Tommy Oliver - The Green Mighty Morphin Power Ranger

Tommy Oliver and his family moved to Angel Grove.  Tommy entered a Martial Arts Expo which was being held at the Youth Center.  The place was packed.  Tommy focused on training for his upcoming match.  Soon it was time for Tommy's competition.  He was up against one of Angel Grove's finest - Jason Lee Scott.  The competition between Tommy and Jason begins.  It is a very close match.  Jason initially takes the lead, but they are soon tied.  Within a few moments, Tommy has surpassed Jason in points.  Jason soon gets another point.  At the end of the match, there is a tie and no winner.  The crowd cheers enthusiastically.  Jason and Tommy bow to each other.  Jason tells Tommy good match, he had kept him going.  Tommy replies same here.  Jason tells him see you around and walks over to his friends.  Tommy walks off to the sidelines and wipes down with a towel.  The following day, Tommy enters Angel Grove High School.  Tommy is walking in the halls when he hears two guys (Bulk & Skull) giving a young girl a hard time.  Tommy walks up from behind and asks them if they didn't hear the lady?  Tommy tells them she said no.  Bulk thinks its time for someone else to be taught a lesson.  Tommy then gives a demonstration of his karate skills.  Frighten, Bulk suggests they teach him that lesson some other time.  Bulk & Skull quickly walk away.  The young girls smiles as she thanks him.  Tommy replies sure and starts to walk away.  The young girl calls out to him and Tommy turns around and walks back.  The young girl introduces herself as Kimberly.  Kimberly asks Tommy if he is new around here?  Tommy tells her yes and introduces himself.  They shake hands.  Kimberly asks Tommy if he would like to get together with some of her friends after school?  Nothing major - just hand out at the Youth Center.  Tommy replies yes, that sounds cool.  Tommy tells her I'll see you then and walks away.  After school, Tommy is walking home with his friends.  Tommy says bye to his friends as they part ways and he walks down an alleyway.  Suddenly several Putties arrive.  Tommy battles the Putties, using everything he has, including a trash can lid.  Eventually Tommy defeats the Putties.  The Putties vanish and Tommy wonders why him?  Tommy goes to pick up his bag when a sudden strong wind begins to blow.  Tommy looks up and sees a woman (Rita Repulsa) standing on top of the building.  Rita tells him she has chosen him.  Tommy screams no as Rita transports Tommy to the preparation chamber.  Tommy is laying flat, covered in flimsy material.  Candles surround him in a rectangle shape.  Rita casts her spell and then commands her Green Ranger to rise.  The material falls apart as Tommy sits up and opens his eyes.  Tommy refers to Rita as his empress and asks how he can serve her.  Rita tells him as a Ranger, he can now enter the Command Center.  There you will disable Zordon and then destroy the Power Rangers.  Rita tells Tommy who the Power Rangers are - Jason the Red Ranger, Zack the Black Ranger, Kimberly the Pink Ranger, Billy the Blue Ranger, and Trini the Yellow Ranger.  Rita then tells Tommy to prepare to receive the sixth power coin.  Tommy holds out his hand.  There is a flash of green and then the sixth power coin appears in Tommy's hand.  Tommy has become Rita's Green Ranger.  Rita commands Tommy to morph into the Green Ranger.  Green smoke appears and when it vanishes, the Green Ranger is standing there.  Green Ranger pledges to the fall of Zordon and the destruction of the Power Rangers.  Green Ranger teleports inside the Command Center.  Green Ranger can still hear Rita's voice as she tells him you know what to do.  Green Ranger responds with your wish is my command.  Green Ranger spots the still Alpha 5 and walks over.  Green Ranger plants a virus inside Alpha 5.  Alpha 5 becomes activated and starts yelling alert!  To silence him, Green Ranger yanks out some of Alpha 5's wiring.  Zordon has awoken.  Zordon asks Green Ranger how is it possible that he has entered the Command Center.  Only one with a power coin may do so.  Green Ranger gleefully shows Zordon that he does have a power coin.  Zordon concludes that Rita has finally selected a person to give it to.  Green Ranger replies that he is right, he is Rita's Green Ranger and she is his Queen.  Zordon warns Green Ranger that  Rita has him under an evil spell.  Zordon offers to help Green Ranger.  Angrily, Green Ranger tells him to worry about saving himself and refers to Zordon as an old man.  Green Ranger begins pulling out control panels as Zordon yells no.  Zordon yells for Alpha 5, but Alpha 5 can't help because of the virus.  Zordon pleads with Green Ranger to stop as Green Ranger makes his way around the Command Center, ripping out control panels.  Zordon tells him he doesn't know what he is doing.  Zordon realizes he is losing power and losing contact with this dimension.  Green Ranger finishes wrecking the Command Center and laughs evilly.  Green Ranger announces it is done my empress.  Zordon has been eliminated and the Power Rangers are next.  Green Ranger tells Zordon so long.  My work here is done.  Green Ranger vanishes.  Rita then sends Goldar, Baboo, and Squatt down to Angel Grove.  Rita makes Goldar giant size.  Green Ranger is standing and watching.  Soon the Power Rangers arrive.  Squatt announces their arrival to Rita.  Squatt hollers for the Putty Patrol.  Several Putties arrive.  The Power Rangers battle the Putties with their Blade Blasters.  Giant Goldar watches the battle.  Green Ranger declares it is the beginning of the end of the Power Rangers.  Squatt thinks this is going to be fun.  Goldar instructs the Putties to get them - get them all.  The Power Rangers give their all as they battle the Putties and eventually defeat them.  Goldar takes his sword and slices a stone tower.  The rocks fall all around the Power Rangers.  The Power Rangers summon their zords and form the Megazord.  The Rangers battle Goldar in the Megazord.  Goldar warns them to prepare to feel the wrath of Rita Repulsa.  Green Ranger declares my turn and leaps up onto the Megazord.  Green Ranger lands on top of the Megazord and declares it's time for the Rangers to meet Green Ranger.  Green Ranger bursts through the cockpit and declares long live Empress Rita.  Green Ranger battles the startled Power Rangers.  Sparks start shooting out of the Megazord's head.  The Rangers are knocked out of the Megazord and land on the ground.  Green Ranger leaps out, eager to continue.  Green Ranger declares they are finished and battles them with his all.  Pink Ranger tries to use her Blade Blaster against Green Ranger and is knocked aside.  Black Ranger also uses his Blade Blaster against Green Ranger.  Pink Ranger leaps back in.  Green Ranger knocks both of them to the ground.  Blue Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Red Ranger race over to the fallen Rangers and make sure they are okay.  Red Ranger challenges Green Ranger to take him on.  Green Ranger throws a Blade Blaster at Red Ranger, knocking him in the chest.  Green Ranger and Red Ranger race towards each other and battle.  After a few minutes, Green Ranger knocks Red Ranger to the ground.  Black Ranger, Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Blue Ranger race over to Red Ranger.  Green Ranger summons up a bright green energy ball and shoots it at the Rangers.  They are knocked off their feet and land on the ground.  Green Ranger laughs.  The Power Rangers retreat and teleport away.  Green Ranger laughs evilly.  Green Ranger shouts out to the fall of the Power Rangers!  Green Ranger vows to destroy them one and all. 

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Green With Evil, Part II





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