's citizens protecting them by claiming that they were the Power Rangers.  This vision gave them all to launced their on attack - with the citizens of Angel Grove helping as well.  During the battle, a golden mist fell on all of them.  T.J. and his friends were demorph.  T.J. and the others did not know what to think until they saw the Dark Fortress looming overhead.  T.J. and the rest of the Rangers assumed that they had lost, but instead Andros, carrying Karone, exited the Dark Fortress.  T.J. and his friends ran to where Andros was.  T.J. watched as Andros cried over the lifeless form of Karone.  As his tears fell upon Astronema, she transformed into Karone and was alive.  After taking care of Earth, T.J. and the rest of the Rangers went to KO-35 to help the rebels reestablished their planet.  The rebels offered them a place to stay, but T.J. and the others were homesick and ready to return to Earth.  Andros, Karone, and Zhane returned with them as well.

T.J.'s life as a Ranger was not over.  Alpha had contacted him, Carlos, Ashley, and Cassie.  The Pyscho Rangers had been resurrected once again from data cards and were on Terra Venture.  T.J. and his friends swiftly left for the Astro Megaship and retrieved their morphers.  T.J. and his friends arrived just as the Galaxy Rangers (Leo, Mike, Damon, Kai, Kendrix, and Maya) and Andros were getting ready to battle the Psycho Rangers.  T.J. quickly joined in and, except for Psycho Pink, the Psychos were destroyed for good.  Psycho Pink survived and went after the Pink Rangers with a vengence.  Only with Kendrix's sacifice was the Ranger's able to restore calm to Terra Venture again.  T.J. and the rest of the Space Rangers returned to Earth.

T.J. would be call into action and headed for space once again.  Andros contacted him about the remaining generals of the Machine Empire resurrecting Serpentera.  T.J. quickly made his way to the NASADA space base.  He sat in his Turbo vehicle as Carter Grayson (Red Lightspeed Rescue Ranger) drove in with Cole (Red Wild Force Ranger).  Carter introduced Cole to Wesley Collins (Red Time Force Ranger) and Eric Myers (Quantum Ranger).  Carter then introduced T.J. who emerged from his car.  Carter had introduced T.J. using his full name - Theodore Jay Jarvis Johnson.  With an easy grin, T.J. informed them to call him T.J.  Then Tommy (Red Zeo Ranger) entered and informed them of their mission.  T.J. didn't hesitate to joined them in their mission.  Just as they were getting ready to board the Astro Megaship Mark II, the sounds of a motorcycle reaches them.  Jason (Red Mighty Morphin Power Ranger) has joined them as well.  The Rangers land on the moon and battle the generals and were able to defeat them.  Afterwards they all returned to the NASADA space base.  Tommy had thanked them all and left.  Cole's comment about Tommy being the greatest Ranger left T.J. and the others chuckling.  T.J. informed Cole that he wouldn't go so far as to call Tommy the greatest - after all, he replaced him.  The other Rangers  informed Cole of their accomplishments.  Not able to resist, T.J. asked them all if he told them about the time he was baked into a pizza.

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