Grizzaka, Overlord of the Land - Voiced by Derek Judge

Grizzaka was awaken by Camille when she tossed in the bracelet and a life talon.  Grizzaka had been inside a cave.  Camille did not enter and when she heard nothing, she walked away.  But Camille did not get very far, as Grizzaka yanked her inside the cave.  Grizzaka simply growled at her.  Camille try to reason with him, by telling him all the reasons a chameleon did not taste very good.  Camille told him she had been requested to take Grizzaka to the temple.  Grizzaka was quiet.

Grizzaka went up to the temple.  He entered, but first tossed Camille through the door.  Grizzaka then made his entrance.  Dai Shi, Carnisoar and Jellica are there.  Grizzaka:  My old friends.  Camille gets up.  Camille:  I found him, Overlord Grizzaka.  Carnisoar and Jellica gathered around Grizzaka.  Dai Shi has turned his back towards them.  Carnisoar:  It's been ten thousand years.  Jellica:  It's good to have you back.  Grizzaka:  Really...liars!  Grizzaka attacks Carnisoar and Jellica and sends them flying towards the floor.  Grizzaka approaches the throne and bows.  Grizzaka:  I plead my loyalty Dai Shi.  Dai Shi turns around and faces Grizzaka.  Grizzaka:  Human...Dai Shi...within a weak human form.  Dai Shi:  I gave you life again, and now you will help me restore my great powers.  Grizzaka:  No human gives me orders.  Grizzaka reaches forward and yanks Dai Shi out of the throne and tosses him aside.  Grizzaka:  Ten thousand years ago, you ruled us, and we were destroyed!  Now you're human, even weaker.  From now on, I'm in charge.  Dai Shi:  You've bitten off more than you can chew.  Dai Shi dons his armor.  Dai Shi and Grizzaka battle.  Dai Shi:  Spirit of the lion!  Grizzaka defeats the lion spirit.  Grizzaka:  You're strong Dai Shi, but not strong enough.  Grizzaka powers up to even a greater level.  Dai Shi:  What!?  He has Zocato power.  Carnisoar:  Magnificent, isn't it.  Dai Shi:  How did he master it?  Jellica:  It takes great skill.  Zocato power is extraordinary.  The power hits Dai Shi and he slams against a wall and hits the floor.  Dai Shi loses his armor.  Camille races over to Dai Shi's side.  Camille:  Dai Shi, are you okay?  Grizzaka:  Well?  Dai Shi slowly looks up.  Dai Shi:  Zocato.  If Grizzaka can master it, so can I.  Carnisoar:  Please Lord Grizzaka, teach him the secrets of Zocato power.  Together you'll be invincible.  Camille and Dai Shi are both kneeling.  Grizzaka:  I'm invincible without him.  Jellica:  But you will need his Rinshi warriors.  Grizzaka:  Wrong again.  My warrior will lead the Rinshi.  Munkeywi!  Munkeywi enters the temple.  Grizzaka:  I have a mission for you, Munkeywi.  Gather the humans' fears, so that I may grow stronger.  Dai Shi is not happy about this idea.  Later, Munkeywi returns and gleefully reports to Grizzaka, who is sitting on the throne, that the Rangers' Master has turned into a werewolf and attacked the Rangers.  Carnisoar and Jellica praise Grizzaka for accomplishing so much on his first day in control.  Dai Shi and Camille are still kneeling.  Camille glances at Dai Shi.  Dai Shi is annoyed, as he is the one responsible for RJ's condition.  Later, Munkeywi will battle the Rangers once more, but this time they have another Ranger,  Wolf Ranger.  Munkeywi is defeated by the Rangers.  Grizzaka uses his Zocato power to bring back Munkeywi and have him grow to giant size.  Munkeywi will battled the Rangers once more and be destroyed by them. 

Grizzaka was outside.  Camille and Dai Shi were behind him, but he paid them no attention.  Grizzaka:  Zocato!  A blast revealed numerous stone statues.  Grizzaka:  Awaken my mighty guards!  Two of the warriors were awaken and leaped up.  Grizzaka:  Yes!  Grizzaka laughed as the two warriors landed by his side.  Grizzaka:  It's time to destroy!  The two warriors were sent out.  During a battle with the Rangers, the warriors were defeated.  Grizzaka was not happy and he used his Zocato power to bring them back and have them grow to giant size.  Eventually the Rangers would destroy the two warriors.

Grizzaka was sitting on the throne in the temple.  Dai Shi was kneeling before him and Camille stood close by as well.  Carnisoar and Jellica entered. Carnisoar was not happy.  Carnisoar:  Grizzaka, you promise us a great victory, where is it?  Grizzaka:  We'll get it.  My Barrakooza is battling the Rangers now.  Jellica gave Grizzaka a jar.  Jellica:  You ask for a spirit.  One that can possess a human.  Dai Shi stood up.  Dai Shi:  You're giving him my spirits!  Grizzaka laughed at the outrage Dai Shi and couldn't resist taunting him.  Grizzaka:  They're my spirits now, Dai Shi, and now watch what my spirits can do.  Grizzaka removed the lid of the jar and a spirit was released.  Grizzaka:  Ill winds, blow to the Wolf Ranger.  The spirit left.  Later, Barrakooza reports to Grizzaka that the spirit had invaded Wolf Ranger and he had attacked his own teammates.  Carnisoar and Jellica were there as well and they all laughed.  Grizzaka, Carnisoar, and Jellica talked about the previous beast war.  Grizzaka vows there will be no humans left this time.  Later, RJ, with Flit's help, would rid himself of the evil spirit.  The Rangers had battled Barrakooza once more, but this time they defeated him.  Grizzaka used his Zocato power to bring Barrakooza to giant size.  The Rangers formed both their Megazord and the Rangers destroyed Barrakooza.

Grizzaka was sitting on the throne in the temple.  Jellica and Carnisoar were there as well.  Grizzaka held an eye.  Grizzaka:  The crystal eye of a Phantom Beast.  Very nice, but where are the others?  There are eight.  Jellica:  yes, but you can only find a crystal eye where the Phantom was destroyed.  Very hard to find.  The Rinshi are looking everywhere.  Carnisoar:  Are you sure you want the Phantom's help?  During the last beast war, they were our sworn enemies.  Grizzaka:  And divided we lost.  But after I bring them back to life, the Phantom Beasts will join us, and together we'll win.  Jellica:  I hope you're right.  Later, Grizzaka was still gazing at the eye when Camille and a Rinshi walked in.  Grizzaka quickly hid the eye behind him and Jellica step forward to conceal the eye as well.  Jellica:  So, this is the Rinshi.  But Camille had spotted the eye.  Camille: What's that?  Grizzaka:  Is this the Rinshi?  Camille:  Looks like a dragons' eye.  Grizzaka:  Mind your own business!  Camille:  Okay, okay, fine.  He has the crocodile spirit.  Grizzaka stood up.  Grizzaka:  Send him out to gather fear.  Go!  Camille and Crocovile left.  Grizzaka:  She and Dai Shi must know nothing about the arrival of the Phantoms, and find Dai Shi.  I want to know where he is.  The Rangers, with the addition of Rhino Ranger, destroyed Crocovile.

Grizzaka, Carnisoar, and Whirnado were inside the throne room.  Grizzaka:  Seek and destroy the Rangers Whirnado.  Whirnado:  As you wish.  Grizzaka:  Don't fail me.  Whirnado took off.  Carnisoar:  At least we have the crystal eyes.  Grizzaka:  That's only two crystal eyes.  What about the other six?  Carnisoar:  We're looking everywhere.  Grizzaka:  Look everywhere faster.  There are no second chances.  The doors opened.  Jellica:  Am I interrupting?  Grizzaka looked at Dai Shi.  Grizzaka:  Well, well, where have you been?  Jellica:  He had this map.  Jellica held up the map.  Grizzaka:  So you went to the nexus, hoping to control the rhino power.  Does he have the control dagger?  Jellica:  No weapons, only the map.  Grizzaka:  Of course not.  The Pai Zhug has the dagger.  This was news to Dai Shi.  Grizzaka:  Let me tell you a little secret.  Grizzaka told Dai Shi you could not enter the nexus without the control dagger.  Dai Shi breaks free of Jellica.  Grizzaka and Dai Shi battle.  After awhile Dai Shi dons his armor and the battle continues.  Dai Shi attempts Zocato, but nothing happens.  Grizzaka hits him with Zocato and Dai Shi hits the floor and loses his armor.  Grizzaka tells Jellica to throw Dai Shi in the dungeon.  Jellica picks up Dai Shi and drags him away.  Later, Whirnado would be defeated by the Power Rangers.  Grizzaka used Zocato to bring him back and grow him to giant size.  The Rangers destroyed Whirnado.  Before being destroyed, Whirnado laid an egg.  Whiricane hatched from the egg.  The Rangers battled Whiricane and defeated it.  Once more Grizzaka used Zocato power to bring back Whiricane and grow him to giant size.  The Rangers destroyed Whiricane as well.

Jellica and Carnisoar had come to see Grizzaka.  Grizzaka paced back and forth as Jellica gave him the bad news.  Jellica:  Grizzaka, Dai Shi and Camille are gone.  They're probably heading toward the rhino nexus, but without the control dagger, he cannot get the power of the rhino.  Grizzaka:  What if somehow he got the dagger?  Then Dai Shi will have the power to destroy us all.  Grizzaka growled in frustration.  Grizzaka:  The power of Zocato!  Lift me on your evil ways.  An evil black cloud formed beneath Grizzaka.  Carnisoar:  Grizzaka wait!  We're coming with you.  Carnisoar and Jellica leaped onto the cloud and they sped away.  Flying through the air, Grizzaka, Carnisoar, and Jellica bumped into the Rangers' Jungle Master Megazord with bat power.  Grizzaka and the rest keep going to their destination.  They landed close to where Dai Shi and Camille were.  The force of their landing cause Dai Shi and Camille to land on the ground.  Grizzaka, Carnisoar, and Jellica emerged from the smoke laughing.  Carnisoar:  Once we fought side by side, and it was you who brought us back to life.  Jellica:  But you have betray us.  Today shall be your last.  Grizzaka:  I've been looking forward to this.  Grizzaka, Overlord of the Land.  Grizzaka battle Dai Shi.  Camille leaped in to help Dai Shi.  Grizzaka:  Weakling.  Grizzaka tossed Camille to the side.  Grizzaka:  Come on Dai Shi.  Grizzaka sent a huge amount of Zocato towards Dai Shi.  Dai Shi used the control dagger to slice through it.  Grizzaka and Dai Shi continued to battle until Grizzaka had Dai Shi hit the ground.  Grizzaka:  Now you'll pay the price for crossing us.  Grizzaka grew to giant size.  He slammed his fist into the ground where Dai Shi and Camille were standing.  Dai Shi and Camille managed to roll away from him.  Grizzaka was then hit by the Rangers in their Megazord.  Grizzaka:  Rangers.  Dai Shi and Camille use the distraction of the Rangers to get away and head towards the nexus.  Grizzaka and the Rangers, in their Megazord, battle.  The Ranges are knocked out of their Megazord, land on the ground, and demorph.  Grizzaka, Carnisoar, and Jellica stand in front of them, ready to rid themselves of the Rangers.  Before Grizzaka, Carnisoar, or Jellica can strike, they are attacked by sand snakes and pulled beneath the ground.  Eventually Carnisoar and Jellica would free themselves.  Jellica try to prevent Rhino Ranger from getting to the nexus, but she was defeated by Rhino Ranger.  Carnisoar was destroyed by Rhino Ranger.  Grizzaka eventually free himself from beneath the ground.  Grizzaka is determined that they have not seen the last of him.  

Grizzaka was angry and knocked Jellica the floor. They were inside the temple.  Grizzaka:  Only three crystal eyes!  Keep looking!  Jellica:  But we've looked everywhere.  Someone else must have found them.  There's no more time.  Tonight the stars...Grizzaka:  I know what tonight is!  The doors opened and Dai Shi and Camille entered.  Dai Shi:  Go ahead.  Destroy Jellica.  That's always been your problem Grizzaka.  You destroy what you cannot have.  I'm here to take back my throne, before you destroy that too.  Grizzaka:  You dare to lecture me!  Your incompetents cost us the great beast war.  Grizzaka race forward, ready to deal a blow to Dai Shi.  But Dai Shi stopped his blow.  Dai Shi then used Zocato and Grizzaka went flying and landed in a heap on the steps.  Grizzaka:  What!?  Dai Shi:  Do you recognize that power?  Yes, it's Zocato.  Grizzaka growled as he got up .  Jellica got up as well.  Grizzaka:  You're wasting my energy.  I have Power Rangers to destroy.  Dai Shi:  Good luck.  Grizzaka and Jellica walked out.  They stopped just outside the throne room.  Grizzaka:  With Carnisoar destroyed, I must gather fear in the city.  Then return and put Dai Shi away before he grows too strong.  Jellica:  Yes Grizzaka.  Grizzaka:  Keep an eye on him.  Jellica:  Of course.  Grizzaka and numerous Rinshi entered the city, stirring up the fear that Grizzaka needs.  Grizzaka is not with the Rinshi when the four Rangers battle and destroy them.  But once the Rinshi are destroyed, Grizzaka appears before them.  Grizzaka is angry with the Rangers for destroying Carnisoar, his Shadow Guards, and his numerous warriors.  Grizzaka battles the four Rangers.  Blue Ranger and Yellow Ranger are in Jungle Master Mode.  Wolf Ranger and Rhino Ranger battle Grizzaka. Grizzaka easily knocks the four Rangers to the ground.  Red Ranger arrives and battles Grizzaka.  Red Ranger then asks Rhino Ranger for his morpher.  Red Ranger combines the two and knocks Grizzaka to the ground.  Red Ranger returns Rhino Ranger's morpher.  Grizzaka gets back up.  The Rangers use the Claw Cannon, Wolf Beam, and Rhino Blade to defeat Grizzaka.  But it doesn't last long and soon Grizzaka is giant size.  Jellica urges Grizzaka to hurry up and finish off the Rangers.  The Rangers form two of their Megazords, Jungle Maser Megazord and Wolf Pride Megazord.  Grizzaka battles the Rangers in their two Megazords.  Rhino Ranger arrives and forms the Rhino Steel Megazord.  the battle continues and Grizzaka insists he is the most powerful and will never be destroyed.  The Rangers release their animal spirits, causing a stampede which destroys Grizzaka.

Several Rinshi were in the city with General Scorch.  They were stirring up fear for Dai Shi.  General Scorch would get destroyed by Red Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Blue Ranger.  The citizens were terrified and refused to calm down.  This is what Dai Shi needed.  Dai Shi had gathered enough fear to open the portal to the spirit realm.  Grizzaka, The Five Fingers of Poison, Carnisoar, the Rinshi, General Scorch, General Snapper, Jellica, the Phantom Beast Warriors, and the Stone Warriors were back.  Grizzaka and the rest battled the Rangers and the Masters.  Carnisoar and Master Swoop battled.  Suddenly several were knocked off their feet.  Masters Lope, Rilla, Mao, and Guin arrived.  The Rangers stood aside as Grizzaka and the rest battle the seven Masters.  Masters Mao, Guin, Lope, Rilla, Finn, Swoop, and Phant go into the highest level animal spirits.  Having achieved this, the seven Masters destroyed Grizzaka and the rest.  Later, Dai Shi would be destroyed by Red Ranger, Yellow Ranger, and Blue Ranger.            

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