Daggeron - Solaris Knight

Several years ago, Daggeron fought in a great battle, when the underworld tried to conquer the surface world.  Daggeron and the rest of the Mystics were betrayed by their friend, Calindor.  Daggeron and Calindor battle and they ended up both curse and stuck in a beach cave, protected by a seal.  Daggeron was stuck in the form of a frog.  Years later, the seal was broken when the Power Rangers entered the cave.  Daggeron spotted the Rangers and leaped onto the Blue Ranger.  The Blue Ranger shrieked when she discovered the frog on her arm and shook Daggeron off.  With the seal broken, Daggeron was able to leave the cave.  Daggeron kept a protective eye on the Rangers and witness their celebration when Jenji helped them.

Daggeron was in the woods.  The teens were in the woods as well.  Udonna had sent them when the crystal ball showed dark magical energy emitting from the forest.  Daggeron could do nothing but watch as the teens faced an unknown creature covered in armor appeared before the teens.  The teens battled the armored creature and were about to morph, when Udonna arrived and told them to wait.  The armored creature was an old friend of Udonna's, Calindor was revealed.  Udonna introduced the teens to Calindor.  Later, Daggeron managed to make his way inside Rock Porium.  He landed on shoulder of Madison.  Madison was unaware of Daggeron's presence until Xander replied that her prince had arrived.  Madison shrieked once more and shook Daggeron off.  Daggeron spent a good deal of time leaping away from Chip, Vida, Nick, and Xander as they tried to catch him.  The chasing stopped, once the teens heard screams from outside.  The teens left Rock Porium, and so did Daggeron.  The Rangers were battling Jester.  Daggeron was there as well.  Jester had knocked down all the Rangers.  Blue Ranger managed to get up and go after Jester herself.  Jester soon had the Blue Ranger in a powerful grip and then tossed her to the ground.  Blue Ranger demorphed as she hit the ground.  Jester menacing moves towards Madison.  The rest of the Rangers were still unable to get up.  Jester was about to strike Madison, when Daggeron leaped up and landed on Jester.  Jester wasn't too fond of frogs either.  Jester managed to shake off Daggeron.  Daggeron landed safely on the pavement.  The rest of the Rangers caught up and started battling Jester.  Madison made her way towards Daggeron.  Madison picked up Daggeron and held him in her hands.  Madison realized that Daggeron had saved her life.  Madison gave Daggeron a kiss.  A sudden golden glow surrounded Daggeron and Daggeron reverted back to a man.  The powerful glow knocked Jester off his feet.  Daggeron walked over to the kneeling Madison.  Daggeron offers his hand to her.  Daggeron:  My lady.  Daggeron helped Madison to her feet.  Daggeron:  Thanks.  You broke the curse.  Madison:  I did?  Daggeron nodded.  The rest of the Rangers came up and surrounded them.  Jester returned, this time with several Hidiacs.  The Rangers lined up and Madison joined them.  Daggeron walked over and told them to stand aside.  The Rangers and Madison were taken aback.  Daggeron morphed into the Solaris Knight, with the power of the sun.  Solaris Knight took on the several Hidiacs and Jester on his own.  Solaris Knight soon called on his old friend Jenji.  With Jenji's lamp, Solaris Knight had a weapon - Lamp Laser.  Solaris Knight destroyed Jester and the Hidiacs.  Solaris Knight demorphed as the Rangers and Madison ran up to him.  Madison asked him who he was.  Daggeron told Madison there was no time, Udonna was in trouble.  Daggeron entered Rootcore with the teens.  Daggeron gave a powerful blow to Imperious, who had just broken the protection spell on Xenotome and was about to take it.  The blow knocked Imperious off his feet and release Udonna and Clare from the immobile spell Imperious had them under.  Despite looking completely different, Daggeron recognized Imperious as Calindor.  Imperious told Daggeron he was called Imperious known.  Daggeron was ready to fight, but Imperious told him now was not the time or place and vanished.  Daggeron and Udonna hugged each other.  Later, Daggeron and Udonna walked together.  Daggeron told Udonna of Calindor's betrayal and how he barely recognized his former friend.  Daggeron also told Udonna of the curse.  Udonna asked Daggeron about her baby Bowen.  Daggeron regretfully lost track of Bowen during the battle.  Daggeron asked Udonna about Leanbow.  Udonna told Daggeron that Leanbow was destroyed.  Daggeron hung his head.  Daggeron told Udonna he was sorry.  Daggeron felt and told Udonna that he had let her down, he had let everyone down.  Daggeron dejectedly walked back inside Rootcore.

Solaris Knight and the rest of the Rangers were miniature form inside a small chest.  Solaris Knight had brought the Rangers here for a training session.  Brooms flew above them all.  Solaris Knight:  This training exercise is harder than it looks.  Solaris Knight looked at the Rangers.  Solaris Knight:  Ready to begin?  All the Rangers:  Ready.  Solaris Knight:  Excellent.  Now, capture the practice brooms.  All the Rangers, except Green Ranger, managed to capture their broom and tie a color coordinating ribbon on it.  Solaris Knight:  Descend.  Four brooms came down to the Rangers.  Green Ranger:  Aahh guys, just wait a minute.  The rest of the four Rangers stood in a line.  Solaris Knight stood in front of Red Ranger.  Solaris Knight:  You pass.  Solaris Knight kept going down the line, talking to each Ranger, except for Green Ranger, who was still trying to capture his broom.  Solaris Knight demonstrate to Green Ranger how to do it.  Solaris Knight declare that it was enough practice for one day.  A spell was cast, and Daggeron and the teens emerged from the chest normal size.  Daggeron walked towards Xander and told him he had expected much better from him, before he left.  Later, in the woods, Daggeron had another training session for the teens.  Daggeron told the teens it was an obstacle course to test each of their magical powers.  The exercise involved retrieving a flag for each Ranger.  The teens, except Xander, were excited.  Daggeron let them begin.  At the end of the obstacle course, only Green Ranger had to retrieve his flag.  The rest of the teens and Daggeron watched as Green Ranger spotted his flag.  Green Ranger was about to use a vine to swing on when Daggeron stopped him.  Daggeron asked Green Ranger if he was sure the vine was strong enough.  Green Ranger supposed it was.  Daggeron decided to test it out.  Daggeron took a hold of the vine and swung towards the flag.  Unfortunately, mid way the vine snapped, and Daggeron landed in a stream.  Daggeron came sputtering up to the surface.  The teens all raced to his side and helped him up.  Daggeron was angry.  He told Xander that he had placed his teammates in great danger.  Xander was not concern, it was only practice.  Daggeron was frustrated.  Daggeron told Xander he had to stay behind and grow a tree from an acorn.  Xander didn't think it was a big deal and was about to pull out his wand.  Daggeron told him without his wand.  Xander was upset, he had a big date that night.  Daggeron told him he no longer did.  Daggeron and the rest walked away.  The following day, Daggeron entered Rock Porium.  He overheard Xander telling his friends how Daggeron was picking on him for his good looks, and that Daggeron couldn't get a date.  Jenji was outrage, but Daggeron simply tucked Jenji in and walked up to Xander and his friends.  Xander realized that Daggeron was right behind him.  Daggeron announced that the teens were going on a field trip.  Daggeron used his morpher and a giant train appeared outside of Rock Porium.  The teens, except Xander, excitedly clambered aboard.  Daggeron morphed.  Solaris Knight drove the train, with help from Jenji feeding the coal into the engine.  The train landed in Shalifar.  Solaris Knight demorphed.  Daggeron and Jenji stepped off the trains.  The teens soon were out as well.  Daggeron told them they were in the magical dimension of Shalifar.  Daggeron held up a ticket.  He told them to leave, all they had to do is retrieve the ticket.  Daggeron then tossed the ticket as far as it could go.  Xander was outrage.  Daggeron calmly told Xander if he didn't like it, all he had to do was get the ticket.  Daggeron then collected their morphers.  Jenji was concerned about leaving the teens alone, but Daggeron was confident in them.  Daggeron and Jenji returned to Briarwood.  Daggeron was immediately called into action.  Necrolai and Behemoth were attacking the city.  Daggeron arrived in the city, on a flying carpet.  Daggeron quickly morphed.  Solaris Knight and Behemoth battled.  Out of nowhere, Koragg suddenly appeared.  Solaris Knight and Koragg battled, until Solaris Knight saw Behemoth and Necrolai take off.  Solaris Knight knew he had to stop them.  Solaris Knight left his battle with Koragg to pursue Necrolai and Behemoth.  Solaris Knight soon caught up to the two.  Solaris Knight and Behemoth battled once more.  Soon the train arrived, with the teens.  The teens raced over to Solaris Knight.  Xander told Solaris Knight that he wasn't a bad teacher, he was being a bad student.  Xander received a new spell code.  The teens morphed and battled Behemoth.  Green Ranger used his new spell code that gave him very large muscles.  The Rangers defeated Behemoth.  Unfortunately, a dark seal was cast and Behemoth was revived and growing very large.  Solaris Knight told the Rangers he would take it from here.  Solaris Knight had the train transform into the Solar Streak Megazord.  Solaris Knight and Behemoth battled and Solaris Knight destroyed Behemoth.  Later, Daggeron walked into the woods and came upon Xander practicing his magic.  It was the earlier exercise of trying to get the ribbon on the broom.  Daggeron asked Xander if he would be ready for the later classes.  Xander remarked that he had better, he had a tough teacher.  Daggeron told him his teacher was much tougher on him.  Daggeron added that eventually he grew to respect his teacher and later his teacher became his best friend.  Xander had his broom cut a close call towards Daggeron.  Daggeron jumped.  Daggeron shook his head as Xander grinned.

Several citizens in a park in Briarwood were in danger.  Gnatu and her monster, Spydex, were taking their life forces.  The Rangers quickly went into action.  Solaris Knight leaped into the fight, firing at several Hidiacs that were there as well.  Solaris Knight:  Laser Lamp!  Solaris Knight landed on the ground.  He looked around at the other Rangers.  Solaris Knight:  Get those people to safety.  Solaris Knight continued the battle.  The rest of the Rangers immediately train to get the people to safety.  Green Ranger:  Come with me.  Green Ranger lead a citizen to safety.  Blue Ranger was fighting off several Hidiacs.  Blue Ranger spotted more people.  Blue Ranger:  Run!  Red Ranger was also battling several Hidiacs.  Red Ranger saw there were still people in the park.  Red Ranger:  Go!  Solaris Knight and the Rangers were kept busy battling until they defeated the Hidiacs.  Unfortunately, they were too late for some of the citizens.  Gnatu had taken their life forces.  Gnatu and Spydex vanished.  Yellow Ranger was on the ground.  Solaris Knight and the rest of the Rangers raced over to his side and asked him if he was okay.  Yellow Ranger replied that he was, but he was frustrated over the fact that he couldn't help the people.  Solaris Knight reminded him that he had done the best that he could do.  Solaris Knight and the Rangers went to Rootcore.  Daggeron watched as Chip had Xander frantically searching for any signs of dark magic, and Madison looking up spells to help restore life forces.  Xander and Madison hadn't had any luck.  Daggeron told Chip that they were doing very thing that they could.  But it wasn't enough for Chip.  Daggeron walked over to Jenji.  Jenji was feeding Fire Heart a little bit at a time.  Vida and Nick were there as well.  Udonna came in and told them that she always found it best to feed a dragon at once, before it decides to eat you.  Jenji threw the rest of the meal at Fire Heart.  Nick and Vida laughed until Nick clutched his head.  Daggeron asked him if he was okay.  Nick told him he had gotten a message from Koragg.  Koragg wanted to battle Daggeron.  Daggeron accepted the challenge and told Nick to tell Koragg that he will meet him in the Twilight Dimension.  Udonna urged Daggeron to be careful - Koragg was a powerful wizard.  Daggeron reminded Udonna that he had been trained by the best.  Daggeron morphed and went to the Twilight Dimension, where Koragg was waiting for him.  Solaris Knight and Koragg battled.  At one point, Koragg told Solaris Knight that he was wasting his time, teaching his students good magic, when only dark magic matter.  Solaris Knight became angry and told Koragg he was the one wasting his time.  Solaris Knight and Koragg continued to battle.  Eventually, Solaris Knight landed on the ground, while Koragg walked away in triumph.  Daggeron entered the woods.  He overheard the teens and Udonna.  Chip had a soul specter.  Daggeron walked towards them and told them the only thing that could help Chip was the Staff of Topaz.  Xander, Vida, Madison, and Nick wanted to know where it was.  Daggeron told them Mount Isis.  The teens were ready to leave, but Daggeron told them they couldn't.  Briarwood was still under attack.  Daggeron told them that he would take Chip to Mount Isis.  Udonna reminded Daggeron that the trip up Mount Isis was treacherous.  Daggeron was confident that he and Chip could do it.  Daggeron and Chip took the train to the base of Mount Isis.  Chip was worried that he would make it.  Daggeron was not.  Daggeron and Chip began climbing.  At one point, Chip lost his grip and began to fall, but Daggeron caught him.  Daggeron and Chip continued to make their way.  They were almost to the top, when Daggeron noticed that Chip was no longer behind him.  Chip was sitting and told Daggeron that he could not make it.  Daggeron sat with him.  Daggeron told Chip that when he was training, there were many times that he wanted to give up, but his teacher wouldn't let him.  Daggeron continued and told Chip that he wouldn't be a very good teacher if he let Chip quit before he had even started training.  Chip was thrilled, Daggeron was going to train him to become a knight.  Daggeron helped Chip up and they continued on their way.  Daggeron and Chip finally reach the top of Mount Isis.  They started to walk, but Chip collapsed onto the ground.  Chip couldn't make it.  Daggeron spotted the Staff of Topaz and started heading towards it.  Before he could reach it, he was blasted off his feet and landed on the ground hard.  Daggeron saw that it was Koragg.  Daggeron got up and told Koragg that the boy didn't have much time left.  Koragg laughed and told Daggeron if he wanted the Staff of Topaz, he was going to have to get it.  Koragg blasted Daggeron once more.  But this time Daggeron was ready and had morphed into Solaris Knight.  Solaris Knight and Koragg battled.  The battled escalated to zords.  Centaurs Megazord soon engulfed the Solar Streak Megazord in dark magic.  The Solar Streak Megazord was bonded up tightly.  Solaris Knight broke free the bonds, which surprised Centaurs Megazord.  Solaris Knight, inside his Megazord, started firing at Centaurs Megazord and Centaurs Megazord started to fall to the ground.  As Centaurs Megazord fell to the ground, he let go of the Staff of Topaz.  Solaris Knight leaped out of his zord and grabbed the Staff of Topaz before it hit the ground.  From behind him, Koragg chuckled.  Solaris Knight turned around and Koragg told him he might be an worthy opponent before vanishing.  Solaris Knight demorphed and raced over to Chip.  Daggeron pointed the Staff of Topaz at Chip.  Soon the Staff of Topaz destroyed the soul specter.  Chip was very still on the ground.  Daggeron walked over to see if Chip was okay.  Chip told him if this was training to become a knight, it was going to be brutal.  Daggeron smiled when Chip asked him when they were going to start.  Daggeron and Chip morphed and headed into the city to help the rest of the Rangers battle Gnatu and Spydex.  Solaris Knight got hold of the container which held the life forces and released them.  The rest of the Rangers destroyed Gnatu and Spydex.  Later, Daggeron began training Chip to become a knight.  They started with archery.  Daggeron was impressed when Chip shot his arrow and it landed bulls eye.  Chip told Daggeron that archery was a hobby of his.  Daggeron asked Chip to let an old warrior try and took the bow.  Daggeron fired the arrow and it split Chip's arrow in half.  Chip was impressed.  Daggeron told Chip he was trained by the best knight, Udonna's husband.  Chip was surprised, he didn't know that Udonna was married and wondered why Udonna hadn't said anything.  Daggeron told Chip it was probably because it was a painful memory.  Udonna's husband, Leanbow, had sacrifice himself to close the gates.  Chip asked Daggeron why he didn't help him.  Regretfully, Daggeron replied that he wasn't there.  The mood had become somber.  Daggeron told Chip lets continue with the training.  Chip fired another arrow and it split the two previous arrows in half.  Daggeron was very impress.

Daggeron and Udonna were at Rootcore.  Both of them were very worried.  Madison, Chip, and Nick walked in.  Udonna:  Have any of you seen Fire Heart?  Chip:  No.  Nick:  Not me.  Madison:  Not for awhile.  Udonna told them that Fire Heart has gone missing.  Clare was beside herself with worry and was searching the woods.  Jenji tried to sneak past.  Daggeron noticed him and asked him what he had done.  Jenji confess that he had been the one to take Fire Heart and he had left him in the woods.  Daggeron and Udonna sent Jenji, Chip, Nick, and Madison into the woods to retrieve Fire Heart.  But when they came to the spot where Jenji had left Fire Heart, Fire Heart was gone.  Later, all the teens were at Rootcore.  Fire Heart was still missing.  Daggeron told them he had more bad news, Jenji was missing as well.  Chip thought maybe Jenji had gone looking for Fire Heart.  Daggeron told them no, Jenji had left a note.  In the note, Jenji told them that he had not gone looking for Fire Heart.  Jenji was leaving because he had no friends.  Madison pointed out that in their excitement over Fire Heart, they had forgotten about Jenji.  Daggeron told them this was not the first time this has happened.  Daggeron told them that Jenji had been banished from his home planet.  Chip couldn't understand why anyone would banish Jenji, Jenji is great.  Daggeron told them that Jenji was the most strong and popular cat on his planet.  A jealous King had a witch cast a spell over the village that made the villagers think Jenji was evil and they banished him.  When Daggeron found Jenji, Jenji was a traveling nomad.  Daggeron told them the story.  Jenji had just found some treasure and was about to open a small chest.  Solaris Knight arrived and told him not to open the chest, it was a trap.  Jenji did not believe him and opened the chest anyways.  Jenji was soon surrounded by dark magic.  Acting quickly, Solaris Knight trapped Jenji within a lamp.  Solaris Knight opened the lamp and told Jenji that he was now a powerful genie, but he could only leave the lamp for short periods of time.  Jenji was in despair, what had he done.  Solaris Knight reassured him that he would keep watch over him.  Daggeron finished the story by telling them that if Jenji did not return in two hours, Jenji would turn to dust.  Udonna came forward with more bad news.  Necrolai appeared in the crystal ball - Necrolai and Screamer were back in Briarwood.  Vida, Chip, Nick, and Xander prepared to leave to battle Necrolai and Screamer.  Madison decided to find Jenji, as he didn't have much time left.  Later, Daggeron and Udonna were out on a balcony at Rootcore.  They were both still worried and wondered where Jenji was.  Clare excitedly ran towards them.  Clare told them she had found Fire Heart and they would not believe how big he had gotten.  Udonna told her that was nice, but Jenji was still missing.  Daggeron started to walk forward, telling them it would take a miracle to find Jenji now.  Daggeron was suddenly lifted off his feet.  Fire Heart had a hold of him.  Fire Heart flew Daggeron to Briarwood.  Daggeron and morphed.  Solaris Knight quickly waved his lamp and the last traces of Jenji returned to the bottle.  Jenji was restored and popped his head out of the lamp, happy to be home again.  Solaris Knight and Madison still had to face down Necrolai and Screamer.  Madison morphed and much to Solaris Knight's surprise, took Jenji's lamp.  Blue Ranger used the Jenji's shining attack to destroyed Screamer.  With the destruction of Screamer, the four Rangers and the rest of the citizens of Briarwood were restored back from feathers to humans once more.  Necrolai, using dark magic, brought back Screamer and had her grow large.  The Rangers acted quickly and formed their Megazords, Titan Megazord and Solar Streak Megazord.  Solaris Knight and Jenji were inside Solar Streak Megazord and he was glad to have Jenji back.  Jenji was glad to be back.  The Rangers battled and destroyed Screamer.  Later, in the woods, Daggeron and Udonna walked along with Jenji.  Jenji was pleased to be back and Daggeron and Udonna were happy to have him back.  Phineas was dropped right in front of them by Fire Heart.  Jenji hurried inside Rootcore while Phineas picked himself up.  They all watched Fire Heart soar away.  Phineas thanked Daggeron and Udonna for letting him dragon sit Fire Heart.  Udonna told him not a problem and Daggeron and Udonna started to walk away.  Phineas told them he never got to see how the baby he found turned out.  Daggeron and Udonna were startled and turned around to face Phineas once more.  Phineas realized that he had let his secret slip and tried to pretend it was something else he had said.  But Phineas could not stay silent under Udonna's gaze.  Phineas admitted that during the great war, when Calindor and Daggeron were battling, Phineas had found a baby.  Phineas knew the woods was not a safe place for a baby and so he took it to the human realm where it would be safe.  Udonna realized that Phineas had found Bowen.  Udonna was ready to go find Bowen, but Daggeron stopped her.  Daggeron told her that in the human world, Bowen was safe.  Daggeron warned Udonna if dark magic found out about Bowen, he would be in great danger.  They needed to defeat the underworld, before they could find Bowen.  It was hard, but Udonna agreed.  Udonna had Phineas promised that he would not say a word about the baby he had found.  Phineas went through the motions of zipping his mouth shut.

Daggeron hurried into Rootcore.  Chip, Nick, Xander, and Clare were there.  Daggeron:  Seems we have work to do.  Clare have the girls met us.  Clare:  Okay.  Nick:  More fighting!  The guys tossed aside their pizza and went out as well.  They all morphed and were in the woods, when they ran across Warmax.  Solaris Knight recognized the creature as one of the Barbarian Beasts from the oblivion.  The Rangers and Warmax battled.  Warmax was very powerful.  Yellow Ranger was hurt in the battle.  The Rangers wanted to use Jenji, but Solaris Knight refused.  Green Ranger went after Warmax and got tossed aside.  Solaris Knight told the four remaining Rangers to go Titan, he was going to check on Green Ranger.  Eventually, they returned.  Solaris Knight was in his Solar Streak Megazord and Green Ranger had gone Titan as well.  The four remaining Titans had been knocked to the ground.  Green Titan used a powerful blow and Warmax was destroyed.  Daggeron and the teens returned to Rootcore.  Udonna became alarmed when she saw that Chip was hurt.  Chip reassured Udonna that he was simply banged up.  Vida was furious.  Vida wanted to know how come they have a powerful genie and they never used him.  Madison added that it would make things easier.  Udonna didn't know what to say and glanced at Daggeron.  Daggeron told them that Jenji was not the answer.  The crystal ball alerted them to more trouble.  Daggeron told Chip to rest up, they would need him and instructed the rest to follow him.  Madison, Vida, Nick, and Xander reluctantly followed Daggeron out once more.  They morphed and soon came across Shrieker.  Solaris Knight was not surprised to see her.  The Rangers battled Shrieker once more.  It was another difficult battle.  The Rangers wanted to use Jenji, but Solaris Knight refused, insisting they do it themselves.  Necrolai also arrived, eager to show off her magic, and blasted the Rangers off their feet.  Yellow Ranger arrived and asked them if he had missed anything.  Yellow Ranger and Shrieker battled.  Shrieker lifted Yellow Ranger in the air and tossed him.  As Yellow Ranger went flying through the air, he gave Shrieker a lighting blast.  This weakened Shrieker.  Solaris Knight instructed the rest of the Rangers to fire as one.  They used their magic as one and destroyed Shrieker.  Solaris Knight and the rest of the Rangers raced over to Chip, who had demorphed.  Chip asked them if they had won.  Red Ranger told him that they had, but it would have been easier with Jenji.  Solaris Knight simply shook his head.  Later, Daggeron walked outside of Rootcore and headed towards Udonna.  He confirmed that the Barbarian Beasts had been released from the oblivion.  Something, Udonna already knew.  Daggeron told her the Rangers had destroyed two of the Beasts, but at a great cost.  Udonna wondered why the Barbarian Beasts were battling one at a time and knew it meant there was a bigger plan.  Daggeron agreed.  Udonna mentioned how the Rangers were battle weary.  Udonna had noticed the teens had been wanting to take the easy way out.  It was a dangerous time in their development.  Daggeron added it was a dangerous time for them all.  Later, Solaris Knight and the rest of the Rangers were on the dock facing down Fightoe.  The Rangers battle, but their magic was blocked by 50 Below, who had arrived.  The Rangers battled 50 Below, another tough opponent.  Soon the Rangers were on the ground once more.  The Rangers pleaded with Solaris Knight to use Jenji.  Very reluctantly, Solaris Knight agreed.  He had a bad feeling about it as he prepared Jenji for the shining attack.  Jenji went into attack.  50 Below knocked Jenji out of his attack and Fightoe captured him.  Before Solaris Knight and the rest of the Rangers could recover, 50 Below gave a powerful ice blow to Solaris Knight, knocking him into the water.    Daggeron and the teens retreated to Rootcore.  Daggeron stood behind and aside an angry Udonna.  Clare flanked Udonna's other side.  Udonna was very angry with the teens for using Jenji and allowing him to be capture.  The teens told her they had no choice.  Madison and Chip wondered what Imperious would wish for, now that he had Jenji.  Daggeron told them they must prepare for the worst and they were all worried.  Later, Daggeron, Udonna, and Clare were still inside Rootcore.  Daggeron noticed the crystal ball had filled with dark magic.  Daggeron asked Udonna what it meant.  Udonna told Daggeron she had never seen anything like it.  It was like the world had gone pure evil.  Daggeron felt strange and noticed that he was starting to disappear in smoke.  Clare screamed as Daggeron completely disappeared.

Daggeron appeared again and he was slightly confused.  He walked out of Rootcore and spotted Clare and Udonna standing close by.  Daggeron:  May I ask what just happened?  Udonna and Clare looked at each other and laughed.  Later, everyone was inside Rootcore, including the teens and Jenji.  There was a lot of cheering going on.  Jenji:  Alright!  Daggeron:  Going to the Tribunal of Magic took a lot of guts.  and I can't believe Koragg helped you.  The teens laughed.  Jenji:  I just wanted to say I'm sorry.  Jenji felt it had all been his fault.  Madison, speaking for everyone, told Jenji it was not his fault, he had no choice but to grant the wish.  Udonna warned the group that two of the Barbarian Beasts were still around.  Moments later, the crystal ball alerted them to that fact.  Daggeron and the teens morphed and left for the city.  50 Below and Fightoe were waiting for them.  Solaris Knight battled 50 Below, while the rest of the Rangers battled Fightoe.  Solaris Knight had a difficult time battling 50 Below and soon he was demorphed.  50 Below mocked him, telling him he thought a knight would be more difficult to defeat.  Suddenly, Koragg arrived and asked 50 Below what he thought about two knights.  Koragg stated that the Barbarian Beasts were his to defeat.  Jenji helped Daggeron up and asked him what was going on.  They both hid and watched the battled continued.  Koragg battled 50 Below.  Fightoe soon had the Rangers on the ground.  Fightoe and 50 Below delivered a powerful spell, but it was stopped.  Suddenly the Rangers were on top of a building.  The Rangers had been given legendary powers.  Daggeron knew only the Tribunal of Magic could grant the power.  The Rangers went into legend mode and started battling 50 Below and Fightoe.  After several power blows, Fightoe decided he had enough and left.  50 Below stayed.  The Rangers worked together and destroyed 50 Below.  50 Below fell into pieces on the ground.  Daggeron was very proud of the Rangers.  Daggeron returned to Rootcore.  He stood with Udonna in front of the Xenotome.  Udonna told Daggeron that the legendary powers had more power than she had dreamed of.  Daggeron commented that it was needed, he was sure Imperious had more tricks up his sleeve.  Later the crystal ball went off.  Daggeron and Udonna hurried over.  There was dark magic activity in the nether dimension.  Daggeron told Udonna that he and Jenji would go, to try and keep the trouble from going to the surface world.  He told Udonna to contact the rest of the Rangers.  Solaris Knight and Jenji left for the nether dimension.  There they encountered a creature they had never seen before.  The creature was powered by Fightoe's life force.  Solaris Knight quickly formed the Solar Streak Megazord.  Solaris Knight and Jenji battled the creature.  Unfortunately, they crashed into the surface world.  The rest of the Rangers were there.  Udonna contacted the Red Ranger and told him the new powers formed a Megazord, Manticore.  The Rangers formed the Megazord and destroyed the creature and the last of the Barbarian Beasts.

Daggeron walked inside Rootcore.  Udonna was there, making a potion.  Daggeron:  It's quiet around here.  Udonna:  Yes.  Perfect for a Sunday, don't you think?  And it will be even quieter when I leave to find some beetle's bane to finish this potion.  Daggeron:  I'll go.  Udonna:  Are you sure?  Daggeron:  It will be my pleasure.  I...Daggeron left to find some beetle's bane.  After some searching, he came across some.  He dug some up and was just standing up again, when he got blasted off his feet.  As Daggeron struggled to get up, he saw Imperious and Koragg.  Imperious told Daggeron he hoped he didn't mind, but Daggeron was part of a game between him and Koragg.  Daggeron stood up and immediately morphed.  Solaris Knight and Koragg battled.  It was a very difficult battle.  To make matters worse, soon Imperious joined in the battle as well.  Imperious put his foot on top of Solaris Knight and was about to strike when the rest of the Rangers arrived.  Red Ranger blasted at Imperious.  It was enough for Solaris Knight to get away.  He joined the ret of the Rangers.  Solaris Knight told Red Ranger they would battle Imperious, the rest of the Rangers would battle Koragg.  Everyone agreed.  Solaris Knight and Red Ranger battled Imperious.  Eventually, Imperious decided to retreat.  The rest of the Rangers had gone into Legend Warrior Mode as they battled Koragg.  After some time, Koragg also retreated.  As the Rangers gathered together, Solaris Knight told them the next time Udonna wants Beetle Bane, he is sending Clare for them.

Daggeron was in the woods, bond battle training with Nick.  Madison, Vida, Chip, Xander, and Udonna were there as well, sitting and watching them.  Daggeron and Nick were both doing well.  Daggeron quickly had Nick on the ground.  Daggeron:  Sorry young warrior.  Next time I'll take it easy on you.  Nick:  Don't even think about it!  Nick leaped on and the training continued.  Xander:  Why doesn't he use his laser now?  Udonna:  In bond battle training, only swords can be use, and no magic.  Daggeron is very skilled in this technique.  Daggeron had overheard their conversation.  Daggeron:  Because I was taught by the best.  Now Nick is going to be beat, I mean, taught by the best.  Instead, Nick outmaneuver Daggeron and won the bond battle training.  Daggeron was impressed and told Nick he was really improving.  Daggeron and Nick walked towards their friends and Daggeron told them they were all improving.  Chip excitedly told everyone maybe they would all be as good as Leanbow.  Udonna was startled.  Chip realized his slip as Daggeron looked at him.  Daggeron then looked Udonna apologetically and told her that he had told Chip about Leanbow and made him promise not to say anything.  Chip confirmed it and said that he hadn't until now.  Xander asked them if they could maybe fill them in.  Daggeron told Udonna that Leanbow was a great man, a hero.  Udonna agreed.  Daggeron and his friends returned to Rootcore.  On the balcony of Rootcore, Daggeron and Udonna told the teens their story.  Udonna had lived in peace with her husband, Leanbow, and their baby Bowen.  Leanbow was Daggeron's mentor.  Then the great war occurred.  Leanbow fought against Morticon and his troops, but there was too many.  With Daggeron and Niella, Leanbow made a plan.  Niella had protested against the plan, but Leanbow was convinced it was the only way.  Calindor had joined them in their plans.  Udonna had realized her baby Bowen, born of magical parents, would be in great danger.  Bowen had the potential to destroy the dark magic.  Udonna gave Daggeron Bowen to take into hiding.  As Daggeron ran through the woods, he was attacked by Calindor.  Calindor wanted Bowen, but Daggeron would not give him the baby.  Calindor and Daggeron battled, and their magic collided and they became cursed.  Daggeron and Udonna would later learn that Phineas had found Bowen and taken him to the surface world for hiding.  Madison asked then if Bowen was safe somewhere, and Udonna confirmed that he was.  Daggeron and Udonna continued their story.  The battled continued.  Leanbow went inside the gates to continue the battle and had Niella sealed the gates.  Daggeron and Niella had given their lives to save them.  The story had stirred the teens and they were more than ready when Koragg issued another challenge, via Nick.  Daggeron was ready to fight as well.  Nick told him not him.  Daggeron was to battle Imperious, on his own.  Udonna feared it was a trap, but Daggeron and the teens were ready to take that chance.  Daggeron and the teens left.  Daggeron went to the dimension of wandering souls where Imperious was waiting for him.  Imperious changed into his ancient mystic armor and told Daggeron he was sorry.  Imperious told Daggeron that the evil was too powerful, but he was sorry and wanted to be good.  Daggeron was not sure and paused as he debated.  Imperious took advantage and attacked Daggeron, calling him a fool.  Daggeron and Imperious battled.  Imperious soon discarded his ancient mystic armor.  Daggeron morphed.  The battle continued.  Imperious cast a spell that made him very large.  Solaris Knight formed his Solar Streak Megazord.  With Jenji, Solaris Knight continued the battle.  Solaris Knight and Jenji did not do well against Imperious.  Imperious cast another spell and soon had the Megazord's power.  Solaris Knight was knocked out of the Megazord and landed on the ground, demorphed.  Imperious told Daggeron that they had plan to drain the Rangers of their powers and raise the Master.  Daggeron told him he wasn't going to let that happened.  Imperious laughed and told Daggeron he would not be around to stop him.  Imperious cast another spell.  Daggeron was shocked, Imperious had cast a forbidden spell.  The spell used the souls of all the warriors Leanbow had destroyed and formed the monster, Chimera.  Chimera attacked Daggeron.  Daggeron tried to fight back, but he and Jenji soon vanished.

Jenji managed to claw his way out of the sand.  Jenji coughed and out popped Daggeron.  Jenji:  The things I do for this job.  I mean really!  Daggeron got up on his feet and walked towards Jenji.  Daggeron:  Thanks Jenji.  But trust me, it was more unpleasant for me than it was for you.  Jenji:  Yeah, that's probably true.  Now, what are we going to do?  Daggeron:  We've got to find the Rangers.  I'm afraid this whole thing is part of Imperious' evil plan.  Jenji:  Okay, let's get out of this place.  it just gives me the creeps!  Daggeron:  I thought that cats like sand.  Jenji:  Ha! Ha!  Don't be such a wise guy!  Now, how are we going to find the Rangers?  Daggeron:  With the help of an old friend.  That friend was an unicorn, Brightstar.  Solaris Knight arrived in yet another dimension of the back of Brightstar.  The Rangers were battling Chimera.  Imperious was there as well.  The Rangers had just gotten knocked down once more when Solaris Knight arrived.  Solaris Knight quickly got off the unicorn and told the Rangers about Brightstar and how she can travel through dimensions.  Solaris Knight instructed the Rangers to go with Brightstar.  The Rangers quickly did so.  Imperious had Chimera follow the Rangers out of the dimension.  Solaris Knight stood facing Imperious.  Imperious wanted to settle things by bond battle.  Solaris Knight agreed.  Daggeron and Imperious faced each other.  Jenji was the referee and went over the rules of bond battling.  Jenji also supplied the chain that bond Daggeron and Imperious.  Daggeron and Imperious both went into ancient mystic mode.  Daggeron and Imperious battle.  It was a lengthy battle, but in the end Daggeron won the match, by knocking Imperious' sword out of his hand.  Jenji cheered, but his cheer was cut off by Imperious.  Imperious cast a spell that placed Jenji back in his lamp and in Imperious hand.  Daggeron stopped right before hitting Jenji.  Jenji protested that Imperious had cheated.  Imperious didn't care as he tossed Jenji off to the side.  Daggeron and Imperious both went out of ancient mystic mode.  Imperious then blasted Daggeron with lasers.  Daggeron cried out in pain and landed on the floor hard.  Daggeron got up and told Imperious he had learned nothing.  Imperious attacked Daggeron with more lasers.  Daggeron used all of his strength to fight against the lasers.  Daggeron used his sword and destroyed Imperious.  Imperious began to fade to dust.  Imperious told Daggeron with his destruction, another terror will arise.  Imperious laughed as he faded away.  Daggeron was puzzled by Imperious' words.  The following day, Daggeron was at Rootcore, sitting with Nick.  He had learned that Nick was Bowen, Udonna's and Leanbow's son.  Daggeron told Nick what Imperious had told him and that their journey was just beginning.  Daggeron started to tell Nick about his father, but Nick stopped him.  Nick did not care about his father.  Nick had just spent the last several months trying to stop him from destroying the world.  Daggeron argue back that the world would have been destroyed if it wasn't for Leanbow.  Udonna entered Rootcore, and Daggeron and Nick abruptly ended their argument.  Daggeron and Nick stood up and walked towards Udonna.  Udonna told them she liked to see them happy and enjoying the day.  Udonna looked around and asked Nick if he had cleaned Rootcore.  Nick commented that he had finally found his mother and two seconds later he is getting chores.  Udonna told Nick she wanted the place to look good for Leanbow's return.  There was an awkward pause.  Realizing the two needed some time together, Daggeron told them he would feed Fire Heart and left.

Daggeron was inside Rootcore, getting ready to feed Fire Heart some oats.  Clare and the teens were there as well.  Chip:  Oh come one Daggeron, you can tell us!  What's this meeting about?  Daggeron:  I'm in the dark as much as you are about this meeting.  Daggeron tossed the bag of oats outside.  Daggeron:  Come on Fire Heart!  Fire Heart roared and Daggeron told them Fire Heart likes his oaks toasted.  Everyone laughed.  Udonna walked in and was glad to see everyone.  Udonna told Clare what a wonderful apprentice she has been and what a great sorceress she will become.  Udonna told Daggeron that she was so glad to have him back in her life.  Udonna told Madison, Vida, Chip, and Xander that they have grown and have exceed all her expectations.  Udonna told Nick that he had grown into the man she had always hoped he would become.  Nick immediately realized that his mom was leaving.  Udonna confirmed that she was leaving.  Udonna knew Leanbow was out there somewhere, and she was going to find him and bring him home.  Vida wanted them to go and help her.  Udonna refused, telling them they were needed here.  Udonna then left for her journey.  Later, Daggeron join the teens in the city.  The skies were dark and there had been a strong dark magic reading.  Ten strange creatures emerged.  Daggeron had never seen anything like it.  The creatures introduced themselves as the Ten Terrors and they were here to punish the world.  The Ten Terrors wanted the Light.  Daggeron and the teens had no idea what the Ten Terrors were talking about.  The teens morphed and tried to battle the Ten Terrors.  The Rangers formed their Megazord and blasted at Black Lance.  Black Lance easily deflected their magic.  Black Lance then fired at the Rangers, which demorphed them.  The Ten Terrors promised they would be back.  Later, Solaris Knight arrived in the city with Jenji, in his Solar Streak Megazord.  Magma, one of the Ten Terrors, had entered the city and was ready to start destroying it.  Solaris Knight and Jenji battled Magma.  Solaris Knight was stunned that his magic had no effect on Magma.  Magma quickly knocked Solaris Knight out of his zord.  To make the battle more fair, Magma reduce himself to normal size.  Solaris Knight and Magma continue to battle, but no matter what, Solaris Knight could no destroy Magma.  Fortunately, the rest of the Power Rangers arrived.  The battle continue.  Magma had no problem defeating the six Rangers and they were soon on the ground.  Magma told them they no longer had the will to fight and he would leave them to continue with the destruction.  Solaris Knight and the rest of the Rangers return to Rootcore.  The teens began to argue and Daggeron had had enough.  Daggeron told them they were acting like spoiled children.  Yes, they had their butt kicked, but that didn't mean they needed to attack each other.  Daggeron told them they needed to stay unified in order to win.  The crystal ball alerted them to the fact that Magma was back.  Solaris Knight and the rest of the Rangers faced Magma once more.  It continue to be a difficult battle.  Magma decided to make things more interesting by making the battle into a game.  Magma created a flame and told the Rangers if they defeat him before the flame goes out, they win.  The Rangers asked how did they know to trust him.  Magma replied they didn't, but that was what made the game so interesting.  Red Ranger and Green Ranger both tried their spell codes with no effect on Magma.  Magma knocked the Rangers to the ground once more.  Blue Ranger got back up.  Blue Ranger was determined.  Not only for the Rangers, but for the world as well.  Blue Ranger cast a huge tidal wave.  It knocked Magma out for several minutes.  Solaris Knight and the rest of the Rangers were very proud of Blue Ranger.  Magma reverted back to his giant size.  The Rangers formed their Megazord and the battle continue.  The Rangers were stunned when Magma was destroyed by the remaining Terrors.  Before Magma crumble away, he told the Rangers that he had made the rules of the game and the rules of darkness had to be obeyed.  Magma promised them the remaining Terrors would be more difficult before being completely destroyed.

Daggeron and Nick were in the woods tossing tree branches towards Fire Heart.  Daggeron:  This is a dangerous time for you Nick.  Nick:  What's new.  Daggeron:  The Terrors know you are the Light.  They will come for you.  Nick didn't seem fazed and Daggeron knew that Nick did not understand, despite what Nick had said.  Daggeron told him one day he will understand his connection to Fire Heart.  That really puzzled Nick.  Fire Heart gave a roar.  Nick told Daggeron it was time for him to return to work.  Nick left.  Daggeron walked over to Jenji, who had been watching with his head popped out of his lamp.  Jenji commented that Nick didn't get it.  Daggeron knew that as well.  Difficult times were ahead, and Daggeron thought more training was in order.  Although Jenji would have preferred a day off.  Daggeron and Jenji went to the Opaque dimension.  Daggeron and Jenji trained.  Daggeron told Jenji not to hold back.  Their training was interrupted by a giant Megahorn.  Daggeron commented that training was over, while Jenji decided it was time to take cover.  Daggeron immediately morphed and formed the Solar Streak Megazord.  Solaris Knight and Megahorn battled.  In no time at all, Megahorn had Solaris Knight knocked out of his zord.  The battle continued on the ground.  Solaris Knight gave his best effort, but nothing he did had any effect on Megahorn.  Solaris Knight went into ancient mystic mode.  Solaris Knight and Megahorn continue to battle.  At one point, Solaris Knight thought he had finally destroyed Megahorn, but Megahorn's armor wasn't even harm.  Megahorn was ready to destroy Solaris Knight.  Powerful dark magic was heading towards Solaris Knight, when it suddenly vanished.  Itassis had stopped it.  Megahorn was furious.  Itassis did not care.  Itassis stood in front of Solaris Knight and told Megahorn he was breaking the rules of darkness.  Itassis well knew the consequences and told Megahorn she should destroy him now.  Megahorn reluctantly left, after telling Solaris Knight he would destroy him another day.  Solaris Knight thanked Itassis for helping.  Itassis walked away, telling Solaris Knight that she was not helping him..  Solaris Knight demorphed.  Itassis told Daggeron his young apprentices were being destroyed.  Daggeron was alarmed and worried.  Eventually Nick realized his connection to Fire Heart and became the Red Dragon Fire Ranger and destroyed Oculous.

A giant Serpentina was attacking Briarwood.  Solaris Knight and Jenji, in their Solar Streak Megazord, began battling Serpentina.  As the battle continue, Serpentina knocked their Megazord to the ground.  Blue Titan, Yellow Titan, and Green Titan arrived to help Solaris Knight battle Serpentina.  Vida and Nick were unable to morph, but they still had their magic.  Vida and Nick cast a spell that caused Serpentina to fall on the ground.  Serpentina was very angry and raced towards Nick and Vida.  Solaris Knight leaped in front of them, and stopped Serpentina's attack.  The rest of the Rangers arrived as well. The battle continued on the ground.  Solaris Knight had Jenji go into shining attack mode.  Jenji fought Serpentina hard, but Serpentina knocked him to the ground as well.  Serpentina cast several snakes towards Jenji.  One snake climbed onto Jenji.  Jenji panic and tried to shake off the snake.  Once the snake was gone, Jenji quickly returned to his lamp.  Jenji popped his head, assuming he was safe.  Instead, the Serpentina used her shield and Jenji was turned to stone.  Solaris Knight and the rest of the Rangers were stunned.  Serpentina told them that was what she was planning on doing to the rest of the city.  Serpentina told the Rangers they had to follow her rules and the battle would continue in her serpent dimension.  Serpentina vanished.  Vida told them that they would have to destroy Serpentina to break the spell on Jenji, it was what they did for Madison.  Solaris Knight agreed.  Solaris Knight told Yellow Ranger, Green Ranger, and Blue Ranger to follow him into the dimension.  Nick and Vida asked what about them.  Solaris Knight told them they couldn't leave the city unprotected and were leaving them behind for that reason.  Solaris Knight, Green Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Yellow Ranger traveled to the serpent dimension in the train.  It was another strange dimension.  Solaris Knight thought it would be best if they split into two groups.  Solaris Knight had Yellow Ranger go with him, while Blue Ranger and Green Ranger be the other team.  Solaris Knight and Yellow Ranger immediately set off.  Moments later, they could hear the cries of terror from Blue Ranger and Green Ranger.  Yellow Ranger immediately took off running, despite Solaris Knight trying to caution him.  Solaris Knight arrived too late, Yellow Ranger had been swallowed by Serpentina.  Blue Ranger and Green Ranger had already met that fate.  Solaris Knight tried to battle Serpentina, but he was soon caught tight in her clutches.  Serpentina had the ability to turn into a giant snake and it was impossible to escape, once she was coiled around you.  Solaris Knight was next to be swallowed.  Later, Solaris Knight, Blue Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Green Ranger were released from Serpentina.  Itassis had given Nick and Vida their morphing ability.  Red Dragon Fire Ranger had caused Serpentina to spit the four Rangers out.  Solaris Knight and the rest of the Rangers ran over to Red Ranger and Pink Ranger.  Serpentina was not done yet.  Serpentina grew to giant size and released hundreds of snakes.  Solaris Knight quickly formed the Solar Streak Megazord.  He blasted Serpentina's shield.  The shield was destroyed and the snakes vanished.  The rest of the Rangers, in their Manticore Megazord, destroyed Serpentina.  With the spell broken, Jenji was returned to normal.

Daggeron and Nick were training in the woods.  Nick had just did a new move.  Daggeron:  Nick, that's not how I taught you.  You'll do best to follow the standard technique.  Nick:  Come on Daggeron, loosen up!  Daggeron:  The Terrors are attacking.  There is no time for your playful antics.  Nick:  Look, all we do is train.  Everybody got to let steam off sometime.  Daggeron:  But, I am your teacher.  Nick told Daggeron that sometimes you have to go with your gut, but Daggeron held firm.  Suddenly a seal appeared and Daggeron and Nick were transported.  Daggeron recognized the place immediately, it was the Snow Prince's realm.  Daggeron explain to Nick that the Snow Prince had been the mentor to the original mystic warriors, which included Leanbow.  The Snow Prince appeared.  Daggeron bowed and had Nick do the same.  The Snow Prince commented that he had brought them here, because someone had gotten off track on their training.  Daggeron told the Snow Prince not to be too hard on Nick.  Daggeron was taken aback when the Snow Prince told him it wasn't Nick, but him.  The Snow Prince told Daggeron that for the day, he was to be the student and Nick was to be his teacher.  Daggeron was confused as to what he had done to deserve this.  The Snow Prince transported the two back to the woods.  Daggeron was still puzzling over what had occurred.  Nick couldn't help but laugh.  Daggeron became irate and told Nick to stop laughing, it wasn't funny.  Nick reminded Daggeron that he was the teacher and not to talk back.  Nick got started on Daggeron's lesson.  Nick brought Daggeron to his bike and told him he needed to learn how to ride it.  Daggeron really didn't want to ride Nick's bike, but Nick insisted.  Reluctantly, Daggeron put on the helmet and tried to ride Nick's bike.  Daggeron was very wobbly on the bike and he soon crashed into a sickle berry bush.  Daggeron got up and rolled the bike back to Nick.  Nick was very amused and that irate Daggeron even more.  Daggeron told Nick he didn't see the point of this lesson at all.  Their conversation was interrupted by their morphers going off.  Daggeron and Nick morphed, formed their zords, and went into the city.  A giant Megahorn was attacking the city.  Solaris Knight immediately recognize Megahorn and knew how difficult Megahorn would be.  The rest of the Rangers were stunned that Solaris Knight had been unable to destroy Megahorn.  The Rangers and Megahorn battled, and it was a difficult battle.  The five Rangers were knocked out of Manticore zord.  Red Ranger was not about to give up and the five Rangers formed the dragon and went after Megahorn again.  Solaris Knight kept trying to urge caution to Red Ranger.  They needed a plan to destroy Megahorn, but Red Ranger wouldn't listen.  Red Ranger was sure that Megahorn had a weak spot.  Soon Red Ranger was knocked to the ground and demorphed by Megahorn.  Solaris Knight demorphed and ran towards Nick.  Daggeron helped Nick to his feet and then lecture him.  Nick reminded Daggeron that he was suppose to listen to him today.  Daggeron replied that was only for training, not battling.  He didn't know what the Snow Prince was thinking to have him be Nick's student.  There was nothing he could learn from Nick.  The rest of the Rangers got knocked out of the dragon and demorphed on the ground.  Daggeron and Nick raced over and help them to their feet.  Megahorn reduced his side, ready to finish off Daggeron and the teens.  Suddenly, Megahorn was knocked off his feet by a powerful blast.  The Snow Prince had arrived.  The Snow Prince remarked that he had to take over, since Daggeron had failed.  Daggeron felt bad, but there was nothing he could do.  Chip already knew who the Snow Prince was and filled in Madison, Vida, and Xander.  Daggeron and the teens watched as the Snow Prince battle with Megahorn.  The Snow Prince was very good, but he started to become weak in this dimension.  The Snow Prince cast a spell that transported Megahorn to his snow dimension.  The Snow Prince turned around and faced Daggeron and the teens.  The Snow Prince asked if they would join him.  Daggeron and the teens eagerly said yes and raced towards the seal.  The Snow Prince stopped Daggeron and told him he couldn't come because he still hadn't learn his lesson.  Daggeron was upset as everyone but him stepped through the seal.  Daggeron went to the woods and sat down dejectedly.  He couldn't understand what he had done wrong.  Phineas popped out of a tree stump behind him, startling him.  Phineas could see that Daggeron was down in the dumps and asked him what was wrong.  Daggeron started complaining about Nick and how reckless he is.  Phineas nodded and then added that Nick sounded just like Leanbow.  Phineas continued with all the stories of Leanbow taking on the Master, rescuing others.  Phineas always thought Leanbow was a little ding dong.  Daggeron immediately told Phineas to not talk like that about Leanbow.  Leanbow was the bravest man he had known.  Daggeron concluded that his son is just like him and then realized what the Snow Prince had wanted him to learn.  Daggeron thanked Phineas, telling him he was a wise man.  Daggeron then took off on his flying carpet.  Daggeron soon located the Rangers and the Snow Prince battling Megahorn with difficulty.  Daggeron blasted Megahorn and knocked him off his feet before landing.  The Snow Prince ran up to him and asked him what he was doing, the Snow Prince had told him not to come.  Daggeron told the Snow Prince that his gut told him to come.  The Snow Prince realized that Daggeron had learned the lesson.  Daggeron acknowledge what Nick had taught him.  The Snow Prince and the teens let Daggeron take on Megahorn.  Daggeron morphed and was soon battling Megahorn.  The Snow Prince felt he wasn't needed anymore and left for his own dimension.  Solaris Knight soon discovered Megahorn's weak spot.  Solaris Knight hit Megahorn with strong magic.  Megahorn was not destroyed, simply grew to giant size.  To make matters worse, Black Lance had joined Megahorn.  Solaris Knight and the rest of the Rangers quickly formed the Solar Streak Megazord and the Manticore zord.  The battle continued.  During the battle, Leanbow, in Koragg's armor and in centaur mode, arrive to help.  Leanbow took on Black Lance, while Solaris Knight and the rest of the Rangers battled Megahorn.  Leanbow went into Centaurs Wolf Megazord and grabbed a hold of Black Lance.  Leanbow dragged Black Lance through a seal, telling the Rangers to keep up the good fight, before vanishing.  Solaris Knight grabbed a hold of Megahorn and the rest of the Rangers fired at Megahorn's weak spot.  Megahorn was destroyed.  Later, Daggeron managed to ride Nick's bike with east.  The same could not be said for Nick, on Daggeron's magic carpet.  Nick asked for some lessons.  Daggeron mischievously cast a spell that made the carpet more wobbly as he told Nick the first lesson is balance.  Daggeron laughed as Nick tried to stay on the carpet.

Daggeron was inside Rootcore.  Jenji was there as well, feeding Fire Heart.  Jenji:  Okay Fire Heart, that should be enough for you today.  Fire Heart roared and a few flames reached Jenji.  Jenji:  Burnt my fur off.  Daggeron walked up to Jenji.  Daggeron:  I can't help but think the worst.  We've had no contact from Udonna or Clare in days.  The crystal ball alerted them.  Daggeron and Jenji raced over to the crystal ball.  Clare was there.  Clare told them that Udonna had been captured by a giant blue toad.  Daggeron urged Clare to come back.  Clare refused, she wanted to rescue Udonna.  Daggeron and Jenji shouted at Clare to be careful, but Clare had already vanished.  Moments later, Briarwood was under attack by one of the Terrors.  Daggeron contacted the teens and told them Udonna had been captured and Hekatoid was in the city.  Daggeron immediately morphed, and formed his Solar Streak Megazord, with Jenji by his side.  Solaris Knight and Hekatoid battled until the rest of the Rangers arrived.  The Rangers joined the battle in Manticore Megazord form.  Hekatoid suddenly reduced his size.  Solaris Knight leaped out of his zord and onto the ground.  The rest of the Rangers joined him.  The battle continued on the ground.  Hekatoid told Solaris Knight and the rest of the Rangers that he had planted poisonous tadpoles into the clouds.  When the tadpoles were ready, Hekatoid plan to release them on the city and the frogs would destroy the city.  Solaris Knight and the rest of the Rangers continue to battle Hekatoid.  Hekatoid had knocked down five of the Rangers.  Hekatoid blew his trumpet and Blue Ranger, Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Red Ranger, and Green Ranger vanished.  Solaris Knight could do nothing as Hekatoid soon vanished as well.  Solaris Knight returned to Rootcore.  The crystal ball alerted Daggeron and Jenji once more.  The tadpoles were ready.  Daggeron told Jenji they had to prevent the tadpoles from turning into frogs.  Jenji wondered if they shouldn't try to find Udonna or the Rangers.  Daggeron told him it would be no point if the frogs are release.  For the time being, they were on their own.  Daggeron morphed into Solaris Knight.  Once more the Solar Streak Megazord was in the city.  Solaris Knight used the furnace blast on the clouds above them.  It was a long process.  Jenji asked Solaris Knight how long it would take.  Solaris Knight replied how ever long it takes.

Solaris Knight and Jenji were in the Solar Streak Megazord, blasting away at the poisonous tadpoles.  Jenji:  Daggeron, we're starting to lose energy.  Solaris Knight:  We have to keep trying.  Jenji:  Okay.  Eventually all the energy was depleted in the Solar Streak Megazord.  The Solar Streak Megazord was hit by a giant Hekatoid.  Hekatoid asked them what they were doing, blasting away at his tadpoles.  Solaris Knight replied that he was doing his job.  Solaris Knight faced down Hekatoid.  Solaris Knight gave another furnace blast at Hekatoid.  Except the blast fizzled out and didn't even hit Hekatoid.  Hekatoid laughed.  Hekatoid struck the Solar Streak Megazord again.  Solaris Knight was knocked out and hit the ground below.  Solaris Knight demorphed.  Daggeron got back up on his feet.  Before Hekatoid could do anything else, the teens had show up.  Hekatoid had the rest of the Rangers' powers in a jar, and laughed as the teens ran towards him.  Soon the teens were tiring out Hekatoid and Nick managed to get the jar with their powers.  Daggeron smiled, pleased with them.  Nick opened the jar and their powers were return.  Hekatoid told them they were too late and call on his frogs to destroy the city.  The frogs began to fall, then stopped.   Daggeron noted that they had froze.  The White Ranger was back.  The teens joined the White Ranger and they all morphed.  Daggeron watched proudly as the Rangers worked together and destroyed Hekatoid.  Daggeron and his friends returned to the woods, just outside of Rootcore.  Clare and Fire Heart were there as well.  Everyone was happy to see each other.  Leelee and Phineas stood on the sidelines.  Nick noticed them and broke away from the group.  Nick asked what she (Leelee) was doing here.  Phineas told Nick that she was with him.  Clare also joined Phineas and Leelee and told Nick that Leelee was with her as well.  Udonna told Nick that Leelee had helped in her rescue, Leelee was one of them and trustworthy.  Leelee was doubtful that Nick would accept her.  Nick told Leelee to come forward.  Leelee hesitated.  Nick told Leelee you can't have a group hug without everyone in the group.  Leelee, Clare, and Phineas grinned as they joined the teens and Jenji in a group hug.  Daggeron and Udonna watched them for a moment.  Udonna told Daggeron she still intend to find Leanbow, no matter what.  Daggeron already knew that Udonna would not give up so easily.  They both turned to watch their friends' happy moment. 

Daggeron was inside Rootcore with Udonna and Jenji.  Jenji was using Fire Heart to do the laundry.  Jenji:  Hit it Fire boy!  Fire Heart roared and the laundry was dry.  Jenji turned to faced Daggeron and Udonna.  Jenji:  You know when all this fighting is over, I may open a laundry.  With Fire Heart working with me, I'll could keep myself in catnip for years.  Daggeron and Udonna didn't pay any attention to Jenji.  They had been gazing at the crystal ball, searching for Leanbow.  Daggeron:  There's no sign of Leanbow.  Udonna was not about to give up.  Udonna thought if she could not find him from the outside, she would search from the inside.  Udonna cast a spell and her spirit left her body.  Daggeron and Jenji walked up to Udonna and it was obvious that Udonna's spirit was not there.  Later, Solaris Knight was in his Solar Streak Megazord, and the rest of the Rangers were in their zord.  A giant Matoomba had been taking all of Briarwood's electricity.  Solaris Knight and the rest of the Rangers tried to stop Matoomba.  Matoomba soon had Solaris Knight and the rest of the Rangers knocked out of their zords.    Matoomba towered over the Rangers as he told them if they let him be, he would harm no one.  Pink Ranger considered his words, but Solaris Knight and the rest did not.  Later, Solaris Knight, Blue Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Red Ranger arrived in the city once more.  Pink Ranger and Green Ranger had been battling Gekkor.  Matoomba had decided he no longer worked for the Master.  But the Master had chosen Matoomba to be his vessel.  Gekkor was trying to bring Matoomba back to the Master.  Solaris Knight and the rest of the Rangers joined in the fighting, but they could not defeat Gekkor.  Pink Ranger grabbed Solaris Knight's morpher and summon his train.  Gekkor jumped out of the way.  Pink Ranger grabbed Jenji, helped Matoomba to his feet and took off in the train.  Red Ranger couldn't believe what Pink Ranger had done.  Yellow Ranger commented that nothing Vida did surprised him any more.  Itassis approached them and asked if it surprised them that she had the answers they seek.  Daggeron, Madison, Chip, Nick, and Xander went into the woods with Itassis.  Itassis told them that Pink Ranger and Matoomba were in the Dawn Dimension, headed for the Sleeping Lake.  If Matoomba could reach the Sleeping Lake, the Master would be unable to rise.  Itassis would send them there, after they answered here question.  Chip asked how they could trust her to do as she said.  Itassis said as a good will gesture, she would send one of them now.  The rest would follow after her question had been answered.  Nick volunteered.  Daggeron volunteered as well.  Madison, and Chip quickly followed.  Itassis then chose Xander to go.  Itassis cast a spell and Xander vanished to the Dawn Dimension.  Daggeron, Madison, Chip, and Nick wanted to know what Itassis' question was.  Itassis wanted to know how the Rangers always defeated them time and time again.  Nick replied that they were better than them.  Daggeron held up his hand to caution Nick and Itassis issued a warning as well.  Chip stepped forward and began to explain.  It was courage, the willingness to put some one else's welfare before their own.  Itassis asked them why they would do this.  Nick replied you just do.  Itassis was satisfied and the four were sent to the Dawn Dimension.  Solaris Knight, Blue Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Red Ranger joined Green Ranger and Pink Ranger in their battle against Gekkor.  Pink Ranger and Green Ranger had been a diversion, and hopefully given Matoomba enough time to reach the Sleeping Lake.  Gekkor had been furious about the deception.  Gekkor attacked them with powerful magic.  The dark magic was absorbed by Leanbow.  Solaris Knight was surprised to see Leanbow was okay.  Gekkor was surprised as well.  Leanbow told Solaris Knight and the rest of the Rangers they had done well, but he was taking over.  Leanbow morphed into the Wolf Warrior.  Wolf Warrior told them it was Udonna's good magic that had saved him.  Wolf Warrior and Gekkor battled.  Wolf Warrior destroyed Gekkor.  The Rangers demorphed.  Everyone was excited until the skies darken.  A giant Matoomba had appeared on the horizon.  Daggeron and the rest of his friends watched horrified as Matoomba's body began ripped apart by tentacles protruding from his body.  The Master had risen.  The Master gave Daggeron a vision of his future.  Daggeron saw himself as Solaris Knight being destroyed by the Master.  When the vision cleared, Daggeron looked over stricken at his friends.  The Master told them they would fall one by one and then he would destroy the world.  The Master flew away and the skies clear once more.  Nick commented that this was bad.

Daggeron was inside Rootcore, cleaning up the huge mess.  Clare was also cleaning up.  Udonna and Leanbow were there as well.  Udonna was tending to Leanbow's wounds.  Earlier Nick had been consumed with dark magic from the Master and had battled Wolf Warrior.  The place was a disaster zone.  Leanbow:  You trained my son well Daggeron.  Maybe a little too well.  Daggeron:  It wasn't my training.  It was the power of the Master.  Daggeron added that Leanbow should know that more than anyone.  Leanbow was concern of what the Master would do now that his plan had failed.  A strange wind blew through Rootcore and Udonna got a bad feeling.  Udonna told them that something awful has happened.  Moments later Snow Prince appeared out of a seal and collapse on the floor.  Daggeron, Udonna, Clare, and Leanbow hurried over.  Daggeron and his friends helped to prop the Prince up.  The Snow Prince told them he had terrible news.  The Master has attacked the Snow Realm and Mystic Mother.  Clare asked who the Mystic Mother was.  Udonna told her the Mystic Mother is the Empress of all good magic.  During the dark days she was known as Rita, but now fought on the side of good.  Mystic Mother had cast a spell to send the Snow Prince to warn them.  Udonna was very alarmed.  Udonna didn't think good magic had a chance without the Mystic Mother.  Daggeron and Leanbow decided they would go to the Snow Realm and find out if the Mystic Mother had survived.  Nick wanted to come as well.  Leanbow told Nick that he was needed here more.  Udonna stepped forward and told Leanbow that it seems they are always saying goodbye.  Leanbow promised this would be the last time.  Daggeron passed Jenji's lamp to Nick and told him to keep an eye on Jenji.  Nick was not thrilled about being a cat watcher.  Daggeron and Leanbow left.  Solaris Knight and Wolf Warrior traveled in the train to the Snow Realm.  When they arrived, the Mystic Mother's palace was in ruins.  Solaris Knight and Wolf Warrior searched for Mystic Mother, but could not find her.  The ground began to rumble.  The Master had arrived.  Solaris Knight and Wolf Warrior charge at the Master.  The Master quickly took their knight power.  Daggeron and Leanbow were in ancient mystic mode.  The battle continue.  The Master cast a spell.  Daggeron pushed Leanbow out of the way and the spell hit only him.  Daggeron hit the ground and was still.               

The Master went to Briarwood and dropped both Daggeron's, still clad in ancient mystic armor, body and Leanbow's body to the ground.  Itassis had just made the Master retreat, but there was still sadness among Udonna, Madison, Vida, Chip, Nick, Xander, Clare, and Snow Prince.  Itassis warned the group that the Master would be back.  Udonna ran over to Nick.  They hugged each other tightly and tears began to flow down Udonna's face.  Itassis asked her why she shed tears.  Udonna faced Itassis and told her they are for her sorrow.  For the loss of her husband, Leanbow, and their friend Daggeron.  Itassis bowed her head, there was nothing she could do.  Leelee arrived.  Leelee told them her mother could do it.  Leelee told her mother she could do anything, she always could.  Leelee added that she believed in her.  Everyone watched as Necrolai cast a powerful spell.  Necrolai fell to the ground.  The group gasped as Daggeron and Leanbow were revived, even Jenji was brought back.  Daggeron and Leanbow stood up and face the stunned group.  Leanbow:  Son!  Nick ran to his dad and hugged him.  Udonna watched them for a moment, before joining in as well.  Madison:  Daggeron!  Madison gave Daggeron a hug.  Jenji:  Hey, don't' forget about me!  Chip:  Jenji!  Daggeron walked towards the group.  Chip shook his hand and then gave him a hug.  Chip:  Great to have you back teach!  Daggeron:  Glad to be back.  Jenji:  Look at me!  I'm back!  Everyone was happy until they heard the concern in Leelee's voice.  Here mom had not gotten up.  A glow surrounded Necrolai and then vanished.  Necrolai had been transform into a human, Nikki.  Nikki and Leelee hugged each other.  The Master returned and told them he would have to break their reunion.  Jenji suggested they run.  Nick was through with running.  Nick stepped forward and told the Master they were going to fight.  Daggeron and the rest joined Nick in standing against the Master.  Nick told them they would show the Master real courage, even without magic.  Mystic Mother appeared and told them they were never without magic, they just needed to know where to look.  Daggeron and the rest were puzzled.  Madison wonder what Mystic Mother meant.  Toby stepped forward, with the citizens of Briarwood and told Daggeron and the rest that maybe she meant them.  From the other side, Phineas stepped forward and said maybe she meant them.  Toby and Phineas had talked to their groups and told them they did not need to fear each other.  Instead they needed to stand together and fight the real evil, the Master.  Toby told the Rangers they had protected them all year, now it was there turn.  The citizens of Briarwood and the villagers from Mystic Realm joined forces, chanting "We believe in magic".  A golden glow surrounded Daggeron, Leanbow, Udonna, and the teens.  The Power Rangers were back and had their magic as well.  Solaris Knight and the rest of the Rangers battled the Master.  The Master was eager to eat all their magic.  Solaris Knight and the rest of the Rangers continue to give the Master their magic, until he could eat no more and exploded.  The crowd erupted in cheers.  Madison, Vida, Chip, Nick, and Xander walked through the smoke and took a bow.  Several days later, Daggeron was in the Mystic Realm walking with Itassis and Jenji.  Itassis asked Daggeron if he could tell her more about courage.  Daggeron replied that it would be his honor.  Jenji pipe in that courage was his middle name and launched into a story.  Daggeron nudge Itassis and they slipped away before Jenji spotted them.

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