Cameron Watanabe - The Green Samurai Power Ranger

Cameron Watanabe taught at the Wind Ninja Academy along with his father Sensei Kanoi Watanable.  The Academy was destroyed by Lothor and all the students (except three) were captured.  Cam survived and took the three remaining students underground.  They entered Ninja Ops where Sensei revealed himself to be transform into a guinea pig.  The three students were to become Rangers - Dustin (Yellow Wind Ninja Power Ranger), Shane (Red Wind Ninja Power Ranger), and Tori (Blue Wind Ninja Power Ranger).  Cam was skeptical of the three, but would soon come to respect them.  Very intelligent, Cam spent his time devising ways to help the Rangers.  Cam would become their friend as well - although he always had a quick, sarcastic remark on hand.  He was especially close to Tori, allowing her leeway that he didn't give to the guys.  Cam and the Rangers were always kept busy by Lothor.  Lothor has General Zurgane and Choobo working for him.  Along with his nieces Marah, Kapri, and several Kelzaks.  The Thunder Power Rangers began battling the Wind Rangers and managed even to take Sensei.  The Thunder Rangers (Blake - Navy Thunder Power Ranger, Hunter - Crimson Thunder Power Ranger) had been tricked by Lothor and believed that Sensei had destroyed their parents.  In the mountain of lost souls, the Thunder Rangers would discovered that it was Lothor, not Sensei who destroyed their parents.  The gem of souls had been shattered during the battle, and Cam tossed the pieces into the ocean.  Sensei was okay and the Thunder Rangers left Blue Bay Harbor for awhile.

Cam wanted to do more, he wanted to be a Power Ranger.  But his father would not let me because of a promise he had made to his mother.  Cam's mother had passed away when he was a child.  Cam felt very frustrated.  The Thunder Rangers returned with a bad attitude once again.  The Wind Rangers started battling the Thunder Rangers.  Much to Cam and Sensei's surprise during the battle both sets of Rangers disappeared.

Cam managed to locate the Rangers on an island.  The island was sinking and it was causing the temperatures to drop in Blue Bay Harbor.  Buried under layers of blankets, Cam did his best to help the Rangers.  When they were finally able to communicate, Cam sent their zords to get them off the island.  Blake and Hunter would eventually join the Wind Rangers in their battle against Lothor.

In Ninja Ops, Cam watched as his father gave a demonstration of his strength.  Still trapped in the guinea pig's body, Sensei Kanoi still broken the stones.  Silently in the background, Cam watched as each Ranger attempted to break the stone, but was unable to.  Cam walked up and smashed the stone into two pieces.  The guys were disbelieving - feeling Cam had played a trick on them.  This infuriated Cam - he wanted them to know that he wasn't totally useless, even if he wasn't a Ranger.  Needing to get away from them, Cam left Ninja Ops.  He was tossing stones into the lake, when Tori walked up.  With Tori, Cam could express his feelings more honestly than he could with anyone else.  Tori knew that Cam wanted to be a Ranger and told him to tell his father.  Cam told Tori that he had told his father and that he had forbidden it.  Tori wasn't about to give up and she gave Cam the incentive to not give up either.  They were walking back to Ninja Ops when Marah, Kapri, Madtropolis, and several Kelzaks made their appearance.  Cam was ready to battle - despite the geek comments from Marah and Kapri.  The rest of the Rangers joined them.  Cam continued battling the Kelzaks, but he was soon outnumbered and unable to help the Rangers.  Madtropolis drained the Rangers of their powers.  Cam helped them get back to Ninja Ops where he ran a check on them and confirmed that Madtropolis had drained their power.  The Rangers' powers were contained in a sphere and they had to get the sphere back to get their powers back.  Madtropolis was still on the rampage.  Cam boosted the Ranger's power so that they could battle.  But he forewarned them that it wouldn't last long.  The Rangers managed to get the sphere, and Cam teleported it back to Ninja Ops.  But the sphere could not be opened.  The greater power had to open it.  The Rangers were called into battle again.  Cam watched as the Rangers were defeated.  There had to be a way.  Finally, Sensei Kanoi revealed that there was a greater power, but that it was in the past.  Cam raced to get the Scroll of Time, but his father beat him to it.  His father did not want him to go back, knowing the risks involved.  Cam was determined to go back and convinced his father that he could do it.  He took the scroll and it unfolded into a brightly lit doorway.  With his mother's courageous heart and his father's stubbornness, Cam walked through the doorway.  He went through a twisting tunnel and landed outside Ninja Ops.   At first, he wondered if it had worked - everything looked the same.  But then a mysterious young man on a horse approached him.

The young man turned out to be his father.  Cam was accepted in the Wind Academy as a new student.  He took pride is his father's skill as a ninja.  Cam also meet his mother Miko as a young woman.  Miko wore the samurai ambulant that Cam needed.  Cam would also learn that Lothor was his father's twin brother.  Cam ended up battling Kiya (young Lothor) to protect the ambulant.  Kiya was banished and vowed vengeance.  Miko let Cam keep the ambulant - feeling that it was meant for him all along.  Cam wanted to stay and talk with Miko, but he had to leave through the portal.  Back in present time, Cam became the Green Samurai Power Ranger and defeated Madtropolis.  His friends were thrilled that he had become a Ranger.  On his first outing as a Ranger he was attacked by Sucker who filled his body with a toxin that began turning him into a bug.  Cam had to attack Sucker to reverse the process - which he did.  Cam managed to program the computer into his sword and his friends made him a Ninja uniform along the same lines as theirs.  Cam also created Cyber Cam to help out in Ninja Ops while he was battling.

Cam and the rest of the Rangers were kept busy by Lothor and his ever increasing generals.  Motodrone, Vexacus, and Shimazu all joined Lothor and caused a lot of problems for the Rangers.  Shimazu had Wolf Blades that were very difficult to defeat.  Cam had earlier retrieve an ancient artifact from a museum.  Sensei had told the Rangers that they could not open the box, until an emergency.  Cam felt the time had come, and Sensei agreed with him.  All the Rangers, except Cam, where disappointed when the box reveal another scroll.  Cam soon buried himself in the writings of the scroll.  He discovered that a powerful weapon was in an ancient city.  But to get there, he would need a powerful energy to open the portal.  Cam had the awkward task of asking the Rangers for their power discs.  All of them were very reluctant to give up their power discs - especially with the Wolf Blades still on the prowl.  But Cam convinced them and left to journey through the portal.  Using their discs, he opened the vault and found the power weapon - the Lighting Riff Blaster.  With this weapon, Cam traveled back through the portal to Blue Bay Harbor.  He joined the rest of the Rangers who were battling the Wolf Blades.  With the Lighting Riff Blaster, Cam was able to summon the Mighty Mammothzord and the Wolf Blades were destroyed.  Later, Cam joined the rest of the Rangers in a "Totally Talented" show competition.  Cam played the guitar.  Cam and the rest of the Rangers were surprised when Marah and Kapri also performed for the program.  Marah and Kapri won the competition, but it was a short-lived victory.   Tori discovered that they were using a CD player.  Marah and Kapri became furious and blasted the host of the show - Stu Starmaker.  Stu walked off the show.  Dustin wondered who had won - to which Cam replied that he thought that they were all winners.

Cam was at Ninja Ops with his father when his friends appeared.  They were all excited over the U.S. Action Games. Cam was surprised that it had all slipped their minds.  Cam could have understood if it had been Dustin.  Dustin, good humor in tact - informed Cam that he was the one that remembered.   Sensei gave them his permission to go and Cam came along as well.  The place was back with excitement and Cam was enjoying himself.  He and Hunter went to sign in their friends for their various competitions.  Cam was surprised to see Marah, Kapri, and several Kelzaks walking along.  He tried to discreetly get Hunter's attention.  But Hunter was occupied by two young girls and Cam  became a little more vocal.  Hunter realized what was happening and said a quick good-bye to the girls.  Cam and Hunter meet up with Marah and Kapri.  Marah and Kapri were unfazed by the arrival of Cam and Hunter and simply set the Kelzaks and several Kelzaks Furries on them.  Cam and Hunter began battling the Kelzaks.  Cam was surprised when three young people joined in.  He warned them to go away, but they did not.  Suddenly all the Kelzaks and Kelzaks Furries simply vanished.  Cam lectured the three young people on what could have happen to them, but they were unfazed as well.  Cam knew something had to be going on and he search the area he saw Marah and Kapri in.  He could find nothing and that puzzled him more.  His friends noted that his ambulant looked different.  Cam was stunned to discovered that his ambulant was frozen.  He decided to go back to Ninja Ops to find out what was going on.  He ran several tests on his ambulant - the ambulant was even drawing power from the generators.  It was his father's suggestions how the ambulant worked before that made Cam realized that when something good happened, the ambulant had warmed up.  He couldn't believe he had overlooked something so simple.  Monitoring Blue Bay Harbor, Cam saw Vexacus in large form.  He felt he could take on Vexacus himself, but he was unable to.  Something had gone wrong with his Samurai Star zord.  Cam contacted the rest of the Rangers and they took off to battle Vexacus.  Cam sent Cyber Cam to check on a power box outside while he monitored the battle between the Rangers and Vexacus.  The Thunder Ranger's zord had been destroyed and there was no sign of Blake and Hunter.  Cam told the Wind Rangers to head back to Ninja Ops as he searched for the Thunder Rangers.  He was becoming increasing perplexed when Cyber Cam seemed to vanished as well.  An evil voice reach Cam's ears and he turned around to face his uncle inside Ninja Ops with Marah and Kapri.  He was scared, but he stood his ground with Lothor.  There was no way Lothor was taking his dad.  But Cam was in for a surprise, Lothor did not want his father, he wanted him.  Lothor, Marah, and Kapri began wrecking Ninja Ops.  Cam and Sensei tried to stop them, but they couldn't.  Cam was captured.  His father tried to stop Lothor and was sent hurtling back into Ninja Ops.  Cam was dragged away from Ninja Ops.  He was brought on Lothor's ship and tied up.  Lothor revealed to him the Scroll of Destiny which had been missing from the Wind Academy.  Cam could not believe that Lothor's master plan was an old piece of paper.  Lothor was backed by the Scroll being completed accurate and he ripped the ambulant from Cam's neck.  Cam was furious and struggled in vain to free himself.

Despite his best efforts, Cam could not free himself.  Cam was very relieved to see Blake and Hunter and they rescue him.  Marah and Kapri had also been tied up and left to perish.  Marah and Kapri begged to be set freed.  Hunter and Blake were not so willing, but Cam could not leave his cousins.  Cam, Blake, and Hunter set Marah and Kapri free.  Marah quickly began questioning Cam about Dustin, which Cam didn't have time for.  Unfortunately, Choobo hadn't left the ship yet and a battle broke out on Lothor's ship.  Unable to morph, Cam still fought the Kelzaks.  At one point, Marah pointed out that if the control panel was blasted, the students would be free.  Cam shouted this out to Blake and Hunter and the control panel was blasted, the students released, and the ship began to fall apart.  Cam quickly teleported them out of there.  At Blue Bay Harbor, Lothor was using the ambulant to steal the Ranger's powers.  Lothor had taken the Thunder Ranger's powers.  Cam tried to stop him, but he was unable to.  Lothor was ready to destroy his nephew when the Wind Rangers step in to protect Cam.  Lothor took the Wind Ranger's powers as well.  Cam and the rest of the Rangers continued to battle Lothor.  It came down to the Wind Rangers and Lothor.  Summoning the power of air, earth, and water, the Wind Rangers sent Lothor into the abyss of evil.  Overloaded, the abyss of evil sealed itself with Lothor and the Ranger's powers trapped inside.  The U.S. Actions Games resumed and it was the start of a new session at the Wind Ninja Academy.  Cam was bemused to see Marah and Kapri as students.  His father commented on how you could not pick your family.  Cam, happy to have his father back in human form, replied that he was just glad that he didn't have to feed his gerbil food.  More students came pouring through.  The last three were the same three who had helped Cam and Hunter battle the Kelzaks earlier.  Cam was not thrilled to see them and told his father he didn't know if he could do this anymore.  Sensei reveals to Cam the new instructors - Shane, Tori, and Dustin.

Cam walked into the Wind Academy concerned.  He was immediately ambushed by Marah and Kapri.  Cam tried to shake them off by asking them if they had ninja homework.  Marah cheerfully replied that they had finished their homework and that it was easy.  Marah and Kapri asked Cam what was wrong, and informed him that they were his family and he could talk to them.  Cam told them that the ever since his father had been turned into a guinea pig, he gets worried if he is not around.  Marah and Kapri tried to reassured Cam by telling him that his father was a great Sensei.  But Cam wasn't convinced and decided to search for him on his own.  He walked in the woods surrounding the Wind Academy.  Cam called out for his dad, Shane, Dustin, and Tori.  He didn't find them.  Instead, he found a torn scroll dangling from a branch in a tree.  Cam looked at it and then noticed the purple goo on the ground.  He bent down and touched the goo and remembered that this goo had been by the Abyss of Evil.  Cam realized that the school was in trouble and raced back.  But he was too late.  The school was in shambles and all the ninja students were gone.  Cam pulled out a circular disc and contacted Hunter.  His words were curt - he simply told Hunter that it has happened.  Later, Cam walked along the streets in Reefside.  Hunter immediately joined him.  They gave each other a hug and Cam filled in Hunter on what had happened.  Hunter asked him if he thought it was Lothor.  Cam replied who else leaves purple goo.  Hunter asked him if he had heard from the others.  Cam told him no one had responded yet.  Cam and Hunter were waiting on a balcony facing a street.  Blake joined them and asked them what was going on.  Cam pointed out to the chaos below.  The Dino Thunder Rangers were battling the evil Ninja Rangers, two generals, and several Kelzaks.  Cam knew that they had to come up with a plan to help both sets of Rangers.

Cam had come up with a plan, but neither Blake nor Hunter were thrilled with it.  Cam wanted to go into the Abyss of Evil and retrieve their powers to help the Dino Rangers and their friends.  Blake was adamant about not going into the Abyss of Evil and Hunter took back everything he had ever said about how smart Cam was.  Cam pointed out the destruction on the street they were walking on and told them it was their only chance.  Cam, Blake, and Hunter prepared to lower themselves into the Abyss of Evil.  Blake continued to think it was a bad idea.  They lowered themselves and the bad smell hit them at once.  They spotted their powers fairly quickly and Hunter wondered why no one was guarding it.  Seconds later, Zurgane, some monsters, and several Kelzaks appeared.  A battle broke out with Cam, Blake, and Hunter fighting and trying to retrieve their powers at the same time.  Cam had stretched himself to try and reach the Samurai Ambulant - he was mere inches from reaching it.  Zurgane spotted this and made the ground shake.  Cam lost his footing and fell to the ground.  Hunter and Blake also lost their footing.  Hunter fell to the ground, but Blake had fallen through a deeper opening and towards the bottom of the Abyss of Evil.  Hunter leaped over and grabbed a hold of his brother.  Hunter had Blake in one hand and grabbing the edge of the cliff with his other hand.  Cam raced over and tried to pull his two friends up, but it was difficult.   Zurgane assumed that they would end up at the bottom of the Abyss of Evil and left.  Cam continued to struggle until a second set of hands appeared and began helping him.  Cam was startled.  He looked up and saw his dad.  Together they got Blake and Hunter to safety.  The second phase of their plan went into action.  Cam, Blake, and Hunter went to a bridge where the Wind Ninja Rangers and the Dino Rangers had been battling.  The Wind Ninja Rangers were just about to morph, when they called out to them to stop.  Kira realized that she had recognized Blake because he was a Power Ranger.  The Dino Rangers were shocked when Cam, Blake, and Hunter walked over to the Wind Ninja Rangers claiming Lothor had shown them the error of their ways.  The Wind Ninja Rangers were ready to battle again, but Cam stopped them.  In his hand were three discs and he told the Wind Ninja Rangers that the discs were energy power boost direct from the Abyss of Evil.  The Wind Ninja Rangers were reluctant to take the discs, but Cam promised them that they wouldn't regret it.  The Wind Ninja Rangers replaced their discs in their morphers and immediately fell to the ground.  When the Wind Ninja Rangers got back up, they were no longer under Lothor's control, although confused.  Cam, Blake, and Hunter tried to explain to their friends that Lothor was back and that he had been disguised as Sensei Kanoi.  Conner, Kira, and Ethan joined the group and Conner asked what was going on.  They all went to Dr. Oliver's home, where Cam and Hunter explained how they had went into the Abyss of Evil and gotten their powers.  Dr. Oliver was glad to see them all, but they still had a big problem.  The computer beeped and the screen showed Elsa preparing her army.  Cam and the rest of the Rangers left.  When they arrived, Elsa, Zurgane, the generals, the Wolf Blades, and several Kelzaks, Triptoids, and Tyrannodrones were waiting for them.  Cam and the rest of the Rangers morph and the intense battle began.  Cam and Trent worked together on destroying the Wolf Blades.  Cam went into Super Samurai Mode and Trent into Super Dino Mode.  They were successful in destroying the Wolf Blades and the rest of the Rangers were successful as well.  They gathered together and congratulated themselves.  Much to Cam's surprise, Marah and Kapri appeared.  Marah released the captured ninja students from Lothor's bottle.  Marah and Kapri walked over to Cam and explained how they were only pretending to be evil.  All the Rangers and Marah and Kapri returned to Dr. Oliver's home.  Hayley told Cam, Tori, Dustin, Shane, Blake, and Hunter that when Lothor extracted their powers, there was only enough left for one last battle.  They no longer had their powers.  Dustin wanted to know who rescued Sensei and Marah and Kapri explained how they did.  The following day, Cam, Tori, Kira, Conner, Shane, Dustin, Ethan, Dr. Oliver, Hunter, Marah and Kapri cheered Blake to another motocross victory.

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