Fury - Voiced by Paul Harrop

Long ago, a small spacecraft was trying to outmaneuver a large space ship (Sledge's Ship).  The large ship was manned by Fury and the small spacecraft had managed to do some damage to it.  In addition, Sledge's Ship was towing several asteroids behind it.  Fury:  "Lucky shot Keeper."  The Vivixs (Sledge's foot soldiers) were frantically trying to repair the ship.  They all became more nervous and jumpy when Fury yelled at them.   "Get the weapons systems back online before Sledge gets here"  Impatiently Fury turned around and walked towards another crew member.  "Wrench!  What's taking so long?!  Get those lasers fixed now!"  Fury pointed his weapon at Wrench.  Wrench got up from where he was working and faced Fury.  Wrench:  "I'm trying.  There's ten million gig bolts going through this."  Wrench pointed to some busted up tubing.  "It could blow up the whole ship.  I have to be careful."  Sledge walked in and headed straight towards Wrench.  Sledge:  "Wrench!  You pathetic weakling!"  Sledge shoved Wrench aside.  "Out of my way!"  Wrench:  "But Master Sledge!"  Sledge took the two pieces of tubing and fused it back together.  Wrench is impressed.  "Whoa!"  Sledge lets out a yell.  "We will capture Keeper!  That mangy little cockroach!  He's right where I want him.  Lock onto his ship."  Poisandra gently laid her hand on Sledge's.  "Sledgeums."  Poisandra turned and faced the window, where she could spot Keeper's ship.  "So that's the Keeper creature that's stopping us from getting married."  Poisandra walked back towards Sledge and clutched his hand.  "Please allow me to finish this."  Fury was not happy.  "Why do you listen to that heart shaped nitwit?"  Sledge overheard Fury's muttering.  Sledge:  "Watch it Fury!  She's tougher than she looks."  Sledge spoke gently to Poisandra.  "Go right ahead Poisandra."  Poisandra skipped to the front of the ship.  Poisandra:  "Do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti"  Poisandra stopped as a Vivix got in her way.  "Excuse me.  You in front.  You're blocking my view."  Suddenly a blast hit the Vivix and he hit the floor and vanished.  Poisandra turned around and laughed when she saw that it had been Sledge who had blasted the Vivix.  Sledge:  "Can you see now my dear?"  Poisandra skip over to Sledge.  "You are so sweet."  Poisandra turned around and faced the front of the ship.  Poisandra:  "Now for the finale.  Do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti!  Fire!"  Sledge's Ship fired several times at the spacecraft. It eventually was hit and began to fall towards a planet (Earth).  Poisandra:  "Woo hoo!  That was fun!"  Sledge looked at Fury.  "Bring me the Energems or I'll destroy you too!"  Fury:  "Yes, Master Sledge."  Fury left. Fury arrives on the planet Earth and searches a wooded.  Fury:  "I can smell your rotten scent Keeper."  Fury bashes a tree with his arm.  Fury spots a clearing and heads towards it, smashing tree branches along the way.  Fury spots the wreckage of Keeper's spacecraft.  Fury:  "Aww.  There's his ship."  Fury's weapon sparks with energy.  Fury:  "Where are those Energems?"  Fury begins to search the area.  Fury:  "They've got to be here somewhere!"  Fury knocks some of the wreckage around.  Fury:  "I will find them!"  As Fury searches through the rubble, he spots Keeper.  Fury:  "Aww.  Keeper."  Fury walks over to Keeper's still body on the ground.  Fury:  "You finally meet your fate.  And just to make sure you're destroyed once and for all."  Fury lifts his weapon to strike when he spots something else on the ground.  Fury:  "Wait.  The Energems.  Yes."  Fury picks up the container.  Fury:  "At long last.  Master Sledge will become invincible!"  Fury laughs as he walks away.   After while, Fury's aircrafts lands inside Sledge's space ship.   The doors open and Fury announces, I've done it.  Keeper is history.  And now the Energems are all yours Master Sledge.  Fury kneels before Sledge as he presents the container.  Fury adds, your long search for the ultimate power is finally over.  Sledge takes the container and states, the entire universe will grovel before me.  Sledge opens the container and becomes furious as he yells it's a bomb!  The bomb goes off and explosions take place inside Sledge's ship.  Everyone within the ship is knocked around.  Fury jumps into his spacecraft.  A Vivix lands against the launch button and Fury's spacecraft takes off.  Fury lands back in the woods he has just left.  He lets out of roar of anger.  Fury spots Keeper in the woods.   He tries to strike Keeper with his weapon.  Fury and Keeper fight.  Fury manages to knock Keeper off his feet.  Fury triumphantly places his foot on Keeper's chest.  Fury growls, we're stuck on this rock, thanks to you Keeper.  What did you do with the Energems?  Keeper responds, you'll never find them.  Fury states, wrong answer.  Fury raises his weapon high, ready to strike, when an explosion takes place behind him.  Fury turns around to look.  He sees the dozens of asteroids hitting Earth and mutters impossible.  Sledge's asteroids.  They're falling.  The dinosaurs try to get away.  Fury notes, I have to get out of here.  Fury takes off running.  Time has passed and it's now 2015.  Fury survived the asteroids.  He watches from the woods as a red jeep drives past.  Fury steps out onto the road.  Fury states, I smell Energems.

Fury was in the woods just outside of Griffin's ranch when a furry creature would not stop barking at him.  Fury:  "Quiet you filthy fur ball."  Fury raises his weapon up high.  Riley had been searching for his dog and becomes alarmed when he sees his dog, Rubik, facing down a strange creature (Fury).  Fury:  "I'll shut you up."  Riley looks around and pulls out a fence post.

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