Carnisoar, Sky Overlord - Voiced by Cameron Rhodes

Carnisoar was released from his tomb by Dai Shi.  Carnisoar soar into the sky.  Carnisoar:  I am Carnisoar, Sky Overlord.  Carnisoar landed on the ground and faced Dai Shi.  Carnisoar:  What is it you want, young warrior?  Dai Shi:  to test you.  I call forth the spirit of the mighty lion.  The lion spirit attacked Carnisoar.  Carnisoar stopped the lion spirit and it vanished.  Carnisoar:  You cannot defeat me.  Dai Shi:  I'm not done trying.  Carnisoar and Dai Shi battled.  Carnisoar:  You better try harder.  Dai Shi generated flames as he power himself even more.  Dai Shi:  Black lion lunge.  But it was not enough.  Carnisoar blasted Dai Shi and he hit the ground.  Carnisoar:  Done yet?  Dai Shi:  Not until you've felt my full force.  Dai Shi used all of his power against Carnisoar, and Dai Shi was defeated.  Dai Shi lost his armor as he hit the ground.  Dai Shi asked Carnisoar if he would train him.  Dai Shi wants to know why he has continued to fail.  Carnisoar tells him it is because he still has a human heart.  In order for Dai Shi to become completely evil, all humanity must be erased from him.  Carnisoar takes Dai Shi's arm and they transport back to Jarrod's past.  Their first stop is Jarrod's grammar school.  they see Jarrod as a young boy.  Dai Shi explains how there was going to be a test and one of the students had stolen the answers.  The student had asked Jarrod to take a peek, but Jarrod had refused.  When Carnisoar asks him why, Dai Shi tells him because cheating is wrong.  Carnisoar point out if he had cheated, he wouldn't have failed.  Carnisoar uses his power and changes the scenario.  This time Jarrod walks up to the students and studies the answers to the test.  A bit of humanity is erased from Dai Shi's human heart.  Next, Carnisoar and Dai Shi are at a farm house.  Dai Shi recognizes the family before him as the Fishers.  The Fishers had been kind to young Jarrod, who had lived down the street.  Jarrod's parents did not have much time for him and Jarrod often found himself at the Fishers instead.  Jarrod had even raised money to save the Fishers' home when Mr. Fisher had lost his job.  Carnisoar changes all that, despite Dai Shi's protests.  Carnisoar changes the past so that Jarrod never raised any money.  The Fishers are gone and their home in shambles.  Dai Shi loses more of his humanity.  There is one more stop for them.  This time it's at a playground.  Jarrod is getting beaten up by several other school boys.  Dai Shi has had enough and wants to leave.  Carnisoar asks why Jarrod had not defended himself, he already knew kung fu.  Dai Shi replies their code was to never hurt a lesser opponent.  Dai Shi wants to keep the code.  Carnisoar points out he no longer keeps the code now, why keep it as a child.  Carnisoar changes Jarrod's past once more.  This time Jarrod defends himself and defeats several of the now terrified boys.  Young Jarrod and Dai Shi both roar as more evil consumes them.  Carnisoar and Dai Shi entered Dai Shi's lair.  Camille is there.  Camille is happy to see Dai Shi, not happy that he has brought along menacing friend.  Carnisoar tells Camille to call him Master.  Carnisoar points out that Camille had failed and should be punished.  Camille claims she was working on her own and Dai Shi hasn't done any better.  Dai Shi has a powerful bolt of power in his hand.  Camille quickly takes refuge behind a pole as the power blasts misses her.  Carnisoar tells Dai Shi to forget about the underling, they need to start on his training.

Carnisoar and Dai Shi, in his armor, faced each other.  Carnisoar:  Focus the evil within.  Channel your power.  Carnisoar and Dai Shi battled.  At one point, Carnisoar managed to knock Dai Shi against a pole.  But Dai Shi recovered quickly.  Dai Shi:  Heads up Carnisoar!  The battle continue.  Eventually Dai Shi hit the ground and lost his armor.  Carnisoar:  Only when you are full of hate, can you defeat me.  Carnisoar was about to strike Dai Shi again, when Camille came racing forward.  Camille:  No!  Dai Shi!  Dai Shi looked at Camille, surprised at her concern.  Carnisoar was angry.  Carnisoar:  You pestering lizard!  You are a nuisance and a distraction.  Carnisoar looked at the fallen Dai Shi.  Carnisoar:  And you are not powerful enough yet.  You leave me no choice.  I must call forth Bai Lai and Carden.  They will do my bidding.  Carnisoar used his wings to communicate.  Soon Bai Lai and Carden were inside the lair.  Bai Lai & Carden:  Who summon us?  Bai Lai and Carden faced Carnisoar.  Carden:  Spirit of the Crane!  Bai Lai:  Spirit of the Crow!  Carnisoar:  Frighten the population.  Use their fear to energize a vortex, that will suck the city from it's roots.  Bai Lai and Carden immediately left to do Carnisoar's bidding.  Unfortunately, they would eventually fail and Bai Lai would be destroyed by the Rangers.

Carnisoar and Dai Shi were training.  Camille stood close by and quietly watched.  Carnisoar knocked Dai Shi into a pole.  Carnisoar:  You'll have to do better.  Dai Shi had fallen to the floor.  Carnisoar:  Get up!  Carnisoar yanked Dai Shi to his feet.  Before Dai Shi could get his bearings, Carnisoar knocked Dai Shi to the floor once more.  Carnisoar:  Is that all you've got...weakling?  Camille stood protectively in front of Dai Shi.  Camille:  he is not weak!  Carnisoar:  You care interrupt my training.  Camille:  I don't understand how this passes for training.  Carnisoar looked over at Dai Shi.  Carnisoar:  Such disrespect!  Have you no control of your underlings?  Dai Shi stood up.  Dai Shi:  Camille, that's enough.  You're out of line.  Camille:  But Dai Shi...Dai Shi, more harshly:  I said that's enough!  Carnisoar:  That's more like it.  Today's lesson, never tolerate in subornation.  Carnisoar looked at Camille.  Carnisoar:  And why don't you use your animal spirit to fade away?  You're completely useless.  Get out!  Camille cast a hurt look at Dai Shi, who said nothing.  Camille then walked out.  Carden quickly flew in and bowed to Carnisoar:  Carden:  Allow me to destroy the Rangers Carnisoar.  They must pay for what they did to Bai Lai.  Carnisoar:  Your loyalty and respect will be rewarded.  Dispose of them as you wish.  Carden:  Yes, Master.  Later, Carnisoar continues with his training of Dai Shi.  Dai Shi is still having a difficult time against Carnisoar.  The doors open and a creature walks in.  Dai Shi demands to know who she is and what she is doing here.  Carnisoar recognizes Jellica at once.  Jellica explains a brave young woman revived her.  Camille walks in.  Camille is very happy to tell Carnisoar he is no longer needed as Jellica will be Dai Shi's new Master.  Dai Shi walks over to Camille and asks her what has she done.  Camille tells him she has done it for him.  Jellica can take him to the next level.  But Jellica has no interest in Dai Shi.  Jellica wants to train Camille.  Camille refuses.  Jellica uses her tentacles to wrap around Dai Shi and causes him great pain.  Camille becomes distressed and agrees to be trained by Jellica as long as she lets go of Dai Shi.  Jellica does so and is pleased.  Camille races over to the hurt Dai Shi.  Jellica immediately engages the Rangers in battle and wants Camille to finish them off.  But Camille cannot bring herself to destroy Lily.  Jellica becomes angry.  Dai Shi proves himself to Jellica by battling her and using his lion spirit.  Jellica becomes Dai Shi's new Master.  Carnisoar flies above them.  Jellica taunts him a bit.  Carnisoar can see he is no longer needed and flies away.

Carnisoar flew into the temple.  Jellica, Dai Shi, and Camille are there.  Carnisoar is pleased with the progress Jellica has made with Dai Shi.  Carnisoar and Jellica use their power to bring forth the Shadow Guards.  Carnisoar wants Dai Shi to take the Shadow Guards and destroy the Power Rangers once and for all.  Later, Dai Shi proudly enters trailed by Camille, the Shadow Guards and RJ.  Dai Shi approaches Carnisoar and Jellica.  Carnisoar tells Dai Shi he truly is an agent of evil.  Dai Shi wants to destroy RJ in front of them as a gift.  Light heartily, RJ comments that he has never been a gift before.  Jellica decides to make an event of Dai Shi destroying RJ and tells Camille to ready the arena.  Camille wonders what will happen if the Ranges find another Master.  Jellica tells her that they have had help from the only three remaining ones.  There are no more Masters.  Everyone, except RJ, laughs.

Carnisoar and Jellica walked up to the arena.  It was already surrounded by numerous Rinshi excited over the upcoming battle.  Inside Dai Shi paced, waiting for RJ.  Camille walked up with RJ and shoved him inside.  Dai Shi:  At last, I will be tested by someone worthy...a Pai Zhug Master.  RJ:  I'm not going to fight you.  Dai Shi:  Yes you will, and when I defeat you, the spirit of the wolf will be mine.  Jellica:  Now we'll see how our lessons have pay off.  Carnisoar:  Begin.  Dai Shi infuses himself with tremendous power and he sends forth his lion spirit.  The lion spirit attacks RJ and knocks him to the ground.  Dai Shi picks up RJ and rams him along the bars of the arena.  Dai Shi knocks RJ to the ground.  Dai Shi:  Get up!  Dai Shi picks up RJ, only to toss him to the ground several more times.  Dai Shi:  Get up and fight me.  Dai Shi is angry that RJ is refusing to release his wolf spirit.  With a great ball of orange energy, Dai Shi leaps towards RJ and then sticks his hand inside RJ's chest.  Dai Shi reaches RJ's wolf spirit and the spirit cries out in pain.  Dai Shi removes his hand and RJ falls to the floor, in a great amount of pain.  Camille walks in with a smirk and then Dai Shi and Camille walk out, leaving RJ on the floor.  Carnisoar and Jellica decide to use RJ as a lure to destroy the Rangers.

Their plans failed and Dai Shi was defeated by the Rangers, the Shadow Guards destroyed, and RJ rescued.  Carnisoar and Jellica were entering the temple as Hamhock was trying to leave.  Hamhock almost bumped into Jellica.  Jellica:  Out of the way.  Hamhock left and Carnisoar and Jellica entered.  Dai Shi and Camille were there.  Dai Shi was not happy to see them.  Dai Shi:  What kind of Masters are you?  You taught me all you know, and still the Rangers defeat me.  Carnisoar was in disbelief.  Carnisoar:  You're blaming us?  Dai Shi battled Carnisoar and Jellica.  Dai Shi was defeated and knocked to the floor.  Camille raced over to his side.  Jellica:  You forget your place.  Don't make that mistake again.  Carnisoar and Jellica proceeded to walk out the room.  Carnisoar:  Still, he's right.  Jellica:  What do you mean?  Carnisoar:  We need to find a source of greater power to destroy the Rangers.  Hamhock failed and was destroyed by the Rangers.  Camille sent out another monster, Porcupongo.  Carnisoar and Jellica walk in.  They have a different plan.  Carnisoar and Jellica feel Grizzaka should be brought back.  Dai Shi is against the idea, he doesn't trust Grizzaka.  But Carnisoar and Jellica are insistent.  Carnisoar gives Camille the final bracelet for Grizzaka.  Carnisoar then gives Camille the life talon and tells her to be careful.  Camille glances at Dai Shi for approval and he gives a small nod.  Camille leaves.  The Rangers destroyed Porcupongo.  After the battle, Dai Shi paced inside the temple.  Carnisoar and Jellica were there.  Dai Shi was anxious about Camille and wondered what was taking Camille so long.  Jellica marveled over how the Rangers have managed their new power so quickly.  This does not sit well with Dai Shi.  Jellica also points out that Grizzaka blames Dai Shi for the failure of the last battle.  Grizzaka despises humans and considers them weak, and Dai Shi is now human.

Carnisoar, Jellica and Dai Shi are inside the temple.  Dai Shi is sitting on his throne and mediating.  Dai Shi opens his eyes as the doors open.  Camille is tossed to the floor by Grizzaka.  Grizzaka:  My old friends.  Camille gets up.  Camille:  I found him, Overlord Grizzaka.  Carnisoar and Jellica gathered around Grizzaka.  Dai Shi has turned his back towards them.  Carnisoar:  It's been ten thousand years.  Jellica:  It's good to have you back.  Grizzaka:  Really...liars!  Grizzaka attacks Carnisoar and Jellica and sends them flying towards the floor.  Grizzaka approaches the throne and bows.  Grizzaka:  I plead my loyalty Dai Shi.  Dai Shi turns around and faces Grizzaka.  Grizzaka:  Human...Dai Shi...within a weak human form.  Dai Shi:  I gave you life again, and now you will help me restore my great powers.  Grizzaka:  No human gives me orders.  Grizzaka reaches forward and yanks Dai Shi out of the throne and tosses him aside.  Grizzaka:  Ten thousand years ago, you ruled us, and we were destroyed!  Now you're human, even weaker.  From now on, I'm in charge.  Dai Shi:  You've bitten off more than you can chew.  Dai Shi dons his armor.  Dai Shi and Grizzaka battle.  Dai Shi:  Spirit of the lion!  Grizzaka defeats the lion spirit.  Grizzaka:  You're strong Dai Shi, but not strong enough.  Grizzaka powers up to even a greater level.  Dai Shi:  What!?  He has Zocato power.  Carnisoar:  Magnificent, isn't it.  Dai Shi:  How did he master it?  Jellica:  It takes great skill.  Zocato power is extraordinary.  The power hits Dai Shi and he slams against a wall and hits the floor.  Dai Shi loses his armor.  Camille races over to Dai Shi's side.  Camille:  Dai Shi, are you okay?  Grizzaka:  Well?  Dai Shi slowly looks up.  Dai Shi:  Zocato.  If Grizzaka can master it, so can I.  Carnisoar:  Please Lord Grizzaka, teach him the secrets of Zocato power.  Together you'll be invincible.  Camille and Dai Shi are both kneeling.  Grizzaka:  I'm invincible without him.  Jellica:  But you will need his Rinshi warriors.  Grizzaka:  Wrong again.  My warrior will lead the Rinshi.  Munkeywi!  Munkeywi enters the temple.  Grizzaka:  I have a mission for you, Munkeywi.  Gather the humans' fears, so that I may grow stronger.  Dai Shi is not happy about this idea.  Later, Munkeywi returns and gleefully reports to Grizzaka, who is sitting on the throne, that the Rangers' Master has turned into a werewolf and attacked the Rangers.  Carnisoar and Jellica praise Grizzaka for accomplishing so much on his first day in control.  Dai Shi and Camille are still kneeling.  Camille glances at Dai Shi.  Dai Shi is annoyed, as he is the one responsible for RJ's condition.  Eventually Munkeywi is destroyed by the Power Rangers.

Carnisoar and Jellica entered the temple.  Grizzaka, Dai Shi, and Camille were there.  Carnisoar was not happy.  Carnisoar:  Grizzaka, you promise us a great victory, where is it?  Grizzaka:  We'll get it.  My Barrakooza is battling the Rangers now.  Jellica gave Grizzaka a jar.  Jellica:  You ask for a spirit.  One that can possess a human.  Dai Shi had been kneeling, but he stood up now.  Dai Shi:  You're giving him my spirits!  Grizzaka laughed at the outrage Dai Shi and couldn't resist taunting him.  Grizzaka:  They're my spirits now, Dai Shi, and now watch what my spirits can do.  Grizzaka removed the lid of the jar and a spirit was released.  Grizzaka:  Ill winds, blow to the Wolf Ranger.  The spirit left.  Later, Barrakooza reports to Grizzaka that the spirit had invaded Wolf Ranger and he had attacked his own teammates.  Carnisoar and Jellica were there as well and they all laughed.  Carnisoar, Grizzaka, and Jellica talked about the previous beast war.  Grizzaka vows there will be no humans left this time.  Later, RJ, with Flit's help, would rid himself of the evil spirit.  The Rangers destroyed Barrakooza.   

Carnisoar and Jellica were inside the temple.  Grizzaka was sitting on the throne.  Grizzaka held an eye.  Grizzaka:  The crystal eye of a Phantom Beast.  Very nice, but where are the others?  There are eight.  Jellica:  Yes, but you can only find a crystal eye where the Phantom was destroyed.  Very hard to find.  The Rinshi are looking everywhere.  Carnisoar:  Are you sure you want the Phantom's help?  During the last beast war, they were our sworn enemies.  Grizzaka:  And divided we lost.  But after I bring them back to life, the Phantom Beasts will join us, and together we'll win.  Jellica:  I hope you're right.  Later, Grizzaka was still gazing at the eye when Camille and a Rinshi walked in.  Grizzaka quickly hid the eye behind him and Jellica step forward to conceal the eye as well.  Jellica:  So, this is the Rinshi.  But Camille had spotted the eye.  Camille: What's that?  Grizzaka:  Is this the Rinshi?  Camille:  Looks like a dragons' eye.  Grizzaka:  Mind your own business!  Camille:  Okay, okay, fine.  He has the crocodile spirit.  Grizzaka stood up.  Grizzaka:  Send him out to gather fear.  Go!  Camille and Crocovile left.  Grizzaka:  She and Dai Shi must know nothing about the arrival of the Phantoms, and find Dai Shi.  I want to know where he is.  The Rangers, with the addition of Rhino Ranger, destroyed Crocovile.      

Carnisoar, Grizzaka, and Whirnado were inside the throne room.  Grizzaka:  Seek and destroy the Rangers Whirnado.  Whirnado:  As you wish.  Grizzaka:  Don't fail me.  Whirnado took off.  Carnisoar:  At least we have the crystal eyes.  Grizzaka:  That's only two crystal eyes.  What about the other six?  Carnisoar:  We're looking everywhere.  Grizzaka:  Look everywhere faster.  There are no second chances.  The doors opened.  Jellica:  Am I interrupting?  Jellica entered, along with Dai Shi, whom she had bonded up in her tentacles.  Grizzaka looked at Dai Shi.  Grizzaka:  Well, well, where have you been?  Jellica:  He had this map.  Jellica held up the map.  Grizzaka:  So you went to the nexus, hoping to control the rhino power.  Does he have the control dagger?  Jellica:  No weapons, only the map.  Grizzaka:  Of course not.  The Pai Zhug has the dagger.  This was news to Dai Shi.  Grizzaka:  Let me tell you a little secret.  Grizzaka told Dai Shi you could not enter the nexus without the control dagger.  Dai Shi breaks free of Jellica.  Grizzaka and Dai Shi battle.  After awhile Dai Shi dons his armor and the battle continues.  Dai Shi attempts Zocato, but nothing happens.  Grizzaka hits him with Zocato and Dai Shi hits the floor and loses his armor.  Grizzaka tells Jellica to throw Dai Shi in the dungeon.  Jellica picks up Dai Shi and drags him away.  Later, Whirnado would be destroyed by the Power Rangers.    

Carnisoar was directing the Rinshi as they worked on preparing for the arrival of the Phantoms.  Carnisoar:  Hurry Rinshi.  The stars are almost in alignment.  Carnisoar placed an crystal eye on each spoke.  Carnisoar:  Snapping Turtle.  White Tiger.  Avalon Dragon.  Jellica entered.  Jellica:  Carnisoar!  He's gone.  Dai Shi has escape.  Carnisoar growled in frustration.  Carnisoar and Jellica went to see Grizzaka.  Jellica:  Grizzaka, Dai Shi and Camille are gone.  They're probably heading toward the rhino nexus, but without the control dagger, he cannot get the power of the rhino.  Grizzaka:  What if somehow he got the dagger?  Then Dai Shi will have the power to destroy us all.  Grizzaka growled.  Grizzaka:  The power of Zocato!  Lift me on your evil ways.  A black cloud formed beneath Grizzaka.  Carnisoar:  Grizzaka wait!  We're coming with you.  Carnisoar, Jellica, and Grizzaka were on top of the evil black cloud and flew towards the nexus.  In the sky, they bump into the Jungle Master Megazord with Bat power.  Dai Shi and Camille were on the ground and when they landed, the force hit Dai Shi and Camille.  Dai Shi and Camille went flying and then hit the ground.  When the smoke clear, Carnisoar, Jellica, and Grizzaka emerged.   They were all laughing.  Carnisoar:  Once we fought side by side, and it was you who brought us back to life.  Jellica:  But you have betray us.  Today shall be your last.  Grizzaka:  I've been looking forward to this.  Grizzaka, Overlord of the Land.  Grizzaka battled Dai Shi and Camille.  Grizzaka:  Weakling.  Grizzaka tossed Camille to the side.  Jellica and Carnisoar watched as Grizzaka continued his battle against Dai Shi.  Grizzaka:  Come on Dai Shi.  Grizzaka blasted the Zocato power towards Dai Shi.  Dai Shi slice through it with the control dagger.  The battle continued until Dai Shi hit the ground.  Grizzaka:  Now you'll pay the price for crossing us.  Grizzaka grew to giant size.  Grizzaka slammed his fist into the ground, but Dai Shi and Camille had quickly rolled away and were not hurt.  Grizzaka was hit by the Megazord.  Grizzaka:  Rangers.  Camille and Dai Shi got away as Grizzaka battled the Rangers in their Megazord.  The Rangers are knocked out of their Megazord, land on the ground, and demorph.  Carnisoar, Grizzaka, and Jellica stand in front of them, ready to ride themselves of the Rangers.  Before Carnisoar, Jellica, and Grizzaka can strike, they are attacked by sand snakes.  Casey, Lily, Theo, RJ, and Dominic quickly get up and race towards the nexus as Carnisoar, Grizzaka, and Jellica are pulled beneath the ground.  After awhile, Carnisoar manages to break free.  Carnisoar attacks Lily, Theo, RJ, Dominic and Casey.  Lily, Theo, RJ, and Casey hit the ground once more.  Dominic stops and RJ waves at him to go on.  Carnisoar notices the movement and fires at Dominic, but Dominic out runs the blasts.  Lily, Casey, Theo, and RJ get up and morph.  Carnisoar battles the four Rangers.  The four Rangers use the Claw Cannon and the wolf beam, but Carnisoar easily deflects the Rangers' blows.  Red Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Yellow Ranger go into Jungle Master Mode and continue their battle.  Carnisoar is wearily of battling them.  Carnisoar then teleports the four Rangers to another dimension.  A world of illusion that he has created.  The four Rangers end up battling each other as they mistake each other for Carnisoar.  Carnisoar then creates the illusion that there are numerous Carnisoars.  Red Ranger uses his tiger instincts to attack the real one and breaks free of the illusion world.  Carnisoar is surprise when they return to the real world.  Carnisoar grows to giant size.  Carnisoar battled the Rangers in their two Megazord, Wolf Pride Megazord and Jungle Master Megazord.  The Ranges are knocked out of their Megazords and demorphs when they hit the ground.  Carnisoar is about to strike when Rhino Ranger arrives on the Rhinozord.  Rhino Ranger battles Carnisoar.  Rhino Ranger forms the Rhino Steel Megazord.  Rhino Ranger inside the Rhino Steel Megazord battles and destroys Carnisoar.

Several Rinshi were in the city with General Scorch.  They were stirring up fear for Dai Shi.  General Scorch would get destroyed by Red Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Blue Ranger.  The citizens were terrified and refused to calm down.  This is what Dai Shi needed.  Dai Shi had gathered enough fear to open the portal to the spirit realm.  Carnisoar, the Rinshi, General Scorch, General Snapper, Five Fingers of Poison, Grizzaka, Jellica, the Phantom Beast Warriors, and the Stone Warriors were back.  Carnisoar and the rest battled the Rangers and the Masters.  Carnisoar and Master Swoop battled.  Suddenly several were knocked off their feet.  Masters Lope, Rilla, Mao, and Guin arrived.  The Rangers stood aside as Carnisoar and the rest battle the seven Masters.  Masters Mao, Guin, Lope, Rilla, Finn, Swoop, and Phant go into the highest level animal spirits.  Having achieved this, the seven Masters destroyed Carnisoar and the rest.  Later, Dai Shi would be destroyed by Red Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Blue Ranger.         

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