Poisandra - Voiced by Jackie Clarke

Long ago, on Sledge's Ship, Sledge's temper was getting the better of him.  Poisandra gently laid her hand on Sledge's. "Sledgeums."  Poisandra turned and faced the window, where she could spot Keeper's ship.  "So that's the Keeper creature that's stopping us from getting married."  Poisandra walked back towards Sledge and clutched his hand.  "Please allow me to finish this."  Fury was not happy.  "Why do you listen to that heart shaped nitwit?"  Sledge overheard Fury's muttering.  Sledge:  "Watch it Fury!  She's tougher than she looks."  Sledge spoke gently to Poisandra.  "Go right ahead Poisandra."  Poisandra skipped to the front of the ship.  Poisandra:  "Do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti"  Poisandra stopped as a Vivix got in her way.  "Excuse me.  You in front.  You're blocking my view."  Suddenly a blast hit the Vivix and he hit the floor and vanished.  Poisandra turned around and laughed when she saw that it had been Sledge who had blasted the Vivix.  Sledge:  "Can you see now my dear?"  Poisandra skip over to Sledge.  "You are so sweet."  Poisandra turned around and faced the front of the ship.  Poisandra:  "Now for the finale.  Do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti!  Fire!"  Sledge's Ship fired several times at the spacecraft. It eventually was hit and began to fall towards a planet (Earth).  Poisandra:  "Woo hoo!  That was fun!"  Sledge looked at Fury.  "Bring me the Energems or I'll destroy you too!"  Fury:  "Yes, Master Sledge."   Fury left in his own space craft.  Sledge sat in his caption seat.  "Finally, the Energems will be mine, and I'll rule the universe!"  Later, Sledge walked through the cell blocks contained in the bottom part of the ship.  As he walked along, he went over wanted posters as Poisandra trailed along.  Sledge:  "The bounty of ten thousand space bullions."  Poisandra:  "Excuse me."  Sledge:  "After we get the Energems, he might be worth catch.  Maybe this one too."  Poisandra stopped Sledge in his tracks.  Poisandra:  "No more hunting down outlaws and collecting those stupide asteroids!"   Poisandra takes the tablet away from Sledge and begins to walk away.  Sledge:  "They're not stupid!  Those asteroids and outlaws are going to make me the richest bounty hunter in the universe.  And then...maybe...we'll get married."  Poisandra stopped and turned around to face Sledge.  Poisandra:  "What do you mean...maybe.  We are getting married!"  Poisandra walked away.  Sledge:  "Oh brother!"  Sledge trailed after Poisandra.  They entered the hanger area as Fury's shipped arrived.  Poisandra:  "I'm amazed Fury found his way back."  Sledge:  "He better have those Energems."  The doors on the spacecraft open and Fury steps out.  Fury:  "I've done it.  Keeper is history."  Fury walked over to Sledge and kneeled before him, holding up a container.  Fury:  "And now the Energems are all yours Master Sledge.  Your long search for the ultimate power is finally over."  Sledge took the container.  Sledge:  "The entire universe will grovel before me."  Sledge opened the container and was surprised and angry.  Sledge:  "What?!  It's a bomb!"   The bomb goes off and explosions take place inside Sledge's ship.  Everyone within the ship is knocked around.  Fury jumps into his spacecraft.  A Vivix lands against the launch button and Fury's spacecraft takes off.  Sledge:  "I'll make you pay for this Keeper!  If it's the last thing I do!"   More explosions rock the ship and the asteroids are released.  Sledge:  "My asteroids!  No!"  The asteroids fall towards Earth.

On Sledge's Ship, Sledge is furious.  Poisandra stands by, gently holding his arm.  Various Vivix are working on the ship.  Fury stands in front of Sledge and faces his wrath.  Sledge yells at Fury.  Sixty-five million years and you couldn't snatch a single Energem!  Poisandra adds, not even one!  Dreadful!  Fury defends himself.  Keeper gave them to dinosaurs for protection.  This makes Sledge even more angry.  Keeper!  That little cretin that blew up my ship!  You haven't got him either!  You're about as useless as space trash Fury!  Sledge storms away as Fury lets out a small growl.  Later, Chase, Shelby, Tyler, Riley, and Koda race through a wooded area.  Also walking  through the woods are Poisandra, Wrench, Scrapper, and several Vivix.  Poisandra comments, oh look, it's the Rangers.  The five teens face them and Tyler asks, what are you?  A walking lollipop?  Poisandra responds, well, it's lovely to meet you too.  Not!  Allow me to introduce the most magnificent, inter-galactic bounty hunter in the universe!  Sledge descends from the sky and lands in front of his troops.  Poisandra continues, the one, the only, my future husband, Sledge!  Poisandra walks over and places her hand on Sledge's arm.  Sledge asks, this is a joke right?  You're the Rangers who destroyed my monster?!  Shelby responds, Power Rangers.  Sledge laughs.  Koda sniffs the air and then spots Fury, which he points out to Tyler.  Tyler sees Fury above them.  Tyler states, that's him.  The creature in my dad's journal.  Sledge turns and faces Fury.  Fury acknowledges him with an arm motion.  Sledge continues, as I was saying, you're the trouble makers that stole my Energems!  Suddenly Keeper appears in front of the teens.  Sledge recognizes Keeper as Keeper walks towards him.  Keeper tells him, the Energems belong to no one.  Especially not to you.  Sledge responds, my dear old friend.  You thought that blowing up my ship could stop me!  Think again!  I waited in deep space for million of years for a comet to pass.  I caught it with my electro nets and rode it all the way to Earth.  But it was worth it.  Because finally I will destroy you and then I will leave here with the Energems.  Keeper tells him, the Rangers posses the power of the Energems and the strength of ancient dinosaurs.  If you try to take the Energems, you will be the one who will be destroyed.  Sledge growls.  Keeper walks back towards the teens and then vanishes.  The teens are concerned and Riley calls out a shaky, Keeper!  Shelby, although scared, tells her friends, no prob.  We got this. I guess.  Tyler is still distracted by Fury.  Wrench taunts them, looks like you're going to cry.  Sledge shouts, bring it on weaklings!  Chase pulls out his Dino Charger and shouts, Dino Charger!  Chase notices Tyler doesn't have his Dino Charger out.  Koda asks, something wrong?  Shelby gets his attention and Tyler quickly pulls out his Dino Charger.  Sledge fires at them as they morph.  Poisandra cheers and tells Sledge, you destroyed them!  Red Ranger shouts, better get your eyes check!  The smoke clears and the Rangers ran towards Sledge and his troops.  Poisandra doesn't think this is fun and takes off running to hide.  The rest battle the Rangers.  The Rangers are defeated.   Sledge gives the teens a last warning.  Hand over the Energems in an hour or I'll blast this planet to pieces.  One hour.  Sledge shoots up into the sky.  When the smoke clears, Poisandra and the rest of this troops are gone as well.  Instead, the Scrapper is destroyed by the Dino Charge Megazord/Tri-Stego Formation.

Fury greets Sledge.  Fury has Slammer with him.  Sledge, with Poisandra by his side, asks, what can this dirt bag do?  Slammer vows to get those Energems in no time.  Fury explains, he'll capture the Rangers in his cages.  He never misses.  Poisandra is doubtful.  Never misses?  Please!  Spoken by the one who couldn't find a single Energem in sixty-five million years.  Fury mutters under his breath, pink freak.  Sledge gets a hold of Slammer and tells him to get down to Earth and don't disappoint me!  Sledge kicks Slammer into the shuttle.  Slammer promises he won't.  Sledge fires the launch bottom and shuttle takes off.  Poisandra walks over to Sledge and takes his hand.  She tells him, oh darling, let's forget those pesky Energems.  I'll go mad if I have to spend another day in this rust bucket with only vermin for companionship.  Sledge replies, that's exactly why I got you a present.  Sledge yells for Wrench.  Wrench quickly enters.  Poisandra is curious.  A present?  For me?  Wrench explains, I built him from old monster parts.  Wrench steps away and the creature is revealed.  Wrench continues, I call him Curio.  Poisandra is very happy.  You got me a friend!  Poisandra finds Curio adorable.  She asks him, want to go make some trouble?  Curio replies sure thing.  Holding hands, the two happily walk away.  Later, Slammer is destroyed by Dino Charge Megazord/Stego-Raptor Formation.

Poisandra samples various wedding cakes.  Curio and Cavity is with her.  After Poisandra takes a bite of the chocolate cake, she tells Cavity, this cake is divine.  Cavity is pleased and tells her it shall be your wedding cake.  Poisandra disagrees.  Absolutely not.  She shoves all the cakes off and into a trash bin.  Curio dives in after the discarded cakes.  Poisandra tells Cavity she needs a cake so awful, so disgusting, that the guests are sure to remember my wedding a long, long time.  Poisandra laughs.  Cavity replies, as you desire.  After awhile, Cavity returns with another wedding cake.  Cavity tells Poisandra it is his master piece.  This beautiful cake is filled to the brim with decay.  Poisandra asks, you mean tooth decay?  As in a mouthful of unbearable pain?  Cavity adds, that no one will ever forget. 

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