Sledge - Voiced  by Adam Gardiner

Long ago, a small spacecraft was trying to outmaneuver a large space ship (Sledge's Ship).  Sledge walked in and headed straight towards Wrench.  Sledge:  "Wrench!  You pathetic weakling!"  Sledge shoved Wrench aside.  "Out of my way!"  Wrench:  "But Master Sledge!"  Sledge took the two pieces of tubing and fused it back together.  Wrench is impressed.  "Whoa!"  Sledge lets out a yell.  "We will capture Keeper!  That mangy little cockroach!  He's right where I want him.  Lock onto his ship."  Poisandra gently laid her hand on Sledge's.  "Sledgeums."  Poisandra turned and faced the window, where she could spot Keeper's ship.  "So that's the Keeper creature that's stopping us from getting married."  Poisandra walked back towards Sledge and clutched his hand.  "Please allow me to finish this."  Fury was not happy.  "Why do you listen to that heart shaped nitwit?"  Sledge overheard Fury's muttering.  Sledge:  "Watch it Fury!  She's tougher than she looks."  Sledge spoke gently to Poisandra.  "Go right ahead Poisandra."  Poisandra skipped to the front of the ship.  Poisandra:  "Do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti"  Poisandra stopped as a Vivix got in her way.  "Excuse me.  You in front.  You're blocking my view."  Suddenly a blast hit the Vivix and he hit the floor and vanished.  Poisandra turned around and laughed when she saw that it had been Sledge who had blasted the Vivix.  Sledge:  "Can you see now my dear?"  Poisandra skip over to Sledge.  "You are so sweet."  Poisandra turned around and faced the front of the ship.  Poisandra:  "Now for the finale.  Do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti!  Fire!"  Sledge's Ship fired several times at the spacecraft. It eventually was hit and began to fall towards a planet (Earth).  Poisandra:  "Woo hoo!  That was fun!"  Sledge looked at Fury.  "Bring me the Energems or I'll destroy you too!"  Fury:  "Yes, Master Sledge."   Fury left in his own space craft.  Sledge sat in his caption seat.  "Finally, the Energems will be mine, and I'll rule the universe!"  Later, Sledge walked through the cell blocks contained in the bottom part of the ship.  As he walked along, he went over wanted papers as Poisandra trailed along.  Sledge:  "The bounty of ten thousand space bullions."  Poisandra:  "Excuse me."  Sledge:  "After we get the Energems, he might be worth catch.  Maybe this one too."  Poisandra stopped Sledge in his tracks.  Poisandra:  "No more hunting down outlaws and collecting those stupide asteroids!"   Poisandra takes the tablet away from Sledge and begins to walk away.  Sledge:  "They're not stupid!  Those asteroids and outlaws are going to make me the richest bounty hunter in the universe.  And then...maybe...we'll get married."  Poisandra stopped and turned around to face Sledge.  Poisandra:  "What do you mean...maybe.  We are getting married!"  Poisandra walked away.  Sledge:  "Oh brother!"  Sledge trailed after Poisandra.  They entered the hanger area as Fury's shipped arrived.  Poisandra:  "I'm amazed Fury found his way back."  Sledge:  "He better have those Energems."  The doors on the spacecraft open and Fury announces, I've done it.  Keeper is history.  And now the Energems are all yours Master Sledge.  Fury kneels before Sledge as he presents the container.  Fury adds, your long search for the ultimate power is finally over.  Sledge takes the container and states, the entire universe will grovel before me.  Sledge opens the container and becomes furious as he yells it's a bomb!  The bomb goes off and explosions take place inside Sledge's ship.  Everyone within the ship is knocked around.  Fury jumps into his spacecraft.  A Vivix lands against the launch button and Fury's spacecraft takes off.  Sledge vows, I'll make you paid for this Keeper!  If it's the last thing I do!  More explosions rock the ship and the asteroids are released.  Sledge is furious - my asteroids!  No!  The asteroids fall towards Earth.

Many years later, Sledge's ship flies around the Earth.  Sledge walks through the corridor of his prison.  The prisoners make a lot of noise at his approach and Sledge yells at them to be quiet!  Sledge wonders which of his mangy, rotten, diabolical monsters can destroy me a Power Ranger.  There are numerous holding cells containing more than one monster.  The possibility of finding that monster is high. 

On Sledge's Ship, Sledge is furious.  Poisandra stands by, gently holding his arm.  Various Vivix are working on the ship.  Fury stands in front of Sledge and faces his wrath.  Sledge yells at Fury.  Sixty-five million years and you couldn't snatch a single Energem!  Poisandra adds, not even one!  Dreadful!  Fury defends himself.  Keeper gave them to dinosaurs for protection.  This makes Sledge even more angry.  Keeper!  That little creation that blew up my ship!  You haven't got him either!  You're about as useless as space trash Fury!  Sledge storms away as Fury lets out a small growl.  Moments later, below in the prison, the various monsters are making lots of noise.  A lone monster walks down the center as monsters yell, give it to me.  The lone monster yells back, keep it down or you won't be fed tonight!  Once the guard leaves, a mechanical claw wraps itself between two bars in it's cells and pulls the bars together.  The claw laughs as it escapes the cell and flings itself from the bars to the pipes above.  Sledge yells, oh no you don't!  Sledge fires and the claw is shot at and falls to the ground.  Unable to stay contained inside the claw, the rest of Scrapper's body appears.  Scrapper knows it's in trouble as Sledge walks towards him.  Sledge tells him, so Scrapper, you want to escape?  Scrapper quickly replies no.  Sledge hauls Scrapper to it's feet and tells Scrapper, bring me an Energem and I'll personally chauffeur you to any galaxy you want.  Sledge pushes Scrapper away.  Scrapper agrees to the plan.  Sledge growls as he walks away.  Later, in the woods, Poisandra, Wrench, Scrapper and several Vivix are facing down Shelby, Koda, Chase, Riley, and Tyler.  Poisandra responds, well, it's lovely to meet you too.  Not!  Allow me to introduce the most magnificent, inter-galactic bounty hunter in the universe!  Sledge descends from the sky and lands in front of his troops.  Poisandra continues, the one, the only, my future husband, Sledge!  Poisandra walks over and places her hand on Sledge's arm.  Sledge asks, this is a joke right?  You're the Rangers who destroyed my monster?!  Shelby responds, Power Rangers.  Sledge laughs.  Koda sniffs the air and then spots Fury, which he points out to Tyler.  Tyler sees Fury above them.  Tyler states, that's him.  The creature in my dad's journal. 

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