Carlos Vallerte - The Second Green Turbo Power Ranger and The Black Space Power Ranger

Carlos Vallerte was the star soccer player at Angel Grove High.  He is a very skilled player and knows it.  Wanting to win more than anything else, Carlos went after every ball, without giving anyone else an opportunity.  Adam Park was the coach for the soccer team.  Adam wanted Carlos to give the ball to other players and to play as a team, which Carlos did not understand and refuse Adam's advise.  During the practice, pirhantrons appeared.  Unlike the other players, Carlos stayed, along with Ashley Hammond, and helped Adam fight off the pirhantrons.  Afterwards, Carlos walked Ashley to her home.  During the big game against Stone Canyon, Carlos continued with his dominance of the game.  During a break, Carlos asked Ashley what she thought.  Ashley was not impressed and let Carlos know it.  The rest of the game, Carlos thought about what Adam and Ashley had said to him.  Realizing they were right, Carlos passed the ball to another player who made the winning shot.  The team was ecstatic that they won the game.  Adam offered Carlos his congratulations on a great game, and Carlos told Adam what a great coach he was.  Ashley also told Carlos that she thought it was pretty cool what he had done.  Feeling much better, Carlos walked into the celebrating crowds with Ashley.  After that, Carlos became less self-involved and more concerned for others.  Carlos soon involved himself in a clean-up drive.  And when Flamite had Angel Grove in flames, Carlos was busy helping people to safety.  Adam, as the Green Turbo Ranger, also asked for his help in getting people to safety.  Because of his intelligence and decisiveness, Adam selected Carlos to become the successor to the Green Turbo powers.  In a private ceremony conducted by Dimitria, the four  former Rangers, Tommy, Kat, Tanya, and Adam greeted the new Rangers, Carlos, Ashley, Cassie, and TJ into the Power Ranger family.  Justin remained with the new team and a new legacy had begun.

Carlos got along well with everyone on the team.  The initial attraction between him and Ashley had developed into a close friendship.  Carlos and Ashley took auto shop together and he supported her during the tough time she was having.  He also developed strong friendships with TJ and Cassie.  Carlos tried to help Cassie find her dog by posting flyers and both of them were concern when Justin acquire super strength.  Carlos introduced Justin to the fun of soccer.   Justin helped Carlos with math homework. 

The first villain Carlos and his friends had to battle was Divatox.  She launched many attacks and plotted many schemes against this team of Rangers.  Carlos and the rest of the Rangers were kept busy.  But they had helped in the form of Blue Senturion and the mysterious Phantom Ranger.  In addition, Zordon and Alpha 5 had built robots in their likeness, that were waiting on Eltar if the need ever arose.

In addition to soccer, Carlos enjoys baseball, basketball, and bike riding.

The soccer coach wanted to see both Carlos and his friend Owen.  The position of captain was open and the coach was considering them both.  But Carlos needed to work on his attendance and Owen on his sportsmanship.  Carlos felt weird about competiting against Owen.  They had played soccer together since they were kids.  The soccer team was practicing and they called Carlos to join in the game.  Owen was already playing.  Carlos wasn't sure, but Justin urged him to join the game.  Carlos went into the game and gave it his all.  Carlos was celebrating a score, when he noticed Owen on the ground.  Carlos rushed over and broke through the crowd that had gathered.  Owen was clutching his leg in obvious pain.  Carlos had Justin go get the coach.  Owen began blaming Carlos for the injury - telling him he was the one that had hurt his leg.  The coach came over and soon had Owen on his way to the emergency room.  Carlos was upset - his friend's words ringing in his head.  It was no better the next day.  Carlos overheard that Owen was out for the season.  Some of the kids assume that Carlos had deliberately hurt Owen in order to become captain.  They were even quitting the team because they did not want to play on the same team as Carlos.  Others defended Carlos - saying Carlos was no where near Owen at the time of his injury.  Carlos was all mixed-up.  During the following practice, he could not concentrate on the game.  Instead scenes from yesterday's practice ran through his head.  Instead of seeing the ball, Carlos saw Owen's accusing face.  He felt in such turmoil.  Carlos's coach noticed his lack of attention and called him over.  The coach told him if he didn't mean to hurt Owen then it was an accident.  The coach's words did nothing to lift Carlos's spirits.  After the game, Carlos continued to ponder what had happened during the previous game.  He was approached by Owen and two friends.  They zoomed in on Carlos and continue to badger him.  Accusing Carlos of deliberately hurting him.  Carlos began to take a stand for himself and told Owen that he did not hurt him.  Suddenly his friends, morphed into Rangers, appeared and warned Carlos to stay away.  Carlos didn't understand until Owen and his friends turned into Pirhanatrons.  After the battle, Carlos was still confused.  He was thinking of quitting the team.  His friends tried to talk to him, but Carlos was to confused to listen and simply walked away.  The following day, Carlos saw Owen drop his books.  Using this as an opportunity to talk to Owen, Carlos pick them up and nervously handed them to Owen.  Owen thought Carlos was there simply to gloat.  But Carlos wanted to try and savage their friendship.  He tried to talk to Owen and tell him that he did not hurt him on purpose.  Owen refused to listen and again accused Carlos of hurting him in order to be captain of the team.  The conversation did not go well at all.  Round and round the events of the game swirled in Carlos's head.  It was driving him crazy.  Blue Senturion happened to be close by and noticed Carlos's distressed look.  Carlos told the Blue Senturion how Owen and him used to play soccer all the time.  How they never even kept score.  Now the whole scenario had changed and Carlos didn't know what to do.  This was beyond the Blue Senturion's realm and he was unable to help Carlos.  Carlos inform the coach that he was quitting the game.  Owen found out and was surprised and wanted to know why.  The soccer coach told Owen to talk to Carlos.  Carlos noticed Owen staring at him and walked over.  This time they were able to work things out.  Carlos listened intently to what Owen had to say.  Owen admitted that he had tripped over his own two feet and wanted to blame someone other than himself.  Carlos was relieved to hear the truth and know that his friend did not think he would deliberately hurt him. Owen had Carlos sign his cast and then Carlos took off.  He was in a hurry to get to the next soccer practice.

Carlos was walking home alone when he thought he heard something.  He thought it was Justin trying to play a joke because they had just finished watching a vampire movie at Bulk & Skull's scary film festival.  Carlos expected to see Justin when he turned around, instead he saw a group of Pirhantrons and a creature called Count Nocturn.  Carlos fought them off but Count Nocturn got a hold of him and bite him.  Carlos was unaware of the fact that he had been bitten.  He had trouble sleeping that night and the following morning light cause his eyes to hurt.  Carlos wore dark sunglasses to keep the glare down, even inside the school.  Carlos was sitting at a table studying when Justin stopped by.  Justin had garlic with him and placed it close to Carlos.  The garlic bothered Carlos and he shoved it aside with his book.  Carlos's actions made Justin suspicious.  As Justin began to read books about vampires, Ashley stopped by Carlos's table.  Earlier the two of them had made plans to stop at the blood drive.  Carlos walked Ashley to her locker and was just getting ready to bite her when TJ, Cassie, and Justin burst in.  They also had an encounter with Count Nocturn.  They began to question Carlos and he became agitated with them.  Carlos removed his glasses and his friends could see his eyes were glowing red embers and he had fangs for teeth.  Before they could grab him, Carlos turned into a bat and flew away.  Carlos headed towards the blood drive.  He tried to be discreet as he walked closer to the blood donations.  Bulk & Skull were there as well and were prepared to fight him.  They had witness what had happened to Carlos the previous evening.  Carlos hid from them and was backing away.  Keeping his eye on Bulk & Skull, Carlos was unaware that TJ and Ashley were behind him.  They grabbed Carlos and quickly morphed to the Command Center.  Carlos continued to struggled against as TJ and Ashley as they held him down and Alpha administered an antidote.  Carlos began to feel better but was unaware of the events that lead him to be held down by his friends.  Unfortunately the antidote was only temporary.  Carlos was still under Count Nocturn's control.  The Rangers were called into battle and Carlos could feel Count Nocturn's power over him.  Carlos refused to fight on the side of evil and using all his will power, broke free of Count Nocturn's control.  Free of his control, Carlos and the rest of the Rangers were able to defeat Count Nocturn.

Carlos and his friends were summoned to the Command Center.  Zordon had an urgent message for them.  Eltar was under heavy attack, but Zordon did not want the Rangers to come help.  Zordon tried to give the Rangers a warning, but Carlos and the rest of the Rangers were unable to hear it due to bad transmission.  Before anything could be done, Divatox sent a huge monster to attack the Rangers.  Goldgoyle was larger than the Ranger's megazord.  That did not stop the Rangers from fighting Goldgoyle.  During the battle, Goldgoyle was defeated, but at the cost of the megazord.  Carlos and the other Rangers returned to the Command Center.  There Dimitria informed them that Eltar had been taken over.  The Rangers need to stay on Earth to protect it from Divatox.  Instead Dimitria and the Blue Senturion were set to leave for Eltar.  Carlos and his friends barely had time to deal with the fact that Dimitria and the Blue Senturion were gone, when Alpha informed them that Pirhanatrons were heading towards the Command Center.  Carlos and the rest of the Rangers watched as hundreds of Pirhanatrons came towards the Command Center.  Carlos and his friends had no choice, they had to leave the Command Center and fight the Pirhanatrons.  They headed out the door and into battle.

Outside the Command Center, Carlos and the other Rangers fought as hard as they could.  But even with Lighting Cruiser and Storm Blaster's help, they were unable to defeat the Pirhanatrons.  Carlos and his friends soon found themselves headed back into the Command Center.  Carlos and Justin watched the Pirhanatrons from a viewing screen.  Carlos was afraid and not embarrassed to admit it.  The Pirhanatrons left, but not for long.  They were soon back in force and managed to break into the Command Center.  Carlos and the other Rangers fought as hard as they could.  The Command Center was destroyed.  Carlos hid among the ruins until Divatox and her crew left.  Carlos saw Divatox's flag fluttering triumphantly in the wind and it made his blood boil.  Angrily, he grabbed the flag and tossed it aside.  Carlos walked to the bottom of the rubble to meet his friends.  They had all hear the message that Divatox had received.  Zordon had been captured and Divatox was being summoned to the planet Cimmerian.  Carlos and his friends tried to come up with a plan.  As they talked, they found themselves demorph.  They no longer had the Turbo powers.  Carlos was insistent that they follow Divatox to Cimmerian.  Justin thought of an idea and they soon found themselves at the NASADA building.  Carlos waited on the outside with TJ, Cassie, and Ashley.  Justin managed to sneak inside and secure them the space shuttle.  Carlos, Cassie, Ashley, and TJ climbed on board on the space shuttle.  As they fasten seatbelts, they waited anxiously for Justin to join them.  But Justin wasn't going to join them.  Justin made the decision to stay with his dad.  Out loud, Carlos said good-bye to Justin and then headed into his next big adventure.

The Space Shuttle the Rangers were traveling in was soon pulled into the Astro Megaship.  Initially the Rangers could find no one on board.  As they continue searching the ship, Carlos found a warm plate.  Proof that there was at least one person on board.  Eventually they encountered the Red Space Ranger - Andros.  Andros had a superior attitude towards the Earth Rangers but he soon came to realize that he needed them.  Thus, Carlos became the Black Space Ranger.  As the Black Space Ranger, Carlos now fought battles against Astronema, Ecliptor, Darkonda, Quantrons,  and various monsters that was sent their way.

Carlos formed a bond with Andros fairly quick.  One evening Carlos unintentionally saw a video clip of Andros and his sister as young children.  The video clip showed the sister being captured and taken away.  Carlos began to feel like he was intruding and left to give Andros his private time to grieve.  Carlos had a hard time falling asleep that evening.  The scenes of the video clip ran through his head.  The following morning Carlos noticed that Andros was not with the others at breakfast.  He also noticed that Andros's glider was missing.  Carlos soon filled in his friends about Andros and his missing sister.  He decided to check-up on Andros on KO-35.  Carlos found Andros.  Andros was in the midst of a battle with Ecliptor.  Seeing Andros in danger, Carlos leaped in front of the laser meant for Andros.  The pain was intense and Carlos soon lost consciousness.  Andros took Carlos back to the Astro Megaship to make sure he was okay.  Carlos was okay, just needed to rest.  Andros took Carlos's injury to heart and was soon back on KO-35 battling Ecliptor.  TJ, Cassie, and Ashley joined Andros in the battle.  Much to everyone's surprise, Carlos also showed up.  Despite the evident pain he was in, Carlos would not let his friends down.  After the battle, Carlos let Andros know that he knew about his search for his missing sister.  He also offered his help in helping Andros find his sister along with their search for Zordon.  Andros realized that he had a powerful friend in Carlos and they shock hands to seal their new friendship.

Carlos, Cassie, and TJ were on a planet searching for Zordon.  They spotted tracks that looked like they were made by quantrons.  Carlos and his friends didn't realized they were being lead into a trap.  They soon found themselves surrounded by quantrons.  As Carlos fought, he was unaware of an bug headed his way.  Carlos became bitten by a barillion bug and fell to the ground.  Once again, Carlos was a victim of a creature's bite.  TJ and Cassie got Carlos back to the Astro Megaship.  Carlos was placed in sick bay and he tried to explained to Ashley and Andros what kind of bug bite him.  One of his arms was covered with swirling purple and blue lines.  Carlos felt very cold.  He watched as Andros and TJ walked out of the room.  Carlos knew something was going on but was in no shape to do anything about it.   The transformation in Carlos continued until he was turned into a barillion bug and no longer Carlos.  The creature only wanted to sting.  TJ, Cassie, Ashley, and Andros tried to trap him but he manage to escape.  In the process he stung Cassie.  Cassie was turned into a barillion bug as well.  The two of them worked together to try and sting Ashley.  TJ and Andros had left for the antidote and returned in time to stop both Carlos and Cassie.  As the antidote worked through his body, Carlos was transform back to his human form.

During his time as a Black Space Ranger, Carlos would see some old friends.  The first person was Justin, the Blue Turbo Ranger.  The second person was Adam who would help Carlos during a difficult time in his life.  During a battle with Lizwizard, Carlos unintentionally hurt Cassie.  Carlos was angry with himself for making a mistake.  He could barely look at Cassie when he went to check and see how she was doing.  Cassie was very reassuring to Carlos.  Letting him know that there is always a chance that they will get hurt.  Carlos couldn't accept that fact and left Cassie.  He went to Earth and let the events replay in his mind.  Carlos was very frustrated that he had hurt Cassie.  Bulk, Skull and the Professor came into view.  They were being chased by the Lizwizard.  Carlos hid himself and was visibly shaking.  He was scared he would hurt someone else.  Mentally pushing himself to battle the monster, Carlos morphed into action.  Once Bulk, Skull, and the Professor went into safety, Carlos began battling the monster.  Carlos was doubting his every move and the Lizwizard took full advantage of the situation.  The Lizwizard had Carlos on the ground when another figure came flying through the air.  Adam soon had the monster on the run.  Carlos was happy to see his former coach.  Carlos knew that Adam would understand what he was going through.  He told Adam what had happen and how he was doubting his every move.  Adam did understand what Carlos was going through and tried to tell Carlos that the Rangers take a risk every time they go into battle.  Even Adam's words did not help Carlos.  Adam could see his words were not helping Carlos and offered to help him train to help build his confidence back.  Carlos began training under Adam's watchful eye.  But the training was not helping, Carlos no longer felt that he had the right to be the Black Space Ranger.  He left Adam and return to the Astro Megaship.  There he return his morpher to the other Rangers.  They would not accept his resigning from the Rangers and tried to stop him.  But Carlos had already made up his mind.  Carlos then went and saw Adam, who was waiting for him for another training session.  Instead Carlos told him he was no longer the Black Space Ranger.  Adam was stunned by the news.  At that moment the Lizwizard returned to attack them.  Adam told Carlos to get to safely while he morphed into the Black Mighty Morphin Power Ranger.  Carlos took off running.  Then he stopped in mid-tracks.  It did not feel right to run and leave his friend.  Carlos returned to see Adam having difficulty maintaining the power.  Carlos began to battle the Lizwizard.  TJ, Andros, Ashley, and Cassie showed up as well and tossed Carlos his morpher.  With the morpher in his hand, Carlos knew what he needed to do.  He morphed into action and soon the Rangers had defeated the Lizwizard.  Afterwards, Carlos went to see how Adam was doing.  He was concern about Adam.  Adam knew that he was in safe hands with Carlos as a Ranger.  The words brought a smile to Carlos face as he hugged Adam.  The Black Space Ranger's confidence was back.

Carlos and the rest of the Rangers were soon joined by the Silver Ranger.  Andro's friend Zhane was the Silver Ranger.  Zhane had been in hyper sleep for two years before he awoken.  Zhane stayed with the Rangers for awhile before deciding to stay with the rebels of KO-35.  When Carlos and his friends needed extra help, Zhane was there to lend a hand.

Andros discovered that his missing sister was Astronema.  Carlos, TJ, Ashley, and Cassie wanted Andros to be cautious.  Astronema contacted Andros and wanted them to meet.  Carlos and the rest were against Andros meeting Astronema.  Carlos was concern for his friend - not wanting to see him get hurt physically or emotionally.  The tension was thick on the Astro Megaship as Carlos, Ashley, Cassie, and TJ waited for Andros's return.  Carlos felt immediate relief when he saw Andros return, but was stopped in his tracks by the appearance of Astronema.  Carlos couldn't believe that Andros brought Astronema on board.  And he couldn't believe that the woman who wanted to destroy them yesterday was now wanting to help them.  Against their better judgment, it was decided that Astronema could stay as long as she was under restraints.  The Rangers followed Astronema's directions to the planet where Zordon was being held.  Before they could land on the planet, Carlos, Cassie, TJ, Ashley, and Andros had to pretend that Astronema had captured them and was bringing them to Dark Spectre.  Carlos yanked the chains out of Astronema's hands and put them on himself.  He was very worried and tense about the whole scheme.  Astronema managed to get Dark Spectre to lower the shields and the Astro Megaship was given an escort.  Not comfortable with what was going on, TJ ditched the escort.  The Astro Megaship was hit by lightening and had to make a crash landing.  After they hit the ground, the Rangers discovered that Astronema had left the ship.  This only confirm to Carlos that Astronema had been tricking them.  Cautiously they began an exploration of the planet.  The Rangers were soon captured by Dark Spectre.  It had appeared that Astronema tricked them over all.  But Carlos and the others were mistaken.  Astronema had been trying to help them.  Astronema requested that Darkonda destroyed the Rangers and then dealt a lethal blow to Darkonda.  In the midst of the battle, Astronema released the Rangers.  They soon had to make their way back to the Astro Megaship.  Carlos was on the bridge of the ship with TJ, Ashley, and Cassie when Andros and Astronema walked in.  Carlos felt badly about how he had misjudged her and treated her.  They all did.  Carlos and the others trusted Karone and offered their friendship to her.  For a brief time, Karone was an honorary Power Ranger.

Dark Spectre sent an asteroid to hit Earth.  In an attempt to stop him, Karone returned to the Dark Fortress.  There she was taken and brainwashed back into Astronema.  This time, Astronema wanted to be the supreme ruler and devise a plan.  Astronema had her own set of Rangers - the Psycho Rangers whose strength came directly from Dark Spectre.  The Psycho Rangers kept Carlos and the rest of the Rangers very busy through numerous battles and conflicts.

Carlos was playing a video arcade game at the Surf Spot, when a former teacher spotted him.  She told Carlos hello and introduced Carlos to her daughter Silvy.  She also asked Carlos if he could watch Silvy while she went and got some drinks.  Carlos didn't mind and took Silvy to the video arcade game he had been playing.  He told Silvy to watch the master as he played the game, but he didn't last to long and thought something was wrong with the game.  When it was Silvy's turn, Carlos was surprised at how good she was at the game.  Silvy's mom return and Carlos made to leave when his morpher beep.  He needed to find a place to morph, but everywhere he turn there were people.  In a desperate move, Carlos went into a photo booth, morphed, and joined his friends.  Later that evening, Carlos was on the Astro Megaship working on his lap top.  He was stretching when he received a message.  A message from someone who knew that he was the Black Ranger.  Carlos thought about and concluded that it had been sent by the Psycho Rangers.  The following day, he went to a park to scan for the Psycho Rangers.  While watching the area, Silvy approached him.  Carlos tried to shoo her away, but she would not leave.  Carlos told Silvy that he was meeting someone and Silvy told him that someone was her.  Silvy also told Carlos that she was the one who had sent the message and knew that he was the Black Ranger.  Carlos was surprised and tried to keep things light.  He told Silvy that he wished he was a Power Ranger and that whoever told her that he was a Power Ranger wasn't very nice.  But Silvy held a trump card - the photo booth had snapped a strip of pictures which showed Carlos morphing into the Black Ranger.  Carlos couldn't believe it.  He bent over in frustration as Silvy danced around him.  Carlos spent much of the day, catering to Silvy's every whim.  He was being to feel tired of the whole thing and went to sit on a passing bench.  Silvy sat down right next to him.  Carlos began to get ready to leave when Silvy gave him a pager.  He was furious - he did not want to be on Silvy's beck and call.  But when Silvy threatened to tell all who Carlos was, Carlos gave in and wore the pager.  Back on the Astro Megaship, he could not contain his frustration over the situation.  His friends tried to offer him advice, but Carlos felt he was caught in a trap.  To compound matter, Silvy paged him to meet her at an amusement park.  Carlos went to the amusement park and with a weary expression tolerated all the rides with Silvy.  Finally, he took her home.  Silvy had one last request from him - she wanted a moon rock.  Carlos exploded - he had enough.  He told Silvy he didn't care who she told about him.  Carlos tried to restrain some of his temper and told her that he had bigger worries.  He stormed off and didn't look back, despite Silvy's many pleas for him to stop.  Carlos was back on the Astro Megaship in his room.  He couldn't go to sleep - all he could think about was Silvy.  Ashley entered his room.  Carlos began to tell Ashley that he couldn't believe the nerve of Silvy, but before he could go much further, Ashley stopped him.  Soon Carlos found himself in a doctor's office with Ashley.  There he learn some facts about Silvy.  That her family had just moved to Angel Grove and she didn't have any friends.  Her brother was sick and didn't survive.  Then the doctor showed them a photo of Silvy and her brother.  Carlos wanted to know why they were holding a rocket ship.  The doctor explained that they had planned to become astronauts.  Silvy had promised her brother that she would bring him back a moon rock.  Those very words hurt Carlos hard and without any explanation he left to find Silvy her moon rock.  There was a battle with a monster and the Psycho Rangers - with Silvy in the middle of the danger.  But Carlos and the rest of the Rangers soon had Silvy out of harm's way.  Later Carlos walked Silvy home.  Silvy felt bad about what she had done and returned the pictures to Carlos.  Carlos thanked Silvy and when she asked if they could still be friends, he was more than happy to do so.  He also had a surprise for Silvy - a moon rock.  Silvy was thrilled with the moon rock.  But Carlos had more than that for Silvy.  He took her on a ride on his galaxy glider.  It was so much fun that Silvy decided she wanted to be a Power Ranger.  Carlos chuckled and told her that it was possible and then they headed off for the moons of Jupiter.

Astronema became more intense in her battles against the Rangers.  Carlos and the rest of the Rangers fought hard against Astronema's attacks, but Astronema was gaining ground.  The Rangers lost the Delta Megazord and then the Mega Voyager.  All they had left was the Astro Megaship.  More disturbing events were taking place.  Astronema and Dark Spectre were attacking the universe.  Earth was under heavy attack.  Carlos and his friends headed to Earth to help.  Never had they encountered so many quantrons and Pirhanatrons in one place.  Carlos fought hard but he was unable to defeat the quantrons.  Hitting the ground hard, Carlos was in pain as he demorph.  Scrambling to his feet, he helped Cassie up.  There was no choice, they had to retreat.  Racing for their lives, they got away from the quantrons.  Eventually Carlos and Cassie found Andros, Ashley, and TJ.  They were tired and trying to regroup when burning, chunks of stone fell from the sky followed by an announcement from Ecliptor.  Dark Spectre was gone, Astronema was the new queen of evil.  Astronema made her demands - she wanted the citizens of Angel Grove to turn in the Power Rangers.  That evening Carlos and his friends tried to come up with a plan.  Zhane soon stumbled in with news that his zord was damaged and the rebels of KO-35 had surrendered.  The Rangers were on their own but they would fight until the end.  Carlos thought that maybe they could gathered the citizens of Angel Grove and formed a battle plan.  But it was decided that they could not risk innocent lives.  Andros left for the Dark Fortress in hopes of convincing Karone to stop.  The following day Carlos, TJ, Ashley, Cassie, and Zhane witness a humbling moment.  Astronema had returned and wanted the Rangers turned over.  Instead, lead by Bulk and Skull, the citizens of Angel Grove claimed they were the Power Rangers.  At first, Astronema appeared stunned by this turn of events, but she soon became frustrated and was ready to launch an attack.  Before she could begin, Carlos, TJ, Ashley, Cassie, and Zhane stood tall on top of a building and announced that they were the Power Rangers.  With the cheers of Angel Grove's citizens they morphed into action and fought the quantrons and Pirhanatrons.  During the battle a golden wave washed over Angel Grove.  Quantrons, Pirhanatrons and Elgar dissolved into a pile of dust.  The golden wave also demorph the Rangers.  The rejoicing began almost at once until the Dark Fortress appeared in the sky.  At first, Carlos and his friends thought that they had lost the battle.  Apprehensively, Carlos, TJ, Ashley, Cassie, and Zhane watched the Dark Fortress land.  The door opened and Andros walked out.  Carlos and his friends ran to the Dark Fortress and then stopped.  In Andros's arms was Astronema.  Carlos could see his friend was in pain and could do nothing to help him.  Carlos watched as Andros gently put Astronema down on the ground.  Tears began in Andros's eyes and traveled down his face.  One tear landed on Astronema and she was transformed back into Karone.  Carlos and his friends ran to Andros and Karone.  Happiness shone out of each face as they celebrated the return of Karone.  Carlos and the rest of the Rangers traveled to KO-35 to help the rebels start rebuilding their home.  Although the rebels offered them an invitation to stay on KO-35, Carlos and his friends were a little homesick and ready to return to Earth.  Carlos, TJ, Ashley, and Cassie were on the bridge of KO-35.  They were getting to return when a familiar voice uttered a command.  Andros had decided his home was with his friends.  Andros was followed by Zhane and Karone.  They were complete now.  Carlos and his friends triumphantly returned to Earth. 

Carlos and his friends received a distress signal from Alpha.  The Psycho Rangers were on the rampage again.  They had been brought back by Divot and Trakeena and were after the Galaxy Rangers on Terra Venture.  Carlos, TJ, Cassie, and Ashley were ready to join forces with Andros, Leo, Mike, Damon, Kai, Kendrix, and Maya.   Both teams together were a powerful source and they defeated the Psycho Rangers.  Carlos and his friends agreed to stay and enjoy a tour of Terra Venture.  Soon Carlos and his friends were back in action.  Psycho Pink had not been destroyed and was after the Pink Rangers.  Carlos and the rest of the Rangers fought a tough battle.  Psycho Pink was destroyed.  Kendrix, the Pink Galaxy Ranger, life force now resided in the Pink Quasar saber.  Carlos and the rest of the Space Rangers returned to Earth. 

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