Camille - Holly Shanahan

Camille emerged from the wall where she had been hiding for over ten thousand years.  She had heard Dai Shi asked where she was at.  Camille liked Dai Shi's new form and told him so.  Dai Shi referred to Camille as his lovely and asked where she had been.  Camille told him how she had been waiting for his return inside the wall.  Camille noted the Dai Shi had his army already assembled and the Mantor ready to go and attack the city of Ocean Bluff.  Dai Shi asked Camille to sit with him and talk as he sent out his army.  Later, Mantor would return.  Mantor had been defeated and the Rin Sin destroyed by a young man, RJ.  Dai Shi was not happy with Mantor and felt he should take his power away.  Camille relished the idea.  Camille told Dai Shi to take his power away and destroy the icky mantis.  Mantor began to protest.  Dai Shi decided to send Camille out with his army and Mantor, to show them how it's done.  Camille was ready to prove herself.  Camille transform into a human size chameleon.  Dai Shi laughed with amusement.  Camille, the Rinshi, and Mantor went into the city.  Camille enjoyed seeing the frighten citizens of Ocean Bluff and instructed the Rinshi to destroy.  Three teens, Lily, Casey, and Theo came running out.  Camille was not worried.  Two of the teens morphed into Power Rangers.  Yellow Ranger and Blue Ranger battled the Rinshi.

Camille, still in chameleon form, stayed hidden, lurking in the alleyways as she watched the battle.  Casey became angry as he saw the danger Fran was in.  Casey was able to morph.  Casey:  Jungle Beast!  Spirit Unleash!  With strength of the tiger, Jungle Fury Red Ranger.  Mantor had tossed Fran through the air.  Red Ranger leaped up.  Red Ranger:  Gotcha you!  Red Ranger had caught Fran and they landed on the ground.  Red Ranger:  Look, get out of the way.  I'll take it from here.  Fran:  Yeah.  Fran hurried away.  Red Ranger:  Right.  Red Ranger and Mantor battled.  Red Ranger used his fiery animal spirit as he battled Mantor.  Mantor went crashing through a building.  Yellow Ranger and Blue Ranger had destroyed the Rinshi, and now watched Red Ranger.  Yellow Ranger:  He's amazing.  Mantor:  You'll pay for that.  Red Ranger:  I'll full.  You're in for a shock.  Red Ranger blasted Mantor with electricity.  Mantor:  Now I'm angry.  Red Ranger:  Back flip.  Red Ranger did a back flip and kick Mantor as he came around.  Red Ranger:  Call to the beast inside.  Free the tiger!  Jungle Fury Red Ranger.  The tiger attacked and defeated Mantor.  Camille:  Mantor failed.  Red Ranger:  I did it!  I can control the power!  I did it!  Yeah!  Yellow Ranger and Blue Ranger came racing up to Red Ranger.  Red Ranger:  How did I do it?  Yellow Ranger:  I knew you could do it.  Blue Ranger:  I've got to admit, you're on tough tiger.  Red Ranger:  Thanks guys.  But it wasn't over.  Mantor got back up.  Mantor:  You think you could destroy me.  I'll show you what real power is.  I'm gathering people's fear and it's makes me stronger.  It makes me grow.  Mantor was now giant size.  Yellow Ranger:  Run!  The three Rangers took off running as Mantor came after them.  The spirit of Master Mao knocked Mantor and he went flying.  Master Mao then whisked the three Rangers away.  Camille was furious.  She nervously entered Dai Shi's lair and knelt before Dai Shi.  Camille told Dai Shi she had bad news, Mantor had been defeated.  Dai Shi roared his disapproval.  Camille was not surprise, she knew he would not be happy about it.  Camille left the lair and want to track Mantor.  She found him in the woods.  Camille was angry with Mantor and wanted to destroy him.  Mantor quickly told Camille he had a new plan.  Mantor plan to bust the dam and flood Ocean Bluff.  Camille smiled.  She like the idea.  Camille went back to chameleon form and infused Mantor with more power.  Mantor felt amazing and he went to his monster form.  Camille and Mantor headed towards the dam.  Mantor shoot out a few blades and it was enough to break the dam.  The water began pouring out.  Camille and Mantor were very pleased and they walked away.  Mantor was back to giant size.  The three teens were in the city, trying to figure out how to stop the flooding and the giant Mantor.  The three teens ran into Camille and the Rinshi.  Camille introduced herself to Lily, Casey, and Theo.  She was her to make sure they don't' get in the way.  Special orders from Dai Shi.   The three teens morphed.  Camille commented on the pretty colors and then sent in the Rinshi.  She watched as the Power Rangers battled the Rinshi with their new jungle weapons.  The Rangers destroyed Rinshi, but Mantor was more difficult.  Then the Rangers formed the Jungle Pride Megazord.  Camille was not happy.  She got a strange feeling in her throat.  Camille had no choice but to open her mouth and Flit flies out.  Camille is not happy to see Flit.  Flit watched the battle and narrates it, praising the Rangers.  The Rangers destroy Mantor.  Camille, annoyed, swallows Flit once more.  Camille is not looking forward to telling Dai Shi about the loss.  Camille returns to Dai Shi.  His back is towards her as she kneels down.  Camille gives him the bad news.  Camille adds the three teens are more powerful than they had thought.  Dai Shi tells Camille they don't know the meaning of power, but they soon will when he unleashes his fury.  Dai Shi turns around and faces Camille.  The new form that Camille had admired, is that of Jarrod.  Dai Shi roars as Camille stays silent.

Camille was in the woods with Dai Shi and the Rinshi.  She stood behind Dai Shi proudly as he faced the Rinshi.  Dai Shi:  I have to test my growing power.  Your challenge Rinshi is me.  Who dares?  The Rinshi stepped forward and Dai Shi battled them.   Dai Shi released the lion spirit and destroyed the Rinshi.  Dai Shi laughed.  Camille picked up Dai Shi's clock and placed it on Dai Shi's shoulders.  Camille:  Dai Shi you are so strong and so powerful.  Camille gave a small laugh.  Dai Shi:  Make yourself useful Camille.  Dai Shi walked away.  Camille watched him go.  Camille:  And so not into me.  I need a plan.  Camille went to the Native American Museum with several Rinshi and robbed the place.  They left among screaming people.  Camille:  I'm sure the Shaman won't mind if I borrow his powerful medicine bag.  A security guard came running out.  Security Guard:  Stop!  Thief!  Camille was slightly annoyed.  Camille turned around used her tongue to knock out the security guard.  Camille:  Arrrg.  Bad cologne.  Camille walked with the Rinshi and soon the Power Rangers arrived.  Blue Ranger:  Not so fast lizard lady!  Camille:  Oh, Power Rangers, how sweet.  Camille sent the Rinshi in to battle the Power Rangers.  Camille watched for a moment and then left.  Red Ranger saw her leave and went to follow her.  Camille and Red Ranger battled.  Camille went into her chameleon form.  Camille defeated Red Ranger and taunts him, telling him she thought Red was suppose to be the toughest.  Camille went to Dai Shi's lair and faced him as he sat on his throne.  Dai Shi told Camille that with every breath the Rangers take, she becomes more worthless to him.  Camille is not too fazed.  Camille calls a Rinshi forward and tells Dai Shi she has the powerful buffalo spirit.  She releases the buffalo spirit and the Rinshi becomes Buffalord.  Dai Shi is very pleased.  Later, Camille is in the woods.  Buffalord had been battling the Power Rangers, but had retreated.  Camille found him and asked him what he was doing.  Buffalord told her he was recharging.  Camille wanted him to hurry up, her booty was on the line.  Buffalord took off.  Camille went into the city to watch the battle, along with Flit who had appeared.  Much to Camille's irritation, Flit commented throughout the battle.  The Power Rangers destroyed Buffalord.  Camille is disappointed and slaps Flit to the ground.  Camille returned to Dai Shi's lair and he is not happy with her.  Camille is sent scrubbing the floor as Dai Shi watches.  Camille tells Dai Shi she doesn't know why she is being punish, it was Buffalord who had failed.  Dai Shi tells her she has missed a spot and if she misses it again, she will be scrubbing the floors of the underworld.  Frighten, Camille goes back to scrubbing the floor.

Camille was inside Dai Shi's lair.  She was walking along a hallway that had several chambers.  Inside each chamber was a member of the Five Fingers of Poison.  She stopped to look in on each one.  Camille:  Behold the Five Fingers of Poison.  an elite squad of venous warriors, each possessing a unique and treacherous poison.  Rantipede.  he can strike a hundred times before his opponent can respond.  Naja, the cobra, cold blooded and lethal.  It will take but one strike to conquer his foes.  Stingerella.  Her hypnotic dance lures her prey closer and closer, until she strikes.  The cunning Gakko.  Master in the art of the surprise attack.  And Today, able to ward off the strongest offense.  Not smart, but not to be underestimated.  Camille gathered the Five Fingers of Poison and they went to see Dai Shi.  Camille:  As you requested, five of the most dangerous warriors in your army.  Dai Shi:  go and spread fear from the highest roof top.  That will take my power to the next level.  The Five Fingers of Poison did as Dai Shi commanded.  Later, Camille would join the Five Fingers of Poison and Dai Shi out in the fields.  They were facing Lily, Theo, and Casey.  The teens had been stunned when they saw Jarrod.  Dai Shi had told the teens that Jarrod was gone, and he was filled with the evil of Dai Shi.  Casey had told Dai Shi it was bad enough when he was the jerk at school that had gotten kicked out.  Dai Shi told Casey that he will pay for that humiliation.  Dai Shi dons his armor.  Casey told Dai Shi that he beat him once, he'll beat him again.  Lily warns Casey that he has the power of Dai Shi, but this does not stop Casey.  Casey morphs.  They both call their animal spirits forth and then battle.  In the end, Dai Shi defeats Red Ranger.  Red Ranger demorphs as he hits the ground.  Dai Shi decides Casey is not worth his time and sends Stingerella forward. Stingerella injects Casey with poison.  Dai Shi tells them the poison is not fatal, but will cause a great deal of pain.  Camille, Dai Shi, and the Five Fingers of Poison vanish.  The following day, Dai Shi yells for Camille.  Camille hurries in.  Dai Shi is furious and tells Camille if she ever wants him to trust her again, she will stop Rantipede.  Rantipede has decided to take on the Rangers on her own.  Camille can't believe what that rat Rantipede has done.  Camille reassures Dai Shi that she will take care of the problem.  Camille arrives at the beach in the chameleon form as the Rangers battle Rantipede and the Rinshi.  Camille battles Red Ranger on his new Strike Rider.  Camille is defeated rather quickly as his the Rinshi.  Camille can only watch as Rantipede grows to giant size.  The Rangers have formed their Jungle Pride Megazord.  The battle continues.  Flit has appeared, much to Camille's annoyance.  Flit narrates the battle once more and the Rangers destroy Rantipede.  Flit unnecessarily tells Camille that she now has to tell Dai Shi.  Camille already knows that and is not looking forward to it.

Camille was inside Dai Shi's lair and blending into the background as Toady, Gakko, Stingerella, and Naja talk, unaware that Camille was right there.  Stingerella was holding the bag that used to cover Rantipede's face.  Stingerella:  Poor Rantipede.  He shouldn't have taken the Power Rangers so lightly.  Gakko:  I think it's rather funny.  A centipede has one hundred legs.  he should have use a few of them to run away.  Gakko laughed at his own joke.  Naja:  You shouldn't mock a brother warrior, Gakko.  Gakko:  What?!  Is that sympathy I hear?  Rantipede had his chance and he lost.  If it was me, we'll be celebrating a great victory right now.  Toady:  I'm sure we would.  Gakko was suddenly knock off his feet as Camille appeared before them.  Camille:  Well, thanks for volunteering.  Since you want it, you got it.  The Rangers are all yours.  Gakko:  Thank-you.  Gakko transform into monster form.  Gakko:  I am grateful for this chance to show my superior abilities.  Gakko began to walk on the side of the wall.  I will wreck havoc on the tallest building and when the Rangers come to the rescue, I will destroy them.  Camille:  We'll see...lizard.  But Gakko did not destroy the Rangers, he defeated them and told them to stay out of Dai Shi's way.  Dai Shi was very angry when he heard.  Camille followed Dai Shi as he entered the chamber where Gakko and Stingerella was.  Gakko had been about to tell Stingerella to tell Dai Shi, when Dai Shi walked in and wanted to know what he was going to say.  Gakko told Dai Shi he was going to destroy the Rangers.  Dai Shi angrily told him he had better or he will use his skin for a new pair of boots.  Camille laughed until Dai Shi turned on her and told her he would use her skin as well.  Dai Shi walked out as Camille told him she had done nothing.  Dai Shi told her exactly.  Camille followed Dai Shi out.  Later, Camille, Gakko, and several Rinshi entered the city.  Soon Casey and Lily were there.  Camille remarked too bad there was only two, but that would do.  Camille sent the Rinshi into battle.  Camille, Gakko, and the Rinshi battle Lily and Casey with ease.  Soon the Rinshi were destroyed.  Gakko told Lily and Casey they should be good and tired now.  Gakko told Camille to step out, that he would take care of the Rangers.  Camille gladly step aside and watch as Gakko battle Lily and Casey.  Lily and Casey soon morphed.  Gakko climb up the side of a building.  Blue Ranger suddenly appeared on the building as well.  Blue Ranger and Gakko battle until Gakko was knocked to the ground.  The battle continued until Blue Ranger defeated Gakko, but it did not last long.  Gakko grew to giant size.  The Rangers formed their Jungle Pride Megazord.  Camille watch from below, along with Flit.  Flit narrated the battle.  The Rangers destroy Gakko.  Camille was not looking forward to telling Di Shi of Gakko's failure.  Inside the lair, Dai Shi was very angry.  Stingerella, Naja, Toady stood in formation as Dai Shi yelled at them that he had never seen such weakness.  Dai Shi was considering taking them out himself and sparing the Rangers the trouble.  Camille laugh and stated she wouldn't have a problem with that.  Dai Shi turned at Camille and yell at her that she was not far from extermination herself.  Dai Shi storm off.  Camille is fearful.

Camille and Flit arrive to watch as the Rangers, in their Jungle Pride Megazord, battle a giant Toady.  Stingerella and several Rinshi were there as well.  Stingerella and the Rinshi left.  When Toady noticed Stingerella was gone, he left as well.  Camille yelled at him to stay and finish the battle, but Toady did not listen.  Afterwards, Camille finds Toady inside his chamber.  Camille asks him why the long disgusting face.  Toady is upset over Stingerella and thinks Stingerella doesn't like him.  Camille tells Toady that she is just playing hard to get.  Camille encourages Toady to be chivalrous, and that win her heart.  Toady takes Camille's advice and walks out.  Camille hopes that with Toady and Stingerella working together, they will be able to destroy the Rangers.  Later, Camille and Flit are out once more.  Toady had been destroyed by the Power Rangers using the Claw Cannon.  Now a giant Stingerella was battling the Rangers in their Megazord.  Camille watch the battle intently.  Unfortunately, the Rangers destroyed Stingerella.  Camille muttered figures.

Camille was walking down a corridor in Dai Shi's lair, when Naja popped out of his hiding place.  Naja:  I need to talk to someone.  Camille:  Well, make it snappy Naja, I have things to do for Dai Shi.  Naja:  All the more important that we talk now.  You may be the only one not blinded by the illusion that we are making progress with our goals.  Camille is shocked and tells Naja he is talking treason.  Camille and Naja battle.  Camille turns into chameleon form and Naja transform into monster form.  The battle goes from inside to outside.  Camille uses her tongue to inject poison into Naja.  Naja uses one of his talons to restore his life.  The battle continues.  Naja tells Camille that Dai Shi cares nothing about all that she has done, yet she does everything to protect him.  Camille insists she is loyal to Dai Shi and he will reward her.  Naja adds that Camille will pay for making him use one of his talons and then he retreats.  Camille continues to pursue Naja through the woods.  Camille and Naja battle in the woods.  Camille is knocked to the ground.  Naja admires Camille and lets her know that she is more powerful than he had anticipated.  With proper training, she could be a powerful warrior.  Camille tells Naja, for a traitor, he is very powerful as well.  Naja blasts Camille.  Camille goes flying through the sky and lands on a beach.  Camille reverts back to human form.  Camille is hurt, but she manages to get up.  As Camille walks along, she runs into Dai Shi.  Dai Shi can't believe that Camille has not destroy the traitor yet.  Camille tells Dai Shi that Naja is much stronger than she had thought.  Camille also mentions how Naja had told her that Dai Shi cares nothing about her.  Dai Shi is silent and Camille quickly adds that she knows that is not true.  Dai Shi tells her that she is his favorite. Dai Shi also adds he has a tip for her.  Instead of deflecting the bows, absorb them and become more powerful.  Camille is concern because it is dangerous.  Dai Shi tells her she will do this if she wants his admiration and his love.  Dai Shi walks away as Camille realizes what she has to do to win Dai Shi's love.  Camille doesn't waste any time.  She goes back to chameleon form and contacts Casey, taunting him that she is waiting for the Rangers.  The Rangers arrive at the beach where Camille is waiting.  Camille battles the Rangers.  Eventually the Rangers summon the Claw Cannon.  Camille takes blow after blow.   Finally Camille gets what she wants and absorbs their power.  Camille thanks them and takes off.  Camille returns to the lair and blends in as Dai Shi mediates.  Naja, Gakko, and Rantipede, whom Naja resurrected using two of his life talons, do not see Camille as they enter the throne room.  Dai Shi opens his eyes as Naja approaches.  Naja is ready to strike when Camille materializes and knocks Naja aside.  Dai Shi dons his armor.  Camille battles Naja as Dai Shi takes on Rantipede.  Dai Shi destroys Rantipede.  Gakko runs away.  Naja manages to get away from Camille.  Dai Shi sends Camille to pursue Naja.  Naja is on the run, but Camille soon catches up to him.  Camille and Naja battle.  At one point, Naja thinks he has defeated Camille.  Instead Camille absorbs the blast and then shoots it back to him.  Naja hits the ground, but he is impress with Camille's strength.  Camille tells him he can thank the Power Rangers.  Dai Shi arrives.  Naja tells Camille that Dai Shi has never thanked her for all that she had done.  Camille knows this is true.  Naja wants Camille to join sides with him, he would appreciated a powerful and loyal warrior.  Naja offers the life talons as an incentive, telling her not even Dai Shi can offer that.  Camille attacks and then destroys Naja.  Her loyalty is still to Dai Shi.  Camille catches the last three life talons and is happy to show them to Dai Shi, but Dai Shi is gone.  Camille returns to the lair.  Dai Shi notes that they need to move quickly, they had wasted a lot of time with Naja.  Camille tells Dai Shi that she hopes that she has proven that she is loyal to him.  Dai Shi demonstrates once more how little he cares for Camille by telling her that he hopes she doesn't expect to be thanked.  Camille's loyalty is expected.  Dai Shi storms out and Camille is left alone.

Camille is in the city.  Her monster, Pangolin, is attacking the Rangers.  Camille:  Never mind about those brats.  You're her to clear out the city.  Now get to it!  Pangolin:  I'm all over it.  Pangolin grew to giant size.  Red Ranger:  Zord time!  All the Rangers:  Animal spirits unite!  Camille watched and Flit appeared.  Flit:  Ahh, it looks like the fight is on.  All the Rangers:  Jungle Pride Megazord.  The Rangers and Pangolin battled.  Flit:  The Rangers form the Jungle Pride Megazord and are ready to rumble.  But the Rangers were having a difficult time.  Flit:  That creature's scales are tough as nails.  Pangolin:  Rolling the track.  Pangolin rolled in a ball formation.  The Rangers countered by using a spin attack.  Flit:  All this spinning is making me dizzy.  All that twirling.  Oh, I don't feel so good.  Flit fell to the ground.  Pangolin  knocked the Rangers out of their Megazord.  The Rangers were defeated.  Camille was very pleased.  Camille return to the lair and entered the throne room.  Dai Shi was sitting there.  Dai Shi:  The Five Fingers of Poison failed.  Camille:  Yes, they were a let down.  Especially that cobra.  My mother always told me not to trust snakes.  Dai Shi:  Enough of these inferior fools!  Dai Shi wanted Camille to get the Overlords' bracelets.  Camille smiled and left to do Dai Shi's bidding.  Camille got the bracelets and gives them to Dai Shi.  Camille becomes alarm when Dai Shi tells her he plans to resurrect the Sky Overlord.  Dai Shi is not worried, he has the lion spirit and that can defeat any mere hawk.  Dai Shi also wants a monster to wreck the city.  Camille tells him she has the perfect one, Pangolin.  Dai Shi is preparing to leave, but wants Camille to keep an eye on the Rangers.  Dai Shi senses they are up to something.  Camille and Pangolin go out.  Pangolin finds a perfect place to search for the earth plates and knows he can create an earthquake.  Camille imagines how proud Dai Shi will be with her and it brings a smile to her face.  Camille and Pangolin enter the city.  Camille wants Pangolin to dig into the earth to shift the plates.  Red Ranger and Blue Ranger arrive.  Camille battles them and has Pangolin burrow himself into the ground.  Camille then morphs into her chameleon form and continues her battle.  Soon several Rinshi arrive as well and battle Red Ranger.  Red Ranger uses his Strike Rider as Camille battles Blue Ranger.  Red Ranger destroys the Rinshi.  Camille has knocked Blue Ranger to the ground and is ready to strike when Red Ranger appears and tries to block the blow to Blue Ranger.  Suddenly Yellow Ranger arrives with the Jungle Mace.  Yellow Ranger stops Camille.  Red Ranger and Blue Ranger tells Yellow Ranger to go after Pangolin.  Yellow Ranger  uses the Jungle Mace to pull Pangolin back to the surface.  Pangolin is furious and grows to giant size.  The Rangers form their Jungle Pride Megazord.  The Rangers battle Pangolin.  Camille and Flit watch from the ground.  Flit makes his usual commentary.  The Rangers are having a difficult time.  Camille is pleased until she sees the elephant spirit arrive, which she thinks is unfair.  With the elephant spirit, the Rangers now have the Jungle Pride with Elephant Formation Megazord.  Along with the Jungle Mace, the Rangers destroy Pangolin.  Camille is upset, but happy Dai Shi is not around to see it.  Camille uses her tongue to snatch Flit and place him back in her throat.

Camille needed another plan to get rid of the humans before Dai Shi's return.  Camille sent for Slickagon.  Slickagon was late and made an excuse about his plane being late.  Camille didn't want to hear his pack of lies.  Slickagon was full of slime.  Camille wanted Slickagon to use his slime to get rid of the humans.  Slickagon was more than happy to do so.  Unfortunately, Slickagon would be destroyed by the Power Rangers.  Camille was talking to herself, trying to work out what she was going to say to Dai Shi about failing to get rid of the humans.  There was a loud explosion and then there stood Dai Shi.  Camille was thrilled to see Dai Shi, not so thrilled to see he had brought along a menacing friend.  The friend, Carnisoar, ordered Camille to call him Master.  Carnisoar pointed out to Dai Shi that Camille had failed.  Dai Shi was very angry with her.  Camille told Dai Shi she had been working on her own, and it's not like he had done any better.  Dai Shi had a bolt of power in his hand.  Carnisoar told Dai Shi to punish her.  Camille quickly hid behind a pole and the blast missed her.  Camille was not happy.  She wondered what had happened to the Dai Shi she knew and loved.  One thing was for certain, this new Master had to go.

Camille hid behind a pole and watch as Carnisoar and Dai Shi, in his armor, faced each other.  Carnisoar:  Focus the evil within.  Channel your power.  Carnisoar and Dai Shi battled.  At one point, Carnisoar managed to knock Dai Shi against a pole.  But Dai Shi recovered quickly.  Dai Shi:  Heads up Carnisoar!  The battle continue.  Eventually Dai Shi hit the ground and lost his armor.  Carnisoar:  Only when you are full of hate, can you defeat me.  Carnisoar was about to strike Dai Shi again, when Camille came racing forward.  Camille:  No!  Dai Shi!  Dai Shi looked at Camille, surprised at her concern.  Carnisoar was angry.  Carnisoar:  You pestering lizard!  You are a nuisance and a distraction.  Camille began to back away.  Carnisoar looked at the fallen Dai Shi.  Carnisoar:  And you are not powerful enough yet.  You leave me no choice.  I must call forth Bai Lai and Carden.  They will do my bidding.  Carnisoar used his wings to communicate.  Dai Shi stood up and went and stood beside Camille.  They silently watched as  Bai Lai and Carden entered  the lair.  Bai Lai & Carden:  Who summon us?  Bai Lai and Carden faced Carnisoar.  Carden:  Spirit of the Crane!  Bai Lai:  Spirit of the Crow!  Carnisoar:  Frighten the population.  Use their fear to energize a vortex, that will suck the city from it's roots.  Bai Lai and Carden immediately left to do Carnisoar's bidding.  Bail Lai and Carden soon were battling the Rangers.  The battle had escalated to the Megazord.  Camille and Flit entered the city to watch.  Camille couldn't believe it, but this time she wanted the Rangers to win.  But that did not happen.  The Rangers were defeated by Bai Lai and Carden.  Later another battle would occur and this time the Rangers would destroy Bai Lai.

Camille was inside the temple.  Dai Shi and Carnisoar were there as well.  Camille stood and silently watched as Carnisoar trained Dai Shi.  But to Camille it look more like Carnisoar was enjoying hurting Dai Shi instead of training him.  Dai Shi and Carnisoar trained.  Carnisoar knocked Dai Shi into a pole and he fell to the floor.  Carnisoar:  You'll have to do better.  Carnisoar walked over to Dai Shi .  Carnisoar:  Get up!  Carnisoar yanked Dai Shi back up on his feet.  Before Dai Shi could get his bearings, Carnisoar struck him again.   Dai Shi fell to the ground once more.  Carnisoar:  Is that all you've got...weakling?  Camille couldn't stand it any longer.  Camille stood protectively in front of Dai Shi.  Camille:  He is not weak!  Carnisoar:  You dare interrupt my training.  Camille:  I don't understand how this passes for training.  Carnisoar looked at Dai Shi.  Carnisoar:  Such disrespect!  Have you no control of your underlings?  Dai Shi stood up and looked at Camille.  Dai Shi:  Camille, that's enough.  You're out of line.  Camille:  But Dai Shi...Dai Shi, more harshly:  I said that's enough!  Camille stayed silent.  Carnisoar:  That's more like it.  Today's lesson...never tolerate in subornation.  Carnisoar looked at Camille.  Carnisoar:  And why don't you use your animal spirit to fade away?  You're completely useless.  Get out!  Camille cast a hurt look at Dai Shi.  Dai Shi said nothing.  Camille walked away with as much dignity as she could muster.  Camille went into Ocean Bluff.  Citizens took one look at her and starts to flee and scream.  Camille:  Usually your fear would amuse me, but not today.  Camille transformed herself into a blonde woman, dressed in casual clothes, in order to blend in more easily.  Suddenly Flit came flying out of her throat.  Flit:  What is this?  Halloween?  Your look horrible!  Camille:  I'm not in the mood for you Flit.  Buzz off!  Flit:  I hate to complain, but you eat like a supermodel.  Please eat something, so I can eat something.  Camille decides to take Flit's advice.  Camille entered Jungle Karma Pizza.  Camille scared away a couple of customers when she wanted to sit at their table.  After Camille is seated, she demands to have something to eat.  Fran hesitantly approaches her table.  Camille berates her.  Camille spots a slice of pizza on another table.  When Fran isn't looking, she uses her tongue to snatch it and eat it.  Fran caught a mere glance and thinks she needs to get her prescription checked.  Fran walks away.  Camille is examining the silverware when Lily approaches her table.  Camille recognizes Lily at once, but it is soon apparent that Lily does not recognize her.  Lily tells Camille that she gets grumpy when she is hungry too.  Camille tries to walk away, but Lily wants her to stay and try a new pizza.  Camille does so and then sits back down.  Lily guesses that Camille is new to the city and tells her she is too.  Lily reassures Camille that she will make heaps of friends.  Camille tells Lily how a close friend of hers let her down.  Lily tells her people makes mistakes and she should give her friend another chance.  Lily compliments Camille on her green shirt and tells her it really is her color.  Camille can't believe Lily is being so nice and asks her if she always this way.  Lily considers herself a good judge of character and believes Camille is a good person.  Camille tells her how her boss considers her worthless.  Lily responds that maybe Camille needs a new boss.  Lily goes to get a another slice of pizza.  Camille uses the distraction to leave.  Lily returns to the temple.  Making sure she is not seen, Camille enters the chamber which contains the remaining two bracelets.  Camille picks up one of the bracelets and comments it's time for a new Master.  Camille leaves the lair and begins her search for a new Master.  Camille reaches the coast and knows the new Master is close by.  Camille examines the bracelet and the life talon that she has brought with her.   She is sure Dai Shi will approve.  Camille walks down onto the beach.  Camille changes into her chameleon form.  Flit flies out and warns her to stop.  Camille is confident in what she has to do and swallows Flit.  Camille dives into the ocean and searches.  Camille soon finds what she is looking for, Jellica, the Sea Overlord.  There is a force field surrounding Jellica.  Camille struggles at first, but soon destroys the force field.  Camille goes over to Jellica's tomb, and places the bracelet and life talon onto the tomb.  Camille is thrown back onto the beach from the force of Jellica being revived.  Camille goes back to her human form when she hits the beach.  Jellica walks up to Camille.  Jellica is happy to be back.  Camille kneels before her and asks for her help.  Jellica is willing to help the lady who had revived her.  Inside the temple, Carnisoar continues to train/battle Dai Shi.  the doors open and Jellica walks in.  Camille follows her in.  Camille is very happy to tell Carnisoar he is no longer needed as Jellica will be Dai Shi's new Master.  Dai Shi walks over to Camille and asks her what has she done.  Camille tells him she ahs done it for him.  Jellica can take Dai Shi to the next level.  But Jellica has no interest in Dai Shi.  Jellica wants to train Camille.  Camille refuses as she considers Jarrod to be her Master.  Jellica uses her tentacles to wrap around Dai Shi and causes him great pain.  Camille becomes distressed and agrees to be trained by Jellica as long as she lets go of Dai Shi.  Jellica is pleased.  Camille races over to the hurt Dai Shi.  Later, Camille, Jellica, and Dai Shi approached the fallen Rangers.  Jellica had earlier battled the Rangers in their Megazord.  Jellica had knocked them out of the Megazord and out of the city as well.  Jellica had struck the Rangers with frozen good.  Yellow Ranger had managed to jump free, but Red Ranger and Blue Ranger were stuck.  Jellica wants Camille to finish off the Rangers.  Yellow Ranger tries to free her friends.  Jellica gets angry and strikes Yellow Ranger with one of her tentacles.  this causes Yellow Ranger to demorph.  Jellica tells Lily she will be the first to go.  Camille transforms into her chameleon form and approaches Lily.  Lily is still bound by Jellica and can't get away.  Lily is fearful as Camille comes closer.  When it is time to strike, Camille cannot bring herself to destroy Lily.  Jellica becomes angry and releases Lily and strikes Camille.  Camille goes flying through the air and hits the ground hard, going back to human form.  Lily races over to Camille and asks her if she is okay.  Camille tells her to go away.  Jellica announces there is no one here worthy to train.  Jellica walks up, ready to strike both of them.  Dai Shi, in his armor form, stops the staff from striking Camille and Lily.  Jellica and Dai Shi zoom over to the ocean and battle each other.  Camille leaves the Rangers and follows them.  Camille watches as Dai Shi uses his lion spirit against Jellica and defeats her.  Camille is proud of Dai Shi as she joins him on the beach.  They both face Jellica.  Dai Shi wants Jellica to train him.  Jellica wants to as well, which had been her intention all along.  Camille clarifies that it had been Dai Shi whom she wanted to train.  Jellica tells her she is a strong warrior, but Dai Shi has the potential to be the greatest evil of all.  Dai Shi bows before Jellica and reverts to his human form.  Jellica is ready to train Dai Shi.  Carnisoar arrives and Jellica taunts him a bit.  Carnisoar knows he is not needed anymore and flies away.  Jellica and Dai Shi start to leave.  Camille is following them, but Dai Shi stops her.  Dai Shi tells Camille she needs to go to the temple and keep an eye on things.  Camille is not too happy about this arrangement, but says nothings as she watches Dai Shi and Jellica leave.  Camille does not return to the temple right away.  Instead she returns to where she had left the Rangers.  Yellow Ranger is trying to free her friends with the Jungle Mace, but has no luck.  Camille, in chameleon form, arrives and frees Blue Ranger and Red Ranger.  The Rangers are stunned and want to know why she has helped them.  Camille transforms into the blonde customer.  The Rangers demorph.  Lily, of course, recognizes her at once.  Camille tells them she always repays her debt and mentions how Lily had helped her.  Theo is confused as to why Lily had helped her.  Lily explains that she didn't know it was Camille.  Camille then transform into her normal human form.  Camille tells Lily she would have helped her anyway because Lily believes deep down everyone is good.  Camille taunts Lily about being a good judge of character before turning around and blending into the scenery.

Camille was inside the temple.  She silently watched as Jellica and Dai Shi trained.  It was hard for Camille, as Jellica's training seemed to be worse than Carnisoar's.  Dai Shi had just outmaneuver Jellica.  Jellica:  You're doing well student.  Camille:  What do you mean he's doing well.  You're breaking his spirit, not raining him.  Jellica:  How dare you!  Camille:  I will not stand by...Dai Shi:  Silence!  Camille knew better than to argue with Dai Shi and backed away.  Jellica walked up to Dai Shi.  Jellica:  Dai Shi it takes not only physical stamina to master my techniques, but also it takes a strong will.  I am pleased to say you have both.  Dai Shi:  It is hard, but the day the Rangers are defeated, al the pain will be worth it.  Jellica:  yes and perhaps by the time you finish training, the Rangers won't even be around to bother you.  The doors opened and a creature entered.  Jellica:  I've brought an old warrior of mine to slice things up for the Rangers while we train.  Dai Shi:  And what will he do?  Jellica:  He will open a hole in the ocean floor that will cause total devastation.  The creature, Crustacco, was immediately sent out to the ocean floor.  Disturbing the ocean floor caused the ground to shake and soon the Rangers were at the beach.  Camille and several Rinshi walked up.  Camille:  Hope you're good swimmers.  But first, I have a little welcoming party for you.  Camille and the Rinshi battled the Rangers.  Blue Ranger:  Jungle Fans!  Blue Ranger used his fans to destroyed several of the Rinshi.  Yellow Ranger:  Jungle Mace.  Yellow Ranger destroyed several Rinshi as well with her weapon.  But the Rinshi were still too much for the Ranges.  Suddenly another man is on the beach.  The man battles the Rinshi with ease.  Red Ranger:  What?!  Camille recognizes the man, Master Finn, at once.  Master Finn destroyed the Rinshi and then gazes at the ocean.  The man manages to get Crustacco out of the ocean and the funnel is now gone.  Crustacco lands next to Camille and Camille is not too happy.  Camille and Crustacco leave.  Camille returns to the temple.  Jellica blames the failure on Camille.  Camille defends herself by telling them she would have succeed if it wasn't for Master Finn.  Dai Shi is upset.  With a new Master, the Rangers will be more powerful than ever.  Jellica tells them Crustacco has the ability to take over someone's body.  Dai Shi volunteers to protect Crustacco this time.  But Jellica wants Camille to prove herself.  Jellica sends Camille and Crustacco out once more.  Camille and Crustacco find Casey searching for RJ.  Casey morphs.  Red Ranger and Crustacco battle.  Red Ranger uses his new Shark Sabers to battle Crustacco.  Red Ranger is joined by Blue Ranger and Yellow Ranger.  They use the Claw Cannon.  Crustacco grows to giant size.  The Rangers form their Jungle Pride Megazord.  Camille and Flit watch from the sidelines.  Flit comments as the Rangers battle Crustacco.  Master Finn arrives and encourages the Rangers to use the spirit of the shark.  Master Finn is pleased until Crustacco takes over the shark.  Camille smiles as the shark attacks the Megazord.  The Megazord is knocked to the ground.  The Rangers use the spirit of the elephant.  Crustacco is defeated.  Camille is not happy.  Later, Camille and several Rinshi find the teens and Master Finn.  The teens quickly morph.  The Rangers battle the Rinshi.  Crustacco arrives.  Red Ranger battles Crustacco.  Master Finn is watching the battle when Dai Shi arrives.  Dai Shi battles Master Finn.  Master Finn is not ding well against Dai Shi.  Red Ranger defeats Crustacco.  Crustacco grows to giant size.  The Rangers form their Megazord with Shark Power.  Dai Shi is about to deal a fatal blow to Master Finn when RJ stops him.  RJ and Dai Shi battle and RJ defeats Dai Shi.  The Rangers destroy Crustacco.  After the battle, Camille and Dai Shi return to the temple.  Jellica taunts Dai Shi about the wolf being stronger than the lion.  Jellica then blames Camille for the failure.  Camille defends herself by telling Jellica it was her warriors' fault.  Dai Shi has had enough and tells them so.  It is apparent to Dai Shi that he needs more training and he walks away.  Camille stares after him.

Mog was attacking the citizens of Ocean Bluff.  Mog:  Yes!  Run!  Your fear makes me powerful.  Camille was there as well and she watched Mog with glee.  Camille:  Good boy Mog!  Make your new Master proud.  Flit appeared out of Camille's throat.  Flit:  What's going on here?  I take a power nap, and all of sudden, you are a Master?  Camille:  Well, technically, no , but when Mog destroys the humans, I'll be rewarded.  Flit:  Or, option "B", Mog will fail, and Jellica will make you an appetizer.  Camille took a hold of Flit and started shaking him.  Flit:  Aah!  Aah!  I fell like a milkshake.  Mog continued with his attacked.  Mog:  Run!  Red Ranger was in the air and gave a flying leap kick to Mog.  Mog:  Rangers, just in time.  The Rangers stood together.  Blue Ranger:  We're not afraid of you.  Yellow Ranger:  Come on guys, let's hop to it.  The Rangers worked as a team as they battled Mog.  Mog used his weapons on his body to fire at the Rangers.  Mog:  Maybe this will scare you!  Mog fired at the Rangers.  Blue Ranger:  Jungle Fans!  Blue Ranger blocked the blows.  Yellow Ranger:  Jungle Mace!  Yellow Ranger battled Mog with her Jungle Mace.  Then Red Ranger leaped into battle with his Shark Sabers.  Red Ranger:  Shark Sabers!  Mog:  See if you can handle this!  Mog grew to giant size.  Red Ranger:  Let's do it!  All the Rangers:  Animal Spirits Unite As One.  Jungle Pride Megazord.  Mog:  Come on, show me what you've got.  All Rangers:  Spirit Of The Elephant Unite!  Mog laughed.  Mog:  I'm not afraid of that.  Mog formed a shield around him as the Rangers attacked.  All Rangers:  Jungle Mace Spin Attack!  The Rangers broke through the shield and Mog was knocked to the ground.  Mog quickly got back up.  Mog:  Okay, enough of this.  Hey, try to catch me up here.  Mog jumped into the air.  All Rangers:  Spirit Of The Bat Unite!  The Rangers pursue and battled Mog in the air.  The battle return to the ground.  All Rangers:  Spirit Of The Shark Combine!  The Rangers destroy Mog.  Camille was not happy.  Camille entered the temple with the bad news.  Dai Shi and Jellica are there.  Camille defended herself, but it was not enough for Jellica.  Jellica attacked Camille.  Camille fought back and transform into her chameleon form.  Camille could not defeat Jellica and she pleaded with Dai Shi for his help.  At first, Dai Shi does nothing.  But then he dons his armor and stops Jellica from striking Camille.  Dai Shi tells Jellica that Camille can still be of use.  Jellica tosses Camille to the floor and she transforms back to human form.  Carnisoar flies in and he is pleased with progress Jellica has made with Dai Shi.  Carnisoar and Jellica use their power to bring forth the Shadow Guards.  Carnisoar wants Dai Shi to take the Shadow Guards and destroy the Power Rangers once and for all.  Dai Shi is eager to do so.  Camille, Dai Shi, and The Shadow Guard are outside standing on a cliff.  Dai Shi is ready for the Rangers and call out to them.  Dai Shi is enveloped in power.  Soon enough Lily, Casey, and Theo are there.  Dai Shi tells them he is surprised they had come and then dons his armor.  Dai Shi immediately attacks the teens.  Camille watches with satisfaction as Dai Shi and the Shadow Guards battle the Rangers.  Every weapon the Rangers use on Dai Shi, Dai Shi easily deflects.  Soon the Rangers are defeated and demorphed.  Dai Shi goes back to his human form.  Dai Shi is gathering power in his hand and tells the teens to say hi to Master Mao for him.  Suddenly RJ appears.  Dai Shi is more than happy to see the Wolf Master once more.  RJ asks Dai Shi if he wouldn't rather battle a Master than students.  But Dai Shi has something else in mind.  Dai Shi makes a deal with RJ.  He will spare the Rangers if RJ turns himself in  It doesn't take long for RJ to place his students ahead of him.  RJ agrees and then tells the teens they know what to do.  Camille, Dai Shi, and the Shadow Guards, who have RJ, walk away.  They return to the temple in triumph.  Carnisoar and Jellica re there.  Carnisoar tells Dai Shi he truly is an agent of evil.  Dai Shi wanted to destroy RJ in front of them as a gift.  Light heartily, RJ comments that he has never been a gift before.  Jellica decides to make an event of Dai Shi destroying RJ and tells Camille to ready the arena.  Camille wonders what will happen if the Rangers find another Master.  Jellica tells her that they have had help from the only three remaining ones.  There are no more Masters.  Everyone, except RJ, laughs.  Camille leads RJ to his cell.  Camille relishes the idea of Dai Shi destroying RJ.  RJ tells her that Jarrod has made a mistake.  Camille wants to know what that mistake is.  RJ tells her he has underestimated the Power Rangers.  RJ then sits calmly on the floor.

Camille returned to the cell.  RJ was standing up and he had his hands tied.  Camille opened the door.  Camille:  Hello Wolfie!  RJ:  Hey listen.  The hospitalities been great.  I'm gonna recommended it to all my friends, but is there an express checkout?  Camille:  Oh, you'll be checking out all right...for good.  It's battle time.  Camille lead RJ to the arena.  RJ's hands were untied and she gave him a shove inside the arena.  Dai Shi was waiting for RJ inside the arena.  Camille found a spot for herself outside the arena and watched the battle with great enjoyment.  Carnisoar and Jellica were there as well and numerous Rinshi surrounded the outside, all grunting their approval.  Dai Shi:  At last, I will be tested by someone worthy...a Pai Zhug Master.  RJ:  I'm not going to fight you.  Dai Shi:  Yes you will, and when I defeat you, the spirit of the wolf will be mine.  Jellica:  Now we'll see how our lessons have pay off.  Carnisoar:  Begin.  Dai Shi immediately became infused with tremendous evil and he sent forth his lion spirit.  The lion spirit attacked RJ and knock him to the ground.  Dai Shi was relentless in battling RJ.  Dai Shi rammed RJ along the bars of the arena and tossed him once more to the ground.  Dai Shi:  Get up!  Dai Shi picked up RJ only to knocked him to the ground several more times.  RJ lay in a crumpled heap.  Dai Shi:  Get up and fight me.  But RJ refused.  Dai Shi became very angry.  Dai Shi generated a great powerful orange energy ball in his hand.  Dai Shi leaped into the air and he landed in front of RJ.  Dai Shi put his hand inside RJ's chest and injured his wolf spirit.  With the blow to the wolf spirit, RJ crumpled to the ground.  Dai Shi watched him for a moment.  Jellica and Carnisoar decided the battle against RJ had not been worth it, but that they could use him to lure the Rangers.  Camille triumphantly walked into the arena and stood by Dai Shi, smirking at the pain RJ was in.  Dai Shi left and Camille would soon follow him out.  Camille, Dai Shi, and the Shadow Guards headed outside.  RJ was tied to a pole and guarded by the Shadow Guards.  Camille stood close by as Dai Shi called out and challenge the Rangers.  The teens arrive and promised Dai Shi that this battle would have a different outcome.  The teens morph.  Dai Shi donned his armor and the battle began.  Camille watched with pleasure as Dai Shi battle the Rangers.  Dai Shi unleashed his lion spirit and it knocks the Rangers to the ground.  Red Ranger gets up and becomes engulf in power.  Red Ranger goes into Jungle Master Mode.  Yellow Ranger and Blue Ranger do the same.  Camille is not happy and she sends down the Shadow Guards to help Dai Shi.  Blue Ranger and Yellow Ranger battle and defeat the Shadow Guards.  Red Ranger battles and defeats Dai Shi, causing Dai Shi to go to human form.  Camille races to Dai Shi's side.  Camille tenderly checks to make sure Dai Shi is okay.  The Rangers run over to RJ and untie him.  The Shadow Guards grow to giant size.  Camille holds Dai Shi in her arms as they watch the battle.  Along with their new Jungle Master Mode, the Rangers have three new zords.  The Penguin, the Gorilla, and the Antelope zords.  Flit appears and comments on the battle.  The zords battle the Shadow Guards and destroy one of them.  The remaining Shadow Guard absorbs his fallen brother's power.  Camille and Dai Shi get up.  They cling to each other as they continued to watch the battle.  The Rangers form their new Jungle Master Megazord.  The battle continues and the last Shadow Guard is destroyed.  Camille and Dai Shi are upset and leave together.   

Camille was inside the temple watching Dai Shi.  Dai Shi was battling several Rinshi.  Dai Shi destroyed the Rinshi.  Camille:  If you keep this up, there won't be any warriors left to fight the Rangers.  Dai Shi just grunted in reply.  Camille:  We're aren't without our tricks.  Camille snapped her fingers and Hamhock entered.  Hamhock:  At your service.  Dai Shi:  Keep the Rangers busy.  Hamhock:  Yes, Master.  Hamhock left as Jellica and Carnisoar was entering.  Hamhock almost bumped into Jellica.  Jellica:  Out of the way.  Hamhock left and Carnisoar and Jellica entered.  Dai Shi was not happy to see them.  Dai Shi:  What kind of Masters are you?  You taught me all you know, and still the Rangers defeat me.  Carnisoar was in disbelief.  Carnisoar:  You're blaming us?  Dai Shi battled Carnisoar and Jellica.  Dai Shi was defeated and knocked to the floor.  Camille raced over to his side.  Jellica:  You forget your place.  Don't make that mistake again.  Carnisoar and Jellica proceeded to walk out the room.  Carnisoar:  Still, he's right.  Jellica:  What do you mean?  Carnisoar:  We need to find a source of greater power to destroy the Rangers.  Hamhock failed and was destroyed by the Rangers.  After the battle, Camille entered with another Rinshi.  Dai Shi was sitting on his throne when they entered.  Camille:  Still smells like smoked ham.  Poor Hamhock.  But don't worry Dai Shi, Rinshi Porcupine has quills with special powers.  Dai Shi:  Let's hope he's got a good aim.  Go!  Porcupongo leaves.  Carnisoar and Jellica walk in.  They have a different plan.  Carnisoar and Jellica feel Grizzaka should be brought back.  Dai Shi is against the idea, he doesn't trust Grizzaka.  But Carnisoar and Jellica are insistent.  Carnisoar gives Camille the final bracelet for Grizzaka.  Carnisoar then gives Camille the life talon and tells her to be careful.  Camille glances at Dai Shi for approval and he gives a small nod.  Camille leaves.  Camille, in her chameleon form, finds the entrance to the cave where Grizzaka is.  Instead of gong in, Camille tosses in the bracelet and life talon.  There is a purple explosion, but nothing else happens.  Camille hesitantly calls out, but gets no reply.  Camille starts to leave, but is soon hauled back by an unseen creature.  Frighten, Camille tries to talk reason to Grizzaka.  Telling how bad chameleon tastes.  Camille asks Grizzaka if it would make any difference that he has been invited to the temple.  Grizzaka stops growling and Camille takes it that means a yes.

Grizzaka and Camille go to temple.  Grizzaka tosses Camille through the doors and she hits the floor.  Grizzaka then enters.  Dai Shi, Carnisoar and Jellica are there.  Grizzaka:  My old friends.  Camille gets up.  Camille:  I found him, Overlord Grizzaka.  Carnisoar and Jellica gathered around Grizzaka.  Dai Shi has turned his back towards them.  Carnisoar:  It's been ten thousand years.  Jellica:  It's good to have you back.  Grizzaka:  Really...liars!  Grizzaka attacks Carnisoar and Jellica and sends them flying towards the floor.  Grizzaka approaches the throne and bows.  Grizzaka:  I plead my loyalty Dai Shi.  Dai Shi turns around and faces Grizzaka.  Grizzaka:  Human...Dai Shi...within a weak human form.  Dai Shi:  I gave you life again, and now you will help me restore my great powers.  Grizzaka:  No human gives me orders.  Grizzaka reaches forward and yanks Dai Shi off the throne and tosses him aside.  Grizzaka:  Ten thousand years ago, you ruled us, and we were destroyed!  Now you're human, even weaker.  From now on, I'm in charge.  Dai Shi:  You've bitten off more than you can chew.  Dai Shi dons his armor.  Dai Shi and Grizzaka battle.  Dai Shi:  Spirit of the lion!  Grizzaka defeats the lion spirit.  Grizzaka:  You're strong Dai Shi, but not strong enough.  Grizzaka powers up to even a greater level.  Dai Shi:  What!?  He has Zocato power.  Carnisoar:  Magnificent, isn't it.  Dai Shi:  How did he master it?  Jellica:  It takes great skill.  Zocato power is extraordinary.  The power hits Dai Shi and he slams against a wall and hits the floor.  Dai Shi loses his armor.  Camille races over to Dai Shi's side.  Camille:  Dai Shi, are you okay?  Grizzaka:  Well?  Dai Shi slowly looks up.  Dai Shi:  Zocato.  If Grizzaka can master it, so can I.  Carnisoar:  Please Lord Grizzaka, teach him the secrets of Zocato power.  Together you'll be invincible.  Camille and Dai Shi are both kneeling.  Grizzaka:  I'm invincible without him.  Jellica:  But you will need his Rinshi warriors.  Grizzaka:  Wrong again.  My warrior will lead the Rinshi.  Munkeywi!  Munkeywi enters the temple.  Grizzaka:  I have a mission for you, Munkeywi.  Gather the humans' fears, so that I may grow stronger.  Dai Shi is not happy about this idea.  Later, Munkeywi returns and gleefully reports to Grizzaka, who is sitting on the throne, that the Rangers' Master has turned into a werewolf and attacked the Rangers.  Carnisoar and Jellica praise Grizzaka for accomplishing so much on his first day in control.  Dai Shi and Camille are still kneeling.  Camille glances at Dai Shi.  Dai Shi is annoyed, as he is the one responsible for RJ's condition.  Later, Munkeywi will battle the Rangers once more, but this time they have another Ranger,  Wolf Ranger.  Munkeywi is defeated by the Rangers.  Grizzaka uses his Zocato power to bring back Munkeywi and have him grow to giant size.  Camille and Flit are in the city to watch the battle.  Flit comments throughout the battle.  At first Munkeywi does well, and the Cheetah zord is hurt.  But the Wolf zord replaces it.  Munkeywi is destroyed by the Power Rangers.  Flit praises the Rangers.  Camille walks over and grabs Flit's head, telling him she will show him what she is made off. 

Camille and Dai Shi walked up behind Grizzaka.  They were outside the temple.  Grizzaka:  Zocato!  Grizzaka powered up and blasted some stone away.  Grizzaka:  Awaken my mighty guards!  Grizzaka used his power and blasted away some more.  Grizzaka:  Yes!  Grizzaka laughed.  Dai Shi was surprised.  Camille:  It's an army of statues.  Two of the guards awoke and landed next to Grizzaka.  Grizzaka:  It's time to destroy!  Camille glanced over at Dai Shi.  Dai Shi:  When I master the Zocato power, everything around here is going to change.  Dai Shi walked away.  Later, Camille enters a dusty chamber in the temple.  Dai Shi is already there, searching.  Camille offers her help, she knows the place very well.  Dai Shi tells her he is looking for a map of a nexus, the most powerful one.  Camille knows he means the nexus of the rhino power.  Camille is thrilled that Dai Shi is planning on putting Grizzaka in his place, and gleefully searches for the map.

Camille was in the throne room of the temple.  Dai Shi was kneeling before Grizzaka as Grizzaka sat on the throne.  Carnisoar and Jellica entered. Carnisoar was not happy.  Carnisoar:  Grizzaka, you promise us a great victory, where is it?  Grizzaka:  We'll get it.  My Barrakooza is battling the Rangers now.  Jellica gave Grizzaka a jar.  Jellica:  You ask for a spirit.  One that can possess a human.  Dai Shi stood up.  Dai Shi:  You're giving him my spirits!  Grizzaka laughed at the outrage Dai Shi and couldn't resist taunting him.  Grizzaka:  They're my spirits now, Dai Shi, and now watch what my spirits can do.  Grizzaka removed the lid of the jar and a spirit was released.  Grizzaka:  Ill winds, blow to the Wolf Ranger.  The spirit left.  Camille left as well.  Camille and Flit were in the city to watch the battle.  Flit:  Oh goodie, another fight!  The evil spirit entered the Wolf Pride Megazord and Wolf Ranger himself.  Camille smiled as the Wolf Pride Megazord began battling the other Megazord.  Flit:  Ohhh, the Rangers might have finally met their match, another Ranger.  Barrakooza left.  The battle created a huge explosion and Flit went flying.  Camille searched for him.  Flit!  Flit!  Where are you, you overfeed sag fly.  Nine thousand eggs, and I get stuck with the problem child.  Flit!  Camille did not find Flit.  She returned to the temple.  Camille had entered a hallway and noticed Dai Shi listening to the conversation of Grizzaka, Carnisoar, and Jellica.  Dai Shi was angry and vowed that he would not be push aside.  Dai Shi then pushed Camille aside as he walked past.  With Flit's help, RJ was able to rid himself of the evil spirit and the Rangers destroyed Barrakooza.  After the battle, Camille entered the dusty chamber.  Dai Shi was there and he had found the map he was looking for.  Dai Shi told her he knew the Overlords were plotting to get rid of him.  Dai Shi had to try and get to the nexus, it may help his Zocato.  Camille wants to come along and ask.  Dai Shi looks at her for a moment and then walks out.  Camille is heart broken over Dai Shi leaving.

Camille walked into the temple room with a Rinshi by her side.  Grizzaka, Carnisoar, and Jellica were there.  When she had entered, Grizzaka had quickly hid something behind him and Jellica step forward, almost has if to shield what Grizzaka was hiding.  But Camille had caught a glimpse anyways.  Jellica:  So, this is the Rinshi.  Camille:  What's that?  Grizzaka:  Is this the Rinshi?  Camille:  Looks like a dragons' eye.  Grizzaka:  Mind your own business!  Camille:  Okay, okay, find.  He has the crocodile spirit.  Grizzaka stood up.  Grizzaka:  Send him out to gather fear.  Go!  Camille and Crocovile left.  Later, Camille would enter the city and watch as the Rangers battle Crocovile.  She was not happy when Dominic morph into the White Rhino Jungle Fury Power Ranger.  Camille summon several Rinshi.  Rhino Ranger battled and destroyed the Rinshi.  Then Rhino Ranger battled and destroy Crocovile.  Camille was not pleased that Crocovile had failed.

Dai Shi had returned to the temple, been captured, and tossed into the dungeon.  Camille secretly went down to see him.  She asked him if he had found the nexus.  Dai Shi had, but you needed a control dagger to enter, and it was last seen with the Pai Zhug.  Camille had a good idea of who to ask where it was at.  Camille left.  Camille entered the city where Yellow Ranger, Red Ranger, and Wolf Ranger were battling Whirnado.  Hidden, Camille watched for her moment of opportunity.  It soon came when Whirnado knocked Yellow Ranger to the ground.  Camille, in her chameleon form, began battling Yellow Ranger.  Camille soon had Yellow Ranger in a hold and taunted her that Dai Shi had the control dagger.  Yellow Ranger replied that it wasn't there, or they would already been there.  Camille told her Dai Shi was on the way now.  Yellow Ranger told her the control dagger was safe.  Camille quickly concluded it was safe with one of her buddies.  Camille thanked Yellow Ranger for the info and left the battle.  Camille then tracked down Theo and Dominic.  They were in a laundromat, frantically searching for the control dagger.  Camille, in disguise, quietly watched them as she folded laundry from a dryer.  Dominic found the control dagger.  Theo instructed him to take it to the loft.  Theo was leaving to help the rest of the Rangers.  As they left, Camille couldn't resist smiling to herself.  Camille went outside and with the help of two Rinshi, pretended by to be under attack by two "hoods" close to where Dominic was.  Dominic raced to her aid.  The "hoods" revealed themselves and so did Camille.  Camille demanded that Dominic give her the control dagger.  Instead Dominic morphed into Rhino Ranger.  Camille, in her chameleon form, battled Rhino Ranger, along with the several Rinshi.  During the battle, the control dagger hit the ground.  Camille went after it, but before she could reach it, Wolf Ranger arrived and hit her with his beam.  Camille went flying and hit the ground.  The rest of the Rangers arrived as well.  The Rangers were talking and Rhino Ranger held the control dagger up in the air.  Camille used her tongue and snatch the control dagger.  Camille mockingly ask Rhino Ranger why he hadn't gift wrapped the control dagger and then left.  The Rangers could not go after her, because the ground had begun to shake and they needed to battle Whiricane.  Camille quickly went to the dungeon.  Camille told Dai Shi this was for him and silently gave him the control dagger.  Camille backed away as Dai Shi grinned.  Dai Shi used the control dagger to break out of his cell.  

Camille and Dai Shi traveled through the jungle to get to the nexus.  Finally Dai Shi spotted the nexus in the distance.  Dai Shi:  We're close.  Camille and Dai Shi continued walking.  They both hear a noise and turned around.  Sand snakes were coming towards them.  The sand snakes grabbed Camille and tried to pull her underground.  Dai Shi ran towards Camille and he grabbed her hand.  Camille:  Dai Shi!  Dai Shi lifted the control dagger to use it against the sand snakes.  The light hit the control dagger and the sand snakes left.  Dai Shi helped Camille up to her feet.  Camille:  Thanks.  Dai Shi:  They protect the nexus.  Watch your step.  Dai Shi continued on his way.  Camille paused for a moment and was pleased with Dai Shi's concern.  She then joined him.  They were walking when suddenly they were knocked to the ground.  When the smoke cleared, they heard laughing.  Grizzaka, Carnisoar, and Jellica emerged from the smoke.  Carnisoar:  Once we fought side by side, and it was you who brought us back to life.  Jellica:  But you have betray us.  Today shall be your last.  Grizzaka:  I've been looking forward to this.  Grizzaka, Overlord of the Land.  Dai Shi battled Grizzaka.  Camille leaped in to help Dai Shi.  Grizzaka:  Weakling.  Grizzaka tossed Camille to the side.  Grizzaka:  Come on Dai Shi.  Grizzaka sent a huge amount of Zocato towards Dai Shi.  Dai Shi used the control dagger to slice through the Zocato and defeat it.  Dai Shi and Grizzaka continued to battle.  Eventually Dai Shi hit the ground once more.  Grizzaka:  Now you'll pay the price for crossing us.  Grizzaka grew to giant size.  Grizzaka slammed his fist down onto the ground where Camille and Dai Shi stood.  Camille and Dai Shi quickly rolled away before getting hit.  Grizzaka was then attacked by the Rangers in their Megazord.  Grizzaka:  Rangers.  Grizzaka and the Rangers battle.  Dai Shi helped Camille to her feet and told her now was the time to get away.  Camille and Dai Shi hurried away and continued their trek to the nexus.  Eventually they reach the entrance of the nexus.  Camille is ready to continue, but Dai Shi stops her.  Dai Shi places his hand up and touches the force field.  Dai Shi tells Camille this is as far as he made it last time.  Dai Shi uses the control dagger to break through the force field.  It looks like it worked until a another force field hits them and they get thrown back onto the ground.  Dai Shi uses the control dagger to protect him and Camille.  The force field goes away and Camille and Dai Shi enter the nexus.  Camille and Dai Shi soon find where the control dagger is to be inserted.  Dominic arrives and tells Jarrod to stop.  Dai Shi is startled to see Dominic.  Dai Shi realizes of course Dominic would be here, he has the rhino spirit.  Dai Shi will have the rhino power.  Dai Shi tries placing the control dagger into the slot, but it won't go it.  After a few minutes, Dai Shi is thrown to the ground once more.  But Dai Shi feels different.  The Zocato is flowing easily out of Dai Shi's hands.  Camille races over to Dai Shi's side.  They watch as Dominic places the control dagger into the slot.  The Rhinozord is revealed.  Dominic morphs and then leaps on top of Rhinozord. Camille and Dai Shi follow Rhino Ranger out of the nexus.  Rhino Ranger arrives to help Lily, Casey, Theo, and RJ in their battle against giant Carnisoar.  Casey, Theo, RJ, and Lily watch as Rhino Ranger battles Carnisoar.  A little away from the them, Camille and Dai Shi watch as well.  Rhino Ranger forms the Rhino Steel Megazord.  Rhino Ranger inside the Rhino Pride Megazord battles and destroy Carnisoar.  Camille gives a contented sigh.  Camille is happy, but unsure how Dai Shi feels.  Dai Shi tells Camille that the Rangers had done him a favor.  Destroyed one of the Overlords and given him more power.  Dai Shi roars and his Zocato is overwhelming.  Dai Shi is very pleased.

Camille and Dai Shi entered the throne room.  Grizzaka was about to strike Jellica.  Dai Shi:  Go ahead.  Destroy Jellica.  That's always been your problem Grizzaka.  You destroy what you cannot have.  I'm here to take back my throne, before you destroy that too.  Grizzaka:  You dare to lecture me!  Your incompetents cost us the great beast war.  Camille stepped aside as Grizzaka run forwards towards Dai Shi.  Dai Shi easily block Grizzaka's blow.  Dai Shi then used Zocato and sent Grizzaka flying through the air and landing on the steps.  Grizzaka:  What?!  Dai Shi:  Do you recognize that power?  Yes, it's Zocato.  Grizzaka growled as he got up.  Grizzaka:  You're wasting my energy.  I have Power Ranges to destroy.  Dai Shi:  Good luck.  Grizzaka and Jellica walked out.  Dai Shi took his clock and placed it on his shoulder.  Dai Shi then sat on his throne.  Camille was thrilled.  Camille:  Home sweet home.  Maybe we should redecorate now that we're back.  Dai Shi:  Don't get too comfortable.  Dai Shi warns her that Grizzaka is probably planning on getting more power.  They need to stay on their toes, or Grizzaka will destroy them.  Camille has an idea.  Camille leads Dai Shi to another chamber.  The same chamber Carnisoar had been preparing.  Rinshi were still working and the three crystal eyes were still on the spokes.  Dai Shi was pleased.  Camille then told Dai Shi that was not all.  Camille had been doing the crossword earlier and had noticed the article about Dr. Jennings.  Dr. Jennings had the other five crystal eyes.  Dai Shi took the newspaper from Camille.  Camille knew what she had to do.  Camille went into the city and soon entered Dr. Jennings Research Center.  Camille was disguised as a photographer.  Camille followed Dr. Jennings into her office.  Dr. Jennings was telling her about their recent dinosaur discoveries and ask Camille which one she would like to photograph.  Camille replied that Dinosaurs were so yesterday and what she really was interested in was the crystal eyes.  Camille then transform into her chameleon form.  Dr. Jennings is terrified and Camille takes the case with the five crystal eyes with ease.  Camille walks out and easily deflects the security guards and in on her way out, when Casey spots her.  Camille battles Casey and the case hits the ground.  Dr. Jennings had followed Camille out and she is soon captured by the Rinshi.  Casey debates for a moment on what to do and then races to the aid of Dr. Jennings.  Camille laughs and takes the case and gets away.  Camille, back in human form, enters the woods.  Dai Shi is waiting for her.  Proudly, Camille opens the case and displays the eyes.  Dai Shi is very pleased.  Camille bows her head and then walks away.  Later, Camille is back in the city with Flit.  They watch a giant Grizzaka battle the Power Ranges in their two Megazords, Jungle Master Megazord and Wolf Pride Megazord.  Flit starts to comment on the battle, but quickly leaves when Dai Shi walks up.  Dai Shi confesses to Camille that he lost the crystal eyes.  Camille can only stare at him.  Rhino Ranger arrives and forms the Rhino Steel Megazord.  The battle continues with Grizzaka insisting he is the most powerful and will never be destroyed.  The Rangers release their animal spirits, causing a stampede and destroying Grizzaka.  Camille is happy to see Grizzaka destroyed.  Dai Shi is as well.  Dai Shi tells her it is the start of a new era.  Camille and Dai Shi walk away as the sun starts to set.

Camille entered the throne room with several Rinshi.  Dai Shi's back was towards them.  Camille:  They've search the entire temple.  Jellica must be gone.  Dai Shi:  No, she's hiding.  The Rinshi were sent out once more to search for Jellica.  Camille and Dai Shi could hear a pounding.  Camille:  What is that?  Camille protectively went into chameleon form.  Dai Shi got up from his throne and stood beside Camille.  The doors opened and in step three creatures.  Dai Shi:  The Phantom Beasts.  Jellica walked in and towards Dai Shi.  Jellica:  Correction, my Phantom Beasts.  I have been loyal to you for centuries.  Taught you all I know.  My training made you stronger and how do you repay me?  By hunting me down, determine to destroy me.  Well, mighty Dai Shi, it is you who is finished.  Jellica gave the command to the generals to destroy Dai Shi and the lizard too.  Instead the generals surround Jellica and destroy Jellica.  Camille and Dai Shi are taken aback.  The generals want Dai Shi to be their Phantom Beast King.  The generals summoned up their eight Phantom Beast Warriors - Sonimax, Dynamir, Unidoom, Rinner, Burgrat, Grinder, Osiris, and Lepus.  Dai Shi is suspicious and wants to know why they want to help after trying to destroy him years ago.  The generals tell him they realize had they sided with him, the Beast Wars would have been won.  Dai Shi wants the generals to prove themselves.  Dai Shi tells them to get the Masters.  The generals do capture Master Finn, Master Phant, and Master Swoop.  Sonimax had been sent into the city.  A giant Sonimax was battling the Rangers in their Megazords when Camille and Flit arrived to watch.  Flit commented throughout the battle.  The Rangers were not doing well and Camille smiled.  The Rangers called for the Elephant zord.  With the attachment of the Elephant zord, the Rangers began to get the upper hand, but not for long.  General Snapper, also in giant size, arrive.  General Snapper knocked the Rhino Steel Megazord to the ground and it was out of commission.  General Snapper and Sonimax battled the two remaining Megazords, eventually tossing them through the air with ease.  General Snapper and Sonimax left in triumph.  Camille was very pleased.  Camille returned to the temple and entered a chamber with Dai Shi.  Master Phant, Master Swoop, and Master Finn had been chained to the wall by the Rinshi.  The Rinshi now placed a crystal eye before each Master.  The three generals entered and each stood in back of a crystal eye.  Master Swoop implored Jarrod to fight the evil Dai Shi.  Dai Shi tells him Jarrod cannot fight against his evil, just as they cannot fight against the power of the Phantom Beast Generals - the Rinzin power.  The generals fired at the Masters through the crystal eyes.  The Masters are now under their control.  The Masters' Spirit Rangers entered the city and attack Lily, Casey, Theo, RJ, and Dominic.

Camille stood beside Dai Shi.  The Phantom Generals were in front of the Masters.  General Scorch:  Awaken.  The Masters awoke.  Their chains allow them to step forward.  Camille and Dai Shi were pleased.  Every move the Masters made were duplicated by the Spirit Rangers.  The Spirit Rangers were defeating the Rangers.  Wolf Ranger thought he saw his father's eyes behind the helmet and said Dad.  When Wolf Ranger did, Master Finn broke out of the spell.  Camille and Dai Shi were surprised to see Master Finn break the chains, and then slam Master Swoop and Master Phant against the wall, causing the spell to break for the moment.  With the spell broken, the Spirit Rangers vanished.  The Rinshi arrived.  General Scorch:  Take them away.  The Rinshi took the Masters to their cells.  Master Phant:  Take your hands off me!  Camille walked up to General Scorch.  Camille:  Where are you taking them?  General Scorch:  I don't answer to you.  Dai Shi entered.  Dai Shi:  Then answer to me.  You must attack again immediately.  General Scorch:  The fight has drained their spirit, Dai Shi.  We must let them recover.  Dai Shi did not like this answer and walked away.  Camille soon followed.  Later, Camille, Dai Shi, and Generals Whiger and Snapper were in the throne room.  The doors opened and General Scorch entered with Dynamir.  Camille bowed her head, but General Scorch still shoved her aside.  Dai Shi:  General Scorch, energize the Spirit Rangers.  General Scorch:  It's too early.  It could destroy them.  Dai Shi gave a threatening growl.  General Scorch:  As you command.  General Scorch had Dynamir go with the Spirit Rangers.   Eventually Dynamir would captured the five Rangers in his boomerangs.  Dynamir did not know that he had actually captured Lewin, Theo's twin brother, and not Theo.  Theo would arrive and use a device RJ made to block signals.  Theo used the device on the Spirit Rangers and they vanished.  The Masters were exhausted as the chains snap them back to the wall.  General Scorch can not believe what has happened.  Dai Shi is not happy.  The Rangers destroyed Dynamir.  After the battle, Dai Shi enters the chamber where the Masters are being held.  Camille and the generals are there as well.  Dai Shi is not happy.  Dai Shi faces General Scorch and tells him he hopes his generals are more powerful than his warriors.  Dai Shi storms out, closely followed by Camille.

Camille was inside the throne room.  Dai Shi was sitting on his throne and Generals Whiger and Snapper were there as well.  They were all waiting for General Scorch.  General Scorch finally entered.  General Scorch stopped in front of Camille.  General Scorch:  You'll bow when a Phantom Beast General approaches.  Flit quickly flew to Camille's defense.  Flit:  That's no way to treat a la...ahh!  General Scorch easily swatted him away.  With a fake smile plastered on her face, Camille bowed to General Scorch.  General Scorch approached Dai Shi.  General Scorch:  Great Dai Shi, the Masters are ready.  Dai Shi:  Perhaps this time you'll prove yourselves by destroying the Rangers once and for all.  Dai Shi and General Scorch entered the chamber where the Masters where being held.  Camille and the Generals Whiger and Snapper trailed behind them.  Dai Shi passed in front of the Masters.  Master Finn:  Jarrod.  Dai Shi paused.  Master Finn:  Think back to Pai Zhug.  You were honorable, virtuous.  You can be again.  Dai Shi paused for a moment and seemed confused.  But then the scowl returned to his face and he kept walking.  General Scorch:  Quiet you!  General Scorch used Rinzin power on Master Finn.  Master Finn was in a great deal of pain.  Dai Shi spun around and hit General Scorch with Zocato power.  Camille was just as stunned as General Scorch.  General Scorch:  You protect him!  A human!  Dai Shi seemed puzzled over what he had just done.  Dai Shi gathered his composure quickly.  Dai Shi:  Your outburst will weaken his spirit.  Don't do it again.  The generals got into position in front of the crystal eyes.  Dai Shi went and stood by Camille.  Dai Shi still couldn't understand how he had acted.  Camille was deep in thought.  Dai Shi's actions had puzzled her as well.  The Masters were hit with Rinzin power and soon the Spirit Rangers were battling the Rangers in the woods.  The battle was going well for the Spirit Rangers until the Ranger used the Claw Cannon on Shark Ranger.  Shark Ranger vanished from the woods.  Master Finn appeared to be destroyed as he vanished in a blazing light.  Bat Ranger and Elephant Ranger also vanished from the woods.  The chains yanked the two Masters back against the wall.  Camille and Flit entered the woods.  Camille and Flit walked out of the smoke and faced RJ, Theo, Casey, Dominic, and Lily.  Camille:  So you figure out how to destroy a Spirit Ranger.  Congratulations.  You've also destroy your Master Finn.  Flit had stopped to sit on a log.  Flit:  Oh no, RJ!  Camille was not happy to hear Flit express sympathy for RJ.  Camille:  Flit!  She grabbed him by the head and walked away.  They returned to the temple.  The generals and Dai Shi were there.  General Scorch:  Dai Shi, Master Finn wasn't actually destroyed.  His spirit was captured in the crystal eye.  Just as mine was for ten thousand years.  The starlight that could save him passed many nights ago.  He's trapped forever.  Dai Shi wanted the crystal eye hidden where no one could find it.  General Scorch summon Unidoom.  General Scorch gave Unidoom instructions to toss the crystal eye into the sea.  Unidoom left.  No one noticed that Flit had left as well.  After Unidoom had tossed the crystal eye into the sea.  (Unknown to him, Flit had caught the crystal eye before it fell into the ocean and gave the eye to RJ.)  Unidoom would then enter the city. Four of the Rangers arrived in the city.  The four Rangers battled Unidoom, Bat Ranger, and Elephant Ranger.  While the battle raged in the city, RJ and Master Finn had broken into the temple and were battling Rinshi.  Once the Rinshi were defeated.  RJ broke the crystal eyes, which released Master Swoop and Master Phant from it's control.  Bat Ranger and Elephant Ranger vanished from the battle.  The Generals reported to Dai Shi that RJ and Master Finn were attempting to rescue the remaining two Masters.  The generals were ready to stop them, but Dai Shi insisted he go.  Unfortunately, Dai Shi was unable to stop the rescue.  Wolf Ranger, Shark Ranger, Bat Ranger, and Elephant Ranger went into the city to battle Unidoom.  Camille was in the city as well.  Camille would love to have some Rinzin power for herself.  Camille summon several Rinshi.  Camille then transform into her chameleon form.  Camille and Wolf Ranger battle.  The rest of the Rangers battled and destroyed the Rinshi.  Shark Ranger, Bat Ranger, and Elephant Ranger then battled and destroyed Unidoom.  After the battle, Camille is walking down a corridor when she spots three Phantom Beast Warriors.  Camille walks up to them and extravagantly compliments them and their Rinzin power.  Camille asks if she can have a small piece for herself.  Sonimax and the rest laugh at her.   The idea of a little chameleon with Rinzin power.  The three warriors walk away.  Camille watches them walk away, but she hasn't given up on the idea of getting Rinzin power for herself. 

Camille was hostess once for "Blow That Dough".  A quiz show that the bad guys seem to favor.  Cheese McAllister is the host.  Casey, Theo, Dominic, and Lily had been dematerialized and reappeared on the show.  Their hands were handcuff to the podiums they stood behind.  Cheese was on the stage.  Cheese had introduced both teams, JKP and Monster Mayhem.  Cheese now introduced his hostess.  Cheese:  And let's not forget our beautiful hostess...Camille!  Camille walked up on the stage to applause from the audience and the monsters.  Dominic:  What'll we do?  This is nuts.  Camille:  Either you win or humanity loses.  The audience began to chant play the game.  Casey:  What choice do we have?  We play the game.  Cheese:  Dom...Buffalord.  Buffalord:  Ready!  Cheese:  Let's play "Blow That Dough".  Question number one.  For ten-thousand years Dai Shi was held in what?  Buffalord hit the buzzer quickly.  Buffalord:  A box!  Cheese:  Let's see!  Camille and everyone faced the small screen.  The screen showed footage of the Pai Zhug students training, Casey and Jarrod's conflict, Master Mao selecting them, the story of Dai Shi, Jarrod's angry entrance and the accidental release of Dai Shi, Dai Shi invading Jarrod's body, Camille's approval of Dai Shi's new look, RJ protecting Casey, Lily, and Theo and telling them they are Power Rangers, the three Rangers first adventures as Power Rangers and their Megazord.  The footage ended.  Camille was thrilled that Buffalord had gotten the question right.  Cheese:  That's correct for one-hundred dollars.  The monsters and audience cheered.  Cheese faced Dominic.  Camille waved goodbye to him.  Cheese:  Sorry Dominic, you've been cancelled.  Dominic:  What?!  Cheese pressed the remote and Dominic dematerialized and vanished.  The audience cheered.  Cheese:  Wow!  Now who's next?  Cheese quickly decided who would be next.  Cheese:  Alright, this next question is for Lily and Slickagon.  The question is what were the first two weapons designed by RJ.  Lily quickly answers Strike Rider and Claw Cannon.  Lily is right and the screen shows footage of both weapons.  Camille is not too happy that Lily got the question right.  Slickagon rolls up into a ball and Camille kicks him off stage.  Then it's time for the third question.  What are the Elephant, Shark, and Bat's Master's names?  This time it's between Theo and Pangolin.  Theo is ready, but he is prevented form answering by his buzzer malfunctioning.  Pangolin hits the buzzer, but stumbles with an answer.  The timer goes off and it's now Theo's turn.  Theo answers correctly and footage of Master Phant, Master Finn, and Master Swoop is shown.  Theo is pleased until Cheese informs Theo there is a penalty for jumping in late.  Camille blows her whistle.  Cheese tells him he will tell him what the penalty is after their sponsor's break.  When the game show returns, Cheese declares Theo's penalty is being cancelled.  Camille waves goodbye as another teen vanishes.  The next question is between Casey and Buffalord.  The question is who was the fourth member to join the team?  Casey answers RJ and footage is shown of RJ struggling with his animal spirit and then becoming the Wolf Ranger.  Because Casey answered correctly, he gets a bonus question.  Cheese asks where do the Ghost Masters reside?  Casey quickly answers the spirit world.  Footage is then shown of Casey, Lily, and Theo meeting Master Guin, Master Lope, and Master Rilla in the spirit world.  Because of the amount of money the JKP team has won, they have an opportunity to blow that dough on a trip to Hawaii.  Lily jumps at the chance to go to Hawaii and as a result gets cancelled.  Camille is thrilled.  Another questions is asked.  The question is who was the fifth member to join the team.  Casey quickly answers Dominic.  Footage is shown of Dominic becoming the Rhino Ranger.  The next question is what was the key to reviving the Phantom Beasts.  Buffalord answers the crystal eyes.  Footage is shown of how the Phantom Beasts were revived.  Cheese declared Buffalord the winner.  Camille applauds.  Unknown to Camille and Cheese, RJ has managed to send in Casey's morpher.  Cheese is ready to cancel Casey.  Instead Red Ranger grabs the remote and points it at Camille and Cheese and tells them they are cancel.  Camille and Cheese are dematerialized and vanish.

Inside the temple, Dai Shi is sitting on his throne.  Camille stands close by as does General Scorch and General Snapper.  General Whiger enters.  Dai Shi:  You have the Ranger's tiger spirit?  General Whiger:  How would you like to find out?  Dai Shi liked the idea of the challenge.  Dai Shi:  Yes.  General Snapper and General Scorch laughed as they stepped aside.  Dai Shi don his armor.  Dai Shi:  Ready tiger?  General Whiger:  Ready and waiting.  Camille, General Scorch, and General Snapper watched as Dai Shi and General Whiger battle.  General Whiger defeated Dai Shi.  General Whiger:  How's that.  Dai Shi revert back and was very pleased.  Dai Shi told them he was one step closer to becoming their king.  Camille bowed her head as did the generals.  Later, the process begins to Dai Shi into the Phantom Beast King.  Camille stands quietly by a column and watches.  Dai Shi is infused with Rinzin power from the three generals.  Dai Shi feels more powerful.  Dai Shi decides three generals are not enough.  Dai Shi wants Camille to become a general.  Camille is surprised.  The Phantom Beast Generals do not want Camille as a general.  But Camille has proven her loyalty to Dai Shi and Dai Shi insists on it.  Camille is thrilled.  She walks up to the generals and makes a small request.  Camille wants to have the spirit of the phoenix.  The three generals infused Camille with Rinzin power.  Camille is now a general and she feels more powerful than ever.  General Whiger sends Casey a mental challenge.  General Whiger waits for him in the quarry.  Casey does not show up.  Instead Theo, RJ, Dominic, and Lily arrive.  General Whiger is battling the four when Camille, Dai Shi, and the generals arrive on the cliff above them.  General Whiger defeats the four and then joins them.  Camille and Dai Shi show off their new armor.  Theo notes that Camille is now a general.  Camille and the generals battle the four Rangers and defeat them.   Camille, Dai Shi, and the generals leave.  General Whiger will return in the city to destroy Red Ranger.  Instead he is defeated by the Rangers.

Camille was standing next to Dai Shi, who was sitting on his throne.  Generals Snapper and Scorch were there.  Two Phantom Beast Warriors, Badrat and Rammer, were there as well.  Badrat was dancing around and Rammer was watching him with amusement.  Badrat was tossing around some dust as well.  General Scorch:  Badrat and Rammer will gather some humans.  We'll keep them here, so we can harvest their fear whenever we want.  We'll have never ending source of power.  Badrat:  We're fast.  Rammer:  We're a team.  Badrat:  We'll catch them, and shake them.  Badrat & Rammer:  And make them scream.  Camille:  Hmmm, they can rhyme, but can they capture the Rangers?  General Snapper:  In time, the dust will work on humans, but the Rangers have animal spirits that must be worn down before they can be captured.  Badrat:  No more dangers.  Soon you will have all the Rangers.  The doors opened and General Whiger walked in.  Badrat pranced over to him.  Badrat:  Hey Whiger, nice job against Red Ranger.  Badrat pranced away and Rammer walked up to General Whiger.  Rammer:  Not!  Badrat and Rammer walked out.  General Whiger approached Dai Shi.  Dai Shi:  General Whiger.  General Whiger:  Dai Shi.  Dai Shi:  You stole the Red Ranger's tiger spirit.  Even though he was weak, you could not destroy him.  General Whiger bowed before Dai Shi.  General Whiger:  I will accept your punishment, great king.  Dai Shi got off of his throne and stood before General Whiger.  Dai Shi:  You no longer need your Rinzin power.  Dai Shi then took General Whiger's Rinzin power.  Camille watched fascinated.  Dai Shi:  You're banished from the Phantom Beasts.  Leave here and never return.  Dai Shi laughed.  General Whiger stood up.  General Whiger:  As you command.  Unheard by Camille or Dai Shi, General Scorch was not happy.  General Scorch:  Why is he banishing a Phantom Beast?  Badrat and Rammer were successful in capturing lots of citizens.  They were placed in a cave like room, trapped in numerous rat traps hanging from the ceiling.  Badrat and Rammer had even been successful in wearing down and capturing Lily, Theo, RJ, and Dominic.  Camille, in her phoenix armor, entered the room.  General Whiger had lead Casey to where his friends were trapped.  Camille laughed at seeing them - a Ranger without his spirit and a Phantom Beast General without his Rinzin power.  Camille battled General Whiger and Casey with ease.  Casey would give some of his tiger spirit to General Whiger.  Now both of them had tiger spirits and unleash them on Camille.  The battle continued.  Camille was defeated and retreated.  General Whiger faded away.  Casey freed the citizens and his friends.  Badrat and Rammer would later be destroyed by the Power Rangers.

Camille had several Rinshi with her as she waited for a young woman to leave her work.  The young woman, Maryl, was headed towards her car in a parking garage.  Maryl had a briefcase chained to her wrist.  Several Rinshi begin to approach Maryl as she was trying to get into the car.  Maryl managed to get into her car as several Rinshi surrounded the car.  Maryl tried to start the car, but nothing happened.  Camille stood in front of the car and she was gleeful.  Camille:  I don't think your car will work without these.  Camille had a car part and then tossed it aside.  Camille walked over to the driver's side of the car.  Camille:  Hmmm, you can make things very easy on yourself.  Just open the door and hand over the formula.  Maryl shakes her head no.  Camille:  Bad choice!  Camille rips the car door off and yanks Maryl out of the car.  Camille:  Hmmm, nice bracelet, but it doesn't match your outfit.  Give me the briefcase.  Maryl:  I don't have the key.  Camille:  You're not making very good choices today.  Shame.  I guess I'll have to take your wrist as well.  Rhino Ranger came leaping through the air.  Rhino Ranger:  Camille!  Camille and Rhino Ranger battle.  Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, Wolf Ranger arrive and begin battling the Rinshi.  Red Ranger arrives on Strike Rider.  Red Ranger:  Strike Rider Cruise!  Attack Mode Go!  Red Ranger battle several Rinshi on his Strike Rider.  Camille was still battling Rhino Ranger.  During the battle, Maryl had gotten knock to the ground.  Camille:  Life would be so much easier without the Power Rangers.  Camille transform into her General Phoenix form and laughed.  Rhino Ranger glanced at Maryl.  Rhino Ranger:  Get in the car.  Maryl quickly did so.  Rhino Ranger faced General Camille.  Rhino Ranger:  Try picking on someone your own size Camille.  Come on!  General Camille:  Gladly!  General Camille and Rhino Ranger battle once more.  General Camille soon had Rhino Ranger knocked to the ground.  General Camille:  You disappoint me Rhino Ranger.  General Camille turned around and faced Maryl.  General Camille:  Now it's your turn!  Maryl quickly got out of the car and ran.  Soon Maryl was backed into a corner.  General Camille:  No where else to run.  I'm tired of this game.  Let's end it.  General Camille fired.  Rhino Ranger leaped in.  Rhino Ranger:  No!  Rhino Ranger pushed Maryl out of the way.  The laser hit the chain on the briefcase and it broke apart.  The briefcase hit the floor and went spinning towards General Camille.  General Camille grabs it.  General Camille:  Thanks!  General Camille vanishes.  Camille went straight to the temple and the throne room.  Dai Shi is sitting on his throne.  Generals Snapper and Scorch are there, along with Grinder and several Rinshi.  Camille rips open the briefcase and takes out a vial.  Camille:  With this cloning formula, I can turn one warrior into an army.  General Scorch steps forward.  General Scorch:  We can't spare any warriors for such a foolish scheme.  Dai Shit gets off his throne and approaches Camille.  General Scorch:  Dai Shi.  Camille presents the vial to Dai Shi.  Dai Shi:  Clones.  Very clever.  Give her a warrior.  Dai Shi gives Camille the vial and Camille is very pleased.  General Scorch recommends a Rinshi, but Camille tells him no.  The formula will only work on primates.  Camille needs a monkey.  Grinder tries to slip away, but Camille picks him before he makes it out of the room.  Grinder goes into the city and immediately clones himself when the Rangers arrive.  The Rangers are kept busy battling the clones.  Rhino Ranger takes off.  Camille finds Grinder hiding and scratching himself.  Camille arrives and tells Grinder to hide out by the lake.  Grinder is more than happy to do so.  Unfortunately, Rhino Ranger will find Grinder by the lake, thanks to General Scorch.  The rest of the Rangers would soon arrive as well.  The Rangers battled and destroyed Grinder.  The next day, Camille storms into the temple.  She is very angry and blames Generals Scorch and Snapper for deliberately sabotaging her plan.  General Scorch denies this, telling her her failure reflects on all of them.  Camille does not believe him, neither does Dai Shi who has walked in.  Dai Shi warns the Generals he had better not find out they had made Camille's plan fail or they will be punished.  General Scorch asks him if it is because Camille is a great General or because he has human feelings for her.  Camille was startled.  Dai Shi became very angry and is ready to blast General Scorch with Rinzin power.  Instead Dai Shi is unable to use his Rinzin power and falls to the floor.  Camille glares at the grinning General Scorch.

Camille had blended into a column and silently watched Dai Shi.  Dai Shi was pacing inside his temple and pounding his forehead.  Dai Shi  smashed a vase that was close by.  Camille now appeared.  Camille:  What's wrong?  Is it the Rangers again?  Dai Shi:  No it's...nothing.    Camille:  You're over wrought.  Camille gently lead Dai Shi back to his throne.  Camille:  Here, sit down and rest.  Dai Shi:  Where are Snapper and Scorch?  I want to keep my eye on them.  Dai Shi sat down.  Dai Shi:  They say they are loyal to me, but I have my doubts.  Camille:  As you should, I wouldn't turn my back on those two for a moment.  Camille sat by Dai Shi's feet.  Camille:  You know that I'm the only one entirely loyal to you.  Dai Shi:  True, out of all my generals, you've been the most trustworthy.  Camille:  I will always be devoted to you.  Camille placed her hand on Dai Shi's.  At once, Dai Shi began to lose control as Jarrod tried to take over.  Dai Shi:  Thank-you.  Camille was stunned and stood up.  Camille:  You have never thanked me.  Ever.  Dai Shi knew the situation with Jarrod had gotten worse and he was trying desperately to hold on the to the control he had.  Dai Shi:  I...I need to find the others.  Dai Shi stormed out of the room.  Camille silently watched him go.  Later, Camille had receive word that Jarrod wanted to see her in the woods.  Camille immediately went into the woods, calling out Dai Shi's name and searching for him.  Camille soon finds Osiris, Sonimax, and Lepus.  The three warriors tell Camille they have been informed that she is a traitor.  Camille denies this.  The warriors are ready to destroy her.  Camille transforms into her general form.  General Camille battles Sonimax, Lepus, and Osiris.  General Camille does well, but she is soon overwhelmed.  General Camille hits the ground and reverts to her human form.  Lepus, Sonimax, and Osiris are ready to destroy Camille when Dai Shi (really Jarrod) leaps in.  The three warriors assume it is Dai Shi and Jarrod lets them think so.  Jarrod is furious and is ready to punish the warriors for trying to destroy Camille.  Jarrod checks on Camille and Camille assumes Dai Shi really cares for her.  Jarrod tells her Dai Shi does not care for her, but he does.  Camille is confused and Jarrod tells her who he is.  Jarrod then transforms into his Rinzin armor.  Jarrod battles the three Phantom Beast Warriors.  During the battle, Lepus takes off.  Jarrod soon destroys Osiris and Sonimax.  Jarrod reverts to his human form and tenderly checks on Camille once more.  Camille is touched by Jarrod's obvious concern.  Jarrod helps Camille up and they head back to the temple.  When they reach the temple, Jarrod places Camille on the throne and tells her to rest.  Camille tells Jarrod that she would not have made it if it wasn't for him.  Jarrod vows he would never let nay harm come to her.  Camille smiles.  Then Jarrod clutches his head.  Dai Shi is now in control.  Dai Shi is not happy to see Camille sitting on his throne and yells at her to get off.  Camille, greatly weaken from the battle, stumbles out of the chair and onto the floor.  Dai Shi sits down and glares at her.  Camille is fearful and realizes she is not safe with Dai Shi.  Later, Camille has once more faded into the background.  She witnesses Dai Shi battling Phantom Beast Generals Snapper and Scorch.  General Scorch defends them by letting Dai Shi know they were concern for him.  this does not defuse Dai Shi's temper and he lets them know he is in control.  If Camille needs to be destroyed, he will let them know and he even plans to get rid of the weak vessel he is in when the time comes.  Dai Shi tells them the time for the next Beast Wars is near.  Generals Scorch and Snapper roared their approval.  Camille appears and she is worried, not only for herself, but for Jarrod as well.

Camille blended into the wall of a chamber and waited.  Eventually who she was waiting for arrive.  It was General Snapper tearing into his breakfast.  Camille came out of her hiding place and attacked General Snapper.  She knocked him aside and General Snapper landed on the floor.  Camille made sure he stayed there by climbing on top of him.  Camille:  Now I got the drop on your Snapper!  Now, whey did you try to destroy me?  General Snapper:  Ahmmm.  Camille:  Answer me!  Camille stuck her tongue out threatening to General Snapper.  General Snapper:  Okay!  Okay!  It's because you've grown too close to the human, Jarrod.  You love him and not Dai Shi, so we don't trust you anymore.  Camille:  That is not true.  I've always loved Dai Shi.  General Snapper:  Are you sure about that?  Camille got up.  General Snapper's remarks had struck a nerve with her.  Later, Camille arrive in the throne room as Casey confronted Jarrod/Dai Shi.  Camille stood by a column and quietly watched the battle.  Red Ranger told Jarrod/Dai Shi that he had seen how he had rescue Camille, something Dai Shi would never do.  Eventually Red Ranger defeated Jarrod/Dai Shi.  Jarrod/Dai Shi insisted that Red Ranger finish him off.  Red Ranger refused.  Red Ranger demorphed and turned his back on Jarrod/Dai Shi, giving him the opportunity to destroy him.  Jarrod/Dai Shi got up eagerly.  Camille watched as Jarrod and Dai Shi began the painful process of separating.  Jarrod separated from Dai Shi and Dai Shi was furious.  Dai Shi began punishing Jarrod.  Camille couldn't stand it anymore.  Camille don his phoenix armor and stood protectively in front of Jarrod.  Dai Shi was angry that Camille had sided with the humans and attacked her as well.  Camille soon reverted back to human form and landed on the floor along with Jarrod.  Casey used his tiger spirit to attack Dai Shi.  Dai Shi was defeated.  Casey helped Camille and Jarrod to their feet and took off.  Camille, Casey, and Jarrod ran until they were out of breath.  Camille smiled as Jarrod thanked Casey.  Casey and Jarrod grin at each other.  Camille is pleased.  The three are knocked off their feet by a blow from Generals Scorch and Snapper.  The Generals comment on what a sweet moment, too bad it didn't last long.  Before Generals Snapper and Scorch can strike again, the rest of the Rangers arrive.  After making sure Camille, Casey, and Jarrod are okay, they all face Generals Snapper and Scorch.  Casey morphs as Camille and Jarrod don their armor.  Red Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Yellow Ranger go into Jungle Master Mode.  The battle begins.  Camille, Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, Wolf Ranger, and Rhino Ranger battle General Snapper.  Red Ranger and Jarrod battle General Scorch.  At one point of the battle, Yellow Ranger is knocked to the ground.  Camille stands protectively in front of Yellow Ranger and blocks the blows.  Camille, Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, Wolf Ranger, and Rhino Ranger destroy General Snapper.  Red Ranger and Jarrod release their tiger and lion spirits on General Scorch.  Camille, Jarrod, and the Rangers all gather together.  They assume General Scorch is destroyed, but they soon find out General Scorch is not destroyed as he grows to giant size.  The zords are summon, including the lion and chameleon zords.  The Megazord is formed.  Camille, Jarrod, and all the Rangers are in the Megazord and the battle continues.  It is difficult, but eventually they defeat General Scorch.  After the battle, everyone is thrilled with their victory and there are a lot of hugs.  Casey gets his Master Stripes and is thrilled.  Jarrod kneels before Casey and tell shim he is ready for his punishment.  Camille glances over at Casey, wondering what he is going to do.  Casey tell shim there is no punishment and adds that they need them to save humanity.  Jarrod get sup and asks them haven't they done enough.  Jarrod, leading Camille, walks away.

Jarrod leads Camille to the forbidden room at the Pai Zhug academy.  Camille:  What are we doing here?  Jarrod:  I want to get as far away from everyone as possible.  So I can't hurt anyone else.  Camille:  Dai Shi lead many down his dark path.  Maybe it's not too late for us to change.  Jarrod:  Change?  You mean back to the way I was before, a mean-spirited bully?  No.  There's no chance left for me.  Camille:  Don't say that.  I've seen the real Jarrod, and he's not evil.  Jarrod refused to listen to Camille, but Camille kept trying.  Camille:  Okay, so you weren't the nicest kid on the block.  I wasn't either.  I know we can turn things around if we try.  Jarrod:  I told you, it's too late for me.  Lily, Casey, and Theo came running down the stairs and entered the room.  Casey:  No!  You're wrong Jarrod.  It's never too late to start over.  Theo:  And whatever happen in the past, the fact is that we need you now.  Lily:  The human race needs you.  But Jarrod was not convince and told them after everything he had done with the lion spirit, he is never releasing it again.  Casey's, Theo's, and Lily's morphers go off and they take off.  Camille is disappointed and bows her head.  Camille and Jarrod sit on a bench, their backs towards each other.  It is silent.  Later, Flit buzzes in and tells them Dai Shi has gone to dragon form.  The Rangers are having a difficult time and they need their help.  Jarrod still refuses.  Camille is disappointed, but she is determined as well.  Camille tells them that once the Yellow Ranger had told her she had some good in her.  Camille is going to prove her right.  Camille stands up and is ready to leave.  Camille asks Jarrod if he is coming, but she gets no answer.  Camille climbs up and the stairs and leaves.  Camille, in her chameleon armor, arrives on the battle field and blocks Dai Shi's blow towards Red Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Yellow Ranger.  Camille tells them she wants to help and they are more than glad to have her help.  Camille joins the Rangers in their battle against Dai Shi.  Wolf Ranger and Rhino Ranger form tow of the Megazords and they battle Dai Shi with the Megazords.  Despite their best efforts, Dai Shi defeats them.  Wolf Ranger and Rhino Ranger are ejected from their Megazords, hit the ground and demorph.  The Rangers need to weaken Dai Shi.  Jarrod arrives and is ready to weaken Dai Shi - after all Pai Zhug have to stick together.  Jarrod dons his armor and confronts Dai Shi.  Dai Shi swallows him and it does make Dai Shi weaker.  Master Mao tells them only the chosen protectors can destroy Dai Shi.  Blue Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Red Ranger demorph.  Theo, Lily, and Casey use their energy to summon a higher level than ever achieve by student or Master.  A powerful ball of energy is directed towards Dai Shi and Dai Shi is destroyed.  Everyone is joyful and there a lot of hugging.  In the midst of the celebration, Jarrod, still in his armor, hits the ground.  Jarrod loses his armor.  Camille is concern and loses her armor as she races over and asks him if he is okay.  Jarrod, with a smile, tells Camille that he is more than okay, he is good.  Camille smiles back and gently places her hand on the side of Jarrod's head and gives him a gentle caress.  Casey is now a Master at Pai Zhug academy.  Casey is teaching students the tiger technique.  His students include Camille and Jarrod, who are in the beginners' class.  One of the younger kids asks Camille and Jarrod if they aren't a little too old to be in a beginner's class.  Jarrod remarks that it is never too late to start over.  Camille adds so true and Camille and Jarrod smile at each other.  Casey has to go, but he wants his friend Jarrod to take over the class.  Jarrod quickly gets Casey a towel before Casey leaves.  Jarrod begins teaching the class the lion technique.

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