Trip - The Green Time Force Power Ranger

In the year 3000, there is Time Force police.  Trip is part of Time Force.  Although he is not from Earth, but from the planet Xybria.  Trip is a Xybrian with green hair and a gem on his forehead that enable him to receive visions.  He is also sensitive and smart.  Trip's friends are also members of Time Force - Jen, Lucas, and Katie.  Ransik, a mutant, had been capture and Trip and his friends were given the assignment to escort Ransik to prison.  On the way they were ambushed and Ransik, along with his daughter Nadira, Gluto, and Frax escaped to the year 2001.  Before Ransik left through the time hole, he destroyed Alex.  Alex was also a part of Time Force, the Red Time Force Ranger, and Jen's finance.  Jen promised Alex that they would bring Ransik back.  In a stolen Time Ship, Trip, Jen, Lucas, and Katie left. 

The Time Ship had landed, but was about to explode.  Waken by Circuit, a robot Trip had built, Trip frantically woke up the rest of his friends and got them out of the Time Ship safely.  Jen had brought along Alex's chrono morpher, along with four extra ones.  Jen passed these out.  First time out, they did not work.  Trip and his friends needed someone with Alex's DNA.  They had encountered a young man who looked a lot like Alex - Wes.  Wes was able to unlock the chrono morphers and Trip became the Green Time Force Ranger.  Jen had not been impressed with Wes's attitude, but Trip could sense there was more to Wes than a mere rich, spoiled kid.  Alone, he snuck to Wes's mansion and found Wes.  Trip filled Wes in on Jen and Alex.  Wes wanted a chance to prove himself and Jen gave him another chance.  After that, Wes became a permanent part of the team.

Wes found them a place to live.  Trip was very excited about it - he had seen the mansion Wes lived in.  Trip's first reaction to the clock tower was disappointment.  The clock tower was full of dust and dirt, but Trip and his friends cleaned the place up and it turned out to be a comfortable home.  Wes also provided his friends with clothes that were more suited to the year 2001.  Trip and his friends also did odd jobs through their business downstairs - Nick of Time Odd Jobs. 

Trip is working on Circuit while Lucas and Wes play a game of poker.  Trip's gem begins to glow and he receives a vision of Lucas's cards - four kings and an ace of diamonds.  Impressed Trip blurts out what Lucas's cards are.  Trip continues to work on Circuit, unaware that he has ruined Lucas's chance of winning the game.  Trip sees Lucas is who upset with him and asks him if he remembers what he said about reading minds.  Trips stutters that it's rude.  Lucas then places a bandage over Trip's gem and tells him no gem for one day.  Trip is rather humiliated by the experience and needs to take a walk.  He takes Circuit along with him.  Trip ends up in line at a vendor's hot dog stand.  Muttering to himself about Lucas being really mad at him, Circuit pipes up in agreement - so a fuss over a card game.  Trip tries to keep Circuit quiet as everyone turns to stare at him.  Their stares are broken by a woman running down the sidewalk chased by Cyclobots.  Trips immediately goes into action and gets the young woman to safety.  He tells her that she will be okay and is stunned when the woman reveals herself to be Nadira.  Trip backs away from Nadira and she begins to plea with him.  Nadira tells Trip that she knows she has done some terrible things, but that her father made her do it.  She has now escape from him.  Circuit cautions Trip, but Trip believes Nadira and is eager to help her.  He takes her back to the food court to recover from her ordeal.  Trip comes back with a drink for Nadira - having already gotten her a hot dog.  Nadira asks Trip to remove his heavy backpack and sit for awhile.  Trip replies that it's okay, anxious to get her to the clock tower and the other Rangers.  Nadira then asks for another hot dog - which surprises Trip since she just said she was full.  Happy to help, Trip removes his backpack and goes back to the vendor for another hot dog.  When he turns around he sees Nadira with Circuit in her hands.  Nadira taunts him with the fact that he fell for her sob story.  Trip runs to free Circuit, but is too late as Nadira vanishes with Circuit.  Frantically Trip begins to search the city.  He dons on his Time Force glasses and scans for mutant DNA.  Trip's morpher goes off and he finds a quiet place to answer it.  Jen informs him that there is another mutant attack.  Trips tries to tell Jen about Circuit.  Embarrassed that Nadira trick him, he hesitates telling the stern leader about what has happen to Circuit.  Instead he simply replies that he will meet the other Rangers were the mutant is.  

Trip arrives and begins to fight alongside the other Rangers.  He tries to tell Wes what has happen, but there really isn't time to say anything as they are both battling.  Soon the Rangers are trying to contact Circuit and get no reply.  Reluctantly Trip tells them what happen.  Trip is still feeling somewhat abashed when Lucas walks over and rips his bandage off.  Surprised Trip tells Lucas that it hasn't been a day.  Lucas tells Trip that he didn't mean he could never use his gem again - especially if it is something important.  With the words go find that owl, Trip begins to feel a little better.  Finding a place to be alone, Trip concentrates on finding his robot buddy.  He receives of vision of him being held in a boxcar and races there.  Trip finds Nadira there with Circuit babbling nonsense.  Trip manages to get rid of Nadira and begins anxiously to work on Circuit.  Within moments, Trip has Circuit back to himself and Trip is able to join the other Rangers.  After the mutant is frozen, Trip, along with his friends begins to search for Circuit.  When Trip finds him he apologies to Circuit for trusting Nadira.   But his friends assure him it wasn't his fault - as all Xybrians are totally trusting and honest.  Aspects that all his friends appreciate.  As they walk back to the clock tower, Trip confirms with Lucas that it's okay to use his gem if it's important.  Lucas replies that as long as it's super important.  Trip receives another vision and tries to tell Lucas, but Lucas tells him only if it's important.  Trip decides it's not and shrugs his shoulders.  Lucas steps in dog poop, which Trip can't help chuckling.  Grinning he tells Lucas you told me not to tell.

Trip was enthusiastically working on his latest invention and eagerly sharing all the details with Wes.  He couldn't keep the smile off his face as he went into great detail about his invention.  Trip noticed Wes's bored look before Wes tried to make some excuse to leave.  The rest of the Rangers were racing down the stairs - there was another mutant attack.  Circuit could tell Trip was disappointed by Wes's lack of interest and told him that he thought his invention was cool.  Trip didn't believe Circuit as he followed his friends out the door.  Trip and the rest of the Rangers arrive to battle Redeye.  Redeye had been terrorizing a group of humans.  The Rangers go into action.  Except Trip.  He isn't focusing on the fight - instead he watches how powerful the other Rangers are.  He believes he could never do the moves he sees his friends doing.  When the Rangers called out to him that they need his help, Trip stumbles on the way over.  Falling in front of his friends - Wes asks if he is alright.  Trip, frustrated with himself, replies that he is.  After Redeye is capture, the crowd races to the Rangers.  Trip stands alone as his friends receive all the praise.  Making him even more worthless.  Trip walks to the park and sits on a bench.  He is still feeling depressed.  Four kids pulling a wagon stop close by.  Trip hears them yelling about playing Rangers and begins to watch them.  The kids delight in playing Rangers makes Trip smile.  Each kid pulls on a Ranger costume and takes off running.  Trip watches the kids take off and then glances back at the wagon.   He sees that only the green Ranger costume is left.  His smile fades as the feeling of rejection hits him again.  Trip decides he will make others see him differently and leaves the park.

Trip decides he needs to work out to become stronger.  He drinks several raw eggs - although he has a hard time doing this.  Then he begins on his training.  At first, everything is a stronger, but as he continues the training is going better.  Trip decides to try bench pressing and adds quite a few weights.  The weights are too much and Trip lets out a howl of pain as he struggles to lift the weight.  He hears his name and suddenly the weights are lifted off.  Grasping for breath, Trip turns to face his friends who had heard him cry out.  He tells them he didn't need their help, but its obvious they don't believe him, as both Jen and Katie try to contain their giggles.  Trip looks away in obvious discomfort at not being taken seriously.  Later, he walks with Lucas and wants to know if Lucas has every had any doubts about being a Ranger.  Lucas replies that he never had.  Trip tries to tell him that he has, when Lucas interrupts him.  Spotting a young woman, Lucas gets some flowers and heads her way.  Trip watches and listens as Lucas charms the young woman and they leave together.  Trip decides on his next course of action.  He buys clothes similar to Lucas and begins his stroll through the city.  Trips falls down a set of stairs and tries to regain his composure.  He notices the price tag still on the jacket and yanks it off - agitated with himself.  Trip notices a young woman by a fountain.  Gathering his courage, he decides to approach her.  Trying to be cool, Trip mixes up his words as he tells the woman the flowers are prettier than her.  Noticing her expression Trip tries to recover as he tells her no flower is as pretty as her.  She offers a small smile and takes the flowers.  Trip smiles at his success.  Unfortunately a bee comes flying out of the flowers and heads towards the girl.  Trip tries to shoo the bee away and instead knocks over the girl's coffee.  Trying to rectify the coffee, Trip unintentionally knocks the girl in the water fountain.  She screams at him to get lost.  Trip walks away dejectedly.

Trip tries one more time to change his image.  The Rangers are battling another mutant and Trip tries to copy Wes's style as he battles the mutant.  His plans backfires as the mutant enjoys eating the energy from their blasters.  Their blasters are useless.  Trip is more frustrated than ever as yet another one of his plans ends in failure.  The Rangers return to the clock tower and Trip goes to bed.  When he awakens, he joins the others at the table.  Jen launches right into Trip - demanding to know what he was trying to prove.  Trip replies that he was only trying to help.  The others come to a plan to check out the other power plants.  Trip is ready to go with them, but they tell him to stay behind and rest.  Depressed, Trip wonders what he is good at.  As he contemplates the blasters, an idea comes to him.  He is fill with energy as he does what he's good at.  Soon the new V weapons are ready and Trip joins the others.  The mutant is recapture.  Trip receives a vision.  The children he had seen earlier are in trouble.  In an instant, Trip if off to rescue the children.  On the Time Jet, Trip finds the children and gives them a ride to safety.  

Back at the clock tower, Trip chuckles to himself as he puts away his body building equipment.  Still amuse over his own behavior, Trip receives a message from Katie over his morpher.  Quickly he makes his way to the park.  Katie approaches him and informs him that Circuit had told them what he had been up to.  Trip braces himself for more ridicule and starts to glance away.  Katie then informs him that since he saved the day, they all want to be like him.  Trip is surprised and glances at Lucas, Wes, and Jen at a nearby table.  Wes, Lucas, and Jen remove their hats and all have green hair.  Trip gets a hug from Katie - who also has green hair.  Trip then notices the four children from earlier - they are all wearing green Rangers costumes.   Trip can't help grinning as his four friends piled on top of him.

Mr. Collins had put together the Silver Guardians to protect the city.  Eric Myers, a former classmate of Wes, was working for the Silver Guardian.  Eric would eventually become the Quantum Ranger.  Eric did not join the other Rangers.  Instead he stayed independent.

Trip was working a odd job - fixing fans.  The man who ran the place, was impressed with his work and more than happy to pay him.  As Trip gather his equipment, he saw a strange sight.  A mutant was running away from Frax, Nadira, and a group of Cyclobots.  Discreetly Trip watches as Notagon refuses to join forces with Ransik.  Trip leaps into action before Frax can deal a devastating blow to Notagon.  As Trip battle the various Cyclobots, the Silver Guardians show up.  Taking advantage of the confusion, Trip takes Notagon to a safer area.  Notagon tells Trip that he just wants to frozen again.  Trip contacts his friends and they confirm that Notagon had been frozen for petty theft - for stealing vegetables.  Notagon confirms that he did steal the vegetables, because he was hungry and no one would help him because of the way he looks.  Trip lets the other Rangers know that if Frax finds Notagon, he will destroy him.  His friends race to help Trip.  Trip and Notagon continue to stay hidden and keep an eye out for Frax.  Notagon is grateful for Trip's help and thanks the Green Ranger.  Pleased, Trip replies that he can call him Trip.  Notagon thanks Trip and Trip smiles.  Happy to help the gentle mutant.

Notagon begins to cry out in pain.  Trip is at his friend's side, trying to find out what is wrong.  Noticing a triangle plate on Notagon, Trip touches it and is immediately shocked and knock off his feet.  Trip notices that his morpher is fired as well.  Trip knows that he has to remove the triangle plate off of Notagon and begins to work on him.  The job is much harder than Trip anticipated and he finds he cannot remove it without destroying Notagon.  Notagon - not wanting to do Ransik's bidding - attempts to remove the plate himself.  Trip grabs his arm and tries to stop him.  Trip knows that he can find a way to help Notagon.  Trip hears a sarcastic remark behind him and it is Ransik.  Notagon - not wanting to hurt Trip - tosses him to one side as he tries to make a getaway.  But Notagon is unable to and Trip is once again at his side, making sure he is okay.  More cyclobots appear and Trip begins to battle them.  Luckily the rest of the Rangers showed and help Trip.  Eric also shows up and seeing the mutant is ready to fire at him.  Trip sees this and races in front of Notagon.  He asks Eric what he is doing, which Eric tells Trip to step aside.  Trip refuses to do so and Eric fires at the pair.  Trip braces himself for the blast, when Wes jumps in front of them.  As Wes and Eric bicker, Trip takes Notagon and tries to find a safe place for him. 

Notagon insists on Trip getting rid of him - that Frax would never give up.  Trip assures him that they will find a way.  Eric finds them and insists that Trip steps aside.  Trip refuses and stands taller in front of the mutant.  The other Rangers show up and tell Eric that he is making a big mistake.  Eric refuses to listen.  As far as he is concern all mutants should be destroyed.  The Rangers try to explain that they don't destroy mutants, they bring them to justice.  Eric doesn't feel they deserve justice - just look at him.  Mutants are freaks.  Trip, listening to all of this, is outrage.  Anger coursing through him, Trip yells at Eric.  Telling him that he hates him because he looks different.  If he has to destroy everything that is different, than he might as well destroy him as well.  With a flourish, Trip removes his hat and reveals the gem hidden beneath.  The sight leaves Eric confused.  The other Rangers are worried for Trip's safety as is Notagon.  Trip bends down and reassures Notagon that he is not afraid to do the right thing.  Trip stands up and again faces at Eric - informing him that he will not destroy them.  Trip stares down Eric - even as Eric prepares his weapon - Trip never flinches.  Eric fires his shot, but deliberately aims it in the wrong place, and misses them both.  Trip continues to stand guard in front of Notagon as Eric pretends his weapon is not working properly.  

Frax has reappear and seeing Notagon still around, activates him.  Notagon - no longer in control - goes after Trip.  Trip finds himself in the powerful grip of Notagon while Notagon apologies to Trip.  Trip feels himself flying through the air and morphs into action.  Trip has an idea on how to help Notagon without hurting him.  He gets ready when Q-Rex appears and is actually holding Notagon so that Trip can fire his shot.  Trip fires and Notagon explodes and then is reduce to a small size.  Trip places Notagon in a container, claiming that Ransik can no longer hurt him.  Trip hears Eric's vehicle pull up and his friends gather around him protectively.  Eric - aiming most of his conversation at Trip - warns that the next mutant is the Silver Guardians and that they better stay out of their way or they will get run over.  Eric turns and leaves them.  Trip hears Lucas mutter how mean Eric is and corrects him.  Trip had seen how he really is inside and he's not mean - just lonely.  Eric acts mean to cover it.  Trip couldn't resist adding to Lucas like the way you act cool.  

Trip was very excited, he had found an ancient camera and showed it to his friends.  As he showed the camera, Wes chuckled and took it, showing how the Polaroid camera worked.  Trip took a few shots as Lucas and Katie joined them.  The camera was passed from one person to the next, as Trip and his friends enjoyed the photo session.  They made their way over to Jen, but she wasn't smiling.  Trip felt the lighthearted moment passed, as Jen expressed her concerns over the future shifting.  Through their intervention, a serum Bio-Lab had produced wasn't even supposed to be around.  Wes volunteered to go get the serum back, but he was unsuccessful.  Afterwards there is an attack on Bio-Lab by Ransik - who searches the building for more serum.  Once Ransik finds the serum - he orders the building to be destroyed.  Severax begins destroying the building, along with a group of cyclobots.  Trip and the rest of the Rangers arrived and begin battling.  They managed to capture Severax.  Trip is very excited as he places Severax inside the container.  Trip, Lucas, Wes, and Katie are grinning - happy to have another mutant captured.  Trip notices that Jen, once again, is not smiling.  Walking towards her, he asks if she is still worried.  Jen is - they need to capture Ransik quickly.  Trip notices something out of the corner of his eye.  Through the haze of the smoke, Trip can just make out a man who looks a lot like Alex.

Trip is stunned along with his friends, when the man turns out to be Alex.  They had all assumed he had died.  Alex didn't waste much time, telling them they had to follow him.  Trip and the rest of the Rangers entered the Time Ship.  Alex had them fall in and told them that Frax had broken away from Ransik.  Frax had built a giant robot - Dragontron.  Alex then took over as the Red Ranger.  Trip tried to defend Wes, stating that they already had a Red Ranger.  Alex had a devastating blow for Wes - Wes's dad was to die the next day and Wes was to take over Bio-Lab.  Trip, Katie, Jen, and Lucas heard Eric's voice over Wes's morpher as he inform Wes that his father was badly hurt.  Wes gave the morpher back to Alex and left.  Trip, Jen, Lucas, and Katie took Alex to the clock tower.  Trip thought their clock tower was pretty cool, but Alex was very dismissive of their home and operations.  Alex even put down their computer, which Trip took great offense at.  Alex ordered them back to their Time Force uniforms - adding that they looked ridiculous.  Trip changed into his uniform and the Rangers soon found themselves on the beach facing Dragontron for the first time.  Alex morphed into the Red Ranger.  It was bit bewildering to see Alex as the Red Ranger instead of Wes.  Following Jen's lead, Trip morph along with Lucas and Katie.  The Rangers had a very tough battle with Dragontron and they were not successful in destroying him.  Afterwards, Alex gave them a dressing down.  Trip stayed silent throughout the tirade.  Alex left them standing there.  Trip slowly sat down - mentioning that he kind of missed Wes.  Another encounter with Dragontron soon followed.  It was not going well and Trip and the rest of the Rangers soon found themselves demorph.  Once again, Alex berated them about not caring about the future.  It was enough for all of them.  Lucas confronts Alex and Trip back him stating that Alex wouldn't have taken Wes's morpher.  Katie backs them up as well.  Wes appears ready to take his destiny into his own hands.  Alex is persuade to give the morpher back to Wes.  With Wes back as the Red Ranger, Trip and his friends feel more confident and are able to defeat Dragontron.  Afterwards, Trip, Lucas, Jen, and Katie say goodbye to Alex.  Alex apologies for being so hard on them and that they are excellent Rangers.  Wes joins them and they all watch the Time Ship leave.

Trip, along with Katie and Lucas were enjoying Circuit tell them about how dinosaurs became extinct.  When Lucas made the comment that Circuit didn't know about the future, Trip had to correct him.  Trip inform them, Wes and Jen had joined them as well, that Circuit did have information about the future.  Trip, along with his friends, began to ask Circuit to tell them something about the future.  Just one thing, Trip pleaded.  Trip watched as Circuit became quiet while calling out the information.  Circuit suddenly blurted out that maybe they didn't want to know about the future.  Trip ask Circuit what did he see, but Circuit no longer has the information.  As Circuit explains it was there, now it's gone.  A little disappointed Jen asks Trip to check Circuit.  Trip reassures Circuit that every computer has glitches now and then, Circuit replies that he never does.  Trip knows this is true and cannot understand what has happened to his robot.  Later, Trip works on some electronics when Circuit flies in and offers to help.  Gently, Trip tells him that he can manage and until he figure out where Circuit's glitch came from, maybe he should just take a break.  Circuit flies away, leaving Trip with his work.  

Trip becomes concern when he doesn't see Circuit.  He begins to search the clock tower for Circuit, but is not having any luck.  Trip asks his friends if they had seen Circuit.  They all had, but they all had sent him away.  Trip realizes he had done the same thing and that they have hurt Circuit's feelings.  He tells his friends that they need to find Circuit.  On a hunch, Trip goes to the beach and finds Circuit.  He is relieved that Circuit is okay and reminds him of the time that Circuit got them out of the Time Ship before it exploded.  Circuit is still worried about being defected and Trip tells him that they will fix the problem.  A loud noise interrupts their conversation and this is followed by a large black cloud.  Trip knows that is a sure sign of trouble.  Taking Circuit with him, Trip heads toward the Space Center.  Taking care not to be seen, Trip makes his way quietly along the building.  He takes a quick peek through a window and sees Cyclobots.  Using his gem, Trip sees that the building is set to self-destruct.  Trip informs the rest of the Rangers what is going on.  Trip manages to get inside the building and sets off for the main frame computer.  He finds the computer and sits down - ready to start to stop the self-destruct program.  Trip is confident until Circuit refuses to help him.  He implores Circuit to help - but Circuit refuses.  For the first time, Trip is angry at Circuit and can not believe he will not help.  Unwillingly to give, Trip continues working on the program.  Sweat is running down Trip's face as the computer announces that there is two minutes left to self-destruct.  As intelligent as he is, Trip needs more time and pounds the table in frustration.  Trip informs that the rest of the Rangers that there is two minutes left.  He gains a little time, when the computer announces that it will self-destruct once all the doors are closed.  While the rest of the Rangers tried to get the people to safety, Trip continues to work on the computer.  Circuit flies toward Trip and tells him that he can help.  Greatly relieved Trip smiles at his friends as Circuit gets the self-destruct program to stop.  They are not done yet.  Trip and Circuit join the rest of the Rangers battling Serpicon.  Serpicon takes a fatal blow to Circuit.  The Rangers gathered around concerned for their friend.  After capturing Serpicon, they take Circuit back to the clock tower.  Trip stands with his friends as they anxiously watch Circuit to see if he is okay.  There is relief among them all when Circuit opens his eyes.  When the rest of the Rangers leave, Trip informs Circuit that he checked out okay - no glitches.  He asks Circuit what was he saying about the future.  To which Circuit replies - you know the same thing, the sun will come up and we will catch the evil guys.  Trip chuckles and takes his friend with him.

Trip and the rest of the Ranger capture the last mutant.  All they had left is Ransik.  Alex had informed the Rangers that the history banks showed that the Rangers save the future, but did not survive.  To prevent this, Alex was sending the Time Ship for Trip, Jen, Lucas, and Katie to return.  Wes would have to stay, since he did not belong in their timeline.  Trip, Lucas, Katie, and Jen made the decision to stay and fight alongside Wes.    

Trip discovers Nadira in a clothing store with a group of female hostages.  He enters and orders Nadira to stop.  Trip and Nadira start to fight each other.  During the fight, Trip sees that one of the women is about to give birth.  He hurries to her side and tells the surrounding females that she is about to give birth and to get some blankets.  Trip helps the pregnant woman to her feet, telling her its going to be alright.  He looks at Nadira when she tells him that they are still fighting.  Trip tells Nadira not now - that they need to get the pregnant woman to the back room.  Then he enlists Nadira to help him.  As they settle the woman in comfortably, and Trip tells the woman that Nadira will help her.  He quickly leaves, very relieve not to help with the birth.  The next second, Nadira pops out as well and Trip has to take Nadira back.  Stating Nadira has to help, Trip leaves once again.  Later, Nadira emerges with a little baby girl.  Trip walks to her - his smile reflecting Nadira's.  Nadira is overcome with emotion over the baby she is holding and exclaims how beautiful she is.  Trip smiles at the infant and then looks again at Nadira.  Seeing a side of Nadira he had never seen, Trip tells Nadira that maybe humans are not so bad after all.  The statement throws Nadira into a state of confusion and she hands the baby to Trip.  Holding the baby, Trip watches the dazed Nadira leave the store.  With Trip's words in her head and the feeling of holding an innocent baby, Nadira begins to examine her life and question her actions.

The Rangers first encounter with Doomtron does not go well.  Eric is there as well with the Q-Rex.  The time holes begin to open faster due to the fact that Doomtron and Q-Rex are both powered by the Trizirium crystals.  Although they explain this to Eric, he continues to use the Q-Rex feeling it is better than doing nothing.  Demorph and wondering what to do next, Wes talks Trip, Wes, Lucas, and Jen into going to the Time Ship.  Once inside the Time Ship, Trip is surprised to see Wes walk over to the control panel and push various buttons.  Lucas makes to leave and Wes walks over to his friend and then shoves him back inside and races outside the Time Ship.  Wes has set the Time Ship to auto pilot - not wanting his friends to be destroyed.  Trip, Lucas, Jen, and Katie race to the window.  Trip, overcome with emotion, stares at Wes for the last time as the Time Ship leaves.  Trip awakens to discover that they have return to the year 3000.  Alex is happy to see them and informs them that they will feel better once they have undergone memory adaptation.  Trip does not want to have his memory erase and asks Jen if it is necessary.  He wants to remember the year 2001.  Alex returns and leads them to the room for memory adaptation.  Trip enters a tubular enclosure and watches Jen, Lucas, and Katie do the same.  Trip's thoughts are full of Wes and what he is doing - wishing he had been there alongside him.  Trip sees Jen walk out of her booth and does the same.  Jen announces to Alex that she is going back to help Wes.  Trip joins it and tells Alex they all are.  Trip and his friends cannot live their lives, knowing it cost Wes his.  Alex lets them have the megazord.  In a race against time, they run to the Megazord and head back to the year 2001.

Upon their arrival, they see Wes surrounded by cyclobots.  They use the Megazord to create a strong tunnel of wind that lifts Doomtron and tosses it.  Trip, Lucas, Jen, and Katie then land on the ground and fight the cyclobots.  After they battle them, they slowly walk towards the Red Ranger.  Trip sees Wes demorph and they do the same.  Trip, Jen, Lucas, and Katie encircle Wes and tell him that they all have the right to choose their own destiny.  With strong conviction, Trip states that they want to stay and fight.  Wes accepts their help.  Trip reworks the quantum defender so that it will neutralize the crystal in the Q-Rex.  Once the crystal is neutralize they are able to defeat Doomtron.  The Rangers only have Ransik left.  Ransik turns out to be a very formable opponent and despite their best efforts, Ransik has them demorph and in agony.  Trip tries to get up and the pain is too much.  He watches as Jen confronts Ransik and tells him to try and catch her.  Using every ounce of determination, Trip struggles back to his feet along with Wes, Katie, and Lucas.  They enter the empty building they saw Jen and Ransik entered.  They walk quietly to a scene of Ransik cradling Nadira.  Mistaking Nadira for Jen, Ransik had almost destroyed his daughter.  Nadira is clothing an infant in her arms and wants to know how her father can hate something so beautiful.  Trip listens to the softly spoken words between father and daughter.  Ransik stands and faces them.  Ransik tells them he is ready to pay for his crimes.  Trip takes in the events in stunned silence.  With the capture of Ransik, there is no reason for Trip, Lucas, Katie, and Jen to stay.  They are on the beach with Wes.  Mr. Collins, Eric, and the Silver Guardians are there as well.  Trip watches as Lucas and then Katie say good-bye to Wes.  Trip steps up to Wes.  They are both overcome with emotion and Wes can barely speak to Trip.  Trip understands - he feels the same way.  Trying to lighten the moment, Trip asks if he can keep his hat.  They embrace for a final hug and Trip leaves for the Time Ship.  Circuit peeps out of Trip's backpack to say good-bye to Wes and promise that he will look out for Trip.  Within a beam of light, Trip vanishes back to his former life.

A year had passed and Trip had continued with his work in Time Force.  He received a beep and went to his viewing screen.  There he saw Wes and Eric - he was delighted to see them.  Wes began to question him about mutants escaping.  Trip hesitated and Wes urged Trip to tell them what he knew.  Trip told Wes and Eric that Time Force had been tracking three fugitives.  How the fugitives had gotten from the year 3001 to year 2002 was a mystery.  Trip had more news for Wes that would not be easy to give.  He took a moment and then told Wes that Jen had been on special assignment tracking the three fugitives.  Time Force had lost contact with Jen for several weeks.  After giving Wes this news, Trip began to research some more.  When he gathered more information, he beep Wes.  He saw Wes and Eric, along with several other people, who were the Wild Force Rangers.  Trip let them know that the monsters they had been battling were half mutant and half org.  How that came to be, he didn't know.  Time Force, in light of the discovery, had classified them as MutOrgs.  Trip didn't know how the Rangers could battle the MutOrgs, but he had an idea on who could help.  After contacting Wes and Eric, Trip got things moving along on his end.  He sent Lucas and Katie to talk to Nadira.  Trip, Lucas, Katie, and Nadira all went to the prison where Ransik was held.  Trip followed Nadira into the room, followed by Katie and Lucas.  Trip watched Nadira hugging her father.  He saw the look of surprise on Ransik's face when he noticed Trip, Katie and Lucas standing there.

Trip stepped forward and asked Ransik for help.  Captain Logan let Trip, Lucas, Katie, Circuit, Ransik and Nadira used the Time Ship to go to the year 2002.  Trip was excited to go.  Once the Time Ship landed, Trip raced along with Lucas and Katie.  Trip gave Wes a big hug.  He was giving Jen a hug as well, when he felt her stiffen.  Trip turned around and saw Ransik and Nadira walking towards them.  Jen was already drawing out her weapon, and Trip quickly stopped her.  Explaining that Ransik and Nadira were here to help.  Ransik approached Jen, with Trip and the rest of his friends standing protectively close by.  Ransik had made a lot of mistakes and was eager to make up for at least one of them.  Cole told Jen that Ransik was telling the truth and speaking from his heart.  Jen agreed to listen to him.  Trip and the rest of the Rangers went to the Animarium.  There Ransik told them the story of how he created the MutOrgs.  Afterwards, Jen agreed to let Ransik and Nadira help.  That evening Trip slept in a cot hugging Circuit.  The following morning the MutOrgs and Master Org were at the power plant.  Trip and the rest of the Rangers went there as well.  They split into groups.  Trip, Lucas, Danny, and Max found the control room.  Lucas spotted the computer console and pulling out a chair, told Trip to do his thing.  Trip worked frantically on the computer.  He believed he could shut it down from the control room.  Putrids entered the room.  Lucas, Danny, and Max fought the putrids as Trip continued to work on the computer.  He managed to shut it down.  Trip, Lucas, Danny, and Max joined the other Rangers to battle the Orgs.  Ransik had destroyed the mutant half.  Trip, Lucas, Danny, and Max worked together on one of the Orgs.  Soon the two Ranger teams came together and were able to defeat the Orgs.  Trip and the rest of the Rangers went to where Ransik was.  Trip watched as Nadira excitedly told them it was a miracle.  Nadira helped her father to his feet and Ransik revealed that he had been healed.  Trip was happy at this turn of events.  Later, Trip, the rest of the Rangers, Ransik, and Nadira joined Princess Shayla and Circuit.  Everyone was in high spirits.  Princess Shayla set up an arm wrestling match between Danny and Katie.  Trip knew Katie was just playing with Danny and encouraged her to just beat him already.  Danny was soon on the ground.  Trip laughed along with Katie, Princess Shayla, and Merrick.

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