Xander Bly - The Green Mystic Force Power Ranger

Xander Bly lives in Briarwood.  He works at the Rock Porium with his friends, Madison, Vida, and Chip.  All of them were at the Rock Porium enjoying themselves as Toby, their boss was gone.  Madison had her video camera and was filming each of them.  Madison:  Go Vida!  Sounds great sis!  Madison swung around and got Chip:  Battling again Chip?  Xander:  Hey!  Madison swung the camera over to Xander:  Hey Xander!  Xander lifted his shirt sleeve and showed off his muscle.  Madison move the camera once more and spotted Toby standing in the doorway, still dressed in his scuba gear.  Madison:  Toby!  Immediately the four of them stopped what they were doing.  Xander walked up to Toby:  Hey, nice snorkel boss.  Vida:  Weren't you taking the day off today?  Toby tried to speak with the gear still stuck in his mouth:  Yes, I...  Toby took out the scuba gear and replied:  Yes.  As a matter of fact I was at the beach.  Snorkeling with the little fishes.  Toby began to make fish faces:  And one swam past me and look at me with these big fish eyes.  And he said are your employees cleaning the store like they said they would do?  Now I have to go back to the water.  Back to the reef, find the fish and say no.  Xander assured Toby that they would have the place cleaned up.  Toby went into his office.  Xander started giving orders.  He told Chip to sweep, Madison to organize the stock, and Vida to take out the trash.  Xander then found a comfortable chair and began reading a magazine.  Vida walked over and took away the pillow that Xander was resting his head on.  Vida asked him, what he was doing.  Xander told her he was supervising, and it was harder than what it look.  The ground started to shake.  Xander jumped out of the chair, exclaiming earthquake.  Vida shouted for everyone to take cover.  Xander took cover, with his helmet on.  It was a short earthquake and soon it was over.  Xander and his friends were okay.  Madison couldn't believe the place was messier than before.  Xander told them at least the worst was over now.  Later, Xander and his friends were outside.  Xander was skateboarding.  Across the street, they could hear an elderly man call for help.  Xander and his friends quickly cross the street.  A crowd had gathered as well.  The elderly man told them how he was walking with his brother and a creature appeared, grabbed his brother and went into the woods.  At the word "woods", the crowd started to back away.  Xander whisper to Vida, can you imagine the elderly man wants someone to go in the woods with him.  Vida did not reply.  A young man's voice said that he would take the man into the woods.  The crowd parted.  The young man stood up and walked to the elderly man.  Xander stepped forward and told the young man that he was new, so probably didn't know that once you go into the woods, you don't come out.  The young man replied that he had heard, but the elderly man needed help, and no one in this city seems to care.  They were about to walk away, when Vida shouted that she would go as well.  Vida told them that not everyone in this city is a coward.  Chip chimed in that he had always wanted to go on a dangerous quest.  Vida, Chip, the young man and the elderly man left together.  Xander glanced at Madison.  Madison told Xander not to look at her, she was the sensible one.  Later, Xander and Madison had a change of heart.  They got Vida's car and drove to the edge of the woods.  Catching, Chip, Vida, the young man and the elderly man before they entered.  Vida was furious when she saw Xander driving her car.  Xander took it in stride and told her most likely she will never see her car again.  Xander and Madison had decided to enter the woods with their friends.  They set off and soon entered another dimension.  Madison was the only one to feel the difference.  Madison asked the others if they had felt that.  The young man noticed the elderly man was gone.  Chip excitedly told them they had only been in the woods for ten seconds and they were already lost.  Xander and his friends tried to find their way out.  Chip started telling them stories he had heard of the woods.  How elves and goblins live in the woods, even a scary witch.  The young man trailed behind them and told Chip he had been reading too many fairy tales.  Xander and his friends stopped and turned around to face the young man.  Xander and his friends were terrified by what they saw.  The young man thought they were trying to play a joke on him and acted scare, like someone was behind him.  Vida shouted that someone was behind him.  The young man turned around and spotted the cloaked figure a few feet from them.  The young man quickly joined Xander and his friends.  They were terrified and couldn't move.  The cloaked figure began to move towards them, raising it's arms.  Suddenly several strange looking creatures, Hidiacs, surrounded them.  Xander and his friends didn't know what to do.  Out of the sky, appeared five brooms, which attached to them, and flew them away.  The brooms dropped them at the base of a large tree, before taking off.  Xander told the new guy this was why they didn't go into the woods.  The new guy introduced himself as Nick.  They wondered where they were.  A voice replied Rootcore.  Xander and his friends were stunned to see the cloaked figure had answered and close by.  Xander and his friends began to back away and soon ended up in a room.  The cloaked figure was there and told them she thought they would be safe at Rootcore.  The cloaked figure revealed herself to be Udonna, a sorceress.  With much skepticism from Nick, Udonna told them of long ago and the great battle between the magical dimension and darkness.  Darkness had planned to conquer the human realm as well.  Five brave wizards had fought the darkness.  The bravest wizard of all, had cast a spell, sealing the darkness behind strong gates and under ground.  Udonna walked over to a book and told them it was the Xenotome.  Madison asked what language it was written in.  Udonna told them it was the language of the ancients, and they would soon learn it.  Udonna told them the Xenotome had said if darkness ever arises again, five mystics humans would appear.  Udonna told them they were the Power Rangers.  Chip was excited.  Xander didn't believe, after all their high school football team hadn't won a game in six years, how were they suppose to fight evil.  Udonna handed them their wands and told them to keep them with them.  A young woman hurried into the room and gave them a quick hello.  The young woman whispered in Udonna's ear.  Udonna told Xander and his friends to wait at Rootcore, she had business to attend to and vanished.  The young woman introduced herself as Clare, sorceress in training.  Nick had had enough and decided to leave.  Clare stopped them and told them they had to stay.  Xander and his friends insisted on leaving.  Clare decided to use a spell that would freeze them and turned herself into a sheep.  Xander and his friends quickly placed their wands on the Xenotome and left.  Xander and his friends raced through the woods.  They soon spotted several magical creatures and the charred remains of a village.  Udonna was there as well.  Udonna spotted them and commented that she should have known they wouldn't stay.  They asked her what was going on. Udonna explained the magical creatures lived in Woodland Village and it had been destroyed by darkness.  Another village would be destroyed tomorrow and the destruction would continue until the darkness found what it was looking for.  Xander and his friends asked what the darkness was looking for.  Udonna told them her, and then it would come after them.  Xander and his friends were stunned.  An elf had spotted them and shouted to his friends that the protectors were here.  The elf lead a cheer for the mystic warriors and several of them bowed.  Xander rather like the feeling.  The moment was broken when a huge creature appeared.  The magical creatures took off running.  Udonna instructed them to take out their wands.  Chip confessed that they had left their wands at Rootcore.  Udonna told them to stand back and morphed into the White Mystic Force Power Ranger.  Xander and his friends were impressed.  White Mystic Ranger battled the huge creature.  Xander and his friends were soon surrounded by Hidiacs.  They questioned what to do.  Chip suggested surrender and become destroyed.  Madison suggested they fight, and Nick agreed.  Xander told them there was a third option, plan Xander.  Xander walked up to the Hidiacs and tried to reason with the them.  He explained that they were really not from these parts.  The Hidiacs tossed Xander back and he landed at the feet of his friends.  Xander told them they had better fight.  It was a tough battle, and Xander and his friends were tossed and thrown to the ground several times.  White Mystic Ranger told them if they believe in magic, the magic would work for them.  Chip tried it first and was thrilled that it had worked.  Chip shouted to his friends that the magic really works.  Xander chanted I believe in magic, suddenly tree limbs sprang forth and defeated several Hidiacs.  Madison and Vida took up the chant and the magic worked for them as well.  White Mystic Ranger had frozen the huge creature and it shattered into a thousand pieces.  Nick had half heartily tried the chant and it had failed.  White Mystic  Ranger destroyed the remaining Hidiacs, saving Nick.  White Mystic Ranger powered down and looked disappointed at Nick.  Udonna looked around and asked the others if they were ready for their legacy.  Chip, Vida, and Madison excitedly agree.  Xander told them he was in as well, he had to look out after the others.  They all looked at Nick and he told them no.  Nick told them the magic had not worked for him.  Madison suggested maybe the second time it would, but Nick did not agreed.  Udonna told them Nick was a non believer and there was nothing she could do for him.  Udonna called out for Clare, who was still a sheep, and asked Clare to escort Nick out of the woods.  Xander and his friends watched him go.  Moments later, Koragg appeared and blasted them.  Xander and his friends struggled to get back up.

Koragg:  On your feet.  Darkness has come.  Xander and his friends managed to get up.  Madison:  I've got a bad feeling about this.  Udonna:  I do not know you warrior.  But if it is a battle you want, I'm ready to fight.  Xander:  Hold on.  Let me try and reason with him.  Xander move protectively to the front of the group:  Hi!  The name is Xander.  Koragg:  I am Koragg, the Knight Wolf. Uuthay Vedor Catastros!  Ride up from your depths! A horse emerged from the ground.  Xander back away:  So much for reasoning.  Koragg leaped into the air:  Somber Uudithos Cecrestious!  Power of the Centaur.  Xander and his friends watch as Koragg combine with the horse to form a giant centaur.  Chip:  Centaur!  A real centaur!  I want one!  Udonna told Xander and his friends they were not strong enough to battle this warrior.  Xander and his friends agree.  Udonna stepped forward and morphed into the White Ranger.  The White Ranger was just as large as Koragg.  Xander and his friends watched anxiously as White Ranger and Koragg battle.  Eventually, Koragg will knock the snow staff away from the White Ranger.  White Ranger staggered on the ground.  Koragg, on the ground as well, grabbed the snow staff.  White Ranger demorph and it began to snow.  Xander and his friends raced to Udonna's side and helped her to her feet.  Koragg told them he would spare them this time, so they may witness first hand the destruction of their land and then he vanished.  Xander and the rest returned to Rootcore.  Udonna told them without the snow staff, she would be unable to fight, but she could still train them.  Clare entered, still a sheep, and Udonna transform her back into human form.  Clare joined the group.  Udonna passed out their wands again, trusting they would not leave them this time.  Xander replied that they had learn that lesson.  Xander also pointed out that except for Chip, it would be awkward walking around town with wands.  Udonna cast another spell and transform the wands into cell phones.  Udonna told them it was their mystic morphers.  Xander and his friends were impressed.  Udonna told them to return to their lives, they would know when they are needed, and to speak of this to no one.  Clare wanted to show them the way out of the woods, but Udonna felt they should learn this on their own.  Udonna told Xander and his friends to let the trees be their passage.  Xander and his friends walked through the woods.   Chip puzzled over Udonna's words and place a hand on a tree.  Suddenly, Chip was yanked inside the tree.  Chip return seconds later and was very excited.  Chip told them to just think of the tree in front of Rock Porium, and they would transported through via the trees.  Xander did not believe him.  Xander walked over and thought of the tree, and suddenly he was yanked it and tossed out in front of the Rock Porium.  Xander stood there for a moment in disbelief.  His friends tumbled out a few moments later.  Toby had spotted them coming out of the tree and asked them about it.  Xander and his friends pretended not to know what Toby was talking about and asked him if he was okay.  Later, Xander, Chip, Vida, and Madison hurried out of Rock Porium.  They entered the tree and were transported back into the woods.  They were also in their new mystic uniforms.  Everyone, except Vida, was thrilled.  Vida stated that she did not like pink.  Xander told her that she would have to take it up to the complaints department later, and pointed out the several Hidiacs that just appeared.  Xander and his friends prepared to battle.  The battle did not go well and Xander and his friends decided now was the time to use their wands.  Xander morphed into the Green Mystic Force Power Ranger.  The battle went more smoothly as the Rangers battled the Hidiacs and soon destroyed them.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers did not have much time to celebrate, as Koragg arrived.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers battled Koragg, but they were soon on the ground.  Koragg approached them menacingly and all seem lost until Nick arrived.  Flying through the air on his bike, Nick leaped off and kicked out towards Koragg, stopping the blow.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers were thrilled to see Nick.  Nick, finally believed in magic, morphed into the Red Ranger.  Koragg set several more Hidiacs on Red Ranger and Red Ranger defeated them all.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers celebrated, while Koragg warned them that they may have won this battle, but the outcome of the next will be different.  The following day, Xander, Vida, Chip, and Madison were working at the Rock Porium.  Nick was there as well.  Xander asked him, since Nick was one of them, would he help with the cleaning.  Nick replied that he fights soulless mutants, he doesn't clean.  Nick did point out that a wise old woman had asked, do you believe in magic.  This gave Xander and his friends the idea to use magic to clean up.  Xander had trash bags flying out the door, and almost knocked over Chip at one point.  Nick hollered at them that someone was coming.  They had just finished when Toby walked through the door.  Toby had expected to find the place a mess, and was surprised that it was so clean.   Then Toby became worried that it was too clean and that his store resembled a major chain store.  A young woman walked in and asked for help.  Xander and Chip raced to her side, ready to help.  The young woman looked at them both and then spotted Nick.  She walked over to Nick and told him that she wanted him to help her.  Nick told her that he did not work here.  Madison told Toby that Nick had been instrumental in getting the store clean.  Toby asked Nick who the greatest guitarist is, and Nick replied Jimmy.  Toby told Nick he had the job and to help the customer.  The young woman and Nick started to walk away.  Nick glanced back at his friends and told them he was in trouble.  Xander and his friends laughed.

Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers were flying through the woods on their mystic riders.  They spotted Clare and shouted out warnings:  Heads up!  Coming through.  As they flew over Clare, Red Ranger shouted:  Sorry!  The Rangers continued flying through the woods at a rapid speed.  Red Ranger:  Come on pinkie!  Try and keep up.  Pink Ranger:  No one calls me pinkie!  Green Ranger:  go get him V!  Pink Ranger growled:  You better run!  Blue Ranger:  Go Sis!  The Rangers all laughed as Pink Ranger and Red Ranger tried to outrace each other.  Pink Ranger:  Almost got you!  Red Ranger:  You still there!  Suddenly, Red Ranger had to stop and swerve, he had almost hit a tree.  Pink Ranger laughed as she passed him:  Who's in the lead now, Nicky boy?  Yellow Ranger as he passed everyone:  That'll be me!  Yo baby!  Yeah!  The Rangers arrived over Rootcore.  Red Ranger:  Dismount!  The Rangers leaped off and landed gently on the ground, demorphing as they went.  The mystic riders revert to a simple broom and landed in each teen's hand.  Udonna:  Very good Rangers.  That's enough mystic racer practice for today.  Udonna told them it was time for elementary incantations.  Vida and Chip groaned boring.  Madison thought it would be interesting.  Xander and his friends walk along with Udonna.  Vida asked Udonna, since they were Rangers, when they were getting the rest of the cool stuff.  Udonna told them it didn't work that way.  As they did heroic deeds and grow as Rangers, more spell codes would be revealed to them.  Vida told them that she and Chip would see them later and took off.  Xander, Nick, Madison, and Udonna entered Rootcore.  Xander sat at a circular table with Nick and a stack of books.  Madison had walked over with another stack of books.  Xander didn't know how he was going to fit all the incantations into his head.  Madison mischievously had an idea and waved her wand, causing Xander's brain to grow very large.  Xander listened to Madison and Nick laughed and then asked Madison if she could reverse the spell, which she did.  Clare walked in and Udonna asked her where the sickle berries where for the protection potion.  Xander, Madison, and Nick could overhear their conversation.  Clare told Udonna that she had a basket full of sickle berries, but a giant worm attacked her and she dropped the basket.  Clare continued by telling Udonna that a strange creature had pushed her out of the way and she was unharmed.  Udonna asked Clare who it was.  Clare didn't know as whoever had save her, had left before she could thank them.  Later, Xander walked along with Nick and Madison in Briarwood.  Xander wondered why Chip and Vida had never show.  Madison told them that when Vida gets that look in her eye, watch out.  A strange creature appeared and told the three to watch out.  Xander, Nick, and Madison got into battle stances.  Nick asked the creature who it was.  The creature replied that it was Necrolai.  Xander told his friends to hang on and went to the front of the group.  He told Necrolai that he was Xander and was sure they could talk things over.  Necrolai's response was to blast Xander.  Xander fell backwards and would have hit the ground if his friends hadn't caught him.  Xander, Madison, and Nick morphed.  The Green Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Red Ranger battled Necrolai.  Necrolai managed to get hold of all three Rangers and fly away with them.  The Rangers soon spotted a huge monsters, Mucor.  Necrolai threw the Rangers into Mucor's mouth.  Green Ranger, Red Ranger, and Blue Ranger could not get out of Mucor's stomach.  Yellow Ranger contacted them and Red Ranger warned Yellow Ranger that Mucor probably had room for seconds.  Yellow Ranger and Pink Ranger managed to get Mucor to spit the Rangers out.  The Rangers' morphers began to glow, they had a new spell code.  The Rangers used the spell code and were able to access the Mystic Titan powers.  Using the Mystic Titan powers, the Rangers destroyed Mucor.  Nick, Madison, Chip, and Vida returned to Rootcore, thrilled with their success.  Udonna told them they had only begun to tap into the potential of the Mystic Titan powers.  Madison thought with Mucor gone, everything was fine in the woods.  Xander pointed out that they didn't know if Mucor was the monster who had attacked Clare.  Udonna told them she had sent Nick to investigate.  Later, Nick contacted them.  Xander, Chip, Vida, and Madison gazed into the crystal ball.  They could see Nick running and Xander wondered what Nick was running from.  Vida pointed out it didn't matter, Nick needed them.  The four of them morph.  Green Ranger gave a hard blow to Hydra Worm, just as it was ready to attack Red Ranger.  Green Ranger received another new spell code.  The Rangers used the Mystic Titan powers and then four of them were able to form a dragon.  Red Ranger hopped on top.  The Rangers destroyed Hydra Worm.

Xander was sitting in Rock Porium, reading the paper.  Madison came over with her camera.  Xander:  Been another attack, right around here.  Xander flashed the front of the paper to the camera.  Xander:  Man turned to stone.  Xander glanced at Chip, who was working.  Xander:  Aah Chip, we meant to be marking them down.  Chip:  Yeah, we are.  Suppose you're supervising, right?  Xander was impressed.  Chip started clowning around, claiming he was Count Discount and zapping everything with prices.  Xander stood up and took the price stamper from Chip.  He then stamp Chip all over and flipped his collar.  Xander told him he know looked the part.  Later, Udonna contacted them about trouble in the woods.  Xander, Chip, Vida, and Nick gathered round.  They wondered if it was the monster who was turning people into stone.  Vida asked where Madison was and Nick told her that Madison had gotten upset and left.  Nick told the others they would contact Madison if they got in trouble.  Xander, Vida, Nick, and Chip raced outside, telling Toby they were going for lunch.  Xander, Vida, Nick, Chip morpher and were soon on their mystic riders.  As they raced along, Pink Ranger commented that Madison looked really upset.  Green Ranger asked Red Ranger what he had said, and even Yellow Ranger wanted to know.  Red Ranger said it was nothing and took off ahead of them.  They landed in the woods and soon discovered several people that had turned into stone.  Necrolai and Clawbuster arrived as well.  The four Rangers battled Necrolai and Clawbuster, but they were soon knocked to the ground.  Necrolai and Clawbuster left.  The Rangers gathered themselves and took off once more.  They arrived in the park after Clawbuster had turned several people, including Madison, into stone.  The Rangers raced over to the stone statue of Madison.  Pink Ranger was furious and went after Necrolai and Clawbuster.  Necrolai laughed at them and she and Clawbuster vanished.  Xander, Chip, Nick, and Vida went to Rootcore with Madison.  Udonna tried to revert the spell, but she was unable to do so.  Udonna told them the only way to break the spell, was to destroy Clawbuster.  Vida was furious and ready to tear Clawbuster into pieces.  Vida started to storm out, but Xander stopped her.  Xander pointed out that Vida could get into trouble, tackling Clawbuster on her own.  Nick added that was how Madison got turned into stone.  Vida turned on Nick and told him that Madison may be shy, but inside she has the heart of a warrior.  Nick was skeptical and replied that was way Madison is always hiding behind a camera.  Vida couldn't believe what Nick had said.  Vida decided to show Nick why Madison is always behind a camera, and played one of her films.  Xander, Nick, Vida, and Udonna watched the footage that feature all of Madison's friends.  Xander was featured skateboarding.  After the film ended, Nick realized that he was wrong about Madison.  Udonna told him that people express themselves in different ways.  Nick walked over to the statue of Madison and apologized.  A new spell appeared in the Xenotome.  The crystal ball alerted them to trouble.  Xander, Vida, Nick, and Chip morphed and headed out.  Necrolai and Clawbuster where in town, while Koragg and another group of foot soldiers, Styxoids were in the woods.  Red Ranger told the rest to go after Necrolai and Clawbuster.  Red Ranger would hold off Koragg and catch up with them.  Green Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Pink Ranger battled Necrolai and Clawbuster.  They had a difficult time.  Red Ranger arrived in his new mystic speeder.   Red Ranger cast a spell that made a large mirror appeared, just as Clawbuster cast a spell towards them.  The spell bounce back at Clawbuster and turned him into stone.  This was enough to break the spell and release all the stone statues back into people, including Madison.  Necrolai was not about to give up and call for Koragg for help.  Koragg cast a spell that brought Clawbuster back and bigger than ever.  Madison joined the Rangers and Red Ranger apologized.  Madison told him to forget it, this earn them another new spell.  The Rangers were now able to form the Titan Megazord.  With the Titan Megazord, the Rangers destroyed Clawbuster.

Xander was working in Rock Porium.  Madison:  Hey Xander!  Come check this out.  It bumps.  Xander told Madison he couldn't, Toby had entrusted him with the bank deposit.  Xander and Nick ran into each other.  Nick picked up the deposit envelope and noted the amount.  Nick told Xander a thousand dollars, he could use that kind of cash.  Xander replied they all could and then walked away.  Xander was working the cash register.  A young woman had just bought something and Xander flirted with her.  As the young woman walked away, Leelee stepped in and told Xander that woman was cute.  Leelee told Xander she was surprised he didn't get her number, as she thought the young woman really liked Xander.  Xander was surprised and then decided to go after the young woman.  He returned moments later.  Leelee asked Xander how he did and Xander replied that the young woman had a boyfriend.  Xander leaned into Leelee and was about to ask her out, when Leelee changed the subject.  Leelee asked Xander if he had heard about the thief.  Xander hadn't heard anything.  Leelee told him the thief had been hitting all the record stores in Briarwood, and the police believe it's an inside job.  Xander didn't believe it.  He checked the deposit box and became alarmed when he saw the envelope was gone.  Leelee told Xander she hoped the police got the thief in the nick of time and then left.  Xander suddenly remembered Nick's reaction to the money earlier.  Later, at Rootcore, Xander told Chip, Vida, and Madison about the missing money.  He told them he knew he didn't take the money, and he was sure they probably didn't take the money.  Vida didn't like the probably and asked Xander what he meant.  Madison told Vida he didn't mean anything.  Madison nudged Xander and told him they wouldn't take money from Toby or anyone else.  Xander knew that.  Xander told them they had been his friends since he moved to the States, he pointed he knew they had not taken the money.  Xander and his friends returned to Rock Porium.  Xander had his friends searched frantically for the missing money.  Xander wanted to make sure it was gone before they called the police on Nick.  Toby walked in and asked them what they were looking for.  Xander told Toby they were not looking for anything.  Toby asked Xander if he had made the deposit.  Xander answered Toby with a question.  Toby walked away and Xander felt terrible.  He couldn't believe he had lied to Toby.  Chip pointed out that technically he didn't lie, he had asked a question.  Xander and his friends went outside to where Nick was working on his bike.  Madison told Nick that money was missing from the store.  Nick looked at them and realized they thought he had taken the money.  Nick became angry with them and drove off.  Madison thought maybe they had made a mistake.  Xander pointed out that Nick had not denied taking the money.  Xander and his friends returned to Rock Porium.  Toby's back was towards them as he stacked DVD covers.  Xander and his friends startled Toby and the stack fell down.  Toby took a look at their anxious faces and told them they had something to tell him, but they didn't want to tell him.  Toby debated whether or not they should tell him.  Toby then asked them if it was about the missing deposit.  Xander and his friends were surprised.  Toby pulled out the envelope and told them he had found it behind the cash register.  Toby wanted the teens to know he was their friend as well.  Xander confessed that he thought Nick had taken the money.  Toby was surprised and told them how honest Nick was.  Toby wondered where they had gotten that idea.  Xander and his friends turned towards Leelee, who had been standing in the background.  Leelee told them she hadn't accused her friend and then spray her can of soda all over herself.  Xander and his friends laughed.  Madison's morpher went off.  Madison told Toby they needed to apologize to Nick.  Xander, Chip, Vida, Madison left, morphed, and arrived on the beach to help Red Ranger battled Koragg.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers apologized to Red Ranger.  Red Ranger was still upset with them.  Koragg continued the battle by calling for his horse.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers were nervous, the last time Koragg had turned into a centaur, Udonna had lost her powers.  The Rangers called for their mystic zords and formed the dragon.  The Rangers were surprised when Koragg transform into Centaurs Wolf Megazord.  The battle continued.  Koragg cast a spell that took the power to combine away from the Rangers.  The Rangers received a shock when Koragg cast another spell that release Morticon from the underworld.  This was the Rangers' first inkling of Morticon.  Morticon was huge and ready to battle the Rangers.  Koragg separated Red Mystic Titan from the test.  Morticon was ready to destroy Red Mystic Titan when he broke free.  Red Mystic Titan cast a counter spell that trapped Morticon in the underworld once more.  Koragg was impressed.  Koragg still had the Rangers' Megazord power and he walked away with it.  The following day, Xander, Vida, Madison, and Chip stood outside Rock Porium.  Nick drove up.  Xander told Nick they wanted to, and then changed it to he wanted to apologize.  He told Nick he was really sorry.  The rest of the teens told Nick they were sorry as well.  Chip adding that it was Xander's fault.  Nick accepted their apologizes and told them he should have told them when he started hearing Koragg's voice inside his head.  Xander and his friends decided to trust each other and to keep no secrets from each other.  Madison reminded them they were late for work.  Xander, Madison, Vida, and Chip headed in.

Briarwood was in the midst of a thunderstorm.  Xander and his friends were at Rootcore.  Udonna:  Gather round Rangers and hear the story of the beast stallion, whose strength was known across the land, the legendary Catastros.  A ghostly figure of horse leaped out of the pages of the book and gallop into the crystal ball.  Xander and his friends started at the crystal ball and the images it showed as Udonna continued.  Udonna:  Many have tried, in vain, to break the mightiest creature of them all.  But Catastros was stronger than a hundred men, and no one was able to harness his fierce some power.  Catastros fled into the forest during the great battle of good and evil.  But before the seal was close, evil reached up and dragged Catastros down to the lowest depths of the pit.  Chip:  That was the scariest story I have ever heard.  Tell it again?!  Vida:  Even I'm a little freaked out.  Vida glanced around at her friends' surprise expressions.  Vida:  Just a little.  Xander chuckled:  Well, I'm not scared.  The lights went out.  Xander leaped into Vida's arms.  The lights came back out.  Xander:  Just making sure you're safe V.  Vida:  I'm fine, thanks.  Vida then dropped Xander.  Nick:  You guys can't possible be afraid of a silly horse.  Udonna:  Make no mistake.  Catastros is a force to be reckon with Nick.  Clare walked in and Xander and his friends began to laugh.  Clare commented on nothing like a brain storm and joined in their laughter.  Vida finally managed to tell Clare about her hair.  Instead of hair, Clare had whipped cream.  Clare panicked, as she is allergic to whipped cream.  Clare asked Nick to finish the spell, which Nick did.  Clare was returned to normal and quickly left the smiling teens.  The following day, Xander, Chip, Madison, and Vida were at Rock Porium.  Nick came in later and Xander told him it was nice of him to join them.  Their morphers went off and Xander and his friends hurried off, before Toby even noticed.  Xander and his friends ran into the city, where a large Koragg was waiting for them.  Xander and his friends morphed, but didn't know what to do without their Megazord.  The Rangers went Titan and went into battle.  Soon Green Mystic Titan and the rest of the Titans were on the ground.  Koragg was about to leave, when Red Mystic Titan leaped up and grabbed a hold.  Red Mystic Titan and Catastros were pulled into a seal.  Xander and his friends raced back to Rootcore, where they told Udonna what had happened.  Udonna told them it sounded like Nick had wrapped the seal, causing him to be sent to another dimension.  Because Udonna didn't know where Nick was sent, she couldn't send Xander and his friends there.  Xander and his friends were very discouraged.  They walked along the woods, worried about Nick.  A strange creature dropped down in front of them.  The strange creature asked them about Nick.  Vida asked who he was.  The strange creature introduced himself as Phineas.  Chip realized this was the Troblin Nick had told them about.  Phineas asked about Nick and they told him what had happened.  Phineas thought they had given up, and he didn't plan them.  Xander and his friends protested, they hadn't given up on Nick.  Phineas then thought that their moping and long faces were helping Nick, sometimes he had trouble figuring things out.  Xander and his friends protested again and then they realized Phineas was right.  Moping wasn't going to solve the problem.  Chip reminded them they were Power Rangers.  Xander and his friends returned to Rootcore and started working on various spells.  Xander tried one spell on the crystal ball.  Chip asked him if it worked and Xander told him no, even with his wink, the spell had not worked.  Chip tried one as well, but it didn't work either.  Vida called them over.  Vida found a passage that stated transportation was a one way deal.   Vida reminded them of a record she like to scratched because when you played it backwards, it was different.  Xander and his friends realized they needed to say the spell backwards, only they couldn't remember what the spell was.  Xander, Madison, and Vida decided Chip had to remember the spell.  The crystal ball had shown them a monster and Xander and his friends morphed.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers arrived in the city.  They went Mystic Titan and tried to battle the monster, but were knocked to the ground once more.  Koragg was there as well.  Yellow Mystic Titan remembered the spell and said it backwards.  A seal appeared with Red Mystic Titan galloping through on the back of Catastros.  Green Mystic Titan and the rest of the Titans were amazed when Red Mystic Titan and Catastros combined.  Red Mystic Titan destroyed the monster.  With the destruction of the monster, the Rangers combining power was returned.  Green Mystic Titan and the rest of the Titans thanked Catastros for his help.  Catastros suddenly reared on his hind legs and Red Mystic Titan fell off.  Catastros then joined Koragg.  Catastros was no longer on their side.

Xander was working at Rock Porium.  He was sitting in a chair and rolling up and down the aisle as his friends worked.  Music was playing.  Xander:  All rightie!  Work the beat!  Work the beat!  Stocking doesn't have to be boring.  Xander let out a small scream - a strange looking man was in front of him.  Toby poked his head out from behind the cardboard cutout of Jake Bonebreaker.  Toby was impressed with Xander and how he had everyone working.  Toby told Xander he is a leader.  Xander was thrilled.  He asked his friends if they had heard what Toby had said.  None of his friends agreed.  Xander asked Toby who the old guy (the cardboard cutout) was.  Toby couldn't believe they didn't know who Jake Bonebreaker was - a leader in heavy metal music.  The teens still were not impressed.  Toby told them they had to listen to the music, he told Xander to carry on.  Xander asked his friends who wanted to be in charge of the cardboard cutout, but none of them wanted anything to do with it.  Xander replied that he would take care of it, just like he takes care of everything.  Xander cast a spell and the cardboard cutout turned into the real thing.  The teens' morphers went off and Udonna told them there was strong dark magic.  Nick told them that they all couldn't leave Toby.  Nick and Vida left to investigate.  Xander, Madison, and Chip stayed behind.  Jake Bonebreaker made a lot of noise, playing air guitar and singing.  Xander tried to keep him quiet.  For one thing, Jake was scaring away the customers and for another, he didn't want Toby to hear him.  But it was too late.  Toby popped his head out of his office and was thrilled to see Jake.  Toby hurried back into his office to grab his camera.  Xander's, Chip's, and Madison's morphers went off, Nick and Vida were in trouble.  They were about to race out when Madison reminded Xander about Jake.  Xander tried one last spell and it reverted Jake back to his cardboard self.  Xander, Chip, and Madison morphed and headed to where Red Ranger and Pink Ranger were battling Necrolai and a taxi monster.  Green Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Blue Ranger leaped into the action.  Necrolai and taxi monster managed to get away.  The Rangers were about to go after them, when Blue Ranger noticed the security camera in the parking garage.  The teens went to Rootcore and the security video tape was played.  Udonna reminded them that they needed to keep their identities a secret.  Madison noticed Necrolai was holding a map, and she zoomed in on it.  Udonna recognized it as a map that the ancients had written.  Madison cast a spell and a copy of the map appeared in Rootcore.  Udonna was stunned, it was a map to the Fire Heart.  The teens were excited and even joked around.  Udonna snapped at them, telling them surviving through the Cimmerian Forest would be the challenge.  The teens set off for Cimmerian Forest.  As they walked along, Xander told them he should be the leader of this mission.  Nick gave him the map, and Xander was pleased.  Xander called them Team Xander and headed off with enthusiasm.  After some time, Xander's enthusiasm began to wane.  They had traveled quite a distance and had felt like someone was watching them the whole time.  It was soon revealed to be Phineas.  Phineas offered to help lead them out of the forest.  Xander noticed the relieved looks on his friends' faces.  He reassured them that he knew the way and they didn't need Phineas' help.  Xander's friends reluctantly kept following him.  Later, Nick caught up to Xander.  Nick told Xander that they were lost, they had past a fallen tree stump three times.  Xander did not want to admit he had no idea where they were going.  Xander and Nick argued back and forth.  Chip shouted out that they were sinking.  Sure enough, they were sinking in swamp sand.  Xander and his friends got out their morphers, but the morphers didn't work.  Xander and his friends struggled to get out.  Nick managed to grab a tree root and pulled himself out.  Nick started pulling out the others as well.  Xander was almost under, when his friends pulled him out.  As they recovered, Nick asked about the map.  Xander swirled around in time to see the map go under.  Xander told his friends not to worry, he had the map memorized.  Xander continued to lead his friends through the Cimmerian Forest.  Once more, Phineas popped up and offered help.  Xander was dismayed when Nick and Vida accepted Phineas' offer.  Chip and Madison were about to as well, but Xander stopped them.  He promised them he would cover two weekend shifts if they stayed with him.  Madison told him three, and Xander said deal.  Xander lead Madison and Chip through the forest.  Eventually they came to the edge of the forest.  Xander was relieved and Madison and Chip were as well.  They happily stood next to each other and then a giant spider web fell on them.  Xander, Chip, and Madison were entangled in the web, and could not escape.  To make matters worse, a giant spider was heading towards them.  Xander apologized to his friends, telling them he thought he knew everything.  Phineas appeared once more and lead the spider away.  When Phineas returned, he worked on freeing Xander, Chip, and Madison.  Xander asked Phineas if he would lead them and Phineas told him it would be his honor.  Xander, Chip, and Madison were freed.  They quickly morphed and joined Red Ranger and Pink Ranger in their battle against taxi monster and Necrolai.  The battle escalated to zords, and eventually Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers destroyed taxi monster.  Necrolai was about to leave, when Pink Ranger stopped her.  Pink Ranger and Necrolai struggled over the map, with Pink Ranger eventually causing the map to tear in half.  Necrolai was furious as she flew away.  Green Ranger, Red Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Yellow Ranger surrounded Pink Ranger.  Pink Ranger was upset, but her friends looked at it as having at least one half of the map.  The following day, Xander was working at Rock Porium with his friends.  He apologized to them once more and his friends accepted.  The real Jake Bonebreaker walked in, telling them his bus had broken down.  Xander and his friends excitedly told Jake that their boss was his biggest fan.  Xander and his friends excitedly started calling for Toby.  Toby popped his head out, looked at Jake, and told them he was not falling for that again and returned to his office.  Xander, his friends, and Jake Bonebreaker were disappointed.

Xander, Nick, and Vida were closing up Rock Porium.  Nick was changing the sign to close and just open to close the door, when Leelee squeezed through.  Leelee:  Hey!  Nick:  Sorry Leelee, we're closing.  Leelee held up a flyer:  Perfect!  That means you have no excuses for not taking me to see this great new DJ tonight.  Nick walked past:  No can do.  Already have plans.  Leelee was disappointed:  Please!  Xander stepped forward and gave Leelee one of his smiles.  Xander:  Stop wasting you time throwing yourself at him Leelee.  Throw yourself at me.  Leelee, very reluctantly:  Okay, you can come with me.  Xander:  Cool.  Xander turned his back towards Leelee and grinned.  Nick:  And he can't go either.  Nick told Leelee that his plans included Xander.  Vida asked Leelee about the DJ.  Leelee was surprised that Vida had heard of him, DJ Fly was the hottest talent.  Vida wanted to go and Leelee was happy, she told Vida that she could come with her.  Nick put an end to that.  Escorting Leelee out the door, he told her that Vida couldn't go either.  Nick thanked her for the invite and told her some other time, locking the door.  Nick reminded Xander and Vida they still had to figure out the secret to the Fire Heart.  Chip and Madison were waiting for them at Rootcore.  Xander and Nick prepared to leave.  Nick asked Vida if she was coming.  Vida told him she would catch up later, she still had some paperwork to do.  The following evening, at Rootcore, Nick was passing out several books.  Xander, Chip, and Madison were there as well.  They started working on solving the puzzle of the secret of the Fire Heart.  Vida casually strolled in.  Nick was upset with Vida, she had promised to help.  Xander, Madison, and Chip had been worried as Vida was gone all day as well.  Vida apologized and told them she would do better.  Nick clenched his head in pain.  Nick told the others that Koragg had issued a challenge.  The teens raced into the woods.  Several Hidiacs appeared.  Xander, Chip, Nick, and Madison got into ready stance.  Nick told them to Ranger up.  Vida replied why bother.  Vida went after the Hidiacs on her own, demonstrating an enormous strength.  Xander remarked that the rest had Vida a lot of good.  Xander, Nick, and Madison impressively watched Vida defeat the Hidiacs. After Vida defeated the Hidiacs, Xander and his friends joined her, telling her what a good job she had done.  Koragg stepped out and remarked very impressive.  Koragg called forth Catastros and formed into a centaur.  The teens went Mystic Titan.  Green Titan and the rest of the Titans battled Koragg.  Koragg then went into Megazord form.  The sun started to rise and suddenly Pink Titan became weak.  Pink Titan fell to the ground, demorphing on the way.  Koragg couldn't believe they stop battling because one of them had dropped out.  Koragg told them they were not powerful enough to battle and left.  Green Titan and the rest of the Titans demorphed and landed on the ground.  Xander and his friends raced to the unconscious form of Vida.  The following day, Xander, Chip, and Nick, at Rock Porium, questioned Leelee about Vida.  They asked her if she had noticed anything strange about Vida.  Leelee told them that Vida had been acting strange towards her.  Vida had acted nice towards Leelee and even talked to her.  Xander pointed out to Leelee that they were serious.  Leelee told them that Vida had been fine, but that she had to leave early.  Just then a very pale Vida and Madison walked in.  The guys asked Vida how she was doing.  Vida told them she was just a little sensitive to sunlight and walked past.  That evening, Xander, Chip, Madison, and Nick were back at Rootcore, working on the secret of the Fire Heart.  Vida walked in and it was very apparent she had felt a lot better, after a twenty-two hour nap.  Chip offered her some tomato juice and Vida eagerly drank it.  Vida quickly spit it out.  Chip asked her what was wrong, did she think it was blood.  Xander couldn't believe what he had heard.  Chip told Xander, Madison, and Nick about the clues that pointed to Vida being a vampire.  Xander, Madison, and Nick busted up laughing.  Vida quickly joined in on the laughter.  Nick pointed out that they were late for work.  Xander, Nick, and Madison left, still chuckling over what Chip had said.  Late that evening, Xander, Madison, and Nick walked into Rootcore looking for Chip and Vida.  Udonna asked them if everything was okay.  Nick told Udonna that Vida and Chip had never show up for work and they were worried.  Udonna asked them if Vida and Chip were okay the last time they saw them.  Xander, trying to keep a straight face, told Udonna that in Chip's words, Vida was a vampire.  Udonna took this news seriously.  Xander, Nick, and Madison realized that they should have taken Chip's words seriously as well.  Madison played a tape she had made earlier in the day on Vida.  The tape showed only Chip, no Vida.  Udonna told them a vampire would cast no reflection.  Udonna told the three to go find their friends and help them.  Flytrap was in the city with several vampire teens.  Yellow Ranger and Pink Ranger were already there, when Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers arrived.  They asked Pink Ranger if she was okay and she replied that she was.  Flytrap sent the vampire teens after the Rangers.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers spent their effort on trying to destroy Flytrap.  The Rangers soon formed their Megazord.  The sun began to rise once more.  The Rangers had to hurry, as once the sun was completely up, the vampire teens would turn to ash.  Within moments, the Rangers destroyed Flytrap.  Watching quietly above, Xander and his friends were relieved to see the teens had returned to normal.  Xander and his friends celebrated.  The next day, Xander and his friends were back at work.  Leelee was there as well.  Xander was on the phone and he asked Vida if they had a Coltrane on CD.  Moments before, Chip had draw a circle around Vida, using vampire chalk.  Vida replied that she would check and tried to walk out of the circle.  A huge surge of energy engulfed Vida and she cried out in pain.  Xander hurried over to his friends and watched stunned.  They asked Vida if she was okay.  Vida replied snarling at them with red eyes.  Xander, Chip, Madison, and Nick were horrified to see that Vida was still a vampire.

Xander, Chip, Nick, and Madison managed to get Vida to Rootcore, still enclosed in the circle made of vampire chalk.  Udonna and Clare were there as well.  Vida paced restlessly within the circle.  Vida:  Guys.  I know you think you need to do this.  But I'm alright.  Please let me out.  Chip:  We're going to help you V.  I promise.  Clare stepped forward.  Clare:  Maybe...you should let her out.  Clare stepped towards Vida and Vida snarled at Clare.  Clare jumped back scared and stood next to Udonna.  Clare:  And maybe you shouldn't.  Madison, Nick, Xander, Chip, and Udonna stepped away from Vida.  Madison:  If Flytrap was destroyed, Vida should be fine.  She must be under the spell of another vampire.  Chip:  What if it is Necrolai?  Xander:  Koragg would know that.  Chip:  Nick!  Koragg seems able to contact you whenever he likes.  Have you ever try to contact him?  Nick:  No.  Nick noticed the looks on his friends faces.  Nick:  I could try.  Nick placed both his hands to his forehead and concentrated on contacting Koragg.  Nick had no luck.  Nick:  I guess it doesn't work like...Nick suddenly clenched his head in pain.  Nick had successfully contacted Koragg.  Nick:  Next time Chip,...you can call him yourself.  He's in the glen.  Udonna:  While you go after Koragg, there's something I need to do.  Udonna left.    Xander, Nick, and Madison noticed that Chip had managed to slipped quietly away.  Xander and Nick were ready to leave, when Madison asked who was going to watch Vida.  Clare eagerly told them she would.  Xander warned Clare that Vida would try everything to trick her.  Clare assured them that she is smarter than she looks and she could do the job.  Xander, Nick, and Madison left.  They morphed and quickly joined in the battle with Yellow Ranger against Koragg.  Koragg told them Necrolai was responsible for turning the pink witch into a vampire.  Red Ranger wanted to know why Koragg was telling them this.  Koragg told them if they could destroy Necrolai and restore their friend, then they would be worthy enough to battle.  Koragg turned his back towards them and walked away.  Xander, Chip, Nick, and Madison returned to Rootcore.  They were dismayed to see "Clare" trapped within the circle.  "Clare" apologized to them.  "Clare" thought Vida was sick and she erased a little bit of the circle and Vida escaped.  "Clare" asked if they could let her out.  Xander erased a little bit of the circle.  "Clare" thanked them and went to find Udonna.  Moments later, Clare entered, telling them she hadn't heard them.  Clare went on to tell them Vida was a tricky one, pretending to be ill.  Xander, Nick, Madison, and Chip groaned in frustration as they realized they had been the ones tricked, and had released Vida.  Xander, Madison, Chip, and Nick put their heads together and tried to figure out their next move.  They all wanted to know from Chip how to destroy a vampire.   Chip told them it was the classic stake through the heart.  Xander, Nick, and Madison asked Chip about how to destroy the Queen of Vampires.  Chip told them you can't.  Xander was frustrated until he realized they could use the Xenotome.  They quickly raced over to the Xenotome and asked how do you destroy the Queen of Vampires.  The answer appeared in it's pages - the Dawn Crystal.  Chip looked over the complicated instructions and told them he wasn't sure they could get all the ingredients.  Udonna walked in with a basket and told them they couldn't, that's why she had already done so.  Udonna told the teens they must hurry before, but she did not finish her sentence.  Madison, consumed with worry over her sister, asked Udonna before what, before it was too late.  Udonna faced them.  Udonna told them to make no mistake, they were in very real danger of losing one of their own.  Nick protectively told Madison they would not let that happen.  Madison tried to swallow her fear as Nick told Udonna to make the Dawn Crystal, they were going to look for Vida.  Chip told them no, he was going to make the Dawn Crystal, he owed that much to Vida.  Xander, Nick, and Madison left.  They morphed and rode on their Mystic Riders.  The three Rangers searched throughout the night for Vida, but they did not find her.  The following morning, they entered Rock Porium.  Madison was very upset.  Madison thought maybe Vida had left town or was taken.  Nick put his arm around her and told Madison that they would find her.  Vida walked in and asked find who.  Madison was stunned to see Vida looking okay.  She raced to her sister and gave her a big hug.  Vida assured her sister that she was okay.  Madison could not stop hugging her sister.  Vida told them she had a rough night, but she was okay.  Xander, Madison, Vida, and Nick went to Rootcore.  Nick joyfully announced to Chip and Udonna that they didn't need the Dawn Crystal after all, Vida was alright.  Chip raced over and gave Vida a hug, asking her if she was okay.  Nick told Chip that Vida was more than okay, Vida had defeated Necrolai all on her own.  Chip asked Vida how come she didn't call them, they all wanted to help.  Vida told them it was her problem, and she wanted to solve it.  Chip grinned and did the "V" pose, saying Vida, Vampire Slayer.  Vida looked puzzled at Chip.  Vida told them she was also gift giver.  Vida passed them each an apple, telling them she had picked them.  After everyone had an apple, Vida lead a cheer for the Rangers.  Before they could bite into the apples, Chip told them this wasn't Vida.  Chip told them you couldn't pick this type of apple in Briarwood.  Vida explained that she had meant she had picked them in the store.  Chip told Xander, Nick, and Madison that Vida had not recognized her pose.  Vida quickly explained that she had already moved on.  Vida told them she was going to get a complex if they didn't enjoy her gifts, and took a big bite out of her apple.  Xander, Madison, and Nick were about to do the same, when Chip knocked the apples out of their hands.  Madison became upset and told Chip that he had ruined perfectly good apples.  Madison bent down to pick up the fallen apple, when it turned into a gooey mess.  Xander, Nick, and Madison were stunned.  Nick noted that Vida had already left.  Xander, Madison, Chip, and Nick quickly chase Vida into the city.  Nick hollered at Vida that there was nowhere else to run.  Vida stopped and turned around, telling them they were so right.  Necrolai arrived and stood next to Vida.  Necrolai instructed Vida to destroy her friends.  Xander watched stunned, as Pink Ranger raced towards them, intent on destroying them.  Chip glanced at Xander, Nick, and Madison and told them not to hurt Vida.  Chip raced forward, morphed, and leaped over Pink Ranger, going straight for Necrolai.  Xander, Madison, and Nick grabbed Pink Ranger and tried to hold her still.  Pink Ranger managed to powerfully shake them off.  Xander, Nick, and Madison eventually morphed and try to keep Pink Ranger contained.  Yellow Ranger was about to fire the Dawn  Crystal at Necrolai, when Pink Ranger suddenly stood protectively in front of Necrolai.  Green Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Red Ranger pleaded with Yellow Ranger to not fired.  Yellow Ranger fired and at the last moment, Pink Ranger ducked and the Dawn Crystal hit Necrolai.  Necrolai hollered in pain, but she was not defeated yet.  Green Ranger, Red Ranger, and Blue Ranger raced over to Yellow Ranger.  Yellow Ranger told them he had realized Pink Ranger had broken the spell.  Necrolai was furious the pink witch had deceived her and fired her own lasers at Pink Ranger.  Pink Ranger cried out in pain and demorphed.  Vida urged her friends to stop Necrolai.  The four Rangers destroyed Necrolai.  They raced over to Vida.  Vida joyfully had returned to normal and she could feel her Ranger power returning.  The ground shook.  It was a giant Koragg.  Koragg was now ready to battle them.  Vida morphed.  The Rangers called for their Mystic Titans and quickly formed their Megazord.  Koragg was already in Megazord form.  The Rangers and Koragg battled.  It was a difficult battle and the Rangers had to call on the spirit of the ancients before they could deliver a powerful blow to Koragg.  The Rangers thought, for a moment, that they had defeated Koragg.  They soon discovered they had only managed to revert Koragg back to normal.  Koragg told them they grow more powerful with each day, but so has he.  Koragg promised the outcome of the next battle would be different.  Koragg turned and vanished.  That evening, Xander and his friends were back at work.  Leelee was there.  Vida told them she had to straight things out with Leelee.  Xander, Nick, Madison, and Chip listened in as Vida told Leelee that the other night, she was pretending to be a vampire to trick her friends.  Leelee told Vida she knew that.  Leelee asked Vida if she had thought Leelee thought she was a real vampire.  Vida quickly replied no.  Leelee told Vida she had to leave and left the store.  Xander and his friends laughed at Leelee's hurried exit. 

Xander, Chip, and Vida were working at Rock Porium.  Chip was studying the half of the scroll to the secret of the Fire Heart.  Vida:  Hey Chip!  Any luck with you know what?  Chip:  Nah.  Vida:  Ha!  I've outsold you by $12.50.  I win the bet.  You owe me lunch.  Xander:  No so fast!  Xander the great, still has four minutes to go.  Vida noticed that Leelee had come in.  Vida:  Aah, Leelee.  Leelee walked up to the counter where are three were standing.  Leelee:  Can somebody help me here?  Xander pushed Vida away as he hurried over.  Xander:  Afternoon Leelee.  You look like a Zeppelin fan.  Can I interest you in something?  Leelee grinned.  Leelee:  Nice zit...Rudolph.  Xander:  Zit?!  Whoa!  Xander hurried to a mirror and couldn't believe the huge zit on his nose.  Vida:  Xander the great big pimple!  Leelee walked away.  Xander, continuing to look in a mirror, told Chip and Vida that the zit ruin his perfect profile and he felt like he had two noses.  Chip realized that the scroll was like two halves of a face.  Vida told Chip to be quiet, as it looked like Leelee was listening, but Leelee walked away.  Toby burst out of his office.  Toby was thrilled that he had figured out a difficult puzzle.  Toby thought he should work for the CIA or the Power Rangers.  Xander, Vida, and Chip became quiet and tense.  Toby asked them what he had said.  Xander, Chip, and Vida relaxed a little, and told Toby he should call the Rangers.  Toby went back into his office.  Xander, Chip, and Vida went to Rootcore.  Xander didn't really listen to his friends as he continued to examine his face in the mirror.  Chip showed the others how the second half of the scroll was reflected in the mirror.  Clare was there as well and she was very excited.  Xander asked Clare what was going on.  Clare told him about her potion, that turned dismal flowers into beautiful flowers.  Xander realized Clare had made a perfection potion.  Xander's friends realized where to go to find the Fire Heart.  They told Xander it was time to go and they would split into two groups to cover more ground.  Xander followed and then quickly ran back into Rootcore.  Xander picked up Clare's perfection potion and spray some into his face.  Xander then joined the others.  Xander and Vida were in one group.  As they climb up the side of the mountain, Xander realized his pimple was gone.  Xander excitedly asked Vida to come over.  Vida thought Xander had found the Fire Heart, instead Xander wanted to show her his profile was perfect once more.  Vida couldn't believe it.  Vida noticed something glinting in the distance.  Xander and Vida raced over to a stone that had the Fire Heart crest on it.  The stone was just outside a cave.  Vida and Xander entered.  Xander managed to escape the slime that was dump on Vida.  There was another crest inside the cave, between two doors.  There was no puzzle, they just had to pick door number one or door number two.  Vida quickly pulled on door number one.  Inside was a chest.  Xander told Vida she was always lucky.  Xander was curious as to what was behind door number two.  Vida urged him not to, but Xander opened the door, then quickly close it.  Door number two had a monster.  The monster busted the door down.  Xander told Vida let's show this monster who is boss.  Xander and Vida morphed and then were promptly tossed out by the monster.  Green Ranger and Pink Ranger battled the monster.  Green Ranger got hurt.  Pink Ranger managed to destroy the monster on her own.  Green Ranger and Pink Ranger demorph.  Vida asked Xander if he was okay.  Xander replied that he was.  Vida ran back inside to get the chest.  Xander started to follow, but a sharp pain in his arm stopped him.  Xander checked his arm and was alarmed to see a small twig growing outside his arm.  Vida and Xander carried the chest until they ran into Chip, Madison, and Nick.  Nick explained that they had heard an explosion.  Madison bent down and noticed a small scroll attached to the chest.  Madison removed the scroll and a timer began.  Chip read the scroll.  They had to figure out the puzzle to open the chest before the timer ran out, otherwise Fire Heart would be lost forever.  Chip was not thrilled they had to figure out another puzzle.  A Styxoid appeared, blasted the teens off their feet,  and demanded the teens turn over the Fire Heart.  Xander and his friends morphed and battle the several Styxoids.  The Rangers defeated the Styxoids.  The teens managed to get the chest to Fire Heart and tried to figure out the puzzle.  An half an hour passed, but they were still no closer.  Nick noticed Xander still had leaves in his hair from their last battle.  Nick went to pull out the leaf, and Xander cried out in pain.  Nick was stunned.  Xander turned away from his friends and told them it was not big deal.  Xander turned around and faced his friends.  He admitted he was having a problem and displayed his tree like arms.  Xander was dismayed when his friends burst out into laughter.  Madison assured Xander that it was probably a side effect from his organic problems.  Xander endured many puns at his expensive, before he turned his friends' attention back to the chest.  Chip came up with an idea - take the chest to Toby and have Toby figure it out.  Later, Xander, wearing a trench coat and hat, entered Rock Porium.  Vida walked up to Xander.  Xander told Vida the problem was getting worse and showed her his mossy chest.  Vida laughed and told him some girls like mossy chests.  After a few more puns, Vida could see that Xander was really upset.  Vida told Xander not to worry, unless he had done something.  Xander confessed that he had, he had used Clare's perfection potion.  Xander had a strange feeling.  He ran to the mirror and was alarmed to see half his face had turned into bark.  Xander raced out of Rock Porium.  After some difficulty, Xander entered the woods.  Xander looked like a human tree.  Phineas startled Xander.  Phineas told Xander that green was his color.  Xander was not in the mood and told Phineas he could never show his face again.  Phineas offered Xander his place.  Xander and Phineas sat at Phineas' camp.  Phineas made several more puns, which Xander endured once more.  When Xander didn't laugh, Phineas decided to get some dinner.  Vida came up, telling Xander she had been looking all over for him.  Xander told her that she had found him, where he belong, in the woods.  Xander told Vida he was so worry about his face and now he could never show his face again.  Xander the great was gone.  Vida sat down next to Xander and told him he was not gone, he was still great on the inside, and that hadn't change.  Vida apologized for giving Xander such a hard time.  Vida told Xander he was so confident all the time, it was nice to see him human.  Xander realized there was more to him than a pretty face.  Vida told Xander Clare was working on an anti-dote.  Vida helped Xander to his feet and started to head back to Rootcore, except Xander couldn't move.  His feet had rooted to the ground.  Vida tried desperately to pull Xander out of the ground.  Xander told her it was no use, his arms were starting to stiffen.  Clare came running with the anti-dote.  Xander told them to hurry, his mouth was quickly converted to bark.  Clare tried to spray Xander, but Vida came up with a quicker way.  Vida turned into a rain cloud and rained the anti-dote on Xander.  After a few moments, Xander returned to normal.  Xander thanked Vida, he couldn't have gone through it without her.  Xander's morpher beeped, he had a new spell code.  Xander's morpher went off once more, Nick contacted him.  The rest of the Rangers needed their help.  Xander, Vida, and Clare raced out of the woods.  Green Ranger and Pink Ranger joined the rest of the Rangers in their battle against Skullington and several Hidiacs.  Green Ranger told the rest of the Rangers he would tackled Skullington.  Green Ranger went after and battled Skullington.  Green Ranger used the new spell code, which gave him powerful boxing glove.  Green Ranger destroyed Skullington.  The rest of the Rangers joined him, they had defeated the Hidiacs.  The rest of the Rangers were impressed with the boxing gloves.  Yellow Ranger told them they had all received the spell code and could all use the gloves.  The teens headed into Toby's office.  There was a few seconds left on the timer.  Vida went and stood next to Toby as the rest watched.  Toby finally figured out the puzzle, and Vida pressed the button, Toby had pointed to.  The latched lifted.  Xander and his friends were relieved.  Chip and Nick started to carry the chest out.  Toby went after them, he wanted to know what was in the chest.  Xander stopped Toby with a riddle.  Toby went back into his office to figure out the riddle.  The teens got the chest to Rootcore, where Udonna and Clare were waiting.  Nick opened the chest and it revealed a giant egg.  Chip was disappointed.  The Fire Heart was a giant egg.  Udonna told them this was no ordinary egg, but the last dragon egg.

Chip had contacted Xander and the rest of his friends.  Chip had seen Necrolai swoop down and take Toby.  Xander and his friends immediately morphed.  They soon located Necrolai and Toby on their Mystic Riders.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers began firing at Necrolai.  Red Ranger:  Hey!  Get to safety!  Toby:  yes sir.  Mister Ranger...sir.  Red Ranger:  Okay.  Toby began to run and find a hiding place.  Necrolai:  Back off Rangers!  Pink Ranger and the rest of the Rangers started battling Necrolai.  Necrolai spotted Toby hiding.  Necrolai:  Come Back!  Necrolai try to go after Toby, but was stopped by Red Ranger.  Red Ranger:  Stop!  Necrolai:  Out of my way!  Red Ranger:  What do you want with him?  Necrolai:  The Gatekeeper will be mine.  Red Ranger:  Gatekeeper?  Necrolai:  He possess more power than all of you put together.  I'll be back!  Necrolai flew away.  The Rangers gathered together.  Red Ranger:  What is she talking about?  The teens hurried into Rootcore.  Madison:  Udonna, something weird is going on.  Xander:  We just had a close encounter with Necrolai.  Chip:  She was looking for someone called the Gatekeeper.  Nick:  Do you have any clue what she's talking about?  Udonna told them the Gatekeeper was a powerful sorceress and her sister, Niella.  Years ago when darkness try to take over the surface world, Niella sealed the gates with a powerful spell.  The spell was so powerful that it had depleted Niella's life force.  Xander and his friends were stunned.  Udonna noticed their expressions.  Udonna told them that Niella lives on in her heart and in her heir.  Madison asked Udonna if Niella had a child.  Udonna told them yes.  Vida told the group that they needed to find the child before Necrolai.  Udonna told them they would not have to look far, the heir to the Gatekeeper's legacy is Clare.  Clare suddenly appeared, astonished by the news she had just overheard.  The teens went to work at Rock Porium.  Xander and his friends were in a group when Toby excitedly walked in.  Toby told them they wouldn't believe who he had meet.  Xander's morpher went off.  Xander asked for a moment, and Toby waited.  Xander whispered to the others that Necrolai was in the city.  Xander and his friends raced out, telling Toby they were on break.  Morphed, the Rangers arrived where Necrolai was.  They told Necrolai she would never find the Gatekeeper.  Necrolai told them she had a new plan, to draw out the Gatekeeper by attacking the Rangers.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers battled Necrolai.  It was very difficult, as Necrolai had become more powerful.  Eventually the Rangers ended up on the ground.  Suddenly Clare raced towards Necrolai.  Clare placed her mother's head piece on her head and transform into the Gatekeeper.  The Gatekeeper depleted all of the new power Necrolai had recently acquired.  Furious, Necrolai flew away.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers raced to Gatekeeper, to tell her she had done a great job.  Gatekeeper told them there was no time, Udonna had been captured.  Red Ranger clutched his head, he had received another message from Koragg.  Red Ranger told Gatekeeper that Koragg wanted to battled her one on one.  Gatekeeper accepted the challenge.  Keeping their word, the teens returned to Rootcore.  Madison was worried about Gatekeeper.  Vida was more confident.  Vida reminded them of what Gatekeeper had done to Necrolai.  Nick pointed out that Koragg was another matter.  Xander and his friends watched the impressive battle in the crystal ball.  Despite Gatekeeper's best efforts, Koragg had gotten the best of her.  Koragg was about to strike Gatekeeper when the Rangers arrived and started firing at Koragg.  Busy battling Koragg, they didn't noticed Necrolai, who had been hiding, until Necrolai grabbed Gatekeeper.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers try to rescue Gatekeeper, but they were blocked by Koragg.  Holding tight onto Gatekeeper, Necrolai summoned the Gatekeeper's powers and the gates started to rise above ground.  Necrolai tossed Gatekeeper to the ground.   The Rangers raced to her side.  The Rangers and Gatekeeper watched in dismay as the gates continued to rise until they were fully above ground.                 

Gatekeeper:  I'm sorry Rangers.  Blue Ranger turned towards Gatekeeper.  Blue Ranger:  It wasn't your fault.  Green Ranger:  Look!  Up at the gates!  A giant, stone gargoyle had just come to life.  The gargoyle leap down where the Rangers stood.  Suddenly, the Rangers were blasted off their feet.  Koragg: Get up!  Koragg grabbed a hold of Gatekeeper.  Red Ranger:  Let her go!   Blue Ranger, still weak and on the ground, raise a arm to try and stop Koragg.  Blue Ranger:  Clare!  Koragg looked at Gatekeeper.  Koragg:  You won't get away this time.  Koragg looked at the Rangers.  Koragg:  And the gargoyle of the gates will take care of you.  Red Ranger:  Wait!  Red Ranger and Koragg fought as Blue Ranger and the rest of the Rangers tried to gathered themselves.  Koragg knocked Red Ranger back to the rest of the Rangers.  Yellow Ranger:  Nick!  Koragg laughed as he cast a spell and he and Gatekeeper vanished.  Red Ranger:  No!  The gargoyle started blasting the Rangers.  Red Ranger:  Look out!  The Rangers flew into the air before the blast hit.   They went into Titan Mode and quickly formed their Titan Megazord.  Red Ranger:  All right!  Phase Two!  Mystic Spell Seal!  The Rangers battled the gargoyle.  The gargoyle packed a powerful blow that caused the Megazord to crash into the gates.  The gates had cracked and it was enough to let Morticon ease his way out of the pit.  The Rangers had a giant Morticon on one side of the them and the giant gargoyle on the other side.  There was no option but to fight Morticon.  The Rangers continue to battle, even using the spirit of the ancients to help them.  But it wasn't enough.  Eventually Morticon caused the Rangers to eject from their Megazord and demorph on the ground.  The skies began to darken with dark magic.  Xander and his friends were filled with despair.  Was this the way it was going to end.  Nick told them no.  Nick reminded them that they were the protectors of the city.  Xander, Vida, Chip, and Madison agreed.  They all morphed.  Green Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Pink Ranger formed the dragon and continued the battle.  Red Ranger used his Mystic Rider to battle the numerous Hidiacs.  Later, Green Ranger, Blue Ranger, Pink Ranger, and Yellow Ranger went Titan once more and battled Morticon.  It was a very difficult battle, and once more, the four Titans found themselves on the ground.  Red Ranger arrived on the back of Catastros.  Red Ranger formed with Catastros to become Centaurs Phoenix Megazord.  The gates were sealed, by Gatekeeper sending the last of her magic, and sent down below the ground once more.  The skies immediately began to clear.  Red Ranger battled Morticon.  Green Titan and the rest of the Titans soon joined him.  They formed their Megazord and battled Morticon once more.  The battled continued to be difficult.  They needed more power.  Suddenly they got more power.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers were amazed to see the spirit of White Ranger, in giant form, ready to help.  They combined their powers and destroyed Morticon once and for all.  The Rangers cheered.  The teens and Udonna, who had freed herself from Koragg, found Clare in the woods.  Madison went over to help Clare to her feet.  The teens told her how Udonna had helped them.  Xander and his friends also had praise for how well Clare had done. Clare grinned until she spotted her mother's head piece.  Clare bent down to pick up the head piece.  Clare told them it was her mother's power and now it was all gone.  Udonna stepped forward and told Clare that Niella would be proud of her and she was very proud of her.  Clare's smile returned.

Xander and his friends were at Rootcore.  Clare:  Guys!  Rangers!  Help!  Come quickly!  Nick and his friends raced over to where Clare was standing by the dragon egg.  Clare:  You gotta see this!  Nick and his friends watched the dragon egg, but nothing happened.  Nick:  Uhmmm, I don't see...Clare:  Shhh!  The egg began shaking.  Clare grabbed Xander by his shirt and excitedly hollered:  Did you see it?  Did you see it?  Laughing, Xander replied:  Yeah, I did.  It move!  It move!  Chip:  This is so great!  So great!  I'm so excited!  What does it mean.  Vida told him it meant the egg was about to hatch.  They all wondered how to help hatch the egg.  Madison got an idea.  Madison walked over and pulled down a book about dragons.  Madison looked up egg hatching.  Madison told them when the dragon egg is about to hatch, stand it upright and plummet it with a sledge hammer.  Vida eagerly told them she would get the hammer.  Clare protectively covered the egg with her body and told them no.  There was a knock at Rootcore.  Nick and Vida left to answer it.  It was Phineas with a tooth ache.  Xander and his friends disguised Phineas and took him into Briarwood to see a dentist.  Phineas was impressed with all the tall buildings, and almost got run over by a car.  Phineas wanted to know if you could eat a car.  Xander and his friends adamantly told Phineas no.  Leelee came running up, yelling for the Rangers, and about a monster at a cave.  Nick stopped her and told her they didn't know where the Power Rangers were.  Leelee angrily told them you could never find those costume freaks when you need them.  Nick suggested to Leelee that she search for the Rangers in a different area, while he and his friends search in this area.  Leelee agreed and stormed through them.  Phineas noted Leelee was pushy, but he liked that.  Xander and his friends began discussing what Leelee had told them, when Phineas pointed out he still needed to go to the dentist.  Madison told her friends one of them needed to take Phineas.  No one wanted to do the job.  Toby walked up and Xander got an idea.  Xander told Toby that Phineas was his long, lost uncle and asked him if he would take Phineas to the dentist.  Toby willingly took Phineas to the dentist.  Meanwhile, Xander and his friends morphed and raced to the beach.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers found the cave, but there were only a few Hidiacs guarding it.  Not quite the dangerous situation Leelee had made it out to be.  The Power Rangers battled and defeated the Hidiacs.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers entered the dark cave.  Yellow Ranger shed some light and Blue Ranger suddenly freaked out.  There was a frog on her sleeve.  Blue Ranger shrieked and shook the frog off.  The rest of the Rangers asked her if she was scared of frogs.  Blue Ranger replied no she wasn't scared, she was petrified.  The Rangers spotted a mummy and Red Ranger spotted a lamp.  The lamp had their Mystic Force crest on it.  Suddenly the ground began to shake.  When the shaking stopped, Necrolai appeared.  Necrolai told the Rangers that they were the reason for the ground shaking, as they broke the seal that kept her out.  Red Ranger told her there was no way she was getting the lamp.  Necrolai, amused, replied really and went after Red Ranger.  Red Ranger and Necrolai battled for a moment.  Necrolai then grabbed the mummy and left.  The Rangers had an uneasy feeling they would be seeing the mummy again.  Red Ranger was just relived that Necrolai had not taken the lamp.  The teens returned to Rootcore with the lamp.  Nick wanted to see more of the writing and rubbed the lamp.  Jenji, the genie, floated out of the lamp.  Xander and his friends were thrilled with a genie.  Jenji told them he could grant them one wish.  Xander and his friends were excited.  Chip told Jenji he wished for ten wishes for each of his friends.  Jenji told Chip granted.  Xander and his friends were thrilled.  Xander stepped forward and wished for one hundred diamonds.  Jenji looked at his outstretched hands and told him he hadn't wash lately.  Nothing happened.  Jenji explained that he could only grant one wish and Chip had made it when he wished for ten more wishes, voiding their wishes.  Xander and his friends were not too happy.  Clare walked in, carrying the dragon egg.  Jenji immediately thought of making an omelet.  Clare asked Xander and his friends if you know who, knew they had brought home a large cat.  Still angry with Jenji, Nick replied not to worry, as Jenji would not be staying.  Jenji noted that the egg was about to hatch.  Jenji told them the egg needed to stay warm and someone had to sit on it.  Clare realized that someone would be her.  Clare sat on the egg while the teens and Jenji surrounded her.  Clare asked how long she would have to sit on the egg.  Jenji replied, minutes, hours, days, anything up to thirty and forty years.  Xander and his friends laughed.  The crystal ball alerted them to trouble in Briarwood.  The teens were ready to go into action.  Jenji told them that he was going as well.  Nick told him not so fast, Jenji still had wishes to grant.  Nick opened the lamp and Jenji was back within the lamp.  The Rangers arrived in Briarwood and saw strange dark smoke.  From the dark smoke, emerged Imperious.  Red Ranger tried to get Jenji to help, but Jenji refused and took off hiding.  The Rangers took on Imperious one by one.  One by one the Rangers were defeated by Imperious.  Imperious grew very large.  The Rangers formed their Titan Megazord.  The Megazord was smaller than Imperious, but the Rangers battled.  It was a difficult battle.  The battle turned in their favor when Jenji wished he wasn't a scaredy cat.  Jenji grew as large as Imperious and helped them the Rangers to defeat Imperious.  After the battle, Xander and his friends were very happy with Jenji and walked away with the lamp.  Xander and Madison entered Rock Porium, happy to see Toby behind the counter.  Xander told Toby they had been looking all over the city for him and Uncle Phineas.  Toby told them they had a great day and pointed out Phineas to them.  Phineas was playing air guitar to the customers.  Toby commented that it was like Phineas had never heard rock and roll before.  Xander and Madison were amused.  Later, they returned to the woods.  Xander stood with Madison, Nick, and Jenji.  Vida and Chip escorted Udonna outside with Udonna's eyes covered.  Xander, Madison, Nick, and Jenji crept closer and they told Udonna they hoped she like cats cause they had brought home a large one.  Vida and Chip uncovered Udonna's eyes.  Udonna was thrilled to see Jenji.  Udonna and Jenji hugged each other.  Udonna asked Jenji about Bowen.  Before Jenji could replied, they were interrupted by calls of help by Clare.  Xander and the rest raced inside Rootcore.  The egg was shaking hard and Clare leaped off and joined them.  Xander and the rest watched in awe as Fire Heart hatched from it's egg.  Fire Heart took one look at Clare and called her mama.  Xander and the rest laughed.

Xander was at Rootcore with his friends, Udonna, and Clare.  Madison was blindfolded and Vida and Nick gently lead her to stand in the center of the circle they had formed.  Udonna:  Trust is the key to any team.  In order to truly trust each other, you must willingly put your safety in the hands of the team.  Are you ready Madison?  Madison:  I think so.  Nick:  There you go.  Udonna:  Slowly fall forward.  Your team will catch you.  Madison fell forward and they caught her and laughed.  Clare walked in with Fire Heart wrapped in a blanket.  Clare:  There's a good boy Fire Heart.  Xander, Nick, Vida, and Chip walked over to where Clare stood and started cooing over Fire Heart.  Unaware that her friends had left, Madison fell backwards and onto the floor.  Udonna quickly helped her back up.  Madison removed her blind fold and spotted her friends surrounding Clare.  Madison:  Oh!  That's trust for you.  Xander, Vida, Chip, and Nick weren't paying any attention to Madison.  They were too busy cooing over Fire Heart.  Clare:  Yes you are.  Yes you are so beautiful.  Udonna noticed the crystal ball and hurried over.  Udonna:  Dark magical energy is emitting from the forest.  Xander and his friends hurried out.  Madison quickly joined them.  Xander and his friends were walking in the woods.  Nick:  It's quiet.  Chip:  Almost too quiet!  Sorry.  Always wanted to say that.  Vida stopped and looked around the woods.  Vida:  I get the feeling....  Suddenly a creature covered in armor popped out.  Calindor:  Halt!  Who goes there!  Vida:  Like we're being watched?  Calindor:  What brings you children into these dangerous woods?  Nick:  Give us a second and we'll show you.  Xander and his friends began battling the creature.  The creature outmaneuver them all.  Xander and his friends prepared to morph.  Udonna arrived.  Udonna:  Wait!  Nick:  Watch out!  He's evil!  Udonna explained that this was an old friend.  The armored creature revealed himself to be a man.  Udonna introduced the teens to her old friend, Calindor.  Udonna told Calindor the teens were the Mystic Rangers.  Calindor gave them a small bow and told them the forest owes them a great debt.  Xander and his friends stepped forward and introduced themselves individually to Calindor.  Xander, his friends, Udonna, and Calindor headed for Rootcore.  Clare, standing in front of the crystal ball, told them there was a strange monster in the city.  Xander and his friends immediately morphed, hopped onto their Mystic Riders, and headed into the city.  It was easy to find the monster attacking several citizens in Briarwood.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers start battling Jester.  Jester proved more tricky than previous monsters.  There were two citizens dangling from a building and they lost their grip.  The two citizens started to fall.  Blue Ranger quickly leaped into action and save the two citizens.  Blue Ranger urged them to run to safely, which they did.  Jester managed to get away from the Rangers.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers noticed the drawing that Jester had made on the pavement.  The Rangers puzzled over it.  The teens went to work.  Xander and his friends knew the city was still in danger with Jester on the loose.  Madison was unaware that the cave frog had hopped onto her shoulders until her friends pointed it out.  Madison was immediately creped out and brush the frog off.  Vida teased her that she couldn't believe she was afraid of frogs.  Madison confirmed that she had been since Vida put a frog down her dress.  Vida laughed as she told Madison that had been years ago.  It didn't matter to Madison, she did not like frogs.  Xander, Chip, Nick, and Vida chased the frog around Rock Porium, never once catching it.  Madison shrieked and did her best to stay away from the frog.  After awhile, Xander and his friends could hear screams from outside.  Xander and his friends decided to check it out.  The teens morphed and were facing down Jester once more.  Jester had drawn another strange picture.  Blue Ranger put together what Jester was doing.  Blue Ranger told the rest of the Rangers that Jester was making a dark seal.  Blue Ranger had seen Koragg do the very same thing.  The Rangers battled Jester once more.  Jester knocked them down and proved tricky once more.  Blue Ranger got up and went after Jester on her own.  Jester had her in a powerful grip and then tossed her to the pavement.  Blue Ranger demorphed as she hit the pavement.  Jester walked up and was ready to strike another powerful blow, when the cave frog leaped up on Jester.  It turned out Jester wasn't a fan of frogs either.  Jester hopped around, trying to shake off the frog, which he did.  Madison couldn't believe it.  Green Ranger, Red Ranger, Pink Ranger, and Yellow Ranger continue to battle Jester.  The Rangers stopped battling when a golden glow began to emerge, and knock Jester off his feet.  The frog had turned into a man.  Madison had broke the curse by kissing the frog.  Unfortunately, Jester was still around and he had Hidiacs with him as well.  Madison lined up with the Rangers, ready to battle.  The knight, walked over and told them to step back.  Green Ranger and his friends were a little taken aback.  Green Ranger and the rest watched in amazement as the knight morphed into the Solaris Knight.  The Solaris Knight took on Jester and the several Hidiacs.  After Solaris Knight destroyed Jester and the Hidiacs, he demorphed.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers walked over.  Madison asked him who he was.  The knight told her there wasn't any time, Udonna was in trouble.  Xander, his friends, and the knight raced over to Rootcore.  Imperious had finally broken the protection spell on the Xenotome and was about to take it, when the knight knocked him aside.  The force also broke the spell that held Udonna and Clare immobile.  Imperious picked himself up and recognized the knight, Daggeron, immediately.  Daggeron had referred to Imperious as Calindor.  Imperious informed Daggeron that he now went by the name Imperious.  Daggeron was ready to fight, but Imperious told him now was not the time and vanished.  Xander and his friends watched as Udonna and Daggeron hugged each other.

Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers were miniature size and inside a small chest.  Solaris Knight had them there for a training session.  Five brooms were flying above everyone's heads.  Solaris Knight:  This training exercise is harder then it looks.  Solaris Knight looked at the Rangers.  Solaris Knight:  Ready to begin?  All the Rangers:  Ready.  Solaris Knight:  Excellent.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers began casting spells.  The goal was to tie a color coordinating ribbon on the end of the broom handle.  Solaris Knight:  Now capture the practice brooms.  Four of the Rangers were successful.  Solaris Knight:  Descent.  The four brooms floated down towards the Rangers.  Green Ranger:  Guys,  aahh, just wait a minute.  Green Ranger tried to capture his broom but was having no luck.  The rest of the four Rangers lined up in a row.  Solaris Knight stopped at Red Ranger:  Solaris Knight:  You pass.  Red Ranger:  Yeah!  Ha! Ha!  Solaris Knight stopped next at Pink Ranger.  Solaris Knight:  Good job.  Pink Ranger:  Thanks!  Solaris Knight moved along and stopped in front of Yellow Ranger.  Solaris Knight:  Excellent work.  The Rangers and Solaris Knight noticed Green Ranger still trying to capture his broom.  Solaris Knight walked over and showed Green Ranger how it was done.  Solaris Knight asked Green Ranger if he had been practicing.  the others teased that Green Ranger had had a hot date the previous night.  The training exercise was over.  Solaris Knight cast a spell.  All of the them returned to normal size and they were outside the chest that was inside Rootcore..  Xander was not happy when Daggeron walked passed and quietly told him he had expected better from him.  Later, another training exercise was held in the woods.  Daggeron told them it would be an obstacle course.  The goal was to retrieve the color coordinate flags.  The flag tested each Ranger's magical ability.  Xander was not looking forward to it, although his friends were very excited.  Daggeron had them set off.  The teens morphed to do the obstacle course.  Each Ranger had found his or her flag and retrieve.  It was down to Green Ranger and the team was running out of time.  Green Ranger spotted his flag.  He was about to use a vine to retrieve the flag when Daggeron stopped him.  Daggeron asked Green Ranger if the vine was strong enough to support him.  Green Ranger assumed yes.  Daggeron took the vine and used it to retrieve the flag.  Unfortunately, Daggeron didn't make it as the vine snapped in half.  Daggeron landed in the stream.  Green Ranger demorphed as his friends raced over to the stream to help Daggeron.  Xander slowly followed them.  Daggeron was angry.  Daggeron told Xander that he had put his team mates in danger.   Xander did not see what the big deal was, it was only practice.  Daggeron pointed out that next time it might not be.  Daggeron gave Xander an acorn and told him he wanted him to grow a tree from it.  Xander pulled out his wand, telling Daggeron no problem.  Daggeron stopped him and told him without the help of his wand.  Xander was upset.  Xander told Daggeron that it would take all night, and he had a hot date that night.  Daggeron told him not any more.  Daggeron, Madison,  Vida, Chip, and Nick walked away.  Xander threw down the acorn in frustrated.  Xander pleaded with the tree to grow.  But it was a slow process and took him all night.  Xander stormed into Rootcore with the tree.  He placed the tree on a table.  Udonna was there, playing with Fire Heart.  Xander told Udonna about what Daggeron had him do.  Udonna didn't understand herself, but she was sure that Daggeron had a good reason.  Xander listed off several of Daggeron's faults.  Udonna pointed out that Daggeron was his teacher.  Udonna also told Xander that he had grow a nice tree before walking away.  Xander was starting to feel better until Fire Heart accidentally scorched his tree.  Xander went to work at Rock Porium.  He sat in a chair and promptly fell asleep.  Later, Xander was awoken by a loud noise.  He got up quickly and assume a ready stance.  Vida, Chip, Nick, and Madison burst into laughter.  Xander told his friends about the previous evening and told them they had to agreed with him now.  Xander was sure that Daggeron had singled him out because of his good looks and Daggeron's inability to get a date.  Xander listed Daggeron's faults once more and noticing the expressions'' on his friends' faces, realized that Daggeron was standing right behind him.  Daggeron announced that they were going on a field trip.  Daggeron pulled out a ticket and soon a large train appeared right outside Rock Porium.  Xander's friends excitedly boarded the train.  Xander was less thrilled.  Madison wondered where they were going.  Xander was sure it would be some place boring.  The train took them through a portal.  They landed and Xander's friends quickly exited.  Xander cast one last look out the window before leaving as well.  As they left the train, their clothes changed.  Xander and his friends soon found Daggeron and Jenji.  Daggeron on them they were at magical dimension Shalifar.  Daggeron told them to leave, all they had to do was find the ticket.  The ticket would summon the train to take them back.  Daggeron then tossed the ticket as far as he could.  Xander was outrage and couldn't believe it.  Before leaving, Daggeron asked them for their morphers.  Xander muttered figures as he and his friends gave Daggeron their morphers.  Daggeron and Jenji left the teens.  Xander followed his friends through some woods.  Chip, Nick, Madison, and Vida were really enjoying their adventure.  Xander couldn't stand to see them so happy.  He asked Chip for his sword.  Chip handed it to him, and Xander snapped it in half before handing it back to Chip.  Nick, Madison, Vida, and Chip stopped and started dancing around.  Xander stood disgruntled and watched his friends.  Chip told him to join them.  Xander asked why should he.  Daggeron had done this to punish them.  Xander tossed aside the maracas.  Suddenly a giant roar and a rush of wind blew past them.  Xander and his friends screamed and started running.  They managed to get away.  Xander and his friends wondered what the roar had belonged to.  Chip thought Daggeron could easily have taken care of it.  Xander couldn't believe Chip could still stick up for Daggeron.  Xander continue to lead the way, unaware that his friends were being picked up one by one by a giant hand.  Xander realized no one was talking.  Xander turned around and all his friends were gone.  Another roar and gust of wind blew by.  Xander screamed and took of running.  He was relieved that he had managed to outrun the creature.  Until he heard the voices of his friends, calling to him for help, as they were being taken away.  Xander followed the sounds.  He soon found a cave and entered it.  His friends were inside, and bonded together.  There was also a giant, who was preparing to eat them.  Xander watched as the giant took a fruit and opened it.  The fruit was rotten and the giant tossed it aside.  Xander took at look at the tossed fruit and all the seeds contained inside.  Xander got an idea.  Xander raced outside with half the fruit.  Xander quickly planted one of the side and began to chant the spell to make it grow.  Xander soon had a large fruit tree.  Xander took one of the fruits and carried inside the cave.  He called out to the giant and told him he wouldn't want to eat his friends, think of the cholesterol.  Xander asked the giant wouldn't he prefer a juicy fruit.  Xander offered the large fruit and the giant took it.  The giant thought the fruit was delicious.  The giant asked Xander where he had gotten it, he hadn't had fresh fruit in a very long time.  Xander told the giant to follow him, there was more where that came from.  Xander lead the way outside.  The giant, and his friends still bonded, followed.  Xander took a bucket and tossed the seeds out onto the ground.  Chanting his spell once more, Xander soon had a fruit grove grown.  The giant was pleased and told Xander his friends were free to go.  Xander untied his friends.  Xander pointed out they needed to find the ticket.  The giant asked them if this was what they were looking forward.  In the giant's hands was the ticket.  Xander and his friends laughed.  Xander and his friends summon the train and headed back to Briarwood.  They arrived in the city.  Xander and his friends raced up to Solaris Knight - who had been battling Behemoth.  Xander apologize to Solaris Knight.  He told him he wasn't a bad teacher, he was being a bad student.  Solaris Knight always knew that Xander had inner strength and told him so.  Xander received a new spell code.  Xander and his friends morphed and took on Behemoth.  Green Ranger used the new spell code and soon had very large muscles.  Green Ranger battled Behemoth with no problem.  Soon a dark seal appeared and Behemoth grew larger.  Solaris Knight told the Rangers he would take it from here.  Solaris Knight had the train transform into the Solar Streak Megazord.  Green Ranger and the Rangers watched in amazement as Solaris Knight battled and destroyed Behemoth.  Later, Xander was back in the woods.  He was practicing the earlier exercise of tying the ribbon onto the flying broom.  Daggeron walked towards him, telling him the trick was to keep the eye on the broom.  Daggeron asked Xander if he was ready for the next set of lessons.  Xander replied that he had better be, he had a pretty tough teacher.  Daggeron told Xander that his teacher had been much tougher on him.  Daggeron continued that he learned to respect him and eventually they became best friends.  Xander was hearted by this and he smiled at Daggeron.  Then mischievously he aim the broom at Daggeron.  Daggeron jumped and Xander laughed.  He had also managed to tie the ribbon on his broom.  Daggeron shook his head as he walked away.  Xander smiled, happy with his life.

Gnatu was in a park in Briarwood with her monster Spydex, and several Hidiacs.  Gnatu and Spydex were attacking citizens and taking their life forces.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers leaped into action.  Solaris Knight:  Laser Lamp.  Solaris Knight began firing on several of the Hidiacs.  Solaris Knight stopped for a moment.  Solaris Knight:  Get those people to safety.  Solaris Knight then went back into battle.  Green Ranger put his arm around a citizen and lead him away.  Green Ranger:  Come with me.  Pink Ranger yelled:  Run!  Red Ranger was also battling Hidiacs, trying to keep them away from the citizens.  Red Ranger:  Go!  Gnatu walked up to a father and daughter.  The father was trying to protect the daughter from several of the Hidiacs.  Gnatu:  Oh!  How Sweet!  Yellow Ranger spotted the scene.  Yellow Ranger:  Stop!  Yellow Ranger ran towards them, but Gnatu blasted him away.  Several Hidiacs came running towards Yellow Ranger and held him in place.  Yellow Ranger:  Let me go!  Before his eyes, Gnatu took the life forces of the father and daughter.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers managed to defeat the Hidiacs, but Gnatu and Spydex got away.  Green Ranger, Blue Ranger, Pink Ranger, Red Ranger, and Solaris Knight ran up to Yellow Ranger, who was still crouched on the ground.  The Rangers asked him if he was okay.  Yellow Ranger was alright, but he was very frustrated that they had not be able to help the people.  The Rangers went to Rootcore.  Chip was determined to help the people in the park.  Xander began scanning the city for dark magic.  Chip asked him how it was going and Xander replied that he hadn't be able to find any dark magic.  Chip then went to check on Madison.  Moments later, Koragg, through Nick, issued a challenge to Daggeron.  Daggeron left to battle Koragg in the Twilight Dimension.  Xander called his friends over, he had found dark magic.  The teens morphed and went to the location.  They soon found Gnatu and Spydex.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers battled Gnatu and Spydex.  At one point they had the sphere that contained the life forces, but lost it to Gnatu.  The Rangers chased after Gnatu and Spydex.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers caught up to Gnatu and Spydex.  Spydex was in the center of some very tall buildings.  Spydex had built a large spider web.  The Rangers made their way carefully across the large spider web.  Blue Ranger and Pink Ranger slipped off the web.  Green Ranger, using his Mystic Muscles, used one of the strands of the web as a vine.  He swung over to the two Rangers, grabbed them, and helped them land safely onto the pavement.  The three watched as Red Ranger was knocked off next, and then Yellow Ranger.  Spydex grew large.  The Rangers formed their Megazord, but they were soon defeated.  The Rangers were knocked out and demorphed.  Xander and his friends couldn't believe it.  Gnatu and Spydex still had the sphere of the life forces.  Xander and his friends got up.  Chip noticed a dark bottle close by.  Chip opened it and a dark form surrounded him and soon Chip was on the pavement, crying out in pain.  Xander, Madison, Vida, and Nick raced over to his side.  They could see that Chip was in a great deal of pain.  They lifted up his shirt and were stunned.  It looked like a dark vortex had taken over his stomach.  Necrolai arrived and told the teens it was a soul specter.  Chuckling, Necrolai told the Yellow Ranger goodbye before taking off.  Xander, Vida, Nick, and Madison managed to get Chip to the front of Rootcore.  Udonna hurried out.  Udonna was stunned when she realized Chip had a soul specter, and explained that it was eating Chip's soul.  Vida wanted to know what they could do to help him.  Daggeron walked towards them and told them the only thing that could help Chip was the Staff of Topaz.  Xander immediately wanted to know where the staff was.  Daggeron told them it was on top of Mount Isis.  Xander, Nick, Madison, and Vida were ready to leave immediately.  Daggeron told them they couldn't go.  The city was still under attack.  Daggeron told them that he would take Chip.  Udonna warned Daggeron that the journey was treacherous, but Daggeron was confident they could do it.  Green Ranger and the remaining Rangers returned to battle.  It was another difficult battle against Gnatu and Spydex.  At one point, the four Rangers were knocked down to the ground.  Red Ranger reminded them they were doing this for Chip.  Green Ranger and the rest found the strength to get back up and into battle.  The battle continued to be difficult, but help finally arrived.  Solaris Knight and Yellow Ranger had successfully returned from Mount Isis.  Solaris Knight grabbed the sphere and released the souls.  The Rangers destroyed Spydex.  Gnatu grew large.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers formed the Titan Megazord and calling the ancient spirits of the Titans, destroyed Gnatu.

Xander was at Rootcore with his friends.  Xander, Madison, Vida, and Nick were listening to one of Jenji's stories.  Xander, Vida, Nick, and Madison were very bored with Jenji's stories.  Only  Chip listened intently to every word that Jenji was saying.  Jenji:  There I stood.  Face to face with the dreaded pirate, Half Nose.  Despite having my paws tied, and being made to walk the plank...Chip:  You freed yourself.  And beat him with your sword.  Jenji:  I had no sword.  I was arm with only my cunning, my bravery, and a little trick I pick up in Katmandu.  I like to call it my super cat attack.  Nick:  Super cat attack?!  Clare hurried inside, carrying Fire Heart wrapped in a blanket.  Clare:  He roar!  Fire Heart just roared for the first time!  Xander and his friends, except Jenji, hurried over to Clare.  Jenji:  But I wasn't finished.  Xander and his friends didn't hear him.  Xander:  What did it sound like?  Was it loud and bellowing or rough and growly?  Clare:  Well it kinda sounded like grrrr.  Xander and his friends started to cooed over Fire Heart.  Clare:  And then he let out a little poof of smoke.  Xander and his friends laughed and cooed over the baby dragon.  They didn't pay any attention to Jenji.  Jenji:  Oh look, the dragon did this.  Oh look the dragon did that.  Dragons!  Later, Xander and is his friends were preparing Rock Porium to open.  Xander had just flipped the sign over to open, when Toby raced in very stressed.  Toby asked them if they remembered the big bat creature?  Toby told them it was back, along with a big blue monster.  Toby decided he was going to hid and ran for his office.  Xander and his friends hurried outside and soon located Necrolai and Screamer.  Screamer had the ability to turn people into feathers.  Xander and his friends were knocked off their feet when Necrolai, using dark magic, cast the spell.  Xander and his friends were surprised.  Xander and his friends morphed.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers battled Necrolai and Screamer.  Necrolai and Screamer retreated, but Necrolai promised they would be back.  Later, Xander and his friends were back at Rootcore.  They were very dejected, Fire Heart was missing.  Daggeron told them there was more bad news, Jenji had gone missing as well.  Chip thought maybe Jenji had gone looking for Fire Heart.  Daggeron told them no, Jenji had left a note stating he was not looking for Fire Heart.  Jenji was leaving because he felt like he had no friends.  Madison pointed out that they had been paying so much attention to Fire Heart, that they had forgotten about Jenji.  Daggeron told them this was not the first time this has happened to Jenji.  Daggeron told them how Jenji was banished from his own planet.  Chip couldn't believe it, who would banish Jenji, he was great.  Daggeron continued by telling them that Jenji was the most powerful and popular cat on his planet.  But a jealous king had a witch cast a spell on the village that made them think Jenji was evil and he was banished.  Solaris Knight had tried to stop Jenji from opening a treasure chest, knowing it was a trap.  Jenji ignored Solaris Knight's warning and opened the chest anyways.  Dark magic soon surrounded Jenji.  Acting quickly Solaris Knight trapped Jenji in a lamp.  Jenji was now a powerful genie, but he could only leave the lamp for short periods of time.  Daggeron finished the story by telling Xander and his friends if Jenji did not return to his lamp in two more hours, he would turn to dust.  Udonna came over with more bad news.  The crystal ball showed Necrolai was back in the city.  Xander, Vida, Chip, and Nick started to leave.  Madison told them she was going to look for Jenji, as he did not have much time left. Green Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Red Ranger, and Pink Ranger arrived in the city and started battling Necrolai and Screamer.  Screamer turned Red Ranger and Pink Ranger into feathers.  Green Ranger used his ax and Yellow Ranger his bow, but they were unable to destroy Screamer.  Screamer turned Green Ranger and Yellow Ranger into feathers as well.  Later, Green Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Pink Ranger, and Red Ranger were returned to normal, thanks to Blue Ranger and help from Jenji, they had destroyed Screamer, which broke the spell.  Necrolai, using magic, restore Screamer and made her much larger.  The Rangers were quick to form their Megazords, Titan Megazord and Solar Streak Megazord.  The Rangers and Jenji battled and destroyed Screamer.

Xander was inside Rootcore with Chip and Nick.  Udonna was there as well, working behind them.  They were playing a game of chess, using magic.  Xander:  This is the life.  Isn't magic grand?  Nick:  Yeah.  Except for all the fighting.  Xander grunted in response.  Nick:  There's got to be an easier way to defeat evil.  Chip:  Maybe we can eat our way to victory.  Got any pizza Udonna?  Udonna turned around and faced the guys.  Udonna:  You can go to town for that.  The guys laugh, why when there is an easier way.  They used magic to get some pizzas.  Udonna told them there was a time and place for magic and walked out, as they were not listening anyways.  Just before they started eating the pizza, they could Fire Heart roar just outside.  Xander grabbed a pizza and tossed it towards the tunnel leading out.  Moments later, Clare walked in with pepperoni stuck to her face.  Clare told the guys to give her a heads up next time.  Xander and his friends laughed and apologized.  Clare cleaned up her face and began dusting.  Nick suggested Clare use magic, it was a lot easier.  Clare told them maybe, but she got a great deal of satisfaction doing things the old fashion way.  Xander and his friends shrug, not understanding what Clare was telling them.  Daggeron hurried in and told the guys there was work to do.  Xander and his friends were not happy about fighting again.  Daggeron told Clare to let the girls know.  Xander and his friends hurried out and morphed.  The Power Rangers arrived in fields and soon encountered Warmax.  The Power Rangers and Warmax battled.  It was a difficult battle.  Yellow Ranger got hurt.  The Rangers wanted to use Jenji, but Solaris Knight refused.  Green Ranger was knocked aside.  Solaris Knight told the rest of the Rangers to Titan up, he was going after Green Ranger.  Green Titan and Solar Streak Megazord arrived and saw that the four remaining Titans had been knocked to the ground.  Red Titan and the three remaining Titans warned Green Titan that Warmax was very tough.  Green Titan gave a powerful blow, which destroyed Warmax.  The teens and Daggeron returned to Rootcore.  Chip was helped along by Xander, as he was still weak.  Udonna came over, worried when she saw that Chip was hurt.  Chip told her he was okay, just a little banged up.  Vida was upset and wanted to know why they had a powerful genie and never used him.  Madison added that it would make things easier.  Udonna didn't know what to say.  Daggeron told them Jenji was not the answer..  The crystal ball alerted them to more danger.  Daggeron told Chip to join them when he was feeling better.  Daggeron and the rest left Rootcore.  The Rangers were battling Shrieker.  It was another difficult battle for Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers.  They wanted to use Jenji, but Solaris Knight refused.  The Rangers were knocked to the ground by Shrieker.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers got up.  Necrolai arrived as well and she fired her magic at the Rangers, causing them to land on the ground once more. Yellow Ranger arrived. Yellow Ranger asked them if he had missed much, before tackling Shrieker.  Yellow Ranger and Shrieker battle.  Soon Yellow Ranger was up in the air, by the power of Shrieker.  Shrieker tossed Yellow Ranger through the air.  As Yellow Ranger went flying, he sent a lighting strike towards Shrieker.  The rest of the Rangers finished Shrieker with the power of one.  Yellow Ranger demorphed as he hit the ground.  The rest of the Rangers destroyed Shrieker and then came running to Chip's side.  As Chip got up, he asked them if they won.  Red Ranger replied that they had, but it would have been a lot easier if they had had Jenji.  That evening, Xander and his friends walked into the closed Rock Porium.  A table was stacked with party decorations and a note from Toby, stating he knew his employees would have his first anniversary party look perfect.  Xander and his friends were exhausted and the last thing they wanted to do was set up a party.  Vida suggested they use magic and took a vote.  Madison thought it was a little impersonal.  Xander, Vida, Chip, and Nick already had their hands up and Madison agreed.  Xander and his friends used magic to get things ready for Toby's party.  The following day, Xander and his friends were enjoying watching Toby dance among his customers.  The party looked great.  Chip wished every day could be like this.  Nick blew a party favor into Chip's face.  Everyone wanted Toby to give a speech.  Toby went up on stage and told the audience what a magical first year it had been for him.  Xander's and his friends' morphers went off.  Xander and his friends hurried out of the party.  They morphed and quickly ran onto a dock, where Fightoe was waiting.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers gave Fightoe a powerful blow, but it was blocked by 50 Below.  The battle continue and the Rangers were soon knocked to the ground.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers pleaded with Solaris Knight to use Jenji, they were exhausted.  Very reluctantly, Solaris Knight used Jenji's shining attack.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers watched stunned, as 50 Below knocked Jenji out of his attack and Fightoe captured Jenji.  50 Below then used a powerful ice blow to knock Solaris Knight into the water.  50 Below and Fightoe vanished in the dark seal, mocking the Rangers for how easy it had been.  Xander and the teens returned to Rootcore with the bad news.  They stood facing an angry Udonna, backed by Clare and Daggeron.  Xander and his friends explained that they had no choice, but to use Jenji.  Chip and Madison both wondered what Imperious would wish for.  Xander and everyone in Rootcore was worried.  Xander and his friends returned to Briarwood, via the tree in front of the Rock Porium.  Everyone had made it through, except Chip.  Chip called out to his friends that he was still stuck, his foot would not come through.  Xander, Vida, Madison, and Nick pulled on Chip until he was released.  They all landed in a pile on the ground and laughed.  As they got up, a strange wind came up and hit them.  Xander and his friends felt the wind to their bones.  Dark clouds began to cover the city.  Xander and his friends started to wonder what was going on.  Xander and his friends couldn't believe it when all the color faded away.

Xander and his friends could not stop staring around them.  Madison:  Oh no!  Nick:  The Rock Porium!  There was a man pushing a shopping cart.  Vida thought he looked familiar.  Vida:  Toby?  It was Toby and he walked towards the group, still pushing his shopping cart.  Toby:  Hey guys!  Xander and his friends smiled and stepped forward towards Toby.  Toby:  I was worried about everyone.  I thought that....Toby looked at Nick.  Toby:  Who's he?  Madison:  What?  Nick:  At least he's still got his sense of humor.  Xander and his friends laughed.  Toby still looked puzzled.  Toby:  No, seriously, who is he?  Vida:  Toby, what happen to Rock Porium?  What happen to all the color?  Toby:  Are you, are you trying to mess with me.  You don't remember how the darkness took over?  Four months ago.  Xander and his friends stepped back from Toby.  Nick:  Guys, something's happen.  The world as we know it has change.    Four months ago is when I first came to Briarwood and we became...you know who.  Toby:  Hey guys!  Do you hear?  I got music.  I still like to listen to it.  Even though it's been banned.  Chip:  Banned music?!  Toby, who banned it?  A Styxoid and several Hidiacs suddenly appeared out of a dark seal and headed straight towards Toby.  The Styxoid and several of the Hidiacs grabbed Toby.  Toby:  No!  The Styxoid took his miniature music box and crushed it in front of Toby.  Xander and his friends watched.  Nick:  Hey, they can't do that!  Toby was devastated.  Toby:  But I...Xander and his friends started moving towards Toby.  Nick:  Let's Ranger up. But they had no morphers.  The teens decided they needed to go to Rootcore to find out more.  Nick ran towards the tree they had just came through and hurt his head as he bounced right off the tree.  Xander, Madison, Vida, and Chip caught him as he fell.  The teens could no longer use the trees, so they took the long way to get to Rootcore.  Xander and his friends were stunned when they saw a destroyed Rootcore.  Madison covered her mouth with her hand at the sight of the destruction.  Vida stood protectively close to her sister.  Xander picked up the broken pieces of the Xenotome.  Xander and his friends wondered what had happened.  Udonna suddenly came towards them, brandishing a broom.  But it was not the normally elegant Udonna, but an Udonna covered in shawls and old clothing.   Udonna told the teens to leave her home.  Madison was surprised and asked Udonna if she did not recognized them.  They are the Power Rangers.  Udonna told them no.  Udonna told them that she had waited and waited, but no Power Rangers showed up, only darkness.  Xander and his friends smiled when Clare walked towards Udonna to ask her if she was okay.  The smiles did not last long as Clare did not recognize them either.  Clare even became alarmed when they knew her name.  The teens asked Clare if she could tell them what had happened to Briarwood, to Rootcore.  Clare was surprised they did not know, there is no more good magic.  Xander and his friends walked away, they had lost their powers, Rootcore, Jenji, and even Briarwood.  Suddenly, Koragg leaped down in front of them and threw his sword into the ground.  Xander and his friends got into a ready fight stance.  Koragg told them he wanted to talk.  Nick laughed and then lunged towards Koragg, with Koragg's sword.  Vida stood in front of Nick and stopped him, while Xander and Chip grabbed him from behind.  Madison told Nick it couldn't hurt to listen, they had no magic.  Nick reluctantly agreed.  Madison gave Koragg his sword back.  Koragg told them their world has changed from the one they knew.  Koragg asked them what was the last thing they remembered before the change.  The teens told them of their battled with Fightoe and 50 Below.  How Solaris Knight used Jenji and they captured him.  Koragg put what had happened together quickly.  Imperious had wished there had never been any Mystic Force Power Rangers.  Xander and his friends were stunned.  Koragg wanted to help them.  Nick was suspicious.  Koragg told them the way Fightoe and 50 Below had battled and won was without honor.  Nick laughed and told Koragg that he wanted dark magic to win, but only if it is done nicely.  Koragg stepped in front of Nick and told him that without honor, victory is hollow.  Koragg told them he knew of a way they could reverse the spell, by asking the Tribunal of Magic, in another dimension.  Xander told the group they already knew the outcome of Imperious' wish, what could it hurt to try.  The teens followed Koragg through the woods.  Koragg could not take them, he had no magic as well.  Koragg showed them who could take them, Fire Heart.  Xander and his friends were excited to see Fire Heart and raced over.  Fire Heart roared at them.  Xander and his friends stepped back.  Madison was dismayed, they had raised Fire Heart since he was an egg and he did not recognize them.  Koragg told them that was because they did not find the dragon egg, he did and raised Fire Heart.  Koragg gave Fire Heart a command and told them that Fire Heart would take them.  The teens clambered aboard Fire Heart and the dragon took off.  As they soared through the skies, Chip was thrilled with their adventure.  Suddenly, Fire Heart swerved.  Necrolai had fired at them.  Necrolai and Fire Heart battled, with the teens urging Fire Heart on.  Fire Heart gave a powerful roar that knocked Necrolai out of the sky and she felled to the ground below.  Fire Heart gave another roar and blasted a vortex opening for the teens.  Fire Heart and the teens went through.  They landed in a place with nothing but sand all around them.  Chip had a change of heart and decided he didn't like this adventure anymore and wanted to go back home.  Fire Heart took off flying and the teens were stuck.  Xander and his friends began to walk along, wondering if they were going in the right direction.  Suddenly a warrior appeared out of the sand.  Once more, Xander and his friends got into a fight ready stance.  Nick was ready to battle, but Xander stopped him.  Xander wanted to try reasoning first.  Xander introduced himself to the warrior, told him they had arrived on a dragon and was looking for the Tribunal of Magic.  The warrior told them they were heading in the right direction.  Xander and his friends were relieved and started to walk again, but the warrior stopped them.  The warrior told them before they could go any further, they had to go past him and the rest of the warriors who had failed to make it to the Tribunal of Magic.  On the horizon, several more warriors appeared.  Xander and his friends prepared themselves.  Xander and his friends battled the failed warriors.  It was a difficult battle and it took all they had, but Xander and his friends managed to defeat the failed warriors.  Only one warrior was left, the original one who had spoken to them.  The warrior told them they had done well and handed Nick a key.  The warrior then disintegrated into sand once more.  Xander and his friends walked once more, puzzling over the key.  They soon came across two doors, one white, one black, that went no where.  Madison took the key and opened the white door.  Inside they could see a restored Briarwood with Toby at the Rock Porium, overrun with customers.  Xander, Nick, Chip, and Vida were ready to go home.  Madison stopped them.  Madison told them that she knew this sounded odd, even more odd coming from her, but if this door lead to an easy way home, that maybe it was not the door for them.  Xander told her she was right, it was odd coming from her.  But Nick understood.  Nick told the group that they did not come all this way, to take the easy way out.  They needed to get the spell reverse.  The teens all agreed and Madison shut the door.  The door dissolved.  Xander and his friends were a little apprehensive over what the black door contained.  Chip opened the black door and it showed a vortex.  Xander asked them what would happen if things got worse.  Nick replied then things get worse.  One by one, Xander and his friends passed through the black door.  They arrived through a small pool of water.  Although none of them were wet.  There were white columns and temples throughout.  Xander and his friends stepped down and soon three figures, white, red, and black, draped in cloth, appeared before them.  The figures, the Tribunal of Magic, told them they were the first people to make it here in three centuries.  The black figure wanted them to leave immediately, but the other two were ready to listen to them.  Xander stepped forward and introduced himself.  The black figure told him they were not interested in a name.  Slightly abashed, Xander told Nick maybe he should take over.  Nick told them they were told the Tribunal of Magic could reverse a wish.  The Tribunal of Magic agree, it was in their power.  Nick told them of the battle they had.  How they were tired and had Solaris Knight used Jenji, and how Jenji was captured.  The Tribunal of Magic asked them whose fault it was.  Nick became angry and told them it was no one's fault, it was just something that happened.  The red figure reminded Nick that it would be wise not to raise his voice with them.  The Tribunal of Magic wanted to know if there was any magic left.  The teens told them only dark magic and the Tribunal of Magic was satisfied.  The teens were upset, dark magic was not the same was good magic.  The Tribunal of Magic agreed, but they were happy as long as there was magic.  The teens were ready to leave, when the white figure stopped them.  The white figure asked them what would they do if they had their magic back.  The teens gave several examples, they would fight evil, the color and music would be restore, they would have their dragon back, and Chip wanted his cape back.  The Tribunal of Magic asked them if they could have a few moments to confer.  Xander and his friends watched anxiously as the three figures talked amongst themselves.  The Tribunal of Magic then parted and assumed their original positions.  The Tribunal of Magic applauded their ability to get here, they stated a good argument.  Xander and his friends were happy, but the happiness did not last long.  The Tribunal of Magic denied their request.  Nick was furious and started to argue, but they were transfer back to Briarwood.  Xander and his friends were devastated.  Vida told them they had gone all that way and failed.  Xander could not believe it was over.  Xander and his friends could see several of the citizens of Briarwood being lead away, single file.  Xander and his friends were dejected.  A Styxoid, with several Hidiacs, walked up to them and began to push them around.  It was apparent they were suppose to join the line.  Sadly, Xander and his friends did so.

Xander and his friends walked through the streets of Briarwood.  Everywhere they saw dejected citizens being lead around by several Styxoids and Hidiacs.  Necrolai was there too.  Styxoid:  Keep going!  The people tried to keep pace.  Styxoid:  Move it!  Necrolai:  Any human who doesn't obey the law, will be taken to the mines.  You live only to serve us now.  Necrolai laughed.  Madison:  This is horrible.  Chip:  They've taken over the whole city.  And there's nothing we can do about it.  Necrolai:  The world belongs to the forces of darkness.  Xander:  We failed.  Toby slipped out of hiding spot.  Toby had found his music box and began to play it.  Toby made noises of contentment as the music played.  Xander and his friends watched Toby.  Quickly, Toby was surrounded by several Styxoids, Hidiacs, and Necrolai.  Necrolai:  You were told once.  Music is forbidden.  Toby:  But it's just a little music box.  Necrolai:  The law is the law!  Necrolai took the music box and crushed it.  Necrolai:  Seize him!  Two of the Hidiacs grabbed Toby.  No!  I'm sorry!  Xander:  If we had magic, they wouldn't get away with this!  Toby was still struggling to free himself.  Toby:  Help! Nick decided he didn't care if they had magic or not, he was not watching this any more.  Madison tried to stop him, but Nick ran towards Toby.  Nick started battling the Styxoids and Hidiacs.  Xander, Vida, Madison, and Chip soon ran into the battle as well.  Xander and his friends battled the Hidiacs and Styxoids.  Soon Xander and his friends were backed into a corner.  Madison asked Necrolai what she was going to do.  Necrolai told them she was going to destroy them.  Suddenly the sky returned to blue and the color returned to the rest of the world.  Xander and his friends were thrilled when their magic was returned as well.  The wish had been reversed.  Xander and his friends quickly morphed.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers battled Necrolai, the Hidiacs and Styxoids.  The Rangers soon defeated the Hidiacs and Styxoids.  Necrolai had retreated.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers were on their Mystic Riders when they found a large Fightoe in the city.  The Rangers battled Fightoe and managed to break his staff.  Fightoe reverted to his normal size.  The teens went to Rootcore.  Xander and everyone was happy to see each other.  Daggeron, Udonna, Clare, and Jenji were there as well.  Daggeron was impressed with them, going to see the Tribunal of Magic.  Daggeron couldn't believe Koragg had helped them.  Udonna warned them that the danger had not passed yet, two Barbarian Beasts still were out there.  Moments later, the crystal ball alerted them to this fact.  Xander and his friends morphed and headed out.  Soon Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers were facing down Fightoe and 50 Below.  Green Ranger, Pink Ranger, Blue Ranger, Red Ranger and Yellow Ranger battled Fightoe.  Solaris Knight tackled 50 Below.  Solaris Knight was quickly demorphed and Koragg arrived.  But Koragg wanted to battled the Barbarian Beasts.  The rest of the Rangers were soon knocked to the ground by Fightoe.  They realized, as they struggled to get up, they had taken the easy way and should have finished them when they first had the chance.  Having learned a valuable lesson, they received a valuable reward from the Tribunal of Magic.  Green Ranger, Blue Ranger, Red Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Pink Ranger were given legendary powers.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers quickly used their new powers on Fightoe and 50 Below.  After several blows, Fightoe decided he had enough and took off running.  50 Below grew very large.  Udonna contacted the Rangers and told them there was also a Megazord with their new powers.  The Rangers called forth the Mystic Firebird and Mystic Lion.  Their zord, Manticore Megazord, was formed.  The Rangers battled and destroyed 50 Below.  The Rangers were out of their zord when they saw Solar Streak Megazord fall from the nether dimension into the surface world.  Followed by a strange creature.  The Rangers quickly summoned their legend warrior powers and formed their Megazord once more.  The Rangers battled and destroyed the strange creature.  The teens were exuberant as they walked through the city.  They even had time to go to Toby's party.  Suddenly, Koragg appeared in front of them.  Koragg told them their alliance was no more.  Madison told him it didn't have to be this way.  Koragg told the teens he only serve the Master.  Nick told Koragg they got the point, but to remember they had more power than ever.  Koragg told them that would only make his victory sweeter and turned and walked away.  Xander and his friends quickly bake a cake and arrived in Rock Porium with it.  The cake was a mess, but Toby loved it.  Toby decided to make a wish.  Xander and his friends screamed no at Toby.

Xander arrived at the beach as the Rangers were battling Koragg.  Koragg was about to strike Red Ranger, when Xander had a vine stop the blow.  Koragg:  What?  Red Ranger used the distraction as an opportunity to strike at Koragg and then make a quick getaway.  Xander:  Am I late?  Koragg:  Arrg...the Green Ranger.  Yellow Ranger:  Hey!  Red Ranger thanked Xander for his help and the four Rangers went into Legend Warrior Mode.  The four Rangers battled Koragg and then regroup with Xander.  Xander quickly morphed into the Green Ranger and into Legend Warrior Mode.  The Rangers continued their battle with Koragg.  Koragg stepped thing up a notch by forming his Wolf Centaurs Megazord.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers quickly formed their Manticore Megazord.  The battle continued.  The Rangers were doing well, when suddenly their Megazord froze.  Imperious had arrived and cast a spell that planted a virus in the Megazord.  The Rangers were helpless as Koragg walk over.  The Rangers prepared themselves for the blow, but instead Koragg cast a spell that removed the virus.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers were surprised.  Imperious was furious and vanished.  Koragg vanished as well.  Xander went to the Rock Porium with his friends.  Madison, Vida, Chip, and Nick were painting a mural outside of Rock Porium.  Xander sat in the back of a jeep and looked at paint samples.  He had a cold.  Nick asked him if he was going to help and Xander told him he heard that paint fumes were bad for the cold.  Xander suggested they use Midnight Orange as he considered it a really beautiful color.  Later, Udonna contacted the teens and told them that Solaris Knight was in trouble.  The teens quickly morphed and arrived on the scene as Solaris Knight battled Koragg and Imperious.  Solaris Knight instructed Red Ranger to battle with him, while Green Ranger, Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Blue Ranger battle Koragg.  The two groups were formed and the battled continued.  Green Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Pink Ranger battled Koragg, but it was difficult.  They quickly went into Legend Warrior Mode.  Moments before, Imperious had retreated from Solaris Knight and Red Ranger.  As Green Ranger, Blue Ranger, Pink Ranger, and Yellow Ranger fired a powerful blast, Koragg had decided he had had enough and retreated as well.  The Rangers gathered together.  Solaris Knight told them the next time Udonna wants beetle's bane, he is sending Clare.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers laughed.  Xander and his friends returned to the Rock Porium.  Madison, Vida, Chip, and Nick were disappointed at how the mural had turned out.  Xander couldn't believe the mess they had painted.  Xander told them that Toby had wanted something to represent music and this was what they gave him.  Toby walked out and was speechless for a moment.  Toby asked them if they thought this mural would make people want to come into his store.  Xander shook his head no.  But Toby loved it and thought it would make people want to come in.  Xander quickly told Toby that it had been his idea, it had been difficult getting Vida, Chip, Nick, and Madison to see his vision, but he thought it worked.  Toby told them they should be proud.  Toby walk back into the store.  Xander was feeling rather pleased with himself, until he spotted his friends carrying buckets of paint towards him.  Xander pleaded with them to be cool, but it was useless.  Xander was soon drenched in paint.

Nick and Daggeron were bond battle training in the woods.  Xander, Vida, Chip, Madison, and Udonna were watching them.  Nick and Daggeron battle and soon Nick ended up on the ground.  Daggeron:  Sorry young warrior.  Next time I'll take it easy on you.  Nick:  Don't even think about it!  Nick leaped back up and the training continued.  Xander:  Why doesn't he use his laser now?  Udonna:  In bond battle training, only swords can be use, and no magic.  Daggeron is very skilled in this technique.  Nick and Daggeron could overhear their conversation.  Daggeron:  Because I was taught by the best.  Now Nick is going to be beat, I mean, taught by the best.  Nick:  I see that humility doesn't set in when one reaches, uh, middle age.  Daggeron:  Middle age?  Vida:  Ohhh.  Nick and Daggeron continue to train.  Vida:  Nick's got this one wrapped up.  Xander:  It's not over yet.  Nick and Daggeron continue to train.  Daggeron lost his sword to Nick.  Nick holds the sword for a moment and tosses it back to Daggeron.  Vida:  Ahh, you had him!  Don't give him his sword back!  Daggeron and Nick continue to train until Nick outmaneuver Daggeron and wins the match.  Xander, Chip, Madison and Vida cheer.  Daggeron was impressed.  Daggeron:  Good work Nick.  You did it fair and square, and you did it with honor.  Daggeron told them they had all improved.  Chip excitedly hope they would all be as good as Leanbow.  Udonna looked stricken.  Daggeron apologize.  Daggeron told Udonna that he had told Chip about her husband, Leanbow and had made Chip promise not to say anything.  Chip told her and he had until now.  Xander, Vida, Nick, and Madison had no idea what they were talking about.  Xander asked them if they would mind filling them in.  Daggeron told Udonna that Leanbow was a great man, a hero.  Udonna decided it was time for the teens to hear the story.  Xander and his friends went to the balcony on Rootcore.  Udonna and Daggeron told them their story.  Before the great war, Udonna and Leanbow lived in peace with their baby, Bowen.  Leanbow had been Daggeron's mentor.  The great war broke out.  Morticon and his troops proved to be too much for Leanbow and his warriors.  Leanbow had come up with a plan, much to against Niella's wishes.  Calindor had wanted to help as well.  Udonna knew that Bowen was in great danger.  Bowen was born of magical parents and had the power and potential to destroy the dark magic.  Bowen was given to Daggeron to take into hiding.  Daggeron raced through the woods until he was attacked by Calindor.  Calindor wanted the child, but Daggeron would not give him up.  Daggeron and Calindor battled, until their magic collided and they were both cursed.  Udonna and Daggeron later found out that Phineas had found Bowen and taken him to the surface.  Madison stated that Bowen was still alive, somewhere.  Udonna confirmed it.  The story continued.  Leanbow had gone behind the gates, instructing Niella to seal the gates.  Leanbow continued the battle alone.  Udonna finished the story by telling them that Niella and Leanbow had given their lives to keep them all safe.  The story had moved Xander and his friends.  They vowed that their sacrifice would not be in vain.  Nick clutched his head.  Koragg has issued another challenge.  Nick told his friends and they were all ready to go into battle.  Daggeron was ready to join as well.  Nick told him no, that Daggeron was to face Imperious alone.  Udonna feared it was a trap.  Xander and his friends did not care and left for battle.  Xander, Chip, Nick, Madison, and Vida morphed and soon found Koragg waiting for them.  Koragg wanted their Legend powers.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers were not going to give them up.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers went into Legend Warrior mode.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers battled Koragg.  At one point, during the battle, Koragg offered them a place beside the Master if they would give up their power.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers refused.  The battle continued.  The Rangers were doing well until a monster appeared out of a dark seal.  Chimera had been made by Imperious using a forbidden spell.  Chimera attacked the Rangers.  Koragg cast a spell that trapped the Rangers in a dark seal and they were pulled into the underworld.  Xander and his friends scrambled to their feet, but they were overcome by numerous Hidiacs and Styxoids.  Xander and his friends were held tightly as they struggled to get away.  Imperious told them he would have tidy up if he had known they were coming.  Leelee walked in.  Xander and his friends promised Leelee they would help her escape.  Leelee was glad, she was tired of this dreary place.  As Leelee complained, Necrolai walked up behind her and asked her daughter if she was complaining again.  Xander and his friends were stunned.  Leelee asked her mom if she could keep them when they were done.  Leelee commented they had things that zombies did not have, like souls.  Necrolai told Leelee that once their power was drained, she could keep the teens as pets.  Imperious cast a spell that started draining Xander's and his friends' powers.  Xander and his friends were in a great deal of pain.  Suddenly, Udonna leaped down into the pit and broke the draining process.  Xander and his friends were unable to move.  Imperious told Udonna the Master would be furious with her.  The Master attacked Udonna from behind.  Udonna was lifted up into the air by red, painful beams.  Udonna then was tossed to the ground, still covered in beams.  It was obvious Udonna was in a great deal of pain.  Xander and his friends were shocked when Koragg raced forward, raised his sword, and aimed for the Master.  There was a blinding light.  When it cleared, a man in ancient mystic armor stood before the Master's armor.  The ancient mystic armor vanished and a man stood there.  Xander and his friends had no idea who the man was.  Udonna looked up weakly and spoke the man's name in a question, Leanbow.

Xander and his friends watched as Udonna picked herself up and raced towards Leanbow.  Udonna:  Leanbow, could it really be you?!  Udonna and Leanbow hugged.  Leanbow:  I don't know how to explain.  But it's true.  I am alive.  Madison stepped over to her friends.  Madison:  This is unbelievable.  Nick:  No.  This is one of Koragg's tricks.  Imperious:  Leanbow survived, but not Solaris Knight.  Imperious got up.  Imperious:  Now to finish what I started!  Imperious cast a spell.  Leanbow blocked the spell which knocked Imperious off his feet once more.  Leanbow:  Uthe Zazare!  Leanbow, Udonna, Xander and his friends teleported out through a seal.  Xander and his friends arrived in another dimension.  Leanbow:  We'll be safe in this dimension for awhile.  Xander:  Okay, am I the only one confused by what's going on here?  Vida:  I'm a little mix up myself.  Chip:  Let me get this straight.  Leanbow was Koragg, and Koragg was Leanbow, and one of them, or both of them, just saved our lives.  Nick:  No, wait, wait.  This is the same guy who has been trying to toast us for months.  How can we trust it's really Leanbow?  Leanbow could understand their confusion and why they wouldn't trust him.  Udonna stepped forward and told her husband, that she trusted him.  Udonna had thought he was lost forever when Leanbow had gone beyond the gates.  Leanbow told them that was when his story really begins.  Leanbow told them how his plan was working and he was driving the Master down into the depths.  The Master cast one last spell at Leanbow, that transform him into Koragg, his most devoted servant.  As Koragg, Leanbow remembered nothing of his previous life.  Chip asked him if he remembered now.  Leanbow did and told them it must have been when he removed the virus from the Manticore.  Nick told Leanbow then he must remember all the times he tried to destroy them, even destroy his own wife.  Leanbow could nothing except apologize and hope they forgive him.  Udonna stepped forward, she had already forgiven him.  Udonna stumbled.  Xander and his friends caught Udonna.  Leanbow hurried over.  Udonna told Leanbow that she had used a spell from the Book of Dark Spells and she was now as vulnerable as a human.  Leanbow told her she shouldn't have.  The ground shook.  Imperious had found them.  Leanbow wanted to send Udonna back to Rootcore.  Udonna protested.  Leanbow told Udonna she was in no condition to fight.  Xander and his friends agreed.  Leanbow cast a spell that sent Udonna back to Rootcore.  Xander and his friends morphed to face Imperious, Necrolai, and Chimera.  Chimera attacked the Rangers.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers had a difficult time against Chimera.  The Rangers could do nothing for Leanbow, whom Necrolai grabbed and took away.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers continue their battle against Chimera.  The Rangers were knocked to the ground once more when Solaris Knight arrived on a unicorn.  Solaris Knight told them this was Brightstar and she could travel in any dimension and help them to form a zord.  Solaris Knight urged the Rangers to hurry and leave with Brightstar.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers did what Solaris Knight had instructed.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers were returned to their world.  Chimera quickly followed them.  Chimera was very large.  Red Ranger used Brightstar to form with his zord.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers formed their dragon zord.  The Rangers battled Chimera.  Chimera gave a powerful blow to the dragon zord.  Green Ranger, Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Blue Ranger were knocked out and demorphed on the ground.  Xander, Vida, Chip, and Madison could only watch as Red Ranger continue to battle against Chimera.  To complicate matters, Koragg had arrived in his wolf centaurs Megazord.  Red Ranger first battle and destroyed Chimera.  Red Ranger and Koragg then battle.  It was a powerful battle and both Red Ranger and Koragg were knocked out of their zords.  Red Ranger and Koragg continue to battle on ground.  At one point, Koragg had knocked Red Ranger's sword out of his hand.  Koragg refused to fight an unarmed opponent and told Red Ranger to pick up his sword.  Red Ranger did so.  Red Ranger was furious with Koragg and asked him why he never destroyed them, all those times when he could have.  Madison told her friends she knew why.  Xander did too, it was because there was still a small part of Leanbow inside of Koragg,.  A part of good.  Red Ranger and Koragg continue with their battle.  Koragg gave another powerful blow and Red Ranger demorphed.  Koragg stepped forward to deal the fatal blow.  Xander, Chip, Madison, and Vida ran towards them.  Udonna had arrived as well.  Udonna screamed at Koragg, calling him Leanbow, to stop.  Udonna ran up to Koragg and lowered his sword arm.  Udonna told Koragg that Nick was their child, Bowen.  Udonna told Nick it was true, she was his mother.  Nick had been here the whole time and she never knew.  Nick stood up, trying to take in this information.  Leanbow had broken the spell once more and was back to Leanbow.  Leanbow and Udonna smiled at Nick as they told him he was the most powerful wizard of them all.  Chip commented to his friends that he thought his family reunions were weird.  The moment was short lived as the Master had broken free.  Xander and his friends were ready to go into battle.  Leanbow cast a spell that stopped them from morphing.  Leanbow told them this was his battle to finish.  Leanbow donned his ancient mystic armor and battled the Master.  Xander and his friends screamed at Leanbow to stop, but he did not listen.  Xander and his friends watched as Leanbow and the Master went beneath the ground.  Moments passed and then their legend power was returned to them.  Udonna commented that Leanbow was gone.  Nick stepped forward and put his hand on his mom's shoulder, to comfort her.

Xander was working at Rock Porium.  Xander and Chip both noticed Madison looking sad at the counter.  Xander and Chip sat at the counter as well.  Xander:  What's up Maddy?  You've been quiet all day.  Madison:  It's nothing, I'm just...I guess I'm a little sad, that's all.  I know I'm a Power Ranger, but come!  Madison felt as if she didn't really contribute to the team, while the rest of them all play an important part.  Xander and Chip try to point out the things Madison had done, but she dismiss them all and walked away.  Xander and Chip congratulated themselves for making Madison feel better, even though that was not the case.  Xander and Chip got up and walked towards Vida.  Vida was concern for her sister as well.  Xander and Chip told Vida she would be okay.  Toby stopped them and asked them if they had seen his employees.  Xander, Chip, and Vida pointed out that they were standing right in front of him.  Toby told him no, the employees who only work for an hour and then take off, with no explanation.  Xander realized that Toby was being sarcastic.  Toby wanted an explanation.  Xander asked Vida to give one.  Vida was floored and looked to Chip.  Chip told Toby that they were the Power Rangers and they had to take off to fight evil.  Toby stare at them for a long minute and then told them they were playing a joke and walked away.  Xander and Vida both looked at Chip.  Chip told them the truth was always the hardest to believe.  Later, Xander and his friends were at Rootcore.  Clare and Daggeron were there as well.  They all wanted to know what the meeting was for and pestered Daggeron to tell them.  Daggeron had no idea either.  Udonna walked in and told each one of them what a great job they had been doing and how they had exceeded all of her expectations.  Nick realized that his mom was leaving.  Udonna told them yes, she was leaving.  Udonna knew that Leanbow was out there somewhere and she was going to find him.  Later, the teens were back at work at Rock Porium.  They had been working for about five hours when their morphers went off.  Xander and his friends quickly left the Rock Porium and took off for the city.  Xander and his friends looked around, there was nothing, yet the reading for evil had been off the chart.  The skies darkened and citizens ran in terror.  Ten large creatures appeared.  The Ten creatures told them they were the Ten Terrors and each one got an introduction.  The Ten Terrors were ready to punish Earth and destroy it unless the Light was given to them.  Xander and his friends had no idea what the Ten Terrors were talking about.  Xander and his friends morphed and quickly formed their Megazord.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers attacked one of the Ten Terrors, Black Lance.  Black Lance easily deflected their magic.  The Rangers were stunned.  Black Lance soon had the Rangers out of their zord and demorph.  As Xander and his friends scrambled back up, the Ten Terrors promised they would be back.  Later, Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers arrived in the city to help Solaris Knight battle Magma.  Despite their best efforts, the Rangers could not destroy Magma.  Instead, they were defeated.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers were knocked to the ground.  Magma no longer wanted to fight them, since they had lost their will to fight and left.  The teens were back at Rootcore.  Xander walked up to his friends and asked them if they had seen Clare.  His friends bit his head off.  Xander yelled back at them and they were soon all arguing.  Daggeron had had enough and told them so.  Daggeron told them they were acting like spoiled children.  They had lost and the only way they would recover is if they worked as a team.  The crystal ball alerted them to the fact that Magma had returned once more.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers faced down Magma.  It was another difficult battle.  Magma decided to make a game of it.  Magma had made a flame and told the Rangers if they defeat him before the flame goes out, they win, but if he defects them before the flame goes out he wins.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers were determined to destroy Magma.  Green Ranger and Red Ranger both used their magic staff, but could not destroy Magma.  Magma knocked the Rangers off their feet once more.  Blue Ranger got up, determine to destroy Magma, not only for them, but for the rest of the world.  Blue Ranger used a huge tidal wave and it knocked all the fire out of Magma.  The spell did not destroy him, simply reverted him back to his normal size.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers quickly formed their Megazord and the battle continue.  It was still a difficult battle.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers were stunned when a blow came to Magma from the remaining Ten Terrors.  As Magma crumbled, he explained to the Rangers that he had made the rules of the game and the rules of darkness had to be followed.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers could not believe that the Ten Terrors would destroy one of their own.  After the destruction of Magma, the teens walked through the park.  Xander, Vida, Chip, and Nick all had praise for Madison.  Madison was very proud as well and told them she was the team.  Xander, Chip, Nick, and Vida chased after Madison.  Later, Xander and his friends returned to Rock Porium and their work.  Toby was surprised to see them.  Toby told them he had enough of their disappearing and had decided to hire a new employee.  Xander and his friends were very surprised to see Leelee was Toby's new employee.  Nick protested, about to tell Toby that he couldn't hire Leelee because her mom was the Queen of Vampires.  Xander, Madison, Vida, and Chip quickly shushed Nick.  Instead, Nick welcomed Leelee to the team.  Toby was pleased and walked away.  Leelee walked up to Xander and his friends and told them if they keep her secret, she will keep theirs.  Leelee then left to work.  Xander and his friends knew Leelee had them and there was not much they could do about it.

Xander was strumming his guitar inside Rock Porium while Nick struggled to bring some boxes in.  Xander:  Need any help there chief?  Nick:  Not anymore.  Thanks for asking.  Xander:  Just doing my part.  Vida walked out of Toby's office and walked towards Nick.  Vida:  Ahhh, hey Nick.  Ahhh, Toby wants to see you in his office.  He seems really mad.  His eye is doing the twitchy thing again.  Nick groaned and cautiously headed inside Toby's office.  Xander got up and followed Nick, along with Vida, Madison, Chip, and Leelee.  Toby presented Nick with Rock Porium's first Employee of the Month award.  Nick was thrilled.  Nick told them it wouldn't have been possible without the help of his friends and co-workers, current hires excluded.  Xander, Madison, Chip, and Vida all applauded for Nick.  Xander, Vida, and Chip walked out of the office and went back to work.  Later, Leelee was moving some boxes around.  Xander, Madison, Vida, Chip, and Nick stood together and began to ask Leelee's questions.  Xander and his friends wanted to know if Leelee was working here to kidnap Toby.  Leelee told them no.  Leelee told them she just wanted to be normal, like everyone else.  Xander and his friends did not believe her.  Xander's and his friends' morphers went off.  Nick told Leelee it was probably her mom.  As they left, each one had a message for Leelee.  Vida told Leelee to help a customer, Madison to clean the kitchen, Chip to take out the trash.  Xander apologize to Leelee for not being able to supervise her, before taking off with his friends.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers faced down Oculous.  Oculous told them he would make it easy on them.  If they turn in the Red Ranger, Oculous would let the rest of the them go.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers refused.  Oculous also set up a game.  Oculous told them if he captured all of them before sunset, he wins.  Oculous fired at the Rangers.  After the first strike, Oculous had vanished.  More lasers came out of a building.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers quickly put up a shield.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers were very surprised when Red Ranger got hit in the leg, in the opposite direction.  Green Ranger, Blue Ranger, Pink Ranger, and Yellow Ranger quickly circle the fallen Red Ranger to protect him from Oculous.  The Rangers knew they had to get away.  The Rangers started to run.  Red Ranger tripped.  Green Ranger helped Red Ranger to his feet.  As his back was turned, Green Ranger was demolculerize.  Later, Xander, Vida, Chip, and Madison were remolculerized in the woods.  Xander and his friends called out to Nick, who had been searching for them.  Nick had destroyed Oculous which allowed his friends to remolculerize.  Xander and his friends return to Rock Porium.  Despite themselves, Xander and his friends were surprised by Leelee's hard work.  Rock Porium looked great.  Toby walked up and told them he was giving the Employee of the Month award to Leelee.  Toby told Xander and his friends they could learn a lot from Leelee's example.  Toby walked away.  Leelee proudly held the trophy and told Xander and his friends, that it looks like she is here to stay.

Xander was working at the register of Rock Porium with Madison.  Leelee walked up to them.  Leelee:  You guys need a soda break?  I'll take the register for while.  Madison:  No thanks.  We got this.  Xander:  Yeah, we don't need your help.  Leelee's smile slipped a little and she walked away.  Xander and Madison didn't really pay much attention.  Xander and Madison were enjoying the music.  Madison:  Vida is in a groove today.  Xander:  Uh, uh, check it out.  Looks like there's a new DJ in town.  Nick was DJing.  Madison:  Vida is going to freak when she sees him.  Moments later, the door slammed open and Vida was standing there.  Madison and Xander watched as Vida stormed up to the small stage.  Vida:  Hey!  Very quickly, Vida and Nick started arguing.  Madison walked up to the stage and tried to get the two to stop fighting, but she couldn't.  Eventually Toby had enough and told the bickering pair to take it outside as they were giving the place a bad vibe.  Nick and Vida left.  Madison mischievously decided to try on the headphones herself.  Later, the teens walked into Rootcore.  Vida and Nick were still angry with each other.  Xander, Chip, and Madison try to get information from them about the attack they had from Hekatoid.  Madison thought it was gross that they had been slimed with frog juice, but that was all that happened.  Vida and Nick started arguing again and Madison, once more, tried to get them to stop.  Madison reminded them with Udonna gone, they needed to work together.  But Vida and Nick were not listening.  The crystal ball alerted the teens to trouble in Briarwood.  The teens raced into the city.  They saw the Solar Streak Megazord get knocked down by a giant Serpentina.  The teens decided it was time to morph.  Except Vida and Nick could not morph.  The Rangers didn't have time to figure out why Nick and Vida couldn't morph, they had to help Solaris Knight.  Green Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Blue Ranger went into Titan Mode and joined the battle against Serpentina.   Green Titan, Blue Titan, and Yellow Titan also had a difficult time against Serpentina.  Suddenly, Serpentina lost her balance and fell.  Serpentina went to a smaller size and went after Nick and Vida.  Solaris Knight stopped her attack.  Green Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Blue Ranger joined them on the ground.  The battle continue.  Solaris Knight sent Jenji out with his shining attack.  Serpentina knocked Jenji out of his attack.  Serpentina set several snakes on Jenji.  One snake got onto to Jenji.  Jenji freaked out and tried to shake it off.  Jenji returned to his lamp and popped his head out.  Serpentina activated her shield and Jenji turned to stone.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers were stunned.  Blue Ranger told Jenji she knew exactly how he felt.  Serpentina informed them that she planned to set her snakes all over the world, they would bite people, and when she activated her shield, they would all turn to stone.  The Rangers were outrage.  Serpentina told them if they wanted to continue the battle they had to follow her into the serpent dimension.  Serpentina vanished.  Solaris Knight told Green Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Yellow Ranger they were going into the serpent dimension.  Vida and Nick asked what about them.  Solaris Knight told them the city needed to be protected.  Green Ranger, Solaris Knight, Yellow Ranger, and Blue Ranger took off.  They traveled to the serpent dimension in Solaris Knight's train.  They arrived in another creepy dimension.  Solaris Knight suggested they go into two teams.  Green Ranger and Blue Ranger in one group and Solaris Knight and Yellow Ranger in the other.  Everyone agreed.  Green Ranger and Blue Ranger set off.  The place gave Blue Ranger the creeps.  Suddenly several snakes fell on them and elsewhere.  Green Ranger and Blue Ranger tried to shake them off.  They were caught unaware of Serpentina, as a giant snake, heading towards them, until it was too late.  Green Ranger and Blue Ranger were swallowed by Serpentina.  Later, Yellow Ranger and Solaris Knight would also be swallowed.  Eventually Red Dragon Fire Ranger would cause Serpentina to spit out all four Rangers.  Green Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Solaris Knight joined Red Ranger and Pink Ranger.  The battle with Serpentina continued.  Serpentina grew back to her giant size.  Serpentina covered the city with numerous snakes.  The Rangers quickly formed their Megazords.  Solar Streak Megazord gave Serpentina a furnace blast which caused her shield to be destroyed, and all the snakes vanished.  Serpentina turned, once more, into a giant snake and went after the Manticore zord.  Pink Ranger used her wind power and Serpentina was destroyed.  As Serpentina was being destroyed, she vowed that Megahorn would take revenge.

Xander and his friends morphers went off.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers quickly formed their Manticore Megazord and Solaris Knight his Solar Streak Megazord.  The Rangers were in the city facing off a giant Megahorn.  Megahorn:  Out of my way!  Solaris Knight:  Megahorn!  I couldn't make a dent in that armor of his late time.  Green Ranger:  Daggeron couldn't beat him!  The Rangers didn't know what they were going to do.  Red Ranger told them they were going to fight.  The Rangers began battling Megahorn, although Solaris Knight urged caution and didn't battle Megahorn.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers were knocked out of the zord formation and landed on the ground.  Megahorn flew over them.  Red Ranger suggested they fight dragon with dragon.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers agreed.  Green Ranger, Blue Ranger, Pink Ranger, and Yellow Ranger formed the dragon zord, while Red Ranger, in Titan mode, rode on the dragon zord.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers continue their battle with Megahorn.  Solaris Knight was still urging the Rangers to not rush into anything.  Red Ranger was knocked out and landed on the ground demorphed.  Solaris Knight demorphed and ran to his aid.  Green Ranger, Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Blue Ranger continue their battled, but they were soon knocked out as well and landed on the ground demorph.  Nick and Daggeron race over to their side.  Megahorn had reduced his size and came walking towards them, ready to destroy them.  Megahorn was blasted off his feet by the Snow Prince.  Chip knew the Snow Prince was an ancient mystic mentor and filled Xander, Madison, and Vida.  Nick had already met the Snow Prince earlier.  The Snow Prince told Daggeron that he had disappointed him.  Xander and his friends watched as the Snow Prince battled Megahorn.  Initially the Snow Prince did well against Megahorn, but being out of his dimension had weaken him.  The Snow Prince cast a spell that transported Megahorn to his snow realm.  The Snow Prince turn to Xander and his friends and asked them if they would join him in battle.  Xander gave an eager yes and Xander, Vida, Chip, and Madison raced through the seal.  Moments later, the Snow Prince and Red Ranger joined them.  Daggeron had not been permitted to come.  The Snow Prince continued his battle with Megahorn and Megahorn continue to be a challenge.  The Snow Prince suggested they combine their powers.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers joined their magic with the Snow Prince and blasted Megahorn.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers were stunned when it was not enough.  Megahorn was bored in this dimension and managed to break free to the surface world.  Green Ranger, the rest of the Rangers, and the Snow Prince also tumbled into the surface world.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers continue their battle with Megahorn, but it was difficult.  Daggeron arrived on his magic carpet and blasted Megahorn.  Daggeron landed by the Rangers.  The Snow Prince ran up to Daggeron and asked him if he dare to disobey a direct order from an ancient mystic.  Daggeron told him yes, sometimes you have to go with your gut.  Daggeron had learn his lesson.  The Snow Prince told Daggeron to teach Megahorn a lesson.  Daggeron morphed into Solaris Knight.  Green Ranger, the rest of the Rangers, and the Snow Prince watched as Solaris Knight battle Megahorn.  Solaris Knight was doing well.  Solaris Knight then went into ancient mystic mode and blasted Megahorn hard.  The Snow Prince told Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers that Solaris Knight had learned well and it was time for him to return to his realm.  The Snow Prince wished them well and vanished.  Megahorn grew to a large size once more.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers formed their zords and continue with the battle.  They were doing well until a giant Black Lance arrived.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers battled Megahorn and Black Lance.  Suddenly, Leanbow, in Koragg's armor and in centaur form arrived.  The Rangers were stunned that Leanbow was still alive.  Leanbow battled Black Lance while the Rangers battled Megahorn.  Leanbow went into Wolf Centaurs Megazord and captured Black Lance.  Leanbow captured Black Lance and dragged him through a spell seal.  Leanbow told the Rangers to keep up the fight and he was proud of them before vanishing.  Solaris Knight had managed to capture Megahorn and exposed his weak spot to the Rangers.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers blasted Megahorn and Megahorn was destroyed.

Xander was working behind the cast register when Toby jogged in.  Xander:  Top of the morning Toby!  Toby:  Oh, and what a fine morning it is.  The sun is shining.  The birds are chirping.  Toby stopped jogging and did several pushups before getting up on his feet again and jogging in place.  Xander, Chip, Madison, and Vida all crowded around Toby.  Xander asked Toby where all his new found energy was coming from.  Toby told them how he was roller blading on his way home, eating a jelly doughnut, when he became out of breath and couldn't even jump the curb.  Toby decided his new plan was diet and exercise.  Toby felt like a machine.  Toby entered his office as Xander and his friends laughed.  Nick walked up and asked them what was up with Toby.  Chip replied that Toby is a machine.  Xander and his friends laughed some more.  Leelee excitedly came up and told them she had a new idea.  Leelee wanted to offer yoga classes in the morning at Rock Porium.  Xander, Chip, and Vida drifted away.  Leelee continued with her idea until Nick stopped her.  Nick told Leelee that they didn't trust her and she couldn't change who she is.  Nick walked away.  It was very apparent that Leelee had been hurt by Nick's words.  Leelee walked away.  Xander, Madison, Vida, and Chip felt bad.  Later, they gathered around Nick and Nick asked them what was up.  Madison asked Nick if he didn't think he was being hard on Leelee.  Nick looked surprised.  Xander added that he didn't like Leelee either, but he didn't like to see anyone be crushed.  Nick told them that although Leelee looks cute, they can't fall for it.  Nick pointed out how Leelee's mom almost turned Vida into a vampire, and listed other events as well.  Xander, Vida, Chip, and Madison reluctantly agreed.  Xander's and his friends' morphers went off.  It was Daggeron.  Daggeron told them Udonna had been captured by the giant toad that was now attacking the city.  Xander and his friends hurried out of the store and morphed.  They quickly formed the Manticore Megazord.  Solar Streak Megazord was already there, battling Hekatoid.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers joined in the battle.  It was a difficult battle.  Suddenly, Hekatoid reduce his size.  The Rangers quickly followed suit.  Hekatoid told the Rangers how he had planted poisonous tadpoles into the clouds.  When Hekatoid released the tadpoles, the city would be destroyed.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers continued their battle with Hekatoid.  Hekatoid blew his trumpet and Green Ranger, Blue Ranger, Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Red Ranger were transported to another dimension.  A giant Hekatoid soon followed.  The Rangers demanded that Hekatoid release Udonna.  Hekatoid told them they had to play his game first.  Hekatoid summon several Hidiacs and Styxoids.  Hekatoid told Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers they had to destroy the Hidiacs and Styxoids within the time frame set on the clock.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers immediately began battling the Hidiacs and Styxoids.  The Rangers were doing well.  Hekatoid cast a spell that made it impossible to move for Green Ranger, Blue Ranger, Pink Ranger, and Yellow Ranger.  It was up to Red Ranger.  Red Ranger called on Fire Heart and became Red Dragon Fire Ranger.  Red Dragon Fire Ranger destroyed the remaining Hidiacs and Styxoids.  The destruction of the Hidiacs and Styxoids broke the spell and Green Ranger, Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Blue Ranger were able to move again.  Once more, the Rangers demanded that Hekatoid take them to Udonna.  Hekatoid told them they had another game to play against more formidable opponents.  Hekatoid transported the Rangers to another dimension.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers faced themselves as evil Power Rangers.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers battled the evil Rangers.  The evil Rangers turned Green Ranger, Pink Ranger, and Red Ranger into dice.  When Green Ranger, Red Ranger, and Pink Ranger were back to normal, they were inside Hekatoid's chamber in the inner sanctum.  Hekatoid told them he was going to add them to his collection.  The Rangers demanded to see Udonna.  Hekatoid revealed Udonna to them.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers were stunned to see Udonna captured, covered in vines, and unconscious.  Another battled broke out between the Rangers and Hekatoid.  The Rangers formed the Manticore Megazord once more and battled Hekatoid.  Hekatoid appeared defeated.  Carefully the Rangers took Udonna.  Suddenly, a giant tongue grabbed Udonna.  It was Hekatoid, who had Udonna once more.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers couldn't believe it.  Hekatoid blew lethal slime at them and then managed to get away.  The Rangers, still in their Manticore Megazord, tried to follow Hekatoid.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers were trying hard to get into the opening Hekatoid had made.

The Manticore Megazord made it through the opening.  They were back outside in Briarwood.  The Rangers looked around, but there was no sign of Hekatoid.  Yellow Ranger:  Hey!  Where did he go?!  Hekatoid suddenly leaped up out of the water.  Hekatoid blasted the Megazord and knocked it down.  Hekatoid laughed.  Hekatoid:  I have Udonna!  I have Udonna!  The Megazord got back up and the Rangers continue with their battle with Hekatoid.  This time the Megazord knocked Hekatoid down.  Yellow Ranger:  Let go!  The Rangers tried to free Udonna from his grasp.  Yellow Ranger:  Come on!  Hekatoid:  I won't give her up!  She's my prize!  Suddenly, the small vine covered container with Udonna inside went flying.  Yellow Ranger:  No!  The Manticore Megazord went leaping after Udonna, trying to catch her.  Before they could, Hekatoid shot out some black slime, and Udonna vanished.  All the Rangers:  No!  The Megazord landed hard on the ground.  Hekatoid laughed.  Hekatoid:  I got her back!  Hekatoid laughed some more.  Hekatoid:  And I'll also take something else.  Hekatoid cast a spell.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers cried out in pain.  Suddenly the zord formation broke apart and the Rangers fell to the ground and demorph.  Xander and his friends got up.  Nick was very frustrated.  Nick:  I can't believe we let him get away with her.  Vida:  Nick, as long as we're still breathing, we're not stopping.  Chip:  Even if I stop breathing...I'm not stopping.  Nick:  Thanks guys.  Madison:  Not a problem.  Xander:  Alright, let's Ranger up.  Nick:  Ready!  All:  Magical Source!  Mystic Force!  Xander and his friends did not morph.  Xander and his friends couldn't believe it.  Their powers had been taken once more.  They decided to search for Leelee.  Madison, Chip, and Vida went in one group while Xander and Nick went in another.  Xander and Nick headed for Rock Porium.  They were surprised that the store was locked.  There was a note from Toby that stated all his employees were gone and that he had gone blading.  Toby would be back in thirty minutes.  Nick unlock the front door and they entered.  Nick checked Toby's office, while Xander searched the back end of the store.  But no sign of Leelee.  Nick was really angry as Xander assured him they would find Leelee.  Nick yelled that he just didn't get it.  None of them did.  For a very long time, he never knew who his real family was.  Now that he finally has, they were all taken away.  Xander told him he knew how he felt.  Nick didn't believe that and told Xander he was Mr. Personality, surrounded by people.  Xander told Nick that wasn't always the case.  When Xander had first moved to America, he had no friends.  Xander was the kid with the silly accent, chosen last for teams and teased mercilessly.  But Xander found his place.  Xander perfectly understood loneliness and leaving your friends behind.  Xander told Nick it takes time to find your place, but he was not alone.  Xander stated they were his friends, his family, his mates.  Nick realized Xander was right and told him so.  Xander replied that of course he was right.  Nick laughed.  Xander told Nick they would find Udonna.  Nick asked him how, to which Xander didn't have an answer.  Later, Madison, Vida, and Chip entered the store, they had no luck in finding Leelee.  They were all feeling dejected when Toby briskly walk in.  Toby noticed their long faces and asked them what was wrong.  Toby told them they could tell him.  Toby knew something was up as they were always racing out the door.  Xander and his friends looked at each other and then decided to tell Toby the truth.  Nick told Toby the reason they were always racing out the door was because they were the Power Rangers, and they had to fight evil.  Toby looked at them and told them they had already told him that one.  Xander and his friends insisted they were the Power Rangers.  Toby asked them to morph, if they were the Power Rangers.  Unfortunately, Xander and his friends couldn't do that.  They explain an overweight, sloppy toad had taken their powers.  Toby told them the Power Rangers were too healthy to be outwitted by a toad.  If the toad made one move, they would leap into another, quickly out pacing the toad.  Xander and his friends listened as Toby continued and gave a physical demonstration.  Xander and his friends realized Toby was right.  Xander and his friends raced outside.  Xander and his friends arrived just as Hekatoid had knocked Solaris Knight out of his Solar Streak Megazord and had demorph.  Xander and his friends ran towards Hekatoid.  Hekatoid fired at them, and one hand held the jar that contained their powers.  Xander and his friends followed Toby's advice and split up and went into all different directions.  Hekatoid had a hard time keeping up with them and told them to stay still.  Hekatoid started to get tired.  Nick raced towards Hekatoid.  Nick leaped up and knocked the jar out of Hekatoid hand.  Nick caught the jar.  Xander, Chip, Vida, and Madison ran towards Nick.  Nick opened the jar and their power was returned to them.  Hekatoid told them they were too late and he released the poisonous frogs from the clouds.  Suddenly, the frogs froze.  Xander and his friends were thrilled, the White Ranger had arrived.  Xander and his friends raced over to the White Ranger.  They were very happy to see that she was okay.  Especially Nick.  White Ranger was ready to battle.  So were Xander and his friends.  Xander and his friends morphed.  Daggeron watched as Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers battled Hekatoid.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers worked together and destroyed Hekatoid.  Xander and his friends returned to the woods, just outside of Rootcore.  Everyone was happy to see each other.  Fire Heart, Jenji, and Clare were there.  Also Phineas and Leelee, although they stood just outside the gathering.  Nick told his mom he didn't think he was ever going to see her again.  Udonna told Nick that everything happens for a reason, even if they don't know what that reason is.  Nick and Udonna hugged.  Nick noticed Leelee and asked what she was doing here.  Udonna told Nick that Leelee had helped rescue her, she was trustworthy and one of us.  Leelee noticed the look on Nick's face and told him it was okay, she understood.  Nick told Leelee to come here, they couldn't have a group hug without everyone.  Xander, Chip, Vida, Madison, Nick, Jenji, Clare, Leelee, and Phineas formed a happy group hug.

Xander was inside Rock Porium, sitting with his friends.  Toby was standing in front of them.  Leelee was there as well, standing just behind Toby.  Toby:  So, you guys really are the Power Rangers.  Xander and his friends nodded.  Toby:  Okay, Nick is the Red Ranger.  Nick:  Right.  Toby:  And Xander is green.  Madison blue.  Chip yellow.  And Vida is pink.  Vida almost rolled her eyes.  Toby:  Okay, so Nick is also the son of Udonna, the White Ranger.  And Leanbow, a powerful wizard who is also Koragg.  The guy that's been trying to trash the city.  But he's really a good guy.  It's just that nobody knows that happen to him.  Madison:  I'm impressed Toby, that's quite...Toby:  I haven't finished.  Now, Nick is also the Light.  The power to stop evil from taking over.  But the bad guys are looking for the Light.  So that they can destroy him and then destroy the world.  Chip:  Exactly!  Toby:  Silence!  Toby walk towards Leelee.  Toby:  Now Leelee's mom is the Queen of the Vampires.  Who really did carry me off, so I guess I can stop seeking professional help now.  Xander and his friends, including Leelee laughed.  Leelee:  Sorry about that.  Toby:  And, and, and now the Ten Terrors are here.  Trying to call forth the head honcho himself.  You know, the Master of all evil.  And you know what that means?  Screaming came from outside the store.  Toby:  It means that you guys won't be working your regular hours for awhile.  Xander and his friends were amused by how much Toby had put together.  Xander, his friends, Toby, and Leelee glanced at the door as it opened.  It was Phineas.  Leelee hurried over.  Phineas gave Leelee a bouquet of onions.  Leelee was touch and thought Phineas was so sweet.  Xander and his friends were very amused by Phineas and Leelee, happy for them as well.  Leelee and Phineas walked arm in arm up to Xander and his friends.  Leelee told everyone that Phineas was her new boyfriend.  Toby was a little confused.  Toby hadn't figured out that Leelee was dating Xander's uncle from the old country.  The comment left Leelee a little puzzled.  Later, Xander and his friends helped Phineas get ready for his first day on the job.  Phineas was now an employee of Rock Porium.  Phineas went and opened the door for business.  Once the customers outside got a look at Phineas, they ran off screaming in terror.  Xander and his friends knew this was going to be a problem.  Suddenly the store went dark.  It was time for Xander and his friends to leave.  They raced out the door.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers were in their zord, the Solar Streak Megazord was in the city as well.  They were facing a giant Matoomba.  Matoomba was gathering all the electricity from the city, and then have it return to destroy the world.  Matoomba was very powerful and knock all of the Rangers out of their zord and onto the ground.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers got up from the ground.  Matoomba told them to leave him be and no one would get hurt.  Pink Ranger considered his words, but Red Ranger was convince Matoomba was lying.  How can you destroy the city and not hurt people.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers went searching for Matoomba.  Later, Green Ranger spotted Vida with Matoomba.  Green Ranger began firing at Matoomba.  He raced up to them, and Pink Ranger told him to stop.  Green Ranger couldn't understand why Vida hadn't morphed yet.  Vida implored Green Ranger to stop.  Green Ranger reluctantly demorph, against his better judgment.  Matoomba told them he was here to conquer the world.  Xander pointed this out to Vida.  Vida explain to Matoomba that if he conquer the world then he would hurt her, the young man, and the rest of the world.  Matoomba insisted he needed to conquer the world.  Vida decided to challenge him.  Vida told him if he must conquer the world, then start with her.  Xander became alarmed, but Vida insisted she knew what she was doing.  Matoomba's weapon was pointed at her, but he did nothing.  The electric ball he had created early, came flying through the air.  Vida warned Matoomba again this was not something he wanted to do.  Matoomba destroyed the electric ball.  Vida was elated and told Xander she knew Matoomba couldn't do it.  Xander was just relieved.  Matoomba was struck once more by lasers and went tumbling down the hill.  Xander and Vida raced over to where Matoomba landed.  Gekkor had fired at Matoomba.  Itassis was with Gekkor.  Itassis and Gekkor told Matoomba that the Master had selected him to be his vessel.  Matoomba told them he no longer worked for the Master.  Gekkor and Matoomba began to battle.  Vida was alarmed to see her new friend in battle.  Xander and Vida quickly morphed.  Pink Ranger told Green Ranger they needed to help Matoomba and raced into battle.  Pink Ranger even took a hit, in order to protect Matoomba.  Pink Ranger was soon thrown from the battle.  The rest of the Rangers had arrived to help.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers battled Gekkor, but it was not enough.  Pink Ranger needed to do something.  Pink Ranger grabbed Solaris Knight's morpher and summon the train.  Pink Ranger grabbed Jenji, helped Matoomba to his feet and they raced into the train and took off.  Red Ranger told them he couldn't what Vida had just done.  Yellow Ranger commented that he was no longer surprised by what Vida did.  Itassis approached them and told them they may be surprise to learn she could help them.  Xander, Madison, Chip, Nick, and Daggeron were in the woods with Itassis.  Itassis told them that Pink Ranger and Matoomba were headed for the Dawn Dimension and the Sleeping Lake.  If Matoomba made it to the Sleeping Lake, the Master would be unable to rise.  Itassis told them you would send them there if they could answer one question.  Chip questioned whether Itassis would really help them after they answer her question.  Itassis told them, as a goodwill gesture, she would send one of them now and the rest after her question was answered.  Nick, Daggeron, Madison, and Chip all volunteered to go.  Itassis choose Xander and cast a spell that sent Xander to the Dawn Dimension.  Moments later, Xander was running towards Vida and Matoomba.  A more unpleasant surprise was that Gekkor had found them. Xander and Vida morphed into Legend Warrior mode.  Green Ranger and Pink Ranger battled Gekkor while trying to protect Matoomba.  Matoomba took a hit meant for the Green Ranger.  Green Ranger couldn't believe it.  Green Ranger really wanted to defeat Gekkor, but despite his best efforts he couldn't.  Pink Ranger cast a spell that made them vanish in a cloud of dust.  Xander, Vida, and Matoomba came up with a plan.  Vida disguised herself as Matoomba.  Green Ranger and "Matoomba" walked along until Gekkor spotted them.  They started running and jump off a ledge.  Gekkor was waiting for them.  Gekkor was pleased until he spotted some pink on "Matoomba".  Gekkor realized that they had tricked him.  Gekkor fired at "Matoomba".  Vida's disguised came off.  Pink Ranger didn't care.  Green Ranger mocked Gekkor, telling him while he chase after them, Matoomba was able to reach the lake.  Gekkor became furious.  Green Ranger and Pink Ranger battled Gekkor.  The rest of the Rangers soon arrived, courtesy of Itassis.  The Rangers continued with their battle against Gekkor.  Gekkor gave them a powerful blow and was confident that he had destroyed the Rangers.  Gekkor was stunned to see Leanbow had absorbed the blast.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers got to their feet, thrilled to see that Leanbow was okay.  Leanbow told Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers they had done well, and complimented his son as well.  Leanbow told them he would take over now.  Leanbow morphed into the Wolf Warrior.  Wolf Warrior told them that Udonna's good magic had save him.  Wolf Warrior and Gekkor battled.  Wolf Warrior destroyed Gekkor.  The Rangers demorphed and everyone was happy, except Vida.  Xander noticed and told her she should be happy.  Vida told him she was, she was just going to miss Matoomba.  Xander told her he was going to miss him too.  Suddenly the skies darken and a giant Matoomba appeared on the horizon.  Xander placed a arm around Vida protectively as Vida stared horrified at the scene taking place.  Large tentacles burst out of Matoomba's body and soon his body dissolved to reveal the Master.  The Master had returned.  The Master gave Daggeron a vision of the future, Solaris Knight being destroyed.  The Master told Xander and his friends that they would fall one by one, and then their world would be destroyed.  The Master flew away.  Xander and his friends were stunned.  Nick commented that this was bad.

Xander was sitting inside Rootcore, strumming an instrument.  Vida, Leelee, and Chip were gathered by him.  Madison and Toby stood behind the counter and Phineas was somewhere in the store.  Vida:  Man, we haven't had a customer in days.  Leelee:  Yeah, I thought the underworld was dull.  Xander:  This has put a serious dent in my social life.  How am I meant to pick up customers, if there are none.  A young woman walked into the store.  Xander smiled.  Toby:  Finally, a customer.  Xander:  I'll handle this one.  The young woman took down a CD and Phineas' face was framed in the middle of the space.  The young woman screamed.  Phineas pop out from behind.  Phineas:  Welcome to the Rock Porium.  My name is Phineas.  I'm here to answer all your musical questions.  May I recommend something new.  the Bulgarian Nose Flute Orchestra.  the young woman scream again and took off running from the store.  Madison:  Wait!  But the young woman was gone already.  Phineas thought it was maybe the music CD he had selected.  Phineas didn't notice the look of frustration on Xander's face.  Xander's, Madison's, Chip's, and Vida's morphers went off.  Xander, Vida, Madison, and Chip raced out of the store.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers soon confronted Itassis.  Itassis told them she was under the Master's command to conquer the world.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers plan on stopping her.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers battled Itassis.  Despite their best efforts, Itassis easily defeated them.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers told Itassis that she was merely a puppet of the Master.  They also pointed out how she had told them she only wanted knowledge, but didn't have the courage to stand up to the Master.  Itassis told them they were right and vanished.  Later, Xander, Madison, Chip, and Vida entered the Mystic Realm.  The village there had been destroyed.  Leanbow and Udonna were already there, helping the creatures of the village.  Xander and his friends were eager to help as well, but the villagers did not want their help.  The head elf told them humans did not belong here.  Xander and his friends were confused.  The head elf shouted a warning as the destroyer approached.  Leanbow chuckle and told the head elf that was not the destroyer, but his son.  Nick's eyes began to glow purple as he told them they had miss out on all the fun.  Nick had been responsible for the destruction of the village.  Nick told his dad like father like son before becoming Koragg.  Nick couldn't believe his dad had given up such power.  Xander and his friends were stunned.  Nick battled Wolf Warrior.  Nick and Wolf Warrior went through a dark seal and vanished.  Xander and his friends raced over to the seal, but they were too late.  Several minutes later, Wolf Warrior and Nick returned.  Xander and his friends raced over to help Wolf Warrior.  Nick cast a spell and Xander and his friends were trapped.  Unable to move any further to help.  Xander and his friends shouted at Nick to stop, but Nick did not hear them.  Nick wanted to finish his battle with his dad.  Wolf Warrior decided the time had come to stop fighting and demorphed.  Nick was about to strike, but Leanbow talked to his son until the spell was broken.  Nick was back to the normal and very sorry for what he had done.  Later, Xander contacted Nick.  There was big trouble in the city.  A giant black Lance had arrived.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers formed the Manticore Megazord.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers battled the powerful Black Lance.  It was a difficult battle.  Eventually the Rangers were knocked out of their zord and demorph on the ground.  Xander and his friends were surprised to see White Ranger battling Sculpin.  White Ranger was not doing well either and soon White Ranger was demorphed as well.  Sculpin was about to strike Xander and his friends when Jenji leaped up and took the dark magic spell that was meant for them.  Jenji vanished in sparkles.  Xander and his friends were very upset.  Sculpin grabbed Udonna and told Black Lance to destroy the teens.  Sculpin then vanished with Udonna.  Xander and his friends raced over to where the seal had been, but it was too late.  Black Lance walked menacing closer to Xander and his friends.

Xander and his friends were still crouched on the ground.  Black Lance:  Now you will fall.  Just as your mother has.  Nick became angry and swipe some dirt aside.  Nick:  Now you have made me mad.  Nick stood up and began walking towards Black Lance.  Morphing as he walked.  Xander, Madison, Chip, and Vida watched.  Black Lance:  Come on!  Red Ranger:  You're going down!  Red Ranger and Black Lance battled.  Red Ranger broke Black Lance's shield.  Black Lance:  My shield!  Red Ranger:  Fire Heart!  Fire Heart flew and knock Black Lance down.  Vida:  Yeah!  Red Ranger:  Good boy Fire Heart.  Black Lance:  Your dragon will not save you this time!  Black Lance cast a powerful spell.  Fire Heart shield Red Ranger with his wings.  When the smoke cleared Red Ranger had transformed into Red Dragon Fire Ranger.  Xander, Madison, Vida, and Chip stood up, relieved that Red Ranger was okay.  Red Dragon Fire Ranger and Black Lance battle.  Red Dragon Fire Ranger had gotten a good hit on Black Lance.  Red Ranger:  Bulls eye!  Red Ranger and Fire Heart separated.  Red Ranger looked at his friends.  Red Ranger:  You guys want in on this?  Xander:  Gladly!  Madison nodded.   Chip:  Yeah!  Vida:  Yeah!  Madison:  Ready?  Xander, Vida, Chip:  Ready!  Xander, Madison, Chip, and Vida:  Magical Source!  Mystical Source!  The four teens morphed.  Blue Ranger attacked Black Lance.  Then Green Ranger Pink Ranger attacked Black Lance.  Green Ranger and Pink Ranger:  Magic Staff!  The rest of the Rangers battled Black Lance as well.  The Power Rangers destroyed Black Lance.  But it was not over for the Rangers.  The Master appeared.  Red Ranger demanded to know where his father and Daggeron were.  The Master dropped Daggeron's body first, still clad in ancient mystic armor.  Daggeron's' body hit the ground and Blue Ranger raced over.  The Master then dropped Leanbow's body.  Red Ranger couldn't believe as he raced over to the still form of his dad.  Green Ranger couldn't understand why the Master would want to bring despair to this world.  The Master grabbed a hold of all five Rangers with his tentacles and took them to see what the world would look like after he had taken over.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers were soon engulfed in a world with total darkness and no hope.  The Master dropped them to the ground.  The Master told them that after he had taken their magic, they would be dust under his feet.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers formed the Manticore Megazord.  The Rangers try to battle the Master.  The Master simply fed on the Manticore's magic.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers could feel the magic leaving.  Quickly the Manticore Megazord was no more and the teens hit the ground.  Chip spotted a cave and they all ran inside.  Chip commented that they were safe for now.  Nick replied they were not safe.  Vida looked up and asked him if the great Red Ranger was giving up.  Red Ranger did not answer and try to walk away.  Xander and Chip refused to let him walk away and demanded that he answer the question.  Nick told them yes, he had given up.  Look at what the Master had done to his father and Daggeron.  Look at what he did to the Manticore Megazord.  Nick concluded dejectedly that they didn't stand a chance.  Madison became very angry.  Madison stormed over and told Nick don't you dare.  Madison reminded Nick that he was their leader.  He had never given up before, and he is not going to now.  Nick couldn't reply to the furious Madison. Xander and his friends were knocked to the ground as the Master had entered the cave and told them it was time.  Xander couldn't get up.  Chip, Vida, and Madison were in the same condition.  Nick got up and told the Master he was not going to give up.  The Master scoffed at him.  Nick called on all the good magic left in the world and all the magic he had left in him.  Nick morphed into the Red Ranger.  Red Ranger battled the Master, destroying the Master's armor in the process.  The Master was furious.  Red Ranger made a connection to the Master and demanded that he take them back.  Red Ranger glanced at his friends and told them to hurry.  Xander, Madison, Chip, and Vida raced over and they formed a chain. Xander and his friends were transported back to their world.  Unfortunately so was the Master.  Xander and his friends no longer had any magic.  The Master cast a spell and Xander and his friends braced themselves.  The spell was broken by Clare and Snow Prince.  Xander and his friends raced over to Clare and Snow Prince.  Clare excitedly told them that Mystic Mother had made her a full time sorceress.  The Master scoffed, he had destroyed Mystic Mother.  The Snow Prince told the Master no.  Before his spell had hit Mystic Mother, she had turned herself into energy and later reformed.  It was not that easy to destroy Mystic Mother.  The Master then told them he would return to the depths and gathered his strength.  Xander and his friends were pleasantly stunned when Udonna arrived and told him he had no depths to return to.  Itassis and Necrolai stepped forward.  The Master asked where Sculpin was.  Itassis told the Master how Necrolai had revived her.  Itassis and Sculpin had battled.  Itassis destroyed Sculpin, and in the process, destroyed the pit as well.  Itassis battled the Master.  The Master vanished in the smoke.  Itassis warned the group that the Master would be back.  Their was a moment of celebration.  Xander hugged Clare and the Snow Prince.  Vida and Chip hugged.  Nick and his mom raced towards each other and hugged.  They both had tears and hung on to each other tightly.  Itassis asked Udonna why she was crying.  Udonna explained the tears were for their losses, her husband, Leanbow, and their friends, Daggeron.  Itassis felt bad too, she could do nothing for them.  Leelee arrived.  Leelee told her mom that she could do it, she could do anything.  Necrolai cast a spell and Leanbow, Daggeron, and even Jenji were revived.  Necrolai fall to the ground.  Xander and his friends couldn't believe it.  Nick raced to his dad and they hugged.  Udonna joined the group.  Everyone was happy until they hear the concern in Leelee's voice.  Necrolai was still on the ground.  A golden glow surround Necrolai and she was transform into a human, Nikki.  Xander and his friends were truly joyous.  Xander commented that Leelee's mom is hot.  The Master returned.  Jenji suggested they run, but Nick was not going to run.  Nick was going to stand and fight.  Xander and the rest were ready to stand and fight as well.  Nick told them let's show the Master what real courage is, even without magic.  The Mystic Mother told them they were never without magic, they just needed to know where to find it.  Xander and his friends didn't know what the Mystic Mother meant.  Toby arrived, with the citizens of Briarwood and told them maybe she meant them.  Then Phineas arrived on the other side with the villagers from the Mystic Realm.  Both Toby and Phineas had talked to their groups and told them there was no need to fear each other.  They needed to stand together and fight the true evil, the Master.  Toby told Xander and his friends they had saved them all year.  Now it was time to help them.  The two groups joined forces and chanted we believe in magic as they surrounded Xander, his friends, Udonna, Daggeron, and Leanbow.  The Power Rangers were back with their magic.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers battled the Master.  The Master was happy to have more good magic to feed on.  The Rangers decided to give the Master all he wanted and then some.  The Master could not take anymore and exploded.  The people rejoiced.  Xander and his friends emerged from the smoke to thunderous applause and cheering.  Xander and his friends took a bow.  Several days later, Xander was inside Rock Porium.  Vida and Matoomba were Djing.  Xander was showing a new employee the ropes of Rock Porium.  Xander was ready to put "Plan Manager" into action.  Xander was the new manager of Rock Porium..

A year later, Xander found he was  called into service once more.  Sentinel Knight contacted Xander and asked him if he would be willing to be a Power Ranger once more and help protect the jewels of the Corona Aurora.  Xander was more than happy to.  Sentinel Knight used the last of his power to restore his Ranger power.  Xander was not the only former Ranger that Sentinel Knight asked to return as a Ranger.  Sentinel Knight also asked Kira Ford, Bridge Carson, Tori Hanson, and Adam Park.  Green Mystic Force Power Ranger and the rest of the team immediately went to work.  Green Ranger and the rest went to Stonehenge.  Mig and Kamdor were there looking for a jewel when the six teens from Operation Overdrive tried to stop them.  The teens were defeated by Mig and Kamdor.  Green Mystic Force Power Ranger summoned a tree and wrapped Mig in it's branches.  Green Ranger:  Surprise!  Kamdor was stunned and then he was fired on by another Ranger, Red S.P.D. Power Ranger.  Red Ranger:  Hello!  Kamdor went flying.  Mig had managed to break free from the tree but didn't get to far.  Yellow Ranger flew in and battled Mig, knocking him aside once more.  Yellow Ranger:  It's great to be back.  Blue Ninja Storm Power Ranger battled Kamdor.  Blue Ranger:  Let the games begin.  The ground shook and both Kamdor and Mig went flying through the air, thanks to Black Mighty Morphin Power Ranger.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers gathered around the fallen teens and told them they had heard they could use some help.  Mig and Kamdor decide now was the time to retreat.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers demorph and faced Ronny, Rose, Dax, Mack, Will, and Tyzonn.  Both groups walked towards each other.  Mack told them he didn't know who they were, but thanked them for their help.  Sentinel Knight appeared and told them he had brought Xander and the rest and would explain everything.  Tori thought they should choose a different location for their conversation.  Xander and the rest were lead by the Operation Overdrive teens to the control center.  Xander and his new friends were impressed.  Xander thought the control center was much better than a hollow tree.  The two groups of teens faced each other and Mr. Hartford thanked them for coming.  Sentinel Knight introduced each teen and then explained how he had restore their Ranger power.  Sentinel Knight planned for Xander, Adam, Bridge, Kira, and Tori to become the new team of Operation Overdrive.  Xander and his new friends wasted no time getting into action.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers were able to save a national monument.  Xander and his new friends walked into the mansion.  Kira thought the control center was amazing and knew Dr. O would have loved to have seen it.  Adam remarked that he still couldn't believe Tommy was a doctor.  Dax, Mack, Will, Tyzonn, Ronny, and Rose were also inside.  Rose remarked how it looked like everyone was getting along.  Tori agreed, telling them she felt they made a great team.  Mack, Will, Tyzonn, Ronny, Rose, and Dax did not look happy and Kira noticed their faces.  Kira reassured them they were only here until they get their powers back.  Ronny commented on whether they would get their powers back.  Kira could not reply to that.  The alarm went off.  Adam told them they needed to go.  Xander and his new friends took off, not noticing that Will, Tyzonn, Ronny, Rose, Dax, and Mack had also been ready to go into action.  Black Ranger reached Flurious and his Chillers first.  Black Ranger was already battling them, when Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers caught up.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers battled and destroyed the Chillers.  Flurious was very angry, but he retreated.  

Adam took Xander, Tori, Kira, and Bridge to a warehouse in Angel Grove.  Adam:  Welcome to Angel Grove.  Xander and his friends looked around.  Adam:  Should be right around here somewhere.  Kira:  And what exactly are we looking for?  Adam:  I'm afraid you wouldn't believe me if I told you.  Bridge:  Let me see if I can help.  Bridge removed his glove to take a reading.  Bridge:  Guys, I'm getting some strange energy coming from right over there.  Several Chillers pop out from their hiding place.  Adam:  Chillers!  Xander:  It's time for plan Xander.  Xander stepped forward.  Xander:  G'Day!  The name's Xander.  Let's just talk this one out.  One of the Chillers kick Xander into the crates.  Xander got up as he and the rest prepare to fight.  Each teen took on several chillers on their own.  Kira battle several Chillers with leaps and kicks and finished them off with her scream.  Bridge put up quite a fight with the group of Chillers he was battling, while maintaining a sense of humor.  Bridge did several flips on top of a crate that knocked several of them out.  Xander was battling several Chillers on his own as well.  Xander pulled out his wand and aimed it at a group of Chillers.  Several tree roots appeared and destroyed the Chillers.  Xander:  Ahh, it feels good to get back to my roots.  Tori battled several Chillers as well and with ease.  Tori summon her energy and used water to knock out several Chillers.  Tori:  Wave bye-bye!  Adam battled several Chillers too and soon had them destroyed after a roundhouse kick.  Adam:  It may be old school, but it still gets the job done.  Xander and his friends gathered together.  Adam spotted a crate with Alpha's emblem on it.  Adam walked over and Xander and the rest followed.  Adam:  This is it.  Tori:  Are you sure this can help?  Adam told her it had never failed him before.  Later, the alarm had gone off in the mansion.  Xander, Tori, Kira, and Bridge slid down the poles and into the control center.  They joined Adam and Mr. Hartford at the screen.  It showed a giant Vulturus.  Mr. Hartford told Adam he wanted him to take the Flashpoint Megazord while the rest took the other Megazord.  Xander and his friends took off.  Green Ranger, Blue Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Red Ranger were in one Megazord, while Black Ranger was in the Flashpoint Megazord.  The Rangers, with the two Megazords battled Vulturus.  It was a difficult battle.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers were having a difficult time.  Eventually, Mack came running towards Vulturus with the Excelsior sword in his hand.  Mack leaped into the air and struck Vulturus.  Vulturus was greatly hurt.  Green Ranger and the rest of the Rangers were very impressed.  Xander and his friends return to the control center.  Mack was already there, along with Ronny, Rose, Dax, Will, Tyzonn, Spencer, Mr. Hartford, and Sentinel Knight.  Xander and his friends praised Mack for what he had done.  Alpha 6 suddenly appeared.  Dax wondered who he was.  Adam told him Alpha 6 was here to fix the grid.  Mr. Hartford checked and gave the good news, the grid had been fixed and the Operation Overdrive teens now had their power back.  Everyone cheered.  Moments later, the screen showed Thrax and the evil alliance.  Adam asked Mack if he was ready to go back into action.  Mack was more than ready.  Adam gave him his Tracker.  Xander, Kira, Bridge, and Tori did the same for the Operation Overdrive teens.  Xander and the rest went out to face down the evil alliance and Vulturus who had been revived by a gyro from Flurious.  Thrax was upset, he thought he had taken the Operation Overdrive team's powers.  They reply once a ranger, always a ranger.  Xander and his friends morphed.  Green Mystic Force Power Ranger, Blue Operation Overdrive Power Ranger, and Black Operation Overdrive Power Ranger battled the Fearcats.  Red S.P.D. Power Ranger and Red Operation Overdrive Power Ranger battled Flurious.  Yellow Dino Thunder Power Ranger and Yellow Operation Overdrive Power Ranger battled Miratrix and Kamdor.  Black Mighty Morphin Power Ranger battled Thrax.  It was a difficult battle.  At one point, Black Ranger had the Defender Vest on as well.  The battle continued.  Mercury Ranger destroyed Vulturus.  Sentinel Knight arrived.  Thrax wished he had the sword to destroy Sentinel Knight.  Sentinel Knight told him it would never happen, as the sword was part of him now.  Sentinel Knight destroyed Thrax and ended the evil legacy.  Green Mystic Force Power Ranger and the rest of the Rangers faced down the remaining villains.  They blasted the villains off their feet.  The villains got up.  Benglo told Mig they should just get the jewels.  Moltor insisted he would get them.  Miratrix taunted not if they got them first.  The evil alliance was no more and they vanished.  Xander and his friends went to the Hartford mansion.  Everyone was in high spirits.  Dax told them at first he was glad to see them, then mad at them for staying, and now sad at them for leaving.  Spencer walked in with a tray of toast for Bridge.  Bridge asked if it was buttery and Spencer replied the butteriest.  Kira told the group she would come back and give them her new CD.  Xander told the group to stop by the Rock Porium and he would be sure to give them a discount.  Tori gave Mr. Hartford her card and told the group that they were only a phone call away.  Adam asked Alpha 6 if he would join him at his dojo, he could use the help.  Alpha 6 agreed.  Mr. Hartford stuck out his hand and told the guys one more time for old times sake.  Xander and his friends pile their hands on top of each other.  Xander and the rest jumped into the air and cheered for the Power Rangers.                                    

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