Eric Myers - The Quantum Power Ranger

Eric Myers grew up dirt poor and he fought for everything that he had.  When he had the opportunity to attend a posh prep school, he was eager for the chance to get ahead and mingle with the wealthy.  But the wealthy students wanted nothing to do with Eric.  Only one student talked to him - Wesley Collins.  A deep fire of resentment began to build in Eric and he began to view Wes with contempt.  Wes had been given all the breaks, but Eric was determined that he would be the one to land on top.  Tired of a bunch of rich kids playing, Eric left the prep school and never look back.  After a time, he joined the Silver Guardians - the idea of defeating mutants appeal to Eric - who viewed mutants as freaks.  During one assignment, Eric ran into Wes once again.  He tried to used this information to gain favor with Mr. Collins, his boss, but Mr. Collins was not interested.  It was during another battle, that Eric would find out that Wes was the Red Time Force Ranger.  The leader of the Silver Guardians had been injured during the last battle, and Eric really wanted to take over the leadership and approach Mr. Collins for the position.  Mr. Collins turned him down and promoted some one else.  The incident simply fueled Eric's aggression, he was used to working hard.  Eric soon had the opportunity to change Mr. Collins' mind.  During a dig, a strange box had been uncovered.  Eric overhead that it contained the quantum morpher and he was determined to have it.   While the Time Force Rangers were battling a mutant, Eric took the box.  The power he could feel from the box brought a smile to his face.  Ransik, a fugitive from the future, also wanted the same box and sent cyclobots and the mutant after them.  Eric did not want to lose his opportunity and fought hard to keep the box.  He was further enraged when he saw Wes was after the box as well.  There was no way Eric was letting him have the box and immediately place his hand inside the box.  Eric Myers became the Quantum Ranger.  The Time Force Rangers were not thrilled that Eric had the powers of the quantum ranger.  There was not way Eric was going to give them up.  The further disclosure of a Q-Rex zord made Eric more than determine to hold on to what he had.  When a time portal opened, he traveled back in time to locate the Q-Rex along with Wes.  Another mutant had gained control of the Q-Rex and brought the zord back to the year 2001.  Eric and Wes returned as well.  Eric felt some remorse when Q-Rex began destroying the city - feeling it was his fault.  He could not control the Q-Rex, because his voice had been blocked.  When he found out, he destroyed the block and gained control of the Q-Rex.  He was on top of the world.  To make things even sweeter, he became the leader of the Silver Guardians.

Eric with the Silver Guardians and the Time Force Rangers were often at the same location, trying to take down the same mutant.  Eric used every opportunity to goaled each of the Rangers, but most especially Wes - who represented everything he never had.  Eric was not above taking all the credit with the rescue of Dr. Zaskins, although he was troubled by Mr. Collins lack of concern over his top scientist.  Eric also made a few discoveries.  Eric went head to head with Trip over a mutant when Trip revealed that he looked different as well.  Eric made to fire, but at the last minute fired elsewhere, and made like his quantum defender had misfired.  Although he warned the Rangers to stay out of his way.  During another encounter with a mutant, Eric discovered that Jen, Trip, Lucas, and Katie were from the future.  Jen had asked Eric to keep their secret, which he did.  Although Eric had achieved much in a short time frame, he was very lonely.  He could only be himself around animals - who did not care if he had money or not.  Eric had a pair of birds that meant a lot to him and help keep him company during the lonely hours.  A young girl wandered into his yard.  The young girl was a neighbor and enchanted with the birds.  The young girl chatted away with Eric about friends and Eric found his tough exterior softening in the young girl's presence.

Eric and the Silver Guardians were out answering another distress call.  Eric arrived to find people laying around and the mutant (Venomark) gone.  He stopped to pick up a person and saw the red mark on his neck.  Eric was further astounded to see the person's skin bubbling and mutating.  It was the strangest sight he had ever seen.  He was back at headquarters when he saw Wes walk in to see his father.  Eric stopped him and told him that his father was busy - in case Wes hadn't noticed the mutant's work on the citizens of Silver Hills.  Wes told Eric that he knew, he might know a way to stop them and that his friends had been bitten.  Eric was a little taken back by the news and had Wes follow him to Mr. Collins' office.  Eric knocked before entering and then let Wes through.  Mr. Collins had the other people in his office leave.  Eric stayed and watched the as Wes brought forth a vial which he believe would cure the citizens of Silver Hills.  Wes believed that only Bio-Lab had the capabilities to produce the serum and Mr. Collins saw a gold mine in front of him and had Bio-Lab proceed with production of the serum.  Eric and had the Silver Guardians go to several locations to distributed the serum.  He noticed an elderly woman trying to make her way over and being knock aside.  Eric hurried over to her side and had her drink the serum.  Eric was stunned to see how quickly the serum work and the mark on the elderly neck disappear.  Before he could take much satisfaction he was attacked by Venomark.  Venomark was not about to let them distributed the serum.  Eric wasn't about to let Venomark push him around and quickly morphed into mega battle mode.  He made quick work of the Venomark and was soon returning to finish distributing the serum.  Wes and the rest of the Time Force Rangers were there as well - helping to get the serum to the people.  Eric saw Wes and Jen together.  Wes turned and gave him a thumbs-up in celebration of the success of them working together, which Eric acknowledge with a nod of his head before walking off.

Eric continued working with the Silver Guardians and separately from the Time Force Rangers.  When Wes entered Bio-Lab to take back the serum, Eric had great pleasure in making sure Wes did not get the serum.  And when Mr. Collins show up and told Eric to lock-up the serum, Eric did it with satisfaction of seeing Wes not get what he wanted.  Eric and the Silver Guardians were soon trying to protect their place of operations, Bio-Lab, when Ransik attacked the building.  Eric order a Silver Guardian to get Mr. Collins to safety and went after Ransik himself.  Even in his mega battle mode, Eric was unable to defeat Ransik and watched in agony as Ransik made his getaway.  Eric recovered and went searching for any of Ransik's minions when he spotted Mr. Collins being carried into an ambulance.  Eric was upset and boarded the ambulance with Mr. Collins.  He rode along to the hospital.  Eric was not allowed to enter the Emergency Room and could only wait outside.  Unable to do anything was frustrating for Eric.  He did contact Wes to let him know that his father was injured and it didn't look good.  Later two gentlemen from Bio-Lab were at the hospital.  They were debating what to do with the company.  Eric was ready to offer some ideas that he had, but he was shoo away with contempt.  Eric buried the anger he felt with the brush-off and left.  Later at a meeting, one of the same gentlemen made the announcement that Wesley Collins would be taking over.  Eric was furious - once again the rich kid gets everything handed to him while he worked hard and receive nothing.  Unable to contain himself, he snap his pencil in half.  Eric didn't have long to brood as he was called into action when Dragontron attacks the city.  Eric is soon in action but, even the Time Force Rangers, unable to defeat Dragontron.  It's unbearable for Eric to work for Wes and he decides to leave and start over somewhere else.  He has already called for a cab and is walking along the sidewalk with a duffel bag in one hand and his birdcage with the birds in the other.  Eric is surprised when he sees Alice (the young girl he befriended) coming up to him.  Alice asks where Eric is going while playing with the birds.  Eric takes some time before he answers.  As gently as he can, Eric tells Alice that he is leaving and that he may be gone a long time.  To soften the blow, Eric makes the suggestion that Alice can watch his birds for him.  Alice is very excited over the gift of the birds and placing the birdcage down, she gives Eric a warm hug.  Eric is caught off guard by the sincerity of affection from Alice.  He soon responds by smiling at her and giving a hug back.  The taxi arrives and Eric places in bag within, and gives Alice a final pat on the head before entering the taxi himself.  The taxi leaves and Eric turns around and waves to his young friend until she is out of sight.  Then he faces forward to a future he is unsure of.  As the taxi continues on, Eric stares out the window unseeing at first.  Then a movement catches his eye.  It is Dragontron tearing up the city.  In a couple of minutes, Eric is out of the taxi and staring at Dragontron.  Eric decides then and there that he can at least help the city and will stay as the Quantum Ranger.  He morphs into action and battling with the Time Force Rangers defeats Dragontron.  Afterwards, Eric races along to the hospital - stopping and offering Wes a ride as well.

Mr. Collins made a full recovery and Wes went back to the Time Force Rangers.  Eric and the Time Force Rangers had the opportunity to work with the Lightspeed Rescue Rangers.  Eric continued working for Mr. Collins as leader of the Silver Guardians.  It was while he was going over some paperwork with Mr. Collins, that Dr. Zaskins brought in some exciting news.  He had found a way to use the residue power to create the Trixyrium Crystal.  Eric watched Mr. Collins' face light up with excitement.  He was torn between loyalty to Mr. Collins and trying to protect the future.  Eric made the decision to inform Wes of Dr. Zaskins discovery.  He arrived at the Nick of Time door and proceeded in.  Eric had never been inside before and took a curious look around before answering the startled questions of Jen and Wes.  He told Wes and Jen what Mr. Collins had planned and suggested to Wes that he have a talk with his father.  Advice that Wes took.  Later, after a battle with another of Frax's robots, Eric made another trip to Nick of Time.  He paused for a moment at the door, watching Wes working.  Eric knocked to let Wes know that he was there and proceeded the rest of the way in.  Eric told Wes that his father had asked him to deliver the silver briefcase to him.  The case contained the work on the Trixyrium Crystal.  Eric was proud to tell Wes that Mr. Collins had halted work on the Trisyrium Crystal.  He made to leave when Wes told Eric thanks.  Eric acknowledge it with a nod of his head and then headed back to Bio-Lab.

Ransik had launch a full scale battle on Silver Hills.  Ransik used Frax to set Doomtron upon the city.  Several time portals were opening up in the sky.  Eric was quick to get his Silver Guardians helping and he morphed into the Quantum Ranger.  As he had his Q-Rex battle Doomtron, the Time Force Rangers approached him.  Eric listened as they told him that because the Q-Rex and Doomtron were powered up by the Trixyrium Crystal, that having them fight cause the time portals to open more quickly and rapidly.  Eric wanted to know if they had another plan, which the Time Force Rangers did not.  Eric felt it better to stick with having the Q-Rex fight Doomtron than letting the city get destroyed.  He ignored the Time Force Rangers' warning and continued having Q-Rex battle Doomtron.  Eric soon found himself in trouble.  His Q-Rex was injured and he was demorph and badly hurt as well.  He struggled out of the pile of rubble that covered him.  As soon as he was freed from the rubble, several Cyclobots began attacking him.  Eric fought as hard as he could, but he was having a tough time with some many.  Wes appeared on the scene and after taking care of a few cyclobots, grab a hold of Eric.  Eric couldn't bring himself to thank Wes properly, instead he told Wes that he was managing just fine, thanks.  Wes got them both somewhere safer.  Eric tried to contact the Silver Guardians, but there was no response to his call.  Wes sat back with Eric.  Eric told Wes that he needed to go back with the Time Force Rangers.  Wes replied that they were gone and it was just the two of them.  Eric thought Wes's friends had abandoned him and told Wes that he worked alone.  He struggled to get back on his feet and ended up falling back down.  He grimaced in pain as Wes, anger with Eric, asked him why Eric always rejected his help and friendship.  Eric told Wes that he knew nothing of him.  Of how he grew up poor and how he struggled.  That he accomplished everything he had on his own, with no help from anyone.  While Wes had everything handed to him on a silver platter.  Eric told Wes that they had nothing in common.  But Wes wouldn't accept that.  Wes told Eric that they may have grown up differently but that they had a lot in common - they were both Rangers and they had to protect the city.  Eric said nothing.  They made their way to the Clock Tower where Wes helped Eric get bandaged up.  Eric got ready to leave and fight, Wes telling him that he was badly injured.  As far as Eric was concerned there was really no choice in the matter.  He had to keep fighting.  Eric watched as Wes walked away and began looking through some photos.  In a quiet tone, he asked if Wes knew if his friends made it back safely.  Wes didn't have any idea.  Before anything else could be said, the sound of breaking glass came through.  Eric looked all around him as swarms of Cyclobots came crashing through all the windows.  Eric soon found himself battling the Cyclobots and taking out as many as he could, but there was too many.  He knew they had to get away.  Wes had a plan and with Eric's help, they escape through the face of the Clock Tower - morphing into action as they went.  They were still morphed when they found Mr. Collins - who had been looking for Wes.  Mr. Collins was about to be attacked by Cyclobots.  Eric and Wes made quick work of them.  After, they both ran up to him.  Eric gave Wes and his dad a moment to talk to each other.  He heard a noise and turned to see a Cyclobot sitting back up, getting ready to fire at them.  Eric quickly placed himself in front of Mr. Collins and Wes.  He took the blow that left him dazed and he soon found himself crumpling to the ground.  Mr. Collins and Wes raced to Eric's side.  Eric struggled to get back on his feet, but not even his strong will power could help him.  He realized that he could do no more.  Mr. Collins told Wes that he would take Eric to the hospital.  Seeing that Wes was about to leave, Eric grabbed his arm and stopped him.  He deactivated his voice command on his morpher and gave Wes his quantum defender.  He knew that if anything could neutralized the crystal, his quantum defender could.  Eric also embrace Wes's hand tighten - wishing him well in the battle that laid ahead.  Unable to do anymore, Eric let Mr. Collins take him to the hospital.

Eric was no longer the commander of the Silver Guardians.  He joined the Silver Guardians and Mr. Collins on the beach to bid farewell to the Time Force Rangers.  Eric watched as Wes said his good-byes to each one.  As the Time Ship lifted into the air, Eric lead the Silver Guardians into a salute.  Mr. Collins joined Wes and started talking to him about needing a new leader for the Silver Guardians.  Wes agreed on only one condition - Eric be is partner.  Eric was surprised by the offer.  He accepted it gladly - Mr. Collins agreeing that would be his choice as well.

Eric and Wes worked well together.  They saw a yellow car speeding along and were quickly behind it.  Eric approached the car and the lovely  woman tried to talk her way out of the ticket.  But Eric wasn't easily swayed and gave her a ticket anyways.  Eric walked back to his car, where Wes was waiting.  Wes asked Eric if he gave the person a ticket - knowing full well that Eric always did.  Eric replied that of course he did, that she looked like trouble.  Wes chucked that she sounded just like his type.  Eric wasn't amused and told Wes that he must be kidding.  Eric and Wes were soon called into a disturbance.  Three mutants were attacking the city.  Eric and Wes quickly went into action.  Eric was surprised to see mutants again - he thought they had all been caught and sent to the future.  As the battle escalated, more Rangers appeared.  The mutants left and Eric and Wes demorph.  Eric was not pleased to see the Wild Force Rangers, he didn't like help from anyone.  The young woman he had given a ticket to earlier turned out to be the Yellow Wild Force Ranger, Taylor.  Taylor was furious at Eric and wanted him to thank them for their help.  Wes and the rest of the Wild Force Rangers quickly separated the two explosive Rangers from each other.  Danny, the Black Wild Force Ranger, commentating that they were all friends.  Eric removed Danny's hand from his shoulder and accepted that they were friends, but that they needed to leave the mutants to the big boys.  The Wild Force Rangers were puzzled - the creatures were orgs not mutants.  Eric and Wes were also puzzled when the Wild Force Rangers referred to them as org.   Wes thanked the Wild Force Rangers and made to leave - tugging Eric along.  In spite of himself, Eric was intrigued by Taylor and would have rather stay and continued the verbal battle.  He gave a couple of backward glances as he followed Wes along.  Eric was waiting for Wes at Bio-Lab's parking garage.  Wes set up a viewing screen and soon Trip appeared.  Eric watched as Trip explained that Time Force had been aware of the mutants and had no idea how they managed to travel to the past.  Trip also told them that Jen had been a secret mission tracking the mutants, but that they had lost contact with her a couple of weeks ago.  Eric bowed his head for a moment.  He had a lot of respect for Jen.  Eric could see that Wes was dazed over the news of Jen's disappearance.  He land his hand for a moment on Wes' shoulder and then walked away - giving Wes some time to get himself together.  Eric and Wes went looking for Taylor and found her.  Taylor was very hostile with them.  Against his grain, Eric informed Taylor that they felt that if they combined their resources they could stop the mutants.  Taylor agreed to help them and took them to the Animarium.  Eric was startled by the appearance of a golden eagle swooping over them.  Taylor gloated that the soaring eagle was hers and that they probably had never seen anything like it.  Eric quickly recovered and replied big deal, a golden eagle.  Taylor should see his Q-Rex.  Wes kept Eric moving along.  The rest of the Wild Force Rangers gathered to greed them again and Princess Shayla - the Wild Force Rangers mentor appeared as well.  Princess Shayla informed Eric and Wes that the orgs were unlike anything that she had seen.  Wes heard a beep and soon had the viewing screen set up again.  Trip appeared and the Wild Force Rangers were astonished.  Eric couldn't help smirking at the look at Taylor's face.  When Taylor noticed Eric watching, she shrug as if it was no big deal, but Eric knew otherwise.  Trip informed the Rangers that the creatures were half-org and half-mutant - MutOrgs.  The Rangers prepared themselves for the upcoming battle and returned to Turtle Cove.  Eric approached Taylor who was watching Danny and Max (Blue Wild Force Ranger).  He commented that she had some interesting friends.  Taylor was a bit embarrassed over Danny and Max's behavior and commented on what she thought of her friends.  Eric replied that he felt the same way about his friends and was startled that he had revealed this to Taylor.  He quickly walked away.  The Rangers were soon called into battle.  Eric, Wes, and the Wild Force Rangers faced the MutOrgs.  Eric relished the fight ahead.  He didn't care if they were called mutants or orgs, they were going down.  The Rangers went into battle.  During the battle, Jen appeared and quickly urged the Rangers to retreat to safety.

Back at the Animarium, Eric and the rest of the Rangers listened as Ransik told them of how he knew of the MutOrgs.  Jen accepted Ransik and Nadira's help.  Later in the evening, Eric watched as Wes and Jen cuddled under a blanket - happy to be together again.  Eric smiled for his friend and began polishing his quantum defender.  Taylor approached and softy commented on the fact that he was always working, to be Eric agreed.  When Taylor asked Eric if she could see the weapon he was polishing, Eric was a little surprised.  But he agreed and proudly told her that it not standard issue weapon, but one of the kind quantum defender.  Taylor took the quantum defender and began testing it.  Eric cautioned her to take it easy, to which Taylor quickly replied that she could probably teach him a thing or two about the quantum defender.  A rare genuine grin appeared on Eric's face as he realized he rather enjoyed with the fiery Taylor.  The following morning brought news of the MutOrgs and Master Org at a power planet.  Eric and the rest of the Rangers arrived and broke off in small groups.  Eric, Taylor, and Katie went into the reactor room - waiting for a signal from Max, Danny, Trip, and Lucas that they had shut down the reactor.  Once the reactor was shut down, Eric, Taylor, and Katie went into action.  During the battle, Eric tossed his quantum defender to Taylor so that she could deal the fatal blow.  Later, Eric, Taylor, and Katie joined the rest of the Rangers in battling the MutOrgs - who were now completely Orgs - Ransik had destroyed their mutant half's.  Merrick showed up for the battle as well.  Eric called forth his mega armor and working together - the Rangers destroyed the MutOrgs.  Afterwards, Eric and the rest of the Rangers met up with Ransik and Nadira.  Eric and the rest of the Rangers were surprised when Ransik revealed his healed face.  A celebration picnic was held and the two teams of Rangers, with Ransik, Nadira, Princess Shayla, and Circuit all enjoyed themselves.  Eric spotted Taylor alone and reading.  He approached her and asked what she was reading.  Taylor wouldn't say.  Eric went behind Taylor and tickle her.  Taylor was caught off guard and let go of the book, which Eric quickly grab.  He commented that he had read the book before Taylor began chasing him.

Eric and Wes received a call that they were needed at the NASADA space port.  They waited in their vehicle until they spotted the Lightspeed Rescue vehicle entered the building.  Eric and Wes got out of their vehicle and were greeted enthusiastically by Cole.  Carter Grayson was with Cole and he made the introductions between the men.  Eric also meet T.J. - the Red Turbo Ranger, Andros - the Red Space Ranger, and Tommy - the Red Zeo Ranger.  Tommy informed them of a important mission that involved General Venjix on the moon.  The Astro Megaship Mark II was revealed as a way of getting to the moon.  Tommy stressed that he could not force them to go, that it was up to them.  Wes answered for both of them when he replied that they were going.  The rest of the Rangers agreed.  They made their way to the Astro Megaship when Andros stop them - wasn't there another Red Ranger on Earth.  The sounds of a motorcycle reached their ears, Eric and the rest of the Rangers went outside and saw a young man on a motorcycle.  It was Jason - the original Red Ranger.  They all made their way into the Astro Megaship and took off for the moon.  On board the Megaship, Tommy had set up a viewing screen in which, Eric and the others could see what was happening on the moon.  Eric noticed that they were digging up something.  It was Serpentera and they had to destroyed it before it lifted off from the moon.  Eric and the rest of the Rangers landed on the moon and entered the building where General Venjix was checking on things.  Eric and the rest of the Rangers were soon battling the remnants of the Machine Empire.  The battle followed outside where two more Red Rangers joined them.  Leo - Red Galaxy Ranger and Aurico - Red Alien Ranger.  Eric and the rest of the Rangers morphed into action.  Eric and Aurico teamed up together and destroyed one of the generals.  But General Venjix managed to make it into Serpentera and was already lifting from the ground.  Cole called forth his Wild Force Rider and went into the sky.  Using his Wild Force Rider, Cole destroyed Serpentera.  Eric and the rest of the Rangers below cheered.  Soon they were back at NASADA.  Tommy thanked them all for their help and left.  The solemn moment was broken when Cole commented that Tommy was really the greatest Red Ranger.  Eric and the rest burst into laughter.  Eric had doubts that his Q-Rex could eat Tommy's dragonzord for lunch.  T.J. brought up the story of being baked in a giant pizza, Eric and the rest of the Rangers stopped him as they had all heard the story already.

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