Flit - Voiced by Kelson Henderson

Flit is a mechanical fly that lives inside Camille.  Flit managed to get out of Camille by her mouth.  The three Rangers were battling Mantor in their Jungle Pride Megazord for the first time.  Flit narrated the battle and gave quite a bit of praise to the newcomers, the Rangers.  Camille was not too happy with him.  The Rangers destroyed Mantor, which Flit reported enthusiastically.  Angry, Camille swallow Flit once more.

Flit appeared once more during a battle scene.  Camille had created Buffalord and now a giant Buffalord was battling the Rangers in their Jungle Pride Megazord.  Flit commented once more on the battle.  Camille swatted at him, he was blocking the way.  The Power Rangers destroyed Flit.  Flit told Camille, really it was a good plan and received a slap hard enough to make him fall to the ground.

Flit arrived during another battle.  This one was at the beach.  Rantipede, on of the warriors of the Five Fingers of Poison, had decided to take the Rangers on his own.  The Rinshi had also been called into battle, but they had been destroyed.  Camille, in her chameleon form, had battle Red Ranger, but had been defeated.  Rantipede had removed the bag over his face to reveal his very creepy face.  The Rangers had become frighten which allowed Rantipede to grow.  The Rangers formed their Jungle Pride Megazord, and the battle continued.  Flit commented on the battle throughout.  At first it look like Rantipede would destroy the Rangers and Flit, as a bug himself, was impressed.  But that did not last long and the Rangers destroyed Rantipede.  Camille was stunned and reverted to her human form.  Flit told Camille that now she had to let Dai Shi now.  Camille already knew that and also knew that Dai Shi was not going to be happy.

Flit appeared in the Ocean Bluff city beside Camille.  A giant Gakko was battling the Rangers in their Jungle Pride Megazord.  Flit narrated the battle throughout and even made a wager with Camille as to who would win.    The Rangers destroyed Gakko.  Flit was sensitive to Camille's feelings, but still wanted Camille to pay up.  Camille did so by slapping Flit away.

Flit buzzed around as he and Camille walked out into the city of Ocean Bluff.  A giant Toady was battling the Rangers in their Jungle Pride Megazord.  Flit narrated on the battle as usual and insult Camille at the same time.  Stingerella and several Rinshi were there as well, but Stingerella and the Rinshi left as the battle was taking place.  Once Toady saw Stingerella was gone, he left the battle in tears.  Camille had yelled at him to stay and finish the battle, but Toady did not.  Later, Flit and Camille were out once more.  The Rangers were battling Toady and Stingerella.  The Rangers had destroyed Toady with their Claw Cannon.  Stingerella was furious and grew to giant size.  Flit narrated the battle once more as he and Camille watch.  The Rangers destroyed Stingerella.  Camille muttered figures.

The Rangers were battling Pangolin.  Camille was there when Flit arrived.  Flit:  Ahh, it looks like the fight is on.  All the Rangers:  Jungle Pride Megazord.  Flit:  The Rangers form the Jungle Pride Megazord and are ready to rumble.  The Rangers battle the giant Pangolin, but they were having a difficult time.  Flit:  That creature's scales are tough as nails.  Pangolin:  Rolling the track.  Pangolin went into a ball formation.  The Rangers tried to defeat Pangolin using the spin attack.  Flit:  All this spinning is making me dizzy.  Al that twirling.  Oh, I don't feel so good.  Flit fell to the ground.  Pangolin would go on to defeat the Rangers.  Later, Flit was by Camille's side once more.  The Rangers were battling giant Pangolin again.  Flit made his usual commentary.  This time, with the help of the elephant spirit and the Jungle Mace, the Rangers destroyed Pangolin.  Camille was not happy and quickly used her tongue to place Flit back in her throat.

Flit entered the city with Camille.  They were watching a giant Bai Lai and Carden battle the Rangers in their Jungle Pride Megazord.  Flit stayed silent, but Camille hope that the Rangers would win.  The Rangers would be defeated in this battle.  Later, in another battle, the Rangers destroy Bai Lai.

Camille was in Ocean Bluff and had just transform her appearance to blend in more easily with the crowds.  Flit flew out of her throat.  Flit:  What is this?  Halloween?  You look horrible!  Camille:  I'm not in the mood for you Flit.  Buzz off!  Flit:  I hate to complain, but you eat like a supermodel.  Please eat something so I can eat something.  Camille swallows Flit and decides to take his advice.  Later, Camille, back to her normal human appearance, is out by the ocean.   Camille had decided to take Lily's advice (who had not known she was talking to Camille) and find a new boss.  Camille had a bracelet and a life talon and decided she was going to bring back Jellica, the Sea Overlord.  Flit had flown out and quickly figured out what she was going to do.  Flit tried to warn Camille, but Camille was determined.  Camille swallow Flit, resurrected Jellica, who eventually becomes Dai Shi's new Master.

The Rangers are using their Jungle Pride Megazord against a giant Crustacco.  Camille is watching from the sidelines when Flit pops out.  Flit comments as the Rangers battle Crustacco.  master Finn arrives and encourages them to use the spirit of the shark.  The Rangers do so.  Flit is convinced this will be the end of the Rangers.  Instead, Crustacco takes possession of the shark and has it attack the Megazord.  The Megazord is knocked to the ground.  The Rangers use the spirit of the elephant.  Crustacco is defeated.  Camille and Crustacco have to leave in defeat.  In another battle, Crustacco will be destroyed by the Power Rangers.

Mog was attacking the citizens of Ocean Bluff.  Mog:  Yes!  Run!  Your fear makes me powerful.  Camille was there as well and she watched Mog with glee.  Camille:  Good boy Mog!  Make your new Master proud.  Flit appeared out of Camille's throat.  Flit:  What's going on here?  I take a power nap, and all of sudden, you are a Master?  Camille:  Well, technically, no , but when Mog destroys the humans, I'll be rewarded.  Flit:  Or, option "B", Mog will fail, and Jellica will make you an appetizer.  Camille took a hold of Flit and started shaking him.  Flit:  Aah!  Aah!  I fell like a milkshake.  Mog would be destroyed by the Power Rangers.

The Power Rangers were battling a giant Shadow Guard in their new Jungle Master Megazord.  Dai Shi was on the ground and Camille had raced over to make sure he was okay.  Dai Shi and Camille watched the battle.  Flit appeared and made comments about the battle.  The Rangers destroyed the Shadow Guard.

Flit appeared in the city with Camille.  The Power Rangers, in their Jungle Pride Megazord was battling a giant Munkeywi.  Grizzaka was now in charge and he has sent his own warrior.  Flit commented throughout the battle.  Munkeywi had damaged the Cheetah zord.  The Wolf Ranger, RJ, sent in the Wolf zord to battle Munkeywi and then replaced the Cheetah zord on the Megazord.  The Rangers destroyed Munkeywi.  Flit praised the Rangers.  Camille walked over and grab Flit's head, telling him she was going to show him what she was made of.

Flit and Camille were running on the roof top of a building in Ocean Bluff.  The Rangers were battling a giant Barrakooza.  Flit:  Oh goodie, another fight!  Flit and Camille watched the battle.  Grizzaka had sent an evil spirit into Wolf Ranger and soon Wolf Ranger was battling his fellow Rangers.  Barrakooza left the battle.  The battle resulted in a huge explosion.  Flit went flying and landed beneath some rubble.  He couldn't get out.  Flit heard a voice and began to cry for help.  Flit:  Help me!  I'm over here!  I'm stuck!  A pair of hands reached in and got Flit out.  Flit:  Thank-you!  Thank-you!  You save me!  RJ placed Flit on some concrete.  RJ:  Hey, you're Camille's little motor mouth.  Flit:  Ahh, a Ranger!  Help me!  RJ:  Muffle the mic, dude, I just save you, I'm not going to hurt you.  Flit:  You're not?  RJ:  It's you and Camille that want to hurt people, not me.  Flit told RJ, just because he was with Camille, didn't mean he was like Camille.  But RJ wasn't buying it and told Flit to leave him alone.  Instead Flit flew over to Jungle Karma Pizza.  He flew into the pizza place, causing Fran to flip a pizza onto the floor.  Flit continued on his way until he was up in the loft.  Casey, Lily, Theo, and RJ were all there.  RJ was telling how he thought he had control over his animal spirit, but apparently not.  It was agreed that RJ could not morph until they resolved the problem.  Casey spots Flit and knocks him to the floor by tossing  basketball over.  Flit falls to the floor.  Casey picks him up and tell shim he has five seconds to tell them why he was spying.  Flit tells them he wasn't spying, he only wanted to be with his friend.  The teens are confused, but RJ tells them he means him.  RJ tells them he had pulled Flit from some concrete.  Flit considers them friends, since RJ saved his life.  Casey feels they cannot return Flit to Camille because he knows of their problem.  Flit explains that if it was up to him, he would not return to Camille.  Flit tells them how he was human once and had battle Camille.  Camille put a curse on him, and he was changed to a fly and forced to live in her stomach.  Flit also lets them know that Grizzaka had sent an evil spirit inside RJ.  RJ then turns into a werewolf.  The teens try to contain RJ, but he gets away.  The teens chase after him, along with Flit.  The chase ends up in the city.  Fran contacts Casey and tells him Barrakooza is attacking again.  Casey has Lily and Theo leave to take care of Barrakooza.  Casey continues his chase after RJ, along with Flit.  Casey manages to get a hold of RJ.  Flit uses his telepathic abilities to enter RJ's brain and see what is happening.  Inside his head, RJ is battling his werewolf form.  Flit warns RJ if he doesn't get out of his animal form pretty fast, he will be stuck as a werewolf forever.  RJ continues to struggle.  Casey tells Flit to hurry up with what he is doing.  Flit continues to scan RJ's brain.  RJ is still battling the werewolf.  Flit tells him he needs to accept the werewolf, the evil spirit will have no where to go.  RJ foes as Flit tells him and accepts the werewolf.  The evil spirit leaves.  When RJ awakens, he is back in human form.  Flit falls from the sky.  Casey and RJ hurry over.  RJ makes sure Flit is okay.  Flit tells him he is just a little woozy and wants to know if they are friends.  RJ confirms that they are.  Casey and RJ leave to help the Rangers.  Weakly Flit comments on the battle.  The Rangers destroy Barrakooza.  After the battle Flit falls to the ground once more.  RJ and the teens race over.  Flit explains that part of the curse is he can only stay out of Camille's stomach for a couple of hours, otherwise he will fade away.  The teens debate over what to do.  A tongue zips past them and snatches Flit.  It is Camille.  Camille scolds them for harming a fly.  Camille walks away and as she does so, she makes sure that Flit is okay, ignoring Flit's protests.  Camille blends into the air.

The Rangers were battling a giant Grizzaka in their two Megazord, Wolf Pride Megazord and Jungle Master Megazord.  Camille and Flit had arrived to watch the battle.  Flit wondered if this would be the battle to end all battles.  Dai Shi walked up.  Flit decided three was a crowd and flew away.  The Rangers, with the help of the Rhino Steel Megazord, destroyed Grizzaka.

Jellica had revived the three Phantom Beast Generals, Snapper, Scorch, and Whiger.  The three generals had eight warriors with them, Lepus, Grinder, Osiris, Dynamir, Unidoom, Sonimax, Burgrat, and Rinner.  Sonimax had been sent into the city and the Rangers had been battling him.  Sonimax was grew to giant size and the three Megazords were formed.  Flit arrived with Camille to watch the battle.  Flit commented throughout the battle.  The Rangers were not doing well and had called in the Elephant zord.  The Rangers began to get the upper hand, but then a giant General Snapper arrived.  The Rhino Steel Megazord was knocked to the ground and was out of the battle.  General Snapper and Sonimax battled the two remaining Megazords.  They easily defeated them and tossed them through the air.  Flit can't believe it.  General Snapper and Sonimax leave in triumph.  Camille is very pleased.

Flit was inside the throne room of the temple.  Dai Shi, Generals Whiger and Snapper were, along with Camille.  General Scorch entered the room.  General Scorch looked at Camille.  General Scorch:  You'll bow when a Phantom Beast General approaches.  Camille put a fake, strained smile and then bow.  Flit was outrage for Camille.  He flew close by.  Flit:  That's no way to treat a la.....General Scorch had smacked him away.  Later, Flit accompany Camille in the woods.  The Rangers had been battling the Spirit Rangers.  Using a rewired Claw Cannon, Shark Ranger had been destroyed.  Camille and Flit walked out of the woods and faced RJ, Theo, Dominic, Casey, and Lily.  Camille:  So your figure out had to destroy a Spirit Ranger.  Congratulations.  You've also destroy your Master Finn.  Flit had settled on a log and felt sorry for his friend.  Flit:  Oh no, RJ.  Camille quickly grabbed Flit by the head and walked away.  They return to the temple.  Flit is flying around and overhears General Scorch tell Dai Shi that Master Finn is not destroy.  Master Finn was trapped inside the crystal eye, much like the Phantom Beast Generals.  The starlight that could release him had passed, and would not return for another hundred years.  Dai Shi told General Scorch to hide it where no one can find it.  General Scorch summon Unidoom.  General Scorch gave Unidoom instructions to toss the crystal eye into the sea.  Unidoom left.  Unseen, Flit followed him.  Unidoom reached the inlet of the sea.  Unidoom tossed the crystal eye through the air and laughed as he said goodbye to Master Finn.  Flit flew and caught the crystal eye before it could land in the sea.  Flit immediately flew to RJ's loft.  Flit sat in RJ's chair and waited for him.  The loft was empty.  After awhile, RJ came in looking for his friends.  Flit called out to him.  RJ was surprised to see him.  Flit gave him the information he knew.  RJ's dad was not destroyed, but trapped in the crystal eye.  RJ had no idea how to help his dad.  Flit had the utmost confidence in RJ.  Flit told RJ that he was a Pai Zhug Master, so was his dad.  There were no problems they could not solve, only problems they had not solve yet.  Flit needed to return to Camille.  With best wishes, Flit flew away.  Later, RJ would remember a telescope his father had.  His father had not wanted him to open the telescope.  It was too be used to let in a little light when things got dark.  RJ would use the telescope on the crystal eye.  It was filled with starlight and his father was released.  Master Swoop and Master Phant would be rescue, and the crystal eyes destroyed.  The Spirit Rangers no longer were under the control of the Phantom Beast Generals, but to help the Rangers.  Unidoom was also destroyed.

The rest of the Phantom Beast Warriors are destroyed, along with General Snapper.  Dai Shi and Jarrod had separated.  Dai Shi sent General Scorch with numerous Rinshi into the city to stir up fear.  The Rangers and Masters Finn, Phant, and Swoop have been battling Dai Shi.  The Rangers and the Masters are having a difficult time against Dai Shi.  Dai Shi has enough fear to open the spirit realm and all his fallen warriors returned.  The battle continued.  Masters Guin, Lope, Rilla, and Mao arrived.  The portal allowed them to return as well.  Despite their help, it is still a difficult battle.  Dai Shi's army is destroyed.  Dai Shi takes the Master's animal spirits and goes into his final form - dragon.  Flit is aware of this.  Flit flies into the forbidden room, where Jarrod and Camille are sitting.  Flit tells them of the trouble the Rangers and Master are having and how they need their help.  Jarrod still refuses.  Camille is disappointed, but she is determined as well.  Camille tells them that once the Yellow Ranger had told her she had some good in her.  Camille is going to prove her right.  Camille stands up and asks Jarrod if he is going to join her.  Jarrod doesn't answer and Camille walks up.  Camille, in her chameleon form, joins in the battle.  The Rangers are happy to have her help.  Later, Jarrod would arrive as well and weaken Dai Shi for the Rangers.  Theo, Lily, and Casey destroy Dai Shi.  With Dai Shi's destruction, the animal spirits are returned to the Masters.  Casey becomes a Master at Pai Zhug academy.  Casey teaches the tiger technique to the beginner's class, which includes Jarrod and Camille.  Camille turn Flit back into a human.  Flit goes to work at Jungle Karma Pizza.  Flit really enjoys working with his friend RJ.  RJ had requested he doesn't tell the customers that he was once a fly.  Flit agrees.  Theo and Lily continue to work at the pizza place.  Dominic goes backpacking through Europe with Fran.   

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