Merrick Baliton - The Lunar Wolf Power Ranger

3000 years ago, there was a battle between the Master Org and Animus and his ancient warriors.  Merrick was one of the ancient warriors.  It had appeared that Master Org had defeated Animus.  Merrick and the rest of the ancient warriors gathered five wild zords and Princess Shayla.  They lifted Animarium up into the sky and out of Master Org's reach.  Merrick wanted to do more.  He had heard of the legend of the wolf mask, and sought the mask out.  The moment Merrick found it, he could feel the evil energy coming from it.  Merrick quickly grabbed the mask and left, as Nazyor had found him.  He called upon the power of the wolf mask and donned the mask on.  Using it's powers, Merrick was able to defeat Master Org.  There was a price for his victory, Merrick could not remove the wolf mask and he became Zen-Aku.  When Zen-Aku was in control, Merrick did terrible things and he begged his friends to destroy him.  His friends could not, but they did seal him inside a box.  3000 years passed, and Zen-Aku was release and intent on destroying the Rangers.  Merrick still existed within Zen-Aku and would show glimmers of kindness such as bandaging Alyssa's knee and protecting a wolf pup.  Then Animus appeared and urged Zen-Aku to remember.  While the Rangers puzzled over Zen-Aku's strange behavior, Zen-Aku started remembering bits of his time as an ancient warrior.  To prevent Zen-Aku from remembering, Nayzor planted a bug inside Zen-Aku's head.  Any time he started to remember, he would feel great pain.  The Rangers began to realized that Zen-Aku was human and were desperate to help him.  Only during the full moon phase was Zen-Aku an duke org, the rest of the time he was human.  The Rangers confronted Zen-Aku and Animus covered the moon, so that Zen-Aku could revert back to Merrick.  Merrick found himself facing five strangers eager to help him.  He apologized for all the evil things he had done, but did not want anything to do with them, until they mention Princess Shayla's name.  Merrick was surprised that Princess Shayla was awake.  He was willing to help them, if it helped the Princess.  But the moon came back out and Merrick was once more Zen-Aku.  Princess Shayla realized that if the dark zords were destroyed the curse would be broken.  The Rangers quickly broke the curse and Merrick was freed from the curse of wolf mask.  Again, he found himself surrounded by the Rangers - all eager to help him.  Merrick couldn't bring himself to join them, feeling he had done too much evil in the past.  Instead he tried to trick Master Org into thinking that he wished to join him.  Master Org was not easily fooled and Merrick was soon battling Quadra Org without the help of his animal crystals.  The Rangers came to help, but were soon overpowered.  Merrick would not give up and continued to battle Quadra Org.  The Lion Zord sent the Wolf, Hammerhead, and Alligator zords to Merrick to help.  Merrick was happy to see his friends again and a little startled when the Lunar Wolf morpher appeared on his wrist.  He quickly morphed into the Lunar Wolf Ranger and began battling.  He destroyed the Quadra Org and Nayzor.  Merrick waited on the beach for the Rangers to show up.  They were all eager to have him join them.  Merrick remained silent as he returned the stolen crystals back to the Rangers.  He did not join them.  Merrick told them he would go where the wind takes him.  He only stopped once, when the Rangers asked if he wanted to help Princess Shayla.  Merrick stood still for only a moment and then continued to walk away from the Rangers.  He would assume the traits of a lone wolf.

Merrick wound up at Willie's Roadhouse.  He helped Willie out of a tough situation and Willie offered him a job and a spare room.  Merrick ended up working at Willie's.  He continued helping out the Rangers as well - the wind informing him whenever the Rangers needed him.  Merrick tried to keep his relationship with Princess Shayla as simply being her guardian and nothing more.  He felt he still had to complete his mission and it was not proper for them to be anything more.  But he was soon spending every sunrise with Princess Shayla.  The Deer Zord was angry at Merrick and Princess Shayla because they had stopped singing to it.  Merrick tried to explain to the Deer Zord what had happen - the battle, sending the Animarium in the sky, being entomb for 3000 years.  Nothing he had say made a difference.  Only when Princess Shayla showed up and they played together - Princess Shayla singing, Merrick playing a flute - did the Deer Zord join the Rangers.  Merrick's old friend, Animus made small appearances, guiding the Rangers whenever he could.

Merrick also worked with the Time Force Rangers.  He had arrived at a power plant and saw three Orgs.  Merrick was soon joined by his friends and the Time Force Rangers - Wes, Trip, Lucas, Jen, Katie, and Eric.  Merrick worked alongside Eric to try and destroyed the three Orgs.  It was soon apparent that both teams would have to combine all their forces together.  Merrick and the rest of the Rangers worked together and the three Orgs were destroyed.  Merrick followed the other Rangers back to where Ransik and Nadira waited for them.  When Ransik arose, his face had been healed.  Afterwards there was a picnic/celebration where Merrick got a chance to get to know the Time Force Rangers.  Everyone's was in high spirits and there was plenty of laughter and food.  Merrick was impressed when he saw Katie beat Danny in an arm wrestling match.  

Merrick came in for a surprise when he encountered Zen-Aku.  Zen-Aku was angry at Merrick for what he viewed as abandonment and wanted revenge.  As usual, Merrick wanted to take Zen-Aku on his own, feeling it was all his fault in the first place.  He would come to realize that it was okay to accept help from his friends and together the all the Rangers defeated Zen-Aku once and for all.  The rest of the Rangers were ready to have a party and celebrate, Merrick was a little unsure and ended up playing pool with Willie instead.  

Merrick was soon battling again.  This time he went to help protect Princess Shayla and a young boy named Kite.  While with them, Merrick would uncover the Animarium Memorial.  Merrick and the rest of the Rangers soon had the memorial moved to a safer place.  Kite would remain a mystery for the Rangers and Merrick.  When Merrick finally meet Kite face to face, he was disconcerted to hear Kite say he felt like they had meet a long time ago.  More problems loomed for Merrick when Princess Shayla assumed that Merrick was deliberately playing his flute wrong one morning.  An argument broke out between the two, and even the Deer zord appeared angry at Merrick.  Once he found some time to cool off, he went to the Animarium.  A place he tried to avoid because of the painful memories.  He explain to Princess Shayla how hard it was for him to be on the Animarium and all the memories he had from 3000 years ago.  Merrick knew he had to accept what had happen and get on with his life, but it was hard.  He confess to enjoying playing the flute for the Princess.  With his explanation, Princess Shayla understood what Merrick was going through and their friendship was renewed.

Merrick still puzzled over Kite - feeling that he ought to know who he was.  Mandilok had Kite now and made him believe that it was humans fault that the Orgs were able to come back.  Merrick tried talking to Kite, but he was merely flung through the air.  Kite revealed himself to be Animus and, disappointed in the Rangers and humans, took their zords.  Merrick was at a loss on what to do.  He couldn't even bring himself to play a game of pool with Willie.  Things became more upsetting for Merrick when Cole told him that Princess Shayla was asleep.  Bewildered, Merrick went to the Animarium Memorial to seek guidance from his old friends.  While there, Kite appeared before Merrick.  Kite offered Merrick the opportunity to leave and seek a new world with him.  Merrick was startled and took his time before answering.  Although he considered Animus a dear friends, his life was now in the present and the Rangers were his friends and he had to help them.  He refused Kite's offer and raced to help the Rangers.  Merrick still had his wild zords and call them into action.  To Merrick's amazement, Animus appeared to fight alongside Merrick.  Afterwards, Merrick and the rest of the Rangers went to the Animarium Memorial and found Kite waiting there.  Kite revealed himself as being the young boy in the dark dimension.  Kite had put the Rangers to a test and they had pasted.  Animus returned the zords to the Rangers and would not be returning.  Merrick said good-bye to his old friend.

Much to the surprise of Merrick and the rest of the Rangers, Master Org returned.  Merrick suffered greatly when Princess Shayla was captured.  He felt that as her protector, he had let her down.  Merrick and his friends knew that the Princess was being held in the Nexus and that they needed to find it to rescue Princess Shayla.  Despite their best efforts, they were unable to.  Merrick and the rest of the Rangers found help in the form of Toxica and Jindrax - who told them about the beams of lights, the statues, and how only Orgs could go through the maze to the Nexus.  Reluctant as Merrick was to receive help from Toxica and Jindrax, there really was not much choice.  The Ranger team split into groups.  Merrick and Alyssa left to find one of the beams.  Merrick received a shock when Nazyor appeared protecting one of the statues.  Merrick and Alyssa fought Nazyor with all their strength.  Merrick, at one point, wanted to give up.  He felt he simply didn't have the strength to defeat Nazyor for a third time.  With encouraging words from Alyssa, Merrick renewed his efforts and the statue and beam were destroyed.  Merrick and Alyssa joined the rest of the Rangers to battle the ghost orgs of Nazyor, Mandilok, and Retinax.  Working together, they managed to defeat the Orgs.  Merrick and the rest of the Rangers raced off to rescue the Princess.  Merrick and his friends were surprised to find Princess Shayla safe and that Toxica and Jindrax had helped them.  Merrick and the rest of the Rangers were overjoyed - the battle between the Orgs and humans were over.  Toxica reminded them that she and Jindrax were still Orgs and it wasn't over till they said it was over.  Toxica and Jindrax then announced that the battle was indeed over.  In the thousand of years of battling, Merrick never thought it would end like this.  He, along with his friends, watched Toxica and Jindrax head for the road to find themselves.

Merrick joined the rest of the Rangers for a party on the Animarium to celebrate the defeat of the Orgs.  Everyone was in a joyous mood until Max shouted out that the Power Rangers were over.  Merrick stopped celebrating and began to think what that meant to him.  He returned to Willie's Roadhouse to collect his things.  Merrick gathered his stuff and made to leave when Willie's voice stop him.  He turned to face Willie and told him he thought that Willie could managed the place on his own.  When Willie asked him where he was headed, Merrick couldn't give him an answer.  The world had changed a lot since he had come back and he was unsure where he fit in.  Merrick started on his journey when the wind told him of an strong evil Org spirit.  He joined the rest of the Rangers in Turtle Cove.  Merrick pass fleeing citizens and vines covering buildings.  To his surprise, Master Org approached them.  Merrick was determined to win this battle.  Animus had joined in as well.  Master Org was strong and soon had the Rangers battling with all their strength.  Princess Shayla appeared and urged the Rangers to return to the safety of Animarium.  Merrick could help but compare this event with the event that occurred three thousand years before.  He could not leave Animus when he had the chance to help him.  Merrick knew Princess Shayla would understand, once he explain it to her.  Then he called forth his zords and joined his friend Animus.  Merrick tried to defeat Master Org, but he could not.  His zords came apart and he landed hard on the ground below.  Merrick looked up in time to see history repeat it's self as Master Org destroyed Animus.  His own crystals came to land before him and then shattered into pieces.  Merrick was devastated, he had lost his trusty friends.  Another blow came when his lunar morpher vanished from his wrist.  Merrick was no longer the Lunar Wolf Ranger.  He saw the form of Kite on the ground and raced over to him.  Merrick gathered him in his arms - desperate to find out if he was still alive.  With Kite in his arms, Merrick returned to the Animarium.  As the rest of the Rangers gathered near, Kite apologized for not being strong enough to defeat Master Org and that for the Rangers to remember that they were the guardians of the earth.  Kite began to feel lighter in Merrick's arms and then he turned into a golden shower and vanished.  Merrick was so stunned he couldn't move - still with his arms out as if still holding his friend.  More shocks were on the way for Merrick and the rest of the Rangers.  Loud and heavy footsteps could be felt and heard on the Animarium.  Master Org had come to the Animarium and quickly set upon destroying the animal zords.  Princess Shayla supported Merrick as they watched helplessly.  With all the zords destroyed, the rest of the Rangers lost their powers as well.  Merrick felt himself and Princess Shayla fall sideways as the Animarium tilted to one side and began descending into Turtle Cove.

Merrick kept of Princess Shayla as the Animarium landed in Turtle Cove's lake.  The rain was pouring with thunder and lightening.  Merrick and the others quickly ran for shelter.  Danny had spotted Master Org in the city.  Merrick slumped down to the ground in a moment of frustration.  The Rangers quickly gathered themselves together and left to fight Master Org.  Master Org set putrids on them.  Merrick tackle many of them.  He made his way up to the top of a building - Taylor, Danny, Max, and Alyssa were also on their way.  Master Org mocked their attempts, but they were not ready to give up.  One by one they stated their name and the spirit of their zord.  Pockets of light began to break through the dark clouds.  Merrick was stunned to see hundreds of animal crystals floating around them.  Then his wolf zord crystal appeared in his hand and his and the other Ranger's powers were restored.  Merrick and the rest of the Rangers quickly defeated Master Org.  All the wild zords were now on the Animarium.  Merrick joined his friends in their happiness, but it was not to last.  Princess Shayla told them that she had to leave and take the Animarium back to the sky.  Instinctively, Merrick came forward.  He had been sworn to protected her and wanted to leave with her on the Animarium.  Painful as it was for Princess Shayla, she told him that he was human and had to stay and make a life on earth.  Merrick was stunned but complied with Princess Shayla's wishes.  They had been gripping each other hands and slowly Merrick back away.  Letting his hand slowly leave Princess Shayla's.  It was a painful moment for both of them.  Merrick got back in line with the rest of the Rangers and felt their comforting hands on his shoulders.  Merrick receive another shock when Princess Shayla requested their jackets and growl phones back.  He stood still for moment and then remove this jacket and morpher.  Merrick gave them to Cole who return all their jackets and growl phones to Princess Shayla.  Merrick knew that every time he look into the sky he would think of Princess Shayla.  He watched her walk away until she became a beam of light and vanished into the sky.  Merrick began his journey looking for new adventures.  He was startled to hear the chilling voice of Zen-Aku behind him.  Merrick felt that his path was to walk alone and to atone for all that he had done.  Zen-Aku felt the same way and wanted to join Merrick.  Merrick told him he could and couldn't help the smirk on his face as Zen-Aku followed him on their adventures.

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