Five Fingers Of Poison
Gakko - Voiced by Bruce Hopkins
Naja - Voiced by Richard Simpson
Rantipede - Voiced by Gerald Urquhart
Stingerella - Voiced by Sarah Somerville
Toady - Voiced by Adam Gardiner

The Five Fingers of Poison were in Dai Shi's lair, in various chambers.  The Five Fingers of Poison are an elite squad of venous warriors, each possessing a unique and treacherous poison.  They are Rantipede.  He can strike a hundred times before his opponent can respond.  Naja, the cobra, cold blooded and lethal.  It will take but one strike to conquer his foes.  Stingerella.  Her hypnotic dance lures her prey closer and closer, until she strikes.  The cunning Gakko.  Master in the art of the surprise attack.  And Toady, able to ward off the strongest offense.  Not smart, but not to be underestimated.  Camille had gathered them all and they were now facing Dai Shi.  Camille:  As you requested, five of the most dangerous warriors in your army.  Dai Shi:  Go and spread fear from the highest rooftop.  That will take my power to the next level.  The Five Fingers of Poison immediately went into the city.  People were screaming and running in terror.  Naja watched from the top of a building.  He was laughing.  Naja:  Run!  Naja was enjoying himself as was the rest of the Five Fingers of Poison.  Naja:  The sound of  fear.  The Rangers suddenly arrived on the rooftop.  Red Ranger:  Surprise!  We're here to stop you!  The rest of the Five Fingers of Poison appeared on the rooftop as well.  Stingerella:  Surprise!  Think again!  The Five Fingers of Poison were not impressed with the Pai Zhug students.  The Five Fingers of Poison reveal their monster forms and battle the Rangers.  They had an easy time of it.  Naja caused Red Ranger to demorph.  Lily and Theo race over to Casey and told him they would have to regroup, the warriors were too strong for them.  Toady, Gakko, Stingerella, Naja, and Rantipede laughed.  The teens had made it out of the city, but so had the Five Fingers of Poison and they were right behind the teens.  The teens were knocked off their feet.  Then a bolt of lightening followed.  Dai Shi appeared.  The teens called him Jarrod.  Lily asked Jarrod what he was doing.  Dai Shi responded by telling them Jarrod is gone, he is now filled with the evil of Dai Shi.  Camille has join them as well.  Casey tells Dai Shi it was bad enough when he was the jerk at school who had gotten dismissed.  Dai Shi tells Casey he will pay for that humiliation.  Dai Shi dons his armor.  Casey tells Dai Shi he beat him once, he'll beat him again.  Casey morphs.  The Five Fingers of Poison, along with Camille, Theo, and Lily watch as Dai Shi and Red Ranger battle.  They both call their animal spirits forth and then battle.  IN the end, Red Ranger demorphs as he hits the ground.  Dai Shi decides Casey is not worth his time.  Without a word spoken, Stingerella knows what to do.  She quickly gets to Casey and injects him with her poison.  Casey is in a great deal of pain.  Dai Shi tells Casey and his friends the poison is not fatal, but very painful.  The Five Fingers of Poison, Camille, and Dai Shi vanish.  Later, the Five Fingers of Poison are back at the lair.  Naja stands aside as Rantipede, Toady, Gakko, and Stingerella are arguing, feeling that Camille doesn't have a plan.  Rantipede decides to take matters into his own hands.  As he leaves, Naja tells himself Rantipede is a fool.  Rantipede is out on the beach and calls out for the Red Ranger.  Instead he gets the Yellow Ranger, but he doesn't have a problem with that.  Any Ranger will do.  Rantipede and Yellow Ranger battle.  Yellow Ranger is better than Rantipede had anticipated.  Soon the rest of the Rangers had arrived as well.  Rantipede calls on the army of the Rinshi and they arrive as well.  Rantipede and the Rinshi battled the Rangers.  Red Ranger is using Strike Rider with great success.  Camille has arrived in chameleon form and tries to stop Red Ranger, but she is defeated.  The Rinshi are defeated as well.  Rantipede removes the bag over his head and his face is very creepy.  The Rangers' fear helps Rantipede grow big.  The Rangers form their Jungle Pride Megazord.  Rantipede and the Rangers battle until Rantipede is destroyed.

Toady, Stingerella, Naja, and Gakko were inside Dai Shi's lair.  Stingerella held the bag that use to cover Rantipede's face.  Stingerella:  Poor Rantipede.  He shouldn't have taken the Power Rangers so lightly.  Gakko:  I think it's rather funny.  A centipede has one hundred legs.  He should have use a few of them to run away.  Gakko laughed at his own joke.  Naja:  You shouldn't mock a brother warrior, Gakko.  Gakko:  What?!  Is that sympathy I hear?  Rantipede had his chance and he lost.  If it was me, we'll be celebrating a great victory right now.  Toady:  I'm sure we would.  Suddenly Gakko was knock off his feet and Camille appeared before them.  Camille:  Well, thanks for volunteering.  Since you want it, you got it.  The Rangers are all yours.  Gakko:  Thank-you.  Gakko transform into monster form.  Gakko:  I am grateful for this chance to show my superior abilities.  Gakko began to walk on the walls.  Gakko:  I will wreck havoc on the tallest building and when the Rangers come to the rescue, I will destroy them.  Camille:  We'll see...lizard!  Gakko arrive in the city of Ocean Bluff.  He went to the tallest building and began walking on the side of the building and peered into the windows.  Once the people inside spotted him, they began to scream and scatter.  Soon the Rangers were there on the ground.  Gakko walked down to the ground.  Gakko and the Rangers battle and the Rangers were doing well against Gakko.  Gakko decided to go back to the side of the building and taunted the Rangers.  Red Ranger attempted to battle Gakko, but Gakko quickly kick him off the building and Red Ranger fell to the ground.  Blue Ranger decided to take on Gakko, but soon meet the same fate.  Gakko told the Rangers to stay out of Dai Shi's way or they will be destroyed next time.  Gakko then left in triumph.  Gakko was back inside the lair when Stingerella came to see him.  Stingerella warned Gakko that Dai Shi was angry at him for not destroying the Rangers.  Gakko didn't understand, he had made fools of the Rangers.  Stingerella points out what good is that, when the Rangers are still around to cause problems for Dai Shi.  Gakko starts to tell Stingerella it is his plan and when he sees Dai Shi he will tell him, but then Dai Shi walks in and wants to know what he is going to tell him.  Gakko and Stingerella bow and Gakko quickly changes his tune to let Dai Shi know that he will destroy the Rangers.  Dai Shi tells Gakko if he doesn't destroy the Rangers, he will make new boots using his skin.  Camille giggles over this idea until Dai Shi tells her that he will use her skin as well.  Camille remarks she has done nothing.  Dai Shi, walking out, tells her exactly.  Camille follows Dai Shi out.  Stingerella tells Gakko that she had warn him about Dai Shi being angry.  Gakko sets out to prove himself.  Gakko, Camille, and the Rinshi entered the city.  Casey and Lily show up.  Camille remarks to Gakko that it is only two, but that will done.  Gakko, Camille, and the Rinshi battle Casey and Lily.  The two teens have a tough time.  Eventually the Rinshi are destroyed.  Gakko is pleased, now Lily and Casey will be tired.  The battle continues.  Eventually Lily and Casey morph.  Gakko tells Camille he will take care of the Rangers and Camille steps out of the battle.  Gakko climbs back to the side of the building and refers to Red Ranger and Yellow Ranger as kitties and asks where the Blue kitty is.  Blue Ranger is on the side of the building as well.  Gakko and Blue Ranger battle and this time Gakko is the one to fall to the ground.  The battle continues on the ground as Gakko and Blue Ranger battle.  Gakko is defeated, but not for long.  Gakko grows to giant size.  The Rangers form their Jungle Pride Megazord.  Gakko and the Rangers battle until Gakko is destroyed.  Afterwards, inside the lair, Dai Shi is very angry.  Stingerella, Naja, and Toady stand in formation and face his wrath.  Dai Shi yells at them that he has never seen such weakness.  Dai Shi is considering taking them out himself and sparing the Rangers the trouble.  Camille laughs and states she wouldn't have a problem with that.  Dai Shi yells at Camille that she is not far from extermination herself.  Dai Shi storms off and Camille is fearful.  Stingerella, Naja, and Toady know they are on shaky ground with Dai Shi.

Stingerella and Toady were inside Dai Shi's lair.  Stingerella:  Why do you insist on hanging around me?  You are just a slimy toad.  Toady:  Sorry.  I just thought if we work together, we would be unstoppable.  Your beauty and my...Stingerella:  Enough!  Stingerella went to monster form and started battling Toady.  Toady:  Wait!  But Stingerella did not wait and battle and defeated Toady.  Stingerella:  You're worthless and you have no rhythm.  Stingerella started to walk out.  Stingerella:  You're a nuisance.  Toady:  But I can rhyme all the time.  Stingerella and several Rinshi entered the city.  The citizens were running in terror, which is what Stingerella needed.  Stingerella and the Rinshi started dancing.  The Rangers arrive and battle Stingerella and the Rinshi.  Stingerella and Rinshi had a easy time with the Rangers as they could not keep up with their dancing styles.  Toady was lurking in the background watching and admiring Stingerella.  Stingerella had defeated Red Ranger and Yellow Ranger and was now battling Blue Ranger.  Toady could only see it as Blue Ranger touching the beautiful Stingerella and becomes angry.  Much to the surprise of the Rangers and Stingerella, Toady grows to giant size.  The Rangers quickly form their Jungle Pride Megazord and battle Toady.  Stingerella decides to leave and takes the Rinshi with her.  When Toady notices Stingerella is gone, he gets upset and leaves the battle.  Afterwards, Toady is inside his chamber and he is depressed.  Camille enters and tells Toady if he wants to win Stingerella's heart, he must be chivalrous.  Toady takes Camille's advice and walks out.  Elsewhere in the lair, Naja is upset that Dai Shi hasn't let him go into battle.  Dai Shi becomes angry and dons his armor.  Naja goes into monster form and they battle, with Naja being defeated.  Dai Shi tells Naja to wait until he is needed.  Naja tells Dai Shi she can count on him.  Later, Stingerella and the Rinshi enter the city once more.  The Rangers are soon there as well.  the time the Rangers are prepared and easily battle the Rinshi until they are destroyed.  The Rangers face Stingerella, when Toady steps forward.  Toady forms a force field around him and Stingerella.  the Rangers use their animal spirits, but they cannot break the force field.  Toady knocks the Rangers to the ground.  Stingerella is impressed with Toady's chivalry and tells him he is right, they do work well together.  Stingerella jumps into Toady's arms and they happily walk away.  The Rangers quickly go after Stingerella and Toady and catch up to them.  Stingerella and Toady battle the Rangers once more and defeat them.  Stingerella is thrilled with their victory.  Later, Stingerella and Toady are outside the city and see a volcano in the distance.  Stingerella wants Toady to blow the top off a volcano.  Toady is about to when he is stopped by the Power Rangers.  The Rangers use the Claw Cannon to destroy Toady.  Stingerella is furious and grows to giant size.  The Rangers form their Megazord.  The Rangers battle and destroys Stingerella.

Naja is hiding in a corridor in Dai Shi's lair.  He is waiting for Camille to walk past.  When she does, Naja comes out of his hiding place.  Naja:  I need to talk to someone.  Camille:  Well make it snappy Naja.  I have things to do for Dai Shi.  Naja:  All the more important that we talk now.  You may be the only one not blinded by the illusion that we are making progress with our goals.  Naja adds that Dai Shi has failed, and they should take over.  Camille is shocked over Naja's plans to take over.  Naja and Camille battle.  Naja transforms into monster form and Camille into chameleon form.  The battle goes from inside to outside.  Camille uses her tongue to inject poison into Naja.  Naja uses one of his talons to restore his life.  The battle continues.  Naja tells Camille that Dai Shi cares nothing about all that she had done, yet she does everything to protect him.  Camille insists she is loyal to Dai Shi.  Naja adds that Camille will pay for making him use one of his talons and then he retreats.   Camille pursues Naja through the woods.  Naja and Camille battle in the woods.  Naja knocks Camille to the ground.  Naja admires Camille and lets her know that she is more powerful than he had anticipated.  With proper training, she could be a powerful warrior.  Camille tells Naja, for a traitor, he is very powerful as well.  Naja blasts Camille.  Camille goes flying through the sky and lands on a beach.  Naja is satisfied and returns to the lair.  Naja is using his powder and two of his life talons to restore Rantipede and Gakko.  Naja tells his brother warriors of his plans.  Naja, Gakko, and Rantipede slipped into the throne room where Dai Shi is meditating.  Dai Shi opens his eyes as Naja approaches.  Naja is ready to strike when Camille, in her chameleon form, materials in front of Dai Shi and knocks Naja aside.  Dai Shi dons his armor.  Naja battles Camille as Rantipede and Gakko battle Dai Shi.  Rantipede is destroyed rather quickly.  Seeing this, Gakko realizes he needs more power before he can take on Dai Shi and retreats to Ocean Bluff.  Naja manages to get away from Camille.  Gakko reaches the city.  Gakko needs fear to make himself more powerful and attacks the citizens.  Soon the teens arrive.  The teens morph and Gakko battles the Rangers.  Elsewhere, Naja is still on the run.  Camille soon catches up to him.  Naja and Camille battle.  At one point, Naja thinks he has defeated Camille.  Instead Camille absorbs the blast and then shoots it back to him.  Naja hits the ground, but he is impress with Camille's strength.  Camille tells him he can thank the Power Rangers.  Dai Shi arrives.  Naja tells Camille that Dai Shi has never thanked her for all that she has done.  Camille acknowledges that this his true.  Naja wants Camille to join sides with him.  He can appreciate a powerful and loyal warrior like her.  Naja offers the life talons as an incentive, telling her not even Dai Shi can offer that.  Camille attacks and then destroys Naja.  Back in the city, the Rangers destroy Gakko with the Claw Cannon.

Several Rinshi were in the city with General Scorch.  They were stirring up fear for Dai Shi.  General Scorch would get destroyed by Red Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Blue Ranger.  The citizens were terrified and refused to calm down.  This is what Dai Shi needed.  Dai Shi had gathered enough fear to open the portal to the spirit realm.  The Five Fingers of Poison, Carnisoar, the Rinshi, General Scorch, General Snapper, Grizzaka, Jellica, the Phantom Beast Warriors, and the Stone Warriors were back.  Five Fingers of Poison and the rest battled the Rangers and the Masters.  Carnisoar and Master Swoop battled.  Suddenly several were knocked off their feet.  Masters Lope, Rilla, Mao, and Guin arrived.  The Rangers stood aside as the Five Fingers of Poison and the rest battle the seven Masters.  Masters Mao, Guin, Lope, Rilla, Finn, Swoop, and Phant go into the highest level animal spirits.  Having achieved this, the seven Masters destroyed the Five Fingers of Poison and the rest.  Later, Dai Shi would be destroyed by Red Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Blue Ranger.           

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