Wesley Collins - The Second Red Time Force Power Ranger

Wesley Collins is the son of a millionaire.  He thought he had his life figured out.  One day, Wes would take over his father's business.  He admire his dad and wanted to be just like him.  That all changed when Wes went to the aid of a young woman.  He saw her in a fight with a lady with pink hair.  Wes could tell that she needed help and went to her defense.  As soon as the pink hair lady left, he turned to the young woman to see if she was alright.  Wes removed his helmet and the young woman gasped.  He couldn't understand why there were tears in her eyes.  She was joined by three other friends, who had similar stunned expressions on their faces.  It left Wes puzzled, but they were not about to give him any answers.  Wes was needed for a meeting, so he simply left the four puzzling people.

Wes was in the kitchen sampling everything.  He knew he had to get ready for a meeting, but his heart wasn't really into it.  Wes walked out of the kitchen and saw the young woman he'd seen earlier sitting in his home.  She told him that she really needed to talk to him.  Wes's father wanted him, but Wes pretended that he had already made another commitment to the young woman.  He introduced his father to Jen, and then hurriedly left the house with Jen in tow.  Wes was happy to be out of the meeting and told Jen that they were even, but Jen had other matters on her mind.  She wanted Wes to try on a morpher, but Wes wasn't letting anyone strap anything on his wrist without an explanation.  Jen told Wes that they were from the future, trying to capture Ransik and a group of mutants and return them to the future.  Jen needed Wes's DNA to activate the morpher.  Wes didn't believe a word Jen had said and thought she was nuts.  But Wes had second thoughts, when he saw her talking into a morpher with a hologram of one of her friends hovering above it.  Wes decided that he wanted to see what was happening.  He got there just in time to catch Jen - who was flying through the air.  Jen quickly gave him the morpher.  Again, Wes saw startled looks on Ransik and Nadira.  Ransik told him that he would destroy him again.  When Wes questioned Jen about what he was talking about, Jen told him it didn't concern him.  Wes morph and it was a sensational feeling.  The battle went in the Ranger's favor.  Wes was so pumped up.  He couldn't contain his excitement over his first battle.  The excitement was short-lived.  Jen didn't want Wes on their team.  She jerked his arm and removed the morpher.  Wes was bewildered.  Jen explained that they only needed Wes's DNA, they didn't need him.  Wes was hurt and trying to blow it off, simply walked away from them.

Wes in the limo and struggling with a tie - something he hated to wear, when he saw commotion in one of the stores.  He instantly recognized Nadira and wanted to get back into the action.  Wes was enjoying his confrontation with Nadria until he saw numerous Cyclobots.  He was ruthlessly knocked to the floor and barely made it out the door.  Wes was helped out by the other Time Force Rangers who arrived.  When they got to safety, Jen was furious with him.  Wes couldn't understand the anger generating from Jen.  He was on their side.  It was obvious that Jen thought he was only playing a game.  That he had no idea what was at risk.  When Jen asked him had he ever fought for anything, put his own life at risk, Wes told her yes.  Even though that was not true.  He didn't want her to think of him as a rich brat.  Trip wanted to stop the argument, but Jen wouldn't let Trip say anything.  As the other Rangers followed Jen, Trip went to Wes to try to talk to him, but Jen stop that as well.  Back at home, Wes was involved in yet another meeting.  He needed to get out and take in some air.  Wes stepped out for a moment and went over his argument with Jen.  It made him feel bad, that Jen had such a low opinion of him.  Wes heard his name and spotted Trip hiding.  Trip soon filled in Wes about what had happened.  About Alex and how he was destroyed by Ransik.  Wes began to understand what was behind Jen's obvious anger.  Wes went to the beach, where the other Time Force Rangers were staying, and found Jen.  There he told her, that although he had never fought for anything in his life.  He had a reason now.  Wes wanted to help the Rangers.  The Time Force Rangers were called into action, and Jen gave Wes the morpher.  Wes took the battle much more seriously.  When it was over, he was going to return the morpher to Jen, but she stopped him.  Jen knew that the Rangers needed Wes and that he was now part of the team.  Wes would not let them down.

Wes found the other Rangers a place to live.  In one of his father's buildings that was abandoned.  The clock tower became the new home for the Time Force Rangers.  Wes also found clothes in a truck that his fellow Rangers could use.  They also started up a business that dealt with odd jobs.  It was during one of his first odd job, painting, that Wes was captured.  While captured, Ransik told Wes his story of how he became a mutant and how the future treated him.  Wes was sympatric, but he told Ransik that revenge was never the answer.  This did not impressed Ransik and he placed the order to destroy Wes.  Again, the other Rangers showed up and freed Wes.  Once the battle was over, the Rangers were back at the clock tower to feast on pizza.  Wes pulled Jen to one side and told her that Ransik how told him his story.  Wes couldn't help but feel a little sorry for the guy.  Jen had no such feelings and told Wes that they had tried to help Ransik, but that he refused their help.  Although Wes agreed to continued helping the Rangers defeat Ransik, a part of him still felt some compassion for Ransik.

After working as a Red Ranger, Wes began to view his dad differently.  It disturb him to see how cruel his father could be.  When a baseball hit his father's limo, Mr. Collins kept the baseball.  Wes tried to reason if him that they were only kids, but Mr. Collins didn't see it that way.  Mr. Collins had given the baseball to Wes, and after his father had left, Wes toss the baseball back to the kids.  Later that same group of kids had been kidnapped with a ransom note for ten million dollars.  Wes went to his home to ask his dad for the money.  Mr. Collins wouldn't give the money and refuse to be involved - saying it was a matter for the police.  Then to Wes's disbelief, Mr. Collins wrote out a check for ten million to buy out two companies.  Wes began to doubt that he wanted to follow in his father's footsteps.  He wanted to create his own footsteps.  Wes tricked the client into turning over to the check to him.  Once the kids were safe, Wes was at home, returning the money.  His father was waiting for him and let him have it.  Mr. Collins became even more angrier when he was buzzed that there were reporters waiting for him.  The reporters were viewing Mr. Collins as a hero, since it was revealed that Mr. Collins supplied the money for the kidnapped kids.  Mr. Collins, seeing an opportunity to make himself look good, simply reply that indeed the money had been his.  In that moment, Wes announced that instead of keeping the money, his dad would be donating the money to the children's home.  Mr. Collins could do nothing but tightly grin and bear it.  Wes choose that moment to tell his father that he was leaving to make his own path.  He left behind the very comfortable life he has always known to strike out on his own.  Wes showed up at the clock tower and asked the Rangers if they had room for one more.  Jen, Katie, Trip, and Lucas were happy to have Wes stay with them. 

Much to Wes's chagrin, his father began devising schemes to protect Silver Hills.  Mr. Collins first project failed, but he soon came up with something new - the Silver Guardians.  The Silver Guardians were an elite force, that for a certain amount of money, would protect property from mutants.  Wes and his friends got to see the Silver Guardians in action when they confront Nadria.  When the conflict was over, one of the Silver Guardians approached the Rangers.  As he removed his sunglasses, Wes recognized his former classmate from prep school, Eric Myers.  Wes was happy to see Eric, but Eric didn't appear as thrill to see Wes.  Later Wes filled in the other Rangers on the relationship between him and Eric.  Eric wasn't exactly a friend.  Wes had tried really hard to become friends with Eric.  He even gave up going on a yacht party when Eric had been snubbed.  Not no matter how hard he tried, Eric always had to prove himself against Wes.  Eventually Eric left the prep school and that was the last Wes saw of him.  

Frax had released a mutant from the X-Vault.  The mutant was very powerful, even the Rangers had a tough time battling him.  The Silver Guardians were also called into action, with Mr. Collins watching close by.  Wes knew this mutant was too tough for the Silver Guardians, but they would not listen to him.  In order to save the leader of the Silver Guardians, Wes jumped in front of the blast that was meant for him.  The blast knock Wes out for a moment, but he soon began to recover.  The blast did damage his helmet and part of his face was revealed - much to Mr. Collins and Eric's astonishment.  Mr. Collins approached Wes and Wes explained to his father how he wanted to tell him, but he couldn't.  With the sound of Mr. Collins yelling at Wes, he raced to help his fellow Rangers.  Mr. Collins and Eric watched as Wes defeated the mutant and left with his friends.  Afterwards, Mr. Collins found Wes and the other Rangers raking leaves.  He wanted to talk to Wes privately.  Mr. Collins offered Wes a position in the Silver Guardians as the leader, but Wes didn't want it.  Being a Ranger was more important than money and it was something very important to Wes.  Mr. Collins couldn't understand Wes and they both walked away from each other.  Wes hoped that one day his father would understand him and be proud of him.

Wes had numerous encounters with Eric.  Wes wanted the quantum morpher, so did Eric and Ransik.  Eric activated the morpher and became the Quantum Ranger.  Wes did not give up.  He tried to talk Eric out of the morpher, but there was no way Eric was giving up the morpher.  There was also the Q-Rex.  Wes and the Rangers wanted to make sure the Q-Rex didn't fall into the wrong hands.  Eric wanted the Q-Rex as did Ransik.  Seeing the time portal open up, Eric went through it, along with Wes handing on.  They ended up back about 150 million years ago.  During the time of dinosaurs.  Wes was awed by the incredible sights.  There wasn't much time for sight seeing, as a T-Rex came after Wes and Eric.  Wes ended up going over a cliff.  He made his way back, got into another battle with Eric, then journeyed back to the year 2001.  For a time, Ransik did control the Q-Rex.  Then Eric gained control of the Q-Rex.  Wes and Eric were constantly butting heads.  The other Rangers began to feel that maybe they should try and talk to Eric.  Tell him that they were from the future.  Wes was not so sure.  He felt that his father would exploit the technology, if he knew.  Several time, Wes and the other Rangers tried to get Eric to work with them, but Eric preferred to work alone.  Trip had informed the Rangers, that Eric was not really mean, that he was lonely.  Eric acted mean to cover it up.  This information startled Wes, who never thought of Eric as being lonely.  On his own, Wes decided to pay him a visit.  Quietly Wes reached Eric's house.  Wes spotted Eric with his birds and a young girl.  Watching them all together, Wes couldn't help but smile.  Wes felt that things would work out with Eric.

After time, Wes developed a solid relationship with the other Rangers.  Lucas and Wes enjoyed the rivalry between them.  They played poker and arm wrestle.  When Lucas had to study for a driver's license, Wes was there to help him study.  With Katie, Wes liked to tell her ghost stories and admired her super strong strength.  From the moment they meet, Wes and Trip got along very well.  Wes enjoys introducing Trip to westerns and appreciates his intelligence.  Initially there was still some tension between Wes and Jen.  Jen at times, could be very harsh with Wes.  Wes liked Jen and wanted her to trust him.  He also wanted Jen to open up, so that he could get to know her.  During a mutant attack, the mutant had transferred the Rangers to another dimension.  In the other dimension where evil Time Force Rangers.  Wes and Jen escape the dimension.  They needed to help the other Rangers escape as well.  To do this, Wes and Jen needed to trust each other and work together.  With Circuit's help, they came up with a plan.  Wes couldn't understand how Jen could be so calm while her friends were in danger.  Jen used this opportunity to tell Wes something she had never told anyone else.  This confidence helped both of them become closer.  Wes vowed not to let Jen down.  Together they rescue the other Rangers.  Another time Wes helped Jen to break a spell that she was under.  Wes and Jen became much closer.  Living together, working together as Rangers or at odd jobs helped the whole team become a close one.

Wes, Katie, Lucas, and Trip were celebrating the defeat of yet another mutant, when a figure approach them.  Much to Wes's astonishment, Alex was back.  He tried not to show his hurt when Jen flung herself into Alex.  Wes had began to think that maybe Jen was starting to care about him.  Seeing Alex in the flesh was more disturbing than Wes ever realize.  Alex wasn't wasting any time, as he urged all the Rangers back to the Time Ship.  Wes was impressed with the Time Ship.  Inside Alex began giving his orders.  One of the first things Alex decided was to resume the position of the Red Ranger.  Trip and the others began to protest.  Alex told them that it was Wes's destiny to take over his dad's company, Bio-Lab.  Wes wasn't so easily swayed.  Wes no longer wanted to take over his dad's company or he didn't feel that anyone destiny's was written in stone.  Than Alex dropped the fact that Wes's dad would die the following day.  Wes couldn't believe it.  He had just seen his dad and he looked just fine to him.  But Alex was insistent on the matter.  Then Wes receive a call on his morpher from Eric.  Wes's dad was in the hospital and it looked bad.  Wes was stunned.  Wes gave the morpher to Alex, and left the Time Ship.  His emotions so raw, that he couldn't bear to look at the other Rangers as he left.  He made it to the hospital and saw his dad laying still in a bed.  As Wes tried to come to terms with what was happening, one of his father's employees approached him.  Someone need to take over Bio-Lab while his father was ill.  They wanted that someone to be Wes.  Wes agreed to take over, feeling that this is what his dad would want him to do.  He soon found himself in a board meeting.  As papers were shuffled toward him, Wes saw Eric being called to action.  How he wished it could be him.  Wes felt locked into a life he didn't want.  He returned to his father's hospital room to kept a watch over his father's last hours.  

Wes awoke the following morning with a start.  The first thing he did was look at his dad.  Then Wes walked over to the window and saw the sun coming up.  The day his father was to die was here.  Wes kept a steady vigil by his father's bed.  While there, he worked on some paper for Bio-Lab.  Dr. Zaskins stopped by to say hello and see how Mr. Collins was doing.  Dr. Zaskins expressed surprise that Wes was now working for Bio-Lab.  Wes tried to explain that it was what his dad wanted.  But Dr. Zaskins told Wes something different.  He explained how he had been in the lab when Ransik attacked.  How Wes's father had defended Wes and how proud he was of him.  Wes was stunned - his father proud of him.  Riding in the limo towards Bio-Labs, Wes felt a need to see his friends.  He had the limo pulled over and got out.  Wes entered the Clock Tower, but none of his friends were there.  He did found some photos of him and his friends.  Then a badly damaged Circuit flew in with bad news about the Rangers. Wes felt so confused as he heard a swirl of voices in his head.  But one voice came stronger than the rest.  That of his father - proud of him for taking control of his own destiny.  Suddenly it was clear to Wes what to do.  Wes joined his friends.  Alex was surprised to see him, but Wes told him that you make your own destiny.  The other Rangers urged Alex to give the morpher back to Wes.  Reluctantly Alex gave the morpher to Jen, who tossed it to Wes.  It felt so good to have the morpher back on his wrist.  Wes gave a nod to Alex and then went into action with his friends.  After the defeat of Frax's giant robot, Wes began running back to the hospital.  Eric gave him a lift the rest of the way.  Wes was in shock as he saw the empty hospital bed.  Slowly he walked towards it and lay his face on the bed.  Harsh sobs escape as he mourned the loss of his father.  As the tears poured, Wes thought he heard his father's voice.  He lifted his head and heard it again.  Whirling around Wes saw his father's in a wheelchair.  He was thrilled to see his father alive and wanted to know what had happen.  Mr. Collins told Wes that as he gasp for his last breath, he saw him and knew that he would be alright.  At first Wes was puzzled as to how his dad could have saw him, but then it clicked that it had been Alex that his father saw.  Mr. Collins also went on to tell Wes that he was proud of him for taking over the company, but that he didn't want him to be a businessman.  Wes's place was with the Rangers.  Wes was thrilled to finally have a reconciliation with his father.  Wes was on the move again, as he ran this time to the beach to say good-bye to Alex.  He couldn't help a little jibe at him for playing with destiny, but Alex responded that we all make our own destiny.  He had learned that from Wes.  As Wes watched the Time Ship take off, he couldn't have felt more content or fulfilled as he did that moment.

Wes had the opportunity to work with the Lightspeed Rescue Rangers.  There had been a break-in at the Silver Hills Museum.  Vypra and Ransik had teamed up together to steal the solar ambulant.  Vypra ended to use this ambulant to go forth a powerful demon.  Wes and the other Rangers tried to stop them, but were unable to.  As the Rangers picked themselves up from the ground, a vehicle approached them.  The young man introduced himself as Carter Grayson, Lightspeed Rescue Red Ranger.  At the clock tower, Carter explained what Vypra was up to.  Wes and his friends had never dealt with a demon before and were not sure how to proceed.  Carter was soon calling his fellow Lightspeed Rescue Rangers to help out.  Wes and Carter traveled to an abandoned subway where they found Vypra trying to call forth the demon.  Wes and Carter fought the cyclops and soon had the ambulant back.  They were back in the Lightspeed Rescue rover and Wes had thought they had made it.  But Vypra was hot on their trail.  They had to pulled over, but they were not giving up.  Carter was ready to smash the ambulant when he saw the rest of the Time Force Rangers had been captured.  Carter handed the ambulant back to Vypra.  Jen, Katie, Trip, and Lucas were tossed into Wes and Carter.  They all watched as Vypra began her chant to summon the demon.  This time she was successful.  The demon started heading towards them, when shots were fired at it.  Joel, Chad, Dana, and Kelsey had arrived.  They were followed by Ryan and Eric.  The two Ranger teams lined up together and then went into action.  Wes soon found himself calling for his battle fire gear.  Chad, Joel, Carter, and Eric also called for their extra armor gear.  Within moments, Vypra and the demon were destroyed.  Afterwards, Wes was very excited to show Chad, Dana, Kelsey, and Joel the clock tower.  He also had a gift for the Lightspeed Rescue Rangers.  Wes gave Carter a Time Force uniform.  In return, the Lightspeed Rescue Rangers gave Wes and the rest of the Time Force Rangers their Lightspeed Rescue jackets.  Not ready to end their time together, Wes and his friends gave the Lightspeed Rescue Rangers an escort back to Mariner Bay.

With the last mutant captured, the Ranger's mission was almost complete.  Wes celebrated with his friends as they realized they were close to going home.  In the midst of the celebration, Wes noticed Jen leave the room.  He followed her out onto the ledge of the clock tower.  Together they talked about all the times they had shared.  Wes told Jen that he would miss her.  At her startled expression, he quickly rectify it with missing all of them.  Throughout the conversation, although he wanted to, Wes never told Jen how he felt.  Later in the day, Eric paid them a visit.  Bio-Lab was getting ready to produce trixyrium.  Eric told Wes that he needed to talk with his father.  Wes agreed that now was the time.  As he waited to see his father, he thought over how much the relationship had changed.  Wes just hoped that his father would continue to listen to him.  Entering his dad's office, Wes gave him a hug and told him how great he looked.  Then he told him about his friends and how they were from the year 3000.  Wes also told his dad that he could not produce the trixyrium crystals - they were not to be produced for 100 years.  It was obvious this was not news Mr. Collins wanted to hear.  When Wes received a message from Jen over his morpher, he had to leave.  After the battle, Wes was trying to fix a clock.  He heard a knock on the door, it was Eric carrying a case.  Much to Wes's pride, his dad had returned the trixyrium crystals.  

The Rangers were gathered to receive a message from Alex.  Alex gave them some grave news.  The history banks show that the future is saved, but the Rangers do not make it.  Wes and his friends immediately try to come up with a plan that would prevent it, but Alex was against it.  Alex was sending the Time Ship and except Trip, Katie, Jen, and Lucas to be on that ship.  Wes realized that the time had arrived that he would be separated from his friends.  As Alex explained, Wes from the year 2001 and had to remain in his time period.  During the night, Wes had a nightmare in which his friends were pulled into one of the time portals.  Wes awoke covered in sweat.  He did not want anything to happen to Jen and his friends.  Wes heard their voices below and asked them what they were doing.  Jen inform Wes that they had made the decision to stay and fight.  Wes did not want them to stay.  But as they told him, if he could make his own destiny, so could they.  Their decision laid heavily on his heart and conscience.  The following day was spent packing up the mutants and getting all the equipment ready for the Time Ship.  Wes knew he had to make a stop and told his friends that he would meet them at the Time Ship.  Wes wanted to see his father, for what possibly could be the last time.  His dad was happy to see him.  Wes couldn't stay long.  He wanted to tell his dad how proud he was to his son.  It meant a lot to his father to heard him say that, but Mr. Collins was concerned that something might be going on.  Unable to tell his father about the future, Wes told his dad he just wanted to talk and he had to get going.  Wes entered the Time Ship to see his friends busy getting everything ready.  He noticed the heavy manual Trip put away.  Causally Wes glanced at the auto pilot key.  Circuit inform them that the battle had began.  As his friends left, Wes grabbed the manual and quickly located the auto pilot instructions.  He scanned the info before leaving to join his friends.  During the battle Circuit let the Rangers know that because of the trixyrium crystals, the Q-Rex was actually making the time portals open faster.  Wes told Eric that he had to stop the Q-Rex.  Eric asked them if they had any other options.  A huge explosion occurred that cause Wes and his friends to demorph.  Wes picked himself up and heard Eric say until they had another option he would continue to use the Q-Rex.  Everything Alex had said appeared to be coming true.  Wes couldn't bear it anymore - he did not want to see his friends destroyed.  He told them he had a plan that involved the Time Ship.  The Rangers followed Wes back onto the Time Ship.  Wes quickly began the procedure that would put the Time Ship on auto pilot.  Katie wanted to know what Wes was doing.  Lucas became suspicious and made to leave the ship.  Wes quickly went to his friends and pushed him into Jen, Trip, and Katie.  He left as the doors locked behind him.  Outside, Wes could see his friends through a large window in the Time Ship.  They were banging and pleading with him to let them out.  Wes cared deeply for each one and could not bare the thought of their demise.  Wes could see tears pouring down Jen's face as he told them that they would be safe in the future.

Despite the continuous pleas from his friends, Wes did not budge from his decision.  He felt he was doing the right thing.  Wes told Jen that her future was waiting for her.  The Time Ship took off, with Wes clutching the auto pilot key in his hand.  He made his way back into the city of Silver Hills.  The battle was still raging, although the Q-Rex had gotten hurt.  Wes found Eric in the midst of the rubble fighting numerous cyclobots.  He helped him to his feet and got him to a safe place.  Wes could see that Eric had been badly hurt.  He Eric that his friends had left to go home and that it was just the two of them.  Eric told him that he worked alone and didn't need his help.  Eric could barely walked a few paces before he had to sit down again.  Wes was angry with Eric.  For the first time he asked, with hurt apparent in his voice, why Eric continued to reject his friendship.  Eric told him his story of poverty and how they had nothing in common.  Wes would not let Eric use that as a shield against his friendship.  Instead he told Eric that they had a lot in common.  They both fought to change their destinies and they were both Rangers.  Wes knew they needed to get somewhere more secure than the rubble they were currently hiding in.  They made it to the clock tower where Wes bandaged Eric up.  He wanted Eric to take it easy, but Eric knew they did not have that kind of luxury.  Wes look at a picture of his friends with longing.  He had no idea whether they had made it back to the year 3000 or not.  All of sudden the windows burst in with cyclobots pouring into the clock tower.  Working together Wes and Eric fought them off the best they could, but they were outnumbered.  During a fall, Wes knock over a case that contain a weapon.  He used it to fire at the cyclobots as he made his way to Eric.  Wes had an idea.  Setting the weapon, Wes tossed it towards the cyclobots as Eric fired at the bell tower rope.  They were flung up and out the clock and morphed into the stratacycle and TF Eagle.  The following morning, Wes and Eric fought a group of cyclobots after Mr. Collins.  After they were destroyed, Wes and Eric demorph and went towards Mr. Collins.  Wes was surprised to see his father.  Mr. Collins just wanted to let Wes know how proud he was of him.  They hugged, unaware that a cyclobot was taking aim at them.  Wes heard the shot and turned to see Eric falling to the ground.  Wes and his dad held Eric as Eric tried to get up again.  Eric could not go on.  Mr. Collins was going to take him to the hospital.  Before Wes could leave, Eric gave him his morpher.  They grasp each other hands in the first sign of friendship and support.  Wes was now alone.  Before him was literally hundreds of cyclobots.  Wes gathered his courage and strength and runs into the cyclobots. 

There were so many cyclobots, Wes didn't know how much longer he could last.  Then a vortex opened and the Megazord appeared.  His friends were soon fighting along side him.  The battle was fierce, but they managed to destroy all the cyclobots.  Wes demorph and stare at the Rangers walking towards him.  They demorph as well and Wes found himself staring at their familiar faces.  He couldn't believe they had come back.  They told Wes that he wasn't the only one who can choose their own destiny, they can too.  His friends choose to stay and fight.  Wes accepted their decision and welcome them back.  He had a plan that he thought could save the city.  Trip worked on the Quantum Defender.  Using the modified Quantum Defender, Wes was able to neutralize the crystal in the Q-Rex.  Then with his fellow Rangers, they destroyed Doomtron.  There was only task left.  The Rangers meet Ransik head on.  Ransik prove to be a very powerful opponent.  Ransik soon had Jen, Trip, Katie and Lucas demorph and writhing in pain.   Firing shots from his motorcycle, Wes tried to rush Ransik.  Instead he was off his bike.  Not willing to give up, Wes morphed into Red Battle Warrior.  Wes and Ransik were locked in a struggle.  They fell to the ground in a large explosion.  The explosion left Wes weak and demorph.  He couldn't get himself back on his feet.  Wes watched as Jen managed to get to her feet and confront Ransik.  In horror, he watched Ransik go after Jen.  Wes called her name and then struggled to get back on his feet.  Jen and Ransik had gone into an abandoned warehouse.  Wes, along with Trip, Katie, and Lucas, followed them.  Quietly they walked in to see Ransik kneeling over Nadira.  Wes and his friends did not say a word as Ransik came to terms with the fact that he had almost destroy the one person he truly loved.  When Nadira told Ransik that maybe humans and mutants were not so different, Ransik realized that he had let hatred rule his heart for too long.  Ransik turned and faced the Rangers.  Ransik told them that he was ready to paid for his crimes.  Wes and the other Rangers were stunned and silent as they witness the cycle of hate being broken.  Without a word, Jen arrested Ransik.  

Wes was on the beach, with his father, Eric, and the Silver Guardians.  He stood facing his friends.  The emotions were high as each one knew that this was probably the last time they would see each other.  Wes shook hands with Lucas and soon had him embraced in a hug.  Katie nearly crushed his bones as she hugged him tightly.  When Wes got Katie to stop, she apologized.  But Wes didn't want her apology - he was going to miss her hugs.  Wes couldn't get the words out for Trip.  Trip knew how Wes felt and told him he was going to miss him too.  Another hug and Trip had vanished in a beam of light along with Lucas and Katie.  Only Jen remained.  Wes walked to Jen and told her how he wished she didn't have to go.  But they both knew that she had too.  Jen gave Wes a Time Force badge and left.  Wes watched her go.  Jen turned around and ran back to Wes.  They embraced.  Wes and Jen clutched each other tightly - never wanting to let go.  Wes savored the feel of her hair against his face, the beat of her heart beating as fast and hard as his.  In his heart, the beautiful and vibrant Jen would remain.  They exchanged words of love and Wes wished he could live another 1000 years so that they could be together again.  With his heart shattering into a million pieces, he watched Jen disappeared into the Time Ship.  Wes watched the Time Ship until it entered the vortex and was gone.  He felt his father's hand on his shoulder.  His dad was concerned for him and wanted to know if Wes was going to be okay.  Wes told his dad he was okay and starting walking back with him.  Wes was surprised to hear his father say he had a business proposition for him.  He tried to interrupt his father, but Mr. Collins wouldn't let him.  Wes's dad told him that the Silver Guardians were going to protect the entire city for free.  Mr. Collins needed a leader and he wanted Wes to be that leader.  The idea appealed to Wes and he agreed on one condition.  Wes wanted Eric to be his partner.  Eric was surprised but pleased to be Wes's partner.  Holding the Time Force badge, Wes felt the future looked pretty bright.

Wes enjoyed working as the leader for the Silver Guardians.  He had Eric at his side almost constantly and they worked well together.  On the more quiet days, Wes and Eric sit in their vehicle waiting for the speeding cars.  A yellow car zipped along and they were soon behind the yellow car.  Wes sat in the vehicle as Eric got out.  He knew Eric never let anyone off with just a warning, but couldn't resist asking whether he gave a ticket.  When Eric replied that yes he did and that the girl looked like trouble, Wes grin and tease his friend that she sounded just his type.  Wes and Eric received a call about trouble and they went into action.  When they arrived they saw three mutants.  Wes gave them a warning, but the mutants launched into a powerful attack.  Wes and Eric morphed and they still had a hard time with the mutants.  A blast came out of nowhere - it was the Wild Force Rangers.  Wes was glad to see more Rangers.  The mutants left, Wes and Eric demorph and went over to the Wild Force Rangers.  It turned out that the Yellow Wild Force Ranger was the girl Eric had given a ticket to.  He had to hold his friend back as Eric and Taylor got into each others face.  Wes thanked them for their help with the mutants, but the Wild Force Rangers looked puzzled.  The Wild Force Rangers replied that the creatures were Orgs, not mutants.  Wes had never heard of Orgs before and it was his turn to look puzzled.  He felt he better investigate further.  Wes thanked the Wild Force Rangers again, shaking Cole's hand.  Then dragging Eric along, left.  They returned to the Silver Guardians operations.  Wes found the case he was looking for and took it outside where Eric was waiting for him.  In the back of their vehicle, they set up the viewing screen and soon saw Trip.  Trip was happy to see them again.  Wes quickly got to the point - have any more mutants escape from the future.  He saw Trip hesitate and urged Trip to tell them what he knew.  Trip informed them that Time Force had been tracking three fugitives.  Trip did not know how they got from the year 3001 to the year 2002.  Trip also tell Wes that Jen had been assigned the mission of tracking the mutants and that they had lost contact with her.  Wes was taken aback over the news of Jen's disappearance.  He felt Eric's hand on his shoulder and then Eric left.  Wes took a quiet moment to ponder what had happened to Jen.  Wes and Eric agreed that they needed to work with the Wild Force Ranger and soon had tracked down Taylor.  Wes asked for her help and she agreed to help them.  Taylor took Wes and Eric to the Animarium.  At the Animarium, Wes heard a loud noise above and saw a huge eagle soaring.  Taylor informed them that it was her zord.   Eric began to sputter about the eagle being no big deal, and Wes calmed his friend down.  There were more important matters at hand.  Soon they were surrounded by the rest of the Wild Force Rangers and Princess Shayla emerged from her pond.  Wes asked the Princess for her help in dealing with the mutants.  Princess Shayla had never encountered Orgs such as these three.  Wes wasn't sure what the next step should be, when he heard a beep.  Once again, Wes and Eric put the viewing screen together.  Trip had done some research and the fugitives were half mutant and half orgs.  Time Force was classifying them as MutOrgs.  Trip also told them that he knew of someone who could help.  Wes realized all they could do now was wait.  He left the Animarium and rode in his vehicle with Cole.  Cole had been amazed that there were other Rangers.  But Wes, having worked with other Rangers before, filled Cole in on the fact that there were other Rangers.  Their conversation was interrupted by a call from Alyssa.  The MutOrgs had shown up.  Quickly, Wes and Cole arrived on the scene along with the rest of the Rangers.  They soon morphed into action.  The MutOrgs were as difficult as before.  Wes had targeted one MutOrg and it was tossing Wes around like he was nothing.  Wes felt a blast hit him and went sailing through the air and landed on some rocks.  The pain was intense and Wes was soon demorph.  On the ground, he could see the next blow coming and he tried to protect himself.  Instead a blast came out of nowhere.  Wes looked around and saw a hooded figure standing above them.   Wes was stunned to see that the hooded figure was Jen.  Jen went into action and Wes tried to gather his wits with the realization that Jen was back.  He tried to ask her questions, but Jen was concerned about getting the Rangers to safety and told him she would talk to him later.  Together, Wes, Jen, and the rest of the Rangers raced out of danger's way.

Wes returned with the rest of the Rangers to the Animarium.  Wes stopped Jen to ask her how long she had been in the present.  When Jen replied a week, Wes wanted to know why she had not contacted him.  Before Jen could replied, they interrupted by Princess Shayla.  The viewing screen had beeped and Circuit was waiting to tell them that reinforcements were on the way.  Wes left with the others to wait at the beach.  He watched the Time Ship land and his friends Lucas, Trip, and Katie exited from the ship.  Wes raced to greet his friends.  He gave Trip a hug and shook Lucas's hand.  The reunion was short, as Jen stopped smiling.  Wes was stunned to see Ransik and Nadira walking towards them.  Trip quickly explained that Ransik and Nadira were here to help.  Wes stood close to Jen as Ransik explained how he wanted to help.  Cole walked up and move Wes to one side.  Cole talked Jen into giving Ransik a chance.  Wes and the rest returned to the Animarium where Ransik explained how he had created the MutOrgs.  Jen agreed to let Ransik and Nadira help.  Wes helped tucked Trip and Circuit into one of the cots and thank Princess Shayla for letting them stay.  He saw Jen sitting, waiting for him.  Wes walked over and sat down as Jen put the shared blanket around his shoulders.  He was so happy to see Jen again and told her that he knew he would see her again.  Jen told him that she guess he wasn't the only one that could change his destiny.  He stared into her sparkling eyes and then drew her close to him.  Happy in the moment of being together again.  The following morning, Wes and the rest found out that the MutOrgs and Master Org were at the Power Plant.  They quickly got there and divided into groups.  Wes, Cole, Ransik and Nadira were in one group, trying to track down the MutOrgs.  Wes heard Nadira scream and turned around.  A MutOrg had attacked Nadira.  Before he could help, the other two MutOrgs started attacking the rest of the group.  Wes fought hard, but they had to get away.  As he lead Nadira, Cole, and Ransik away, Ransik stopped.  Ransik had a plan to stop them and before anyone could do anything, Ransik threw himself into the MutOrgs.  Wes grabbed Nadira and with Cole got to safety.  Wes watch Ransik collapse on the ground and the MutOrgs leave.  He raced to where Ransik was.  Ransik told them that he had destroyed the mutant half of the MutOrgs.  Ransik urged the Rangers that they could defeat them.  Wes and Cole left and joined the rest of the Rangers.  They were joined by Merrick.  The Rangers morphed and went into battle.  Wes used his armor and together the Rangers defeated the MutOrgs.  Afterwards, Wes and the rest of the Rangers went to where Wes had left Ransik.  He saw Nadira's excited face and watched as Ransik slowly got up and revealed his healed face.  Wes, who always had some sympathy for Ransik, was very happy for him.  They all left to enjoy the picnic Princess Shayla had waiting for them.  Circuit was there as well.  Everyone was in high spirits and the picnic became a celebration.  Jen and Alyssa urged him and Cole into a race.  Wes and Cole lined up and raced each other.  He could see Jen and Alyssa's excited and happy faces.  Laughing himself, Wes turned and shook hands with Cole.

Wes received an urgent call from Tommy.  He was wanted at the NASADA Space Port along with his friend Eric.  Wes and Eric arrived and drive their vehicle into one of the buildings.  They waited there, until they saw Carter pulled up with Cole.  Cole was excited to see Wes and Eric again.  Carter formally introduced Wes and Eric to Cole.  Wes watched as another young man stepped out of a red car - Carter introduced him as TJ.  TJ introduced the group to Andros.  Andros explained that they had been brought together by their leader for this mission - veteran Ranger Tommy.  Tommy explained how the Zeo Rangers had destroyed the most of the leaders of the Machine Empire, but there were surviving generals on the moon and that they planned to invade Earth.  Wes listen as Tommy told them he could only ask if they wanted to come on the mission.  Wes agreed to go along.  They were about to aboard the Astro Megaship 2 - which would be taking them to the moon - when the sounds of motorcycle came through.   Wes and the rest of the Rangers left the building to be greeted by the sight of a motorcycle heading towards them.  It was Jason - the original Red Ranger.  Now they were ready to board the Astro Megaship.  Wes, Eric, Cole, TJ, Carter, and Jason sat around a circular table with a viewing screen.  Tommy saw them scenes of the remnants of the Machine Empire digging up Serpentera.  They had to stop Serpentera before it left the moon.  Wes and the Rangers landed on the moon and entered the building were the generals and cogs were.  They quickly went into battle and the battle followed outdoors.  Wes and the rest of the Rangers were joined by Leo and Aurico.  Wes and the rest of the Rangers morphed into action.  Wes worked with Tommy on bringing one of the generals down.  General Venjix managed to get into Serpentera and had it running.  Wes watched as Cole called on the Wild Force Rider and destroyed Serpentera.  Wes cheered along with the rest of the Rangers.  They headed back to NASADA where Tommy thank them and said good-bye.  Wes watched Tommy go in the fading sunlight.  Cole was so impressed with Tommy that he called him the greatest Ranger ever - which brought laughter to Wes and the rest of the Rangers.  Wes had, after all, changed history.

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