Curio - Voiced by Estevez Gillespie

Poisandra walks over to Sledge and takes his hand.  She tells him, oh darling, let's forget those pesky Energems.  I'll go mad if I have to spend another day in this rust bucket with only vermin for companionship.  Sledge replies, that's exactly why I got you a present.  Sledge yells for Wrench.  Wrench quickly enters.  Poisandra is curious.  A present?  For me?  Wrench explains, I built him from old monster parts.  Wrench steps away and the creature is revealed.  Wrench continues, I call him Curio.  Poisandra is very happy.  You got me a friend!  Poisandra finds Curio adorable.  She asks him, want to go make some trouble?  Curio replies sure thing.  Holding hands, the two happily walk away. 

Spellbinder had been sent down to Amber Beach to defeat the Rangers.  Although Spellbinder battled the Rangers, he soon returned to Sledge's Ship.  Sledge is furious and shoves Spellbinder.  Sledge tells Spellbinder, you told me that once you had that pendant, the Rangers would fall under your spell.  Instead they are still fighting you!  Curio and Wrench had been watching.  Sledge yells at Wrench and Fury to lock Spellbinder in solitary.  Wrench and Fury grab a hold of Spellbinder.  Curio dances around as Spellbinder protests.  The Black Ranger is under my spell!  But it takes time to grow!  Once it does, he'll help me to bring all the Rangers under your command.  Sledge replies, just get me one Ranger and you'll be free Spellbinder.  Fury shoves Spellbinder to the side.  Spellbinder tells Sledge, I can do that.  Sledge threatens Spellbinder.  But if you get none, I'll crush you for dinner.  Sledge laughs.  Later, Curio and Spellbinder are sitting on crates.  Wrench storms in and yells at Spellbinder.  You told Sledge that the Black Ranger was under your control! Spellbinder tells Wrench to relax.  He's going to join us soon.  Koda, Tyler, Shelby, and Riley arrive.  Tyler tells Spellbinder, wrong on both accounts. Koda adds, Chase never join you!  Spellbinder tells them, it's too late for your friend.  And now your time is up!  Spellbinder casts a spell and the four teens avoid getting hit.  Shelby, Koda, Riley, and Tyler charge towards Curio, Wrench, and Spellbinder. Shelby lands several kicks on Curio.  Curio taunts her.  You'll be under Spellbinder's control soon.  Riley and Koda fight Wrench.  Riley tries to land a punch, but Wrench grabs a hold of Riley's arm and kicks Koda away.  Wrench tells them, face it Rangers.  You can't beat us.  Koda gets back up and lands a kick on Wrench.  Wrench goes flying and hits several barrels as he falls to the floor.  Tyler fights Spellbinder.  Spellbinder tells him, my spell is impossible to resist.  Tyler replies, nothing is impossible.  Tyler kicks and punches Spellbinder several times.  Spellbinder grabs a hold of Tyler and tosses him to the floor.  Koda, Riley, and Shelby race up to fight Spellbinder, but he knocks them to the floor as well.  The four teens struggle to get back up.  Tyler suggests the Dino Spike.  Koda protests, but we need Chase.  Spellbinder tells them, your turn.  Spellbinder casts another spell.  This time it hits Riley, Koda, and Tyler.  As they try to fight against the spell, Spellbinder tells them they are his now.  Chase arrives and walks over to Spellbinder.  Shelby is hiding, but watches what is happening.  Chase asks Spellbinder, what is your command?  Spellbinder tells Chase to destroy Shelby and laughs.  Shelby gets scare as Chase stares at her.  She shouts no Chase!  Fight it!  Instead Chase walks towards her.  Shelby continues to shout at him.  Concentrate!  Chase responds, you defied my master.  Chase pulls out his Dino Charge Blaster and points it at Shelby.  Tyler, Riley, and Koda are no help as they continue to struggle against the spell.  Spellbinder tells Chase, do it.  Shelby spots a wooden scooter board and quickly runs over to it and kicks it towards Chase.  The board hits Chase as he is walking and he ends up on it.  As he rolls along, he becomes himself again.  Chase mutters, what the?  Chase stops himself from running into Shelby and twirls the board around.  Chase grins as he points his Dino Charge Blaster at Spellbinder.  Command this.  Spellbinder screams no as Chase fires his weapon.  The blast hits the pendant and knocks Spellbinder off his feet.  Spellbinder crashes into several barrels.  The spell breaks for Tyler, Koda, and Riley.  The three teens quickly get up.  Chase walks over to Shelby and helps her up.  He tells her, good on you.  That was great thinking.  Shelby responds, good to have you back.  The five teens gather together.  Koda asks, where did he go?  Wrench removes the rubble he was buried under and hurries over to Spellbinder.  Curio is there as well as Wrench asks, what do we do?  The three face the teens.  Spellbinder shouts, I may not be able to control you but I'll still destroy you!  Chase replies, sorry.  But your time is up.  Koda, Tyler, Chase, Shelby and Riley morph.  The Rangers active their Dino Steel armor and have their weapons ready.  Curio, Wrench, and Spellbinder charge towards the Rangers.  Blue Ranger and Green Ranger fight Wrench with their Stego Shield and Raptor Claw.  Blue Ranger strikes Wrench hard with his Stego Shield punch.  Wrench goes backwards, but manages to stop himself.  Green Ranger leaps over Blue Ranger and strikes Wrench with his Raptor slash.  Pink Ranger fights Curio.  Curio wishes it had stayed with Poisandra.  Pink Ranger leaps on top of Curio's shoulders.  Curio becomes confused as it has no idea Pink Ranger is on it's shoulders.  Pink Ranger leaps down and strikes Curio with her Tricera Drill.  Black Ranger and Red Ranger fight Spellbinder with their Para Chopper and T-Rex Smasher.  Black Ranger blasts Spellbinder with his Para Chopper.  Spellbinder manages to avoid the blasts.  Red Ranger is frustrated.  He keeps blocking with that cape.  The rest of the Rangers join Black Ranger and Red Ranger.  Green Ranger suggests they use the Dino Spike.  Red Ranger reminds them they need all five of them together.  Black Ranger replies, I'm ready if you are.  Red Ranger laughs and adds, that's what I like to hear.  Red Ranger takes the Dino Spike Charger and activates it.  The weapons combine.  Green Ranger, Pink Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Black Ranger launch Red Ranger.  Red Ranger strikes Spellbinder with the Dino Spike.  Spellbinder screams, but I'm invincible as he is defeated.  Red Ranger replies, wrong beak face.  We are the invincible ones.   Curio and Wrench retreat to Sledge's Ship.  A magna beam hits Spellbinder and it grows to giant size.  Another battle follows and eventually Spellbinder is destroyed by Dino Charge Megazord/Para-Raptor Formation.

Poisandra samples various wedding cakes.  Curio and Cavity is with her.  After Poisandra takes a bite of the chocolate cake, she tells Cavity, this cake is divine.  Cavity is pleased and tells her it shall be your wedding cake.  Poisandra disagrees.  Absolutely not.  She shoves all the cakes off and into a trash bin.  Curio dives in after the discarded cakes. Poisandra tells Cavity she needs a cake so awful, so disgusting, that the guests are sure to remember my wedding a long, long time.  Poisandra laughs.  Cavity replies, as you desire.  After awhile, Cavity returns with another wedding cake.  Cavity tells Poisandra it is his master piece.  This beautiful cake is filled to the brim with decay.  Poisandra asks, you mean tooth decay?  As in a mouthful of unbearable pain?  Cavity adds, that no one will ever forget. Fury enters and immediately states freeing prisoners to bake you cakes.  How dare you!  Poisandra points to the cake as she replies, this isn't just any cake.  I'm picking the perfect wedding cake.  Fury states it's a waste of time.  Poisandra brings over a slice of cake to Fury and wants him to taste it.  Fury considers it and decides to take just a bite.  Cavity laughs.  Fury eats the slice of cake and Poisandra asks, so, what do you think?  Fury responds, needs more vinegar.  Seconds later, his mouth begins to hurt.  Fury screams, oh my teeth!  What have you done you pink bridezilla?!  Fury falls to the floor as Poisandra laughs.  Sledge enters angrily and asks, what's going on here?!  Poisandra skips over to Sledge and explains, Cavity baked me an evil cake and Fury tried it.  Sledge tells Cavity to bake that cake for the Rangers.  Make them suffer and then, Sledge fires at the cake, bring me their Energems!  With cake splattered all over him, Cavity replies, yes sir.  Later, Curio and Poisandra meet Cavity in an alleyway in  Amber Beach.  Poisandra complains, at this rate, we'll never get back to testing wedding cakes.  Cavity explains I don't have time for your cake, not when there's Rangers to destroy.  Curio is upset and sits down.  No sprinkles or frosting.  I wanted cake.  Poisandra becomes angry.  How dare you!  Cavity lowers his head for a moment and then angrily tells Poisandra that his loyalty is to Sledge!  Poisandra is insulted.  Why I never!  A black fog surrounds Cavity as he becomes more angry.  Cavity's form changes and he shouts, I have real work to do!  Curio becomes frightened.  What's going on?  Cavity shouts, out of my way Pinkie!  Cavity shoves Poisandra as he runs pass her.  Poisandra and Curio return to Sledge's Ship.  Eventually Cavity is destroyed by Dino Charge Megazord/Tri-Stego Formation. 

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