Antonio Garcia - The Gold Samurai Power Ranger

Antonio is walking along the beach, pulling a fishing cart behind him.  He pauses when he sees the city ahead of him.  Antonio:  Finally!  I have arrived!  Wait till they get a load of me!  This will be golden baby!  Octozord peeks out from the fishing cart.  Antonio:  Not yet buddy.  Antonio closes the lid and then gazes at the city.  Antonio enters the city.  Antonio:  Now I can move onto more important business.  He shoots an arrow with a note towards Shiba House.  He is very pleased when the arrow hits the house.  Antonio:  Bulls eye!  The note states, see you soon.  Later, Antonio sets up his cart and passes flyers promoting his business to the people walking by.  Emily stops as Antonio hands her a flyer.  A few minutes later, a young woman walks up to him.  Mia asks Antonio if he made the flyers as she holds the flyer up.  Antonio replies, yeah, I'm a one man business.  Emily walks up and holds up the note and comments it's nicer to have one handed to you instead of shot at you.  Antonio agrees.  Then he realizes what Emily has said.  Antonio panics - you are going to ruin my big moment!  Mike, Kevin, Mia, and Emily start walking towards Antonio.  Antonio kicks over the ice container.  Mike, Kevin, Mia, and Emily slip on the ice and fall onto the pavement.  Antonio takes of running, pulling his cart behind him.  Antonio runs very fast as he tries to keep away from Mike and Emily, who are chasing him.  He can hear Mike yelling at him to stop, but Antonio keeps running.  Antonio finds a hiding place.  Mike and Emily have paused for a moment and they are very close to Antonio.  Mike's Samuraizer had gone off and they had stopped to answer it.  Mike hangs up and tells Emily they need us in Spring Valley.  Mike and Emily take off.  Antonio comes out of his hiding place and he is very excited.  Man, this sounds like the perfect time for my big moment!  Antonio arrives in Spring Valley.  He sees that the Nighlok, Vulpes, has knocked the five teens down and they are now struggling to sit up.  Vulpes gloats that he has thousands of mirror spells.  I can handle whatever you throw my way.  But I know you can't handle what I'm about to throw at you.  Suddenly several explosions hit Vulpes.  The five teens notice the young man.  Antonio tells them, now this is a big moment.  Man, this is going to be so golden.  Now let's do this!  Mike wants to know, who is this guy? Kevin points out it's the guy you were chasing.  Emily wants to know what he is doing?  Jayden states, he's going to get taken apart if he goes up against that Nighlok.  Instead, Antonio whips out his Samuraizer and morphers into the Gold Samurai Power Ranger.  The teens are surprised to see another Ranger.  Gold Ranger is disappointed by their reaction.  That's it?!  No, thanks for helping!  Mike asks his friends, who is this guy?  Emily is amazed at how sparkly the Gold Ranger is.  Gold Ranger tells them not to worry, just leave this one to me.  Gold Ranger leaps over and stands protectively in front of the teens.  Vulpes is not happy to see there is another Ranger.  Gold Ranger thinks there has been enough talking, now it's time for action.  Gold Ranger goes into a fighting stance.  Vulpes laughs at him - what kind of stance is that?  You're not worth my time twinkle toes!  Let these guys take care of you.  Several Moogers appear.  Gold Ranger replies, my style's different, but it's all mine.  And as they will see, there is plenty of strength behind it.  Gold Ranger pulls out his Barracuda Blade as the Moogers charge towards him.  Within seconds the Moogers are destroyed.  The teens are confused.  Mia points out that he didn't even move.  How can he do that?  Jayden replies, he did.  Just faster than the eye can see.  Kevin has never seen anything like it.  Jayden adds, that was the legendary sheath maneuver.  Kevin replies, that's impossible.  Jayden tells him not anymore.  Mike points out he's pretty fast.  More Moogers arrive and are hidden by the trees.  They shoot several arrows at Gold Ranger.  Gold Ranger blocks each arrow with his Barracuda Blade.  Gold Ranger leaps over into the woods to battle the latest batch of Moogers.  He battles them with his Barracuda Blade.  Jayden, Kevin, Mia, Mike, and Emily stand up.  Kevin points out the strange techniques the Gold Ranger has.  Emily doesn't care, it's good.  During the battle, Gold Ranger ends up on top of a tree.  He taunts the Moogers below, what's the problem?  Come up and get me!  I'm right here!  Suddenly Gold Ranger slips and falls to the ground.  Mia, Jayden, Kevin, Mike, and Emily run up.  Mia asks if he is okay.  Gold Ranger tells them, stand back!  I told you I got this!  Watch!  Gold Ranger goes back to battling the Moogers with his Barracuda Blade.  Soon the Moogers all fall to the ground.  There is a cracking sound.  Gold Ranger didn't mean to play lumberjack.  Several trees fall around Gold Ranger and he is soon caught in them.  Gold Ranger comments on his Barracuda Blade, man, this thing is sharper than I thought.  Suddenly Vulpes leaps in and battles Gold Ranger.  Vulpes uses a spell that releases fears fox's flock and they fly towards Gold Ranger.  Jayden morphs and leaps into the battle with his Spin Sword.  Red Ranger destroys the flying creatures with his blazing strike.  Vulpes is knocked to the ground.  Gold Ranger tells Red Ranger, you're better than I remember.  Gold Ranger quickly goes back into action with his Barracuda Blade.  Gold Ranger strikes Vulpes several times with the Barracuda Blade and Vulpes is defeated.  Gold Ranger is very excited.  Red Ranger is still puzzled over Gold Ranger's comment and asks him, what did you mean, I'm better than you remember?  Mike, Emily, Mia, and Kevin come running up.  Vulpes grows to giant size.  Surprised, Gold Ranger falls to the ground.  Red Ranger tells the rest of the Rangers, we'll deal with our gold friend later.  First things, first.  Mike, Emily, Mia, and Kevin morph.  The zords are summon and Battlewing Megazord is formed.  Gold Ranger watches all of this from the ground and he is impressed.  Vulpes vanishes using his Vulpes' veil.  Vulpes strikes Battlewing Megazord several times.  Gold Ranger realizes he needs to help them.  Gold Ranger texts Octozord.  Octozord leaves the fish cart and flies into the sky and then lands beside Battlewing Megazord.  Gold Ranger goes into mega mode power and leaps inside Octozord.  Octozord flies into the air once more.  Octozord flies towards Vulpes.  Gold Ranger instructs his zord to use it's ink cloud.  Octozord spreads it's ink cloud and soon Vulpes is revealed.  Vulpes is not happy.  Octozord lands on Vulpes' head and strikes it with it's tentacles.  After several strikes, Octozord flies away.  Battlewing Megazord flies into the sky.  Battlewing Megazord uses it's flying slash, final strike.  Vulpes is destroyed.  Gold Ranger leaps around with excitement.  Octozord flies over to Battlewing Megazord as Red Ranger declares victory is ours.  After the battle, Gold Ranger walks towards the teens, dragging his cart behind him.  Gold Ranger asks them if that was golden with a capital g.  Kevin demands that he start talking.  What's your story?  Gold Ranger demorphs.  Jayden recognizes him as Antonio tells Emily, Mia, Mike, Kevin that he had come because of the Nighloks showing up.  Guys, I'm on your side.  Tell them J.  Jayden can't believe it's really Antonio.  Antonio is thrilled that Jayden remembers him.  When they were little boys, they had played together and become good friends and then Antonio had to move away. Jayden tells him, he can't believe it's really you.  Antonio replies, believe it, I'm back!  And I'm ready for some action.  Antonio walks towards Jayden and does some fighting moves.  Jayden stops a punch.  Antonio asks him, do you still think you can take me?  Jayden grins.  Antonio and Jayden get into a fighting stance and then begin sparring.  Emily, Mia, Mike, and Kevin watch.  They are both very good.  As they spar, Antonio thanks him for giving him a chance.  Jayden remarks if there is anything I learned, it's to trust my instincts.  They go back to sparring. 

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