Bai Lai - Voiced by Josh Thomson
Carden - Voiced by Greg Cooper

Bai Lai and Carden were summoned by Carnisoar to Dai Shi's lair.  Bai Lai and Carden:  Who summon us?  They turned around and faced Carnisoar.  Dai Shi and Camille were there as well.  Carden:  Spirit of the Crane!  Bai Lai:  Spirit of the Crow!  Carnisoar:  Frighten the population.  Use their fear to energize a vortex, that will suck the city from it's roots.  Bai Lai and Carden:  As you wish.  Bai Lai and Carden immediately left to do Carnisoar's bidding.  Bai Lai and Carden arrive in Ocean Bluff immediately.  They sent several bolts of energy towards the citizens and they ran screaming in terror.  Their terror was feeding the beginning of the vortex.  Soon the Rangers arrived.  Bai Lai:  How cute, colorful fools!  Red Ranger:  Get ready.  Bai Lai and Carden stood in front of the Rangers.  Carden:  Wings:  Bai Lai:  Wand!  Carden and Bai Lai battled the Rangers.  Soon they split up.  Bai Lai battled Yellow Ranger and Red Ranger as Carden battled Blue Ranger.  During the battle, despite their protests, Blue Ranger leaves Carden to help battle Bai Lai.  this results in the Rangers being knocked to the ground.  Carden and Bai Lai grow to giant size.  The Rangers quickly form their Jungle Pride Megazord.  Even with the Jungle Mace, Bail Lai and Carden easily defeat the Rangers.  Carden and Bai Lai fly away in victory.  Soon, Bai Lai and Carden return to Ocean Bluff.  They attack the city once more.  this time only Red Ranger and Yellow Ranger arrive.  Bai Lai and Carden have an easy time battling the two Rangers.  Eventually Blue Ranger arrived.  Bai Lai and Carden are not worried.  Bai Lai and Carden are eager to battle Blue Ranger.  Blue Ranger has the Jungle Fan and uses it against Bai Lai and Carden with great success.  Blue Ranger also manages to close the vortex.  Bai Lai and Carden grow to giant size.  The Rangers form their Megazord.  The battle continues.  Soon the bat spirit arrives to help the Rangers.  Bai Lai and Carden fly away, but the Rangers in their Megazord pursue them.  The Rangers destroy Bai Lai.  Carden is buried beneath the rubble and the Rangers are unaware that he is still alive.  Carden digs himself out of the rubble.  Carden vows revenge on those who had destroyed his friend, Bai Lai.

Carden flew into the temple.  Carnisoar and Dai Shi were there.  Carden bowed before Carnisoar.  Carden:  Allow me to destroy the Rangers Carnisoar.  They must pay for what they did to Bai Lai.  Carnisoar:  Your loyalty and respect will be rewarded.  Dispose of them as you wish.  Carden:  Yes Master.  Carden flew into Ocean Bluff.  The Rangers arrive.  Carden had several Rinshi with him.  Carden battles the Yellow Ranger as Blue Ranger and Red Ranger battled the Rinshi.  Blue Ranger destroyed several of the Rinshi with his Jungle Fans.  Red Ranger called for his Strike Rider.  Red Ranger destroyed the rest of the Rinshi with the Strike Rider.  Carden continued his battle with Yellow Ranger until Yellow Ranger defeated him.  Blue Ranger and Red Ranger race over to Yellow Ranger.  They were thrilled with their success, but it was short lived.  Carden grew to giant size.  the Rangers formed their Jungle Pride Megazord and the battle continues.  Carden was destroyed by the Rangers.

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